rings $2000 to $3000

September 15, 2023

0.50ct. VVS-J oval (1.00ct. tw.) 14kt. rose gold engagement/wedding set, 4.9gr., $2,310.00 CAD. e14470

We don’t have too many opportunities to showcase rose gold as it is still rather new on the scene (relatively speaking). Rose gold, or “Russian Gold” as it was originally called, was invented by Carl Faberge in the 19th century. The warm pink hue is meant to be subtle, especially when worn on pink-toned skin, blending into the background to make the diamonds it carries look as if they are floating across the finger. This 14 karat rose gold wedding set is about as modern as they come, featuring an uber-popular oval brilliant cut diamond at its center. That 0.50-carat oval has been set into a white gold head, to diminish the appearance of the prong tips. The diamond is a high VVS clarity and a slightly warm J colour that is brightened by the warm gold of the shoulders. The engagement ring has been decorated with two rows of diamonds for the wearer’s eyes only; adding a touch of luxury while leaving the shoulder tops plain to better partner with any band. It’s been paired with a diamond anniversary band that was obviously designed to match as its diamonds end in line with those of the engagement ring. The accent diamonds bring the total weight of the wedding set up to 1.00-carat total weight. The main diamond has been laser inscribed and is accompanied by its original certificate. The original report describes the ring and diamond when it was a simple white gold solitaire before it was remounted into the rose gold setting. The set currently measures a finger size 5 3/4 with a bit of room to adjust. Estate price $2,310.00 CAD. Stock #e14470 101-00250.

September 12, 2023

1.00ct. tw. SI2-HI Spence Diamonds ring 19kt. white gold 3.7gr. $2,310.00 CAD. e13336

Without doubt this has been the most successful three stone, diamond ring design of modern times. It’s been around for at least 10 years and almost every major manufacturer has produced this ring or a version very similar. It’s not too hard to understand why. Years ago DeBeers developed an advertising campaign marketing the basic 3 stone ring. Their “Past, Present & Future” promotion worked exceptionally well. Pretty soon major jewellery chains Zales, Peoples and many more added these decorative hearts to the gallery and some shoulder bling. Amazing what adding some obvious emotion to a promotion can do. I’m sure many 1000s of this style in every size, quality and price point have been produced over the years. A pretty design with universal appeal is sure to do well. We currently have at least 2 other rings in stock that are the same total diamond weight and design but this one is the highest quality. It was made by Canadian jeweller Spence Diamonds in 2011. The ring is made from super premium 19 karat white gold. This exotic metal is a 79% gold alloy, likely mixed with palladium to give it a “whiter” colour compared to traditional 18 or 14 karat white gold. With any popular design, low quality is an easy way to make it less expensive. It’s nice to see the diamond quality selected by Spence or the original owner of this ring respected the quality of the setting. The centre 3 diamonds are all of strong SI2 clarity with an H or I colour. All are very well cut and each comes with a fully documented certificate including inclusion plotting charts. Plotting diagrams are almost never seen on diamonds weighing less than half a carat. The ring also comes with a November 2011 Spence Diamonds appraisal stating a replacement value of $3,081.00 plus tax. What’s interesting to note is the Canadian and U.S. dollar were valued the same back then. Diamonds and gold are both priced in U.S. dollars, so strictly from a currency perspective this ring should cost waaaaaaay more today as our dollar is trading at only $0.69 CAD for a U.S. dollar as I type this. Considering our weak dollar the value of this like new condition ring should be obvious priced at $2,310.00 CAD. Comes complete with full documentation, certificates, appraisal and original Spence box. Stock #e13336

Diamond & emerald honey bee ring (0.50ct. tw. SI-H), sz. 11.5, 15gr., 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 206-00412

From the sublime to the ridiculous, we have a little bit of everything in our ever changing estate inventory. Here is another item from the “now I’ve seen everything file”. This custom made honey bee ring was manufactured on a large scale, at least 2 times its actual subject matter size. The cute honey bee perched atop the pierced nugget pattern ring measures around one inch long with a wing span to match. Honey bees are essential pollinators for much of the world’s food supply. Their populations are a concern for scientists that have seen declines due to pesticide use, loss of habitat. The wild populations of honey bees are of particular concern as their numbers have become unstable. Some farms in California bring in commercial hives to help pollinate their crops in case the local wild bees are unable to. This ring contains 29 high quality sparkling VS-SI-GH single cut diamonds that are bead set in the body of the cute bee. It’s eyes are fine quality bezel set emeralds that each measure 1.7mm diameter. This ring is a size 11 1/2 but could be adjusted down 3 or 4 sizes without too much trouble. Even though the top half of the shank in this is pierced in a random pattern the ring still weighs in at a substantial 15 grams. This ring is both high quality jewellery and part whimsical artwork. Although the style and subject matter make dating the production of this ring difficult we feel this interesting creation was handmade sometime is the 1970s. It is estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #206-00412.

0.50ct. SI1-I custom solitaire 14kt. white gold $2,030.00 CAD. e8795 101-00152

e8795 0.50ct diamond solitaireA nice innovative design that looks good from the top and great from every other angle. Custom made in 14 karat white gold for a tiny size 5 finger. We can size it up as required quite easily. An excellent cut 0.50 carat SI1 clarity, “I” colour round brilliant cut diamond is nestled between the shoulders. Not too big and definitely not too small. Half carat diamonds are at the point where the over 5.0mm diameter compares nicely to the 6mm plus 1.00 carat stones yet cost around 75% less. Sitting at just the right height allows plenty of light to shine through and also makes regular cleaning a snap. Only worn for a short period of time this ring is in perfect condition. Estate priced at $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e8795 101-00152.e8795.1 custom made 0.50ct. diamond solitaire

September 9, 2023

18kt. Simond G engagement ring MR1546 0.52ct. SI1-J excellent cut $2,400.00 CAD. e13215

We’ve been Simon G fans since we brought the California designers line to the Barrie area at least a dozen years ago, their offerings of bridal jewellery was a perfect fit for us. Most of their pieces take inspiration from the Art Deco period so you can imagine why we’re smitten. This more modern example shows its historic leaning with a delicate edge of millgrain. That almost matte finish really brings out the intense yellow tone of the 18 karat gold setting. It creates a contrasting backdrop for the 24 round brilliant cut diamonds that cover 3/4 of the ring. The 0.27 carats total weight are of Simon G’s typical VS-FG quality, showing their high cut grade through intense fire despite their delicate size. The 0.52 carat centre diamond has been proudly set into a six prong white gold head. It is an eye-clean SI1-J and faces up whiter than you’d expect thanks to the warmth of the ring and its ideal cut. This is a piece we originally put together in 2013 and it comes with all of its original paperwork. Normally semi mount MR 1546 comes in white gold and is currently available new (without a center stone) for $2,574.00 CAD. Our estate price including the center diamond is only $2,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13215.

September 2, 2023

1.50ct. tw. Vera Wang LOVE halo diamond ring (0.70ct. VS1-I princess) 5.5gr. 14kt. $3,000.00 CAD. 101-00447

The Vera Wang LOVE bridal collection from Peoples is certainly their highest quality offering and we’ve had the pleasure of featuring several estate models in the past. Like its predecessors, this diamond-encrusted halo style engagement ring does not disappoint! From its pave set shoulders, to its decorative under-gallery, and double-set cushion shaped halo, the rings top 2/3rds are literally covered in diamonds. All told there are 108 petite round brilliant cut accent diamonds equaling approximately 0.80 carats together. The crowning jewel is a 0.70 carat princess cut diamond of lovely VS1-I quality. The ring also features the signature princess cut blue sapphires tucked into the apex of the under-gallery. The 5.5 gram 14 karat white gold ring currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with a bit of room to adjust. Estate price $3,000.00 CAD. Stock #101-00447.


0.90ct. I2-I, 14=0.18ct. tw. VS-GH, 2.8gr., 14kt., sz. 5 1/2. $2,380.00 CAD. 101-00336

A timeless engagement ring featuring a 6-prong head that seems to take its inspiration from the Tiffany Solitaire, with its graceful scooping out of the prong bases. The shoulders are accented with 14 handset round brilliant cut diamonds of VS-GH quality. They cover the top half of the ring so that during wear all you see is sparkle. The ring itself is solidly constructed from 2.8 grams of 14 karat white gold and shows no signs of wear. It currently measures a finger size 5 1/2 with some room to adjust. Accompanying the ring is a 2022 appraisal stating a very optimistic insurance value of $8,767.00. We feel a more realistic replacement value with new would be $3,400.00 and our estate price is $2,380.00 CAD. Stock #101-00336.

Centre diamond sold. Setting available $525.00 (stock #141-00021).

August 14, 2023

0.85ct. tw. VS-M/VS-GH Art Deco Navette dinner ring filigree milgrain 3.6gr. $2,100.00 CAD. 131-00178

The Navette ring was a popular motif during the Edwardian and Art Deco periods. The shape was used to elongate the finger by spanning (quite often) knuckle to knuckle and tapering gently at both ends. This navette measures 24.3mm long and despite being around 100 years old, it’s in like-new condition. The era-appropriate single-cut and old European cut diamonds are mostly of VS-GH quality, with the exception of the main diamond that displays an M colour. The diamonds equal approximately 0.85 carats together and are hand set into a millgrain accented nature-inspired top. The ring itself is made from top quality 18 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with some room to adjust. The estate price for this antique ring is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #131-00178.

August 11, 2023

0.70ct. SI1-D oval diamond solitaire with GIA report 14kt. 2.1 grams $2,999.00 CAD. 101-00451

Shopping for any diamond that is not round requires some extra savvy and know-how as non-round shapes do not come with a GIA cut grade. The reason for this is a matter of personal taste, because perfectly round is a fact not an opinion but who can define what “perfectly” oval looks like? Some people like a long skinny oval, others like a short chubby oval but there are factors you can drill into that will ensure your oval will sparkle. Two major factors to ask after are depth percentage and table percentage; for an excellent cut oval you want a depth between 58 – 62% and a table between 53 – 63%. This GIA-certified 0.70-carat oval happens to check both of those boxes with a Very Good grade 64.2% depth and an Excellent table percentage of 57%. No surprise that the diamond was ours originally! It also boasts an eye-clean SI1 clarity and colourless D grade. The diamond was set in-house by one of our on-site goldsmiths into this timeless 14-karat yellow gold solitaire, that boasts a narrow 1.64mm width for an on-trend minimalist vibe. The unworn ring measures a finger size 5 1/2 with room to adjust and is estate priced for $2,999.00 CAD. Stock #101-00451.

August 8, 2023

0.52ct. VS1-F radiant cut with GIA report, (0.65ct. tw.) 2.5gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 101-00449

Someone was being very scrupulous when they put this wedding set together, opting for quality over quantity. The petite set is made from only the sweetest ingredients, starting with its 0.52 carat radiant cut center. The GIA pedigreed diamond is an eye-clean VS1 clarity, colourless F colour, excellent polish and symmetry, no fluorescence, and boasts an excellent 66% depth and 69% table. It’s been set very low, sitting just 4.5mm off the finger, perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or someone who would worry about catching their ring on everything. The rings themselves are only 1.8mm wide, creating a delicate overall appearance and increasing the impact of the radiant. The engagement ring and wedding band feature 34 petite round brilliant cut diamonds equaling approximately 0.13 carats in total. The 14-karat white gold set is in like-new condition and currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with a bit of room to adjust. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #101-00449.

July 22, 2023

BIRKS 0.34ct. VS2-GH diamond platinum solitaire $2,100.00 CAD. e9034

e9034 BIIRKS platinum diamond solitairePerfect condition, original bill of sale and box. They don’t come much more complete than this unless you bought it brand new yourself. But then you would also get a little something extra in the form of a much higher price tag. This ring was purchased new in December of 1998 for $3,275.00 plus tax. 17 years later the incredibly durable platinum ring is still like new, the box is smudge free, the original receipt although faded and wrinkled is still legible.e9034 BIRKS diamond solitaire platinum receipt This solitaire style is still one of the most popular around and with the BIRKS history you can be 100% confident in the high quality of this item. Platinum is significantly heavier than gold so a finished weight of 5.3 grams shouldn’t come as a surprise.e9034 BIRKS diamond ring platinum The receipt shows a weight of 0.34 carats for the diamond, VS2 clarity and GH colour. No mention of the cut was made, but it is easily very good to excellent. Platinum is a much more difficult and costly precious metal to adjust. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers will alter the current size 6.5 for you at NO CHARGE. Estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e9034.e9034 BIRKS diamond ring box platinum


July 19, 2023

1.00ct. tw. VS-H 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring 14kt. 4.7gr. sz. 7 3/4. $2,730.00 CAD 101-00461

A trio of emerald cut diamonds is a guaranteed pass into our good books! The largest of the three is 0.54 carat with its fellows weighing approximately 0.23 carat each, all of well-matched VS-H quality. Together they equal 1.00-carat total weight and have been protectively set into oversized corner prongs. The ring itself is solidly constructed from 4.5 grams of 14-karat white gold, ensuring it will stand up to a lifetime of daily wear. The timeless three-stone currently measures a finger size of 7 3/4 with room to adjust as needed. Estate price $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #101-00461.


July 15, 2023

19kt. Canadian diamond set 0.84ct. t.w. SI2-H $2,625.00 CAD. e8624

e8624 CDN dia eng/wedd setYou can’t get a higher gold content in white gold than 19 karat. At just under 80% gold content this unique metal is much heavier than 14 karat and for sensitive skin it is less likely to cause any irritation due to the lower alloy content. Perfect condition, appearing unworn the highly polished rhodium finish is fully intact and scratch free. A very good to excellent cut Canadian diamond is secured in the traditional 4 claw setting measuring 5.33mm diameter estimated to weight 0.60 carats of SI1-SI2-H quality. A maple leaf logo and unique serial number has been engraved along the diamond edge.e8624.1 Canadian diamond ring set A matching 19 karat white gold wedding ring is included, containing 12 nice quality SI-H round brilliant cut diamonds all neatly channel set half way around the ring. Weighing 6.6 grams and measuring a rather small size 4.5 this set will fit the smaller more petite lady. Sizing the rings larger would not be a problem. Two appraisals supplied by Accurate Gemological Laboratories Inc. Toronto dated August 2014 are also included with the set.e8624 appraisal Canadian diamond ring set “Accurate” Gem Labs describe the diamond qualities a little more optimistically than my opinion would be. Likewise their opinion of value is quite a bit more than ours at $7,800.00. We feel a ring set like this is more realistically replaceable for closer to $3,750.00. As estate items they are priced at $2,625.00 for the set only. Stock #e8624.

July 14, 2023

Platinum diamond ring set. 9.3gr. 0.61ct. tw. VS-H $2,100.00 CAD. e9962

e9962-platinum-three-stone-diamond-ring-setEveryone has different priorities when shopping for an engagement and wedding ring set. Some couples want a big statement and will happily sacrifice quality in favor of size. If that isn’t your jewellery philosophy than this set is definitely worth your consideration. Featuring 0.61 carat total weight of exceptionally lively VS-H quality round brilliant cut diamonds this set doesn’t need gargantuan size to turn heads. The rings themselves continue the theme of high quality; consisting of 9 grams of bright white curving platinum. The set currently measures a size 5 1/2 with lots of room to go up or down. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e9962.e9962-platinum-three-stone-diamond-engagement-ring-set



July 13, 2023

Feather style diamond ring 1.75ct. tw. I1-I2-G 7.7gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e11967

The two diamond feathers that make up this dinner ring are deeply contoured at multiple angles to maximize the play of light. At the slightest movement, the ring is covered with splintery flashes of white and every-coloured light. During wear, the white gold shoulders disappear showing only the 136 hand set diamonds that adorn each feather. Together they make an approximate 1.75 carats of I1-I2-G quality brilliance. The size 8 1/2 ring has been designed to sit on a middle or pointer finger and covers the whole digit when worn. Each graceful feather bends gently upward, floating at a proud 8.2mm above the finger top. The 7.7 gram 14 karat statement ring is estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11967.


July 12, 2023

0.61ct. SI2-J (13=0.68ct. tw. SI-H) Spence Diamonds, 6.7gr. 19kt. GIA report. $2,975.00 CAD. 101-00399

The design of this wedding set is surprisingly timeless thanks to its uniqueness that doesn’t confine it to any specific trend period. Really an unsung advantage to opting for something unusual, it can never go out of style. Both the engagement ring and matching wedding band feature bezel set graduate diamonds that build as they move toward the center. The engagement ring is crowned with a prong set GIA-certified 0.61carat round brilliant cut diamond of SI2-J quality, very good cut, excellent polish, and very good symmetry with no fluorescence. The diamond is laser inscribed to ensure you are always able to access the digital copy of its certificate. The additional 13 round brilliant cut diamonds are all of SI-H quality and push the total carat weight of the set up to 1.29 carats. The rings are made from ultra-premium 19 karat white gold and were originally put together by Spence Diamonds. Estate price for the set only $2,975.00 CAD. Stock #101-00399.

0.60ct. VVS2-H (1.14ct. tw.) Spence Diamonds 19 karat ring 5.9gr. $2,925.00 CAD. e13327

18 karat gold is considered the premium choice when it comes to a gold engagement ring. A few manufacturers are using proprietary white gold alloys containing palladium bumping the gold purity to close to 80% while producing a whiter colour than traditional white gold. This Spence Diamonds engagement ring is a great example of a high quality 19 karat white gold engagement ring. The ring was originally purchased in November of 2014 when the cost of gold was 40% less than today and the Canadian dollar was 20% more valuable compared to the U.S. dollar. The ring contains a beautiful square brilliant cut diamond (princess) surrounded by 68 small round brilliant cut diamonds bead set in a cushion shaped halo outline and down the shoulders. There are great design elements incorporated throughout the ring. Overlapping, split shank with milgrain highlights, wheat engraving along the shank edges and diamond set gallery are features that can be admired from every angle. The ring comes complete with a copy of the original bill of sale ($5,422.00 plus sales tax), appraisal, diamond report, warranty brochure, document folder and even the business card of the Spence Diamonds branch manager. It measures a finger size 6 and is in excellent condition showing little use. Our price is just $2,925.00 CAD. Stock #e13327.

July 4, 2023

9.2mm Tahitian black pearl & diamond ring, 4.5gr. 14kt. 0.50ct. VS-GH custom made $2,100.00 CAD. e13941

Tahitian pearls are not only the most valuable pearl, they also represent the greatest level of environmental care in an already environmentally conscious industry. The pinctada margaritifera mollusk can grow to ten pounds in its lifetime, and that lifetime usually covers about 20 years but some have been known to live to 50 years old. They are also very sensitive to changes in water temperature and pollution, making pearl farmers very vocal supporters of ocean cleanup efforts and climate change. If the oceans warm too much pearl mollusks would eventually die off and the pearl industry would collapse. The pinctada margaritifera takes 18 months to 2 years to grow a Tahitian pearl. They aren’t killed in the pearl harvesting process. Farmers need to maximize the yield of their mollusks. It wouldn’t make sense to kill one that has reached the larger size required to grow the most valuable pearls. Tahitian pearls come in a range of colours known in the trade as aubergine (dark grayish-purple bodycolor), pistachio (yellowish-green to greenish-yellow bodycolor), or peacock (dark green-gray to blue-gray body color with pink to purple overtones). Our 9.2mm round Tahitian is of the peacock variety. It’s had a 14 karat white gold ring custom-built around it. Featuring 0.50 carats total weight of tapered baguette-cut diamond accents of high VS-GH quality. The ring measures a finger size 6 1/4 and is accompanied by its original appraisal stating a reasonable realistic value of $3,600.00 CAD. Our estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13941.

