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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

November 20, 2018

Omega Seamaster chronograph America’s Cup 2293.50.00 $4190.00 CAD. e11488

For about 45 years Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers were official Omega agents for the area. Looking through some old dealer catalogs from the years surrounding 2006 (when the watch was released) only the regular Seamaster is listed 2293.52.00. The single style difference between that model and our 2293.50.00 is that ours reads “AMERICA’S CUP” printed across the dial instead of “300m/1000ft”. Aesthetically the two models are identical, made from solid high grade titanium, with a case size of 41.5mm diameter, a black dial equipped with three red-handed subdials, and anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal. It’s not until you look beneath the Seahorse medallion screw down case back that the other variation from the standard model is revealed. The 2293.50.00 is equipped with a Swiss made Omega Calibre 3303 self winding certified chronometer movement with a 55 hour power reserve. This movement was also not even listed in our catalogs in  2005 to 2007. Our watchmaker completely overhauled and serviced the movement July 2016. The watch comes accompanied by our one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. As expected from a Seamaster built for diving, the watch is rated to a depth of 300 meters or 1000 feet. To prepare the watch for that depth it’s been equipped with a screw down helium escape valve, diver’s extension hidden beneath the push bottom fold over clasp, and a threaded crown. The unidirectional ratcheting bezel has a luminous marker at zero to help time dives and decompression stops. The dial is also equipped with large luminous hands and hour markers for legibility in low light situations. Our special edition America’s Cup Seamaster has been lightly refinished and now shows only minor signs of wear. Estate price $4000.00 CAD. Stock #e11488.

November 19, 2018

Rolex Submariner 168000 rare “triple 000” $9168.00 CAD. E11545

If you’re attracted to this watch because of the simple, purposeful classic look, you’ve got great taste. If you noticed it’s a “triple zero” Submariner you must be a Rolex collector and realize just how rare this one is. Or maybe you’re a Rolex collector and don’t know it yet. The Rolex 168000 is universally regarded as the rarest of all the modern Submariners. This is only our 2nd example that has ever been offered for sale. It’s a peculiar watch known as a transitional model. It exhibits features of the first calendar equipped Submariner 1680 plus characteristics of more recent examples. Sapphire crystals, glossy black dials with white gold hour marker plot frames are the most easily recognized updates compared the original Submariner Date 1680. The 168000 is a Rolex anomaly; a bit of a factory Frankenstein. The 6 digit model designation was a Rolex first; it took 13 years before the second 6 digit model made an appearance. A watch that Rolex itself really doesn’t recognize in any official literature (at least that I can source). What makes the 168000 so rare? It’s the first Rolex to be made from 904L grade stainless steel yet still used the old 3035 movement from the 16800. Previous Submariners used the more pedestrian 316l stainless steel. It seems to me that Rolex didn’t quite have their timing (pun intended) quite right in terms of movement/case production. The new updated 904L grade steel case was ready to go for the yet to be released Submariner 16610 that debuted in 1988. Either the new 3135 movement wasn’t ready or they had lots of the older calibre 3035 leftover. I suspect the latter. As a result the 168000 was created to distinguish the old movement/new case watches. Rolex simply added that special extra 0 between the lugs so they could internally keep track of what was what. You’ll also notice that extra zero isn’t even centered making it seem even more like an afterthought. It didn’t take very long to consume the supply of old movements. Most sources speculate that they were used up within 6 months to 1 year. All the examples I’ve seen are “R” serial numbers dating them to 1987. A one year model run is very small for Rolex; the later 16610 model existed for over 20 years. Overall finish and wear looks appropriate for a 31 year old watch. The bracelet is in remarkable condition considering it is over 30 years old according to its MA date code (1988) on the buckle. It exhibits almost no stretch and practically no sag. Sleuthing out the cryptic world of vintage Rolex watches is almost as fun as finding that elusive vintage piece. Keep in mind that Rolex is a very secretive company that has made many millions of watches over the years. The vast numbers of examples in the world make it by far the most collected brand. Rolex doesn’t endorse any independent website opinions including ours, so do your homework. Have some fun learning about the most famous watch brand in the world. Whether you consider that little extra number significant or not, this watch has a great story and it’s a very rare bit of Rolex history. At some point in time the watch much have gone into Rolex for some service. The original tritium dial has been replaced with a luminova service replacement dial. The synthetic sapphire is in suspiciously perfect condition leading us to speculate it has been replaced. Some strong magnification reveals a laser etched Rolex logo just below the 6:00 o’clock hour marker confirming recent factory replacement. At this point it’s safe to assume the hands and bezel insert are factory service replacement items too as their colour and luminous characteristics all perfectly match. Including a one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty this watch is estate priced at $9168.00 CAD. Stock #e11545.

