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Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers takes great pride in providing our customers with a premium customer service experience and Barrie’s finest selection of watches, diamond and gemstone settings, including jewellery in platinum, white and yellow gold. Our in house custom jewellery designs range from engagement rings and wedding rings to diamond pendants and earrings. In addition, we are continuously updating our estate jewellery collection which includes watches by Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling as well as many other premium brands.

Our on-site gemologist and goldsmith designers are highly knowledgeable and are available to share their years of experience with you. They will answer any questions you have about your existing piece or will assist you in finding or designing that unique gift.

Let us earn your trust. We have been doing that with our customers from the Barrie and surrounding area for the past 60 years and with the recent expansion of our on-line offerings, we are excited to be building customer loyalty all over Canada and the United States.

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BIRKS 1.09ct. VS2-H excellent cut GIA cert. 10.0gr. plat. $10,200.00 CAD. e11178

It’s a practice that even Canada’s premier luxury jeweller seems to like participating in. Buy a diamond ring and receive an appraisal for waaaaaay more than you actually paid. You normally don’t associate a high end, brand name retailer with big discounts. We can only assume the original purchaser paid around $16,000.00 for this ring as the original price tags and documents appear to show from March 28 2001. 7 days later Birks supplied an appraisal endorsing an estimated replacement value of $23,500.00 plus taxes. I guess an appraisal like this may make the client happy but also maybe a little bit confused. Why should there be a 46% difference in the original purchase price versus appraised value? Did diamonds and platinum appreciate $7400.00 in just one week? Did Birks give them a phenomenal deal? What gives? Please don’t ask for or expect an inflated appraisal on any brand new diamond ring purchased at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. We respect our clients far too much to play the promotional appraisal game. It’s hard to say how much value an important brand name like Birks adds to a ring and only they are in a position to answer that question. What I can tell you is that this is a beautiful Canadian diamond that has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America as a 1.09 carat VS2-H. A copy of the GIA report can be seen online here. You’ll notice no remark on cut was provided as GIA at the time didn’t comment on this characteristic. The Birks Canadian diamond certificate (included) outlines in great detail the cut geometry showing the diamond easily falls into the excellent cut range. Doing a search on our extensive diamond database shows comparable GIA certified diamonds (not necessarily Canadian) selling for around $9500.00 CAD based on our retail pricing formula. A typical 10 gram platinum setting like this could be expected to retail for about $2000.00. Without the “Birks” premium we’d assess the value of this ring with a competitive replacement value (Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers regular price) of $11,500.00. The original price tag of $16,100.00 makes sense given Birks’ position as a premium jeweller justifying their premium price. In our opinion the Birks supplied appraisal for $23,500.00 appears a little excessive.The platinum ring is in excellent condition, measuring a size 6 with a substantial finished weight of just over 10 grams! Included with purchase is a laminated copy of the GIA report, laminated Birks Diamond Certificate, Birks appraisal, Birks Diamond Guarantee receipt, original price tags and that famous little blue Birks box.  When we spoke with a very pleasant Birks sales associate asking the cost of a 1.00 carat VS2-H Canadian diamond in a platinum setting, they replied pricing from around $16,000.00. No need to call us for a price, we always show you our diamond prices; from our online database to the small sampling of our estate diamonds. We’re fiercely proud of our products and our 60 years in the making reputation for absolute value without confusing appraisals. We encourage you to compare our prices. Very few jewellers have our strategic pricing advantages and simply can’t supply the sort of value we can. This beautiful Birks Canadian diamond ring is estate priced at $10,200.00 CAD, and only at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Stock #e11178.

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Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers have won the Barrie Advance Readers Choice for 2017 as Barrie’s favourite jewellery store!

Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers have won the Barrie Examiners Best Of Barrie Award for 2017! Thank you to the community for supporting us over the past 60 years.

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