July 3, 2023

Platinum & 18kt. gold wedding ring 6mm, sz. 10, 12.6gr. (never worn) $2,100.00 CAD. 401-00199

18 karat yellow gold and platinum, for when only the best will do! The 6.0mm wide by 2.0mm thick band is about as well-made as they come and is in like-new unworn condition. The warm high polished yellow features both curved exterior edges and a comfort fit interior. The brushed finish platinum adds heft to the ring, making the 12.6 grams ring feel much heavier than it looks. The band currently measures a stock finger size of 10 with room to adjust. The estate price for this brand-new band is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #401-00199.


June 30, 2023

1.75ct. tw. SI2-I princess cut engagement/wedding ring set, 8.8gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. e8576

Some engagement rings are designed to not just be viewed head-on but to be seen from the side, or the view that the wearer most often has of them; this is such an engagement ring. From head-on, one sees a widening line of princess cut diamonds ending in a 0.52ct SI2-I diamond, raised high above the rest. But from a side-view, that graduating effect is captured with round brilliant cut diamonds. Combined with those in the matching channel set wedding band, the 27 accent diamond equals 1.25 carats together with matching SI2-I quality. The 8.8 gram 14 karat white gold wedding set currently measures a finger size 7 1/4 with a bit of room to adjust. Estate price for the set is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e8576.

Engagement ring sold. Wedding ring available.

May 29, 2023

1.67ct. tw. blue & white diamond ring (I1-H) 8.1gr. 14kt. $2,450.00 CAD. 131-00180.

Colour enhancement for diamonds has come a long way since it was first introduced and now offers a dramatic range of rainbow colours that can be achieved through several treatment methods. Treated blue diamonds are the result of a process of irradiation which exposes the diamonds to high-energy electron saturation or bombardment. This process pushes the carbon atoms out of their normal position in the crystal lattice, leaving vacancies that allow light to move differently inside the gem, changing the absorption spectrum which allows blue-green light to be returned to the human eye, thus changing the diamond’s colour. The 17 irradiated blue diamonds in this ring equal approximately 1.19 carats together. The additional 58 round brilliant cut diamonds that cover the ring’s top third equal 0.48 carats of traditional white SI-I1-HI quality. The well-made 14-karat white gold statement ring (measuring a statement-making 15.6mm wide) is in like-new condition retaining its original chrome rhodium plating and currently measures a finger size 9 with some room to adjust. It’s accompanied by a GS Laboratories certificate stating a replacement value of $4,400.00 CAD. Our estate price is $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #131-00180.

May 23, 2023

14kt. diamond dinner ring 0.85ct. tw. VS-SI-GH 5gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e13939

Diamond dinner rings are always a treat to showcase, especially the lace-inspired styles like this 7mm wide version. Made from 5.0 grams of brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold and accented all over with frosty millgrain. The open trellis center features a repeating pattern of round and diamond-shaped settings connecting on either side to the bead set rows of diamonds. The ring only leaves its bottom quarter plain for future sizing. The rest of the ring has been set with 0.85 carats total weight of VS-SI-GH petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The ring is accompanied by its original appraisal and currently measures a finger size 5 1/4 with a bit of room to adjust. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13939.

May 22, 2023

0.81ct. VS2-J mine cut diamond solitaire 14kt. 3.2gr. $2,600.00 CAD. e4983

Something old and something new. Believe it or not the diamond at the centre of this modern 14 karat white gold solitaire could be pushing 300 years old. Mine cut diamonds are the distant relatives to today’s modern round brilliant cut. In fact, the number and relative position of the 58 facets is the same you’d expect to see on a diamond that was cut today. From the early 18th century to the late 19th century, the old mine cut was the most popular. This excerpt is taken from the GIAs website detailing how the name “old mine cut” came about. Some confusion surrounds the term “old mine cut,” especially as the term has evolved over the years. It probably came into common use around the late 1800s, at a time when diamond production from Africa began to eclipse production from the “old mines” of Brazil and even older mines of India. “Old mine cut,” originally meant any “brilliant,” cut squarish shape, colorless or near-colorless diamonds that originated in Brazil or India. Then, as African mines began producing diamonds of higher color quality, the term old mine cut was applied to any diamond with exceptional color and one that had the older style cut. Eventually, old mine cut was applied only to squarish-shaped diamonds with faceting arrangements that were popular beginning in the early 1700s. This estate diamond was weighed at 0.81 carats before it was set into this 14 karat white gold American made solitaire setting. Its clarity is a very good VS2 and the colour compared favorably to our GIA master stones as a J. The smallish finger size 4 ring can easily be made larger as required by our onsite goldsmiths. A couple centuries old but good as new, I guess diamonds really are forever. The complete ring is estate priced at $2,600.00 CAD. Stock #e4983.

May 17, 2023

2.52ct. tanzanite & diamond (0.27ct. tw. SI-I-HI) ring, 8.4gr. 14kt. Never worn. $2,800.00 CAD. 206-00320

Tanzanite is often cut into this unique trillion cut, seldom seen in other gems. The reason gem cutters opt for this shape repeatedly is its ability to bring out the gem’s special feature. Tanzanite is one of the strongest trichroic gems, meaning when light passes through the gem it vibrates on three different planes, simultaneously creating three different colours. Only the top 20% of tanzanites produce the third colour, red. This 2.52 carat tanzanite does not display that red colour but it proudly displays intense indigo and violet that constantly trade places as you rotate the ring. The mesmerizing gem has been set into a statement ring that mirrors its unique shape. A band of 0.27 carat total weight channel set round brilliant cut diamonds add a bit of contrast with their sparkle. The SI-I-HI diamonds are well cut and stand out brightly against the warm 14 karat yellow gold that carries them. The ring measures 12.5mm at its widest and is solidly constructed, weighing in at 8.4 grams. The unworn ring measures a finger size 8 and is accompanied by its original 2011 paperwork from Diamonds International stating a purchase price of $2,900.00 USD. Our estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #206-00320.

May 12, 2023

0.65ct. SI1-G Sirius Polar Bear Canadian princess cut diamond 3.4gr. plat. solitaire $2,660.00 CAD. 101-00404

The long-extinct Polar Bear Diamond is being resurrected by the GNWT (government of the North West Territories) which has granted the rights to the Diamonds de Canada company. But the emblem can only be used on 16,000 diamonds, the actual number of polar bears alive in Canada (as of the 2022 announcement). These limited-edition diamonds will share part of their proceeds with GNWT research efforts (for the full story visit the GNWT’s website). This 0.65-carat Sirius Ideal Princess Polar Bear Diamond is from the original offering in the early 2000s and displays the intense brilliance and sparkle that only exacting cutting standards can produce. It’s laser inscribed with a NWT government tracking number, a serial number, and the tinniest polar bear you’ll ever encounter. The diamond is an eye-clean SI1 clarity and strong G colour. It’s accompanied by a generic Polar Bear diamond brochure detailing the history and story of the project. The diamond crowns a timeless platinum solitaire engagement ring that currently measures a finger size 5 3/4. The estate price for this like-new piece of Canadian diamond history is $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #101-00404.

May 9, 2023

0.53ct. VS1-H retro remount (8=0.20ct. tw. VS-H) 5.1gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. 131-00150

Something unique to the jewellery industry is the ability to recycle unendingly. Diamonds don’t go bad and gold can always be refined back to its pure state and alloyed anew. So the concept of redesigning is as old as the tradition of wearing precious jewellery itself. We can always tell when a piece is a redesign thanks to the strange mix of ingredients. In this case, it’s a mix of baguettes, petite round brilliant cut diamonds, and round single cut diamonds artfully combined into something new. These small diamonds weigh an estimated 0.20 carats in total and are of high VS-H quality, building towards the main diamond. That 0.53 carat round brilliant cut has been set into a compass heading setting and is an equally impressive VS1-H quality. The nature-inspired vintage remount is in like-new condition, retaining its original rhodium finish. It measures an overall width of 9.8mm and a current finger size of 7 1/2 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #131-00150.

0.70ct. SI2-F good cut diamond solitaire 5.2gr. 14kt. $2,940.00 CAD. 101-00392

How much does a diamond cost? How long is a piece of string? Neither of these questions has a definitive answer. Without knowing the exact details of a diamond, it’s impossible to access its value. Even when the specifics are assumed to be accurate the values can vary widely depending on how efficiently the vendor sourced the diamond and the markup they applied. Insurance appraisal documents can sometimes be rather liberal in their opinions of replacement values, and everyone knows about opinions….. Our latest estate diamond ring is a beautiful 14-karat white gold traditional design solitaire. It comes with a GemScan Certificate of Evaluation from Valentine’s Day 2005. 17 years ago the diamond ring was assigned a replacement value of $9,600.00 plus sales tax. In February 2011 an updated appraisal was performed, this time the ring was priced at $8,150.00. Our opinion of quality may be a little conservative, but we feel this diamond is more of a very good SI2 rather than an SI1 as the two other documents say. Even with a weak Canadian dollar, we feel a competitive replacement value for this ring is closer to $4,200.00. As it is previously enjoyed and showing some wear to the 4 claws, we have this ring estate priced at $2,940.00. The finger size 7 1/2 solid shoulder setting weighs a substantial 5.2 grams. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size up or down as required. If you’d like a different setting, this diamond would make a great candidate for a remount to something different. Including the two original appraisal documents, this ring is estate priced at $2,940.00 CAD. Stock #101-00392.

May 3, 2023

Sapphire & diamond ring (S=0.64ct. D=0.34ct. VS-H), 11.2gr., 14kt., 9.5mm, sz. 6 1/2. $2,176.00 CAD. 206-00290


Not only do sapphires come in almost every colour of the rainbow but they come in every shade of blue possible. The highest value of the spectrum is bright cornflower blue, which these sapphires are in person. That soft bright tone allows the greatest amount of light into the gem to bounce around and create dazzling flashes. The 9.5mm wide ring was likely custom-made, apparent from the sturdy construction. The ring weighs in at an impressive 11.2 grams and features an additional 0.34 carats of petite round brilliant cut diamonds all of VS-GH quality. Added to the estimated 0.64 carats of sapphires and the chromy white rhodium finish on the 14 karat white gold and you have a show-stopping piece! The ring is in unworn condition and measures a finger size of 6 1/2 with a bit of room to adjust. It comes with a 2022 appraisal stating an optimistic replacement value of $7,035.00 CAD. We feel $3,108.00 CAD would be a much more competitive replacement value with new, and our estate price is $2,176.00 CAD. Stock #206-00290.

April 18, 2023

0.90ct. fine sapphire & diamond (0.36ct. tw. VS-H) halo cluster 4gr. 14kt. $2,240.00 CAD. 206-00361

Showcasing exceptional gemstones is probably one of the greatest perks of the job! They give us an opportunity to share our passion for what these rare minerals are capable of. With corundum, the mineral that sapphire and ruby come from, we’re fortunate to be able to display so many show-stoppers. The rainbow gem is most known for its blue tones and the blue we are discussing today is just slightly too blue to be cornflower. The 0.90-carat round cut has been faceted to maximize brilliance, allowing it to twinkle brightly at the slightest movement. It’s an eye-clean clarity and has been encircled with 12 high-quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds. They total approximately 0.36 carats together and have been well-matched and well-cut to maximize their fire. The prongs, and the entire ring for that matter, are in like new condition, heavily made to ensure a very long lifespan. To keep the focus on the 10.8mm wide head the rest of the ring has been left as unadorned 14-karat white gold. The ring currently measures a finger size 7 with lots of room to adjust up or down as needed. The estate price is $2,240.00, CAD. Stock #206-00361.

April 13, 2023

Art Deco inspired sapphire & diamond ring 2.00ct. tw. 6.9gr. 14kt. Canadian made $2,660.00 CAD. e13219

This regal ring takes its style cues from Islamic architecture. The white gold top is made up of two ogee arches encrusted in diamonds. The 22.0mm x 11.6mm yellow gold top are simplified Muqarnas vaulting; that geometric stalactite looking honeycomb that distinguishes many of the most famous buildings in the Middle East. The warmth of 14 karat gold adds to the rings luxurious nature. The entire architectural top is covered in 0.50 carats of SI-HI round brilliant cut diamonds. But what really draws the eye to this ring is the 1.00 carat oval blue sapphire, a final drop of decadence. Proudly manufactured in Canada by Crescendo Jewellery Toronto to a very high standard. Currently the 6.9 gram ring measures a finger size 7 with some room to adjust as needed. Estate price $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e13219.

April 7, 2023

18kt. Tacori diamond wedding ring 0.25ct. VS-G 8.0gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e11878

The devil is in the details when it comes to Tacori. They sign their work with decadent embellishments that often only the wearer knows of. It’s their way of setting the brand apart as a luxury line, a statement that a piece doesn’t have to be showy to be valuable. This hefty band is accented with a milgrained channel south of the center. Hidden in its depths are a subtle row of perfectly matched VS-G square brilliant-cut diamonds. You have to look twice to see the 0.25 carats packed tightly together. The finishing touch is a hand-engraved laurel wreath tucked inside both edges of the interior of the ring, creating a comfortable fit in the most elegant manner possible. In true Tacori fashion, the size 7 ring weighs in at a solid 8 grams. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11878.


April 4, 2023

1.08ct. tw. VS-SI-FG princess cut engagement ring 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e9968

e9968-princess-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-001Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has been buying estate jewellery for over 60 years. This unique experience has given us a reputation as an estate jewellery destination and we consistently acquire unique and sometimes custom made pieces originally purchased from boutiques and micro chain stores all over North America and the world. This variety of sources means that we regularly see engagement ring styles that we’ve never encountered before. That was the case for this 6 gram 14 karat white gold engagement ring. The ring shows the signs of being custom made with the hand engraved details and solid construction that you don’t usually see in production pieces. The unique design plays with the contrasting optical effects of an uninterrupted shine of channel set princess cut diamonds bracketed by petite sparkling round brilliants. The main 0.45 carat princess cut diamond was chosen to be slightly narrower than the width of the ring, highlighting it’s brilliant pattern by surrounding it with high polished gold. The theme of contrast is continued when you view the ring from the side, as three little bead set diamonds decorate the space between the two curving prongs. Another tell tale sign of custom made pieces is top quality diamonds; the 1.08 carats of VS-FG diamonds that cover the ring are certainly top quality. The ring measures a finger size 7 and is accompanied by a 2013 Prosper Designs appraisal. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e9968.e9968-princess-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-002

March 30, 2023

0.57ct. VS2-GH very good cut, 2.9 gram 18 karat. $2,660.00 CAD. 101-00386

Does anyone else love English Hallmarks on gold jewellery? These punched symbols and letters tell the story of your jewellery’s age, who made it, and when. Sometimes they can be indecipherable from wear, or removed from previous repairs, but it is the law in the United Kingdom for jewellery to display such marks new new. They are usually discreet and tiny so as to not disturb or distort the beauty of the item. Our latest estate ring proudly shows off its hallmarks with excellent clarity on the inside of the shank’s lower shoulder. Each stamping has a meaning. The MJM is the manufacture’s trademark, the rose symbol means the ring was assayed in Sheffield England, the image of the crown means the item is made from gold, and the 750 means it is of 75% pure gold content (18 karats), finally, the letter code S is the date of the assay (1992). We didn’t try digging into who MJM is, but I’m sure the information is out there on the internet somewhere. Whoever they are, they produced a classic design, high quality ring to be proud of. The simple yellow and white gold solitaire made from 2.8 grams of premium 18 karat gold consists of a 3.1mm tulip shank with a 6 prong double gallery setting containing a beautiful round brilliant cut diamond. The diamond measures approximately 5.32mm in diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.57 carats. It is of VS2 clarity, GH colour, very good cut, and displays no fluorescence. The ring comes with a February 2020 GemScan Certificate of Evaluation suggesting a replacement value of $6,500.00 plus sales tax. Given a competitive market pricing approach to evaluation, we feel this ring would cost closer to $3,800.00 to replace with new. As this ring is preowned, we have it estate priced at only $2,660.00. It is in excellent condition showing little wear and measures a finger size of 6 1/2. One of our onsite goldsmiths should be able to adjust the fit up or down by 2 sizes if needed in only a day or two. The flat edge of the traditional design makes finding a complimentary wedding or anniversary ring a simple task. This ring is estate priced at $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #101-00386.

March 6, 2023

0.80ct. tw. (0.40ct. SI1-D) double halo, hand made, engagement/wedding ring set. $2,800.00 CAD. e14357 101-00071

What you don’t see a lot of is yellow gold halos, as yellow gold was rather out of favor when halos were at their peak of popularity about 6 years ago. It’s a good thing yellow gold is cool again because it really works with a halo! The softer hue blends nicely into most skin tones making the metal a subtle accent. The accent diamonds end up having more room to shine as they aren’t competing with bright chromy white gold. The one advantage to a white gold halo is that it blurs the line between the main diamond and the accents, giving the main diamond the appearance of a larger diameter. This wedding set happens to also feature that optical illusion with the interior halo done in white gold. The round brilliant cut diamond at the center of this thoughtful ring is a nice 0.40 carat of lovely SI1-D quality. The rest of the wedding set is adorned with 40 petite diamonds equalling 0.40 carats together. The custom-made 14 karat set currently measures a size 4 with a bit of room to adjust. Sold together for the estate price of $2,800.00 CAD. Stock Number e14357 #101-00071.

March 3, 2023

1.00ct. tw. diamond ring European cut I1-K, VS-H, 3.7gr. 14kt. $2,030.00 CAD. e14133

An old European diamond trinity ring proving yet again that 3-stone engagement rings are not a new concept. The centre diamonds would have been cut around the mid to late 1800s. The side diamonds are more modern cut, dating no older than the 1930s. The ring likely dates from around the 1940s. It’s had some maintenance over the years with a new full shank being installed at some point. The larger antique centre and its newer side stones weigh an estimated 1.00 carat in total and range from an I1-K quality (center diamond) up to VS-H (the other two). The 14 karat two-tone ring is currently a finger size 6 1/4 with room to adjust up or down. Estate price $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e14133.

March 1, 2023

1.86ct. tw. VS-SI-JK 14kt. gold vintage diamond dinner ring 8.6gr. $2,800.00 CAD. e13966

I think we are going to rebrand this vintage dinner ring as a fireworks ring! The yellow gold triple-split shoulders look like the comet tails whistling their way upwards until they get to their designated height and explode into a blossoming shower of brightly burning explosions. You see it too right? The 27 round brilliant cut diamonds building up towards you at the cluster’s center. While also shooting off in every direction possible, in a mad rush to make the most of their short-lived chemical reactions. Here that lifespan is elongated thanks to the staying power of 1.86 carats of 3 billion-year-old diamonds. The effect is the same though, bright white light with delicate sparks of coloured brilliance mixed throughout. The diamonds that freeze this spectacle in place are better than expected (for a cluster) VS-SI-IJK quality. The ring is cast from 8.6 grams of 14 karat yellow and white gold. The ring measures a 7 1/4 and can be adjusted up or down a size or two. Estate price for this light show $2800.00 CAD. Stock #e13966.

