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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

October 2, 2022

18kt. diamond bracelet 42.6gr. 0.50ct. tw. I1-JK $3,150.00 CAD. 171-00055

Completely solid construction and weighing in at 42.6 grams, this piece of jewellery is more of a fancy link gold bracelet than a tennis bracelet. Think of the 36 small diamonds as a no charge addition supplying some subtle bling. Despite the light airy open look of the circular twisted wire links, you’ll be surprised at the heft of this bracelet. The diamonds are of I1 clarity and JK colour bead set into white gold bridge links. This bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches long and is secured with an integrated clasp that practically disappears when closed. In like new condition showing no wear of any kind between any of the link joints. This bracelet is priced well below its wholesale value at $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #171-00055.

October 1, 2022

2022 Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm 126600 (never worn) $19,500.00 CAD. 505-00167

It’s not vintage, and it is definitely not from an estate; it is previously owned but never worn. If you have been following the Rolex market over the last few years and you are reading this post, you already know just how hard it is to find any professional models. Authorized agents have only waiting lists and perhaps a display-only model if they’re lucky. A visit to any Rolex boutique can be frustrating as they do not have the models you want. Stainless steel sports models are almost impossible to find. No Submariners, no GMT-Masters, no Explorers, and steel Daytonas have been out of stock and on backorder for existing customers for years in some cases. Sea-Dwellers have been around for over 50 years; they have always been the top of the line for professional divers’ watches. Looking almost identical to the basic Submariner except for being slightly larger (43mm vs. 40-41mm), thicker, and bulkier. The purposeful dial has not changed its basic format of bold luminous markers against a jet-black dial since the 1960s. Sea-Dwellers are equipped with a titanium helium escape valve on the side of the case. If you are living in a diving bell while you are decompressing from a particularly deep dive, breathing a mixture of oxygen and helium, your watch will need this valve to bleed off accumulated helium gas as you decompress. Without the automatic valve, the extra-thick sapphire crystal could explode from gas pressure inside the case. Since the initial introduction in 1967 Sea-Dwellers were always 40mm in diameter. For the 50th anniversary of the original Sea-Dweller in 2017, Rolex decided to give the Sea-Dweller a unique identity matching its overachieving water resistance rating of 4000 feet (basic Submariner is rated for 1000 feet) with a larger 43mm case size and some red printing on the dial. The red SEA-DWELLER text is a subtle homage to the original dial from the 60s and 70s. Nice condition original examples are selling for over $50,000.00 these days. Needless to say, this never worn Rolex is in perfect condition. There is not even the slightest scuff or blemish. If you see any marks in our images they are fingerprints or dust. This watch is perfect. We discovered there is still a protective sticker on the edge of a link. The Sea-Dweller 126600 adds a complicated locking buckle system (GlideLock) that not only allows for multiple micro-length adjustments without the need for tools; it also has a 1-inch extension to fit over a light wetsuit.  Comes complete with inner/outer boxes, an endorsed warranty card (summer 2022), an instruction booklet, a cardboard product tag with the style/serial number, a plastic chronometer hang tag, a Rolex shopping bag, the protective white cardboard box sleeve,and even the original invoice from the Rolex authorized agent. The official Rolex warranty will protect the new owner until the summer of 2027. This collectible Rolex is priced at $19,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00167.


1.00ct. I1-I2-I very good cut natural diamond solitaire, 3.2gr. 14kt. $3,493.00 CAD. 101-00387

What more can we say about our love for natural diamonds and traditional design? A simple honest ring like this speaks volumes about classic design and a statement of commitment. This natural diamond was formed by Mother Nature between 1 and 3 billion years ago. Today, laboratory grown, high tech synthetic diamonds are grown in only a few months. Newly man-made diamonds cost at least 90% less than their natural counterparts but they somehow leave us cold. At one time synthetic diamonds cost much more than natural, but like every other technology, the price has continued to fall. Who knows how cheap synthetics can get over the next few years? Our latest natural diamond isn’t as perfect as many synthetics and it is much more expensive, but we love it just the same. To think something this pretty was created naturally because nature came together with the right combination of ingredients, heat, pressure, and time to produce diamonds has fascinated people for hundreds of years. This diamond has a few inclusions that an eye visible, under scrutiny resulting in an I1 to I2 clarity grade. The colour is quite nice and is conservatively graded an “I”. The cut is very good and the diamond has an average diameter of 6.35mm. We’ve estimated the weight to be an even 1.00 carat. The traditional solitaire design is solidly constructed with full shoulders of over 3mm in width. The ring measures a smallish size 5 1/2 but can be adjusted up or down as required. A simple 5-minute polish while you wait will have this ring looking brand new. This natural diamond is at least 1 billion years old but it could be new to you for the estate price of $3,493.00 CAD. Stock #101-00387.

September 30, 2022

10kt. diamond set lion pendant, 9.2gr., 0.40ct. tw. I1-I. $770.00 CAD. 161-00189

What could be more appropriate than a diamond set crown for the King of the Jungle? Ironic really as lions primarily live on the grasslands and plains of Africa and not in the jungle, but who’s going to argue with a lion? This is a fun piece recently traded in to our estate department. It contains around 200 tiny round single cut diamonds estimated to weigh approximately 0.40 carats in total. They are of I1-I quality and have each been hand set in 4 prong settings. This is an impressive well made 3-dimensional pendant that twinkles and sparkles with the slightest movement. The piercing eyes are 2 small black diamonds. The extra large hinged bail will accommodate almost any chain with a diameter or width of up to 7mm. The finished pendant weighs 9.2 grams and is in perfect condition. This fearsome depiction of the “King of the Grasslands and Plains” is estate priced at $805.00 CAD. Stock #161-00189.

2022 Hamilton Navy Khaki UTC (never worn) H77 505 133 & extra strap $1,115.00 CAD. 501-00175

Brand new, never worn, Hamilton Navy UTC, with an extra strap, full kit with international factory warranty. Hamilton has never been afraid to experiment with different designs. They are an interesting brand to collect as you’d never run out of variety. High quality construction for resonable pricing few other manufacturers can match. They use original ETA automatic movements (not the cloned Swiss substitutes). They all come with super tough sapphire crystals, solid link bracelets, locking buckles, nice packaging, and respect from the watch community as a high-value option to the big Swiss brands. This dual time example has never been worn and comes with an extra nylon strap that reinforces the vintage look. Model H77 505 133 is a current model as shown on the Hamilton website with a suggested retail price of $1,595.00 CAD. This is NOT a grey market watch, it comes with an endorsed Hamilton Boutigue warranty card. Including the complete and original packaging and documentation with tag, this never worn watch is estate priced at $1,115.00 CAD. Stock #501-00175.