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We have unique experience in buying, trading and selling estate jewellery. We have hundreds of previously owned items such as: diamond rings, gold coins, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Call or visit our store if there is a particular item you are looking for.

December 2, 2022

0.61ct. SI2-J (13=0.68ct. tw. SI-H) Spence Diamonds, 6.7gr. 19kt. GIA report. $2,975.00 CAD. 101-00399

The design of this wedding set is surprisingly timeless thanks to its uniqueness that doesn’t confine it to any specific trend period. Really an unsung advantage to opting for something unusual, it can never go out of style. Both the engagement ring and matching wedding band feature bezel set graduate diamonds that build as they move toward the center. The engagement ring is crowned with a prong set GIA-certified 0.61carat round brilliant cut diamond of SI2-J quality, very good cut, excellent polish, and very good symmetry with no fluorescence. The diamond is laser inscribed to ensure you are always able to access the digital copy of its certificate. The additional 13 round brilliant cut diamonds are all of SI-H quality and push the total carat weight of the set up to 1.29 carats. The rings are made from ultra-premium 19 karat white gold and were originally put together by Spence Diamonds. Estate price for the set only $2,975.00 CAD. Stock #101-00399.

December 1, 2022

1994 Rolex Explorer II 16570 40mm on Rubber B strap $10,300.00 CAD. 505-000329

Some may consider adding a custom bright red rubber strap to a classic Rolex sacrilege, but we love it. Maybe not for year-round use but it certainly adds a bit of playfulness to the sometimes stuffy world of collectible Rolex watches. For many Rolex aficionados, there is an 11th commandment, and it goes a little something like this; ” thou shall not modify”. This is true for most modifications to a Rolex as they usually adversely affect the value of the watch. A custom diamond dial or bezel may achieve the look you want, but it adds little to no value if you ever want to trade it in. An innocuous rubber strap like this Rubber B can easily be removed and replaced with the original stainless steel Oyster bracelet in just a couple of minutes. No harm no foul in our books with this upgrade. Rubber B straps are high quality purpose built accessories designed to fit perfectly. The contoured ends sit securely within the dimensions of the lugs and look like they were equipped at the factory, utilizing the original spring bars and Rolex fliplock buckle. The rest of this popular Rolex Explorer II is pretty standard stuff. The perfect condition tritium dial and hands are original and blemish free. There are no scratches on the sapphire crystal and the 12-link Oyster bracelet shows practically no sag and zero stretch. The watch has been carefully refinished and it looks much younger than its true age of 28 years would suggest. The Explorer II is a dual time model that can display a second time zone in a 24 hour format using the second red hour hand in combination with the easy to read 24-hour fixed bezel. The watch is running great and keeping excellent time. It’s a rugged watch with features that have made Rolex number 1 in the luxury watch world. Water resistant oyster case made from super resistant 904L stainless steel. Bright white hands and markers made from 18 karat white gold make time interpretation quick and effortless, as long as you’re not in the dark. Vintage Rolex like this lose their ability to phosphoresce in the dark as the tritium pigment becomes ineffective after about 20-25 years. If you’d like it to glow again, Rolex will happily sell you a replacement dial/hands with the exchange of the original for an updated face with long-lasting glowing material. This would be considered a mistake by almost all Rolex collectors as a permanent change lowers the value. This is the curious world of collectible Rolex, improving the watch can lower its value. This 16570 Explorer II is running well with all functions operating as designed. It comes with our complimentary 1-year mechanical warranty. Included with purchase are the complete Rubber B packaging, some Rolex documents, inner/outer boxes, and the pillow with a blanket, all in very good condition. Bright and playful one minute, subtle and classic the next. This vintage Rolex watch is estate priced at $10,300.00 CAD. Stock #505-00329.

2.21ct. tw. I1-I diamond necklace 15.9gr. 14kt. 16″. $2,500.00 CAD. 161-00192

A delicate strand of lace hand-stitched from white gold and diamonds. The 14 karat necklace features 137 petite round brilliant cut diamonds of well-matched I1-I quality. The collarbone hugging 16 inches ensures the 2.21 carats (estimated weight) of diamonds twinkle brightly with every breath. The necklace is not only thoughtfully designed it’s also very well built allowing it to rotate and bend to fit the contours of any neck without compromising longevity. Its impressive 15.9 gram weight is a further testament to the piece’s quality. The necklace is in like-new condition, showing no signs of wear and retaining its original chromy white rhodium plating. It’s secured by a heavy lobster clasp for secure easy fastening. The necklace was sold as an estate item by Rutledge Jewellers and comes with its original box, receipt, and appraisal. The appraisal suggests an appropriate replacement value of $7,200.00 CAD. The necklace was purchased for $3,269.91 plus sales tax. We feel a competitive replacement price with new would be $5,000 CAD and our estate price is $2,500.00 CAD. Stock #161-00192.

0.50ct. Alexandrite Chrysoberyl & diamond ring (0.10ct. tw) 2.8gr. $1,540.00 CAD. 206-00341

Alexandrite has the unique feature of transmitting green and red light wavelengths in equal measure, requiring only the right change of lighting to show either. In daylight or fluorescent lighting, the green appears but switch to incandescent lighting (candles, certain antique lamps) and the gem becomes purple to red. For this, it was traditionally described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”. Our 0.50 carat oval example displays a teal green with touches of olive and a purplish red. This is the first example we’ve had of this rare gem set into rose gold and the combo really works! It brings out the earthy tones of the green and helps accentuate the richness of the purplish/red. The twisted knot halo that surrounds the gem is accented by petite round brilliant cut diamonds for a touch of eye-catching sparkle. Combined with the diamonds in the shoulders they equal approximately 0.10 carats total weight. The ring is made from top quality 18 karat gold and currently measures a finger size 7 1/4 with some room to adjust. Estate price $1,540.00 CAD. Stock #206-00341.

“Only A Thimble Full” sterling silver shot glass original box 16.7gr. $210.00 CAD. 651-00078

This is absolute proof that dad jokes don’t die! I can imagine the first dad that pulled this shot glass out in front of all his friends and loudly announced that he’d promised his wife he’d only have “a thimble full” to drink tonight! Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, the joke stuck, these thimble-shaped shot glasses have rolled through waves of popularity for almost two centuries, with the earliest surviving examples dating to the early 1800s. We have nothing to date our example by but the intricate and highly skilled hand engraved “Only A Thimble Full” that runs three-quarters of the perimeter. It at least pre-dates the 1950s when this level of hand engraving began to die off as more efficient machine engraving became popular. What’s really unique about our example is the black leatherette carrying case that accompanies it. The pocket-sized friction-toped hard case would have been original to the shot glass and is only beginning to wear around its top edge. The 16.7 gram shot glass is solid sterling silver and measures 1.6 inches tall by 1.4 inches wide. It shows no scratches or dents, just a bit of honest patina that can be removed as desired. Guaranteed to make any dad-joke lover laugh for the estate price of $210.00 CAD. Stock #651-00078.