February 27, 2023

0.50ct. I1-I diamond ring, 11.6gr. platinum, size 6, $2,310.00 CAD. 101-00277

This is a more cautious and lower maintenance version of a true tension setting, where the diamond would be held in place by the spring force of the band trying to close itself into a complete circle. The problem with actual tension setting comes when you have to size the ring, but that’s more of an us-problem than a you-problem! Let’s just say we are happy to feature this mock tension set ring instead of the real thing! This ring certainly has the effect of a tension setting, displaying almost the entire diamond from both the head-on and the side view. The 0.50 carat round brilliant cut it displays is a pleasant-looking I1-I, showing only one eye-visible feather inclusion, leaving the rest of the diamond to sparkle brightly. The ring itself has been made from top-quality platinum and a lot of it, weighing in at a whopping 11.6 grams. The ring currently measures a finger size 6 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2,310.00 CAD. Stock #101-00277.

February 12, 2023

0.58ct. I1-I (1.55ct. tw.) Spence Diamonds ring set 7.0gr. 14kt. $2,450.00 CAD. e13434

The look of an eternity set without the additional cost of a full band of diamonds. The advantage of this kind of set over an eternity is the comfort between the fingers. The feeling of smooth high polished gold is much nicer than hard faceted diamonds. Of course, the downside belongs to anyone with knuckles that are wider than their fingers. As rings need to be sized to fit the knuckle a narrow finger can result in spinning, with the band often facing up white gold instead of diamonds. So it becomes a question of how much is the occasional ring rotation worth? This wedding set is covered with 0.97 carats of I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds. Each has been individually four prongs for added security. The main diamond is a well cut 0.58 carat round brilliant cut also of I1-I quality with the grade setting inclusion mostly disguised by the facet pattern. The pair are originally from Spence Diamonds and weigh 7 grams in total. Both currently measure a finger size 7 3/4 with room to adjust. Estate priced as a set only $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #e13434.

February 6, 2023

19mm x 17mm turquoise & diamond ring 1.25ct.tw. VS-I, 6.7gr. 18kt. $2,590.00 CAD. e14535 206-00234

Turquoise comes in a range of hues from azure to robin’s egg blue to lime and avocado greens, with azure blue traditionally being the most valuable. More important than colour is the purity of the stone as turquoise often forms with veins of host rock or matrix running through it. The most valuable turquoise is free from any visible blemishes, displaying an even surface of uninterrupted blue. Turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gemstones, it was a favorite adornment of ancient Egyptians and of Chinese royalty, with the oldest examples dating back over 3000 years. This ring certainly gives its robin’s egg blue turquoise the royal treatment! It’s been surrounded by 1.25 carats of very well-matched VS-I round brilliant cut diamonds. The ring itself is made of high-quality 18 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 5 with some room to adjust. The turquoise shows some evidence of previous wear, not surprising considering it measures a 5 or 6 on the MOHs hardness scale. As long as the ring is worn mindfully and gently it shouldn’t sustain any further dings. Estate price $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #e14535 206-00234.


February 3, 2023

0.47ct. SI1-I, 18kt., diamond ring, 6.0gr., 1.22ct. tw., size 6 1/4, $2,100.00 CAD. 101-00327

Did you know puffed sleeves are back in style? Anne would be ecstatic! Though the style was originally popularized during the Renaissance it’s peaked innumerable times throughout history and has been making a come back in the 2020s. The current trend calls for a tapered puff, something like the gentle taper on these pave puffs. The diamond-encrusted shoulders pump up the haute couture with military epaulets; apparently, high ranking, considering they’re made from precisely tapered baguette cut diamonds bordered with mirror-finished 18 karat white gold. The high-fashion puffs measure 6.65mm wide and have been hand set with 0.75 carats of SI-GH diamonds. The round brilliant cut diamond that crowns this statement ring weighs approximately 0.47 carat of eye-clean SI1 clarity and I colour. The 6 gram ring currently measures a finger size 6 with a bit of room to adjust. The ring retains its original chromy white rhodium plating and is in like-new condition for the estate price of $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #101-00327.

January 25, 2023

1945 two 1/2 Pesos coin ring 12.8gr. 14kt. 0.20ct. tw I1-IJ, sz. 7. $1,498.00 CAD. 116-00050

A gold Mexican two and a half Peso coin from the year World War II ended; incidentally, Mexico was very vocal in encouraging their southern neighbors to support the Allies after they joined the fighting in 1942. The coin has been framed with white gold and diamonds, setting off the rich warmth of its 90% gold content. The 17.68mm x 17.71mm ring top features 0.20 carats total weight of I1-IJ round brilliant cut diamonds. The rest of the ring is understated 14 karat yellow gold in a finger size 7 with some room to adjust. Estate price is $1,498.00 CAD. Stock #116-00050.

January 24, 2023

0.74ct. SI2-I oval brilliant cut diamond solitaire, 4.2gr., 18kt. $2,380.00 CAD. 101-00249

Oval diamonds are certainly having a moment (more like a year) and it’s not hard to understand why. Though they don’t offer the unrivaled sparkle of an excellent cut round brilliant diamond, they make up for it with footprint. This 0.74 carat oval measures an impressive 8.31mm long. Part of that length comes from the narrow nature of this particular oval, as it spans only 4.58mm wide. Though skinny (and we here at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers believe strongly in shape-positivity) the diamond certainly packs a punch with a pleasant SI2 clarity and an I colour that is whitened by the contrasting warm 18 karat yellow gold of the shoulders. The 4.2 gram ring is solidly constructed and currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with plenty of room to adjust. Estate price $2,380.00 CAD. Stock #101-00249.

January 20, 2023

0.64ct. I1-J (0.90ct. tw) 18 karat/silver mokume-gane ring set 7.5gr. $2,800.00 CAD. e14210

Mokume-gane is as exotic as it sounds, originating in 17th-century Japan “wood-grain metal” or “wood-eye metal” was developed by master metalworker Denbei Shoami, for the creation of decorative sword sheaths and handles. With the banning of public displays of samurai status in the late 19th-century, mokume-gane artists redirected their skills to the creation of other decorative pieces. The process of creating mokume is comparable to the creation of Damascus steel. Sheets of precious and semi-precious metals are laminated in layers, creating a bilet. The metals are sweat-soldered or fused together, compressed, cut in half, layered again until the metalsmith gets to the desired number of layers. The billet is then patterned by a process of engraving into the surface, then flattened out again, repeating this process multiple times to increase the grain of the metal. The real magic of mokume comes with time, as the finished piece consists of different metals with different hardnesses daily wear removes some materials faster than others, creating an undulating surface that gets more exaggerated over time; the same wear you see in real wood as it weathers. This unique quality of improving with time makes the metal a perfect metaphor when used in wedding bands. The mokume-gane we present today is a matched wedding set, with the engagement ring and wedding band cut from the same billet of silver and 18 karat white gold. The matched set both feature channels of diamonds running their top thirds. The engagement ring is crowned with a 0.64 carat round brilliant cut diamond of bright I1-J quality. Paired with the 17 accents the set comes to an estimated 0.90 carats in total weight. The wedding band measures 4.2mm wide and the engagement ring 3.2mm wide, both currently measure a finger size 5 1/2 with some room to adjust, though it will disturb the pattern. Estate price for the set only $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e14210.

January 19, 2023

0.50ct. I1-FG Canadian diamond ring (38=0.60ct. tw. VS-SI-GH) 2.6gr. $2,730.00 CAD. 101-00359

This is one well-documented ring! Its leatherette portfolio is bursting with certificates stating the original weight of the rough diamond, where in Canada it was mined, the Canadian origin of the gold the ring is made from, two separate documents that describe the ring as a whole, and a booklet containing the back story of the Maple Leaf Diamonds brand. They’ve certainly made our job easy! This “Tides of Love” engagement ring features a stylized wave design in its diamond-set undergallery, a subtle accent for the wearer’s eyes only. The 14 karat ring is made from both yellow and white Canadian gold, making it a great choice for someone who likes to wear a variety of gold colours. The 0.50 carat cushion cut diamond is a pleasant I1-FG quality and features a tiny laser inscription along its girdle, declaring its Canadian origin and a unique serial number. The ring is set with an additional 38 round brilliant cut diamonds of various sizes and well-matched VS-SI-GH quality. They bump the ring’s total diamond weight up to 1.10 carats and cover over 50% of the ring’s surface. Estate price for this like-new ring $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #101-00359.

December 14, 2022

1.05ct. I1-UV diamond solitaire 3.4gr. 14kt. white gold $2,800.00 CAD. 101-00405

It took mother nature millions of years to give this diamond a cool party trick unique only to some natural diamonds. When exposed to invisible long wave ultraviolet light this diamond will fluoresce strong eerie blue colour. In regular daylight or household light, this phenomenon goes unnoticed. The fluorescence is caused by nitrogen molecules inside the diamond’s crystal structure. Nitrogen is found in trace amounts in approximately 97% of all natural diamonds but never in synthetic diamonds. If nitrogen can be detected in a diamond it is proof positive of natural origin. Knowing you have a natural diamond is very important since the popularity of laboratory-grown diamonds has taken off, and also because lab-grown synthetic diamonds have dropped in value to only 5 to 10% of natural equivalents. This is a good size stone that is very well cut and is estimated to weigh 1.05 carat. The diamond of 6.43mm provides a significant footprint that surely will not get overlooked. Yes, the colour is a little warm, we have estimated it to be approximately a UV colour. The clarity is a quite pleasant I1 with minor inclusions that blend with the facet pattern. The traditional solitaire setting was cast from sturdy white gold in a size 5 1/2 weighing 3.4 grams (including the diamond). It comes with an October 2021 Certificate of Evaluation from GemScan Laboratories suggesting a replacement value of $5,400.00 CAD. As an excellent condition estate ring, we have the ring priced at $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #101-00405.


November 21, 2022

4.70ct. citrine & diamond (0.80ct. tw. I1-HI) oval cluster, 9.5gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 206-00316

When you design a ring this digit-dominating you’d better plan for some head-turning movement. The 4.70 carat oval citrine was definitely ready for the job, with a unique facet pattern on its pavilion that causes a wave of fiery brilliance to run from pole to pole during wear. The intense orange colour of the gem is set off by icy white gold and a fringed collar of round brilliant cut diamonds. The 20 I1-HI stones equal 0.80 carats together and their kaleidoscope brilliance plays nicely with the movement in the citrine. The solidly constructed 14 karat ring weighs in at a hefty 9.5 grams and currently measures a finger size 6 with room to adjust. It does pair nicely in our traditional blue presentation box. The estate price is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #206-00316.


November 20, 2022

1.35ct. tw. SI1-GH “CrissCut” diamond eternity ring, 3.1gr., sz. 6 1/2. $2,800.00 CAD. 101-00275

The Crisscut was invented to maximize the footprint of a diamond while not sacrificing brilliance or dispersion. The criss-cross facet pattern that runs across the pavilion of this specialty diamond allows for a high light return and sparkle while keeping the diamond somewhat shallow. Instead of spending carat weight to maximize brilliance (by cutting to ideal light return standards) these diamonds focus on maximizing size, without much compromise to sparkle because of those unique pavilion facets. The cut was invented by Christopher Slowinski, founder of Christopher Designs in New York. This eternity band features traditional round brilliant cut diamonds bracketed by emerald cut/crisscut hybrids, all of well-matched SI1-GH quality. With that shallower pavilion, it is a bit of a guessing game to determine the carat weight of set crisscut diamonds but we are estimating an approximate total diamond weight of 1.35 carats. The 3.1 gram 14 karat white gold band measures a finger size 6 1/2 with very limited room for minor adjustments. Estate price for this like-new designer band is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #101-00275.


October 3, 2022

1.10ct. tw. SI1-I excellent cut diamond ring 3.9gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. e11106 206-00178

We can’t overstate the importance of an excellent cut grade, it is the most impactful of the four Cs. As long as you’ve hit a minimum clarity and colour grade, an excellent cut can make up for a lot in a round brilliant cut diamond. Take this trio as the perfect example, each of these diamonds carries an SI1 clarity grade and an I colour grade. SI1 can be the teetering point between eye-visible inclusions, most of them are eye clean but occasionally they’re not. One in this set has inclusions that could, in a poorer cut stone, possibly be seen with the naked eye. Thanks to the blinding brilliance of its excellent cut grade the inclusions are lost in the overwhelming sparkling dispersion. The I colour grade is also the tipping point where some people can start to detect the slightest presence of a warm hue in a diamond. Again, thanks to the scintillating flashes of white light any hint of warmth is lost. The three focal diamonds are shouldered by ten tiny accents of equal quality. Together the 13 diamonds weigh an estimated 1.10 carats. Of course, the ring itself has been very well made from 3.9 grams of 14-karat white gold that still retains its nearly untouched chromy rhodium finish. Currently, the ring measures a stock finger size 7 with room to adjust up or down. The estate price for the like-new piece is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e11106 206-00178.


September 12, 2022

2.74ct. tw. yellow sapphire & diamond ring 4.5gr. 14kt. white gold $2,905.00 CAD. 206-00178 e14276

There’s much to love about our job as jewellers, but one of the many highlights is finding a new home for an exceptional loose gemstone. This 2.66 carat natural yellow sapphire (more orange looking in photos) features the most delicate pinpoint crystal inclusions, organized in flat layers throughout the midsection of the gem. So small they can only be made out at 60X magnification, but the ethereal effect they create can be seen easily in these images. The thousands upon thousands of microscopic crystals create a soft glow that makes the sharp brilliance of the ends of the oval, all the more striking by contrast. With such a striking (and gemologically interesting) phenomenon we couldn’t help but make this sapphire the crown of something spectacular. So, we selected this antique-inspired statement ring that spans 17.5mm overall. Not to compete with the center we chose a ring with a frosted white gold back backdrop and only a sprinkling of diamonds, 0.08 carats total weight all of bright SI-GH quality. The 14 karat 4.5 ring features a 1.95mm wide band that currently measures a finger size 7 with plenty of room to adjust. The price for this brand new ring with estate sapphire is $2,905.00, CAD. Stock #206-00178 e14276.


September 10, 2022

1.32ct. tw. VS-H diamond eternity ring, 2.0gr. 14kt. sz. 5 1/2 $2,520.00 CAD. 121-00153

If you’re shopping for an eternity band (or any ring with prong settings) grab a loupe and take a look at the coverage. And not just for one diamond, check them all, what you want to see is the diamond tucked at least 30% under the prong tip’s surface. And you want that same amount of coverage under all four prongs and across all settings. Without that coverage you aren’t buying a ring, you’re buying a problem. Less than 30% overlap and you are going to have diamonds falling out of that ring throughout its lifetime. If you want an in-person explanation this is the ring we will be pulling out as an example of the ideal. Check out all 20 of the diamonds in this eternity ring and each has at least 40% overlap from all four of their heavy prongs; ensuring a long and trouble-free lifespan for the ring. The 1.32 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds secured in this ring are all of a very high VS-H quality, displaying good cut to maximize sparkle. The ring itself sparkles on both of its faces thanks to bright cut chevrons hidden in the under gallery of each diamond; a special detail for the wearer’s eyes only. The 14 karat ring measures a finger size 5 1/2 with a little bit of room to adjust. It’s accompanied by a 2003 Damiani Jewellers appraisal stating a replacement value of $3,700.00 CAD. 19 years later (and this ring looks brand new despite its almost 20-year vintage!) in a very different retail market, we feel a competitive replacement value would be $3,600.00 today and our estate price is $2,520.00 CAD. Stock #121-00153.


September 9, 2022

1.06ct. I2-I3-H Canadian diamond solitaire 14kt. gold $2,695.00 CAD. e11160

What does a Canadian 1.00 carat diamond ring cost? Well according to the November 2016 appraisal supplied by GS Laboratories an “Estimated Retail Replacement Value” for this ring is $7,100.00 CAD. The original purchase price from the summer of 2017 shows an actual purchase price of $4,080.00 (more than 40% less). As a like-new estate ring, we are offering it for just $2,695.00. We are always puzzled at the difference between many appraisals supplied by the original vendors and the actual selling prices. The purpose of a jewellery appraisal is to accurately describe the item so a replacement can be priced in the event of a loss. The appraised value should reflect the actual selling price one would likely encounter where the item was purchased. The value assigned on the appraisal helps an insurance company establish a value limit and set a premium for the client to pay. The big question is why would you pay a premium set at $7,100.00 when it was purchased for 40% less? After you’ve suffered a loss the insurance company will only pay out on their actual replacement costs and they have adjusters that know exactly what a diamond ring is worth. Our latest diamond ring was purchased less than a year ago and comes with an optimistic appraisal, certificate of authenticity, and various documents provided by the original retailer. While far from perfect quality this 1.06 carat (estimated weight) diamond does an admirable job sparkling in its simple and flattering 14 karat white gold setting. The Canadian diamond has been laser engraved along the girdle edge with a unique serial number that is duplicated on the appraisal and also engraved inside the ring shank. Don’t pay much mind to the $7,100.00 appraised value; in our opinion, this ring could be replaced with brand new for well under $4,000.00. As a like new estate ring it is even less expensive at just $2,695.00. The 3.2 gram, 2.3mm wide, size 7 ring is completely original. The factory rhodium finish is still intact showing only minor wear. Included with purchase is a complimentary custom size adjustment along with a fresh rhodium plating if you wish. Less than 1-year-old and estate priced at $2,695.00 CAD. Stock #e11160.




August 21, 2022

1.68ct. blue sapphire & diamond (0.25ct. tw VVS-FG) ring, 3.5gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. 206-00310

Better than a heart of gold, is a heart made from spectral rainbow light, a heart like the one contained in the core of this sapphire! Impossible to capture faithfully in photos, you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you this circular disk contains a shimmering rainbow that can just be seen without magnification. Under magnification, the rainbow is mesmerizing and makes a bright contrast to the rich velvet blue of the 1.68 carat sapphire. That one-in-a-million gem has been set off with 46 petite round brilliant cut diamonds that equal approximately 0.25 carats total weight of a very high VVS-FG quality. The 14 karat white gold ring is well made at 3.5 grams and currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2800.00 CAD. Stock #206-00310.


August 20, 2022

1.90ct. tw. SI2-I1-HI diamond & emerald panther ring 10.2gr. 18kt. $2,660.00 CAD. 131-00161

Gemstones and diamonds can break during wear but this is the first time we’ve seen one break itself to better fit the design of the ring that carries it! Just one of the four natural emeralds set into the haunting eyes of these panthers has been broken in half, creating a cat’s eye profile. If you don’t agree that this is an improvement on the design we can certainly replace it with new, but the coincidence of this break was too eerie for us to voluntarily mess with. The noses of each cat have been coloured with a custom-cut triangular-shaped cabochon that is likely very dark blue sapphire or onyx. The remainder of these panthers are covered over with approximately 380 hand set round brilliant cut diamonds. The 1.90 carat total weight are well-matched SI2-I1-HI quality and elevates these cool-cats to head-turning high fashion. The 10.2 gram ring is made from top quality 18 karat white gold that retains its original chromy white rhodium as a testament to its low wear history. The bottom half of the ring is left plain to ensure durability but this size 7 1/4 ring can only be sized a bit smaller, not larger. At its top (where the rare panther headbutt is taking place) the ring spans 17.6mm wide by 9.3mm tall. Estate price $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #131-00161.


