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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

July 12, 2020

10.5mm wide, 10kt. curb link bracelet, 8″, 16gr. $840.00 CAD. e13324

White gold rings, earrings and pendants still outsell yellow gold, but when is comes to heavier chains and bracelets yellow gold is the colour of preference. It’s unusual for us to have a good sized bracelet or necklace turn up in white gold. This 10 karat white gold bracelet measures over a centimeter in width and 20.5cm long. A few links could be removed to fit a smaller feminine wrist, or it should fit the average to slightly thinner gentleman. Alternating bark and polished finish add some visual interest. Link new condition showing no wear of any kind. The bracelet is secured by a rectangular lobster clasp designed for specific use on this bracelet. 16 grams in weight and priced at $840.00 CAD. Stock #e13324.

July 11, 2020

10kt. 22″ nautical link chain 10.3mm wide 91.8gr. $4,410.00 CAD. e13547


If you are ever in a jam and need a chain to tow your boat this nautical link example is almost up to the task. Not only does it have an appropriate name it has the size and strength that would leave almost any others stretched or broken. This is the biggest nautical link I can remember coming through our estate department. 10.3mm wide, 3.0mm thick and just over 22 inches in length are pretty hard to miss. The necklace weighs just shy of 3 troy ounces at 91.8 grams. The key the strength of nautical chains is the connecting bar running from side to side on each link. Not only does the bar add visual interest by filling in some open space, it keeps the links from elongating and stretching should an extreme force pull on it. The chain is equipped with an oversized, easy to operate, rivetted lobster clasp. Looking practically unworn and in perfect condition. Only an ultrasonic cleaning was required to prepare it for sale. Hardly a scratch can be seen on any of its 48 links links, even the chain ends that suffer the most stress look like new. It comes with an August 2018 certificate on Evaluation stating a Retail Replacement Value of $15,000.00 plus sales tax. Our opinion of a more competitive replacement value is more like $6,000.00 to $7,000.00 even with gold priced close to 50% more today compared to the summer of 2018. When shopping for jewellery NEVER rely on the opinion of these optimistic appraisals. Get a reliable opinion of a competitive replacement value and an iron clad refund policy if the item is not valued as described. As a like new estate item our price of just $4,410.00 offers outstanding value, we guarantee it and offer a 100% refund in you do not. Stock #e13547.

July 10, 2020

1995 Omega Speedmaster 3513.33.00 silver guilloché dial, 39mm $2,600.00 CAD. e13543

Speedmasters have been a core product for Omega since the 1950s. As the vintage watch collecting comes of age it is possible to see early examples of originals selling for 6 figures. This watch is around 25 years old and comes with the rarest of all the dials available at the time. The silver/white guilloché design was always my favorite. In fact, I wore an example of this very watch for several years. This is only the second one we have had come through our estate department. At 39mm diameter these watches are amazingly comfortable. The black tachymeter bezel scale is reminiscent of an early Rolex Daytona. Unlike an early Daytona this watch is available without taking out a 2nd mortgage to finance it. It is also self winding with a handy 31-day calendar unlike an old Daytona. Powering the Speedmaster 3513.33.00 is an Omega modified Valjoux 7750. These workhorse movements are renowned for their reliability, serviceability, and accuracy. Looking back to an old 1998 Canada agent catalogue we have shows this watch had a retail price of $2,800.00. The watch comes with a perfect condition service/travel box. A complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated for 5 years) is included for the estate price of $2,600.00 CAD. Stock #e13543.


July 9, 2020

Raw fine gold nugget 25 grams. Gold value only plus 10%. e13359

This is the largest single gold nugget we have ever offered. It weighs the better part of an ounce and measures approximately 32.7mm x 20.3mm. What a feeling the original miner must have experienced when this one revealed itself in the river. We suspect it was found in a river because its soft rounded edges were likely worn smooth from tumbling rocks in a riverbed. Jewellery or unusual collectible, we will let you decide. A 7mm jumpring was added for use as a pendant on a chain but we suspect it was never worn. The ring shows no wear of any kind; a heavy nugget like this would have caused some wear in the ring as the chain passed through over the years. This unusual item is priced at simply its gold value plus 10% (approximately $2,150.00 at today’s gold value of $2,430.00 per ounce CAD). Stock #e13359

July 8, 2020

14kt. gold Celtic knot wedding ring 7.0gr., size 9, 8mm wide $735.00 CAD. e13542

This Celtic knot ring appears to be hand made. The inner surfaces and pierced areas display a much rougher texture than the easy to access polished outside areas. Unless you have a highly finished model you can’t help getting a rougher finished casting. The outside is easy to smoothly finish and polish by hand, but those tiny nooks and crannies are impossible to access. Without advanced surface preparation and tumble polishing machines those sections are destined to have an unfinished texture. With many types of jewellery this may be an unintended and unwanted consequence, but the rustic nature of the Celtic knot pattern makes it more authentic and appropriate. Whether by design or fortunate accident this ring looks perfect. At 8mm wide it has good presents but its not overwhelming. The size 9 ring has a finished weigh of just over 7 grams, manufactured in good quality 14 karat yellow gold. This ring can be adjusted in size, but the continuous pattern will be disrupted if we add or remove a section to alter the size. Excellent condition and estate priced at $735.00 CAD. Stock #e13542.