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September 18, 2019

Custom platinum Thailand ruby & diamond ring 7.4gr. GIA certified 3.26ct. tw. gem weight $10,360.00 CAD e12553

The 1960’s to the 1990’s was a period with a great deal of strife in Burma due to a military coup. This also made the countries valuable ruby deposits (arguably the most valuable in the world) inaccessible to the world markets – which turned out to be a boon for Thailand’s rubies! This period became the peak of Thai ruby popularity until the 1990’s when the sources were depleted almost to extinction. The mining that happens today is small scale and sporadic so most Thai rubies in circulation now came from this 40 year period. Our latest vintage ruby from that prolific period came to us set into a ring suitable to the era. We felt the 1.76 carat oval deserved a more fitting mount and a proper pedigree. So we sent it to GIA for a report of origin which you can see here. The report confirmed our Thai suspicions and also our expectations that the gem was heat treated. Heat treatment is a very common practice with most precious gems on the market. The purpose of heat treating ruby can be to remove dark purple undertones, partially heal natural fractures, or remove silk inclusions to improve clarity. The practice is hundreds of years old and is usually done on the rough crystals by the miners themselves with a primitive blowtorch in the hot coals of a camp fire. It is the expected treatment on sapphire and ruby though the most valuable gems available are untreated. Our example is eye clean in three directions showing a small grouping of pin head sized inclusions on the edge of the table facet when turned in one direction. The colour is an intense brooding red with just a hit of purple flash under the table. We shouldered it with two old European cut diamonds from another worn out estate ring that came in around the same time. The two diamonds weigh 1.25 carats of SI1-K colour and show the large rainbow flashes you only get with an antique cut. To give the trio a home deserving of them we built an antique inspired platinum ring fitting of the mid to late 1800’s, when the diamonds would have been mined and cut. The brand new custom platinum ring weighs a hefty 7.4 grams and measures a finger size 7 with plenty of room to adjust in size. Estate price $10,360.00 CAD. Stock #e12553.

September 11, 2019

1.02ct. VS1-J very good cut diamond solitaire 4.3gr. 14kt. $5,560.00 CAD. e12590

Every so often a traditional yellow gold solitaire turns up in our vintage jewellery department. Modern halo designs and other contemporary creations are certainly beautiful but a nice sized round brilliant cut diamond doesn’t need a whole lot more than this. A simple sturdy four prong crown setting with a basic tulip shank is a look that hasn’t changed for more than a century. The centre piece of this ring is a modern round brilliant cut diamond measuring 6.55mm diameter with an estimated weight of nicely over 1.00 carat. We agree with the supplied appraisal (August 22 2019) grading the diamond VS1 clarity, J colour and very good cut. The appraisal failed to mention the desirable characteristic of no fluorescence. The Toronto based appraisal service suggested an insurance coverage of $14,300.00 plus taxes. We’d suggest a brand new replacement value of roughly 1/2 of that. Based on the accurate description a savvy shopper or insurance company could replace this identical ring for less than $8,000.00. There is no sense having any item of jewellery assessed for more than its competitive replacement value. Your insurance company  DOES NOT pay out on what you have your jewellery insured for; they pay out on what they can actually replace it for. The 14 karat gold ring is in like new condition showing no measurable sign of wear. The traditional design is easy to match a wedding ring when the time comes. Its flat edge allows 100s of possibilities without the need for costly custom fabrication. Measuring a size 6 this ring can be adjusted up or down a couple of sizes by our onsite goldsmiths in just a few days. This lovely vintage ring will stand the test of time and is priced at only $5,560.00 CAD. Stock #e12590.

Setting has been sold. Diamond still available for $5,060.00 CAD.

September 6, 2019

4.31ct. SI2-OP GIA cert. 6.31ct. tw. 18kt. halo diamond ring $31,025.00 CAD. e10459

What the heck; if you’ve already got a big diamond, why not go all in and make it look even bigger. The ever popular halo setting will have the girls talking for sure. This 4.31 carat just came back from New York with a fresh Gemological Institute of America report certifying the diamond as a SI2 clarity, OP colour and a good cut. The full April 24 2017 GIA report can be seen here. If you’re familiar with diamond geometry and optics, the report should give you a pretty good idea of what the big 10.6mm diameter stone looks like in person. The very small 54% table, slightly steeper 35.5 degree crown angle and generous 16% crown height gives this stone a beautiful antique look with ample dispersion and brilliance. The slightly warmer hue of  the OP colour grade reinforces the vintage look as most old diamonds exhibit a similar tint. The luxurious 6.8 gram, 18 karat white gold setting contains 150 other diamonds. The small diamonds range in size from tiny bead set 1.1mm diameter examples set in the halo and galleries to significant 3.1mm channel set examples running down both shoulders. The additional 2.00 carats of high quality VS-H diamonds bring the estimated total diamond weight to a dazzling 6.31 carats. While we’re hoping to keep the 4.31 carat diamond and beautiful halo setting together as a complete ring, the supersized diamond is available by itself for $28,000.00 Canadian. One of our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size 5 ring up or down a size or two in just a day or so. This fantastic ring is in like new, hardly worn condition. The original bright white factory rhodium finish is still fully intact. Comes with an accurate July 2018 insurance appraisal. Complete ring is available for $31,025.00 CAD (trade ins and dealer inquiries are welcomed). Stock #e10459.


September 3, 2019

18kt. antique inspired emerald & diamond ring 2.84ct. tw. $9,800.00 CAD. e10394

When you’ve been around as long as we have and deal extensively in antique jewellery, you tend to acquire many beautiful odds and ends. Sometimes the items that come in have been loved and used for generations. The precious stones they contain can be in perfect condition while the settings that hold them may be totally worn out. When restoration isn’t a viable option the stones are removed and the metal work is recycled. Every component in this fabulous custom creation was rescued from a worn out piece of jewellery destined for recycling. The exceptional emerald and every single diamond is at least 150 years old. The step cut emerald measures 6.4mm x 7.0mm and weighs in at 1.10 carats. Unlike modern emeralds that are oiled to improve the apparent clarity, this antique example is 100% treatment free. It’s ultrasonic cleaner safe, the transparency will not be affected even by commercial grade cleaning solutions!   24 antique cushion and round mine cut diamond add 1.74 carats of vintage sparkle unique to this cutting style. The diamonds have all come from our vast inventory of loose stones. They are all very well matched with an average quality grade of SI-I. The beautiful design is a one off custom creation from the creative mind of one of our 4 full time on staff goldsmiths. Executed in bright white luxurious 18 karat white gold, the size 6 ring weighs in at a substantial 6.9 grams. Despite the beautiful filigree and fine milgrain details we’re still able to adjust the size to suit your finger (up or down a size or two). It’s a genuine privilege for Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers to be in position to be able to offer and produce such an amazing example of our craft. The fact that it contains genuine period correct ingredients (except for the new white gold) is what makes it truly exceptional. Although not inexpensive this ring still represents outstanding value for the estate price of $9,800.00 CAD. Stock #e10394.


September 2, 2019

6.50ct. tanzanite & diamond (0.75ct. tw SI-I-HI) ring 8.3gr. 14kt. $5,280.00 CAD. e12429

This is the most valuable colour of tanzanite available but unfortunately it doesn’t translate well to pictures. The trick for discerning colour in this gemstone is to slowly tilt the gem until you see a subtle red flash when viewed under incandescent light. Only the top twenty percent of the world’s tanzanite display this flash. Tanzanite is also strongly pleochroic which means you can usually see different colours by looking at it from different directions. In this 6.50 carat cushion shaped tanzanite the colours are an intensely saturated blue, violet and of course that unique red flash. It’s expected that high quality tanzanite forms flawless to the unaided eye and ours is no exception. All you find when staring into its velvety depths is brilliant flashes from the unique cut. In order to maximize contrast this phenomenal specimen has been surrounded by bright white diamonds. And I mean surrounded, 158 hand set round brilliant cuts cover the halo, shoulders, and undergallery. They’ve even been set underneath the tanzanite, ensuring the entire top half is as blindingly brilliant as possible. Together they make a perfect 0.75 carats in SI-I-HI quality. A testament to this rings high end make is that it was engineered to convert to a pendant. The undergallery has a hidden catch that once unlatched the halo from the shank and shoulders. There are two hidden bails under the halo and each shoulder has a ball joint tip that the halo used to snap onto. The clasp has been sealed closed but the inventive and clever design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! All told the one of a kind 14 karat white gold masterpiece weighs 8.3 grams and has been freshly rhodium plated to look like new. Estate price $5,280.00 CAD. Stock #e12429

August 24, 2019

1.30 carat VVS1-E GIA certified (1.70ct. tw.) $16,500.00 CAD. e8067

e8067.1 VVS1-E GIA cert marquiseMarquise shaped diamonds are starting to be rediscovered. 25 years ago they were a very popular choice. When you see one this good it’s easy to understand the attraction. Diamonds of this quality or better represent less than 4% of what’s available on our database. The extra length of a marquise gives the illusion of a much bigger stone than the actual weight suggests. This diamond ring was originally purchased in Amsterdam in 1993 and is described with its certificate as loupe clean of river colour. This means the original vendor felt the diamond was of flawless clarity and perfect colour. We removed the diamond and sent it to GIA for a more internationally recognized report. The finished document revealed a tiny indented natural at one point making this diamond “merely” a VVS1 with a colour of E. Symmetry and polish came in as very good with strong blue fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. GIA report number 2165031879 can be verified online here. A simple 18 karat yellow gold setting weighing 4.0 grams secures this diamond along with 12 high quality  graduated baguette cut diamonds.  Estate priced at $16,500.00 CAD. Stock #e8067.e8067.2 VVS1-E marquise 18kt ring



August 12, 2019

2.30ct. total weight Art Deco diamond ring $12,579.00 CAD. e6795

There are few styles that define an era more than Art Deco. This style has always been in high demand and pieces like this really showcase the jewellers craft from almost 100 years ago. The pierced filigree mill grain design is made from 5.5 grams of platinum containing 16 small European and single cut diamonds. The 2 large round bezel set European cut diamonds each measure approximately 6.40 to 6.50mm diameter and are estimated to weigh a little more than 1.00 carat each. The large diamonds are well matched from a naked eye perspective with a quality grade of SI1-G and I1-G. The 6.5mm white pearl in the centre may be natural and not cultured. We do not have x-ray testing equipment to make that call but there is a good chance it is of natural origin and not cultured given the excellent overall condition of the rest of the ring This ring measures a rather small size 4 but can be sized larger. If you have an interest in antique jewellery like this please come in and have a look. It’s one of the best examples of Art Deco we have had in a long time. Excellent condition, all original and showing no signs of previous repair work. Estate priced at $12,579.00 CAD. Stock #e6795.


August 1, 2019

1.46ct. VVS enhanced yellow diamond ring GIA $11,000.00 CAD. e737

e737 1.45ct. VVS colour enhanced GIA certified diamond ring 001 Quite a dinner ring don’t you think? The centre is a GIA certified VVS2  fancy vivid yellow diamond with treated colour enhancement. It is surrounded by 36 small round diamonds totaling an additional 0.54ct. set in a 14 karat white gold setting. Centre stone details can be viewed on GIA’s website www.gia.edu (verify a report) with the report number 5121011261. The ring is estate priced at $11,000.00. The diamond is available alone for $9,250.00 and can be seen in the estate diamond section. Stock #e737.e737 1.45ct. VVS colour enhanced diamond ring GIA certified 001

July 28, 2019

1.51ct. I2-G Canadian diamond GIA certified ring set 18kt. $9,310.00 CAD. e10054

e10054-1-51ct-i2-g-maple-leaf-diamond-gia-certified-002On you’re finger this diamond ring set looks like a million bucks or at least about $20000.00 worth. Don’t be fooled by the GIA certified grade of I2, this diamond really sparkles. We received this Peoples Jewellers, 18 karat white gold ring set with a Gem Scan certified grade of I1 clarity with a F colour. We felt a diamond this attractive and valuable deserved a Gemological Institute of America report, so off to New York it went. I’d be lying if I said, I wasn’t a little disappointed when stone returned from GIA graded I2-G. That being said, this is the best I2-G I’ve ever seen. Even a close up picture looks great.e10054-1-51ct-i2-g-gia-cert-1186012744-maple-leaf-diamond-001 Yes there is a visible inclusion just off centre, plus another less significant semi transparent feather at 3:00 but they really get lost in the brilliance and dispersion thrown off by the very good cut and generous 1.51 carat size. The full November 2016 GIA report can be seen at www.gia.edu. This diamond comes from the frozen north of Canada’s North West Territories and is accompanied by a NWT Government certification. A unique laser engraved serial number and Maple Leaf logo are your assurance of Canadian origin. The engagement ring is matched with 2 perfectly contoured weddings rings. Each wedding ring contains 20 additional channel set diamonds of SI-HI quality. The extra 0.40 carats of diamond weight adds even more bling to the significant 10.5 gram set.e10054-1-51ct-i2-g-maple-leaf-diamond-gia-certified-003 This isn’t the typically encountered I2 you’re going to run into at the local mall. It’s an impressive set we are proud to offer as part of our estate collection. The set is estate priced at $9300.00, representing great value. For someone interested in a significant diamond with lots of documentation, here’s your opportunity. If you would like to purchase the centre diamond only for another project, it’s available for $7,600.00 CAD. Stock #e10054.e10054-1-51ct-i2-g-gia-certified-canadian-diamond-18kt

DIAMOND SOLD.  Rings available.

July 26, 2019

1.25ct. I1-D very good cut GIA certified 2.05ct. tw. 14kt. 11.2gr. 3 piece set $11,200.00 CAD. e12282

We have a little introductory course we run through with people who are buying their first significant diamond. We try to keep it as simple as possible as there are so many interchangeable factors that effect diamond value. What we mostly aim for is an understanding of the normal minimum thresholds of diamond quality. For example G colour is usually where you lose any warmth detectable to the untrained eye. SI1 clarity is the point where you are almost guaranteed to not see any eye-visible inclusions. We use these benchmarks to help customers understand what they are looking at to give them a reference point of quality. These rules are flexible and all that really matters is what a diamond looks like in person. Some people can’t see warmth in a colour even as low as J. Others can’t find inclusions in diamonds graded I1. Sometimes we get a diamond that stumps even our well trained eyes, like this GIA certified I1-D. At first look without magnification the 1.25 carat round brilliant looked eye-clean. We couldn’t find the inclusions until we looked with magnification then looked again without. Even then you can only see the feathers at a specific angle and only by looking closely for them. This is mostly due to their fantastic positioning within the facet pattern but also because of the added brilliance caused by the triple “Very Good” grade (very good cut, very good symmetry and very good polish). The stunning diamond is a fitting crown to the three piece wedding set that accompanies it. The 14 karat white gold set is all geometric trellis work and milgrain accented diamonds. Combined, the round brilliant cuts and graduated princess cuts weight an estimated 2.05 carats for the set. The trio all measure a finger size 6 1/4 with some room to adjust. The main diamond is laser inscribed and comes with its original GIA Diamond Grading Report (May 2019) which you can see here. As a finishing touch the diamond exhibits no trace of fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. Estate price for the set only $11,200.00 CAD. Stock #e12282.

July 22, 2019

1.71ct. total weight VS1-F GIA certified $15,200.00 CAD. e7870

e7870 1.71ct tw VS1-F GIAIs it a solitaire or is it a three stone? I guess it’s kind of both. When shoulder stones are 0.25 carat each it’s hard to call them just little accent diamonds. The pear shaped side diamonds are perfectly matched in shape, size and VS-F quality. The Canadian made 14 karat white gold setting weighs 3.2 grams and measures a finger size 8. Centre diamond weighs 1.21 carats of excellent VS1 clarity and F colour  and very good cut. The GIA certificate 1152803947 can be viewed at www.gia.edu The centre diamond measures just shy of 7mm diameter. More detail on this diamond can be seen in the estate diamond section of website. Centre diamond is available separately for $14,000.00. Stock #e7870.e7870.1 1.71ct tw VS1-F GIAe7870 cert 1.21ct VS1-F

5.80ct. I1-K good cut GIA certified 6.57ct. tw. diamond ring 7.6gr. 14kt. $53,000.00 CAD. e12278

We’re thinking of trying out a new slogan, something like “Barrie’s Over-Sized Diamond Destination” (just kidding). Might not stick but we really are getting larger diamonds more and more frequently. For the first 20 years of our business selling a 1.00 carat diamond was the exception and certainly not a regular occurrence. 1.00 carat solitaires really didn’t become the benchmark until probably the last 10 to 15 years. The Barrie area is rapidly changing; when we opened in 1958 the city’s population was under 20,000 people, now we are almost at 200,000 residents and growing fast! We pride ourselves on our unique offerings and really we are just diamond nerds so it’s hard to pass up a great opportunity even if the price point is significant. This fantastic estate 5.80 carat round brilliant cut diamond was a fantastic opportunity! The diamond has been proportioned slightly on the shallow side, though it still earned a Gemological Institute of America cut grade of Good. That slight shallowness gives the diamond its impressive 12.1mm footprint, a measurement you’d normally expect to find on a diamond weighing close to 7 carats. The diamond is an I1 clarity because there are inclusions that you may see without magnification. Considering that this is wider than some women’s fingers I think we can forgive a scattering of small inclusions that are difficult to find even in these magnified images, more visible in the second dark field contrasting picture. The clarity actually includes a few man made laser drill holes which were probably used to remove some more noticeable black inclusions. The K colour faces up much whiter than you’d expect and we personally like a touch of warmth on diamonds this size; it adds authenticity at a glance so the ring doesn’t look like it came out of a gumball machine. We’ve set this behemoth into an appropriately heavy 7.6 gram 14 karat white gold custom made ring. Set along the shoulders are 6 high quality princess cut diamonds that contribute an additional 0.77 carats of SI-HI sparkle. If this custom creation isn’t to your taste we can easily build something completely unique just for you, a bespoke masterpiece worthy of the wearer. As with all important diamonds, the ring is accompanied by all of its original paperwork and a brand new GIA certificate from June 19th 2019. The original appraisal documents reflect the full spectrum of appraisal opinions. A certificate from 1986 states a replacement value of $98,500.00; with the diamond graded incorrectly as a SI2-H. Another appraisal from just three years later suggests an appropriate replacement value of $68,100.00. Neither document from the 1980s noticed the microscopic laser drill holes. We agree with the latter but our estate price for the diamond itself is $51,000.00. If you like the complete ring it is estate priced at $53,000.00 CAD. Stock #e12278.

Viewing by appointment only.

July 20, 2019

Platinum/22kt. gold fancy yellow & white diamond ring $6,034.00 CAD. e8912

e8912 paltinum 22kt yellow diamond ringEvery once in while mother nature produces some diamonds that display some colour. Almost all diamonds exhibit a tiny amount of yellow and brown that is described using an alphabetical scale from D (colourless) to Z (lightly coloured)gia colour rangeWhen diamonds fall outside this typical range of colour they are referred to as fancy colour. When the colour is also naturally occurring the price starts to go up. Very rare saturated tones of red sell for over 1 million dollars per carat. So these fancy yellow radiant cut yellows are a great bargain at only around $1500.00 per carat. Over 10 grams of platinum and 22 karat yellow gold have gone into the manufacture of this ring. 22 karat gold on the 0.75 carats of VS clarity yellow diamonds and bright white platinum secure the 0.84 carats of high quality VVS-F emerald cut diamonds. Pure white platinum and the rich colour of 22 karat gold promote the contrasting white and yellow diamonds. Rings like this are not mass produced because of the difficulty finding matching coloured diamonds; you won’t likely find another like it. The size 5.5 ring would be a great choice for someone who loves the exotic and rare when it comes to jewellery. A 2009 Gem Review certificate on appraisal comes with the ring when the price of platinum was much less and the Canadian dollar was much stronger. Estate priced at $6,034.00 CAD. Stock #e8912.e8912.1 platinum yellow and white diamond ring

July 19, 2019

1.52ct. VVS2-G HRD certified princess cut halo diamond ring (1.62ct. tw) 7.2gr. 18kt. $13,760.00 CAD. e12271

Antwerp has been the diamond center of the world since the early 1500s. Today about 84% of the world’s diamonds pass through the city’s diamond district. For 43 years HRD Antwerp has been one of the most respected diamond grading labs in Europe. The fact that this 1.52 carat princess cut is accompanied by one of their certificates certainly adds credibility to its pedigree. The diamond is listed as VVS2-G quality, non fluorescent, excellent polish, very good symmetry and we have to agree. It is a fantastic diamond set into an appropriately high quality ring. Custom made from solid 18 karat white gold the ring has been set with 0.50 carats of equally high quality round brilliant accents. The gallery has been decorated with two diamond set tulip frames, fitting for an engagement ring as tulips are a symbol of perfect love. The thoughtful ring comes with all of its original paperwork including an original invoice with the sale price of $10,340.00 USD (from that period in 2009 when our dollar was almost on par with the USD). One month later Gem Scan Laboratories Toronto issued a certificate of evaluation with an ambitious assigned replacement value of $27,700.00 CAD. We feel an appropriate current replacement value is $17,200.00 CAD (at current $1.30 CAD = $1.00 USD). Estate price for the over-pedigreed ring $13,760.00 CAD. Stock #e12271.

