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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

September 21, 2018

Rolex 116613LN Submariner full kit 1 owner $13,575.00 CAD. e11611

The latest version of the most famous sport watch of all time. Submariner model 116613 boasts some major improvements over the old 16613. That single extra digit in the style number gives you a ceramic bezel insert, thicker hands and hour markers that are far more luminous. The new model also receives a slightly larger case with wider more comfortable lugs. The center links are now solid 18 karat gold and the bracelet is completely new. A patented “glidelock” buckle allows rapid micro adjustment in length. There are few other watches that have a collector following like the Rolex Submariner. It is not that uncommon for a Submariner from the 1950s or 60s purchased new for a hundred dollars or so to sell for 30 thousand dollars today. This example was purchased brand new in Ontario from an authorized Rolex agent in December of 2010. It has been worn very cautiously and only occasionally by the original mature owner for the past 8 years and is in almost new condition. It retains its 100% original factory finish. It was only hand wiped with a soft cotton cloth and never refinished. Model 116613 has a retail price of $13,400.00 USD and $15,350.00 CAD. With our Canadian dollar falling right now I wouldn’t be surprised to see a price increase some time soon bringing the Canadian price in line with our American neighbors. The watch comes complete with everything delivered from the factory including inner/outer boxes, endorsed warranty card, instructions, all other paperwork. Even the plastic bezel guard, chronometer hang tag, serial/style number hang tag are here. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers will supply a complimentary one year warranty covering all mechanical failures except those caused by misuse or damage caused by moisture. A brand new plastic wrapped extra link is ready to be installed if you have a larger than average wrist size. Estate priced at $13,575.00. If you’ve been looking for a great deal on a current Submariner this is it. Compare this complete example to what else is currently available and we’ll see you soon. Seriously, don’t wait, first come first sold. Stock e11611.

10kt. hinged diamond bangle 0.15ct. tw. I1-HI 8.0gr. Italian $560.00 CAD. e11341

Cartier inspired without the Cartier price point this hinged hollow bracelet is a timeless fashion statement. The 8 gram heavy hollow piece is made from calm 10 karat yellow gold and features a trio of bright I1-HI round brilliant cut diamonds. Protectively set into raised bezels with an estimated combined weight of 0.15 carats. The true genius of the bangle lies in it’s catch. Usually these bangles have an additional exterior safety lock, they are a necessity but unfortunately they don’t often work with the overall design. To keep the bangle looking sleek the Italian innovators created a double locking white gold plunger clasp with its own built in safety catch. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11341.

18kt. two tone Italian drop hoop earrings 4.0gr. $350.00 CAD. e11475

Once again the Italians show us why they’re the best when it comes to high end hollow jewellery construction. This seemingly simple earring set was manufactured from no less than 10 individual components. Assembling the mirror image yellow and white gold set takes incredible skill. Keeping every piece in perfect alignment and soldering it all together without melting the tubing or freezing up the hinged wire is a task only a talented goldsmith of foolish one would undertake. The 28mm x 20mm earrings are very good condition showing an excellent polish only premium 18 karat can. Just over 4 grams finished weight and estate priced at just $350.00 offers excellent value. Stock e11475.


September 20, 2018

Rolex Explorer II 216579 G serial, never worn $10,500.00 CAD. e11575

It seems every pre-owned Rolex has some sort of story and this one is no different. It was ordered in the spring of 2011 when Rolex announced only the 2nd redesign of the Explorer II since the original was debuted in 1971. As with most new model introductions from the esteemed Geneva based company, an instant waiting list formed overnight for the new watch. The original owner immediately got his name in and patiently waited for the call. In mid December of 2011 he was informed his watch had arrived at the local Rolex agent. The story pretty much ends there. After he picked it up he parked it unused in the original plastic shipping container until he sold it to us more than 7 years later. Occasionally a never worn Rolex turns up around here but seldom do they come as complete as this. Model 216570 comes with the inner/outer boxes, warranty card, instructions, hanging tags as you’d expect. It also comes with the protective plastic shipping container, cardboard sleeve, original bill of sale from Mayors Jewellers in Florida for $7750.00 USD plus state tax and a Mayors insurance appraisal. Most of the plastic stickers protecting the polished and brushed stainless steel case/bracelet are also still intact covering the watch. The final interesting fact about this watch is the sequential G serial number. Shortly after Rolex produced this watch they started to use a random series of scrambled numbers and letters for production identification. This new policy of mixed up characters makes it impossible to tell exactly how old a Rolex is unless you have the original dated warranty card. Without matching paperwork only Rolex knows exactly how old your watch is and they’re not talking. Whether this fact is important to you or not it sets this Explorer II apart from all Rolex watches that have been produced since. In keeping with the new 5 year Rolex warranty Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is happy to provide the new owner a 5 year warranty. Our in house warranty covers all aspects of mechanical failure except if caused by misuse or damage due to moisture. If you decide to purchase this watch you’ll have a choice to make. Do you continue to mothball it as a never worn or used collectible or do you peel off the plastic stickers and wear it the way Rolex intended. Decisions decisions……. Estate price $10,500.00 CAD.

0.63ct. SI2-I 18kt Art Deco style solitaire 2.3gr. $2093.00 CAD. e11605

A beautiful design stands the test of time. The Art Deco design period is perhaps the most admired era for jewellery, industrial and architectural design. From buildings to cars everything got the Deco treatment, even toasters and other household appliances were impacted by the movement. Even today some our most popular design are mildly or totally influenced by this wonderful style. Our latest estate ring is a wonderful tribute to Art Deco. The bright centre diamond is an old European cut likely dating from the late 1800s. The 18 karat white gold setting while looking like a 90 year old original was likely hand crafted within the last 10 years. The style is a perfect representation, in fact it’s just a little too good to be from the era. There is almost no evidence of previous use. Everything detail is super crisp and sharp. Over years of use the fine milgrain details and hand engraved elements soften and smooth. The pierced saw cut filigree looks like it just completed. This isn’t a simple casting; many hours of work from a highly skilled craftsman went into this creation. The 18 karat white gold ring weighs 2.3 grams and has only been sized once. Only 1 sizing in 90 years is unlikely for an original Art Deco ring. The bottom of the shank is quite wide at 2.3mm showing no thinning from decades of wear. We’re pretty confident this ring isn’t an authentic 1920s piece of jewellery but we are confident in the overall quality and beautiful design. The centre diamond is a genuine antique that I’m sure formed the inspiration to create the ring. It measures just under 5.5mm diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.63 carat. The clarity grade is a very strong and conservative SI2. A colour grade of “I” was estimated by comparison with our GIA certified master diamonds. Like new condition (because it almost is) and ready to go. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the ring up or down approximately 1 size to fit most fingers. Estate priced at $2093.00 CAD. Stock #e11605.