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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

March 19, 2018

BIRKS 1.09ct. VS2-H excellent cut GIA cert. 10.0gr. plat. $10,200.00 CAD. e11178

It’s a practice that even Canada’s premier luxury jeweller seems to like participating in. Buy a diamond ring and receive an appraisal for waaaaaay more than you actually paid. You normally don’t associate a high end, brand name retailer with big discounts. We can only assume the original purchaser paid around $16,000.00 for this ring as the original price tags and documents appear to show from March 28 2001. 7 days later Birks supplied an appraisal endorsing an estimated replacement value of $23,500.00 plus taxes. I guess an appraisal like this may make the client happy but also maybe a little bit confused. Why should there be a 46% difference in the original purchase price versus appraised value? Did diamonds and platinum appreciate $7400.00 in just one week? Did Birks give them a phenomenal deal? What gives? Please don’t ask for or expect an inflated appraisal on any brand new diamond ring purchased at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. We respect our clients far too much to play the promotional appraisal game. It’s hard to say how much value an important brand name like Birks adds to a ring and only they are in a position to answer that question. What I can tell you is that this is a beautiful Canadian diamond that has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America as a 1.09 carat VS2-H. A copy of the GIA report can be seen online here. You’ll notice no remark on cut was provided as GIA at the time didn’t comment on this characteristic. The Birks Canadian diamond certificate (included) outlines in great detail the cut geometry showing the diamond easily falls into the excellent cut range. Doing a search on our extensive diamond database shows comparable GIA certified diamonds (not necessarily Canadian) selling for around $9500.00 CAD based on our retail pricing formula. A typical 10 gram platinum setting like this could be expected to retail for about $2000.00. Without the “Birks” premium we’d assess the value of this ring with a competitive replacement value (Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers regular price) of $11,500.00. The original price tag of $16,100.00 makes sense given Birks’ position as a premium jeweller justifying their premium price. In our opinion the Birks supplied appraisal for $23,500.00 appears a little excessive.The platinum ring is in excellent condition, measuring a size 6 with a substantial finished weight of just over 10 grams! Included with purchase is a laminated copy of the GIA report, laminated Birks Diamond Certificate, Birks appraisal, Birks Diamond Guarantee receipt, original price tags and that famous little blue Birks box.  When we spoke with a very pleasant Birks sales associate asking the cost of a 1.00 carat VS2-H Canadian diamond in a platinum setting, they replied pricing from around $16,000.00. No need to call us for a price, we always show you our diamond prices; from our online database to the small sampling of our estate diamonds. We’re fiercely proud of our products and our 60 years in the making reputation for absolute value without confusing appraisals. We encourage you to compare our prices. Very few jewellers have our strategic pricing advantages and simply can’t supply the sort of value we can. This beautiful Birks Canadian diamond ring is estate priced at $10,200.00 CAD, and only at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Stock #e11178.

March 18, 2018

9 karat gold star necklace 18 inch 9 grams $420.00 CAD. e10976

This star neck piece has a mind of its own, constantly rearranging itself during wear. The mini galaxy graduates from 11.2mm up to its 31.4mm center and features two distinctly different stars shapes (three if you count the high polished backs that often roll forward). The 18 inch long piece is made from 9 grams of 9 karat yellow gold and twinkles musically as it moves. Equipped with an easy to use lobster clasp, in like new condition the necklace is estate priced for $420.00 CAD. Stock #e10976