July 13, 2019

Simon G engagement ring LP1846-D pink & white diamonds $5,075.00 CAD. e8916

I wouldn’t necessarily call this an estate ring, it’s more like a demonstrator model. It was sold brand new to a customer of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers only a few months ago. The original recipient needed a much smaller ring size and this one couldn’t quite be sized down enough. We installed a temporary ring guard and ordered a new ring in the correct size while they wore this one. After the new smaller ring arrived we were left with this hardly worn “demo” model. Simon G are known for their high quality and exquisite design. What makes this ring truly unique is the center stripe of tiny bead set diamonds. They’re fancy pink in colour and they’re not artificially coloured. Natural fancy pink diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. Many rings try to accomplish this look by just setting white diamonds in rose gold with limited success. Simon G would never accept such a compromise, only 100% natural unenhanced diamonds are used by the high end California designer. Model number LP1846-D has a suggested retail price of $3500.00 for the ring without a center diamond. We just happened to have an appropriate estate diamond to compliment and give maximum contrast with the small pink diamonds. A 0.70 carat round brilliant cut centerpiece sparkles with an exceptional E colour, eye clean SI2 clarity and a very good cut. 0.98 carats of total diamond weight have been expertly hand set into the 3.6 gram 18 karat white and rose gold setting. Although we couldn’t size this ring down to the original owners size, we are able to adjust it up or down one size from the current 6.5. A natural pink diamond ring like this is a very special and rare offering. With 6 weeks of wear the ring is only showing a few scuffs and scratches on the shank bottom. After a quick polish and refinishing it will look new. Estate priced at $5,075.00 CAD. Stock #e8916.e8916.1 Simon G LP1846-D


July 2, 2019

1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA certified. Canadian made engagement ring $14095.00 CAD. e9093

e9093.1 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA certWhen only the brightest whitest diamond will do. A GIA certified D colour is the best grade a diamond can achieve and is a full 5 grades better than Tiffany’s standard colour offering with their engagement rings. The VVS2 clarity is only 2 from flawless and represents 3 grades better than Tiffany’s benchmark for clarity. With this information you can imagine just how nice this diamond looks.e9093.1 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert You almost never encounter a perfect GIA certified D colour. Diamonds almost always form with trace amounts of elements other than carbon causing subtle tints of colour. Just a few molecules of nitrogen can cause diamonds to show a hint of yellow. This colour is expressed alphabetically on a scale from D through Z. To have a GIA certified D colour is the highest standard in the industry. The clarity of this diamond is also quite exceptional at VVS2. The overall cut, symmetry and polish have all been graded very good as compared to GIA’s strict excellent cut standards. No ultraviolet fluorescence finishes off all the details you need to know when comparing value. Measuring 6.30mm – 6.35mm x 4.07mm will allow this diamond easily fit into almost any style setting.e9093 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert The GIA certificate can be seen online here. If you want to learn more about the 4Cs of diamond grading GIA’s interactive tool will show you everything you need to know when determining the quality of a diamond (sorry, not supported by Apple devices). We thought a diamond of this quality deserved a high quality setting so we installed it in one of our newest 14 karat white and rose gold designs. The split claws and rose gold beading inside the shank give the solitaire a look you won’t likely see on every other finger. Two small “surprize” diamonds peak out from just under the gallery.e9093.2 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert Fantastic quality estate diamond in a brand new setting; it’s a great formula for fabulous design and amazing value that’s hard to beat. The complete ring is estate priced at $14095.00 CAD, diamond by itself priced at $13400.00. Stock #e9093.

July 1, 2019

7.50ct. extra fine Tanzanite and diamond ring $8,050.00 CAD. e9258

e9258 Tanzanite and diamond ring 18 karatBig diamonds are certainly exciting and very sparkly, but to get a good one of 5.00 carats or more is going to cost you over $100000.00. Coloured gems like this incredible tanzanite offer a rich splash of colour that no diamond can match for a fraction of the cost. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we get some nice sized diamonds from time to time but at an estimated 7.50 carats this rare stone makes quite a statement. The slightly violet royal blue colour is as good as it gets for tanzanite it’s a 10 out 10. The 6.7 gram 18 karat white gold cushion shaped halo setting is a very contemporary looking design that’s quite delicate looking with thin split shank shoulders and a filigree gallery. 60 diamonds in the halo and down the shoulders are of very good VS-SI-GH quality weighing an estimated 0.30 carats. Tanzanite is an incredibly rare gem compared to relatively plentiful diamonds, they’re only found globally in one location near Mount Kilimanjano Africa and this source is not expected to last. The ring was purchased new in 2009 and has seen only occasional use. The only evidence of wear are a couple tiny nicks on the table facet (just visible in top photo). These miniscule marks can only be seen under extreme scrutiny and only the most sharp sighted. Ready to go in a finger size 8.5. The saturation and intensity of the violet/blue colour must be seen in person as my photography skills do not do this amazing stone justice. Finding another Tanzanite of this size, shape and quality would be next to impossible making this ring most likely a one of a kind creation. Estate priced at $8,050.00 CAD. Stock #e9258.e9258 Tanzanite and diamond ring 18kt.

June 19, 2019

2.15ct. total weight VVS1-G GIA certified platinum set $18,800.00 CAD. e7483

e7483 2.15ct tw set platYou didn’t settle for just an average girlfriend so don’t make her settle for just an average engagement ring. When only the best will do, do platinum and do it with a fantastic diamond. This platinum set was hand made to a very high standard using 30 channel set VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.87 carats. The three size 8 1/5 rings weigh a combined 18 grams. The six prong Tiffany style engagement ring was manufactured by accomplished Toronto jewellers Fortunes Fine Jewellers www.fortunes.com and contains one round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.28 carats of excellent VVS1 clarity, G colour, excellent cut and no fluorescence. The GIA certificate 1152451942 also states excellent symmetry and very good polish. The complete set is estate priced at $18800.00 CAD. The centre diamond is available separately if you have a different design in mind for $14,500.00. More information on the centre diamond can be seen in the estate diamond section of website. Stock #e7483.e7483.1 GIA cert 1.28ct VVS1-Ge7483 VVS1-G 1.28ct.e7483 cert 1.28ct VVS1-G ex vg ex non


June 12, 2019

Art Deco inspired diamond ring 1.17ct. tw. SI1-GH 3.9gr. 14kt. gold $5,600.00 CAD. e12256

Without question, this is one of our favorite rings. The setting is Canadian made from 3.6 grams of 14 karat white gold. It’s a brand new creation inspired by those wonderful Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 30s. Geometric details with fine filigree and milgrain are distinctive features of the Art Deco style. This new construction setting has been here for a while just waiting to showcase the ideal centre diamond to turn up in our estate department. Last month a beautiful 0.90 carat round brilliant diamond came in that fit the setting perfectly. It was already in a ring that had seen at least 50 years worth of wear and tear. As such the original shank was a little thinner than we were comfortable with and the gallery sides were worn from rubbing against another ring for many years. There’s nothing we like better then taking old components and reinventing them into something brand new for our customers. Reusing larger diamonds like this saves our savvy customers a lot of money compared to purchasing new. You can also feel good knowing the gold from the original setting will be recycled, adding to the world’s supply without disturbing any new ground. The freshly set diamond fits totally flush in the octagon shaped inner setting. 8 small protected claws secure the very good cut centre diamond means this ring should be maintenance free for decades to come.The main 0.90 carat diamond measures 6.2mm x 3.7mm and is of solid SI1 clarity. The grade setting clarity characteristic is a small white feather located just the the right of the 12:00 o’clock position close to the edge. As observed with our Gemological Institute of America master diamonds its colour was determined to be a very nice G. Two additional round brilliant cut diamonds of very good SI-H quality provide 0.27 carats of extra bling on the shoulders. If you love this setting as much as we do and already have a diamond, it’s available to hold your diamond for $1,600.00. We welcome your trades should if you’d like to upgrade to this or something else. This new/estate combination ring is priced complete at $5,600.00 CAD. Stock #e12256.


May 20, 2019

9.25ct. VS2-OP platinum solitaire $150,000.00 CAD. E10891

Once or twice a year a truly remarkable estate item turns up at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. The kind of thing that you almost never get to see or when you do it’s usually on a Hollywood celebrity. While not the largest diamond we’ve ever sold this is the largest round brilliant cut diamond ever to be offered at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. The delicate handmade size 7 platinum ring was crafted around 50 years ago. 8 discreet claws secure the monster diamond in a relatively low pierced heart gallery setting. With an estimated OP colour it’s easy to see a little warmth in the body of this diamond. The photographs appear much more tinted than in reality; it’s simply impossible to capture the brilliance and dispersion in a couple of still photographs. I can hardly keep myself from giggling as I write this post with the ring twinkling like a disco ball on my pinky finger. Big diamonds of nice quality have so much more dispersion than smaller stones. When light enters a diamond it slows down, refracted into its spectral colours, it bounces around inside then exits in an explosion of rainbow dispersion. The larger the diamond the greater the distance of interior light travel resulting in even more dispersion. It’s hard to explain but it’s easy to see in person. Even though this diamond is roughly 10 times the size of the average engagement ring diamond it still retains the classic brilliant cut formula of 58 mathematically positioned facets. Each of these flat faces are strategically placed and angled to capture maximum brilliance and fire. Being a huge diamond each of its facets are sized accordingly resulting in an unparalleled optical assault on your eyes of white black flashes. It’s almost impossible to keep my train of thought looking at this diamond. It’s easy to become hypnotised in its sparkling display. The crystal is incredibly clear with a cautiously estimated VS2 clarity based on a natural located on the bottom of the girdle beside the claw as seen in this photomicrograph. The only real inclusion is this microscopic VS1 feather located on a pavilion main/lower girdle facet junction as seen through a bezel facet on the crown. The diamond comes with a December 15 2017 certificate of appraisal stating the diamond is of VS1-MN quality with a medium cut weighing an estimated 9.21 carat. If this diamond is not sold before Christmas we will send it to The Gemological Institute of America for official internationally recognized certification. Once removed from the setting we expect it to receive a minimum VS2 clarity grade, OP colour, good cut, very slight to no fluorescence and a weight confirmation of 9.20-9.30 carats. Diamonds in general are not that rare with millions of carats being mined every year but large diamonds are truly quite rare. Our in store database currently lists over 300,000 diamonds for sale. If you refine the search for 9.25 carats and larger that number drops to under 400. If you qualify the search further to reflect only round diamonds of VS2 clarity or better there are less than 50 available. Every single one of these have wholesale prices far beyond our price of only $150,000.00 CAD. If you have the means this diamond ring could become a part of your investment portfolio. How much is that new Mercedes going to be worth in ten years? At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we like to think we can source almost any diamond you could possibly want. With 60 years experience we know where to look but finding one like this for the same price simply isn’t possible. If you have another setting style in mind we’d love to create a one of kind setting befitting such an incredible diamond. Estate priced at $150,000.00 CAD. Dealer inquires welcome (we know you’re looking). Stock #e10891.

Viewing by appointment only.

May 15, 2019

3.25ct. SI1-K GIA cert. 18kt. yellow & white diamonds $30,000.00 CAD. e10465

The “4 Cs” are important when considering a significant diamond purchase but I know of a few other letters that are just as critical in the world of diamond grading. GIA GIA GIA GIA GIA. I can’t stress those 3 letters enough. If the diamond hasn’t been graded by the Gemological Institute of America, purchase with caution. Make absolutely sure the diamond comes with an iron clad money back guarantee and get another opinion of quality and value. Unless you’re a diamond grading expert the subtle differences that contribute to proper pricing are difficult to determine. Just because the diamond you purchased is graded the same as another diamond doesn’t mean it was graded to the same uncompromising standards established decades ago by the GIA. There are many diamond certificates and appraisers who use the GIA’s terminology and language but don’t grade to the same strict standards. A GIA certificate costs more and doesn’t assign a value but the piece of mind it provides is priceless. If you’re going to spend well into 5 figures for a diamond take some time and watch this video by Martin Rapaport where he discusses overgraded diamonds and inaccurate reports. Mr. Rapaport produces a wholesale diamond price list that is widely followed in the industry. This guy knows his stuff. Our featured diamond fits the bill if you want a show stopping look but still want to keep the price under control. Reasonable clarity, colour, no fluorescence, very good cut plus the estate nature keep the value better than anything else out there. The fresh April 25 2017 GIA report can be seen online here. As a suggestion for a ring, how about this 18 karat white and yellow gold creation? It weighs 13.6 grams and contains 76 white and yellow VS clarity diamonds weighing approximately 0.63 carats total weight. You’ll need a tiny finger for this one as it measures just a 4 1/2. It can be made a little larger if required. The setting can be purchased separately for $2000.00 CAD. Complete ring is estate priced at $30,000.00 CAD. Stock #e10465.

April 20, 2019

1.71ct. GIA certified Burmese ruby & diamond ring 1.33ct. tw. VS-G $21,400.00 CAD. e10601

You’ve likely seen plenty of 3 stone rings before, maybe even a ruby and diamond 3 stone ring but you’ve never seen one like this. Finding a ruby in any shape other than round or oval is unusual. Finding one cut like this octagon modified brilliant cut is almost unheard of. From our research we estimate less than 0.5% of all rubies are cut like this. If that wasn’t rare enough we recently had it certified at the Gemological Institute of America as natural originating from Burma. Burmese rubies are exceptionally rare, be wary of anyone representing a ruby as Burmese without GIA certification. Not only did GIA confirm Burmese origin, they described it as transparent, vivid red, reporting the colour as Pigeon’s blood. The term Pigeon’s blood is reserved for only the finest colour of ruby. The full (February 2019) report can be seen online here. The two flanking shoulder diamonds are square emerald cut aka Assher cut diamonds. The parallel and perpendicular intersecting facets display large sections of brilliant flashes quite different than the typical round or square brilliant cut. Components this unexpected can only be used in a completely custom made setting. That’s where we come into the formula. No one does it better than Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers when it comes to sourcing unique estate diamonds and gems then reinventing them with a brand new custom made ring. While the basic 3 stone double gallery design isn’t unique, it’s almost never encountered in a combination like this. Everything about this ring is premium quality. The 5.8mm x 6.4mm 1.71 carat ruby exhibits a pure spectral red hue that only the best examples do. The Asscher cut diamonds are well matched weighing 0.66 and 0.67 carats, measuring on average 4.80mm x 4.95mm. With VS clarity and G colour they sparkle and twinkle like a couple of disco balls. The size 5 custom made 18 karat white gold ring weighs 4.6 grams and can be custom fit up or down to your specific finger size. It’s not inexpensive but it is excellent value. Sourcing a comparable certified Burmese Pigeon’s blood ruby like this would be virtually impossible. Looking for a one of a kind ruby ring to celebrate a special occasion? You’ll have a hard time finding a better example than this one. Estate components in a never worn Bill Le Boeuf custom creation. Estate priced at $21,400.00 CAD. Stock #e10601.

April 9, 2019

3.40ct. VS2-J European cut GIA certified $50,000.00 CAD. e7247

e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-001There was a time not long ago if a large antique diamond like this resurfaced in the trade, it would immediately be re-cut into a modern round brilliant. Little thought was given to the concept of keeping something original. The re-proportioned diamond would then be sold as brand new alongside other modern round brilliant cut diamonds. I suppose there is nothing wrong with this practice, after all, all diamonds are around 3 billion years old anyway. “Improving” the optical properties of an antique diamond should be a welcomed practice. In recent years however opinions of these old diamonds have changed. People are beginning to realize the value, rarity and charm of these original antique diamonds. It has come to the point where an original antique European cut diamond of more than 3.00 carats is worth more than a modern diamond of equal size. In fact, there is no formal structured price list for these old diamonds over 3.00 carats that we are aware of. The only way to value them is by trying to find comparable diamonds on offer.e7247 100 years ago any diamond was a scarce thing and a diamond over 3.00 carats was something extraordinary. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers sold this diamond several years ago to a client who enjoyed wearing it everyday. It was recently traded back to us when a larger diamond became available. We’re happy to have this beautiful diamond back and we look forward to helping the next owner discover what makes these old stones so charming. They do have a different look compared to a modern round diamond, with a smaller table facet, chunkier bezel and crown facets. These old stones provide a sparkle with distinct pattern of larger white/black flashes with increased dispersion due to a steep crown angle.e7247-1 Most important modern diamonds come with a Gemological Institute of American certificate, not many antique diamonds come with any documentation. A full GIA report from 2013 can be seen online here. The report outlines all the pertinent information needed to asses the quality of this diamond. If you have a look at the report you’ll notice the document details a couple minor chips along the sharp girdle edge. After 100 years of wear and tear you’d expect the odd chip. These small chips are not significant enough to alter the value in any meaningful way. They can easily be removed with only a couple points of weight loss. The patina of a life time of wear helps prove the diamond is an original and authentic antique.e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-002 It is set into a 14 karat custom made white gold ring containing two large tapered baguette cut diamonds. The high quality VS-GH baguettes add 0.33 carats of subtle tailored sophistication to the classic design. Estate priced at $50,000.00 CAD. Stock #e7247.e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-003


March 22, 2019

Antique ruby & diamond ring 2.40ct. tw. 18kt. $8,050.00 CAD. e11030

Excellent design and high quality are great starting points for jewellery to stand the test of time. This ring is well over 100 years old and it’s ready for more. Although it’s been around over a century it’s far from worn out. 5 of the 6 tiny antique accent diamonds have been replaced with disguised modern diamonds but otherwise we think the ring is completely original. We have some authentic antique rose cut diamonds that could be installed making it completely faithful to the original,  down to the tiniest details. The 4.3 gram 18 karat rose gold setting is still fully hallmarked inside the shank with the makers mark, karat mark, city of manufacture/assay and year of production. The highlight of the ring is of course the wonderful brilliant red natural ruby and the two high quality diamonds. The oval faceted Jell-o red ruby is estimated to weigh 1.12 carats and would conservatively rate an 7-8/10 in quality. The 2 old European cut diamonds measure an average of 5.30mm x 3.55mm and are each estimated to weigh 0.60 carats. Both diamonds are a very good VS clarity with G colour and no fluorescence. The size 5 1/2 ring has never been adjusted; it could be made a little bigger or smaller if required. A classically styled three stone antique ring with a lovely filigree gallery and beautiful precious stones; what’s not to love. Estate priced at $8,050.00 CAD. Stock #e11030.

March 2, 2019

4.75ct. emerald with 0.85ct. total weight diamond ring $13,000.00 CAD. e9863

e9863 4.75ct. emerald and 0.85ct. tw diamond ring 003

It’s hard to capture the beauty of large emerald in a simple still photo; you need to see this ring in person. The 4.75 carat natural strong slightly bluish green emerald is so vibrantly green in person that it almost looks like an advanced created synthetic. It also looks a lot cleaner in person, showing larger areas that are eye-clean. Officially it’s been graded moderately included by Harold Weinstein Ltd. in Toronto but you really must see it in person. Fortunately our photography skills are not as good as our jewellery skills, so our estate items always look better in person. The exceptional emerald is shouldered between two round brilliant cut diamonds that would each be equally at home as the main diamond of an engagement ring.e9863 4.75ct. emerald and 0.85ct. tw diamond ring 001 At 0.42 carat each of nice I1-H quality the diamonds add a perfect finishing touch to the 7.3 gram 14 karat yellow gold ring. The solid ring currently measures a finger size 7 1/4 with room to size up or down to accommodate almost anyone. The ring is accompanied by a July 5, 2016 Harold Weinstein Ltd. Jewellery Appraisal for insurance purposes with an estimated replacement value of $20,000.00 CAD. Estate price $13,000.00 CAD. Stock #e9863.e9863 emerald diamond ring appraisal Harold Weinstein

January 8, 2019

2.20ct. SI1-D GIA certified 18kt./platinum custom ring 2.48ct. tw. $25,600.00 CAD. e11847

The purpose of rose gold is to blend with skin tone. This allows rose gold rings to increase the impact of the diamonds they carry by making them the only contrasting element. In this modern understated engagement ring 16 graduated round brilliant cut diamonds run half way down the shoulders and appear almost to be floating. Their intense brilliance is due to their high VS-EF quality and very good make. Though the band measures a petite 2.14mm wide it weighs an impressive 3.6 grams, speaking to its sturdy build (not to mention the copper in rose gold makes for a hard durable alloy). Those narrow 18 karat shoulders tapering towards the center make the diamond appear larger than its 2.20 carat weight suggests. The GIA certified diamond is an eye clean SI1 clarity with a perfect D colour, excellent polish, very good symmetry and medium blue fluorescence. The full Gemological Institute of America diamond grading report can be seen here. As a cushion brilliant is a rather uncommon shape we’d strongly suggest you see it in person. The diamond is a true kaleidoscope of spectral rainbow light, appearing to go on forever at its depths. To avoid distracting from that mesmerizing light show, the main diamond has been set into an elegant platinum setting. The custom made 4 prong setting has been designed with delicate heart shaped outlines on all 4 gallery edges. Together the ring contains an impressive 2.48 carats of diamonds and currently measures a finger size 6 1/2. The diamond is accompanied by a copy of its GIA Diamond Grading Report. The ring comes with a May 2018 Harold Weinstein Appraisal showing an estimated replacement value of $51,545.00 CAD plus tax. Our more realistic opinion of a competitive replacement value is closer to $32,000.00. As a like new estate ring our price is $25,600.00 CAD. Stock #e11847.

