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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

April 30, 2017

Air-King 114210 (factory warranty until Aug 31 2021) $5500.00 CAD.

Anyone familiar with Rolex are likely wondering why a watch that was discontinued close to 10 years ago comes with a factory warranty valid until 2021. Although this watch has a “M” serial number placing manufacture to 2008, it wasn’t first sold until August 2016. This qualifies the older model Air-King 114210 to benefit from Rolex’s newer 5 year warranty. If this watch was purchased in 2008, its warranty would have expired in 2010. This fact alone makes this watch a little bit special but what gets us watch nerds excited is the completeness of the watch, the outstanding original condition plus that wonderful and rare engine turned bezel. There’s no evidence of any wear except one of the bracelet adjustment links has been removed. An original clear case back sticker still protects the case back. The Air-King has always been considered an entry level Rolex, lacking any type of complications except the commonwealth only seldom seen Air-King-Date. It’s been the choice of people for many decades looking for, a rugged, reliable time keeper suitable for use under any situation. Most examples had just a smooth steel bezel or perhaps a fluted bezel in gold. I can’t remember seeing another engine turned bezel example at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. At 34mm diameter the watch is suitable for anyone who isn’t looking for a jumbo oversized watch. Water tight to over 300 feet, threaded crown/case back, solid bracelet link construction with locking buckle and a synthetic sapphire crystal are the standard features that make a Rolex Oyster the most admired watch in the world. Unlike most Air-King models produced over the last 70 years this example is equipped with a chronometer grade movement. Chronometer certification ensures superior accuracy. To earn the coveted designation each individual movement undergoes independent testing in different positions at different temperatures for a period of ten days. The time keeping must remain better than 99.99% accurate each 24 hour period. Comes complete with inner/outer box, cardboard sleeve, endorsed warranty card from a Canadian authorized agent, instructions, booklets, plastic hang tags and even the remnants of the original stickers that covered the bracelet before delivery. It’s a 9 year old time capsule Rolex. Estate priced at $5500.00 CAD. Stock #e10358.

April 29, 2017

Rolex Day-Date 18248 bark finish Jubilee dial $17340.00 CAD (tax incl.) e10464

Anybody got an extra $36050.00 CAD ($31350.00 USD MSRP) to spend on a watch? That’s what it’s going to take to buy the least expensive brand new Rolex Day-Date. If your bucket list contains a watch, there is a good chance that watch is a Rolex Day-Date. Unofficially know as the “President”, the model was introduced in the mid 1950s. The Rolex Day-Date look has remained virtually unchanged for 60 years. Different bracelets styles have been added, along with technical improvements like sapphire crystals and quick set calendars but the basic look is still the same. This is a pretty rare and unusual example. Model 18248 comes with a factory bark texture on the bracelet and bezel. Only about 10% of the Day-Date models sold were ordered with this texture compared to the standard brushed/polished finish of the 18238. An ivory tone jubilee dial is quite unusual too. Jubilee dials display a subtle pattern reading ROLEXROLEXROLEX across the entire dial surface. Clear and legible Arabic hour markers add an extra level of function to an already easy to read dial. Originally worn almost exclusively by men the 36mm case size is now seen on the arms of many stylish ladies too. Rolex Day-Date watches have always been constructed from either 18 karat gold or platinum, there is no “entry level” Day-Date manufactured in stainless steel. This example is in excellent condition showing virtually no wear in the bracelet at all. A great way to check for general wear in the links is to hold the watch case so the bracelet is horizontal and observe how much sag results. Drooping only a couple of degrees is really amazing for a 22 year old watch. The watch has a gross weight of total of 144.4 grams including the 5 removable sizing links (one link is a non factory substitute). The iconic Rolex Coronet that serves as the buckle release looks like new too. Often, as these watches are used and polished over time the crown becomes worn down. A 22 year old Rolex like this may be one of the best values in the watch collecting world. It’s likely fully depreciated as long as the condition is maintained. The sapphire crystal and double quickset movement give the watch a modern look and feel. A Day-Date is always in demand from people who appreciate a fine watch and realize the value only estate item can showcase. A 1 year wholesale Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty comes included with purchase. Presented in a Rolex box the watch is estate priced at $17340.00 CAD (tax included). Stock #e10464.

18kt. diamond slave ring 0.17ct. tw. 2.6gr. $490.00 CAD.

Most slave or chevron rings made today are delicate fashion pieces but that is not the case with this interpretation. This fashionable ring was made to last from 2.6 grams of 18 karat yellow gold. Where most are made with tiny low quality diamonds this version has been set with 0.17 carats total weight of high quality round brilliant cut diamonds. Graduated in size, the diamonds help accentuate the plunging curve. Drilled pilot holes under the diamonds add a touch of added manufacturing complexity but allow for easy cleaning. This ring is surprisingly solid and currently measures a finger size 7 with room to adjust up or down a bit. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e10355.

April 28, 2017

18kt. Italian made curb link necklace 22″ 12.4gr. $1036.00 CAD. e10354

At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we have more chains than we have room in our showcases to display them. Being the most timeless and necessary of jewellery items we always aim to keep a large stock of new options. Most lighter chains that come in for sale or trade have been worn out and end up at the refinery for recycling. Gents chains are made heavier and more robust, often showing no signs of wear what-so-ever. Meaning we have a very large and extremely varied offering of gents chains. Take this 22 inch long Italian made curb link for instance, made from 12.4 grams of high quality 18 karat yellow gold. The chain came in showing no signs of wear, not even needing a polish, but considering its pre-owned nature it’s been priced as aggressively as possible at only $1036.00 CAD. Stock #e10354.

18kt. Art Deco antique diamond ring 0.20ct. 2.0gr. Eatons $490.00 CAD. e10367

Fans of the late 1800s department store dramas The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge might find it surprising to learn that Canada’s Eatons followed a similar rise to success. Timothy Eaton started on very humble ground with a small dry goods store in 1869 and grew in just 14 years to a bustling three story department store with the first electric store lights in Canada. He became bitter rivals with Robert Simpson, who’s department store Simpson’s was directly across the street. Customers took advantage of the convenient proximity of both stores, crossing back and forth to compare prices. Eatons was a pioneer of North American retailing and their catalog was a mainstay of Canadian living. The Globe wrote in 1905 “There is hardly a name in Canada, with the possible exception of the Prime Minister, so well known to the people at large as that of Mr. Timothy Eaton.” This 1920s Art Deco Eatons ring is truly a piece of Canadian history and possibly one of the best preserved Deco rings we’ve had. The 2 gram 18 karat white gold ring shows only the slightest signs of wear, with large areas of millgrain in their original condition. The delicate geometric ring top measures 18.5mm long by 9.5mm wide and holds 0.20 carat old European cut diamond of nice I1-I quality. The ring currently measures a finger size 5 with room to adjust up or down. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e10367.