August 15, 2022

0.90ct. I1-M radiant cut halo diamond ring (0.40ct. tw. VS-H) 3.8gr. 14kt. sz. 6 1/2. $2,800.00 CAD. 101-00339

Some of our customers don’t want any warmth in their diamonds but we feel that in the right situation it can be advantageous. Take the champagne-tone M colour of this 0.90 carat radiant cut, without that warm the diamond would be lost in the brilliance of the halo that surrounds it; its warmth distinguishes it from its surroundings. If you aren’t familiar with radiant cuts, they are basically like princess cuts with the sharp corners cut down. This change plays up the splintery pattern of princess cuts to the point where you really feel you’re looking into a kaleidoscope. That facet pattern helps disguise the grade setting inclusions, making the diamond look nicer than the conservative I1 clarity suggests. The ring is set with an additional 30 round brilliant cut diamonds of high VS-H quality, bringing the total weight of the ring up to 1.30 carats. The ring itself is in like-new condition retaining its chromy white rhodium plating over 14 karat white gold. The ring currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with some room to adjust. The estate price is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #101-00339.


August 13, 2022

Simon G 18kt. buckle ring 0.68ct. tw. VS-GH TR208 $2,332.00 CAD. e11205 131-00086

Simon G is best known for their beautiful engagement and wedding rings. The southern California designer also manufactures a large selection of right hand rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets too. This 18 karat rose and white gold ring is from their buckle collection. It contains 57 small diamonds of very good VS-GH quality and was made from 3.4 grams of premium alloy 18 karat white and rose gold. Right hand rings and modern engagement rings in general often contain many small bead set diamonds. These tiny diamonds can measure less than 1mm in diameter and they all have to be set by hand. Many people don’t consider the quality of skilled labour that goes into creating these rings. The workmanship in every single Simon G jewellery item can be compared with the best in the world. Have a look at this highly magnified photomicrograph of the shoulder diamonds. Note the 4 large individual gold beads covering the tiny 1.5mm diameter. The claws extend up the crown half way to the table border. Workmanship like this in terms of diamond coverage and symmetry is seldom seen. Typical production jewellery is pumped out as quickly as possible sometimes leaving quality construction as a secondary concern. Hand assembly is still a big part of jewellery manufacturing. High standards of assembly take longer but the stones stay in place and the jewellery can last generations. Buckle ring TR208 is a current offering from Simon G and has a current retail price of $3,588.00 CAD. This ring is in like new condition and was purchased new from Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers only a few years ago. The ring is estate priced at $2,332.00 CAD. Stock #e11205 131-00086.


August 10, 2022

2.00ct. tw. SI-I-IJ invisible set diamond ring 9.4gr. 18kt. $2,520.00 CAD. e12695 116-00042

Invisible setting was invented by Parisian goldsmith Jacques-Albert Algier in 1929. He patented a technique of cutting a groove into the pavilion (lower half) of gemstones and sliding them along rails of precious metal. The technique allowed him to set stones girdle to girdle with the rows providing so much overhang that the rails of metal disappeared under the gems. By the early 1930s Van Cleefs & Arpels had picked up the concept and filed their own patent under The Mystery Setting. The iconic house of jewellery has used the technique as their signature ever since. Creating uninterrupted undulating fields of densely packed perfectly matched rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. Their passion for the aesthetic has kept it alive with many other jewellers producing their own versions. This 13.75mm wide example captures the curving surfaces that Van Cleefs made so famous. Each quadrant of the cube is depressed to capture light from every possible angle during wear. The 2.00 carats of custom cut princess cuts are a well matched SI-I-IJ quality. Their kaleidoscope of brilliance is bordered by curving white gold and shouldered by extra warm premium 18 karat yellow gold. The ring weighs an impressive 9.4 grams and currently measures a finger size 9 with some room to adjust. $2520.00 CAD. Stock #e12695 116-00042.



August 5, 2022

Antique 14-18kt. old European cut cluster 0.75ct. SI1-H (14=0.20ct.) 3.6gr. $2,590.00 CAD. 131-00110

The old mine cut accent diamonds in this ring would have been cut and polished with steam-powered equipment, but the center was very likely cut by early electric-powered equipment. The first power tool was invented in 1895 and it took decades for these new motors to move across industries, partly hampered by the slow spread of the electric power grid. At the same time innovation in equipment was gaining speed, diamond cutters began delving into the mathematics of light refraction, playing with facet angles and proportions to increase sparkle in finished diamonds. If you compare the old mine cuts in the halo to the old European cut in the center you can see the world of difference made by these twin forces of innovation. The old mine cuts are all vastly different shapes from each other and were likely cut close to the shape of the rough crystals they came from; reducing the work required to facet them by using the faces that were already present on the rough. The old European by contrast is very nearly round with a defined pattern of facets spread equally across its crown and pavilion. The payoff of that extra work and research is clear as you move the ring, the old European cut throws broad flashes of white and every-coloured light while the randomly shaped old mine cuts only throw a quarter of that light, mostly reflected off of their facet faces. The 14 old mine cut diamonds equal 0.20 approximately carats and the old European weighs an estimated 0.75 carat. It has been cut very shallow (this was a developing science, remember) giving the diamond a very large footprint of approximately 7.45mm x 7.60mm, a well-cut modern round brilliant diamond of the same diameter would weigh at least 1.55 carat. The diamond does behave a little like a rose cut, clearly showing the skin tone when it is on the finger. It is a nice SI1-H quality but does exhibit a pretty rough girdle from well over a century of previous wear. That rough exterior edge is well disguised beneath the 10 prongs that hold the diamond. The 18 karat white gold cluster head measures 13.5mm long by 11.9mm wide and is contrasted by a narrow 14 karat yellow gold shank. The antique ring currently measures a finger size 6 with room to adjust. Estate price is $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #131-00110.


June 26, 2022

2.00ct. tw. I1-IJ Peoples Jewellers engagement/wedding set 7.9gr. 14kt. $2,940.00 CAD. 101-00403

Do you feel like an upgrade? If you’ve been married for more than 15 to 20 years, chances are you have a yellow gold engagement ring. Perhaps you’d like a little more bling than what your original came with. Possibly you’re in a better financial position than you were when first married. If you like this classic channel set engagement/wedding ring style, this ring is a great opportunity and a fantastic value. This one was purchased at Peoples Jewellers store in Ontario in the summer of 2017. At the time it had a suggested retail price of $5,559.00. Five years later in 2022, this ring is still a current offering on Peoples website where it is priced at $5,999.00. The price increase is likely to higher gold prices and a weakening Canadian dollar. The ring is currently on sale for $4,799.00 plus sales tax at a Peoples store near you. The ring contains 28 nicely matched round brilliant cut diamonds with an average quality of I1-IJ. Either Peoples is being conservative in their quality estimation as they describe the current version with I2-I quality stone, or perhaps they’ve lowered the quality a bit with the new version. Either way, we’re confident calling the diamonds in our example a solid I1 with I-J colour. The previous owner decided to solder both together to keep them perfectly aligned to minimize wear and tear. They could easily be separated if you wish. The 7.9 gram, 14 karat yellow gold set measures a finger size 7 1/2 and can be adjusted up or down a size or two. It comes with a copy of the original invoice showing a purchase price of $4,147.20 plus tax. Our estate price for the like new ring is just $2,940.00 CAD. Stock #101-00403.


June 13, 2022

Antique 18kt. emerald & diamond ring 1.43ct. tw. 4.1gr. $2,100.00 CAD. 131-00149

The antique diamonds in this ring point to the early 1900s as the era of origin. The 18 karat white gold narrows the ring down to the 30s or 40s, white gold was invented in the 1700s but only became popular during the Art Deco movement. The 19mm long by 15.3mm ring top is alive with sparkle, even its high-quality emeralds throw intense flashes of green. All told the ring contains 1.21 carats of old European cut diamonds, all of very bright SI-I1-GHI quality. The emerald cut emeralds add an additional 0.22 carats of estimated gem weight and everything is backed by sculpted and engraved rhodium-plated white gold. The ring is in like-new condition and currently measures a finger size 7 with room to adjust. The estate price for this vintage/antique ring is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #131-00149.


0.70ct. tw. VS-G princess diamond ring, 8.7gr. 14kt. size 6. $1,800.00 CAD. 131-00152

It’s hard to decide if this ring was custom-made or simply a production piece of very high standards. It’s been solidly constructed leaving only small drill holes under each diamond to assist with easy cleaning. The white gold band measures a consistent 7.7mm wide, jumping up to 11.1mm at the warm yellow gold head. The ring carries a trio of well-matched princess cut diamonds equalling 0.70 carats of high VS-G quality. The 14 karat ring currently measures a finger size 6 with a bit of room to adjust and is accompanied by a Damiani Jewellers 2001 appraisal stating a replacement value of $3,100.00 CAD. Our estate price for the like-new ring $1,800.00 CAD. Stock #131-00152


June 12, 2022

4.22ct. oval sapphire & diamond cluster (20=0.30ct. I1-I) 9.4gr. 14kt. $2,660.00 CAD. 206-00321

Bi-coloured sapphires have only been a part of the consumer lexicon for the last decade or so thanks to the marketing efforts of the Montana sapphire mines. They produce mostly bi-coloured blue/green sapphires and to make their manufacturing viable they needed to create a market, which turned out to be surprisingly easy considering how beautiful the finished product was! Though not an official Montana sapphire (likely Australian) this 4.22 carat oval sapphire is certainly bi-coloured. It exhibits the bold colour banding often seen in sapphire crystals, its bands range from traditional deep blue, to teal, to an earthy olive/grey tone. This is all only visible when the ring is not being worn, put it on and the banding disappears, leaving only the colours behind. The deep brooding gem is enclosed in a 16.8mm by 15.1mm halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. The 20 diamonds equal an estimated 0.30 carats total weight of pleasant I1-I quality backed by brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold. The ring is solidly constructed and features a decorative undergallery with solid shoulders and shank. It currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with some room to adjust larger or smaller. Estate price for this like new ring estate ring is $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #206-00321.


June 11, 2022

1.22ct. tw. (0.72 centre VS2-G) princess cut diamond ring 6.3gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. e14100 101-00271

Here is one of those rare rings that is obviously handmade. Its generous use of 14 karat white gold combined with the thoughtful and slightly imperfect details show that this ring was not made with modern CAD rendering and 3D-printing technology, but hand-carved from a block of wax. If only it had a makers mark so we could give credit to the talented goldsmith that laboured over it! The ring features a European bottom, hand-pierced chevron gallery, scalloped collar, and solid gracefully curving shoulders that blend into the tall prongs. It was built around a 0.72 carat princess cut diamond of eye-clean VS2-G quality. The shoulders feature 10 graduated round brilliant cut diamonds that come together for an estimated 0.50 carats of additional diamond weight. Their SI-GH quality is a complement to the center diamond they accent. The ring weighs in at an impressive 6.3 grams and currently measures a finger size 6 with some room to adjust. It’s accompanied by a Gemtech certificate stating a generous replacement value of $11,700.00 CAD. We feel a realistic replacement value with new would be $4,000.00 and our estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e14100. 101-00271.



May 20, 2022

1.06ct. ruby & diamond (0.62ct. tw. VS-SI-H) 3 stone cluster, 6.3gr. 14kt. $2,800.00 CAD. 206-00317

When you’re making hundreds or even thousands of the exact same item over and over again it certainly makes sense to try to shave off some costs wherever you can. That’s why you’ll often find hollowed-out sections on production pieces, if it even saves three dollars worth of gold per item that can be big savings over a production run. But when you make one of something the largest portion of the cost goes to developing the design and manufacturing that single item. So, you’ll usually find one-of-a-kind pieces are much heavier than their production counterparts and that is definitely the case with this ring. The only hollow area on this ring is just below the stones to allow for easy cleaning, but even that features a heavy decorative undergallery. Every other part of this 6.3 gram 14 karat ring is solid! The well-made ring carries a 1.06 carat oval faceted ruby as its heart, a brooding red with a velvety luster. It’s set off by matching 0.22 carat round brilliant cut diamonds and a frame of 30 accent diamonds. Together the diamonds weigh 0.62 carats of bright VS-SI-H quality. The ring measures a finger size 6 1/2 and is in like-new condition, retaining its original chromy white rhodium finish. Estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #206-00317.


May 19, 2022

2.00ct. tw. VS-H diamond eternity ring (8 chipped) 3.3gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 121-00144

There are two ways to measure a gemstone’s durability; hardness and toughness. Hardness refers to a gemstone’s ability to be scratched by different materials while toughness is a gemstone’s likelihood to break or chip. Because diamond is the hardest material on earth people assume it is impossible to break, but this is not the case. Diamond has good hardness but each diamond also has a specific direction within its crystal structure where a hit will break it. This tendency is how early diamonds were cut, a cutter would etch a tiny groove into a rough diamond crystal, press the diamond into a special vice and cleave it perfectly in half with a chisel and hammer. So, it’s not surprising (for us at least) that out of the 20 diamonds in this eternity band, 8 are chipped. We’ve left them in place and have assessed zero value in calculating the final price, allowing this band to cost about 40% less than when it was made. Most of the chips are not distinguishable without magnification but the worst two (one pictured) do have a frosted appearance in person and can easily be distinguished from the rest. The total diamond weight including the chipped diamonds is 2.00 carats of high-quality VS-H. The ring itself is 14 karat white gold and weighs in at 3.3 grams, currently measuring a finger size 6 with a tiny bit of room to adjust. This ring was likely worn against another diamond ring that allowed the diamonds from both rings to contact each other causing some to chip. A tiny gap must exist between diamonds to avoid damage. Any of the damaged diamonds are replaceable for around $200.00 each. This still beautiful ring is estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #121-00144.


May 3, 2022

Antique 3 stone ring 0.50ct. emerald & 0.76ct. tw. diamond VS1-H 3.1gr. 18kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 206-00371


April 29, 2022

0.69ct. SI1-H diamond solitaire 14 karat 7.0 grams $2,800.00 CAD. e10046 101-00300


The bar set diamond is a progressive alternative to the traditional four and six prong set solitaire engagement ring. The extremely secure style looks anything but as the diamond seems to be held by pressure alone between the two solid shoulders of the ring. This version in particular plays on that suspense, hiding its strong support bar underneath the diamond making it only visible when viewed from the side. The wide, gently curving 14 karat white gold shoulders play a perfect contrast to the vibrant brilliance of the 0.69 carat round brilliant cut diamond they support. The very well cut diamond is a nice white, eye clean SI1-H quality and appears much larger than its 5.6mm diameter would suggest thanks to the bulk of the ring itself. The diamond also exhibits a strong blue fluorescence when exposed to ultra violet light. Approximately 30% of all diamonds display some degree of fluorescence and a strong blue fluorescence can actually improve the appearance of warmer coloured diamonds when worn in daylight (as daylight contains a good amount of UV light). For better colours like the H of this diamond fluorescence has really no effect beyond being a nifty party trick to show your friends at glow in the dark bowling! The solid 7 gram ring currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with plenty of room to adjust. Estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e10046 101-00300.


March 15, 2022

0.80ct. tw. SI2-GH with 4.70ct. cubic zirconia emerald cut centre 8.3gr. 18kt. $2,030.00 CAD. e13326 101-00003

The use of cubic zirconia as a center in an engagement ring is not as uncommon as you might think. We carry a couple of designer lines set with cubic centers. The purpose of these rings is to find the exact setting you want and then to find the perfect center stone. It allows for greater flexibility for our customers, leaving them open to decide their preferred diamond quality or to select a unique coloured gemstone. Some people do decide to stick with the cubic, opting for the ring they want with the intention to save for the perfect diamond later on. Whatever your intentions this ring certainly makes a statement spanning 14.4mm in length. The ring itself is very well made from bright white 18 karat gold and decorated all over with delicate millgrain and intricate lattice work. The 50 hand set round brilliant cut diamonds that cover the ring’s top half are all of nice SI-I1-GH quality. Currently, the 8.3 gram ring measures a finger size of 7 1/4 with room to adjust. The ring is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein 2019 appraisal stating a retail replacement value of $5,400.00 CAD. Our estate price is just $2,030.00 CAD leaving plenty of room for a different center stone if you so choose. Stock #e13326 101-00003.


January 12, 2022

1.50ct. tw. “Canadian Ice” diamond ring I1-GH 4.1gr. 14kt. $2,450.00 CAD. 101-00319

This trio of well-matched Canadian diamonds is from the Canadian Ice collection of engagement rings originally carried by Ben Moss Jewellers. The three diamonds feature tiny laser inscriptions across their girdles as proof of their Diavik Mine origins in the Northwest Territories. They’ve been accented by 76 petite round brilliant cut diamonds across three faces of the ring’s top. All told the ring contains 1.50 carats of diamonds all of I1-G quality. The 14 karat white gold ring shows its sturdy make in its impressive 4.1 gram weight. It’s accompanied by its original certificate and price tag, showing a retail price of $4,999.00, and an estimated appraisal value of $6,130.00. Even with these prices the Ben Moss chain of stores managed to go out of business several years ago. We feel a replacement value for the ring would be $3,500.00. Our estate price $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #101-00319.

December 14, 2021

1.50ct. tw. emerald cut diamond ring 4.3gr. 14kt. $2,660.00 CAD. e11908

Another example of our favorite use of emerald cut diamonds, a trio set tightly together to make a brilliant hall of mirrors. This example has been made with care, protecting the three with heavy prongs to guard against blows and wear. The step cuts have been accented by 0.60 carats of carefully graduated and well matched princess cut diamonds buried deeply into both shoulders. The two cutting styles have been curated for quality based on the way they manipulate light. The princess cuts break light into a busy kaleidoscope of white splinters and spectral rainbow flashes. This allows them to better hide or disguise inclusions making an I1-HI clarity grade face up much better than you’d expect. Emerald cuts do the exact opposite, one single inclusion gets reflected over an over again in those bright rectangular and trapezoid facets. Their is little room for imperfection in step cuts and so the 0.90 carat total weight trio has been gifted with high VS1 clarity and FG colour grades. The 4.9 gram ring is well made from 14 karat white gold and is accompanied by a Gem Scan Laboratories Certificate of Evaluation stating a slightly optimistic Replacement Value of $5,400. We feel a more realistic value for the ring is $3,800.00. Our estate price for the ring is $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e11908.


December 3, 2021

1.35ct. tw. diamond ring 14kt. 5.1gr. $2040.00 CAD. e10585

Well made and uniquely designed, it’s not a surprise to find this ring was made by Barrie’s own Jeff Walters Jewellers. The flush set graduated shoulders are a treat. Something about them leaves a celestial impression. The eight planetary diamonds come together for an estimated 0.75 carats of I1-IJ sparkle. The crown of the ring is a 0.60 carat round brilliant cut that tops the total weight up to a conservative 1.35 carats. The 14 karat white gold ring is that custom-made quality weighing in at a hefty 5.1 grams and currently measuring a finger size 6. Estate price $2,040.00 CAD. Stock #e10585.