January 3, 2019

1.98ct. emerald & 0.52ct. diamond ring 18kt. gold $5,926.00 CAD. e9755

e9755 emerald and diamond ring 18 karat custom made 001We’re being asked more and more every day to create custom jewellery for new and existing clients. It’s something we’ve been doing since 1958, but it’s part of our business we’ve really never promoted much. Here’s a custom ring we decided to make that isn’t our usual more technical sort of creation. It’s more an exercise in artistic simplicity. No fancy wire filigree, no hand engraved highlights, no milgrain edges. Just a nice quality Columbian emerald with a couple of very good shoulder diamonds. The wide low dome shank measures just over 10mm wide gently tapering to a comfortable 6.3mm on the bottom. The precise hand formed yellow gold bezel secures a substantial size 1.98 carat medium dark green emerald measuring 7.5mm x 6.5mm. We were going to leave it at that and call it a day but we couldn’t help ourselves, we just had to add some bling. Two lovely estate VS-GH diamonds were Gypsy set on the shoulders and provide just enough twinkle to draw your eye to the soothing colour of the emerald in the centre. The two diamonds add a total 0.52 carats of sparkling twinkle bringing the total gem weight to a tidy 2.50 carats. This hand made one of a kind ring weighs in at over 14 grams. Made from premium 18 karat white and yellow gold. This is a hefty ring that feels every bit the quality piece it is. Even if a custom ring like this isn’t what we’re known for I can see more of this style coming from the minds of our talented goldsmiths. From the reactions of people who have seen it so far I know this is a style that appeals to many. Using beautiful estate components allows us to price this artistic piece very well at $5,926.00 CAD. It’s a lot of money but there’s a ton of value in this creation. If you have a old setting with a nice stone you’re not using bring it in. I bet we can create a custom piece making it your new favorite item of jewellery for less than you might imagine. Stock #e9755.e9755 emerald and diamond ring 18 karat custom made 002




December 17, 2018

1.50ct. SI2-G emerald cut GIA certified 2.63ct. tw. 14kt. custom halo $12,000.00 CAD. e11828

Halo style engagement rings can be seen in pretty much every jewellery store. From high end luxury retailers like Tiffany to national chain stores in your local mall, you’re going to see the halo style in one form or another. What you’re not likely to see is one with a large emerald cut diamond at its centre and almost certainly not one that’s GIA certified. The fall 2014 GIA report can be seen online here. The beautiful emerald cut is a striking contrast in optical properties compared to the dispersion and brilliance from the halo of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it. Emerald cut diamonds consist of parallel facets that throw large reflections of light and refract white light into a rainbow of colours. They are quite different from any of the various shaped brilliant cut options. This custom made creation contains 110 tiny round diamonds set throughout the halo, down the shoulders and even in the gallery struts underneath the setting. The only way to see these extra diamonds is by viewing the ring from the side or bottom. Custom made in the fall of 2015 the size 8 ring is in like new condition. The only evidence of wear is the original rhodium plating wearing thin on the shank bottom. A quick electroplating will bring back the pure white finish. Included with purchase is a copy of the original certificate of appraisal from Gem Reveiw Inc. Toronto. We’re very lucky at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers; we get to see some very pretty pieces of jewellery come through our vast estate department. I must say this one is one of my favorites. It has great presence on the finger, lots of bling and a sophisticated old school charm  that only an amazing emerald cut can deliver. This one of  a kind custom ring is estate priced at $12,000.00 CAD. Stock #e11828.

December 16, 2018

1.46ct. SI1-K transition cut GIA certified. 5.5 gr. 18kt. setting 0.30ct. VS-I $8155.00 CAD. e11310

If you’ve never heard of a transition cut you’re not alone. Transition cut is a term that refers to diamonds from the 1920s into the 1940s. It is a time when the world was changing and technology was playing a bigger role in life including a more scientific understanding of how optical physics related to the brilliance of a diamond. These transition cuts look mostly like old European cut diamonds but have some characteristics of the  modern brilliant cut. They’re a bit of a hybrid and we love them. Smaller tables, taller crowns like antique diamonds but with longer lower girdle facets and thinner pavilion main facets approaching that of modern diamonds. They have a unique look with tons of dispersion and are perfect in original antique rings or settings inspired by antique design. This diamond just came back from The Gemological Institute of America with fresh certification of 1.46 carats, SI1 clarity and K colour. The full report can be seen online here. This is a pretty big looking diamond. Its average diameter of 7.43mm is much larger than most 1.50 carat modern diamonds. It came to us in an antique inspired modern manufactured 18 karat white gold filigree ring, bead set with 26 modern round brilliant cut diamonds. The small diamonds are of very good quality averaging VS-SI-HI. The 5.5 gram ring measures a finger size 8 1/4 but can be adjusted down a couple sizes if needed. Included with purchase is the May 11 2018 GIA report along with a September 2006 appraisal from Hyannis Massachusetts jeweller Diamond Perfections Inc. Their idea of replacement value is $14,000.00 USD. As with most outside appraisals submitted with jewellery we see, the value attached is a little optimistic in our opinion. To replace the ring and diamond at a more competitive retail price we feel an appraised value should be closer to $11,650.00 CAD ($9,100.00 USD). Our estate price for the ring and diamond is $8155.00 CAD. The diamond is available without the ring for $7000.00. Stock #e11310.

Diamond sold. Ring still available $1155.00.

December 1, 2018

Royal De Versailles 1.26ct. VS1-I GIA certified 18kt. 8.1gr. $12,000.00 CAD. e11081

It’s a difficult thing to access the value a prestigious brand name brings to a product. Especially a diamond ring or other piece of jewellery. Even when comparing two otherwise completely identical items, the premium brand product sells for more and deserves the extra value associated with the brand. A sterling silver chain from Tiffany for example sells for much more than a high quality silver chain purchased at your local home town jeweller even if the only difference is where it was bought and the box colour. The components that go into producing the item may be the same but where you buy them is a major contributor to the price you ultimately are going to be charged. This beautiful 18 karat white gold estate engagement ring was originally purchased at Royal de Versailles. They are considered one of the finest jewellers and carry all the exclusive luxury names. They operate a big beautiful store in a very exclusive and expensive area of downtown Toronto. When purchased new in 1993 RDV supplied an insurance document outlining the details of the engagement ring, suggesting insurance coverage of $20,500.00 CAD including tax. 25 years later as an excellent condition estate ring we have it priced at only $12,000.00 CAD (including a custom made matching wedding ring). The centre diamond is a very pretty 1.26 carat VS1 clarity, “I” colour diamond that has been graded by The Gemological Institute of America. GIA certificate #8404049 reports the diamond has been manufactured with very good polish, good symmetry and strong blue fluorescence. This diamond is proportioned with a very flattering, slender 1.78:1 length to width ratio. Our quarter million strong diamond database shows less than 4% of all pear shaped diamonds have a ratio like this or thinner. Almost all diamond cutters choose to make their pears closer to 1:1.40 ratio. While this ratio is efficient for weight retention the resulting plump outline doesn’t look nearly as sophisticated. Securely set on each shoulder is an additional pear shaped diamond, each estimated to weight 0.20 carats of VS-SI clarity and H colour. The rings fit together with puzzle piece precision and measure the average finger size of 6. One of our onsite goldsmiths can custom fit these up or down as required in just a day or 2. Included with the rings is the original black RDV box plus an independent Harold Weinstein appraisal from October 1998. Our estate price for the set is $12,000.00 CAD. Stock #e11081.

November 30, 2018

2.00ct. tw. VS2-D GIA certified platinum diamond ring $13,636.00 CAD.

e8147 1.20ct. VS2-D GIA cert. 1162065430 ringEvery once in a while we receive an accurate appraisal with a piece of estate jewellery. Hats off to Gente Jewellery Ltd. located in Downsview Ontario for providing an appraisal that truly reflected the appropriate retail price of a piece of jewellery they sold in late 2002. We were happy to acquire such a beautiful diamond in a very well made platinum setting. This diamond was valuable enough and of the quality that deserved a full GIA certification. The diamond returned from New York with an even better quality grade than Gente Jewellery suggested. A GIA certified 1.20 carat VS2-D was the outcome. The report can be seen here on GIA’s website. The platinum ring weighs a hefty 10.3 grams and contains 18 round and baguette cut diamonds of very good SI-G clarity adding 0.80 carats of additional diamond weight. The centre pear shaped diamond is available separately for $12,300.00. The complete ring estate priced at $13,636.00. Stock #e8147.e8147 1.20ct. VS2-D pear shape GIA cert. 1162065430


November 29, 2018

0.91ct. SI1-E very good cut GIA certified 1.21ct. tw. 2.5gr. 14kt. $6,300.00 CAD. e12206

We’re not trying to be provocative but….. how is it possible to have such a wide range of replacement values for this diamond ring? Everyone is entitled to an opinion of what a reasonable price for a diamond ring is but this seems to be bordering on excessive. This beautiful round halo design engagement ring came with a July 2017 appraisal for $21,150.00 plus tax. Our opinion its replacement value is $9,000.00. Since the diamond is GIA certified, we know it’s been properly graded and the setting is of very high quality construction with nice accent diamonds. It’s just a matter of adding up the components to formulate a price. If you used the $21,150.00 appraisal with your insurance company, you’d be charged a hefty premium calculated on $21,150.00. Using our appraisal of $9,000.00, your insurance company would charge a premium roughly 57% less. If you made a claim on the ring, your insurance company would payout on the actual cost to replace the ring. I can guarantee it wouldn’t be anything close to $21,150.00. Insurance companies are only obligated to payout what it actually costs them to replace an item up to the limit it’s been insured for. If they can replace it for 1/2 of what it’s insured for that’s all you’re going to receive. After being in the business for over 6 decades we are 100% confident a brand new ring just like this is replaceable for $9,000.00. My latest rant aside this is one great looking ring with a knockout centre diamond certified by the Gemological institute of America. The very strong SI1 clarity is touching VS2 clarity and the exceptional E colour sparkles with amazing contrast from the dispersion biased 37 degree crown angle and tall 15.5% crown. The January 2015 GIA report can be seen online here. Keep in mind GIA do not EVER provide appraisals, they only supply accurate quality reports on diamonds and coloured gems. They don’t have a commercial interest in the commerce of diamonds or jewellery. This enables them to provide a truly impartial opinion of quality. There’s an old saying in the jewellery business more important today then ever; “you better know your jewellery or you better know your jeweller. As a like new condition previously enjoyed ring, it’s estate priced at only $6,300.00 CAD. That’s true honest value. Stock #e12206.



October 27, 2018

1.40ct. VS2-G GIA certified. 2.71ct.tw. plat./18kt. 17.5gr. $16,800.00 CAD. e11848

If you’ve never heard of Kirk Kara, this platinum and 18 karat rose gold wedding set is all you need to be acquainted with them. Every item they produce is entirely hand made; a practice almost unheard of in today’s technology driven world where pieces are rendered in CAD programs and 3D wax printed. The delicate filigree and interior lattice work is hand formed, showing petite imperfections in symmetry indicative of craftsmanship. Every surface, except for a sizing quarter left bare at each shank bottom, is covered in intricate hand engraving and millgrain. Techniques which speak to a family history dating back to 1890s Armenia. The fourth generation of the Karaguezian family business is now in partnership with select retailers across the United States. The company is operated by the founder’s great granddaughters. Kirk Kara has won the JCK (Jewelers Circular Keystone) Jeweler’s Choice Award for 10 years in a row, one of the industries most coveted accolades. Being hand made the rings come with a heft that will surprise you, weighing in at over 17.5 grams together. After spending so much time on the stunning settings you wouldn’t skimp on the diamonds that adorn them. The wedding band is protectively channel set with 9 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.54 carats together with a impressive VS2-SI1-G quality and very good cut. The engagement ring is accented with 6 channel set and four prong set round brilliant cuts weighing 0.72 carats together, again at VS2-SI1-G quality and very good cut. The center diamond has a story of its own with a GIA pedigree from 2012. The 1.40 carat round brilliant is an eye-clean VS2 clarity, G colour to match its accents, very good cut, excellent polish, excellent symmetry and no fluorescence. The set is accompanied by original GIA Diamond Grading Report and Barmakian Jewelers’ Appraisal stating a replacement value of $32,000 USD for the set. We feel a more competitive replacement value for the set is $21,000.00 CAD. Our estate price for the set only is $16,800.00 CAD. Stock #e11848.


September 10, 2018

1.75ct. VS2-I GIA cert. 2.54ct. tw. platinum halo diamond ring $17,030.00 CAD. e3739

e3739-1-79ct-vs2-i-gia-cert-platinum-halo-diamond-ring-001If this ring looks a little familiar it should. We used this setting to showcase  a beautiful 2.32 carat sometime ago. We had such a positive response from the design that we had to feature it again. This time we selected a diamond and ring combination that costs about 1/3 of what the original did. Even though it is substantially less expensive than the original, this ring was crafted from premium platinum. In fact the ring contains almost 9 grams of the substantial ultra rare precious metal. The slightly grey colour and soft patina that platinum develops over time is a great compliment to the vintage Art Deco inspired design. Even though the ring looks like it is from the 1930s, it’s only a few years old.e3739-1-79ct-vs2-i-gia-cert-platinum-halo-diamond-ring-002  We set the beautiful 1.75 carat VS2-I very good cut diamond in the ring only 2 years ago. Being only a few years old and carefully worn, the ring is basically new. Just an ultrasonic cleaning was all that was needed to bring it to the condition you see here. For the perfectionist out there we’ll happily refinish and polish the minor scuffs from the shank. Over 3/4 of a carat of small, excellent quality VS-GH round and baguette cut diamonds have been bead and bezel set throughout the intricate creation. The full December 2013 GIA report detailing every aspect of the large centre diamond can be seen online here.e3739 1.75ct. VS2-I GIA cert vg g vg none GIA are the industry standard for unbiased grading of diamonds and coloured gems. The Gemological Institute of America developed the now internationally accepted diamond grading standards. All important diamonds should come with a GIA certificate. If you’re considering a significant diamond purchase, INSIST on a GIA report for peace of mind and accurate grading. The ring measures a slightly larger than average 8. We should be able to adjust it up or down a couple sizes as needed. If you have a very small finger size we can make this setting again in any size. As shown the complete ring is estate priced at $17,030.00 CAD. Stock number e3739.




July 18, 2018

7.74ct. tw. Rubellite & Diamond platinum ring $11,550.00 CAD. e11029

I’m so happy the direction Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers took many decades ago to always showcase spectacular examples of both new and estate jewellery. We are fortunate to have built our reputation for stocking some amazing one of a kind items in addition to our regular production and custom offerings. This hand made platinum ring is our most recent showcase estate item. It’s more than likely you’ve never seen or even heard of rubellite (aka red tourmaline). This gem is relatively common in drab overly saturated black to very dark green hues normally associated with the mineral. As with every coloured precious gem, it’s the bright intense colours that are the most valuable and sought after. Although it can be found in virtually every colour of the spectrum, the pink and red varieties seem to garner the most reaction from people. Our 5.74 carat slightly purplish pink example is the largest one that I ever remember turning up here. The octagon step cut stone measures 12.9mm x 9.0mm and is extremely bright and lively. The emerald cut design really shows off this amazing stone with large flashes of intense fuchsia. Few gems equal the chromatic impact of a fine quality rubellite tourmaline. These simple pictures taken with my point and shoot camera under regular office fluorescent lights do not do this ring justice. The colour is much more intense in person. If the exotic Brazilian centre gem isn’t enough how about the 2 large custom cut half moon shape diamonds flanking it. Each diamond is estimated to weigh a full 1.00 carat. The diamonds measure a perfectly matching 9.1mm in length and are both of I1-H quality. The expertly crafted ring was manufactured from over 10 grams of premium quality ultra white platinum. In like new condition the double gallery 3 stone design measures a finger size 6. It can be custom fit larger or smaller as required. We are accustomed to seeing some fairly large diamonds at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers but big colour always brings out the oohs and aahs from everyone on staff. It’s fireworks for your finger; the centre provides the colour and the diamonds are the sparkle. This is one ring that would be very difficult to reproduce at any price. One and only for the estate price of $11,550.00 CAD. Stock #e11029.


July 3, 2018

GIA certified 1.00ct. VVS2-F heart shaped diamond solitaire $6,003.00 CAD. e10794

Be the romantic hero this year and think outside the chocolate box. For a unique look completely different than the ubiquitous white gold halo style engagement ring, be brave and go for this heart shaped solitaire. Of all the fancy shape diamonds available hearts are the least likely encountered. There is a good reason for their rarity; the giant cleft that cuts way into the stone. That defining detail means a lot of diamond weight is lost during cutting. Any shape that limits the potential yield of a given rough diamond crystal is not usually selected. This diamond recently returned from The Gemological Institute of America in New York with a full grading report. The October report can be seen online here. The certificate determined the clarity to be an outstanding VVS2 with an equally impressive F colour and exhibiting no fluorescence. This heart shape looks much larger than a square or round brilliant 1.00 carat due to its large measurement of 6.65mm x 7.45mm. This large footprint is a partially a function of the shallow 43.8% total depth. On paper this depth percentage is a concern, in reality it’s nothing to worry about. A very large culet on the pavilion plays a big roll in the depth. Please excuse some of this technical analysis but this is what sets us apart from most stores. We love diamonds and we have the knowledge to speak accurately about them; we have a full time GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff plus 2 GIA certified diamond graders. If you’d like accurate technical information and would like to learn how diamonds are evaluated we are your store. What you really need to know about this diamond is that it looks great and has ample sparkle. This unusual diamond has been set in a very flattering double gallery 14 karat yellow and white gold solitaire setting weighing 2.9 grams. The minimalist ring is a classic exercise in less is more. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size 6 1/2 ring up or down in just a day or two if needed. Like new condition showing no wear the ring is estate priced at $6,003.00 CAD. Stock #e10794.


July 1, 2018

1.09ct. VS1-J excellent cut GIA certified custom made diamond solitaire. 3.5gr. 14kt. $6,900.00 CAD. e12216

Nothing remarkable here just a beautiful custom made diamond ring at a great price. Nicely over the benchmark 1 carat size, excellent VS1 clarity due to a small group in pinpoint inclusions located just outside the table border, solid J colour, excellent cut, very good symmetry, very good polish and no fluorescence and of course it’s GIA certified. The Gemological Institute of America is the only certificate to consider if you’re looking for an impartial opinion of diamond quality without bias and free from conflict of interest. GIA never issue appraisals, they are simply the most respected authority on diamond and gemstone quality evaluation. Always ask to see the GIA certificate on any significant diamond purchase you may be considering. The complete May 15 2019 GIA certificate can be seen online here. We currently have this diamond set in a brand new custom made 14 karat white gold open gallery four prong solitaire. The simple and flattering ring weighs 3.5 grams in a finger size 6. If you are a different finger size one of our onsite goldsmiths can modify the size in just a day or two. If you have an alternative style of ring or other piece of jewellery in mind we’re happy to provide just the diamond for $6,500.00 CAD. Stock #e12216.


June 30, 2018

1.75ct. VVS2-L European cut Birks platinum solitaire 4.4gr. $11,403.00 CAD. e12217

There are not too many of these to be found. European cut diamonds haven’t been produced since the early 20th century. A few specialty cutters are making them for reproduction jewellery but for the most part they are only available as original antiques. Coming across  larger examples is happening less often all the time. When this diamond was cut around 100 years ago few people could afford any diamond, never mind a 1.75 carat. A Gemological Institute of America report (May 2019) comes included with purchase. GIA paperwork is your assurance of accurate non biased full disclosure grading. The full GIA report can be seen online here. The diamond has been microscopically laser engraved along the girdle edge with a unique certificate number. ALL significant diamonds should include a GIA report. If the diamond you’re considering doesn’t, insist on GIA certification and only GIA certification. There are many inaccurate and optimistic certificates out there. GIA does not provide appraisals. If the document you’re looking at has a price attached, it is NOT a GIA endorsement of appropriate value. Our latest estate diamond grades an excellent VVS2 clarity with a slightly warmer L colour. Most diamonds from this era were mined in South Africa and as such usually exhibit a certain degree of colour. It’s not uncommon to see MNO colour grades or lower when looking for antique diamonds, so the L colour is very respectable. Stones with warmer colour grades in the JKLM range benefit particularly well from the dispersion biased European cut style. When this diamond was new, artificial electrical lighting was practically unheard of. Sunlight and fire were the only sources of incandescent light, European cut diamonds make the most of these natural light sources. You’re going to be very surprised just how bright a properly graded, L colour, European cut diamond is when you see it in person. A tiny 51% table with a tall crown produce much more dispersion than even an ideal cut modern round brilliant. Currently set in a vintage Birks platinum four prong double gallery setting weighing over 4 grams. The size 8 ring can easily be made smaller to suit almost any finger. If you’d like this diamond set into a different style ring or perhaps a custom one off design, our designers can help produce the perfect piece of jewellery just for you. The diamond alone is available for $11,000.00 CAD. Stock #e12217.



June 27, 2018

Natural fancy deep brown/yellow GIA cert. diamond 1.22ct. VVS2 $11,277.00. e8648

Absolutely spectacular. I just love this business because you just never know what might show up in our estate department. A while ago this diamond ring came in as an unworn, unused engagement ring. A gift for an engagement that never was. It was purchased in Europe several years ago and has sat in it’s box ever since. Important diamonds like this deserve recognized certification, so we removed the diamond from the setting and off to the Gemological Institute of America in New York it went.jr068364.1 e8648 1.22ct. GIA cert 5161728001 GIA confirmed our thoughts of natural colour describing the hue as fancy deep brown-yellow with a VVS2 clarity. The full GIA report can be seen here. The size 6.5 18 karat white and yellow gold setting weighs 6.8 grams and contains an additional 169 tiny brilliant cut diamonds of I1-HI quality totaling approximately 1.00 carat. There is a tremendous amount of labor setting all these little diamonds around the large centre diamond, on the shoulders and even under the halo cluster. “One of a kind” is a term often heard describing fairly average things. Checking our 270000 stone data base reveals not one other diamond that would favorably compare in terms of approximate size and colour. Please don’t ask us for a matching pair for earrings. Brand new, never used and truly unique. This champagne diamond would make the ultimate gift as an engagement ring or dinner ring. Estate priced at $11,277.00. Stock #e8648.


June 10, 2018

1.00ct. VVS2-H GIA certified princess cut platinum solitaire $6,150.00 CAD. e11853

A consideration for anyone thinking of princess cut diamonds is their tiny and vulnerable corners; actually that’s a characteristic of any diamond that has a sharp point. Which is why you rarely see them set with their points or corners exposed. This particular engagement ring takes protective corner prongs a step further by making them tall and over-sized for longevity and added protection from impacts. If you describe yourself as “hard on things” this is exactly the ring for you. Not only does the setting envelop the diamond it also sits as low as possible at only 6.5mm off of the finger. The rest of the ring is equally durable being made from a sturdy 4.7 grams of platinum. Platinum is always a great choice for fine quality jewellery and especially so for diamonds with sharp corners. If a platinum claw receives a significant impact the material around the diamonds corner will actually slightly conform around the diamond because of its superior malleability. The choice of platinum for this ring is not surprising when you consider the diamond it’s made to protect. With GIA pedigree the tidy 1.00 carat princess cut is of head turning VVS2-H quality, excellent polish, very good symmetry, and no fluorescence. What more could anyone want? Currently the ring measures a stock size 6 with room to adjust up or down. It’s accompanied by its original GIA paperwork. This ring was originally sold by Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers and was only worn for a few months. Like new and estate priced at $6,150.00 CAD. Stock #e11853.


