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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

February 29, 2024

9kt. snake pendant/necklace 13.4 grams. Ruby eyes with diamonds. $650.00 CAD. 291-00297

Love them or hate them, snakes have been popular subject matter for all varieties of jewellery designs. We mostly encounter such serpentine jewellery in the form of rings and bracelets that wrap around the finger or wrist perfectly displaying the reptiles abilities. I think this is the first time we’ve had a snake design incorporated into a necklace and not simple a pendant. This item most likely came from the United Kingdom as is was created in 9 karat gold. Soldered into the circular mesh/foxtail link necklace is a snake head and tail. The choice of chain is perfect, it mimics the look of a smooth scaly shank skin. The necklace measures 16 inches long and is secured by a sturdy lobster clasp.  Bead set in the head are two, nice quality, genuine ruby eyes. The back of the head contains 4 tiny diamonds adding a touch of reflective sparkle. The necklace weighs in a 13.4 grams and is estate priced at $675.00 CAD. Stock #231-00297.

February 28, 2024

Peoples Jewellers Celebration cut diamond (185 facets) 0.55ct. I1-I $800.00 CAD. 191-00144.

Diamonds are nature’s crystal mirrors, refracting and dispersing white light into spectral colours in an explosion of sparkle and brilliance. There is a finite amount of available light that any diamond can reflect back to the viewer no matter how perfectly cut it may be. A simple single cut diamond with only 17 total facets can be just as efficient with light return as this patented “Celebration” cut diamond from Peoples Jewellers with 185 individual facets. It showcases more than 3 times the facets of a traditional brilliant cut diamond. This doesn’t mean sparkles more, it just simply displays the same amount of sparkle in smaller components. The “sparkle” in a Celebration cut is very consistent and the facet appearance isn’t nearly as geometric compared to a round brilliant. With so many facets on the crown, it’s hard for the naked eye to distinguish individual facet surfaces. The Celebration cut from Peoples is reserved for Canadian mined diamonds only. They distinguish the individual diamonds with a unique laser inscribed serial number along with a diamond and maple leaf logo. This example weighs nicely over half a carat at 0.55ct. and grades a very conservative I1 clarity with an I colour and no fluorescence. We are offering the diamond as a loose stone available to set into any jewellery design you like. A new traditional style 14 karat gold engagement ring like this would likely cost around $700.00, a simple pendant could be done for under $200.00. Peoples Jewellers a currently showing a slightly smaller 0.50 carat diamond of the same quality in a basic solitaire ring setting on their website for $3,299.00. Our 0.55 carat Celebration cut is in perfect condition, ready to set into any piece of jewellery you can imagine. It is estate priced at just $800.00 CAD. stock #191-00144.

February 27, 2024

1.19ct. SI1-I fair cut with GIA report (1.54ct. tw.) diamond ring, 3.9gr., sz. 7, 14kt. $4,000.00 CAD. 191-00142

Forty years ago you walked into a jewellery store, saw a sparkly ring that appealed to you, and you bought it; simple. I suppose today that still happens from time to time, but our customers are interested in the quality, the pedigree, and most of all assurance they are receiving excellent value. The best way to determine value is to make sure the jewellery is described correctly and documented accurately. Accurate grading is the only way to comparison shop, and we welcome opportunity to demonstrate the excellent value of our estate diamonds and jewellery. Our latest estate diamond and ring can be purchased together or individually. We sent the centre round brilliant cut diamond to The Gemological Institute of America for a full grading report in January 2024. The full report can be seen online here. 1.19 carats in eight, SI1 clarity, I colour, fair cut, excellent polish, good symmetry, and strong blue fluorescence were The GIA’s opinion of this diamond. While it was there we spent a little extra to have the report number laser etched in the diamonds girdle. In case you lose the original laminated GIA report you can always look it up online and print off a copy. The cut is bright with lots of sparkle and brilliance, it could be brought up to excellent standards at the expense of around 10 to 12% loss in weight. That’s always the tradeoff when cutting natural diamonds; go for a perfect cut or try to retain some extra weight. If this diamond were to be recut the diameter wouldn’t change, only the depth would be altered, so it really wouldn’t look smaller in a setting. The strong fluorescence is a unique characteristic that only some natural diamonds exhibit (lab-grown diamonds do not fluoresce like this). When exposed to invisible long wave ultraviolet light some natural diamonds glow an eerie chalky blue colour like this. It’s a neat party trick that goes unnoticed until you’re getting your nails cured under UV light or you see the phenomena at glow in the dark bowling or similar. The 14 karat white gold ring contains 4 large baguette cut shoulder diamonds that are estimated to weigh 0.30 carat in total, they are of very good VS-GH quality. The 3.9 gram ring measures a finger size 7 and can be adjusted up or down a size or two. It’s flat edge makes selecting a matching wedding ring a simple process. This setting offers an almost endless selection of potential matches. If you’d like a different style of ring or other piece of jewellery, this diamond can be purchased separately for $3,500.00. The basic ring setting without the centre diamond is also available separately for $500.00. The diamond or complete ring comes with the original January 2024 GIA report, and our traditional blue presentation box. This estate ring is estate priced at $4,000.00 CAD. Stock #191-00142

