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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

August 17, 2018

0.25ct. I2-GH 14kt. white gold diamond studs $280.00 CAD. e11308

Diamond studs are some of our favorite estate items. Usually all that is required to prepare them for our estate department is to thoroughly clean them and perhaps upgrading the backs to something a little more secure. Our customers love them too as the simple style of most studs makes them very versatile. Although the diamonds in this pair weigh just 0.25 carats they look much larger. The interesting triangular cup setting does a fantastic job of fooling your eyes into thinking they are close to twice this size. Despite just two points of contact with the setting the diamonds are very secure leaving the the majority of diamond to brightly sparkle. The parabolic polished rhodium inside surface acts as a little mirror focusing light toward the diamonds further enhancing the illusion of a larger stone. The 14 karat white gold earrings weigh a combined 0.8 grams, each containing a well matched I2-GH round brilliant cut diamond of surprising brilliance. Good quality friction backs secure the pair without the need of clumsy screw backs. They’re an interesting alternative to traditional 4 prong settings. Estate priced at $280.00 CAD. Stock #e11308.


August 16, 2018

Omega SpeedMaster 329. (24 hours old) $8200.00 CAD. e11522

Hard to believe but the headline is correct. This watch is only 24 hours old. It was purchased at a Toronto authorized Omega agent August 14 2018. It’s brand new, complete with protective case back and buckle stickers still in place, it’s never been worn.The no refund policy from the Omega agent and a desire for a different model had the original owner making a deal with Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. The less than 24 hour old Speedmaster was traded in for a new old stock Rolex that we had secretly squirreled away some time ago. Speedmaster 329. is a recent introduction from Omega. It features their new in house calibre 9900 anti magnetic movement with 60 hour power reserve. This is one of Omega’s most sophisticated self winding mechanisms. The Master Chronometer features a non magnetic silicon hairspring, double mainspring barrels, rapid adjust time zone setting, calendar and of course a chronograph function. The chronograph is the feature that has defined every Speedmaster since the model was introduced over 60 years ago. Unlike most analogue chronograph displays, this one works just like a regular watch display. One small dial at 3 o’clock registers the elapsed time, no need to add the multiple dial displays for minutes, hours and seconds. Not only is this common sense display far easier to use, it keeps the dial from looking busy and cluttered. Over the past few years Omega has significantly improved the quality of  their bracelets. No longer are the links connected by bushed pins that always wear out. The adjustable links are held together by heavy gauge stainless steel bars locked in place with two screws. The locking buckle also features a clever adjustment for hot humid days where a bit of extra room is desired. The concealed adjustment under the clasp allows 2 different length options at the push of a button. The silver/white dial offers excellent contrast with a bright luminous treatment to the hands/hour markers for legibility in the dark. The large 44mm case size is highlighted with a black ceramic tachymetre bezel scale handy for calculating any unit per hour measurement within a 60 to 500 range. This one day old example is no gray market import that doesn’t come with a factory supported warranty. It was purchased at a Canadian authorized agency and comes complete with an endorsed warranty card internationally honored by any Omega agent. It also comes with a no charge one year extended manufacturers warranty as noted on the original invoice from European Boutique Toronto. The original owner purchased this watch yesterday for $10,700.00 plus tax, today it is estate priced at $8200.00 CAD. The watch comes complete with perfect condition lacquered wooden box, fully endorsed warranty card (Aug. 14th 2018), instruction booklet, plastic serial/style number hang tag, foam lined outer box, original bill of sale and a large Omega shopping bag. This watch has a USD MSRP of $8550.00. A full description of the model can be seen at the official Omega website. Estate priced at $8200.00 CAD. Stock #e11522.

SOLD. Thanks Ron

10kt. medical information bracelet 5.7gr. UnoAerre Italy $280.00 CAD. e11291

A solid gold medical information bracelet is a great way to add some fashion to a potentially life saving function. To help draw important attention to the bracelet its caduceus has been debossed into the highly polished 1.2mm thick polished yellow gold plate. We could make it stand out even more boldly by painting the depressed area in red. The engraving plaque measures a generous 24.8mm x 12.2mm leaving plenty of room to record vital medical information. As a whole the bracelet measures a little over 7 inches and is secured with a large lobster clasp for easy fastening. Italian made by one of the world’s finest manufacturers, UnoAerre. The 5.7 gram bracelet is in excellent condition showing no worn links or joints. We can engrave up to around 5 lines of 15 letters in just a day or two. Estate price $280.00 CAD. Stock #e10364.