November 21, 2021

0.80ct. I1-F princess cut solitaire, 14kt. 2.8gr., size 5 1/2, $2,240.00 CAD. e14449

If you don’t know jewellery, know your jeweller. Unless you are comfortable with assessing the value of gems and jewellery, you better have complete faith in the jeweller you are dealing with, and are confident in the quality of their offerings. Our latest estate diamond ring is a beautiful princess cut solitaire of bright F colour and a strong I1 clarity. It comes with 2 appraisal documents that describe the diamond as SI clarity and assign values of $10,650.00 and $8,650.00 plus sales tax for the complete ring. We feel a more realistic replacement value with new merchandise would be closer to $3,200.00. As an excellent condition estate ring, we have priced it at $2,240.00. The size 5 1/2, 14 karat white gold ring weighs 2.8 grams and shows no wear on the claws or shank. Its flat edge makes it simple to match a wedding or anniversary ring when the time comes. Our team of onsite goldsmiths are able to adjust the size up or down as required in just a few days. If you’re looking at a piece of jewellery somewhere else, we don’t mind giving you our thoughts on what we feel a competitive price might be. This timeless princess solitaire represents great value at the estate price of $2,240.00 CAD. Stock #e14449.


1.50ct. tw. VS-GH baguette diamond ring 3.1gr. 14kt. gold $2,660.00 CAD. e11349

A deep seated bias for baguette cut diamonds makes this unusual eternity ring an absolute favorite from our current estate collection. You’ll really have to see this band in person to understand. The sleek and subtle optics of the step cut diamonds work so well channel set end to end without any gaps. 17 extremely well matched baguettes light up in bright white and rainbow coloured flashes. The diamonds are made all the more striking between heavy channels of calm, understated 14 karat yellow gold. Part of what makes the 1.50 carat total diamond weight so striking is their high VS-GH quality. The diamonds show no colour or inclusions to the unaided eye. Currently the 3.1 gram ring measures a finger size 5 3/4 with limited room to adjust. The estate price for this glass slipper of a wedding/anniversary ring is $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e11349.


November 19, 2021

1.56ct. sapphire & diamond (0.38ct. tw. VS-GH) ring, 4.9gr. 18kt., $1,750.00 CAD. 206-00280

Sapphire can contain a variety of distinct inclusion types but silk inclusions are one of the most striking. Silk is a grouping of ultrafine pin-straight needle inclusions. These groupings tend to reflect light and when viewed under magnification they closely resemble rays of sunlight streaming through a window. Or perhaps they more closely resemble moonbeams considering the night-time world they dance within. The moonbeams in this 1.56 carat oval sapphire are only visible under at least 10X magnification as the gem is free of all eye-visible inclusions. Its velvety blue body colour is accented with rolling periwinkle flashes that bring the gem to life. This high quality sapphire is shouldered by two well-matched round brilliant cut diamonds of very nice VS-GH quality. They add their combined 0.38 carats of sparkle to the twinkling blue of the sapphire. The has been well made from 18 karat yellow and white gold and currently measures a finger size 6 with room to adjust. Estate price $1,750.00 CAD. Stock #206-00280.


November 18, 2021

0.70ct. I1-J very good cut diamond ring set. 3.4gr., 14kt., sz. 6. $2,051.00 CAD. 101-00316 121-00126

Not only does this wedding set feature a Canadian diamond but both the engagement ring and wedding band have been made by two different Canadian jewellery manufacturers. Both rings have also been cast from Canadian sourced gold. The solitaire engagement ring is made from 14 karat gold, opting for subtle yellow on the shank and bright white on the head, to diminish the appearance of the prongs. The 0.70 carat Canadian diamond that crowns the ring is a pleasant I1-J quality and features a unique laser-engraved serial number along with a stylized maple leaf in a diamond-shaped frame. The grade-setting feather is just eye-visible but the majority of the diamond is clean, leaving it to sparkle brilliantly. The wedding band has been set with 20 petite round brilliant cut diamonds of similar quality and equalling approximately 0.10 carats. Both rings currently measure a size 7 with some room to adjust. The estate price for the engagement ring is $1,820.00 CAD and for the wedding band $231.00 CAD. Stock numbers 101-00316 and 121-00126 respectively.



November 10, 2021

0.95ct. tw. princess cut engagement ring $2,065.00 CAD. e7928 101-00212

e7928 0.95ct tw princess cut ringGreat looking ring for just over $2,000.00. We’ve always felt a properly graded I1 with a strategically located inclusion can often look better than a milky SI1 or an extremely fluorescent diamond of almost any clarity. The inclusion in this nicely cut princess is way off to the lower right corner just above the claw. It’s white and doesn’t interfere with transparency or brilliance in any practical way. The 14 karat white gold setting is in like-new condition showing no wear of any kind. Sixteen small channel set round brilliant cut diamonds of I1-I quality line the shoulders and add 0.25 carats of additional sparkle. Weighing 3.9 grams and measuring a size 8 this ring is estate priced at $2,065.00 CAD. Stock #e7928 101-00212.e7928.1 princess cut 0.95ct tw



November 4, 2021

0.50ct. SI2-F Hearts & Arrows Ben Moss engagement set 0.80ct. tw. 4.3gr. 14kt. $2,240.00 CAD e12602

Hearts & Arrows in its essence is a way to easily judge symmetry and cut on a round brilliant diamond. Using a hearts and arrow viewer you look at the diamond from the crown (top) and then from the pavilion (bottom). The facet pattern viewed from the crown will show a pattern of radial arrows, viewed from the pavilion it will show hearts. What you are looking for are hearts and arrows that are all the same size, length, and width and that all are placed evenly in a radial formation. To achieve the hearts & arrows distinction a diamond usually has to achieve an Excellent cut grade and feature a smaller table facet. Just because a diamond had a GIA excellent cut grade does not mean that it will display a perfect H & A pattern. There are no universal standards in the industry of what should and should not be classified as Hearts & Arrows but many companies and laboratories use the label. This 0.50ct SI2-F round brilliant cut from Ben Moss is laser engraved with distinction. Hard to argue when you see the diamond catch fire at the slightest movement. To keep the focus on that extra brilliant center it has been set into a swirling engagement ring with a matching contour wedding band. The pair is set with an additional 0.30 carats of petite accent diamonds, delicately graduated to cover the top half of the finger. Both were made from bright white 14 karat gold and both currently measure a petite 4 1/4 finger size with a bit of room to adjust. The estate price for the 4.3 gram set is $2,240.00 CAD. Stock #e12602.


November 2, 2021

Birks 0.72ct. tw. SI1-H diamond ring 3.3gr. 14kt. $2,345.00 CAD. e10997

Classic design with Birks pedigree, this three stone is as timeless as they come. Warm yellow gold, soft clean lines, and a nice sized center diamond balanced by well-matched shoulders. The trio has been thoughtfully set into bright white gold to ensure the prongs aren’t distracting. In fact, they’re nearly lost in the brilliance of the 0.72 carat total weight trio with their well-cut sparkle, eye-clean SI1 clarity, and nice H colour. Made to last, like-new condition the ring weighs in at a sturdy 3.3 grams of 14 karat gold. The size 5 ring can be adjusted up by one of our onsite goldsmiths. Estate price $2,345.00 CAD. Stock #e10997.


September 19, 2021

1.40ct. tw. VS-IJ, pave diamond ring, 5.7gr., 14kt., size 7, $2,730.00 CAD. e14141

Looking at the variety of ingredients that went into this ring it is clear that it was custom made from a collection of diamonds. The small accent diamonds are round single-cut diamonds in a variety of sizes and the three main diamonds are round brilliant cuts. The 35 hand-set diamonds come together for an estimated total diamond weight of 1.40 carats total weigh all surprisingly well-matched VS-IJ quality. The 9.8mm wide dome ring is cast from a mild toned 14 karat yellow gold and currently measures a finger size 7 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #e14141.



September 8, 2021

18kt. 4.97ct. blue/grey star sapphire & diamond ring $2,520.00 CAD. e10328

Most consumers don’t have much experience with natural star sapphire, knowing it only in its synthetic form as a center stone used mostly in gents rings. Naturally occurring star sapphires are characterized by a gemological phenomenon called asterism. The celestial effect is caused by microscopic needle inclusions that form within the gem intersecting at 60 degrees. Those tightly packed needles that follow the crystal’s hexagonal structure reflect and refract light that enters the sapphire, creating a sharp 6 pointed star that travels across the stone’s surface as it’s moved. When shopping for a natural star sapphire you want to look for a crisp centred star with defined points that travel smoothly across the surface of the gem without skipping or becoming blurry. Each point of the star should be straight, extending to the edges of the gem. If you’d like an example of an excellent star come in and see this 4.97 carat star sapphire in person. Its 6 pointed star is absolutely mesmerizing, refracting a subtle rainbow across the grey/blue surface of the gem. The star is far better when viewed in person in direct sunlight than these images show. The sapphire is accented by 0.15 carats of high quality round brilliant cut diamonds and 5.7 grams of warm 18 karat yellow and white gold. The very well made ring currently measures a finger size 7 1/2 with plenty of room to adjust up or down. Estate price $2,520.00 CAD. Stock #e10328.


September 5, 2021

0.75ct. SI2-F princess cut wedding set 5.9gr. 14kt. gold $2,800.00 CAD. e10727

This estate engagement/wedding set offers a simple sophisticated look for a value that’s impossible to beat. It’s hard to go wrong with a diamond engagement ring like this. The nice sized princess cut diamond measuring 5.15mm x 4.90mm is calculated to weigh 0.75 carats with a very strong estimated F colour. It is perched on the cathedral shoulder, white gold, flat shank ring in a very secure double gallery setting. The diamond clarity is a high SI2 but I think it possibly may grade an SI1 if submitted for certification from The Gemological Institute of America. The grade setting inclusion is a small white feather at the 4:00 o’clock position, 1/2 way between the culet (centre point of the diamond bottom) and bottom right corner. We prefer the cautious approach when grading our estate diamonds. Come in for yourself to see just how nice our SI diamonds look. The rings were made in Canada from over 5.7 grams of bright white scratch free white gold. The size 5 1/4 rings look like new showing little to no evidence of use. They are easily adjusted in size by one of our onsite goldsmiths in just a few days. Estate rings like this set offer great value and timeless design. Get more for less with Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers large selection of estate jewellery, diamonds and watches. The set is estate priced at $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e10727.


2.00ct. tw. SI2-I1-J engagement/wedding ring set, 9.5gr., 14kt., $2,460.00 CAD. e14327 e14328

This wedding set is a big-box jewellery store staple, the minor details vary from store to store, but the theme is the same. The sets are organized by the total diamond weight of both rings combined into 0.50-carat total weight, 1.00 carat, 1.50 carat, etc… They always feature channel-set accent diamonds and an oversized head comprised of four invisibly set diamonds. Our newest example is a large 2.00 carat total weight version (1.25cts in the engagement ring and 0.75cts in the wedding band), all of the diamonds are well matched SI2-I1-J quality. The rings themselves are 14 karat yellow and white gold weighing in at 5.8 grams for the engagement ring and 3.7 grams for the band. The 7mm x 7mm top section gives the appearance of a 2.00 carat solitaire in the most convincing way. Only under extremely close inspection do you notice the top is actually four smaller stones. The engagement ring is undoubtedly showy, sitting 10mm off of the finger at its head! The band matches its bulk, spanning 4.6mm wide and both currently measure a finger size 6 3/4 with a bit of room to adjust. The rings are sold separately for the estate prices of $1,500.00 CAD for the engagement ring and $960.00 CAD for the band. Stock numbers e14327 and e14328.



July 4, 2021

1.25ct. tw. VS-SI-HI diamond ring, size 10, 18 karat white gold 13.3gr. $2,450.00 CAD. e13205

It is rather a bone of contention with us that more designers don’t branch out when creating men’s rings. Sure most men are not terribly adventurous but a ring doesn’t have to be loud to be interesting. This invisibly set diamond ring is a perfect example. The all white all high polished theme keeps it fairly neutral as far as fashion statements are concerned. It is the high top and the contrast of hard flat surface against the domed shoulders that makes you stop and take a second look. That theme is mirrored with the sharp rectangle of 1.25 carats of diamonds juxtaposed onto the soft ellipse of the top of the ring. Those tightly set diamonds are of a bright VS-SI-HI quality. The ring is cast from a hefty 13.3 grams of brightly rhodium enhanced 18 karat white gold. It currently measures a finger size 10 and is accompanied by a 2011 Gem Scan appraisal stating an optimistic replacement value of $7,000.00 CAD. Our estate price is $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #e13205.


June 27, 2021

0.53ct. VS2-K (1.03ct. tw.) diamond engagement ring 3.6gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e13979

One of the reasons we love baguette-cut diamonds is their ability to melt into the metal that holds them. The trios of baguette-cut diamonds are set tight against each other in a high dome. Their geometric flashes add that mesmerizing hall of mirrors depth to the shoulders. They’re bridged by rows of bead set round brilliant cut diamonds, further accentuating diamonds’ variety of light effects. The 0.50 combined carats of VS-I accent diamonds make a striking backdrop for the 0.53 carat round brilliant cut that crowns this engagement ring. The diamond is an eye-clean VS2 clarity with a conservatively estimated K colour. The ring is cast from 3.4 grams of 14 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 5 1/4. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13979.


June 9, 2021

1.45ct. tw. SI2-D/I1-I Michael Hill double halo cushion 5.3gr. 14kt. $2,940.00 CAD.

A showy double halo from jewellery store chain Michael Hill, accompanied by all of its original paperwork. The ring is centered by a 0.50 carat SI2-D quality cushion-shaped brilliant cut diamond that sets the tone for the cushion-shaped halo. The ring is further decorated with diamond-set under-galleries and diamond-set split shoulders. Those diamonds run almost all the way around the ring, leaving only a quarter of the shank bottom uncovered. All of these I1-I quality accents diamonds push the total carat weight of the ring up to 1.45 carats. The under-galleries have also been accented with two rose gold set, pink sapphires. The 14 karat white gold ring weighs 5.5 grams and measures a finger size 7 1/2. The main diamond is laser inscribed and accompanied by its original certificate of authenticity. The original sales paperwork from 2016 states a retail price of $5,799.00 CAD. Our estate price is $2,940.00 CAD. Stock #e14131


April 12, 2021

0.90ct. tw. VS1-GH diamond ring 14 karat gold $2,499.00 CAD. e9820

e9820 three stone diamond ring 14 karat goldThe diamond three-stone ring, meant to symbolize your past, present, and future as a couple, has been a staple style for engagement and anniversary rings for decades. As such we’ve had many pass through our estate department in a wide variety of styles and qualities. This two-tone double gallery interpretation is the classic design made from high quality ingredients. 2.7 grams of 14 karat white and yellow Canadian gold have been brightly refinished to look like new, made by long time Canadian manufacturer Corona Jewellery. The true quality of the ring shows in the trinity of brilliant diamonds. Total estimated weight of 0.90 carats of high quality VS1-GH diamonds. The three round brilliant cut diamonds make a sparkling statement of your commitment to each other. The ring currently measures a finger size 6. It can be adjusted up or down in size on-site in just a day or two by one of our talented goldsmiths. Estate price $2,499.00 CAD. Stock #e9820.e9820 three stone diamond ring



April 3, 2021

14kt. engagement set 0.80ct. tw. I1-HI. Made in Canada $2,170.00. e9362b

e9362B2Why wait to purchase a wedding ring and anniversary ring to match your engagement ring when you can get all three for just the price on the engagement ring alone. This 3 piece set would make a great upgrade for someone who has an existing set but wants something a little more significant. Bring in what you’ve got for trade in. We’ll look at your existing engagement ring, wedding band, broken or damaged jewellery of any kind. We’ll take your old silver or gold coins on trade. We can even refine old dental gold back to pure for trade in or cash. We’ve been recycling, buying, and selling estate jewellery for over 50 years. We have unique insight into the estate jewellery market that only experience can teach.e9362B Our featured Canadian made set contains a well cut, bright and accurately graded I1-HI round brilliant cut diamond weighing 0.50 carat along with 58 small bead set diamonds. The small diamonds decorate the vertical sides of the three rings in a subtle yet effective display of luxury bling. The size 9 set will fit the slightly larger finger size comfortably. Sizing smaller can be accomplished in just a few days by one of our onsite goldsmiths. The 7.4 gram set is in excellent condition likely only a few years old. They can be purchased as a set only for just $2,170.00 CAD. Stock #e9362b.e9362B1


March 14, 2021

1.86ct. tw. SI-J diamond eternity ring, 2.3gr., 14kt, size 8, $2,100.00 CAD.

There’s not much we can’t do at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers when it comes to custom made jewellery (especially rings) but sometimes it’s the most basic designs that produce the best results. Our 62 years in business has taught us that reinventing the wheel isn’t something we need to do. Rings like this stunning eternity design are nothing new but they cover all the bases when it comes to successful, flattering and versatile designs. Every one of the 25 round brilliant cut diamonds in this ring is sourced from trade-in or recycled estate jewellery. The 14 karat white gold used in the construction is freshly refined. It was supplied from our estate gold jewellery that wasn’t suitable for resale. This formula for reusing and “upcycling” materials benefits our clients with the undisputed best value in jewellery hands down. This example gives you 1.86 carats of SI clarity, J colour diamonds. Each 0.074ct. diamond is secured in heavy robust shared claw settings around the entire circumference. The 2.3 gram 14karat white gold ring measures a finger size 8. If you think this style of ring is a little tricky to size, you’d be right. We can bore these examples out a little, but most times we’d prefer to make you a new one. We have hundreds of carats in small estate diamonds so we can make these up in any total diamond weight you have in mind. We can do yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, even platinum and we can do it for less than you’d expect. Priced separately each diamond only costs $84.00 including the setting. Go all the way with a full circle of diamonds, it’s so much more fun than halfway, and isn’t that what luxury is all about? We can make one up for you in just a couple of weeks. This version is ready to go and estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e14430.


February 16, 2021

18kt. ribbon/heart diamond dinner ring 0.50ct. tw. VS-GH 11gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e12419

We always marvel at a designer’s ability to make gold and diamonds look airy and flexible, like silk ribbons. This intricate dinner ring would make any stone setter’s head spin with all of its loops and directional changes. Meticulously set with 102 high quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds that dominate the hand during wear. The dizzying half carat weight top measures 27.5mm long dominating an entire digit. The swooping design has a stylized heart hidden in its top half, wear it reversed and that heart disappears. The solidly constructed ring has been made from 11 grams of premium quality 18 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 8 1/2 with some room to adjust. Estate price for this one of a kind statement ring is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e12419.



December 5, 2020

Vera Wang 0.95ct. tw. emerald cut halo diamond ring 14kt. rose/white gold 20092030 $2,819.00 CAD. e12986

We were starting to wonder about Vera as most of the estate/trade in examples we’ve been showcasing seem to be cut from the same base model. So this rose gold example is a revelation! The pair of signature accent sapphires are the brightest we’ve seen from the line. The decorative swirling vein of rose gold that runs each shoulder is complemented with the rose gold of the outer halo. The rest of the ring is bright 14 karat white gold making an unobtrusive backdrop to the 0.50 carats of petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The main diamond is a bright 0.45 carat emerald cut of minimum I1-I quality according to Peoples Jewellers website (but this one’s an easy SI) to match its accents. The 5.8 gram ring currently measures a finger size 5 3/4. This particular model is currently available on People’s website for $4,699.00. Our price $2,819.00 CAD. Stock #e12986.