February 26, 2024

2 Rolex Explorer. 2022 124273 $13,000.00, & 2023 124270 $10,400.00 CAD. 505-00451 505-00443

A pair classic Rolex watches that originally debuted in the 1950s. The Rolex Explorer got its name after Sir Edmund Hillary wore one on his quest to be the first person to successfully climb to the top of Mount Everest. Ever since it has been a top choice for adventurous people who want the ultimate in absolute functional timekeeping. Crafted in Switzerland by Rolex using very expensive 904L stainless steel containing molybdenum. This exotic element makes the Explorer extra resistant to corrosive saltwater and other types of chemical exposure. Large luminous markers make low-light/no-light time interpretation a snap. The Arabic 3,6 and 9 add to the clear clean functional nature of this watch, especially in the dark. For the first time since it was introduced, Rolex now offer this classic model a dressier version with a solid 18 karat yellow gold bezel and centre section of the Oyster bracelet. Rolex has experimented with two-tone Explorers in test markets way back in the 1960s but they never truly committed to the look until just a few years ago. The two-tones are pretty scarce and this is the first example we’ve been able to offer. It was delivered in the summer of 2022 and shows no evidence of any use. There is not a scratch, scuff, or blemish to be seen anywhere. They come complete with box, papers, and the endorsed 5-year Rolex international warranty cards. Our full stainless steel example is in excellent, hardly worn condition. This watch is a 2022 model and was hardly one month old when it was traded in for something different. According to the previous owner, it was carefully worn only about 10 times. It looks like new old stock, only a couple of super light scuffs and scratches are visible on the case buckle, bracelet, and bezel. It remains 100% original, never refinished or polished in any way. At 36mm diameter, these Explorers are not one of those jumbo watches you can’t fit under a shirt cuff. It’s on the smaller size for a gents sporty watch but for a smaller gentleman’s wrist, it is perfectly proportioned. Women too love the absolute functionality these models offer. The 18 karat and stainless steel model  offers a dressier look that is equally at home on the mountain side or your next formal dinner party event. There are not many cleaner, more functional dials than that of a Rolex Explorer. The thin polished bezels makes these watches appear a little larger in person. A screw-down crown and case back help to keep them watertight to a depth of 300 feet. Rolex has abandoned the old 39mm version of this watch, returning to its roots with a 36mm, although a new 40mm version is now on the market too. Both watches come with the original packaging, warranty cards, instructions, booklets, plastic chronometer tag, product/serial number tag, and the foam box liner. The new owner will benefit from the balance of the five-year warranty valid until the summer of 2027 (two-tone) and the summer of 2028 (stainless steel). Here is your opportunity to pick up the two tone for a 14% discount off the current retail price of $15,100.00 as shown of the R0lex website. They are estate priced at $13,000.00 CAD (two-tone) stock #505-00451 and $10,400.00 (stainless steel) stock#505-00443.

Stainless steel 124270 sold.

1.34ct. I1-H good cut (1.49ct. tw.) 3.7gr. platinum, sz.7. with GIA report. $4,900.00 CAD. 101-00556

We acknowledge and appreciate lab-grown diamonds, but our hearts will always prefer Mother Nature’s creations like this vintage estate ring. Lab-grown offer a cheaper alternative but offer little to no residual value, as their prices have been falling for years now. If the lab-grown diamond you’re looking at isn’t around 95% less than its natural equivalent then shop around because they’re asking too much. This diamond offers an outstanding value for two reasons; we acquired it pre-owned, and it is an I1 clarity but looks more like an SI2 (or better). We’ve seen VS clarity diamonds that don’t sparkle as well as this one. The grade setting inclusions are around the outside edge and can mostly be concealed with careful claw placement. The centre of the diamond is almost completely free from inclusions. The colour is a bright H, with a good overall cut, symmetry, and polish. As an added bonus the diamond exhibits no fluorescence. We recently sent this diamond to the Gemological Institute of America for a full diamond grading report. The full report can be seen online here. If you ever misplace the original GIA document you can refer to the microscopic laser etched number on the girdle and print a copy of the report from GIA’s website. This “don’t judge a book by its cover” diamond is set in its original vintage platinum setting that we believe dates from the 1950s or 1960s. It contains 6 marquise shaped brilliant cut diamonds of VS-GH quality (one chipped) that are estimated to weigh 0.15 carats in total weight. For under $5,000.00 this diamond ring offers exception bang for the buck and looks waaaaaay more expensive. If you’d like to set this natural diamond into a different piece of jewellery, it can be purchased without the setting for $4,400.00. This ring measures a finger size 7, it can easily be made a couple of sizes smaller or larger. Included with purchase is the January 2024 GIA diamond grading report and our traditional presentation box. The complete ring is estate priced at $4,900.00 CAD. Stock #101-00556.