May 25, 2018

1.91ct. I1-J clarity enhance diamond. BIRKS platinum setting 4.0gr. $6,300.00 CAD. e11358

Are you scratching your head about how this nearly 2.00 carat diamond, including the platinum Birks ring, costs less than most loose 1.00 carat diamonds? The secret to the savings is something called clarity enhancement, a favorite weapon of many Stateside jewelers. The less finicky American market is more focused on big diamonds with small price points and spend less time worrying about the other three C’s. To fill this need, I2 and I3 clarity diamonds can sometimes be treated to conceal surface reaching inclusions. Clarity enhancement is the process of filling surface breaking feathers  with highly refractive molten glass. The glass closely mimics the optical properties of diamond and makes an obvious white feather appear clear, usually invisible to the naked eye. This enhancement can be permanent if taken care of properly and disclosed to jewelers before any repair work is done. Laser drilling on the other hand is completely permanent and requires no additional care or attention. When a diamond contains a black or coloured inclusion a laser can be used to drill a tiny path to the imperfection. Acid is then forced into the hole to dissolve away the blemish, leaving a colourless void that is much less noticeable. A clarity enhanced diamond is priced based on its assumed pretreated clarity grade; meaning even though it looks one to two grades higher, you’re paying for what it really is. A pretty good deal as long as the person selling it to you fully explains the enhancement process. Unfortunately that was not the case with this 1.91 carat round brilliant cut diamond. If you have a look at the AGI (NOT GIA) Diamond Report that accompanies the diamond you’ll see that the only mention made is a petite asterisk next to the SI2 clarity grade. That asterix relates to a brief comment of Clarity Enhanced, misleadingly placed right after Natural Diamond. Not only does the document downplay the monumental change this diamond has gone through it completely mislabels the I1 clarity at SI2 and the J colour at G. Not to say the diamond isn’t beautiful and lively, it faces up very well for an I1-J, but the grading is clearly not accurate. There is also a minor chip on the culet that is not disclosed. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the chip happened after the document was made. This document was clearing produced to help sell the diamond and not to protect the best interests of a potential consumer. In keeping with the throw-away nature of this poorly executed report, AGI crowns the diamond with an estimated retail replacement value of $14,700.00 USD. A quick look through our international diamond database for clarity enhanced SI2-G or better diamonds of 1.90 carat or higher reveals a prices range of around $8,000.00 CAD. Let this diamond be a reminder that without exception, if a deal seems too good to be true it absolutely is. The 4 gram platinum estate Birks solitaire mount is in good condition and currently measures a finger size 8 with plenty of room to adjust. It does a great job of displaying the sparkling diamond that measures nicely over 8mm diameter. The estate price for this impressive ring (with the complimentary report that will work perfect for a birdcage liner) $6,300.00 CAD. Stock #e11358.


April 5, 2018

1.11ct. old mine cut VS1-K (1.51ct. tw.) 8.0 grams platinum $6300.00 CAD. e11249

With such solid construction, this 8 gram platinum mount sets a high standard for what it showcases. The 1.11 carat VS1-K diamond that crowns the ring certainly lives up to it. Being an old mine cut means this diamond could be well over 200 years of age. Old mine cut diamonds were the first real attempt at what later evolved into the modern round brilliant cut diamonds we see today. They were manufactured between the early 1700s to the late 1800s. You can’t help but imagine the lives this antique diamond has lived and the changes it’s seen. Our hope is that this new mount will perhaps bring the antique diamond at least another century of enjoyment before it may get set into another style ring. The heirloom is solidly shouldered by an additional 0.40 carats of bright SI-H modern round brilliant cut diamonds. Together they lift the total weight to 1.51 carats of mixed century sparkle. The Canadian made ring currently measures a stock size 7 with some room to adjust up or down in size. Estate price $6300.00 CAD. Stock #e11249.


March 30, 2018

1.84ct. SI2-E GIA certified 18kt. 2.02ct. tw. 3.1gr. 18kt. $13,800.00 CAD. e11608

Beside the basic diamond solitaire this design is considered one of the all time classics when it comes to the less in more engagement ring. Thin tapered baguette cut diamond details on the shoulders really don’t add a ton of sparkle and bling but they certainly help focus the attention toward the centre. That centre is something rather special. An E colour diamond pushing 2.00 carats is very impressive; we don’t run into these every day. The GIA certified diamond comes with a September 2013 grading report. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reports are the industry standard for accurate, ethical, unbiased evaluation of diamond and gemstone quality. GIA never supply appraisals, they only supply a certificate of quality. The certificate details a clarity of SI2 based upon some small crystals and feather type inclusion within the stone. The report goes on to describe the polish as excellent, the symmetry as very good and faint fluorescence. A copy of the certificate can be seen online here. The minimalist ring measures a rather small finger size 4 making the large centre diamond appear even bigger. Our onsite goldsmiths can make the ring a little larger if required. The two shoulder tapered baguette cut diamonds weigh an estimated 0.09 carats each and are of VS-GH quality. The original GIA report along with a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers insurance appraisal from December 2013 are included for the estate price of $13,800.00 CAD. Stock #e11608.


March 25, 2018

1.64ct. tw. VS2-G diamond ring set 6.7gr. 18kt. $6,090.00 CAD. e11543

If you follow diamond trends you’ll know that ovals and pears are overtaking princess cuts and rounds as the must have shapes. Whether you’re a slave to fashion or just appreciate the old Hollywood glamour of these fancy cuts you’ll love this unique wedding set. Though neither pears or ovals have a cut grade standard there are certain outlines that are more pleasing. With ovals its easy to tell when the stone is well proportioned but pears are more free to personal tastes. This 0.97 carat pear has a well rounded head tapering gracefully to its elongated point, in short it is one of the pear forms we are partial to. The 2018 GIA certificate for the diamond can be seen here. It states the diamond is a VS2 clarity (showing eye clean) a G colour (just the slightest tint of warmth visible) good polish and symmetry showing no fluorescence. Both the shoulders of the engagement ring and the matching wedding band are bar set with alternating baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds. All are VS-GH quality and together they top the total carat weight of the set up to 1.64 carats. The 6.7 gram set is custom made from premium 18 karat white gold and measure a finger size 7 1/2 with some room to adjust. Estate price $6,090.00 CAD. Stock #e11543.


March 10, 2018

5.01ct. SI2-K excellent cut GIA certified 14kt. gold solitaire $59,800.00 CAD. e10670

This just could be the perfect diamond for someone like you. Sure everyone would love a GIA certified diamond with all the boxes checked off; flawless clarity, D colour, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish and no fluorescence. The problem is exceptional quality comes at a huge price. For example; a GIA certified 1.00 carat round diamond of absolute perfection will cost you well over $20,000.00 CAD at current exchange rates. If you want a perfect diamond the same size as this estate 5.01 carat expect to pay around $750,000.00 CAD. That’s right 3/4 of a million dollars (assuming you can find one). It’s not just the 4Cs of clarity, colour, cut and carat weight to consider when buying a diamond; there’s a 5th C. The “cost” is the 5th C that everyone needs to contemplate. Whether it’s a thousand dollars or one million dollars everyone wants to get the most bang for the buck plus outstanding value. That’s why I like this diamond so much, it offers a great big look and amazing value. It’s got the size at over 5 carats with an average diameter of 11.07mm, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish and no fluorescence. The clarity of SI2 is 7 grades from flawless but it looks perfect without magnification to anyone except under extreme scrutiny and only from those with exceptional close up vision. The small white crystal inclusions disappear under any typical viewing situation. This high resolution, high magnification image reveals the insignificant natural inclusions that have been a part of this diamond since it formed billions of years ago. As a Gemological Institute of America trained Gemologist with over 25 years experience I can say with confidence this is a really nice SI2 (closer to a SI1 than an I1). The colour grade of K is ever so slightly warm but it faces up amazing with the sort of sparkle and dispersion you’d demand from a 5 carat diamond. The K colour is very strong when compared to other GIA certified Ks we have in stock. It must have missed a J colour designation by the slimmest of margins. This diamond was recently certified (July 2017) by GIA. The full report can be seen online here. While $60,000.00 CAD isn’t a small sum of money, if you’ve ever considered a significant diamond, this one is likely the best value currently on the market. Finding large diamonds with particularly desirable quality characteristics are few and far between. Few jewellers have this size of diamond in stock. We are your diamond destination at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. We have the inventory and we’re confident of the fantastic value. We always display upfront pricing in Canadian dollars along with the information necessary for our clients to comparison shop. Even if owning something like this isn’t in the cards right now, please come in and have a look. Or if you love diamonds the way we love diamonds and just want to see what a nice 5 carat looks like, come on in and check it out. This one is estate priced at $59,800.00 CAD. The diamond is currently set in a brand new, 3.7 gram, American made 14 karat white gold solitaire setting included for no additional charge. Stock #e10670.


February 13, 2018

Pretty in pink. 1.40ct. SI2-L transition brilliant cut halo $6020.00 CAD. e11604

If you’re secretly in love with modern halo designs but still want to put your own stamp on it, how about doing it in pink gold? Of the numerous halo designs we’ve done over the years I’d estimate 90% were made form white gold or platinum with the odd one done in traditional yellow gold. This 14 karat rose gold creation is one of just a handful we’ve done in soft tone rose gold. The American made 4.9 gram setting has a tight 11.3mm diameter halo assembled with 16 high quality SI-H round brilliant cut diamonds contributing 0.27 carats of framing sparkle (1.67ct. total diamond weight). Secured nice and low in the brand new, never worn ring is a 90 year old 1.40 carat round transition brilliant cut estate diamond of SI2 clarity and L colour with strong blue fluorescence. The cool glowing blue party trick only occurs when exposed to a long wave ultraviolet light source in a dark environment. This phenomenon happens only in some natural diamonds (synthetic and created diamonds can never show fluorescence). An explanation of fluorescence can be found on The Gemological Institute of America website. The eerie blue glow actually makes a slightly warmer tone diamond like this L colour appear a little more white as blue is the complimentary colour of yellow. Take advantage of our large collection of estate diamonds. Start with a great value estate diamond and we’ll put it in a brand new production ring like this; or let us custom make the ring of your dreams. Estate diamond with a new ring, you get unmatched savings using high quality estate diamonds and the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want in a new or custom made setting. This is the type of specialty assembly that Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers does more efficiently than anyone else. We’ve been doing it at the same downtown Barrie location since 1958. So believe us when we say, Nobody does “I do” like we do. This ready to go finished ring is estate priced at an unsurpassed value of just $6020.00 CAD. Stock #e11604.


February 10, 2018

1.80ct. tw. SIMON G engagement/wedding set MR1546 $7,000.00 CAD. e11152

Simon G has been our top of the line bridal brand since we introduced it to Barrie almost a decade ago. Since then the California based designer has become a leading manufacturer of diamond engagement and wedding rings. Their designs are some of the most duplicated around, copied by almost everyone. Looking at the various flyers and promotional brochures that appear in the mail from time to time it’s easy to see where the mainstream jewellery chains inspiration comes from. While these imitation designs look okay the attention to fine detail and quality are where they usually fall short. Simon G  use only premium quality 18 karat gold and platinum for their jewellery. Every one of their small diamonds are of minimum VS-GH quality. Our latest estate offering is the popular MR1546 from the Vintage Explorer collection. It is proudly showcasing a 1.17 carat round brilliant cut diamond of I1-H quality with a very good cut. We say proudly because we don’t mind showing you how beautiful a properly graded I1 can look. We’re not shy to show you a photomicrograph of a nice I1. Sure there are some inclusions that are easy to resolve with dark field lighting and lots of magnification, but you don’t live in dark field and without artificial magnification this diamond sparkles like a disco ball. It weighs nicely over a carat at 1.17ct. and has a large diameter of 6.9mm. It would be pretty hard to get a nicer looking, better value diamond of this size for less than the $4,400.00 we’ve factored into the total estate price of $7,000.00 for both rings. The very good H colour was determined by comparison with our onsite set of Gemological Institute of America master diamonds. As an added bonus the large centre diamond exhibits no fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. The set weighs a combined 5.9 grams in a finger size 6. They’ve hardly been worn and still feature the fine crisp milgrain edged detail that Simon G is known for. Simon G will make up this ring to hold any size or any shape of diamond you may have or want. To buy a new set in this configuration the price would be $4316.00 (without a centre stone). Included with the set is a perfect condition Simon G illuminated box. As soon as the box is opened up a super bright LED shines a spotlight on the treasure inside. Thinking about an upgrade to your current engagement set? Bring it in, we take trade ins everyday. Or, let us remodel your existing diamond into a cute pendant or other piece of jewellery and rock this new engagement set for the estate price of just $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #e11152.


February 2, 2018

Antique 2.87ct. SI1-OP GIA cert. (3.30ct. tw) platinum ring 4.5gr. $14,500.00 CAD. e11519

When was the last time you saw a 90 year old diamond with a fresh GIA certificate? Almost all significant diamonds today come with a Gemological Institute of America report (or at least they should). 90 years ago there was no GIA and there certainly were no recognized standards for diamond grading. If you’re considering an important diamond purchase make sure to see the GIA certification and microscopically engraved girdle. If there is no GIA report or it comes with certificate from a different source, make sure you get an ironclad return guarantee should the diamond fall short of its quality claim. There are way too many poorly and incorrectly graded diamonds out there; make sure you get an accurate, unbiased opinion of quality. If you’re going to spend a significant  sum for a diamond please take a few minutes and watch this video by Martin Rapaport. The short video discusses the problems with over graded diamonds and inaccurate reports. Mr. Rapaport produces a wholesale diamond price list that is widely followed by the industry. This guy knows his stuff. The diamond came to us as part of a much loved antique ring. The large centre diamond was suffering from a few minor chips along its edge. After our master diamond cutter performed the minor repair carefully maintaining the antique nature of the original diamond, we ended up with a weight of 2.87 carats (a loss of just 0.05 carats). While the diamond was out of the setting we decided to send it to the Gemological Institute of America in New York for certification. The September 2018 certificate can be seen online here. It was important for us to maintain the antique spirit of the diamond after its repair. It was also a priority of ours to keep the diamond in its original platinum setting. The ring contains 4 antique marquise and 4 small round diamonds of very nice VS-GH quality adding a combined 0.43 carats of vintage bling. 90 years ago when these diamonds were new most came from South Africa and most of those exhibited warmer hues in the JKLMNOP range. This diamond is no exception displaying a certified O to P colour range according to GIA. The clarity is an eye clean SI1 showing a small white grade setting feather inclusion at 1:00 o’clock on an upper girdle facet. Original antique diamond rings don’t come in too often and originals with a diamond pushing 3.00 carats is a pretty rare occurrence for us indeed. Including the GIA certificate this 3.30 carat total weight knockout antique, size 6 1/2, diamond ring is estate priced at only $14,500.00 CAD. Stock #e11519.


January 20, 2018

2.08ct. tw. VS-SI-HI princess cut halo 6.4gr. 18kt. $6000.00 CAD. e11516

Halos are almost considered a traditional design now. The style doesn’t appear to be going anywhere despite being one of our most popular for close to a decade. The round brilliant cut in a cushion shaped halo frame has always been the best seller. Every  once in a while we do an oval, radiant, square diamond or even heart shapes have been done. Our latest estate ring showcases a beautiful princess cut diamond that measures an almost perfectly square 5.6mm x 5.5mm and is estimated to weigh exactly 1.00 carat. Our policy of cautious and strict grading standards will limit our clarity grade to SI2, we feel most would grade it a SI1. 2 small white feathers that set the grade are invisible without artificial magnification. The colour grade is also conservatively graded as an I. A generous crown height and smaller table help in a big way to our opinion of a very good overall cut grade. Two things I love about this particular ring are the 16 small single cut diamonds that form the frame and the channel set princess cut diamonds running down each shoulder. Single cut diamonds are seldom encountered in modern high quality jewellery. Most manufactures use the more complicated brilliant cut diamonds. In small sizes a 57 facet brilliant cut looks way too busy; a simple 17 facet single cut sparkles much more as long as it has excellent proportions. Rolex still use single diamonds on their watch dials. I’ve never heard anyone complain about how the single cuts sparkle on a Rolex. Channel set princess cut shoulder diamonds perfectly match the center stone. The shoulder diamonds are perfectly matched VS-HI quality. They form an uninterrupted line of sparkle covering more than the half way point of the shank. Maybe I like this ring so much because it came from Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers originally. It was a custom design that we did several years ago. Made from 6 grams of premium quality 18 karat white gold. The size 6 1/4 ring is in like new condition showing no wear of any measurable amount. Including a complimentary sizing this ring is estate priced at only $6000.00 CAD. Stock #e11516.


December 28, 2017

1800s antique platinum/18kt. diamond & sapphire ring $5600.00 CAD. e5217

e5217 antique diamond and sapphire ringI am posting this for a lady that came in today and really liked this ring. It’s from the mid 1800s and has been completely rebuilt. It is made from platinum and 18 karat yellow gold. The centre European cut diamond weighs approximately 1.04 carat of I1-I quality with two matching European cut diamonds on shoulders 0.29 carat each of nice SI2-I quality. The 2 cushion shaped corn flower blue sapphires each weigh approximately 0.84 carats and display a beautiful cornflower blue colour. Every claw tip has been replaced with new cast platinum to make sure the five original stones stay together for the next 150 years. I’m sure this ring was someone’s pride and joy for many decades and likely many generations of owners have enjoyed wearing it. As such the stones are showing the expected amount of patina associated with many years of use. Several small chips, scuffs and impact marks can be seen when examined under close scrutiny with magnification. It’s very tough to mimic wear and tear making this size 7.5 ring absolutely genuine and authentic.  This irreplaceable ring is estate priced at $5600.00. Stock #e5217.e5217 18 karat and platinum diamond sapphire ring



December 1, 2017

2.01ct. SI2-I GIA certified (2.50ct. tw.) 14kt. never worn custom made $15050.00 CAD. e11559

Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly the way you expected. Estate jewellery can be hundreds of years old or occasionally it’s hardly worn at all. Every once in a while we showcase something that has never even been worn. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers custom made this ring in the summer of 2018 but it never ended up being presented to the intended recipient; remember how things don’t always turn out as expected. We sourced this diamond through our extensive international diamond search database to the original customer’s exacting standards. The centre diamond is secured in a tall four prong setting designed to showcase the stone in a tall pedestal with easy cleaning access. The specific 2.01 carat diamond was selected due to the fact it looks almost perfect without using artificial magnification. An SI2 clarity grade was assigned to the diamond by the Gemological Institute of America mostly due to twinning wisp type inclusions. Twinning wisps are usually a preferred type of inclusion because they are often semi transparent practically disappearing without magnification. Many SI2 clarity diamonds have inclusions and blemishes that can often be seen with the naked eye. The other  quality characteristics established by the GIA are: “I” colour,  very good cut, very good polish, very good symmetry, and no fluorescence. The full October 2017 GIA diamond grading report can be seen online here. The custom made ring consists of three individual sections crafted from 4 grams of 14 karat white gold. The three sections have been expertly bead set with 46 small round brilliant cut diamonds of very nice SI-HI quality. The small diamonds contribute an additional 0.50 carat of twinkle. The ring measures a somewhat small finger size 4 1/2. We can adjust the finger size and separate the rings into a traditional engagement, wedding/anniversary ring. Start with the engagement ring and you don’t need to worry about finding a matching wedding ring. Keep the 3rd ring for a future anniversary gift down the road. Brand new, never worn, GIA certified, custom made by Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers and costing 1000s less then what it would to replace. The centre diamond is available alone for $14000.00. Estate priced as a set only for the estate price of just $15050.00 CAD. Stock #e11559.


November 30, 2017

1.72ct. tw. Simon G MR2615 platinum & pink diamonds $7200.00 CAD. e11248.

For anyone who has watched the History Channel’s Forged In Fire series on blade making you’ll understand to make a sword blade you need the high temperatures of a furnace and the beating pressure of hammer and anvil. Diamonds form under similar but even more intense conditions. Their furnace is miles below the earth’s continental plates where temperatures are a minimum of 1050 degrees Celsius. Instead of the beating pressure of steel on steel, carbon atoms are squeezed together under constant pressure from the earth’s surface. Approximately 362 tons per square inch, over 27 times the pressure a blacksmith’s hammer blow is capable of producing. These extraordinary conditions produce an almost endless variety of inclusion patterns and colour hues. Occasionally these characteristics that can alter the appearance of a diamond result in something truly unique. After nearly 60 years in business diamonds still have the capacity to surprise us with something new. This 1.50 carat old European cut diamond is like nothing we have seen before and will probably never see again. In its 3 billion year lifetime this diamond managed to lock fire inside its depths. The surface breaking feather inclusion that defines the I2 clarity grade has been embedded with what we believe to be iron oxide. As the diamond rotates on the hand it flashes a bright fiery pinkish orange so intense you’d think your eyes are playing tricks. Then just as quickly it disappears, lost in the over sized white and rainbow flashes typical of these antique cuts. Viewed head on there’s only a rosy blush visible in the near colourless G grade diamond. Making this once in a lifetime fire inclusion a secret only the wearer will know how to find. The diamond itself is estate priced for $4800.00 CAD. To bring out that blush tone we’ve partnered it with a brand new platinum and 18 karat rose gold Simon G setting (model number MR2615). The new mount is accented with 2 natural 0.015 carat pink diamonds bezel set in rose gold bezels. Those rosy shoulders perfectly match the head on colour of the diamond. The rest of the mount is decorated with 0.19 carats of premium round brilliant cut white diamonds. Accompanied by a Simon G certificate of authenticity. Take it all together for $7200.00 CAD or let us make you a one of a kind ring as unique as the diamond it carries. Stock #e11248.