November 24, 2020

2.00ct. tw. I1-I diamond anniversary/dinner ring 6.8gr. 14kt. $2,160.00 CAD. e13482

At 11mm wide this band creates a full digit of diamonds during wear! It covers the entire top half of the finger but tapers dramatically to a 4mm wide shank, allowing for comfort during wear. The low domed top has been hand set with 99 round brilliant cut diamonds of bright I1-I quality. Together they equal an approximate 2.00 carats of disco ball worthy sparkle. The ring is made from 6.8 grams of 14 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with some room to adjust. Estate price for this dazzling dinner ring $2,160.00 CAD. Stock #e13482.


October 31, 2020

1.50ct. tw. SI-HI engagement/wedding set, jacket design 8.7gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e13029

Jackets are seeing a bit of a comeback and not just because the temperature is dropping! They really are the perfect solution to the spinning ring conundrum. The wedding bands are held together by two permanent bridges meant to keep them in a position tense enough to hold the engagement ring in place. The benefit of this is not just aesthetic; by preventing the rings from spinning they are prevented from wearing each other down over time. The engagement ring when worn on its own is surprisingly showy with the halo spanning 10.9mm wide. It is centered by a quad of invisible set princess cut diamonds which create the appearance of one larger stone without the associated cost. Once the ring is dropped into the jacket that halo’s bulk is justified as it extends just beyond the edge of each band. With the top half of each band covered over with diamonds the finished look is of one head turning mega ring. The 74 hand set SI-HI quality diamonds equal a total weight 1.50 carats. The set itself is made from 8.7 grams of 14white gold and currently measures a finger size 9 with some room to adjust. Sold as a set for only $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13029.



October 12, 2020

1.45ct. total gem weight SI1-H emerald cut diamond ring, 3.1gr. 18kt. $2,590.00 CAD. e14260

A rectangular step-cut diamond with truncated corners is commonly referred to as an emerald cut. They are called emerald cuts because this is the traditional and popular style for emeralds. By contrast, the round brilliant cut is used almost exclusively on diamonds. So it seems somewhat curious that our featured ring showcases “emerald cut” diamonds and round “brilliant cut” emeralds. It is a little unusual but the results are striking. It doesn’t hurt that all the components in the ring are premium quality, The three centre diamonds (0.60 carat and 2 x 0.30 carat) are all of VS-SI-GH quality. The matching pair of bead set shoulder emeralds are of exceptional quality. An additional 12 VS-GH diamonds extending more than halfway down the shank. Finding suitable diamonds for a three stone style like this is very difficult. Not only must the quality of all three be very close but the length to width ratio must be the same. This is easy with round diamond but is much more of a challenge with emerald cut stones. Emerald is the traditional stone for the month of May, and May is a popular month to get married or engaged in. This would make a very symbolic gift to commemorate any significant event taking place in May, or for anyone looking who loves the colour green and classic design. The ring has been crafted from top quality 18 karat white gold in a finger size 7 1/2. This ring is only a couple of years old and estate priced at $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #e14260.


October 11, 2020

18 karat/platinum diamond ring 0.74ct. tw. $2,100.00 CAD. e9927

e9927 platinum and 18 karat diamond ring

Pear shaped diamonds make the perfect shoulders for a round brilliant cut. Their complex facet pattern turns them into a kaleidoscope of reflected light that beautifully contrasts the balance of dark and light in a well cut round brilliant. This trio in particular suit each other very well, the 0.40 carat SI-G centre round diamond is matched with o.34 carats of VS-H pears making for a total weight of 0.74 carats of uninterrupted brilliance. Being manufactured by Toronto’s Platinum Unlimited it’s no surprise the 3.98 gram ring has been very well made from top quality 18 karat yellow gold and platinum. The ring is in like new condition and measures a finger size 6 1/4 with plenty of room to size up or down.e9927 platinum 18 karat diamond ring appraisal The accompanying 1998 Harold Weinstein Ltd. appraisal lists an estimated replacement value of $5,000.00 Canadian. Our estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e9927.e9927 platinum 18 karat diamond ring


October 7, 2020

Tiffany platinum engagement/wedding ring set 0.50ct. SI1-H Euro. cut diamond 5.7gr. $2,030.00 CAD. e13308

This Tiffany wedding set came to us empty and it took some time and thought to decide what diamond would go into it. To stay true to our roots we opted to set a diamond that would tell a story. The solitaire engagement ring was actually invented by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1886. Picture Victorian Era jewellery and what comes to mind? The later part of this timeline was known as The Aesthetic Period and was characterized by opulent gemstone encrusted pieces, accented with heavy engraved patterns, basically, everything was as ornate as possible. And here comes Tiffany with a completely plain and delicate engagement ring that is all high polished metal and one single diamond set proudly atop it. Surprisingly his design gamble worked, so well in fact that imitations started popping up everywhere and Tiffanys had to issue warnings to their customers about impostors. It’s consistently been the go-to engagement ring setting for the last 130 years. We chose a 0.50 carat old European cut diamond for this mount as the cut was invented three years after the solitaire and quickly took up residence in Tiffany’s solitaire. In fact, this new cut style was almost as revolutionary, being the result of the thorough study of light refraction within diamonds. Ours is an eye-clean SI1-H and based on its less-than-round outline was probably from this earlier period of old European cutting. Both rings in the set are 950 platinum but the wedding band has United Kingdom hallmarks. Both measure a finger size 6 1/4 with room to adjust. Estate price for the set only $2,030.00 CAD. The plain 2.0mm knife edge wedding ring is a current offering on the Tiffany website where it is priced at $915.00 by itself. Stock #e13308.


October 4, 2020

19.70ct. amethyst & diamond (0.40ct. tw. SI1-H) ring 10.3gr. 18kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e13468

Purple photography evades us. Despite the deep plum colour in the images, this 19.70 carat amethyst is a pure, bright purple in person.  Amethyst was once a Cardinal Gem, held on par with ruby, emerald, and sapphire for value and desirability. This jumbo 20.2mm x 15.6mm emerald cut gem is more than worthy of this regal mounting. It’s been accented with a delicate trim of very well cut round brilliant diamonds of bright SI-H quality. All told the six diamonds equal 0.40 carats, adding their icy sparkle to the brooding purple depths. The ring itself is built from premium quality, solid 18 karat white gold that retains its original chromy white rhodium finish. As you can imagine a gemstone this size makes for a pretty top heavy ring. To counter that tendency to roll the ring is outfitted with a permanent ring guard; springy interior arms that hold fast to the finger during wear. The 10.3 gram ring currently measures a finger size 5 3/4 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13468.


September 30, 2020

18kt. Michael Smiley diamond & sapphire ring 6.9gr. 0.75ct. I1-JK $2,450.00 CAD. e13206

Bar settings like this one create a unique optical effect that makes the gems they hold appear to be suspended in place by tension only. The extra-long white gold bars used here exaggerate that effect but also offer protection. By extending beyond the width of the gemstones they shoulder, the bars are protecting the stones from blows that could potentially damage them. The ring itself is made from solid 18 karat yellow gold contrasting its white top. Of course, this high-quality ring was made by our goldsmith neighbor Michael Smiley! The trio of gems consists of a 0.75 carat round brilliant cut diamond of I1-JK quality and two deep blue natural sapphires weighing an estimated 1.10 carats in total. The 6.9-gram ring is currently a finger size 6 with room to adjust. Estate price for the like-new, handmade, one-of-a-kind custom ring $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #e13206.


September 25, 2020

Platinum/14kt. late Art Deco diamond ring set 0.63ct. tw. SI1-I $2,002.00 CAD. e9164

This antique platinum engagement ring was manufactured around the late 1920s, apparent from its softening, swirling geometric motif and transitional cut center diamond. More apparent though from its hallmark which claims its origins from J. E. Nettleton’s Penetanguishene, Ontario store. The name is still alive in Ottawa under the ownership of the fourth generation of Nettleton’s. The Penetanguishene location, originally opened in the late 1800s, no longer exists. This unique piece of local history is decorated with six antique single cut diamonds and four rectangular antique brilliant cut diamonds, equaling approximately 0.15 carats of VS-SI-GH quality. The 0.48 carat center diamond is a transition between old European cuts and modern round brilliant cuts which were beginning to spread worldwide in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The center diamond is a very nice SI1-I quality throwing a unique mix of bright white and rainbow light, characteristic of vintage diamonds. The accompanying 14 karat white gold wedding band is not original to the ring and would have been custom made after the fact to match the engagement ring. It is difficult to place an exact age of the band but it appears to be a relatively modern addition. Both currently measure a finger size 6 with some room to adjust up or down. Estate priced as a set only $2,002.00 CAD. Stock #e9164


September 18, 2020

Canadian diamond engagement set 1.00ct. tw. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e10743

Modern design engagement/wedding ring set and it’s not a halo style. Don’t get us wrong, we love the halo design in all the many forms but it’s always refreshing to see something a little different. This organic looking bezel set swirl ring fits the bill. A soft smooth curving ribbon of white gold seamlessly extends from the shoulders wrapping around the bright sparkling Canadian diamond. The diamond is of I1 clarity, exceptional F colour, and weighs 0.64 carats. Its slightly deeper 67.3% depth allows for a cut grade of good. A string of 12 channel set small round brilliant cut diamonds add some subtle twinkle down the shoulders. The engagement ring is accompanied by a matching wedding ring. The flat edged wedding ring fits snugly alongside the engagement ring with any sort of gap. Securely channel set across the top of the wedding ring are 15 round brilliant cut diamonds for the fully dressed look. The small channel set diamonds in the two rings contribute an estimated 0.40 carats of bright SI2-I1-I sparkle. Both 14 karat white gold rings measure a size 6 and weigh a combined 6.1 grams. The centre diamond has been laser engraved on its faceted girdle with a unique registered number along with a diamond/maple leaf logo. These permanent markings guarantee Canadian origin. Included with purchase is a Certificate of Authenticity and a Gem Scan Laboratories appraisal report from October 2010. The ring set can be adjusted in size up or down in as little as a day or two by one of our on-staff goldsmiths as a complimentary service. Looking like new the excellent condition rings are being sold as a set only for the estate price of $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e10743.


September 17, 2020

BIRKS 18kt. diamond eternity ring 1.43ct. tw. VS-GH, 3.3gr., yellow gold $2,590.00 CAD. e13647

You don’t need to see the BIRKS stamp inside this eternity band to believe that it was made by the Canadian jewellery house. A quick look at the intense level of brilliance from the diamonds and you’ll know. Their high cut grade, uniform pattern, matching, and consistent VS-GH quality are obvious at a glance. The 25 round brilliant cut diamonds light up like disco balls at the slightest movement, something you rarely see in an eternity band. They are of course set into premium quality 18 karat yellow gold and equal approximately 1.43 carats total weight according to our calculations. The 3.3 gram ring measures a finger size 7 and is accompanied by a 1999 Birks insurance document stating a value of $5,000.00 CAD. BIRKS still offers a platinum ring very similar to this with 26 diamonds in VS-GH quality for $7,550.00 as seen on their website. Our estate price is only $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #e13647.


September 14, 2020

0.70ct. I1-F Canadian diamond GIA certified 0.91ct.tw. 6.6gr. 14kt rose & yellow gold $2,800.00 CAD. e13663

Happy Halloween! Oh wait, no it’s not, but it felt like it when we were processing this estate piece. Running through the stats for this ring we weighed it and it came up as 6.666grams. Then we looked at our inventory stock number and it was three away from being stock number 13666. Honestly, we discussed faking it but we weren’t ready for the lights to flicker or the basement door to creak itself open. Despite the spooky gram weight and the close call with the stock number, this is a fantastic ring. The main diamond is not only Maple Leaf brand Canadian it has also been GIA certified. That pedigreed round brilliant cut diamond weighs in at an even 0.70 carat of I1-F quality, good cut, very good polish, and symmetry, and no fluorescence. As you can see from the magnified photo this I1 gets its grade from a lot of very small inclusions scattered across its surface. Without magnification a sharp eye will only see a couple of pin point sized dots within the diamond when it is turned at the exact right angle; to the rest of us, it will be eye-clean. The ring was obviously custom built around the diamond, featuring a decorative twisting ribbon that pulls the eye in. The shoulders have been carefully inlaid with yellow gold (a combination we’ve not encountered before!) and that inlay is set with an additional 28 petite round brilliant cut diamonds. They come together to equal 0.17 carats total weight of SI-I2-HIJ quality. The ring is finished off with a secret 0.04 carat I1-HI round brilliant cut diamond set into the band. The 14 karat mostly rose gold ring is in like-new condition looking unworn and currently measures a finger size 8 1/4 with some room to adjust. Included with purchase is a July 2019 Appraisal Certificate suggesting an optimistic retail value of $7,250.00 plus tax. Our estate price for this unique Canadian diamond ring is just $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e13663.


July 10, 2020

1.00ct. tw. VS-GH diamond cluster 4.1gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e13743

The white gold diamond cluster is the precursor to the modern halo. The advantage of this setting style is its impact to price point ratio. A large number of smaller diamonds are always less expensive than one single larger diamond. With a cluster, you get a big showy ring without the price point normally associated with such benefits. This soft, marquise-shaped cluster measures 11mm wide by 16mm long. What makes it stand out from its peers is the surprisingly high-quality diamonds that make up its 1.00 carat total weight. The 25 round brilliant cut diamonds are all of top VS-GH quality. Beyond that the diamonds have all be well cut, this forgotten C makes all the difference with smaller diamonds. It allows them to show maximum brilliance and fire despite their petite size. The ring itself is solidly constructed from bright white 14 karat gold and currently measures a finger size 6 1/2 with room to adjust. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13743.


July 5, 2020

0.59ct. I1-I Canadian diamond solitaire with diamond wedding ring $2,013.00 CAD. e10649

Given the choice I’m sure everyone would pick a Canadian diamond over a generic. Sometimes finding exactly what you’re looking for in a Canadian diamond can be difficult. There are not as many Canadian stones to select from and they are always measurably more expensive. All Canadian diamonds are laser engraved, they carry a unique registered number and usually come with some nice marketing brochures and certificates. All these extras while not making the diamond any prettier do add a significant cost. What if you could get a fully documented Canadian diamond for less than the cost of any old random source stone? That’s where our estate Canadian diamonds really start to shine. We price our estate Canadian diamonds exactly the same as any other diamond, no premium added for Canadian origin. This diamond ring set offers particularly strong value as it comes ready to go with a 0.25 carat total weight diamond wedding/anniversary ring. The centre diamond is a very nice looking I1-I, weighing 0.59 carats. The engagement ring is a very traditional 14 karat yellow gold tulip shank cathedral shoulder solitaire. The two rings weigh 6.0 grams and are both well made showing very little wear. They measure a smallish size 5 but can easily be made larger by one of our onsite goldsmiths. When originally mined at the Diavik facility in the North West Territories, the rough crystal weighed 1.74 carats. After being fully cut and polished in British Columbia around 66% of the original weight was lost to the cutter’s wheel. Included with the ring set is The Canadian Diamond Certificate of Origin and a Certificate of Valuation by the International Gemmological Institute. The small plastic certificate values the solitaire alone at $3,000.00. We have priced the complete set (engagement and wedding ring) at just $2,013.00 CAD plus sizing if required. Stock #e10649.


July 3, 2020

1.30ct. tw. SI-I-H diamond dinner ring 8.0gr. 18kt. $2,030.00 CAD. e12671

Whoever designed this dinner ring was creating a study of diamond brilliance. The 9.9mm wide floral clusters decorating each end have set their diamonds in a radial dome to capture light from all angles. Each bending arm has been centered with graduated baguette cut diamonds set girdle to girdle in an uninterrupted channel. The entire ring top has been edged with a delicate stitch of petite round brilliant cut diamonds. Setting off the larger spectral flashes and white splinters of light with their tiny twinkling. Together the 107 handset diamonds equal 1.30 carats of SI-I1-H quality. The ring itself has been cast from 7.7 grams of premium 18 karat white gold and currently measures a finger size 10 with some room to adjust. This is a super sparkly ring even under my regular office fluorescent ceiling lights, click here to see a short Youtube video of the ring. $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e12671.


June 28, 2020

Georg Jensen 18kt. Fusion diamond puzzle ring 0.15ct. tw. 15.6gr. sz. 8 1/2 $2,220.00 CAD. e12401

The Georg Jensen house of design has drawn in many renowned artists and designers for over 100 years. The revolutionary Danish potter and silversmith left a legacy of cutting edge design that still pushes the envelope today. This unique trio of flowing, wearable puzzle pieces are just a sampling of what the Georg Jensen brand is famous for. The Fusion line can only be put together when not being worn, during wear they hold their position but float apart slightly accentuating their stackable nature. Each ring has been cast in a different colour of premium quality 18 karat gold. The middle band has been softly brush finished to add contrast to the 0.15 carats of high quality round brilliant cut diamonds. The 15.6 gram trio spans 11.6mm when together and measure a finger size 8 1/2. The set is a current offering from Gerog Jensen retailing for €2,580 Euros (or $3,790 CAD). Our estate price for the set only $2,220.00 CAD. Stock #e12401.


June 1, 2020

0.75ct. I1-IJ (1.00ct. total weight) halo engagement ring 3.0gr. 14kt. $2,730.00 CAD. e13372

Low profile with lots of sparkle is just one reason why the round halo style has been such a popular choice for the past few years. These can be worn as an engagement ring or a right hand ring. The flat edge design with minimal gallery allows almost any ring to fit beside without any gaps. The centerpiece in this ring is a bright 0.75 carat round brilliant cut diamond of sparkling I1-I quality and excellent cut. Many would grade the centre diamond a SI2 but our cautious and conservative grading standards can best describe it as a very strong I1. It is framed and flanked by 26 small bead set diamonds adding an additional 0.25 carats SI-HI full cut diamonds. The 14 karat white gold ring weighs 3.0 grams in its current finger size 7 1/4. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size up or down a little if required. Excellent condition and likely only a few years old. $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #e13372.


May 20, 2020

Custom diamond & sapphire halo 0.52ct. SI2-GH 14kt. 5.5gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e11292

A surprising number of our estate items were traded in for other pieces of jewellery, both new and previously enjoyed. People change and our flexibility for trading, selling, and upgrading allows our customers jewellery that adjusts to their tastes and lifestyles. Some items we are more than happy to get back, like this one-of-a-kind custom made Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers original! The halo engagement ring is of that solid, well built quality you can only get with custom. Despite its petite finger size 5 the ring weighs a solid 5.5 grams, a testament to its build. Set into the 9.6mm wide cushion shaped halo are 8 natural bright blue sapphires and 8 round brilliant cut diamonds. The sapphire was the original gemstone used for engagement rings as it is meant to symbolize truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. They complement the high quality VS-GH diamonds and add a touch of antique glamour to the modern halo. The center diamond is a lively 0.52 carat SI2-GH round brilliant cut that stands out nicely from its sparkling frame. Not to be forgotten the gallery has been decorated with stylized diamond set starbursts; a hidden detail for the wearer’s eyes only. The solid shank is made from warm 14 karat yellow gold and can be sized up or down as needed. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11292.


