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January 17, 2020

1969 Breitling Navitimer Chrono-Matic 1806 Calibre 11 $4,300.00 CAD. e13100

As early as the 1950s watchmakers were intrigued with the thought of a chronograph  watch powered by an automatic winding movement. Convenient self-winding wristwatches were becoming more commonplace but no manufacturer offered an automatic watch with a chronograph. Toward the middle of the 1960s, trends favored larger watches and motor sports. The space race was on and pilot watches also gained popularity. A similar race was on between rival watch manufactures to produce the world’s first automatic chronograph. Zenith, Seiko and the consortium of Heuer, Breitling, Dépraz & Company and Hamilton undertook the challenge to produce the movement before the end of the 1960s. The claibre 11 is the result. From the backside view you’d think it was a hand wind movement as there is no rotor visible. The smaller than average rotating weight is hidden under the chronograph module. It’s a clever way to keep this modular construction from being too thick. The serial number of 1,314,018 indicates this example is one of the earlier versions dating from 1969. The watch came to us running but in need of a full service. Once the case was opened we were surprised to see no evidence of previous repairs in the form of etched service records. The one and only visible mark seen is ours indicating a full technical revision was preformed in May of 2019. With the fresh service the large watch is running like new with all functions operating as designed. This is a large watch measuring 47.5mm diameter. Compared to a traditional sport watch such as a 40mm Rolex Submariner the extra size is easily illustrated.We feel the watch is completely original (beside the strap and buckle) right down to some wear on the black rotating slide rule. Sharp crisp case edges and the original signed crown indicate the watch has also never been polished. The elaborate dial is in excellent condition showing appropriate patina for a 50 year old watch. The characteristic “left hand” crown of all calibre 11 equipped watches helps make them a little more comfortable, as the crown doesn’t dig into the back of your hand. A handy 31 day calendar display at 6:00 o:clock adds extra utility that most many chronographs lack. A brand new 22mm dark brown perforated leather strap with stainless steel buckle adds to the sporting looks. While not original we were fortunate to have in stock a never used original Breitling Chrono-Matic 24 hour A22360 box (a watch heavily inspired by the look and function of our featured watch). Inner/outer boxes, wiz-wheel, slide rule instructions and other documents come included. These accessories are not original to our watch but they make an impressive presentation, are all in pristine condition. Our one year in house warranty covers all aspects of mechanical failure. This is the first Chrono-Matic Breitling we’ve ever had the pleasure of showcasing. Retro looking but comes with the size of a contemporary model. $4,300.00 CAD. Stock #e13100.


0.40ct. tw. I1-IJ diamond & blue topaz cluster earrings 3.7gr. 18kt. $840.00 CAD. e12862

Premium quality 18 karat yellow gold isn’t always the building block of choice when setting coloured gems. Nothing gives the impression of luxury like a touch of rich yellow gold peaking around the edges of a gemstone. The warm tone also blends best into the skin tone giving center stage to the blue topaz and 0.40 carats of I1-IJ round single cut diamonds. The oval halo studs weigh a comfortable 3.7 grams and each is equipped with a heavyweight friction back for maximum peace of mind. Estate price for the pair $840.00 CAD. Stock #e12862.

January 16, 2020

0.54ct. tw. VS-HI pear shape & round diamond pendant 16″ 1.5gr. 10/18kt. $1,050.00 CAD. e12956

Diamonds need movement to best exhibit their intense brilliance. We’re are always pleased when a piece comes in with an inventive little mechanism allowing for maximum motion. The diamond pendant does just that by articulating the pear on a vertical plane. During wear that diamond drop swings freely like a twinkling pendulum. The round brilliant diamond that holds it has been set in a modern yellow gold bezel, giving it a larger footprint. Together the pair equal an estimated 0.54 carats of VS-HI quality. The 18 karat pendant is suspended on a 10 karat 16 inch long chain. Estate price $1,050.00 CAD. Stock #e12956.

January 15, 2020

2019 Rolex Submariner 116613LB perfect condition $16,999.00 CAD. e13109

This is the current version of the most famous sport watch of all time. Submariner model 116613LB boasts some significant improvements over the old 16613LB. That single extra digit in the style number gives you a ceramic bezel insert, thicker hands and hour markers that are far more luminous. The new model also receives a slightly larger case with wider more comfortable lugs. The center links are now solid 18 karat gold and the bracelet is completely new. A patented “glidelock” buckle allows rapid micro adjustment in length. There are few other watches that have a collector following like the Rolex Submariner. It’s not all that uncommon for a Submariner from the 1950s or 60s that was purchased new for a hundred dollars or so to sell for 30 thousand dollars today. This example was purchased brand new in the Toronto area in August of 2019. It remains in like new condition as it was only worn a few times. Model 116613LB has a retail price of $16,600.00 CAD. This watch comes complete with inner/outer boxes, endorsed warranty card, instruction booklet, green plastic chronometer hang tag, white cardboard box sleeve, copy of original invoice, and Rolex shopping bag. The 5 year factory warranty expires in August 2024. As with all sporty professional models, this watch is difficult to find at Rolex agents and is usually on back order with a waiting list. Our price, $16,999.00 CAD. Stock #e13109.

2005 Omega Seamaster Professional Titanium 2231.50.00 $3,200.00 CAD. e12791

The first generation James Bond watches are showing up less and less often in our vintage watch displays. Despite the fact that they were Omega’s most popular watches we are seeing fewer and fewer all the time. Their rugged construction, handsome good looks and do it all design has made them even more popular as pre-owned collectibles. Titanium version 2231.50.00 although by strict definition is not truly a James Bond watch; it does come from the same series with a few design differences. The bezel is titanium, not anodized aluminum and therefore will not fade. Dial markers are rectangular instead of round, the hands are easy to see sword style with more visibility and luminous material for better utility in low/no light situations. Our latest example also comes with the more simple and sporty 5 segment link design. The titanium model is far more rare than the basic steel Bond version because when new it cost close to 50% more yet looked almost identical. Titanium is twice as hard as steel yet half the weight with a more dull grey colour. There are no polished highlights anywhere on the case or bracelet. 41mm case size is just slightly bigger than a contemporary Rolex Submariner and comfortable for most men. Water resistant to 1000 feet, equipped with a curved synthetic sapphire crystal, threaded crown/case back, heavy duty locking buckle with divers extension, helium escape valve and rotating timer bezel make this the ultimate tool watch for any activity. Inside the case beats a modified ETA 2892 A2 chronometer grade movement with calendar. Comes with a service box and the original endorsed warranty cards dated 2005 Gubelin Switzerland. Also included is the original plastic product tag that displays the style/serial number along with the 3,200.00 Swiss Franc price tag from close to 15 years ago. The watch is in like new condition showing almost no wear and tear of any kind. Including a complimentary 1 year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty this excellent condition and uncommon Omega is priced at only $3,200.00 CAD.  Stock #e12791.