November 28, 2017

1.05ct. VVS2-E GIA certified 14kt./platinum 4.9gr. $8000.00 CAD. e10275

Every once in a while we showcase a diamond or diamond ring that was bought online. The typical online diamond retailing business model consists of displaying mount options on a website along with loose diamond options. Once a purchase is made a ring is ordered in your finger size from an outside vendor, and the diamond comes in from another supplier. This model reduces overhead as there is no need to carry any inventory what-so-ever. It’s an even more efficient model compared those stores who only carry base metal ring samples, ordering the actual precious metal ring and diamond from an outside source after the sale is made. The advantage the online business model is not having to pay for all the costs involved with store fronts. It also reduces their employee base, eliminating the need for sales staff. Online shopping has become the bane to chain stores, who with their large operating costs cannot cut prices enough to compete. The only brick and mortar stores able to effectively compete are those multi-generational family run stores like ours. Being so many years under the same ownership, most in our position own their buildings eliminating the high cost of rent and associated landlord commission fees, like those collected by the mall owners. Renting an average size 2000 square foot store in a good metropolitan mall can cost half a million dollars per year; who do you think ultimately pays for that rent? Our unique expertise and experience buying estate jewellery and watches for close to 60 years enables us to purchase inventory better than most. This means our inventory can also be priced even more competitively for you. Best of all it’s all right here for you to inspect in person if you’re lucky enough to live close by. Longevity and experience also means that we have a large stock of our own loose diamonds. Our deep, world wide connections within the industry guarantee you’ll find us more than capable of competing with any and all online operations; making a small store like Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers the bane of many, much larger operations. Ranting aside, some of those online sellers actually share our respect for diamond grading standards established by the Gemological Institute of America; selling only diamonds that have been strictly graded and certified. The emerald cut GIA certified diamond chosen for this engagement ring is absolutely stunning. It weighs 1.05 carats, with an almost flawless VVS2 clarity and exceptional E colour. The full report can be seen online here. Being such a high quality diamond it is well suited to a simple cathedral setting. This brand new American made shank is constructed from traditional 14 karat yellow gold topped with a 4 prong double gallery setting of premium quality platinum. The less is more engagement is accompanied original paperwork when it was purchased in a different style setting. The complete ring is estate priced at $8000.00 Stock #e10275.


November 22, 2017

1.34ct. SI2-J very good cut GIA certified 14kt. lucida setting 3.9gr. $6738.00 CAD. e11311

Know your diamonds or know your jeweller. Is the diamond you’re looking at GIA certified? Truth is, unless your diamond has been truly independently certified you are dealing with a biased opinion. The Gemological Institute of America do not work for anyone, there are no wholesale discounts available to the trade, they DO NOT appraise diamonds, the diamond graders from GIA do not know who submitted the gems they are working on and most of all GIA do not have any commercial interest in the commerce of diamonds. This makes it possible for them to impartially analyze and certify diamonds without outside influence. Many diamond appraisal/reports are simply wrong, with appraised prices not reflective of the actual market and grades that are inaccurate. We are living in a time of incredible retail competitiveness as long as you are comparing apples to apples. Make sure the diamond you are considering is GIA certified or the jeweller offers a full refund if falls short when judged beside a properly documented diamond. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers guarantee the best value in diamonds, period! Our latest estate diamond was just graded at GIA May 11 2018 and came back with a grade representing amazing bang for the buck. The full report can be seen online here. It’s a 1.34 carat round brilliant cut with SI2 clairty, J colour, very good cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish and no fluorescence. Have a look in your local mall, specialty jeweller, online, big box store or anywhere else you think would be a good place to buy a diamond. We’re very confident this one offers the best value. First come first serve, wholesale dealer inquiries are always welcome. Honestly, you won’t find a better looking diamond for this price. We have it currently set in a 3.9 gram 14 karat white gold lucida style setting. The diamond alone including the full GIA grading certificate is estate priced at $6500.00 CAD. Stock #e11311.


November 18, 2017

BIRKS 1.09ct. VS2-H excellent cut GIA cert. 10.0gr. plat. $10,200.00 CAD. e11178

It’s a practice that even Canada’s premier luxury jeweller seems to like participating in. Buy a diamond ring and receive an appraisal for waaaaaay more than you actually paid. You normally don’t associate a high end, brand name retailer with big discounts. We can only assume the original purchaser paid around $16,000.00 for this ring as the original price tags and documents appear to show from March 28 2001. 7 days later Birks supplied an appraisal endorsing an estimated replacement value of $23,500.00 plus taxes. I guess an appraisal like this may make the client happy but also maybe a little bit confused. Why should there be a 46% difference in the original purchase price versus appraised value? Did diamonds and platinum appreciate $7400.00 in just one week? Did Birks give them a phenomenal deal? What gives? Please don’t ask for or expect an inflated appraisal on any brand new diamond ring purchased at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. We respect our clients far too much to play the promotional appraisal game. It’s hard to say how much value an important brand name like Birks adds to a ring and only they are in a position to answer that question. What I can tell you is that this is a beautiful Canadian diamond that has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America as a 1.09 carat VS2-H. A copy of the GIA report can be seen online here. You’ll notice no remark on cut was provided as GIA at the time didn’t comment on this characteristic. The Birks Canadian diamond certificate (included) outlines in great detail the cut geometry showing the diamond easily falls into the excellent cut range. Doing a search on our extensive diamond database shows comparable GIA certified diamonds (not necessarily Canadian) selling for around $9500.00 CAD based on our retail pricing formula. A typical 10 gram platinum setting like this could be expected to retail for about $2000.00. Without the “Birks” premium we’d assess the value of this ring with a competitive replacement value (Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers regular price) of $11,500.00. The original price tag of $16,100.00 makes sense given Birks’ position as a premium jeweller justifying their premium price. In our opinion the Birks supplied appraisal for $23,500.00 appears a little excessive.The platinum ring is in excellent condition, measuring a size 6 with a substantial finished weight of just over 10 grams! Included with purchase is a laminated copy of the GIA report, laminated Birks Diamond Certificate, Birks appraisal, Birks Diamond Guarantee receipt, original price tags and that famous little blue Birks box.  When we spoke with a very pleasant Birks sales associate asking the cost of a 1.00 carat VS2-H Canadian diamond in a platinum setting, they replied pricing from around $16,000.00. No need to call us for a price, we always show you our diamond prices; from our online database to the small sampling of our estate diamonds. We’re fiercely proud of our products and our 60 years in the making reputation for absolute value without confusing appraisals. We encourage you to compare our prices. Very few jewellers have our strategic pricing advantages and simply can’t supply the sort of value we can. This beautiful Birks Canadian diamond ring is estate priced at $10,200.00 CAD, and only at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Stock #e11178.


November 15, 2017

1.00ct. VS2-F princess cut diamond solitaire in platinum $7648.00 CAD. e9264

e9264 1.00ct. princess cut diamond ringPrincess cuts are still the most popular choice when it comes to a fancy shape diamond. Guys are attracted to straight edges and geometric shape, ladies love the fact that it’s a bit different than what their friends are wearing. Everyone of course loves the fact that they are at least 25% less expensive than round diamonds in the popular size/quality combinations. This discount over the same quality and size round brilliant cut diamond allows you the option to buy a better ring to hold the diamond. That’s exactly what the original purchaser did with this ring. Instead of just getting the typical 14 karat white gold ring they opted for platinum. This exotic and rare precious metal can easily cost 2 or 3 times what a gold ring does but the benefits are easily seen. Platinum is far whiter metal than white gold. It doesn’t require rhodium plating to look white, just a simple polishing if it gets scratched will have it looking like new. It’s also extremely tough; claws and settings made of platinum can easily last your entire lifetime without repairs. If you have metal sensitivity issues platinum is the clear choice as it is also hypoallergenic. Its added density while not necessarily a clear benefit just feels like a more luxurious choice. Despite only measuring a size 5 this little ring weighs over 7.2 grams.e9264.1 platinum princess cut diamond ring The diamond is this ring is a very high VS2 clarity with an excellent F colour with no fluorescence and well cut. Measuring 5.63mm x 5.56mm x 4.07mm makes it look a little bigger than most 1.00 carat examples. Included with purchase is a 2002 appraisal from Damiani Jewellers, Woodbridge Ontario that accurately describes the ring. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers will provide a no charge size adjustment for the new owner if the current size 5 is too small. Estate priced at $7648.00. Stock #e9264.


October 2, 2017

Simon G 18kt. 1.22ct. I1-H rose gold diamond ring MR2514 CAD. e11204

Simon G continues to be our top brand when it comes to innovative engagement rings styles and jewellery. Uncompromising standards of quality and construction along with a keen eye for balance and design are what the Southern California manufacturer does best. This 18 karat rose and white gold example was purchased only a couple years ago from Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. It was recently traded in for something a little larger and now it’s one of the highlights of our estate collection. The centre princess cut diamond measures 5.91mm x 5.67mm and weighs 1.22 carats. A small table and generous crown height are factors giving this example more brilliance and dispersion compared to most other princess cut diamonds. The I1 clarity grade is a result of a couple crystal inclusions that can be seen in this photomicrograph taken in dark field lighting with lots of analogue magnification. The inclusions are easy to see with strong magnification but are difficult to impossible to resolve with just the naked eye. H colour is much better than average and faces up very white. 18 karat rose gold is a refreshing choice for the reef knot shank design. It provides a great contrast against the over/under loop of white gold showcasing and additional 48 bead set VS-GH brilliant cut diamonds gracing the shoulders. The small diamonds bump the total diamond weight to 1.38 carat. Simon G style MR2514 is a current offering and can be seen on the Simon G website where it carries a suggested retail price of $2158.00 CAD (without a centre stone). The size 6 ring  can be adjusted up or down one full size. Only a couple years old and in perfect condition. Stock #e11204.

SOLD to Aleksandra & Jay

October 1, 2017

1.00ct. VS2-I very good cut GIA certified 3.9gr. 14kt solitaire $6300.00 CAD. e11312

If you’re familiar with diamond solitaires you may have seen something like this before. It’s looks an awful lot like the Tiffany’s traditional 6 prong solitaire they’ve been selling for many years. The 1.00 carat is the benchmark for size and this example is made with a very nice centre diamond of the quality you’d expect to see at a store like Tiffany. The diamond just came back (May 11 2018) from The Gemological Institute of America in New York with a certified VS2 clarity, I colour, very good cut, excellent polish, excellent symmetry and exhibiting faint fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. The full GIA diamond grading report can be seen online here. Tiffany no longer sell GIA certified diamonds preferring to grade their diamonds in house. It is generally accepted that Tiffany use the occasional SI1-J quality diamond for their solitaires but mostly use VS2-I or better, with excellent cut, polish and symmetry. I can’t say for sure but I would assume they would prefer no to low fluorescence. Looking at the Tiffany website reveals their version of the ring (in 18 karat yellow gold) is selling for $16,300.00 CAD. $16,300.00 would be for their standard quality virtually identical to our estate diamond ring. It’s hard to put a value on that iconic little blue box. It’s impossible for us to say what type of value the Tiffany reputation and tradition adds to the cost of a diamond ring. What we do know is you can have the same look for a cool $10,000.00 less with our 14 karat white gold example that is estate priced at just $6,300.00 CAD. The diamond is available separately for $6000.00 if you have a different style of ring in mind. This ring also has a little blue box; our little blue box also comes with our well earned reputation and tradition. Stock #e11312.


July 15, 2017

1.00ct. I1-I European cut custom diamond ring 1.31ct. tw. $5360.00 CAD. e11250

No doubt about it, I’m a little bias in my opinion, but compared to anyone else we do a better job of taking something old and turning it into something new. Our latest estate ring project retained the original spirit of the 100 year old diamond but made it appealing to a modern customer. The original European cut diamond had suffered some chips along the sharp girdle edge after over 100 years of service. Our master diamond cutter repaired the damage while at the same time making the edge a little thicker to help prevent future harm. The unique optical properties of the antique diamond were preserved resulting in a period correct look with plenty of dispersion courtesy of a tiny table and chunky bezel/pavilion main facets. Simply adding a couple of tapered baguettes would have been easy and produced a pretty ring but that wouldn’t be in keeping with the old centre stone. Instead we searched our extensive inventory of vintage estate diamonds looking for a matching pair of small emerald cut diamonds. We found 2 with the same colour, clarity and dimensions adding 0.31 carats of additional diamond weight. The centre diamond weighs exactly 1.00 carat and measures 6.52mm – 6.68mm x 3.72mm. Its clarity is a strong I1 with a white feather type inclusion that established the grade. When viewed in dark field lighting under our microscope the inclusion is quite easy to see. In regular overhead lighting the inclusion is far less easy to resolve. Once assembled in the finished ring the small feather virtually disappears completely. The ring is a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers original. Nothing fancy but a style that was popular 100 years ago and still attracts and deserves attention today. The step cut shoulder diamonds are a good size but not too big as to distract from the centre ball of fire. The size 6 ring was hand crafted from 14 karat white gold and weighs a comfy 3.5 grams. Our onsite goldsmiths can custom fit it for you up or down as required in just a day or two. Brand new, one of a kind setting made with antique setting components equal the kind of value only Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers can provide. Thank you for making us Barrie’s jeweller for 60 years. This new/estate ring is priced at $5360.00 CAD. Stock #e11250.


July 8, 2017

18kt. white gold custom sapphire & diamond ring $5201.00 CAD. e8871

I don’t mean to brag, but look what we can do! Perhaps one of our designer/goldsmiths finest creations to date. With some simple instructions to “create something pretty with antique inspiration”, this is what they came up with. WOW is all I can say. They nailed it. A little while ago an extremely high quality 0.67 carat estate sapphire came in along with a couple equally impressive 0.46 carat diamonds of SI-F quality. The stones were in desperate  need of a new home. One of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers specialties is stuff like this. Take some high quality ingredients and come up with a new design that flatters the gems and stays true to the spirit of great design from the past. Elements like raised milgrain edges, pierced filigree galleries and amazing hand engraving. Geometric shape, clean lines and contrasting colour are all enduring features that never go out of style. Executed using over 8 grams of 18 karat white gold in a finger size 7. It could be a unique engagement ring, a dinner ring or perhaps it’s best suited as a right hand ring. If you look closely you’ll discover 18 tiny round brilliant cut diamonds of SI-G quality bead set around the scalloped edges, bringing the total diamond weight to well over 1.00 carat. You’d be surprised how efficiently we can put something like this together. You don’t have to pay a fortune for a one of a kind ring creation with this detail and level of craftsmanship (if you know where to shop). The money you can save using some of our estate diamonds and coloured stones will make the exercise far less costly than you might expect. We really don’t promote our custom work like we should. Maybe it’s time to start blowing our own horn to let everyone know this type of quality is still available. Made with pride and 60 years of tradition, and only available at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Estate priced at $5201.00. Stock #e8871.



July 1, 2017

2.12ct. ruby & diamond vintage BIRKS ring $8400.00 CAD. e9483

e9483.3 BIRKS ruby and diamond ringWe haven’t showcased too much colour lately so I thought it was about time to do a really nice one. This vintage BIRKS ring is around 50 years old and is still as striking as ever. The very slightly purplish red ruby is estimated to weigh nicely over 2 carats with very good clarity and colour. Its brilliant and very well cut with a slight cushion shaped outline reinforcing the vintage look. 12 excellent quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds circle the ruby adding approximately 0.40 carats of sparkle. The halo look so popular with modern designs in nothing new as versions of the style have been around for many decades as this example illustrates. Even the thin shank and delicate wire 14 karat white gold setting matches the current taste for white metals and lighter designs.e9483.1 BIRKS ruby and diamond ring The ruby is in excellent condition only displaying the odd abrasion on a few of the facet junctions on crown. Knowing it’s from BIRKS is very reassuring as their reputation for high standards of quality goes back well over 100 years in Canada. Good quality rubies over 2 carats are far more rare than a diamond of similar size and are not seen very often. This ring was almost certainly custom made around the ruby as trying to obtain multiple rubies of the same size and shape would be an almost impossible task. The finished ring weighs 3.7 grams in a finger size 5. Try as I may I just couldn’t capture the true colour of this ruby. If you are able to come in and have a look at it you’ll see a stone that is more red and less purple than these photographs show. Estate priced at $8400.00 CAD. Stock #e9483.


May 16, 2017

5.50ct. Aquamarine ring with 2.00 carats of diamonds $5250.00 CAD. e8535

e8535 5.50ct aquamarine ringFor index finger use only. This is a big ring that makes quite a statement and will be the life of the party. There are 242 high quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds pave set on every square millimeter of the top 2/3 of the ring. It’s impossible to exactly quote the diamond weight but we estimate it at over 2.00 carats. A beautiful square step cut slightly greenish blue natural aquamarine measuring 10.4mm x 10.9mm weighing approximately 5.50 carats is the centrepiece of the creation. Most aquamarine specimens are very pale sometimes hardly even looking blue.e8535.2 5.50ct. aquamarine and diamond ring This is an excellent example that would cost close to $3500.00 alone. Many hours of diamond setting and labour went into the manufacture of this masterpiece. At 12.2 grams you’ll definitely know your wearing something special. The size 10 is not going to fit everyone, it’s possible to bring the size down to maybe an 8 or so, but that’s it. If you’ve got a small finger this one will not work for you. The ring is in very good condition as it is only a few years old. The aquamarine is showing a few very fine shallow scratches that are only visible under magnification. Estate priced at $5250.00 CAD. Stock #e8535.e8535.1 5.5ct aquamarine and diamond ring


May 7, 2017

1.51ct. I2- G good cut GIA certified (1.92ct. tw.) $7220.00 CAD. e10884

Promotion is a powerful tool. The jewellery trade is not immune to this type of marketing. There are some very elaborate sales campaigns out there with very slick TV and radio ads promoting major national chains, department stores and even small single location jewellers. They all claim to be the best place to buy your next piece of jewellery. Various tactics are employed to sway your perception of who offers the best price. Large discounts are usually at the centre of these advertisements along with optimistic “independent” appraisals that are used as a barometer of value. These promotions rely on the fact that most people will simply buy from the vendor offering the largest perceived discounts. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we respect our clients far too much to employ fictitious discounts and inaccurate appraisals. You’ll never see our diamonds on sale with big discounts, and we’ll never use inflated appraisals to promote our consistent excellent value pricing policies. When you take a little bit of time to investigate, you’ll see our regular prices are better than others sale prices. If you want an appraisal on our new diamonds it will reflect the actual price you paid. Our latest estate diamond comes with two different appraisals plus the original bill of sale. Each of these documents were issued within 4 months of one another. The values (including a ring with 12 small diamonds) range from a low of $5500.00 to a high of $17000.00. This was also at a time when the USD was trading at $1.15 CAD making diamonds less expensive compared to today with current USD valued at $1.28 CAD. Every document describes the diamond with 100% consistency, right down to 1/100th of a millimeter measurements duplicated to absolute uniformity (so much for independent opinions). The colour, cut and clarity were also identical on all 3 documents plus none mentioned the medium blue fluorescence. The diamond was recently offered to Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers for consideration of purchase. We’re always interested in buying a large attractive diamond if the price is right. Now in our 60th year of operation we know what the right price is. Although the diamond came with 3 original documents proclaiming the diamond was an I1 clarity, we felt it was an I2. In this size/quality an I2 is worth close to 40% less than an I1. To make sure we weren’t being too aggressive in our clarity opinion of I2 we sent the diamond to The Gemological Institute of America for certification (not an appraisal). Sure enough the report came back matching our thoughts of I2 clarity. The full December 8 2017 report can be seen online. Make sure the diamond or piece of jewellery you’re considering purchasing has been properly and accurately documented. Once this is done it’s a pretty straight forward exercise deciding who truly offers the best value, not simply the lowest price based on a flawed, inaccurate appraisal. For you assurance of unbiased certification insist the diamond you are looking at has been certified by the GIA. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we really are a breath of fresh air, we’re not your typical jewellery store. Check out our new and estate offerings and compare them with any and all others. We want you to compare our diamonds. For this pretty diamond we decided to reset it into a brand new 14 karat white gold halo ring from New York designer naledi. This 14 karat white gold ring contains 30 small round brilliant cut diamonds of minimum SI-GH quality and weighs 4.2 grams. This style ring is available to hold diamonds from 0.50 carat with prices starting at around $2000.00 (without the centre diamond). Bringing the best of both new and estate together is a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers specialty. We have this ring estate priced at $7200.00 CAD. Stock #10884.


April 30, 2017

3.00ct. total weight engagement set platinum SI1-G $10150.00 CAD. e8236 e8237

e8237 e8236 3.00ct tw eng set SI1-GOver half an ounce of platinum alloy was used in the construction of this engagement/wedding ring set. Platinum is the metal of choice to set diamonds due to its true white colour and its superior resistance to wear and tear. It’s also hypoallergenic when compared to many white gold alloys. Platinum is a far more rare metal than gold and is also quite a bit heavier. Once you’ve had a piece of platinum jewellery you likely won’t considered anything else. The diamonds in this set are also better than average. A 1.01 carat round brilliant cut of VS2-SI1 clarity, G colour and a very good cut is secured in a four prong double gallery setting. The centre diamond has the proper dimensions for a one carat of 6.43mm – 6.49mm x 3.85mm. 15 princess cut diamonds are channel set down the shoulders and across the top of the wedding ring adding 2.00 additional carats of good SI1-GH quality. The centre diamond and rings are each available separately or the complete set is estate priced at $10150.00 CAD. Stock #e8236 and #e8237.e8236 2.00ct. tw SI1-G


April 4, 2017

1.87ct. VS1-I ex cut GIA certified (3.28ct. tw.) 14kt. diamond halo 7.4gr. 14kt. $22,400.00 CAD. e12083

Many 2.00 carat and heavier diamonds have diameters less than this one making them appear smaller. With an average diameter 7.93mm this diamond looks bigger then many 2.00 carat diamonds with only an average or even a good cut. Lots diamonds are cut by those who decide to maximum weight at the expense of a beautiful cut; this is a shame. Did you know that the cut of a diamond can affect the price of two otherwise identical stones by over 40 percent? Of all the diamond characteristics that contribute to value only the cut can be controlled. Far too often the cut is compromised in order to create that psychologically more appealing heavier stone. No compromises were taken when this diamond was cut in Canada. The Gemological Institute of America has graded this diamond 1.87 carats of VS1 clarity, I colour, excellent cut and no fluorescence. Report #2155596018 can be seen at www.gia.edu. Diamond only is estate priced at $19,400.00 CAD. It is currently set in a 2 year old 14 karat white gold diamond halo design containing 64 VS-GH quality diamonds weighing a combined 1.41 carats. The size 6 ring weighs a substantial 7.4 grams and in excellent lightly worn condition. Just a size adjustment and fresh rhodium plating will have in looking perfect. Complete ring is estate priced at $22,400.00. Stock number #e12083.



