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Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers takes great pride in providing our customers with a premium customer service experience and Barrie’s finest selection of watches, diamond and gemstone settings, including jewellery in platinum, white and yellow gold. Our in house custom jewellery designs range from engagement rings and wedding rings to diamond pendants and earrings. In addition, we are continuously updating our estate jewellery collection which includes watches by Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling as well as many other premium brands.

Our on-site gemologist and goldsmith designers are highly knowledgeable and are available to share their years of experience with you. They will answer any questions you have about your existing piece or will assist you in finding or designing that unique gift.

Let us earn your trust. We have been doing that with our customers from the Barrie and surrounding area for the past 50 years and with the recent expansion of our on-line offerings, we are excited to be building customer loyalty all over Canada and the United States.

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2.44ct. VS1-K European cut GIA certified, white gold solitaire $20350.00

e7318 GIA certified 2.44ct. VS1-K European cutSomething can only be original once. A classic car to an antique piece of furniture. They can be restored or refinished many times but they will never truly be the same as original. I feel the same about antique diamonds. We can re-cut them to a modern “improved” computer modelled formula that is said to make them more brilliant and dispersive if that’s what you really want. But this approach wipes clean any part of its history and then it looks like just any other big diamond (which I guess is still pretty nice). I’m not convinced a modern cut is a better cut. I am convinced a modern cut is a more efficient cut. A modern cut will yield a bigger stone from a given piece of rough making more $$$$ for the cutter and the vendor alike. Take the antique diamond challenge. Compare a nice antique European cut diamond beside a good modern brilliant cut of similar quality and decide for yourself. You just might be surprised at how nice these old stones are. The altered cutting geometry compared to modern does sparkle different and the tiny table facet (46% in this diamonds case) contribute to a great look.e7318.3 VS1-K 2.44ct GIA certified Believe me, the old world craftsmen knew a lot more about cutting diamonds then we give them credit for. GIA certified “K” colour modern diamonds definitely show some warmth but European cut diamonds with their steep crown angles and increased dispersion actually appear several grades better. Diamonds like this are hard to find and finding one that has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America are almost impossible to find. The May 2015 GIA report can be seen online here. A VS1 clarity means it’s absolutely perfect to a naked eye with no visible inclusions of any kind. This unique antique diamond is currently set in a brand new Canadian made 3.5 gram 14 karat white gold Tiffany style setting. Our onsite goldsmiths can size this ring up or down in as little as one day. Looking at our online database of over 300000 diamonds, it shows less than 25 examples of European cut diamonds of this size or larger with of equal or better quality. ONLY 1 is bigger and of better quality. This truly is a very rare diamond indeed. Stock #e7318.e7318.1 2.44ct. VS1-K European cut solitaire

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Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers have won the Barrie Examiners Best Of Barrie Award for 2014! Thank you to the community for supporting us over the past 50 years.

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We are always looking to buy your estate pieces including brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer, along with gold and diamond jewellery.

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