Hand engraved 14kt. bangle bracelet 5.3mm 6.8gr. $420.00 CAD. e11641

You couldn’t come close to replacing something like this new for only $420.00. The time involved to hand engrave the entire circumference alone would cost hundreds of dollars. Perfect condition and made from upgraded 14 karat yellow gold. 5.3mm wide with a weight of over 6.8 grams. Endless bangles are very popular and so is the vintage look, this bracelet has you covered in both categories. These can be stacked with others, mixed and matched as you like. Estate priced at just $420.00 CAD. Stock number e11641.

0.94ct. I2-KL diamond solitaire 3.3gr. 14kt. $1750.00 CAD. e11566

Where do I begin with this diamond ring? First of all we must be 100% clear; Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers does not support or endorse the appraisal/certificate provided with this diamond ring. The ring has never be used or worn. It still retains its factory applied price tag showing a retail value of over $14,000.00 USD. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and I guess $14,000.00 is one opinion of value. Given the highly included nature of the diamond, its warmer colour and average cut we feel a more appropriate estimate of retail replacement value would be around $2500.00 CAD. You’d expect to see a range of value for something like this but to have one opinion more than 7 times another makes you wonder what’s going on. We have a different opinion of the described quality too. The numerous inclusions and their affect on transparency place this diamond in the I2 range of clarity. The slight tint of colour the diamond displays warrant a KL colour grade in our opinion. Although the diamond might weigh 1.00 carat, the 6.25mm diameter would suggest a weight closer to 0.94 carat. The 3.3 gram 14 karat white gold setting is in perfect condition. The ring is brand new, never worn condition. The factory rhodium plated finish is completely intact and scratch free. While this diamond ring will never be confused with a flawless example it faces up pretty well. The evenly dispersed inclusions do impact brilliance but the diamond still sparkles. For the estate price of only $1750.00 it represents excellent value. Just don’t fool yourself into believing this ring is worth anywhere near what the original price tag and official looking appraisal say. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size 6 1/2 ring up or down for no charge. The ring comes with the EGL USA Univeral Gemological Services appraisal documents and folder. Estate priced at $1750.00 CAD. Stock #e11566.



November 18, 2018

Rolex Submariner tropical dial 16803 (1 owner) $16,803.00 CAD. e11555

Not exactly a 5 star rarity, but certainly uncommon to say the least. This is only the 3rd transition model Submariner that we remember and this one is by far the most desirable. Externally it looks exactly like the very common 20 year model run 16613 but its equipped with the older calibre 3035 movement from the previous generation plastic crystal 200 meter Submariners. The transition model 16803 was only made for 3 or 4 years making them far less common and ultimately more collectible. The 8.4 million serial number places a production date on this example to 1984 making it an early transition model. 16803 Submariners were the first to be made from 18 karat yellow gold and stainless steel. They were also the first to feature a synthetic sapphire crystal compared to the previous plastic. For a 34 year old watch this one looks fantastic, showing very little wear. I really love these old anodized aluminum bezel Subs but the tropical dial is what makes this specific example so interesting. The navy blue hue is a colour I’ve never seen on any Submariner before. The original royal blue colour dial has somehow shifted to this less saturated more grayed out navy. Colour shifting dials are an anomaly that isn’t fully understood but it definitely occurs with some vintage Rolex. Black dials can turn a chocolate brown colour, royal blue can shift more to the violet end of  the spectrum. The violet Submariners are fairly common but this navy colour is a first for us and I love it. There are even sections of the dial where some gold is beginning to appear. This is a rare one owner example complete with the original bill of sale from Hong Kong (January 1985). It was carefully worn by the 1 mature owner for 20 years until requiring service in the spring of 2005. Local area Rolex authorized agents D.C. Taylor in Collingwood sent it to Rolex Canada for routine maintenance. The automatic movement was fully cleaned, lubricated, regulated and the case was lightly refinished and polished to look new. After its first and only service the watch was put away in the box and left for the next 13 years until it was traded in to Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. I’m temped to keep this one for myself as it could easily be the first and last transition tropical blue we ever see. The original dial is showing some tan patina on the luminous tritium hour markers and hands appropriate given the age. Perfect raised gold text on that beautiful blue dial is worth a closeup picture. The stainless steel/18 karat yellow gold case still shows excellent detail with thick lugs and perfect sharp beveled edges. The factory bezel and insert still display the correct finish and details that are often overlooked.The 93153/493 bracelet is original to the watch as the date coded buckle places production to mid 1984. There is very little stretch or sag especially considering the age. Even the frog toes Rolex logo on the buckle shows little evidence of flattening.The old 27 jewel 3035 is running great easily conforming to the certified chronometer dial designation for accuracy. The watch will be delivered with a full one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. A traditional size 40mm Submariner is very comfortable for most men. It’s considered the Goldilocks size for a sport watch; not too big and not too small, it’s juuuuust right. Comes complete with original Hong Kong bill of sale, endorsed factory paperwork, service papers from Rolex Canada 2005, service box, polishing cloth and miscellaneous documents. Estate priced at $16,803.00 CAD. Stock #e11555.