April 1, 2017

3.05ct. fancy dark greenish yellow-brown diamond ring GIA certified $10010.00 CAD. e8068

e8068 3.05ct dark greenish yellow-brown diamond ringDon’t believe everything you read, even if it appears to come from a reliable expert source. This beautiful fancy colour diamond was presented to me with a very official looking 1995 report from the International Gemmological Institute proclaiming in big bold letters the colour of the diamond was natural. I was suspicious of their findings so the stone was removed and submitted the GIA. When the Gemological Institute of America report came back it proclaimed (also in big black letters with an asterisk even!) “This diamond has been artificially irradiated to change its colour”. No more mystery, when the world’s foremost authority confirmed my suspicions I was a little disappointed but felt good too. At over 3 carats it’s a very impressive diamond with a colour similar to green tourmaline or andalusite. Two shoulder diamonds each weight an estimated 0.25 carats and are of very good VS-F quality. A traditional 5.7 gram 18 karat yellow gold hand made double gallery setting secures the three stones.e8068.1 dark greensh yellow-brown diamond 3.05ct. The GIA report went on to describe the clarity as an I2 due to a large feather in the table. The diamond really faces up nicer than the average I2 but this grade is the right call.e8068.5 3.05ct. I2 treated green diamond If the diamond colour had been naturally occurring it would have been at least $10000.00 more expensive. The lesson to be learned from this diamond is ALWAYS get a second opinion on a product you are not familiar with and make sure a money back guarantee is available. 20 years after the original purchase makes pursuing compensation for the error impossible. Never the less this is one excellent looking diamond ring and is a excellent value at $10010.00 CAD. GIA report and incorrect IGI report are included. Stock #e8068.


March 24, 2017

1.67ct. VS2-K GIA certified custom rose gold setting $8190.00 CAD. e9356

e9356 1.67ct. oval diamond rose goldCustom made and worn for less than a year. This 14 karat rose gold hand made creation is in original condition. It has never been polished or refinished in any way. All the hand engraved details are crisp and sharp looking like new. Gallery, sides and shoulders are all decorated with fine milgrain details giving this practically new ring an antique look.e9356 1.67ct. GIA certified oval diamond rose goldEven the GIA certified diamond appears old with the oval outline, small table facet and softer K colour. Many antique and older diamonds have slightly warmer colours due to the geographic location where they were mined. These details along with a slightly pinkish hue of rose gold make for one of the most unique looking rings we have in stock. At 1.67 carats and measuring 8.4mm x 6.7mm the oval puts down a significant sized footprint. The VS2 clarity insures it looks flawless from a naked eye perspective. A pierced gallery makes a light delicate look and the size 5 will fit a smaller finger. The 3.3 gram setting has an area left plain on the shank bottom if you need to make it into a larger finger size. 50 bead set small single cut diamonds set throughout the ring add the required amount of extra bling. The full Gemological Institute of America report can be seen online here. Estate priced at $8190.00 CAD. Stock #e9356.e9356 1.67ct. GIA cert oval diamond custom made rose gold


February 28, 2017

2.09ct. tw. ruby & diamond ring 18kt. white gold $6230.00 CAD. e9150

e9150 ruby and diamond ring hand engravedWhenever an opportunity comes along for us to buy a high quality gem we jump on it. Even if we don’t exactly know what we’re going to do with it. High quality coloured stones are becoming more difficult to find all the time. There are plenty of high quality diamonds available because they are relatively common compared to ruby, sapphire, emerald and other exotic minerals. This 1.02 carat oval ruby came to us as a EGL certified specimen. It was purchased as an investment 8 years ago but never assembled into a piece of jewellery. Which is too bad because it is one of the prettier rubies we have had. The beneficiary of the original owner didn’t have a use for it so we purchased it. After some consideration it was decided to set it in an antique inspired design; something that Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers does with great success. Beautiful hand engraved shoulders with delicate milgrain edges and 6 prong pierced gallery settings make this ring look like it’s close to 100 years old. When in fact it was only finished a couple days ago.e9150.1 ruby and diamond ring hand engraved The high quality “Life Saver” red ruby measures over 7mm x 5mm with a very nice symmetrical oval outline and of course that deep rich red colour. Two matching estate diamonds totalling 1.07 carats in weight are a pleasant borderline SI2-I1 clarity with a good HI colour. Hand made by our talented goldsmiths for the average ladies finger size of 6. The 4.5 gram, 18 karat white gold ring can be made bigger or smaller as required. Three estate gems made into a new creation; it’s the type of thing we’ve been doing for over half a century from our same downtown Barrie location. This high quality one of a kind ring is estate priced at $6230.00 CAD including the 2007 European Gemological Laboratory certificate. Stock #e9150.e9150.2 ruby and diamond ring hand engraved



February 25, 2017

1.23ct. tw diamond ring 14kt white gold SI2-J $5460.00 CAD. e10870

Most diamonds that weigh 1.00 carat usually have a diameter of around 6.2mm. Most diamonds that are cut specifically to weigh exactly 1.00 carat are usually not cut to ideal or excellent standards. There are many diamonds cut to appeal to the person simply looking for a 1.00 carat diamond, rather than the sophisticated customer who appreciates a fine cut rather than just a heavy stone. After all what good is a 1.00 carat diamond that doesn’t sparkle because of an inferior cut. Our latest estate ring not only has an excellent cut, it also weighs nicely over 1.00 carat at 1.09. Because it’s cut to excellent standards the diameter is much bigger than the average to good cut stone. At over 6.6mm average diameter this one looks pretty big, especially when we are showing it in this flattering a split claw setting design. A solid “eye clean” SI2 clarity grade means the small white feather located at the 3:00 o’clock position (see photo at bottom) can only be resolved with some magnification. According to our Gemological Institute of America certified master stones the colour is a J. With its superior cut the J colour looks more like an H. Cut is so important to how well a diamond sparkles. Without a nice cut, the unique optical properties of a diamond can’t be appreciated as it will appear lifeless and dull instead of like a little ball of fire. The brand new 14 karat white gold Canadian made setting weighs 3.0 grams and contains 14 bead set round brilliant cut accent diamonds. The small shoulder diamonds contribute 0.14 carat of SI-GH sparkle to the 1.23 carat total weight. If you like this diamond but have a different setting in mind, the diamond is available separately for $4460.00. As shown the combination estate diamond and brand new setting is available for $5460.00 CAD. Stock #e10870.


February 1, 2017

1.02 carat SI2-I1-F “compression” setting $5700.00 CAD. e6292

This is what happens when you have a little original thinking. This ring was designed using white gold’s natural spring quality. The 14 karat white gold setting has no connection to each side of the ring except at the bottom leaving the diamond to float between the shoulders using nothing but the compression of the two sides to secure it. The ring weighs just under 11 grams and is polished up to look like new. The centre diamond is 1.02 carat  SI2-I1-F with a  good cut. This type of setting really does flatter this stone.  The ring is estate priced at $5700.00. Stock #e6292.  e7632.2 1.02ct SI2-I1-F e6292.1 1.24ct compression setting


0.74ct. VS2-E ex. cut Polar Bear diamond ring set 18/14kt. 7.6gr. $5250.00 CAD. e10522

The now extinct Polar Bear diamonds were the trailblazers of the Canadian diamond industry. Being the first at something doesn’t always mean you do it the best as those that follow often improve upon an original idea. That in no way applies to the Polar Bear Diamonds, in fact a great contributor to the extinction of the brand was their uncompromising focus on exceptional quality at all levels. Demanding the very best of their diamond cutters who consistently delivered with ideal cut diamonds like our estate example. The 0.74 carat round brilliant not only boasts a perfect cut but a very high VS2 clarity and colourless E grade. Polar Bear are the most heavily documented Canadian diamonds with the original weight of the rough diamond documented at 1.64carat and a cut and polish date of March 2008. The diamonds are all thoroughly certified by the government and each is laser inscribed with a microscopic polar bear logo along with a unique government issued serial number. Each comes with a guaranteed birth certificate, government certificate of authenticity, Polar Bear Diamond information packets, and a Certificate of Evaluation from Gem Scan Laboratories. Another focus of Polar Bear was keeping the diamonds exclusively in the Northwest Territories until they were ready for distribution into the market. As the trademark belongs to the Northwest Territories’ government they used the brand to bolster the local economy. The diamonds were mined at the Ekati diamond mine, the first in Canada, and were cut and polished in Yellowknife, creating jobs, increased tourism, and economic growth. The government also held the companies responsible for mining the diamonds at Ekati accountable for the impact the mining had on the environment. BHP Billiton and later Dominion Diamond Corporation had to be attentive to the sensitive migration patterns of the caribou and ensure lakes and waterways were protected from contamination. After putting so much thought and effort into these diamonds you can’t fall short on the rings that house them, and they certainly didn’t with this modern wedding set. The by pass style engagement ring is made from 5.3 solid grams of top quality 18 karat white gold with a strong supportive undergallery. The matching wedding band was a later addition and is made from 2.8 grams of 14 karat white gold accented by 5 graduated SI2-GH round brilliant cut diamonds. Both rings measure a smaller size 5 1/2 with room to adjust. Estate priced for the set only $5250.00 CAD. Stock #e10522.


December 2, 2016

2.37ct. three stone platinum diamond ring $10920.00 CAD. e8963

It’s all about the bling, and this one’s got it; big time. It’s got it today and it had it when it was new 100 years ago. Imagine how significant a diamond ring of this size would have been 100 years ago. Most people didn’t even own a tiny diamond let alone 3 side by side in one ring where each one weighed over 3/4 of a carat. This ring was made to last using the most durable of all jewellery precious metals, platinum. While the finished ring only weighs 3.8 grams it is still in very good condition especially considering it’s a century old. The traditional low profile double gallery minimalist setting is designed to highlight the diamonds; as such it doesn’t have any added detail in the form of engraved shoulders or accent diamonds. It certainly doesn’t need anything else. Three large diamonds always gives the finished look. The old European cut diamonds measure an average of 6.1mm x 3.5mm and grade SI1-FG, SI2-I and SI2-H. The centre diamond is the “I” colour. It matches the other diamonds colour much better in person where it’s easy to see the superior dispersion these old diamonds have when compared to a modern brilliant cut. The slightly larger size 8.5 ring can be made comfortably smaller by up to 3 sizes without a problem. This is one fantastic looking ring that will make a great family heirloom. A three stone ring has been said to symbolize the past, the present and the future.This ring would certainly have had a glamorous past, it’s available now in the present and it’s up to you to supply a long and happy future. Not an easily replaced item for the estate price of $10920.00 CAD. Stock #e8963.



November 27, 2016

10.63 carat VS2-M GIA certified, Asscher cut diamond ring. e10208

e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-asscher-cut-platinum-003First let me clarify; you are reading this correctly, it’s not a decimal point error, the centre diamond actually weighs well over 10 carats. Now in our 59th year of operation in beautiful downtown Barrie, this is the largest diamond ever to be offered for sale at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. For those of you who have already seen this one in person you know what a privilege it is to have it on hand, and how exciting it is for everyone here at BLJ. Our experienced and passionate staff get a little spoiled by the fantastic estate jewellery items that come in. We’re so proud to showcase some of it for you on our estate website pages. Diamonds of this size rarely trade hands anywhere, let alone in Barrie Ontario.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-asscher-cut-platinum-ring-003 Relatively speaking diamonds are not rare. Special diamonds of 2 or 3 carats come and go with some degree of regularity with us. They’re really exciting to display and we enjoy connecting with clients who appreciate the beauty and great value these larger estate diamonds offer. But a 10 carat diamond is in a completely different universe when it comes to rarity. Not many people or even other jewellers ever see a diamond of this size in person. Just how big is a 10 carat diamond anyway? For some comparison; a Canadian dime has a diameter of 18mm. This diamond measures 15.65mm diagonally. If this diamond was cut with its 90 degree corners intact like a square baguette, it would measure diagonally nicely over 18mm. This is a really really big diamond.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-asscher-cut-platinum-004 Asscher cut diamonds like this one have had their right angle corners truncated. This allows the securing claws to be much more discreet and subtle. Discreet and subtle aren’t words I’d use to describe this size 7 dazzler. Every time I look at it I just have to giggle, it’s a party on your finger.10-63ct-diamond-ring-katie-001 It’s hard to imagine something so beautiful is 100% natural and 3 to 4 billion years old. Our online database currently shows close to 400000 diamonds but less than 40 are of this size and quality or larger. An October 2016 Gemological Institute of American certificate is included with purchase. This report cost $1029.00 USD to obtain, but for a diamond of this importance it’s well worth it for the peace of mind that goes along with it. The full report can be seen here at GIAs website.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-6177995916    Peace of mind is paramount when making a large purchase, but much more so when considering making an investment in a large diamond like this. The diamond also comes with a June 2006 European Gemological Laboratory certificate. The EGL report states that the colour is a slightly more white JK colour.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-egl-certificate-june-12-20016 While an error of two and a half grades may not sound like much, according to our pricing information this optimistic opinion of colour would lead to over valuing this diamond by close to 100% as compared to the accurate GIA report of M colour. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a qualified and unbiased opinion on any diamond you are considering. A full money back guarantee never hurts either. The ring itself has been expertly constructed to the highest standards possible. Fully hand fabricated in platinum. Over 9 grams of the rare and exotic precious white metal were used in the construction. Two custom cut, perfectly matched, step cut trapezoid shaped shoulder diamonds flank each side of the large Assher cut. The shoulder diamonds add an estimated 1.25 carats of additional VS-GH sparkle, bringing the total diamond weight up to almost 12 carats.10-63ct-vs2-m-radiant-cut-gia-cert-003 If ever there was a case to be made for the saying “pictures just don’t do it justice” this is it. The rainbow of brilliance and dispersion coming off this remarkable diamond are incredible. For those of you who think a slightly warm M colour isn’t that great, the opinion will change the first second it’s on your finger. Wearing this diamond is guaranteed to put you in a frame of mind that few other objects can.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-asscher-cut-platinum-ring-006 Who knows if we’ll ever have another opportunity to showcase such a significant and important diamond ring. It’s exceptional in so many ways, not just size, beauty and rarity, it also comes with some amazing Canadian history and pedigree. We feel very honored to be able to showcase a ring of this importance. Stock number e10208.


November 22, 2016

Antique Asscher square emerald cut 2.31ct. VS1-M $11270.00. e8462

e8462 Antique Asscher square emerald cut diamond ringEvery once in a while a very special ring comes in that deserves extra consideration. Any antique platinum diamond ring is a special thing, a large over 2 carat example is something extra special. Now consider the diamond cut, a square Asscher or square emerald cut makes this ring a one of a kind opportunity. Asscher cuts and square emerald cuts are unusual to say the least but this is the first antique example we’ve ever had. Old European cut diamonds of all shapes have unique brilliance and dispersion properties due to the geometry of cutting preferences from generations past. The taller crown and extremely small table (50%) is an incredibly inefficient way to cut a diamond by WOW do they ever look great. Not many diamonds can rival this one for the brilliance it possesses. You won’t believe it is a M colour with a the brilliance flashing back at you. I feel the diamond could easily be a VVS or better clarity with the polishing of a tiny bruise on the pavilion and the elimination of a few extra facets on the crown and pavilion.e8462 2.31ct Assher cut square emerald cut  The antique diamond measures 7.73mm x 7.47 x 3.75mm with medium blue fluorescence. The original hand made platinum setting is an excellent example of filigree with mill grain highlights. 30 small bead set single cut diamonds of very good VS-G quality add some extra sparkle on the side galleries and shoulders. The total diamond weight is estimated at 2.56 carats. Finished ring weighs 3.7 grams with a finger size of 6.75. This one of a kind ring is offered for the estate price of $10255.00. Stock #e8462.e8462.1 2.31ct Asscher square emerald cut VS1-M


November 15, 2016

1.13ct. total weight. European cut diamond engagement ring $5150.00 CAD. e10161

e10161-0-99ct-vs2-k-d16223-tt-256-001Brand new, Canadian made, 14 karat white gold setting with an antique European cut estate diamond come together making for a very special engagement ring. The beautiful 0.99 carat VS2-K European cut diamond came to us with some minor damage in the form of small chips on the girdle edge. After our master diamond cutter repaired the chips, the like new 100 year old diamond is once again ready to become a cherished keepsake for generations to come. The unique optical properties these old diamonds possess were carefully preserved when the stone was repaired. The four prong, split claw setting with bead set shoulder diamonds are design elements honoring antique styles from when the centre diamond was new.e10161-0-99ct-vs2-k-d16223-tt-256-002 The 14 small shoulder diamonds are of very good SI1-G quality that provide twinkle from side to side. The 3 gram ring measures a size 6.5 and can be adjusted up or down on site by one of our full time goldsmiths. If you love the centre diamond and have a different piece of jewellery in mind, it’s available separately for only $4000.00 CAD.e10161-european-cut-0-98ct-vs2-k-001 The finished ring is estate priced at $5150.00 CAD. Stock #e10161.


November 10, 2016

2.09ct. tw. Tacori/Firemark diamond ring GIA cert. $13400.00 CAD. e10274

e10274 Tacori HT2515PR Firemark platinum diamond ring 003

You will not find a ring with more pedigree than this one. Lets start with the Tacori designer mount which has of course been extremely well made from over 7 grams of top quality, bright white platinum. Covering the top half of the size 6 ring are 1.05 carats of specially cut princess cut diamonds and petite round brilliant cuts, all of VS-FG quality. The impeccable ring has been covered all over with the most delicate millgrain and features Tacori’s signature reverse crescent pattern visible from the side. This ring is typically offered with a round brilliant cut center and round brilliant shoulders, and can be seen on Tacori’s website for $8660.00 USD (not including the center diamond). The real pedigree for this ring is attached to its 1.04 carat princess cut diamond graded SI2-F, excellent polish and symmetry by the Gemological Institute of America. The full GIA certificate can be viewed here. The princess cut not only bears its laser inscribed GIA serial number but also the FireMark emblem declaring it the most heavily tested, optimally brilliant princess cut available on the market. The FireMark Princess is cut far more precisely than the majority of princess cuts, ensuring it looks at least 10% larger than others of the same carat weight. This means you won’t be paying for carat weight you can’t see, as is unfortunately the case with most princess cuts. All told this Tacori, FireMark, GIA certified stunner of an engagement ring is estate priced at $13400.00 CAD. Stock #e10274.


November 2, 2016

1.56ct. SI2-N excellent cut GIA certified diamond ring $5250.00 CAD. e10545

This is the current favorite diamond among many of the staff at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. We have 1000s of diamonds in the store; most are smaller, a few are bigger, lots have a higher colour grade and they run the full range from flawless to heavily included. We find this one so interesting because of the unique inclusion located close to the centre of the table facet. Under minor magnification and even without, the sharp sighted can see a small dark inclusion. As magnification increases this totally random imperfection begins to take on a life of its own. A cute little fruit fly looking insect reveals itself as a group of crystals, needle and a cloud all coming together to form the body, wing, and even the legs if you use a little imagination. When we stepped up the power even more and took a photomicrograph through our microscope you can really see the tiny intruder floating in an otherwise flawless diamond. Intricate wing structure looks amazingly realistic along with the furry body.  Natural diamonds are unique creations that formed deep within the earth’s crust under incredible pressure and heat about 4 billion years ago. Sometimes the carbon doesn’t crystalize 100% transparent and can take the form of a graphite speck completely cocooned within the diamond crystal. Inclusions like this are never seen in synthetic diamonds and along with medium blue fluorescence are proof of 100% natural origin. Without question the inclusion makes this diamond far more desirable than a similar quality diamond without such a unique imperfection. We just had this diamond certified at the Gemological Institute of America May 30 2017. The full GIA report can be seen online here. There are even those who go out of their way and seek out unusual inclusions. The diamond is available in a simple 14 karat white gold 2.9 gram white gold solitaire ring for $5250.00 complete, or we’d be happy to sell you just the diamond for $4950.00. Stock #e10545.


October 28, 2016

1.40ct. tw. oval halo diamond ring 14 karat white gold $5250.00 CAD. e10147

e10147-1-15ct-i1-g-oval-diamond-68046-halo-setting-001 Just about our favorite thing to do here at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is making something old or outdated into something modern and spectacular. Such is the case with this estate 1.15 carat oval brilliant cut diamond. When it arrived, it was in a 14 karat yellow gold setting with tapered baguette diamonds on the shoulders. The setting was in good condition, but the design wasn’t very flattering for the oval and the style was a bit dated.e10147-1-15ct-i1-g-oval-diamond-68046-halo-setting-004 The 8.6mm x 6.0mm oval diamond looks huge in this contemporary halo setting. The brand new creation in 14 karat white gold weighs 4.4 grams and contains 66 tiny, bead set round brilliant cut diamonds of SI-GH quality. The small diamonds add another 0.25 carats of diamond weight along the shoulders, sides and of course around the large centre stone.e10147-1-15ct-i1-g-oval-diamond-68046-halo-setting-003 When we removed the centre stone from the original setting we established the colour was G (according to our GIA certified master diamonds) and the clarity a nice pleasant I1. She’s got ample sparkle and brilliance, plus it looks way bigger than the verified 1.15 carat weight would suggest. Perhaps the best part of this remake is the money you’ll save because of the estate centre stone. Brand new ring + estate diamond = unbeatable value. Estate priced at $5250.00 CAD. Stock #e10147.e10147-1-15ct-i1-g-oval-diamond-68046-halo-setting-002


October 17, 2016

1.20ct. VS-J princess cut solitaire $5750.00 CAD. e6170

A substantial ring and diamond in a modern custom made setting. The bezel set diamond weighs approximately 1.20ct. and is of good quality (VS-J) measuring roughly 5.9mm x 5.9mm. The ring weighs 7.4 grams and is made from 14 karat white gold. It comes with a free custom made matching wedding ring. This ring has been cleaned and refinished to look like new. Estate priced at $5750.00 CAD. Stock #e6170.


