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Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers takes great pride in providing our customers with a premium customer service experience and Barrie’s finest selection of watches, diamond and gemstone settings, including jewellery in platinum, white and yellow gold. Our in house custom jewellery designs range from engagement rings and wedding rings to diamond pendants and earrings. In addition, we are continuously updating our estate jewellery collection which includes watches by Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling as well as many other premium brands.

Our on-site gemologist and goldsmith designers are highly knowledgeable and are available to share their years of experience with you. They will answer any questions you have about your existing piece or will assist you in finding or designing that unique gift.

Let us earn your trust. We have been doing that with our customers from the Barrie and surrounding area for the past 60 years and with the recent expansion of our on-line offerings, we are excited to be building customer loyalty all over Canada and the United States.

Latest Vintage Piece

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Ltd. Ed. #319/700 SBGY003G (brand new) $11,650.00 CAD. e13769

Despite the immense variety of watches available, the vast majority can be classified into three categories: either manual wind, automatic, or quartz. Manual wind watches are the oldest technology dated back to the first pocket watches. With manual wind watches, every day or so you must physically wind the mainspring to store the required energy to power the mechanism. Automatic watches run on mechanical energy generated by the movement of the wearer’s wrist which winds the mainspring then slowly and predictably releases power to the hands. Automatic watches never need a battery— only the occasional service. The exceptionally well-tuned, high end, fully adjusted, automatic watch can keep time accurate time to +/- a few seconds per day. Quartz watches instead rely on a quartz crystal to keep time, which vibrates when an electric current is passed through it. In most quartz watches, the crystal will vibrate exactly 32,768 times per second, which the watch can use to keep time to an accuracy of better than +/- 1 second a day. The downside of quartz watches is that they need a battery to power the crystal and move the hands. The Grand Seiko “Spring Drive” movement takes the best aspects of a traditional manual wind watch with the accuracy of the finest quartz movement but without the need for a battery, capacitor, or any other electric storage system. Seiko’s “Tri-Synchro Regulator” technology is like nothing else. Like a manual watch, its power comes entirely by power stored in the mainspring that is very slowly released. However, instead of powering a traditional balance wheel through a series of wheels and gears to the hands; mechanical energy is used to power a tiny generator producing a continuous electric current. This current first powers a quartz crystal, keeping time much more precisely than any mechanical balance wheel oscillating over 4000 times slower ever could. The watch then compares the frequency of the quartz crystal with that of the spring drive glide wheel and uses the remaining current to apply a frictionless electromagnetic brake on the wheel to regulate its speed. The brake keeps the wheel perpetually spinning at a precise rate as determined by the quartz crystal. No battery to replace, no rechargeable capacitor to fail as with every other quartz watch including solar-powered watches. You get the best of both worlds: the accuracy of quartz watches with the convenience/reliability of old fashions hand wind. There truly is no other watch in the world that even comes close to this level of ingenuity. Our newest estate watch comes from a Canadian authorized Grand Seiko agent purchased in June 2020. The watch is absolutely perfect in every way. It has never been used, there isn’t a scratch or even the slightest scuff to be found. In fact, the watch still has its protective plastic stickers on the deployment buckle and case-back. This watch is one of only 700 released in stainless steel to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Seiko Spring Drive technology. Unless you were sharp out of the gate and pre-ordered one of these, they were likely sold out before you ever knew they existed. These watches carry a CAD MSRP of $10,300.00. On the secondary market, used versions are selling for significantly more than the original price and more than our brand new, never used example. It comes complete with everything originally supplied right down to the plastic hang tag/price tag and balance of the 3-year warranty. We are thrilled to showcase only our 2nd Seiko Spring Drive for Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers at the estate price of $11,650.00 CAD. Stock #e13769.

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