March 1, 2020

3 stone diamond & sapphire (top quality) ring 4.4gr. 14kt. 1.12ct. tw. $2,030.00 CAD. e11293

Sapphires and diamonds are the most timeless combination for any piece of jewellery. From a practical standpoint sapphires are the next most durable natural gemstone available after diamonds. From an aesthetic point of view, high quality sapphires are a cool complement to the busy brilliance of diamonds. They roll calmly through flashes of bright blue and deep, velvety indigo. Together, the well matched pair that bracket the round brilliant cut diamond in this ring weigh an impressive 0.80 carats. Their center is a vibrant and well cut SI1-I 0.32ct. The trio is set into bright white gold with chevron accented shoulders that keep the eye moving towards the center. The high polished yellow gold shank is completely solid and currently measures a finger size 5 3/4 with room to adjust as needed. The 4.4 grams of 14 karat gold is actually Canadian and the high quality ring was originally sold by us. Our estate price for the like new piece $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e11293.



December 29, 2019

1.25ct. tw. SI2-I cushion halo diamond ring split shank 4.3gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e13315

This ring captures all the most popular themes in modern engagement ring style. I do not think this ring is any older than a couple years. Cushion shaped halos are one of our best sellers. The split shank design with milgrain detail, bead set shoulder diamonds running down the shank and hand engraved highlights in the gallery add sparkle and bling from every direction. The bezel set pink sapphires on each side of setting are a cheery playful highlight to this contemporary ring. The ring comes with an April 2019 appraisal from Shelemay Jewellery Appraisals Ltd. It is a thorough document that describes in good detail the components and their quality that are contained in the ring. The ring is described to contain 1.50 carats total weight of pink sapphires and diamonds of SI2-HI quality. Our cautious and conservative opinion and appraisal approach calculates a total weight of closer to 1.30 carats. The Shelemay appraisal suggests a retail value of $7,600.00 plus sales tax. Our more competitive opinion of replacement value is quite a bit less. As a lightly used, previously enjoyed ring we have it priced at just $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13315.


December 10, 2019

0.72ct. I1-JK horsehead shaped diamond ring 11.6gr. 14kt. gold $2,800.00 CAD. e13414


We’ve been in the diamond business since the 1950s and this is our very first horse head shaped diamond we have ever encountered. Even googling the term “horse head diamond” doesn’t turn up too many. If you wanted to find another, I think it would be an almost impossible task. Custom cutting a rough diamond crystal into this shape requires wasting a huge amount to end up with this shape and it would cost a small fortune. If your reading this post, you are likely a jewellery person. If you know a horse person or you are a horse person this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a unique diamond ring. The 14 karat ring was well crafted to a high standard. Made from close to 11.5 grams of durable 14 karat yellow and white gold in a finger size 6.5, the ring will fit the average ladies’ ring finger, or it could be adjusted to fit a gentleman. The low-profile design would make a great pinky ring for the equestrian minded man. The hand made white gold bezel beautifully frames the diamond while offering excellent protection. There is no mathematical formula to calculate the weight of this stone and we are not about to cut it out just to satisfy our curiosity. By our best educated and conservative estimate, we feel the diamond weighs 0.72 carats. The clarity is a pleasant I1 and the colour is estimated to be a J or K. Our onsite goldsmiths could adjust the finger size down a little or make it larger by up to 3 or 4 sizes. The ring is not replaceable for the estate price of $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e13414.


November 10, 2019

14-18kt. BIRKS 1.46ct. green tourmaline & diamond ring 0.75ct. tw. SI-I 4.3gr. $2,030.00 CAD. e12501

Tourmaline is one of the most overlooked gemstones which is unfortunate as it is highly desirable and affordable. The gem has spent most of its life being mistaken for other gemstones, not really surprising considering its rainbow of available colours. Our example is a 1.46 carat emerald cut peacock green tourmaline surrounded by 130-year-old diamonds. The 0.75 carats of SI-I quality antique diamonds cover old European cuts, old mine cuts, and old single cuts. They’ve been set into an 18 karat white gold head spanning 19mm, or the better part of an entire digit. The ring is actually an early Birks remount piece from the early part of the 20th century. Its band is cast from 14 karat yellow gold and currently measures a finger size 5, appropriately petite for the fingers of that time period. Despite its age, the ring is in like-new condition, ready to be worn for at least another lifetime with the right care. Estate price $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e12501.


September 7, 2019

Custom made 14kt. yellow gold diamond & sapphire ring $2,485.00 CAD. e10860

e9288 diamond and sapphire ringThat headline is right, this ring is yellow gold. The original owner had it rhodium plated after her tastes changed from yellow to white. If you like the bright white finish it’s ready to go. If you prefer a more traditional yellow gold look, a tumble polish and a quick spin on the buffing machine will return it to yellow. The ring itself is very well made weighing a substantial 9.1 grams. Custom made by hand it displays a yin and yang inspired design right down to the dark sapphire, white diamonds with a slightly tapered shank. Bezel and channel setting of the precious stones suit the low smooth style very well. There isn’t a hard sharp edge to be found making this style very comfortable to wear everyday. A 0.53 carat VS-IJ oval brilliant cut diamond is the largest value component in the ring.  A high quality medium to dark sapphire of very good colour measuring 6.2mm x 4.3mm, estimated to weigh 0.62 carat, adds beautiful blue contrast. 5 small channel set baguette cut diamonds (VS-HI) are set down one shoulder only.e9288.1 diamond and sapphire ring Solid construction made in a finger size 6. The ring can easily be made a little bigger or smaller by one of our talented onsite goldsmiths. Excellent condition showing very little wear. A few minor scuffs on the rhodium plating are the only signs of being worn. Estate priced at $2,485.00. Stock #e10860.



August 25, 2019

1930s platinum 0.75ct. I2-F diamond ring $2,380.00 CAD. e9476

e9476 0.75ct. platinum diamond ring with baguettesEveryone has a favorite decade, from fashion to music to culture and design; these things are in a continuous state of flux. Fashions and trends come and go but the Art Deco period (1920s-1930s) is by far the most influential when it comes to timeless jewellery style. It’s especially hard to beat Art Deco when it comes to engagement rings. This ring is probably from the very outer edge of that period, possible slipping into the early 1940s but it has that telltale geometric motif that defined the style. It’s a fairly uncomplicated design for Art Deco so it would be the ideal engagement ring for someone who wants a piece of history with a timeless design. The 0.75ct I2-F center diamond is very bright despite a couple of large feathers within the table border. From the right angles the feathers actually blend nicely into the pattern of the cut making this a less distracting example of an I2 clarity.e9476 0.75ct. I2-F diamond ring platinum Not to worry; there isn’t a chunk missing from the diamond at the top, it’s just a white reflection. The diamond puts down a nice size footprint for a 0.75 carat of 5.9mm diameter. For a bit of added sparkle each shoulder contains a 0.03 carat baguette cut diamond of good quality. The ring itself is made of 2.6 grams of 90% platinum alloyed with 10% iridium, a lesser used hardening agent. It’s a finger size 5 and can be sized up as needed to a maximum of about two sizes. Estate price $2,380.00 CAD. Stock #e9476.e9476 0.75ct. I2-F platinum Art Deco diamond ring



August 2, 2019

Platinum 0.40ct. internally flawless D colour diamond ring $2,415.00 CAD. e9656


e9656 0.40ct. princess cut diamond ring internally flawless D colourIf nothing but perfection will do for your engagement ring this is your diamond. Don’t be fooled by it’s 0.40 carat weight, this princess cut packs punch. Thanks to its perfect colourless D grade and Internally Flawless clarity call it throws much more light and dispersion than it should. It’s currently set in a timeless four prong solitaire made from a hefty 6.2 grams of 95% pure platinum. The ring is currently a finger size 8 3/4. If it were sized down for a more average or petite finger the diamond would look much larger. As a testament to the exceptional overall quality have a look at the precise shank stamps.e9656 0.40ct. internally flawless D diamond ring You seldom see this type perfection when it comes to something so seemingly mundane. Quality comes in the form of many small details all coming together to make something that is truly special. Included with purchase is an older (February 2004) European Gemological Laboratory report that outlines the diamonds specific details. Estate price $2,415.00 CAD. Stock #e9656.e9656 0.40ct. internally flawless D princess cut platinum diamond ring


July 30, 2019

1.21ct. tw. SI-H diamond ring set 5.7gr. 18kt Charm Diamond Centres $2,793.00 CAD. e12312

An elegant matching diamond wedding set from Canadian chain Charm Diamond Centres, accompanied by all of its original paperwork. The unique thing about this set is that the band was actually custom made ($1,399.00 receipt included), not something you usually think of from a big box jeweller. They did a very nice job; the band is a well thought out accent to the engagement ring and quite well made. The set is adorned with well cut SI2-H round brilliant cuts weighing an estimated 1.21 carats in total. Both pieces are constructed from bright white rhodium enhanced high quality 18 karat gold, showing no signs of any wear. The wedding ring was likely never even worn at all. The sale prices were $3,362.11 for the engagement and $1,399.00 for the wedding band. We feel a a competitive retail price for the two together is $3,990.00 and our estate price $2,793.00 CAD. Stock #e12312.


June 25, 2019

0.57ct. SI1-I diamond ring with marquise shoulders 0.18ct. tw. 4.4gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD.

We’ve warned you before that there is no middle ground when it comes to heart shaped jewellery. A good rule of thumb is “when in doubt, don’t” but this ring has such flexible interpretations that you should be safe either way. If she loves hearts that is the first thing she’ll see in the marquise shoulders. If she hates them they are simply the leaves of a Roman laurel chaplet, a symbol of victory. Victory for what is a question you’ll have to answer and I’m sure you’ll be very eloquent and poetic! Perhaps the 0.18 carats of marquise are simply meant as accents to the center but the knife edge shank seems to suggest more meaning than that. The heart of the ring is a very nice, eye clean 0.57 carat SI1-I quality round brilliant cut. The well made 4.4 gram 14 karat piece is actually a custom design from fellow Barrie jeweller Jeff Walters. The ring currently measures a petite 5 1/4 with room to adjust. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e12275.


June 10, 2019

0.63ct. SI2-I 18kt Art Deco style solitaire 2.3gr. $2,093.00 CAD. e11605

A beautiful design stands the test of time. The Art Deco design period is perhaps the most admired era for jewellery, industrial and architectural design. From buildings to cars everything got the Deco treatment, even toasters and other household appliances were impacted by the movement. Even today some our most popular design are mildly or totally influenced by this wonderful style. Our latest estate ring is a wonderful tribute to Art Deco. The bright centre diamond is an old European cut likely dating from the late 1800s. The 18 karat white gold setting while looking like a 90 year old original was likely hand crafted within the last 10 years. The style is a perfect representation, in fact it’s just a little too good to be from the era. There is almost no evidence of previous use. Everything detail is super crisp and sharp. Over years of use the fine milgrain details and hand engraved elements soften and smooth. The pierced saw cut filigree looks like it just completed. This isn’t a simple casting; many hours of work from a highly skilled craftsman went into this creation. The 18 karat white gold ring weighs 2.3 grams and has only been sized once. Only 1 sizing in 90 years is unlikely for an original Art Deco ring. The bottom of the shank is quite wide at 2.3mm showing no thinning from decades of wear. We’re pretty confident this ring isn’t an authentic 1920s piece of jewellery but we are confident in the overall quality and beautiful design. The centre diamond is a genuine antique that I’m sure formed the inspiration to create the ring. It measures just under 5.5mm diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.63 carat. The clarity grade is a very strong and conservative SI2. A colour grade of “I” was estimated by comparison with our GIA certified master diamonds. Like new condition (because it almost is) and ready to go. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the ring up or down approximately 1 size to fit most fingers. Estate priced at $2,093.00 CAD. Stock #e11605.


April 30, 2019

0.80ct. ruby & 0.64ct. tw. diamond ring 5.5gr. 14kt. $2,730.00 CAD. e11868

The cluster ring can be a thing of beauty and this retro ruby cluster is in such good shape, made to such a high quality we just had to give it a small showcase today. Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring brought the cluster back into the 1980s limelight. We’re hoping it’ll find a loving forever home with someone who appreciates 80’s glam as we do. The two tiered pear shaped precursor to the modern halo measures 17.2mm long by 13.3mm wide. It’s set with 32 round brilliant cut diamonds of high VS-H quality throwing spectral flashes at the slightest movement. The 0.64 combined carats wrap around an 0.80 carat 7.6mm x 5.4mm natural high quality slightly purplish pink red ruby. With this many prong tips you’d imagine to find at least a couple worn down, but each is as tall as the day it was made. The yellow gold cathedral shank is in likewise untouched condition. As a whole the 5.5 gram 14 karat ring is basically brand new despite being almost 40 years old. It currently measures a finger size 7 1/4 with room to size up or down. Estate price $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #e11868.



March 15, 2019

0.97ct. I1-F clarity enhanced diamond solitaire $2,047.00 CAD. e8072

e8072.2 I1-F clarity enhanced solitaireTraditional four prong solitaire in 14 karat white gold weighing 3.1 grams and measuring a finger size 5.25. This diamond has been clarity enhanced to improve its appearance. When internal feather type inclusions in diamonds are surface reaching they can be concealed by filling them with a high refractive index material similar to lead crystal. The technique is very similar to the way a small crack or chip in your car’s windshield can be hidden. The enhancement is stable and permanent as long as the diamond is not directly heated to an extreme, then the concealing material may come out. Even if the diamond is accidentally heated while performing a repair like or re-tipping the prongs the diamond can be treated again to restore the clarity. Don’t be afraid of these diamonds. They look great and offer the look of a much more expensive diamond for less than half the price. This ring can easily be sized as long as the diamond is protected from direct heat. The radiant cut diamond is fantastic a F colour and measures 5.6mm x 5.6mm with a very good proportions.  Radiant cut diamonds are the same a princess cuts but lack their 90 degree corners. This makes for a slightly softer looking square with less risk of chipping. The ring is estate priced at $2,047.00 CAD. Stock #e8072.e8072 clarity enhanced 0.97ct.


March 5, 2019

1.05ct. I2-G very good cut 3.5gr. 14kt. custom made solitaire $2,925.00 CAD. e12577

There’s absolutely no question about it. To get the biggest bang for the buck; you’re going to have to find a diamond with a slightly weaker clarity. In a value contest this 1.05 carat would be an excellent choice. With an average diameter of 6.41mm it certainly has presence on a finger, especially so when it’s been set on this thin 2.8mm shank. The G colour as graded against our Gemological Institute of America master stones certainly isn’t a grade you’d associate with a nicely cut 1.00 carat diamond at this price point. When this diamond came in on trade it weighed 1.26 carats but it also had a large cavity along its edge. Our master diamond cutter eliminated the cavity, improved its cut and maintained a finished weight over 1 carat. A nice small table of just 56%, depth of under 64% and crown angle of 36 degrees are also very impressive for any round diamond. The rest of the diamonds geometry can be seen on this cut report. The large white feather requires a clarity grade call of I2. Its position close to the edge and light colour lessen the overall impact. Claw placement over top this clarity characteristic helps out too. There’s no getting away from the fact it’s there as it has been for around 3 billion years. The facts are; it’s bright, it’s white, it sparkles and dances just like a diamond costing 3 times as much. The simple flat shank custom made solitaire is constructed from 3.5 grams of durable, tough 14 karat white gold. This freshly re-cut diamond and never worn custom ring are priced at just $2,925.00 CAD. A weak Canadian currency and record high gold prices hasn’t stopped us from giving you the best value around. Strong colour, very good cut, very good polish, very good symmetry and no fluorescence result in a diamond that dazzles with fantastic brilliance and dispersion. We’ve seen many diamonds with far better clarity on paper that fall short of expectation in person because they are just hazy and dull. This I2 diamond is very attractive despite being 9 grades from flawless. The diamond alone is offered at only $2,600.00. The complete ring is priced at $2,925.00 CAD. Stock #e12577.


January 20, 2019

Custom made 1.16ct. tw. diamond ring 14 karat $2,660.00 CAD. e10606

The difficulty with photographing a warmer hue diamond like this M colour, is that you can’t possibly capture the brilliance of the diamond and how the colour is diminished by that brilliance. The very good cut combined with a high VS clarity make the 0.73 carat round brilliant cut look brighter than these pictures suggest. The 0.43 carats of marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds wrapping around the center are an equally high VS clarity but a much whiter G colour. The effect of the different colour grades set so tightly together helps to define the edge of the center diamond, allowing it to stand out proudly from the shoulders. Also drawing attention to that center is the use of a compass heading setting, a 45 degree turn that brings a whole new feel to the classic four prong head. This thoughtful one of a kind custom made 4.1 gram 14 karat white gold diamond ring is in fact our creation, no wonder it’s so well made! The previous owner recently traded it in for something a little bigger. The ring currently measures a finger size 5 1/4 with plenty of room to adjust. Estate price $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e10606



December 3, 2018

1.38ct. tw. I1-I2-L & fancy yellow diamond ring 4.5gr. 14kt. $2,660.00 CAD. e11759

A classic design always looks great. I never get tired of looking at pretty diamond rings. Occasionally mother nature throws a curve ball and offers up a fancy colour diamond. The centre diamond in this trio falls outside of the typical colour range normally associated with diamonds. The fancy light yellow colour is literally the centre of attention shouldered between the two typical LM colour range diamonds. The yellow centre stone measures a significant 5.95mm diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.72 carats. The 2 complimenting shoulder diamonds weigh around 0.66 carats in total. All three diamonds are nicely matched I1 to I2 clarity. The 14 karat white gold setting is in great shape, freshly polished and rhodium plated. Measuring a smallish size 5 the 4.5 gram Lucida style 3 stone ring can be adjusted up or down as required by one of our onsite goldsmiths. This ring could be used as an engagement ring, anniversary ring or just a sparkly right hand ring. The relatively low profile design makes is comfortable and easy to wear 24/7. Included with purchase is a photocopy of a 2003 appraisal document that assigned an estimated retail replacement value of $6,535.00. Our opinion of a competitive replacement value is $3,800.00. As an estate ring is excellent condition we have the ring priced at just $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e11759.


November 19, 2018

Sapphire & diamond cluster 2.65ct. tw. SI-HI 5.1gr. 18kt. $2,450.00 CAD. e12208

This is the colour people think of when they hear sapphire, deep saturated blue with velvety indigo flashes. That colour has been the most valued tone for royal and religious uses for centuries. It is the colour used in Diana’s ring and I’m sure you can see that ring was the inspiration for this. The big difference here is the use of extra warm 18 karat yellow gold. The trend in North America for the last 15 years has been for white gold and platinum over all other metal colours. The purpose is to create a neutral chromy backdrop for whatever the focus of the piece is. But with white metal you lose the luxurious glowing quality that traditional yellow gold is prized for. Though the ring does weigh in at a solid 5.1 grams the use of a split shoulder design gives it an airy feel. The double halo of round brilliant cut diamonds equal approximately 1.15 carats of high quality SI-HI sparkle. They take the natural footprint of the 1.50 carat sapphire to 16.1mm, taking up almost an entire digit. Estate price $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #e12208.