October 10, 2016

1.15ct. SI1-H princess cut platinum solitaire $6300.00 CAD e10205


The perfect engagement ring can take a long time to find. You search Pintrest and Google for inspiration and finally track down the styles you love. You go into a store to find something similar, only to discover they’ve used a main diamond of “promotional” quality in order to keep the price as low as possible. Some of the most intricate and beautiful settings get stuck with a low quality diamonds; as if the companies selling them think you’ll be too distracted by the shiny mount to notice. Even simple solitaires like this are not immune from pricing pressures. Sometimes they feature diamonds looking more like frozen spit than an ancient dazzling crystal. You want to change that diamond for something better but you’re in a chain store with no onsite goldsmiths, and limited access to loose diamonds. They’ll order two or three in for you taking a couple of weeks, you pick one you like and now it has to get sent out to be assembled. Almost a month later you finally have a ring you can be happy with. You won’t have that issue if you’re shopping at established, family run jewellery store like ours. We’ve been in the same downtown location for almost 60 years. Thanks to our experience buying estate diamonds we have a large and varied inventory of loose diamonds in all cuts and qualities within our store. If you can’t find what you want onsite we’ll happily unset anything within our showcases. If that won’t get you what you want we can find you any diamond, anywhere in the world in a matter of days. We’ve never encountered a situation where we couldn’t get a client the exact diamond they wanted. We select our estate engagement rings very carefully, ensuring we have a broad offering of high quality diamonds in top quality rings at unbeatable value. Take this 5 gram platinum Tiffany style solitaire for example. It features an eye clean SI1-H 1.15 carat princess cut diamond that will blow you away with its brilliance.e10205-1-15ct-si1-h-princess-cut-solitaire-platinum-001 It looks much larger than the average 1.00 carat princess cut thanks to its generous 5.8mm x 5.9mm measurements. The high quality ring measures a finger size 7 1/4 with plenty of room to adjust. Estate price $6300.00 CAD. Stock #e10205.e10205-1-15ct-si1-h-princess-cut-solitaire-platinum-003


September 10, 2016

0.96ct. I1-I modified brilliant cut Gem Scan certified $5595.00. e8868

Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door. That phrase has been around since the late 1800s. About the same time as the basic formula for cutting early brilliant cut diamonds was developed that hasn’t really changed since. Every once in a while a diamond cutter attempts to invent a “better mouse trap” or in this case a better brilliant cut diamond by adding extra facets here and there. More upper/lower girdle facets, thicker and thinner pavilion main facets etc. Many stores and many brands have attempted, all have failed to improve on the beauty of an excellent cut standard round brilliant. Most come with some very slick marketing material extolling the virtues of their new revolutionary cut. They are definitely impressive and look great but whether they actually look better than the basic brilliant cut is subjective. No mater how many extra facets you add to a diamond there is a finite amount of light available to refract and reflect. This example has roughly twice the number of facets of the benchmark round brilliant. This certainly adds to the labour cost but doesn’t do much for improving diamonds unique optical properties in my opinion. The optics are very kaleidoscopic in nature, quite different than a standard 57 facet brilliant cut. Our estate example weights in at 0.96 carats, with a strong I1 clarity and “I” colour. A Gem Scan Laboratories certificate goes on to grade the cut as excellent with measurements of 6.36mm – 6.38mm x 3.91mm. By the way, according to Wikipedia; more than 4,400 patents have been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for new mousetraps, with thousands more unsuccessful applicants, making them the “most frequently invented device in U.S. history”. That should tell you something about sticking to a formula that’s been a proven success for over 100 years. In any case, this is a great looking diamond that is a little bit different and won’t cost nearly as much compared to what the original owner paid.  We thought this unique cut special diamond deserved an upgraded ring, so we set it in this brand new 18 karat white gold palladium alloy halo setting. This proprietary alloy is much brighter than traditional white gold and at the same time is hypoallergenic to those with metal sensitive skin. At over 4.2 grams (finished weight) you can immediately feel the quality in the premium high gold content setting. 28 small brilliant cut diamonds circle the centre diamond in a tight, gap free halo and supply and additional 0.29 carats of high quality VS-GH sparkle (1.25 carat total diamond weight). This new ring/estate diamond combination is estate priced at $5595.00 CAD and represents excellent value. Stock #e8868.


August 15, 2016

Platinum Simon G ring 2.22ct. total weight $18700.00 CAD. e8679

e8679 Simon G MR2615 2.00ct. SI2-HVirtually “eye clean” I1 diamonds are difficult to find and  highly sought after. An “H” colour diamond like this looks quite white without the premium price associated with DEF colour range stones. A very good cut promotes the brilliance, fire, scintillation and dispersion that only a quality diamond can possess. It’s certainly possible to find 2.00 carat round brilliant cut diamonds for under $10000.00.  I’ll guarantee these bargain 2.00 carat diamonds will have easily visible inclusions, a noticeable yellow to brown tint or they are very poorly cut. The inclusions in this example are small and scattered, having little effect on the transparency.e8679 2.00ct SI2-H rbc Measuring 8.0mm diameter, this diamond has great finger presence in the brand new platinum Simon G ring. Model MR2615 is a new style for the California based designer. With platinum so reasonably priced right now we decided to upgrade the metal from their usual 18 karat gold. The 5 gram setting contains 16 white diamonds of VS-FG quality along with 2 small NATURAL pink diamonds. That’s right 100% natural pink colour. These incredibly rare diamonds make a striking contrast when set in 18 karat rose gold against the platinum.e9140.2 1.19ct. VS1-F Simon G MR2615 MR2615 is available in traditional 18 karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or any combination with prices starting at $2200.00 CAD. Estate diamonds make wonderful candidates to reset into a custom or production ring like this. You get fantastic savings on the largest component of value (the centre diamond) and a brand new modern Simon G setting that will leave her speechless. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers specializes certified estate and new diamonds. Nobody does “I do” like “we do” at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. This half new, half estate ring is priced at $18700.00 CAD complete. The diamond by itself it is estate priced at $16000.00. Stock #e8679.


July 23, 2016

Michael Smiley 18kt. white gold 1.00ct. VS1-F GIA certified $10800.00 CAD. e6995

e6995.1 Michael Smiley solitaire 1.12ct VS2-E GIA certOf all the possible exotic flavors of ice cream available, I wonder why vanilla is the most popular. The same can be said about diamond ring designs. They can come in 100s of different forms, but the traditional 4 prong solitaire with a simple Tiffany style shank is by far the most popular; especially when it comes to displaying a significantly sized diamond. Even a highly skilled artist like Barrie designer goldsmith Michael Smiley is sometimes called upon to create jewellery items of a traditional look from his downtown studio. His 18 karat white gold version weighs 5.0 grams in a finger size 5.25. As per his usual practice, this ring has been made to a very high standard with generous full shoulders and shank that doesn’t taper on the bottom. The comfortable design contains a GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.00 carat of very good VS1-F quality with the very hard to come by excellent cut. A Gemological Institute of America report #1176144312 available online. The diamond measures an average diameter of over 6.6mm diameter so this diamond actually looks much bigger than the typical “thick” cut 1.00 carat diamonds  often encountered that only measure around 6.0mm diameter or less.e6995 1.00ct VS1-F GIA cert 1176144312 Exceptionally high colour GIA certified diamonds like this don’t come cheap but at $10300.00 for the diamond the value is outstanding. The complete finished Michael Smiley ring is available for $500.00 extra. Stock #e6995.



June 20, 2016

1.65ct. I1-JK solitaire 10gr. 18kt. gold setting $6,499.00 CAD. e9371

e9371 pear shaped diamond solitaire 1.65ct. I1-JKA substantial setting needs a substantial diamond. Not only is this ring made from premium 18 karat white gold it contains over 10 grams of the precious metal. Made to a finger size 6.5 the ring contains a pear shaped brilliant cut diamond that measures close to 10mm in length x 6.7mm wide. We have conservatively estimated the weight to be 1.65 carats with an 11 clarity and JK colour. Most of the grade setting inclusions are close to the tip where the abundant brilliance conceals their appearance. While the JK colour will never be confused with a D it certainly can’t be described as anything close to yellow either. If you are a less is more person who likes the feel of a hefty ring on your finger this one might be for you. Pear shaped diamonds always appear bigger than round or square diamonds due to the extra length the tapered point provides. Included with the ring is a 2008 appraisal document that outlines all the diamond and ring details along with opinion of estimated replacement value. If you need the ring made bigger or smaller one of our on site goldsmiths can adjust it for you at no charge in only a day or so. Excellent overall condition, only requiring a final quick polish and rhodium plating to look perfect. Estate priced at $6,499.00 CAD. Stock #e9371.e9371 18kt. 1.65ct. I1-JK pear shaped diamond solitaire


June 16, 2016

1.90ct. I1-I round brilliant cut $6697.00 CAD. e9922

e9922 1.90ct. I1-I diamondWhen buying a diamond, in one way or another you’re buying the rarity. The more rare the more expensive, the more common the less expensive. If you’re only buying a 0.10 carat for a small diamond stud earring the price will naturally be quite low because diamonds of this size are very common. Even a flawless diamond with perfect colour of this size costs less than a nice dinner for two. With all diamonds, you pay for the rarity of excellent colour, the rarity of high clarity, the rarity of perfect cut and the rarity of a large size. While this diamond may not be the top of any of these characteristics, we can assure you it is the best value anywhere. Finding the best value in a diamond may be the most difficult rarity of all to find! In a value contest this diamond would get my vote. It’s pretty big at 1.90 carats, the colour is a respectable “I” as compared to our GIA master stones, the I1 clarity is mostly due to scattered crystals and twinning wisps that go mostly unnoticed except under magnification and the cut grade is good. The diameter of 7.5mm is a bit small for a 1.90 carat, as a result the diamond is cut a little too deep to be considered very good or excellent. If you would like it recut to excellent proportions for some enhanced sparkle we will provide this service for free. The trade off will be a diamond that weighs about 15% less. The new cut will weigh a bit less, but the diameter of 7.5mm will remain unaltered so you’ll not notice the weight reduction. This diamond would make a significant and impressive engagement ring for not much more than the average 1.00 carat solitaire. Just to compare; a flawless, D colour, excellent cut, 1.90 carat round diamond will cost you about 10 times the price of this one and won’t look much different at your next dinner party. Let’s get this diamond into a great custom piece of jewellery for you. Temporarily set into this 14 karat white gold solitaire ring setting included for no charge.e9922-1-90ct-i1-i-14kt-white-gold-solitaire-001 e9922-1-90ct-i1-i-14kt-white-gold-solitaire-002 Estate priced at $6697.00. CAD. Stock #e9922.



June 11, 2016

Pretty in pink. 1.20ct. total weight SI1-F diamond halo GIA certified $7250.00 CAD. e9637

e9637 rose gold halo diamond ring 0.99ct. SI1-F GIA cert d16170 003If you’re secretly in love with the popular modern halo designs but still want to put your own stamp on it, how about doing it in pink gold? Of the numerous halo designs we’ve done over the years I’d estimate more than 95% are made in white gold or platinum with the odd one done in a more traditional yellow gold. This 14 karat rose/pink gold creation is a first for us. The American made 3.4 gram setting has a tight 9.7mm diameter halo assembled with 16 high quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds.e9637 halo diamond ring 0.99ct. SI1-F GIA cerified Secured nice and low in the brand new ring is a recently (June 2016) GIA certified 0.99 carat SI1 clarity, F colour round brilliant cut diamond measuring a full 6.5mm diameter. The full GIA report can be seen here. Take advantage of our large collection of estate diamonds. Start with a great value estate diamond and we’ll put it in a brand new production ring like this or let us custom make the ring of your dreams.e9637 rose gold halo diamond ring 0.99ct. SI1-F GIA cert d16170 001 You get unmatched savings using high quality estate diamonds and the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want in a new or custom made setting. This is the type of specialty assembly that Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers does so efficiently. We’ve been doing it at the same downtown Barrie location since 1958. So believe us when we say, Nobody does “I do” like we do. This ready to go finished ring is estate priced at an unsurpassed value of just $7250.00 CAD. Stock #e9637.e9637 0.99ct. SI1-F GIA certified good very good good none



May 30, 2016

1.53ct. SI2-F Asscher cut GIA certified 18kt/platinum solitaire $11000.00 CAD.

e10000-1-53ct-si2-f-gia-cert-asscher-solitaire-001They’re one of the hottest specialty cuts around and they’re almost impossible to find when cut as nicely as this example. It’s a Asscher cut and I bet you’ve never seen one before. The cut was developed by the Dutch diamond cutting Asscher family in the early 1900s. The Amsterdam family was famous for cutting the world’s largest rough diamond, the Cullinan which weighed over 3100 carats before it was cut. 100 years after the cut was developed, it has become a very sought after shape again. When cut with proper proportions they look like a series of concentric squares when viewed through the centre. Our 1.53 carat example just returned from The Gemological Institute of America in New York with very good certification results. The full September GIA report can be see here. If you’ve done some research and are looking for a killer Asscher cut you’ll recognize this opportunity. Finding an Asscher of just 58.9% depth is almost unheard of. The small 65% table is also uncommon for this cut. Its big 6.73mm x 6.71mm dimensions make it appear closer to 2.00 carats in size. A fantastic “F” colour and an almost eye clean SI2 clarity are very compelling and desirable characteristics.e10000-1-53ct-si2-f-asscher-cut-gia-2171873349-003 The grade setting inclusion is a knot with a small white feather. The semi-translucent nature of this inclusion and its proximity so close to the centre help camouflage the minor imperfection. This beautiful diamond is set in an equally impressive 18 karat yellow gold and platinum solitaire. The 2.75mm wide, heavy gauge setting does a beautiful job showcasing the rare Asscher cut. Securing the stone is a robust double gallery platinum head that will last generations. The size 7 ring weighs an impressive 7.3 grams. One of our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the finger size in just a day or so if needed. Estate priced at $11000.00 CAD. Remember; we ship out of Canada duty free. Stock #e10000.e10000-1-53ct-si2-f-asscher-cut-18kt-platinum-solitaire-002


March 25, 2016

1.03ct. “eye clean” SI2-F GIA certified 18kt. gold $7000.00 CAD.

e9024 18kt . solitaire 1.03ct. SI2-F GIA certirfiedDiamonds like this are VERY hard to find for a great price and they get snapped up quite quickly. Buying a SI2 diamond can be a frightening thing. SI2 clarity diamonds quite often have inclusions that can be seen without magnification. They are especially easy to see when the inclusion(s) is located within the octagon table close to the centre. The inclusion in this example is almost perfectly located on a star/bezel facet junction located by the top right prong.e9024 1.03ct. SI2-F GIA cert. 18kt. solitaire This type of inclusion is called a knot. A knot is a small diamond crystal that grew within the larger gem and shows through the surface after the diamond has been polished. Basically it’s like a knot in a piece of wood. It is usually identified by a semi-transparent border that surrounds the small exposed crystal. This diamond appears flawless without magnification. With careful claw placement the inclusion will almost disappear when set in a suitable piece of jewellery. The GIA report (July 2015) graded the colour an excellent F, with a very good overall cut and no fluorescence. Trust me when I say this is a very desirable diamond that shouldn’t last too long. If you’re looking for a knockout 1 carat diamond look no further. This one has all the right boxes checked off for the absolute best value ANYWHERE. A simple and traditional 18 karat white gold, 3.0 gram, size 5 ring secures the diamond perched in a flattering 4 prong double gallery setting. Complete ring is estate priced at $7000.00 CAD. Diamond is available separately for $6675.00 if you have a different setting in mind. Stock #e9024.e9024 SI2-F GIA 18kt. solitaire


March 20, 2016

1.31ct. total weight Simon G pink diamond ring $6800.00 CAD.

e9774 1.10ct. I1-FG Simon G MR2615 pink diamond ring 002Premium brand diamond ring without the premium price tag. Our top designer brand is Simon G from California. Their innovative designs are copied and serve as inspiration to almost every mainstream manufacturer. Slightly modified versions of their original styles can be seen at most retail jewellery chains. This pretty little ring is one of their more current creations. Model number MR2615 is unique in their choice of natural pink diamonds that are located at the centre of each stylized flower.e9140.2 1.19ct. VS1-F Simon G MR2615 The beaded edge rose gold bezel adds contrast to the 18 karat white gold ring. Purchased new from Simon G the basic ring has a suggested retail price of $2525.00 CAD (without a centre diamond). Our hardly worn size 5 estate example contains a very bright I1 clarity, G colour round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.10 carats. This sparkling 6.46mm diameter diamond completely fills the sturdy 4 prong setting with no room to spare. The small scattered inclusions go unnoticed but help keep the total price of this ring to a very reasonable $6800.00. The centre diamond is available separately for only $5000.00 if you have a different ring in mind.e9774 1.10ct. I1-FG Simon G MR2615 pink diamond ring 001 Stock number #e9774.


March 18, 2016

0.84ct. VS1-G GIA certified 19kt. gold engagement ring $5810.00 CAD.

e10055-0-84ct-vs1-g-gia-cert-5182010752-001 Grading diamonds is mostly science and partly art. Some characteristics are specific and quantifiable. There can only be one weight and the geometry of cut is really just defined ratios and angles. When it comes to grading the colour and clarity there is a small amount of variance and opinion. When does a low G colour become a H or when does a high SI1 clarity become a VS2? Sometimes it’s hard to buy a diamond just on a grading report alone (assuming of course the report is accurate to begin with). This diamond ring was purchased at Spence diamonds in the summer of 2014 for close to $12000.00 (tax included). e10055-0-84ct-vs1-g-gia-cert-5182010752-002The in house Spence diamond grader decided the 0.84 carat round brilliant cut diamond was a VS2-H with a good cut, making for a very nice looking diamond. When this ring came in on trade we thought a more industry recognized opinion of quality was in order given its value. We removed the diamond and sent it to the Gemological Institute of America for a formal certification of quality. The November 2016 report can be seen on line  here. If you check the GIA report you’ll notice the clarity and colour are each grader 1 higher at VS1-G. GIA concurred with the Spence cut grade of good.e10055-0-84ct-vs1-g-gia-cert-5182010752-002 I must commend Spence Diamonds on their cautious approach on the grading of this one, they delivered more than promised. The lovely non fluorescent diamond is set in a high quality 19 karat white gold thin shank setting. The ring contains 16 additional high quality VS-GH diamonds adding 0.40 carat of additional sparkle down the shoulders. This ring is only a couple years old and was worn for much less time than that. It’s in perfect condition and comes with the Spence appraisal and invoice of $10497.00 plus tax. Also included with the ring is the November GIA certificate. Estate priced at $5810.00 CAD. Diamond available separately for $5150.00. Stock #e10055.e10055-0-84ct-vs1-g-gia-cert-5182010752-003


March 9, 2016

2.53ct. total weight VS-F platinum Canadian diamond ring $16993.00 CAD.

e9742 emerald cut three stone platinum diamond ring

I’m an absolute sucker for emerald cut diamonds. Admittedly the emerald cut style doesn’t fully take advantage of diamonds high optical effects but there’s something so clean and crisp about them (especially when they’re of this quality). They mesmerize like a hall of mirrors, reflecting large sheets of white and rainbow light. I appreciate they aren’t for everyone but try this ring on and tell me you aren’t captivated. The three emerald cuts are set so closely together it triples the effect, thanks especially to their exceptional quality. The center diamond weighs 1.58 carats of outstanding VS1-F quality. Canada goose logo along with a unique laser engraved serial number has been laser inscribed across the polished girdle. It’s partnered with two VVS2-EF emerald cuts that add an additional 0.50 carat of radiance. We’re not done yet; another 0.45 carat of VS-SI-FG very good cut, twinkling round brilliant diamonds are bead set along the shoulders and sides.e9742 emerald cut three stone diamond ring platinum This is one very significant looking and feeling ring. It’s enough to bowl anyone over with over 2.5 carats of total diamond weight. Hand crafted from over 9 grams of highly polished premium quality platinum in Canada. This ring appears unworn and in perfect condition. The ring is currently a finger size 6 1/2 and comes with a fresh Gem Scan Laboratories certificate of evaluation dated May 2016 showing a replacement value of $41500.00 CAD. Our estate price is only $16993.00 CAD and represents the best value around. Stock #e9742.Platinum emerald cut three stone diamond ring e9742


February 7, 2016

3.11ct. total weight custom halo diamond ring VS1-F GIA certified $53325.00 CAD.

e9138.1 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA certSome will say diamonds are relatively common when compared to high quality coloured stones like sapphire, emerald and ruby. However, in the grand scheme of things diamonds are still extremely difficult to find in larger sizes. If you also factor in excellent colour, excellent clarity and excellent cut; that makes for a very rare diamond indeed. From our in store diamond data base of almost 400000 stones only about 1 in 1000 are of this size and quality or larger. The prices for these rare, large, high quality diamonds are ALL well over $50000.00. We genuinely believe this is the most competitively priced diamond in the world of this size/quality that is GIA graded.e9138 2.32ct. VS1-F ex vg vg none GIA 5172274901 The August 2015 Gemological Institute of America certificate can be seen on line here. If you’re considering an important diamond for a special peace of jewellery this year keep this one in mind. Please shop the specifications around to confirm the amazing value of this one. VS1 clarity is well above the threshold where inclusions can be seen without magnification and this VS1 is particularly nice because the table is completely clean. The minor grade setting inclusions can be covered up with a strategically placed claw. F colour grade is excellent exhibiting no yellow, brown or grey tint. Very good symmetry, very good polish and no fluorescence are the other characteristics that play an important role in valuing this diamond. Please remember how important the certificate issuer is. There are many diamond certificates and appraisers who use the GIA’s terminology and language but don’t grade to the same strict standards. A GIA certificate costs a little more and doesn’t even assign a value but the piece of mind is priceless. If you’re going to spend well into 5 figures for a diamond take some time and watch this video by Martin Rapaport where he discusses over graded diamonds with inaccurate certificates. Mr. Rapaport produces a wholesale diamond price list that is widely followed in the industry. This guy knows his stuff.e9138 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA cert The custom halo ring weighs 5.2 grams and contains 48 small round brilliant cut diamonds and two tapered baguette cut diamonds all of very good VS clarity and FG colour. This setting exhibits the classic details of milgrain and filigree that gives it an antique dimension of design so popular today.e9139 filigree milgrain 2.32ct. VS1-F diamond ring Estate price for the diamond by itself is $49725.00 CAD. Stock #e9138.e9138.3 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA cert