March 17, 2018

2.08ct. tw. SI-G emerald/princess cut diamond ring $4200.00 CAD. e11011

If brilliant cuts best resemble kaleidoscopes, step cuts are best compared to a hall of mirrors. Not the kind that conjure up images of tacky fun houses at travelling carnivals; think instead of the much buzzed about Infinity Mirrors art installation by Yayoi Kusama. The shallow rooms create worlds that stretch on forever, engulfing the visitor in something that feels like another universe. Step cut diamonds create a similar affect as their rectangular facets shrink towards the culet. Gaze into one for too long and you get the impression of a long passageway of white and spectral flashing light. This unique brilliance is a glassy meditation that is tripled in our robust estate ring. The 1.33 carats of VS-SI-FG emerald cuts are proudly and securely set into 5.4 grams of sturdy 14 karat white gold. To help bring out the unique quality of step cuts the trio has been shouldered with 0.78 carats of geometric princess cut diamonds. The 6 graduated SI2-I1-GH quality diamonds round the total carat weight of the ring up to 2.08 carats. The excellent condition blingy ring currently measures a finger size 8 1/4 with some room to adjust. Accompanying the ring is a Gem Scan Laboratories Certificate of Evaluation that lists a rather optimistic replacement value of $12,000.00 CAD. Our idea of a competitive replacement value for the ring is $6000.00, our estate price is just $4200.00 CAD. Stock #e11011.

March 16, 2018

20.50ct. tw. aquamarine & diamond ring 15gr. 18kt. $3150.00 CAD. e11009

Most people know Aquamarine is the birthstone for March but did you know that aquamarine is in the same mineral family as emerald; beryl. Unlike emeralds which most often form heavily included, aquamarine forms mostly eye clean. That crystal clarity paired with its greenish blue to blue colour range and high sparkle form its name. Aqua is Latin for water and marina means “of the sea”, looking into the cool depths of this 20 carat natural aquamarine you can almost hear waves lapping on a white sand beach. The impressive emerald cousin has certainly been given the recognition it deserves in this one of a kind hand made ring. Solidly constructed from 11 grams of top quality 18 karat white gold the 21.45mm wide statement ring was made to turn heads. Shouldering the aquamarine are geometric stepped platforms pave set with 0.50 carats of lively VS-FG round single cut diamonds. Weighing in at an impressive 15 grams the red-carpet-ready ring measures finger size 9 with room to adjust. Accompanied by a Gem Lab 2008 Appraisal Report stating a retail replacement value of $6150.00 CAD. Our idea of an appropriate replacement value is a slightly more competitive $4500.00. Our estate price of $3150.00 CAD represents a hard to beat value. Perfect condition, hardly worn with original white rhodium finish fully intact. Stock #e11009.

March 15, 2018

Rolex Milgauss 116400 $7885.00 CAD. e10901

If you have the means Rolex make a watch for every man and every woman. Traditional Rolex watches are robustly made from the best components available and are considered the most reliable of any Swiss made watch. The basic styles are suitable for almost any activity you may subject them to. There are however a few watches within the Rolex model line that have been engineered for use during some very specialized tasks. These models are known within Rolex circles as the professionals. The Sea-Dweller comes to mind as a purpose built professional diving tool that is water tight to depths of 12800 feet and comes with an automatic helium escape valve. Our featured professional Rolex is the Milgauss. The Milgauss is perhaps an even more specialized piece of equipment. The original model was introduced in 1956 as an answer to problems encountered when mechanical watches were exposed to strong magnetic fields. The introduction of the Milgauss allowed scientists to wear a watch while working in strong magnetic fields. Without magnetic protection performing your job in extremely strong magnetic fields would render a regular watch useless or unreliable at best. Rolex have gone to extraordinary measures in order to protect the calibre 3131 from the affects of magnetism. A special inner shield contained within the 40mm oyster case is made from a proprietary Rolex blend of metals that keeps the movement running well within chronometer specification even under extreme magnetic field conditions. Our example is a very early issue from 2007, purchased in Canada at an authorized Rolex in January 2008. It has been well taken care of during the last decade and looks like new. Only a few light scratches can be seen on the case, bracelet and case back. The flat black (actually charcoal colour) dial with contrasting orange highlights makes a very striking presentation and that orange lightning bolt second hand has got to be the coolest detail ever. A complimentary one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty comes included along with all the inner/outer boxes, instructions and warranty card. Estate priced at $7885.00 CAD. Stock #e10901.