August 15, 2018

Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN $10,750.00 CAD (9 months old). e11521

Just a black dial with contrasting white hands and a two way rotating bezel for measuring elapsed time. In more than 60 years of production the Submariner formula has changed very little. Rare vintage examples now trade hands for more than 100 times their original price. The upgraded 116610 Date model adds a useful calendar display at 3 o’clock with that iconic magnified Cyclops bubble. A simple glossy black dial with luminous hands and markers makes for a most purposeful design day or night. If there was a list of blue chip collectible watches the Rolex Submariner would be right at the top. Like any blue chip stock they always appear expensive when you first consider purchasing and they never go on sale. As the years go by and they continually appreciate in value you realize you should have bought one a long time ago. With our weak Canadian dollar they are difficult to find either new or used. If you want to pick up a new one in Canada be prepared to get on a waiting list. Most examples are being diverted to the United States for sale with a much stronger currency. Our latest estate Submariner was originally delivered in Canada to an official Rolex agent in December of 2017. Being a Canadian delivered watch and coming with the original documentation including the first owner’s invoice you can be confident the taxes have been paid. You can travel hassle free across the border should a customs agent ask you to prove the appropriate Canadian tax was paid and the watch wasn’t smuggled into Canada. Overall condition is excellent, exhibiting only subtle evidence of use in the form of small scuffs on the buckle/bracelet. We can have these scuffs removed in a couple of minutes if you wish. Never polished or refinished in any way. It still retains the original finish so coveted by collectors. Inner/outer box, instruction booklet, endorsed warranty card, all paperwork, hanging chronometer seal, cardboard hanging tag showing style/serial number, original bill of sale, cardboard shipping sleeve and even soft foam box liner come included. If you’re considering purchasing a Rolex keep in mind they only appear inexpensive in hindsight. A simple change of ownership at Rolex Canada will keep you covered with the full support of the international warranty until December of 2022. Rolex will not change ownership title without the original endorsed authorized agent warranty card. Gray market vendor watch warranties are not recognized by Rolex. Working perfectly and keeping great time the watch is estate priced at $10,750.00 CAD. Stock #11521.


Omega Seamaster automatic 14765 34.5mm $1400.00 CAD. e11289

Despite the Seamaster moniker and a 30 meter factory rating for water resistance, early Seamasters like this were not all that watertight. Even the stainless steel case proudly displayed the Seahorse logo and WATERPROOF embossed on the back. Rolex had their impressive and patented oyster case with screwed on case back  and crown; Omega needed a different approach to protect their watches from water. They decided to eliminate the case back entirely. The theory is: without a case back and required gasket that could potentially fail, removing the case back all together is one less place for water to enter. To service the watch the entire movement with dial comes out through the front after the crown and crystal are removed. Excellent plan in theory but in practice the non screw down crown rubber gaskets failed over the years letting moisture in. This example while in excellent overall condition does show some minor evidence of moisture damage in the form of tiny specs on the original silver dial. These blemishes are very minor, practically invisible in most situations. Some surface rust on the two piece stem was removed while we performed the full overhaul to the original pink gold plated, 24 jewel, Omega in house calibre 552 in May of 2018. Now in perfect running condition the watch is keeping great time. This less in more watch is an exercise in basic timekeeping with a time only display of gold hands/markers with black highlights for extra contrast against the silver dial. Although this watch is only 34.5mm diameter the actual dial surface area looks larger than a 36mm Rolex Datejust because it lacks a thick bezel. When serviced we replaced the plastic crystal with a genuine Omega replacement. The original crown while no longer waterproof was retained to maintain the overall vintage look. You’d never guess this watch was manufactured in 1961. The 14 karat gold capped lugs are thick and still sharp edged. The solid 14 karat bezel ring shows some minor scratches that go unnoticed except under extreme scrutiny. A brand new 19mm brown Hirsch strap with gold plated buckle has this watch looking almost like new old stock. Including a complimentary one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty this watch is estate priced at $1400.00 CAD. Stock #e11289.