January 2, 2016

Tacori diamond ring 2627RDMD 1.04ct. total weight $5670.00 CAD.

e7863 Tacori 2627RDMDYou can have your cake and eat it too. This is a brand new never worn Tacori ring that was won in a contest. The beautiful 18 karat design contains 74 small round brilliant cut diamonds of VS-FG quality plus an excellent cut centre diamond weighing 0.61 carats of SI1-I quality. The ring is from the Dantela collection. Model 2627RDMD can be seen in detail at the Tacori website. Without a centre diamond the ring alone retails at $5190.00 USD! A quick search on our data base reveals an additional cost of approximately $1900.00 to supply a GIA certified 0.61 carat SI1-I excellent cut round diamond. A cut certificate accompanies the diamond detailing the geometry of the brilliant cut center stone. The ring weighs 4.9 grams and measures a finger size 6.75. Our on site goldsmiths can size this ring up or down in a day or so at no additional charge. The complete ring is priced at $5670.00 CAD. Stock #e7863.e7863.2 Tacori 2627RDMDe7863.1 Tacori 2627RDMD


December 22, 2015

3.99ct. total weight Simon G diamond ring MR1496 $30000.00 CAD.

e8918 3.62ct. VS1-N GIA certified Simon G MR1496 18kt. white gold engagement ring99 diamonds can add up to some serious bling. The centre diamond alone weighs in at 3.62 carats. Diamonds on the shoulders, diamonds on the vertical shank edges, there are even diamonds set in the galleries. Made from 6.4 grams of Simon G’s finest proprietary 18 karat white gold. The 98 hand set diamonds are all of VS-FG quality covering 180 degrees of total ring.e8918 3.62ct. VS1-N Simon G MR 1496 18kt Centre diamond was certified at GIA New York in May 2015 as a VS1 clarity, N colour, good cut, good symmetry, good polish and no fluorescence. The Gemological Institute of America report can be seen here. Yes the N colour is definitely on the warm side, but in person it faces up much more white than these images. At 3.62 carats and almost 10mm diameter it puts on quite a show.e8918 3.62ct VS1-N The Simon G setting number MR1496 is in practically unworn condition. The ring was only used a few times for special occasions and has never been refinished or polished in any way. Its bright white factory rhodium finish is completely intact. As an empty setting the ring has a replacement value of $2860.00 USD from Simon G. Filling the centre with a diamond is up to you. Measuring a finger size 6.5 this ring should fit the average ladies finger. Making it a little bigger or a little smaller is a task easily accomplished by one of our on site goldsmiths in as little as a few hours. Including the GIA report the ring is estate priced at $30000.00 CAD. Stock #e8918.e8918 3.62ct. VS1-N GIA cert Simon G MR 1496


December 20, 2015

0.70ct. Canadian Maple Leaf diamond ring set VS1-H $5400.00 CAD.

e9247 0.70ct. Canadian maple leaf diamond ringSince Polar Bear diamonds left the market a few years ago Maple Leaf have been considered by many as the finest brand when it comes to Canadian origin diamonds. In terms of cutting standards and accurate grading principles I would agree. Maple leaf diamonds consistently show up as the best cut when larger size, higher clarity and higher colour characteristics are what you’re looking for. This set is a great example of just that. Weighing 0.70 carats it’s a pretty good size and dimensions of 5.77mm – 5.80mm x 3.51mmm will have this one looking much bigger than many other 0.70 carat diamonds that are not cut to such a high standard. A VS1 clarity with a H colour is also quite good; it’s the sort of quality you would expect to encounter at exclusive stores such as Tiffany. Not only is the diamond from Canada the gold too is of Canadian origin along with the manufacture of it. With a finished weight of 8.9 grams you’ll be able to feel the quality of premium 18 karat white gold. A pierced filigree pattern with milgrain detail is an upscale design that has been made popular by  designers like Simon G and Tacori.e9247.1 0.70ct. VS1-H Canadian maple leaf diamond ring set This set is showing only the slightest amount of wear since it was just worn for a couple of years. Measuring a little bit smaller than average at a size 5.25, this set should fit the petite finger right out of the box. In case the current size isn’t what you need a complimentary sizing up or down and fresh rhodium treatment will make the set perfect for your new bride. Included with the centre diamond is a credit card certificate from Maple Leaf Diamonds documenting the centre stone details including the unique registered number that has been laser engraved on the girdle. e9247.2 0.70ct. VS1-H Canadian diamond ring set Sold as a set only for the estate price of $5400.00 CAD. Stock #e9247.


December 19, 2015

7.00 carat tanzanite and diamond ring 18 karat gold $8050.00 CAD.

e7865 tanzanite and diamond ringLarge coloured gems do not surface in Barrie too often but when they do it causes a bit of a stir. When it’s a 7.00 carat fine quality tanzanite zoisite things get very exciting. The strong royal blue colour with a hint of violet is very striking. Not many natural coloured gem stones have this type of pure saturated colour, they are amazing. This remarkable and rare gem is only found globally in one location near Mount Kilimanjano Africa. Our fine quality example is a mixed oval cut measuring 13.5mm x 10.9mm x 7.1mm estimated to weigh 7.05 carats. 16 princess cut diamonds weighing a combined 1.00 carat of VS-I quality are channel set on the shoulders and contrast the tanzanite with great brilliance. The 18 karat yellow and white gold ring weighs 11.5 grams measuring a finger size 7. Ask a random number of people what their favorite colour is, chances are the majority will say blue. If you’re thinking of a coloured stone ring for someone special this holiday season how about making it a blue Christmas. The ring was worn carefully by its previous owner and is in like new condition. Estate priced at $8050.00 CAD. Stock #e7865.e7865.1 tanzanite and diamond ring


December 12, 2015

18kt. 1.49ct. total diamond weight diamond engagement ring $5684.00 CAD.

e9269.3 1.23ct. VVS1-M 18kt. ringMost of our estate jewellery has a story. Some are short, some are long, some can go back over one hundred years or more. This is a story of the burnt diamond. Diamonds are incredibly durable and hard. All diamonds are billions of years old. At some point during its history a careless goldsmith “burnt” this diamond. Diamonds don’t really burn in the traditional sense as they are made of carbon and carbon can’t really burn. If too much direct heat is applied to a diamond while doing a repair the surface can be oxidized causing a milky skin to form. No amount of cleaning can reverse this process that makes an otherwise pretty diamond dull and lifeless. The only solution is to re-polish or recut it. When we received this diamond it weighed 1.41 carats with a good but not a great cut. We weren’t interested in just removing the oxidation, we also wanted to improve the cut. With these instructions in mind our master diamond cutter improved the cut to excellent but lost some weight in the process.e9269 1.23ct. VVS1-M Now the diamond can make the most of what mother natural provided. The newly cut finished weight of 1.23 carats may be a bit smaller but it is actually more valuable now. Anytime a diamond is not cut to perfect proportions a price adjustment is in order. In extreme cases a poorly cut diamond may be worth more than 50% less than an excellent cut example of the same colour, clarity and weight. The cut report that is included with purchase outlines the excellent geometry of the diamond.e9269 1.23ct. VVS1-M cut cert VVS1 clarity is just about as good as it gets and while the M colour is definitely on the warm side. Looking at the ring you’d swear the diamond was a much better colour though. It faces up more like a J or maybe a K due to the strong blue fluorescence. This fluorescence helps control the slight yellow tint because blue is the complimentary colour to yellow. When viewed under long wave ultraviolet light the diamond appears like this.e9269.2 1.23ct. VVS1-M fluorescense Accenting the centre diamond are 12 small round brilliant cut diamonds of SI-GH quality running down the 18 karat white gold ring. The finished ring weighs 4.1 grams in a finger size 7.5mm. The complete ring is estate priced at $5684.00. Stock #e9269.e9269.4 1.23ct. VVS1-M diamond ring


1.75ct. VVS2-J GIA certified antique diamond in new setting $19190.00 CAD.

e8804 1.75ct. VVS2-J GIA cert. Stuller 67778There are not too many of these around. European cut diamonds have not been produced since around 1930, although a few specialty cutters are making them for reproduction jewellery. When this diamond was cut around 100 years ago few people could afford any diamond, never mind a 1.75 carat.1.75ct.  VVS2-J Euro e8804 A Gemological Institute of America report issued (Feb. 2015) comes included with purchase. This is your assurance of accurate grading. The GIA report can be seen here. The diamond has been microscopically laser engraved along the girdle edge with the unique certificate number.e8804 1.75ct. VVS2-J GIA cert. The diamond grades an excellent VVS2 clarity with a nice colour grade of J. Most diamonds from this era were mined in South Africa and as such usually exhibit a certain degree of colour. It’s not uncommon to see MNO colour or lower grades when looking for antique diamonds, so the J colour is very respectable. A tiny 48% table with a tall crown produce much more dispersion than even an ideal cut modern round brilliant. Currently set in a brand new American made 14 karat white gold setting weighing 4 grams including two 0.03 carat extra diamonds. Estate priced at $19190.00 CAD. Stock #e8804.e8804 1.75ct. VVS2-J GIA cert. Stuller 67778


December 4, 2015

14 karat white gold 3.50ct. ceylon sapphire and diamond ring $5600.00 CAD.

e9692.3 sapphire and diamond ring

Ceylon sapphires from Sri Lanka are some of the best in the world and this violetish blue, weighing 3.50 carats oval specimen is testament to the very high quality this region of the world can produce. So many people know blue sapphire for that deep blue hue but this cornflower colour is actually a much more valuable. There are a couple of crystal inclusions in the stone but thanks to their location they almost appear to be reflections coming off of two of the prongs. They end up being fairly well disguised in all the play of light coming from the stone. The bright sapphire is surrounded by 0.25 carat total weight of I1-J round brilliant cut diamonds for added sparkle. Made from 5.5 grams of brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold the ring is well made and measures a size 6 3/4 with room to adjust up or down as required. Estate price $5600.00 CAD. Stock #e9692.e9692.1 sapphire and diamond ring


November 26, 2015

0.73ct. VS2-H ex. cut GIA certified Maple Leaf engagement set $5058.00 CAD.

e10003-0-73ct-vs2-h-gia-maple-leaf-18kt-engagement-set-004Talk about a well documented and complete package. You get a beautiful, contemporary styled engagement/wedding ring set with all kinds of certification and reports that was manufactured in Canada using Canadian sourced gold. Not only is it Canadian gold, it’s 18 karat “pure white” gold that uses palladium as the whitening agent. Palladium is much more expensive than a traditional nickel alloy and it is more resistant to chemical corrosion and cracking. If you have sensitive skin the only reaction you’ll get is one of admiration; there is very little chance pure white palladium 18 karat white gold will cause any skin irritation. Occasionally we’ve seen people who can’t wear regular white gold because of problems caused by the nickel it can contain.e10003-0-73ct-vs2-h-gia-maple-leaf-18kt-engagement-set-006 The set weighs 7.6 grams and contains 52 high quality (SI-GH) small accent diamonds totalling 0.50 carats. The large centre diamond is an excellent cut 0.73 carat round brilliant cut of VS2 clarity, H colour, certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The full September 2016 report can be seen online here. In addition to the GIA report, a Maple Leaf diamond Certificate of Origin states, the diamond was mined at the northern Canadian Ekati diamond mine. The Maple Leaf documents also notes when originally found the rough diamond crystal weighed 1.94 carat. Just shy of 2/3 of the original stones weight was lost during the cutting process. The resulting beautiful cut was the price to pay for the superior brilliance and dispersion. Excellent cut, excellent symmetry, very good polish and no fluorescence guarantee one of the prettiest diamonds around showing a nice hearts and arrows pattern.e10003-0-73ct-vs2-h-gia-maple-leaf-18kt-engagement-set-002e10003-0-73ct-vs2-h-gia-maple-leaf-18kt-engagement-set-003 A September 2016 appraisal lists a replacement value of the engagement ring alone for $9700.00. We have the 2 ring set estate priced at $5058.00 CAD including all documents and certificates. Stock #e10003.e10003-0-73ct-vs2-h-gia-cert-maple-leaf-diamond-ring-001

Diamond SOLD. Settings still available for $1250.00 (for the pair).

November 23, 2015

1.81 carat total weight SI1-G 19kt. gold $7000.00 CAD.

Hand made 19 karat white gold engagement containing a very pretty princess cut diamond measuring 5.39mm x 5.30mm x 4.19mm weighing 1.00 carat and grading SI1 clarity, G colour and excellent cut according to it’s GemScan certificate number 673834. The engagement also contains 4 tapered baguette cut diamonds each weighing approximately 0.11 carats of very good  VS-GH quality. A custom made 19 karat white gold wedding ring is included with engagement ring. The wedding ring contains 3 baguette cut diamonds of very good VS-GH quality each weighing approximately 0.12 carats. The rings are in perfect condition, only a couple years old, weigh 7.4 grams and measure a size 6.5. Estate prices at $7000.00. Stock #e6738. 


November 17, 2015

3.09ct. total weight 3 stone diamond ring 14kt. white gold $6000.00 CAD.

e8955.2 pear shaped 3 stone diamond ringLooking for big time bling but don’t want to spend well into 5 figures to get it? Here’s your ring. Big sparkle comes in the form of a 2.02 carat centre diamond measuring 10.0mm x 7.4mm x 4.6mm.e8955.1 2.02ct. pear shaped diamond I1-I2-KL The quality of course isn’t flawless at I1-I2-L but WOW it looks pretty darn good, especially when the price is considered. Two shoulder diamonds are far from simple tiny accents weighing in at an estimated 1.07 carats in total of nice VS-IJ average quality. The hand made 14 karat white gold ring weighs 4.0 grams in a slightly smaller than average size 5.75. Three stone rings are always a best seller; to see a three stone made from pear shaped diamonds is quite unusual. If you think the centre stone would look great in a pendant or other design, it is available alone for just $3900.00 that’s only $1930.00 per carat. This kind of value can only be obtained in the estate market. The ring could make a great dinner ring, anniversary ring, right hand ring or engagement ring. Traditional double gallery design was made very low and comfortable.e8955.3 pear shape three stone diamond ring Excellent condition showing no wear. Complete ring estate priced at $6000.00 CAD. Stock #e8955.


November 12, 2015

2.25ct. total diamond weight Simon G 18kt. white gold $8505.00 CAD.

e8766-simon-g-nr109-diamond-ring-18-karat-002Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers first introduction to the “halo” setting many years ago was from Simon G. This California based designer produces some of the jewellery industries most attractive and sought after designs. They are often imitated but seldom duplicated in outright terms of quality and detail. Simon G employs only the finest craftsmen to hand assemble and finish these little works of art. They are complicated and difficult to create. For example the 4 channel set princess cut diamonds that run down each shoulder are ever so slightly graduated in size. They are set perfectly flush with zero gap between each stone. The milgrain beadwork is deep, the filigree gallery is sharp and crisp. Many manufacturers copy Simon G styles but they can’t match the precise details and quality. All the small diamonds in this ring are of minimum VS clarity and GH colour with excellent cutting standards. Even the gold used is a special proprietary 18 karat alloy designed for maximum durability. This style from Simon G model #NR109 has a Canadian retail price of $6463.00 for the setting not including the centre diamond. A 1.25 carat I1 clarity, K colour, very good cut round brilliant cut is twinkling happily in the centre. This is a substantial ring weighing just under 10 grams. The complete ring is estate priced at $8505.00. That’s a lot of bling for very little cha ching. This ring was only worn for a short time. It still retains it’s original factory rhodium finish. A complimentary sizing and rhodium plating is included with purchase. The ring currently measures a size 6 1/2. Stock #e8766.e8766-simon-g-nr109-diamond-ring-18-karat-001


October 31, 2015

1.91ct. VS1-K European cut solitaire GIA certified $ 16,750.00 CAD.

e8805 1.91ct. VS1-K GIA certified platinum halo 001Perhaps by the strictest of definitions this is not a European cut due to the larger 60% table. Have a look at those lovely thick pavilion main facets, top heavy star facets and shorter upper/lower girdle facets. Diamonds like this are known as transitional cuts. They were only cut for a short period of time in the early 20th century. Close to 100 years ago Marcel Tolkowski developed a mathematical formula to maximize the brilliance and dispersion of a round diamond and to this day his design is considered state of the art. Even modern computerized cutting model formulas have not been able to improve upon his work. If you’re a fan of bigger more chunky facets with big flashes of brilliance and serious rainbow dispersion a transition cut like this or a European cut could be for you.e8805 1.91ct. VS1-K European cut GIA certified We had this diamond recently certified at the Gemological Institute of America. Their February 2015 report  #1162995367 can be seen at www.gia.edu. A very strong clarity of VS1 with a ever so slightly warm K colour was determined with faint fluorescence. If you’re a fan of antique jewellery or just like something a little different, this diamond is worthy of consideration. We felt this diamond was worthy of something a little more special than an off the shelf setting. We’ve created this very impressive halo design weighing 6.1 grams made from premium quality platinum to showcase the unique diamond. The halo and shoulders are decorated with 26 high quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds adding 0.94 carats of additional sparkle.  Including the GIA report the ring is estate priced at $16,750.00 CAD. Stock #e8805.e8805.3 1.91ct. VS1-K GIA certified platinum halo 004


October 16, 2015

1.40ct. total weight VS1-I 18 karat white gold infinity diamond ring $6901.00 CAD.

e8857.1 1.00ct. infinity diamond ring 18ktThe symbolism is just way too easy to obvious so I’ll move on. Custom made infinity engagement ring manufactured with over 5 grams of high quality 18 karat white gold. Whoever made this ring was a goldsmith with considerable talent. The symmetry is outstanding, 40 x 0.01 carat high quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds are set perfectly level and all have 4 nice tidy beads of gold creating corners. It’s not too difficult setting one diamond but doing it over and over at the same height, all level with uniform claw coverage takes great skill and is very time consuming.e8857.2 infinity diamond engagement ring 18kt  Looking like it was only worn for a short time it could pass for new with only the slightest polish and a quick rhodium plate. Secured in an open gallery four claw setting the ring contains one round brilliant cut diamond measuring 6.30mm diameter weighing exactly 1.00 carat. The high quality centre stone grades a VS1 clarity with an “I” colour as compared to our Gemological Institute of America master colour diamond set. A very good cut grade is a sure thing with this diamond and no fluorescence make for a very attractive combination. With more than enough brilliance and dispersion this ring will satisfy any connoisseur of fine quality. The centre diamond is available separately for $5500.00 or the ring complete is estate priced at $6901.00 CAD. Stock #e8857.


October 13, 2015

1.00ct. SI1-F Canadian radiant cut GIA certified 14 karat solitaire $5163.00 CAD.

e9574 1.00ct. SI1-F GIA cert. diamond solitaire 14kt.You wouldn’t dare set a princess cut like this. The pin point 90 degree corners would be extremely prone to chipping but with a radiant cut you’re free explore different designs ideas. You can cover the corners or leave them exposed like this simple 14 karat white gold solitaire style. The diamond just returned from New York city where it was being certified by The Gemological Institute of America for quality. Very impressive results explain why this little diamond sparkles so much. SI1 clarity means no inclusions can be seen without artificial magnification. The solid F colour is among the whitest of all possible grades. The cut on this example is really nice too with a smallish 67% table, a very respectable 72.7 depth percentage and no fluorescence. A final characteristic making this diamond more desirable than many is Canadian origin. A tiny maple leaf logo, EGL report number along with the GIA certificate number have all been laser engraved on the girdle edge.e9574 SI1-F GIA certified radiant cut The entire April 2016 GIA report can be seen online here. Our onsite goldsmiths can alter the current finger size 6.75 ring as necessary. Excellent overall condition showing no evidence of any use. No scuffs or scratches of any kind. Even the original white rhodium plating is 100% intact. If you have a different style setting in mind the diamond is available separately for $4900.00. Finished ring weighs 2.6 grams and is estate priced at $5163.00 CAD. Stock #e9574.e9574 1.00ct. SI1-F GIA certified diamond soliatire 14 karat white


November 10, 2010

0.77ct. VS2-F GIA certified 1.77ct. tw. ring set 10.2gr. 14kt. $6,525.00 CAD. e12290

This is one of our favorite diamond clarity/colour/cut combinations! VS2 clarity is the point at which a diamond easily becomes clean to the unaided eye. You could certainly go for a higher clarity but you would be paying for a difference you can’t see. F is within the colourless range meaning that it is free of any coloured tint (usually yellow or brown) and much less expensive than a D or E colour. The cut, polish, and symmetry are excellent, excellent, and very good respectively. We prefer never to compromise on cut if we can avoid it; the round brilliant cut diamond was designed by a mathematician specifically to display the maximum brilliance possible from diamond crystals. You could certainly save some money (up to 50%) by dropping the cut grade but this is where all of the diamonds life and fire comes from. What’s the point in buying a diamond that doesn’t sparkle? This 0.77 carat also happens to be free of any fluorescence; about 30% of natural diamonds fluoresce when exposed to ultraviolet light. Only around 3% of diamonds fluoresce with enough strength to affect appearance. Accepting some fluorescence in a diamond means that you might see a bit of a saving on the cost without any visible effect on the diamond. What you may want to avoid is very strong fluorescence which can sometimes make the diamond look hazy under certain lighting conditions especially in ultraviolet rich sunlight. To top it all off you should insist any diamond you’re considering has been graded by GIA the only internationally recognized documentation available. The original 2005 Gemological Institute of America report can be seen online here. The set that has been gifted with this fantastic center diamond is equally high quality. Solidly constructed from 10.2 grams of 14 karat yellow gold, its 1.00 carat of accent diamonds are of very good SI-I quality and cut to ensure they can compete with the center. Estate price for the matching set including the original GIA Diamond Dossier report $6,525.00 CAD. Stock #e12290.