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Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers takes great pride in providing our customers with a premium customer service experience and Barrie’s finest selection of watches, diamond and gemstone settings, including jewellery in platinum, white and yellow gold. Our in house custom jewellery designs range from engagement rings and wedding rings to diamond pendants and earrings. In addition, we are continuously updating our estate jewellery collection which includes watches by Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling as well as many other premium brands.

Our on-site gemologist and goldsmith designers are highly knowledgeable and are available to share their years of experience with you. They will answer any questions you have about your existing piece or will assist you in finding or designing that unique gift.

Let us earn your trust. We have been doing that with our customers from the Barrie and surrounding area for the past 60 years and with the recent expansion of our on-line offerings, we are excited to be building customer loyalty all over Canada and the United States.

Latest Vintage Piece

14kt. gents wedding ring, 8mm wide, sz. 11 1/2, 12.5gr., white gold $1,120.00 CAD. e13694

The concern we hear from men when shopping for a wedding ring is durability. They work with their hands, their hobbies are very hands-on, and they want something that will keep up with their lifestyle. So they research the hardest bands available and come in asking for titanium, cobalt, tungsten, or steel. These are all very hard and inexpensive options compared to precious metals but they come with some drawbacks. The first of which is that they can’t be sized. People’s finger sizes can change over the years. Now that alone isn’t a big issue as you could reorder an alternative metal a number of times before you’ve paid for its counterpart in gold or platinum. Another problem is that some of the super hard options like tungsten and ceramic are so hard that they have no flex at all, meaning that if they are strained too much or hit against something of similar hardiness they can break in half. More flexible metals like titanium and steel become a problem if you get into a situation where the finger swells and the ring needs to be cut off. This happens more often than you’d imagine, we cut off rings from fingers several times per month. The cutting tools we have are for cutting through gold, platinum, and silver. They can cut through steel and titanium but it takes a really long time, not a pleasant experience if you have a swollen finger. Sometimes only bolt cutters can remove a thick stainless steel or titanium ring unless hospitals have something we aren’t aware of. The final reason men are inclined to the harder metals is their resistance to scratching. But that hardness that resists scratching also resists refinishing, meaning that when they do get scratched it is that much harder to get rid of those scratches. The Mohs hardness of steel is 5-6.5, titanium is 6, but 14 karat white gold isn’t so far behind those metals as it rates from 3-4. Add to that, the ability to refinish, alter the size, cut off in an emergency, and the scales start tipping in favor of gold. The key with a durable white gold ring is the thickness and this example measures a sturdy 2mm thick by 8mm wide. It weighs in at a substantial 12.4 grams in 14 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 11 1/2. Estate price $1,120.00 CAD. Stock #e13694.

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Estate Pieces Wanted

We are always looking to buy your estate pieces including brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer, along with gold and diamond jewellery.

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