November 7, 2018

1.39ct. tw. VS-H Birks custom platinum diamond ring $2,900.00 CAD. e11532

One of the reasons we are so fond of Birks is that they share our love for step cut diamonds. We’ve had a couple of rings from them of this same spirit; placing multiple emerald and baguette cut diamonds in a graduated, stepped row. The hall of mirrors effect of each is amplified in an unbroken row of glittering splinters of brilliance. Step cuts are unforgiving of inclusions, showing them more readily than any other cut. Thankfully Birks set a minimum clarity of VS2 for this quintet, ensuring each is clean to the unaided eye. The four baguette cuts are a well matched G colour and combine for a total weight of 0.85 carats. The emerald cut center weighs 0.54 carat with an I colour grade and has been four prong set to distinguish it from the bar set shoulders. In typical Birks fashion the ring is solidly constructed from 9.3 grams of top quality platinum and measuring a rather petite finger size 4 1/2. This one of a kind custom made studio design ring is accompanied by its 2001 Henry Birks and Sons Inc. appraisal with a suggested replacement value of $8,500.00 CAD. Our estate price is just $2,900.00 CAD. Stock #e11532.



September 25, 2018

1.00ct. tw.VS-H 14kt. diamond ring 5.2gr. 14kt. gold $2,450.00 CAD. e11614

If you are a true diamond enthusiast you’ll be as enthralled with the profile of this ring as you are by its face. The quintuplet of well matched diamonds was not just selected for their high VS-H quality but for the accuracy and symmetry of their cuts. They are perfectly graduated in diameter and depth with their girdles and culets aligned in the same even arch. The ring was made merely to showcase, in the best way possible, the diamonds it holds. It’s clean and understated exposing the diamonds as much as possible while still being secure. Made from 5.2 grams of 14 karat white gold the ring currently measures a finger size 7 3/4 with some room to adjust. Estate price $2.450.00 CAD. Stock #e11614.



September 5, 2018

1.06ct. I2-J diamond solitaire 3.8gr. 18kt. $2,590.00 CAD. e11186

Of course everyone wants a perfect 1.00 carat diamond but not everyone wants to spend $22,000.00 CAD or more to obtain one (and that doesn’t include a ring to hold it). This ring could never be considered flawless but for under $2,600.00 we feel it offers some great value that’s hard to beat. The I2 clarity shows some obvious crystal inclusions and feathers but it still sparkles nicely. The J colour is close to the top of the near colourless range. The cut is very good making the most of what this diamond has to offer, its diameter of 6.5mm is just about perfect for a diamond weighing 1.06 carats. Securing the diamond is a traditional style cathedral shoulder solitaire ring made from 3.6 grams of premium 18 karat white gold measuring a size 6 1/2. If you require a different fit we’ll provide a complimentary adjustment with a fresh rhodium plating making the ring indistinguishable from brand new. Accompanying the ring is a July 2017 appraisal from Knappett Jewellery in New Market. If you’re looking for a significant sized diamond for well under $3,000.00 give this one some consideration. We’re happy to refund 100% of your purchase price if you don’t agree this ring offers the best bang for the buck available. Estate priced at $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #e11186.



August 6, 2018

18kt. Peoples Jewellers Celebration Canadian diamond ring 0.84ct. TW. $2,660.00 CAD. e11806

Top quality 18 karat white gold combined with Peoples Jewellers proprietary 100 facet Celebration Canadian diamond combine in this beautiful halo creation. More star facets, more bezel facets, more pavilion facets break up reflected and refracted light into smaller segments but much more of them compared to a traditional 57 facet brilliant cut diamond. Think of it as the world’s smallest disco ball. You don’t get more dispersion or brilliance, you just get more but smaller individual components of the same total amount of twinkle. No matter the facet pattern, any well proportioned high quality diamond is going to look great. Adding to the sparkle of the centre stone are a halo of 12 traditional round brilliant cut diamonds with SI2-HI quality contributing 0.27 carats of weight. The Canadian mined 0.58 carat centre diamond is of SI2 clarity, very good H colour and has been laser engraved with a unique serial number as your assurance of Canadian origin. The circular cluster has been assembled in a 4.3 gram, 18 karat white gold forked shank ring design that’s in excellent condition. A fresh rhodium plating to the size 7 1/4 ring will have the ring looking like new. This ring was purchased new at Peoples Jewellers and comes complete with a variety of  certifications, reports and Gem Scan appraisal for $5,000.00. If you need a size adjustment one of our onsite goldsmiths can make this ring fit almost any finger size for no additional charge. Estate priced at $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e11806


July 10, 2018

Cartier Tank Francaise 18kt. diamond rings $2620.00 & $2435.00 CAD. e11428 e11429

Though no longer offered for sale from Cartier this pair of matching diamond bands come so complete they may as well be brand new. The Tank Francaise watch was a staple piece of Cartier history, made famous by Princess Diana after its release in the mid 1990s. To transfer that iconic watch bracelet pattern to a line of diamond rings seems an appropriate celebration of the striking design. Each ring is exceptionally well made to Cartier’s usual high standards and are in like new condition. They’re made from premium 18 karat yellow gold (33.5 grams in total combined weight). They measure a statement making 11mm wide by 1.85mm thick. Other than being distinguished by size (one an 8, the other a 5 1/4) the smaller of the two has had its pattern scaled down to better suit the reduced finger size. Despite the reduction in size and pattern, the smaller ring is set with the same 32 round brilliant cut diamonds of exceptional VVS-EF quality, as the larger ring. The pair was sold in 2007 for $4850.00 CAD each. Both come with their original Cartier certificate of authenticity, inner and outer boxes, and receipt. In the event you are not in need of two they are sold separately for the estate prices of $2620.00 (size 8) and $2435.00 (size 5 1/4). Stock numbers E11428 and E11429.


June 25, 2018

18kt. 0.97ct. total weight SI-HI 3.1gr. princess cut halo diamond ring $2,100.00 CAD. e12075

Jewellery and diamonds can easily vary in retail price by 100%. A diamond ring in one store that sells for $1,000.00 can sell for more than $2,000.00 somewhere else. The key in obtaining the best value is knowing your jewellery or knowing your jeweller. Many vendors supply appraisals that don’t reflect actual selling prices or an accurate replacement value adding to the confusion. This beautiful 18 karat princess cut halo has much the same documentation as many of the rings we see. It came to us with a November 2015 Certificate of Appraisal provided by a Toronto area appraisal service. The “Estimated Retail Replacement Value” was determined to be $5,000.00 plus 13% tax. Our opinion of retail replacement value for a new ring of the same quality and description is $3,000.00.  As experienced jewellers for more than 60 years we would have no trouble supplying a ring of this same description/quality for 40% less than its appraised value. We can do this even while gold prices have increased 15% and the Canadian dollar is weaker than when the appraisal was done. As a like new estate ring we have priced the ring at just $2,100.00. This is a price well below its replacement price and represents great value in our opinion. Everybody is entitled to an opinion; some are just more accurate than others. The size 6 ring contains a pretty princess cut diamond estimated to weigh a little under half of a carat. The square halo frame and bead set shoulders contain 82 tiny round brilliant cut diamonds contributing an estimated 0.52 carat of additional diamond weight. The flat edge design allows almost any wedding ring to fit without a gap. Hardly worn, showing like new and estate priced at only $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e12075.


June 22, 2018

4.15ct. tw. sapphire & diamond ring VS-HI 7.2gr. 18kt. $2,400.00 CAD. e11752

The 1930s advent of the Dinner Party brought with it the Dinner Ring. Where 1920s Cocktail Rings focused on over sized ring with diamonds, the Dinner Ring put large and exceptional coloured gems at center stage. Much to the joy of the 1930s goldsmith as it gave them a rainbow palette with which to express themselves. In the 80 years to follow this style has been a showpiece for gemological enthusiasts. The 3.16 carat oval brilliant sapphire that centers this statement ring is exactly Bill Le Boeuf Blue! Its depths are the same colour as the soft velvet that lines our boxes and it flashes true indigo. The approximate 1.00 carat of combined baguette, marquise, and round brilliant cut diamonds that flow around it are of high VS-HI quality. The 7.2 gram ring is made from premium 18 karat yellow gold which flows in bright, organic curves. The dinner ring measures 17.75mm across its top, taking up almost an entire digit. This ring likely dates from the 1990s. Estate price $2,400.00 CAD. Stock #e11752.



May 10, 2018

1.37ct. tw. SI-GH three piece set 5.9 grams $2,940.00 CAD. e11834

A wedding band can transform the look of any engagement ring and help to further express the personality of the woman who wears it. This particular 14 karat white gold set measures an impressive 5.4mm wide and is covered all over with 0.73 carats of very bright high quality SI-GH round brilliant cut diamonds. The proud center piece of this set is a 0.64 carat SI1-H princess cut diamond that presents very well worn on its own or with the wedding ring. The wedding ring has never been worn, it still retains its bright rhodium finish from new. The engagement ring was worn for less than one year and remains in excellent condition showing only some wear to the original rhodium finish. Both rings measure a petite size 4 3/4 with room to adjust larger.e10100-3-piece-diamond-engagement-wedding-ring-set-1-68ct-tw-001 The set is accompanied by individual HKD appraisals listing the wedding ring at $1,740.00 CAD and the engagement ring for $5,400.00 CAD. These values are a little high in our opinion. The set is competitively estate priced at only $2,940.00 CAD. Stock #e11834.e10100-3-piece-diamond-engagement-wedding-ring-set-1-68ct-tw-004



April 20, 2018

1.25ct. tw. VS-SI-GH Russian made 14kt. 4.9gr. $2,590.00 CAD. e11002

Today’s history lesson begins in 19th century Russia with rose gold which was originally called Russian gold. It was first produced by Carl Faberge, the world famous jeweler to the royal Romanov family and quickly became the tone of choice for the Russian people. Our ring being rose gold doesn’t on its own signify it as Russian in origins. However the 14 karat indication of 583 instead of the more often used 585 is very commonly Russian as they chose not to round up the number like most European countries do. Next to that stamp is a more glaring statement of origins, the Hammer and Sickle in a five pointed star hallmark, the symbol of the Soviet Union. This symbol and its flag were used from 1923-1991. The delicate millgrain and filigree work of this flowing bow ring are the epitome of Art Deco but the round brilliant cut diamonds point to the later part of the decade. That cut was not invented until 1919 and didn’t spread to the general public until the late 1920s to early 1930s. Together these revolutionary diamonds weigh 1.25 carats, mostly of VS-G quality with the 0.50 carat center a nice SI2-H. Their brilliance is accented with laminated white gold and dominates the 25mm long antique bow. The swirling shoulders finish off the feminine movement of the ring which currently measures a finger size 7 3/4. Estate price for this piece of history $2,590.00 CAD. Stock #e11002.


March 30, 2018

1.44ct. tw. I1-I diamond halo ring set 4.8gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e11629

By definition an I1 clarity diamond will have an inclusion you can usually see without magnification. Some times that is one single large inclusion that can be spotted at a distance. In the case of this 0.68 carat round brilliant cut, the clarity grade is set by a collection of pinpoint sized black and white crystals travelling like a galaxy across the diamonds diameter. Without magnification you can occasionally catch a glimpse of a speck or two but under magnification they look like the milky way inverted; black crystal stars in a brilliantly bright cosmos. That other worldly center is accented with an additional 56 I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds, tipping the total weight to 1.44 carats for the set. The smallest of those have been secretly set on the delicate undergallery of the halo for the wearer’s eyes only. Together the 14 karat white gold set weighs a solid 4.8 grams with each measuring a petite finger size 4 1/2 with room to size up only. Estate price for the pair $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11629.


February 16, 2018

0.75ct. tw. SI-IJ marquise halo 14kt. rose gold $2,100.00 CAD. e11191

I don’t remember just how many round halo style rings we’ve done over the last few years or so. We’ve, made some ovals, cushions and even a heart shape halo or two but I don’t ever remember seeing one quite like this before. A marquise cut halo would be a unusual design in itself. Add to that custom made in rose gold makes this one truly unique. It was custom made by local Jewellery store Jeff Walters Jewellers right here in Barrie. High quality construction weighing 7.6 grams made with good quality components come together with excellent results. We’ve calculated the centre diamond to weigh a minimum of 0.50 carats, with a SI2 clarity and J colour. 18 small bead and Gypsy set round brilliant cut diamonds contribute an additional 0.25 carats of very good quality VS-H diamonds. The set measures a finger size 6 1/2 and sits together perfectly without any gaps. Hardly worn and in like new condition. I’m not sure how much they cost when new but for the estate price of just $2,100.00 CAD they offer value that few can match. Stock #e11191.


January 5, 2018

1.00ct. SI2-I princess cut diamond 2.1gr. 14kt. clarity enhanced $2,100.00 CAD. e11529

Modern technology allows otherwise “optically challenged” diamonds remarkable beauty at an attractive price. Without some clever clarity enhancement this diamond would have large translucent to opaque inclusions that would likely have you choosing a much smaller diamond that costs the same. Clarity enhancement allows the consumer to get a big diamond for the price of one half the weight. This pretty princess cut diamond measures 5.30mm x 5.45mm and is estimated to weigh 1.00 carat. It is set into a traditional 4 prong 14 karat white gold setting weighing 1.9 grams. This diamond at one time likely had a dark none transparent inclusion concealed inside. A laser was used to drill a microscopic hole down to the inclusion. Acid was drawn down the tiny drill hole to dissolve the dark inclusion leaving a more attractive white void. We took this picture through our high powered microscope. You can easily see the drill hole running down to the inclusion. The diamond also has a few surface reaching feather type inclusions. To conceal these inclusions a high refractive index glass type material was used to fill them. The process is much the same as getting a car windshield chip or minor crack repaired. The filling compound has excellent transparency and similar optical properties to a diamond making the inclusions all but disappear. You have to be very sharp and know what you’re looking for to catch this type of enhancement. The telltale evidence can sometimes be rainbow interference colours along the feather plane. They are very small, tricky to resolve and even difficult to photograph.  Our latest estate diamond comes with a well known document of appraisal from a GIA traded Gemologist that caught the laser drill hole but missed the other clarity enhancement or at least failed to mention it. Laser drill holes are permanent enhancements. The filled feathers are permanent as long as the diamond isn’t exposed to extremely high temperatures. If the claws ever need rebuilding or the ring needs to be sized, the diamond needs to be protected from a jewellers torch or the filler can be harmed. No special care is required otherwise and the diamond looks at least 1 or 2 grades better than it  did before treatment. This ring is about 11 years old and in great condition. It currently measures a finger size 5 but could be adjusted up or down as required. For $2100.00 I think you’ll agree this is the best looking diamond in this sort of price range. Without clarity enhancement a $2100.00 carat diamond ring will have obvious, distracting inclusions that adversely affect beauty. This complete ring including the appraisal is estate priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11529.


November 20, 2017

Antique sapphire & diamond ring 0.80ct. tdw. VS-SI-H 4.5gr. platinum $2,030.00 CAD e11408

If you want to know what our favorite pieces are, the pieces that make us stop and stare, well this is it! Antique diamond dinner rings with veins of custom cut sapphires. The style is what most people picture when they think of Art Deco but the subtle floral motif of this example speaks more to the regal Victorian Era of the late 1800s early 1900s. That combination of brilliant diamonds accented in blue surrounded by subtle seams of ever-white platinum was an instant classic. These pieces are among our most sought after items which usually means they don’t stay around too long. The 16.3mm x 14.5mm oval top is dominated by 10 antique old European cut diamonds weighing a combined 0.85 carats of a higher SI-H quality or better. What’s really interesting about this antique piece is the cabochon cut center. Not only do you rarely encounter cabochon cut natural sapphires but you most certainly don’t find crystal clear, evenly blue cabochon cut sapphires. The cabochon cut is typically reserved for more heavily included, often nearly opaque gems that wouldn’t normally benefit from faceting. This natural oval sapphire is a marvel, rolling through deep blue depths during wear. As it has seen a couple lifetimes of wear it is a bit scuffed but it takes close observation to notice the marks. The ring itself retains its delicate filigree gallery and hand engraved shoulders. Currently it measures a finger size 7 1/4 with some room to adjust as needed. Estate price $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #e11408.


November 10, 2017

0.57ct. VVS2-E GIA certified 2.7gr. 18kt solitaire $2625.00 CAD. e11654

There’s a market for identical products at many different price points. An informed customer can do a bit of homework and quickly find out it would be virtually impossible to find better value in a diamond ring than one of our estate items. Most of the retail world rely on the fact that the majority of people haven’t a clue as to what something as mysterious as a diamond ring may cost. After being in business for close to 60 years we’ve come to realize we’ll simply never be able to connect with everyone. If you’re an existing Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers customer, thank you. If you are discovering us for the first time congratulations; you have found a jeweller that has earned our community’s trust and respects our customers like no other. You won’t find big discount sales and dodgy marketing schemes around here. We’re all about the absolute best value all of the time. If you don’t know jewellery, know your jeweller. Our latest featured ring is a classic 18 karat white gold round brilliant cut solitaire containing a beautiful 0.53 carat of almost perfect VVS clarity and E colour, with an excellent cut and no fluorescence. The GIA certified diamond is secured in a simple 4 prong solitaire weighing 2.6 grams. The Full Gemological Institute of America report can be seen online here. The size 7 1/4 ring is showing some wear on the claws and could use a little laser welding to fill in a couple tiny casting pits. We can accomplish these minor tasks for the new owner if they wish. The diamond is available separately if you have other plans for just $2525.00. Complete ring is priced at only $2625.00 CAD. Now that’s great value, do some homework and you’ll agree. No one does “I do” like we do. Stock #e11654.


November 5, 2017

1.30ct. tw. SI2-I1-HI diamond ring 9.1gr. platinum $2,034.00 CAD. e9461

One of the comments we often get when someone tries on platinum for the first time is the surprising heft that comes with it. Platinum is almost 60% heavier than 14 karst gold and that density allows for unmatched longevity and durability. The precious metal has the staying power gold and silver can’t compete with. That heft is especially apparent in this solid engagement ring which weighs in at 9.1 grams. Of course the real feature of the ring is the 5 princess cut diamonds that span its top. The SI2-I1-HI quintet have been set tightly together giving the impression of uninterrupted brilliance when viewed head on. The 1.30 carats estimated total diamond weight are securely protected by heavy prongs. The ring currently measures a finger size 7 3/4 with some room to adjust up or down. Estate price $2,034.00 CAD. Stock #e9461.


November 3, 2017

0.60ct. SI2-H 14 karat gold diamond solitaire $2,332.00 CAD. e8324

Less can be more, especially when you’re talking about a good quality diamond in a well made setting. When you consider the natural beauty found in a nice diamond it really doesn’t need all the extra embellishment found in many contemporary designs. Don’t get us wrong, we still love great modern designs with lots of bling, but there’s something to be said for simple and timeless aesthetics. A basic 4 prong single gallery setting perched on a tulip shank is one such style. You’ll see this ring in almost every jewellery store from ultra high end stores like Tiffany to small Mom and Pop operations.If we have a decent sized, good quality diamond needing a setting, the basic solitaire in all its many forms always displays well. The natural sparkle and twinkle of a good diamond needs little more to showcase it. This ring was originally made and sold by local jeweller Jeff Walters to a high standard. The size 4 1/2 ring is made from 14 karat white gold of solid construction weighing 3.9 grams. The diamond  weighs an estimated 0.60 carats of very good cut as this image shows a reasonable arrows pattern through a hearts and arrows viewer. The clarity is a strong SI2 that is “eye clean” meaning no inclusions are visible without magnification. A colour grade of H was estimated when compared to our Gemological Institute of America master stones. This ring is in like new condition showing no measurable wear of any kind. The pre-owned nature of the ring allows us to offer it for just a fraction of the original cost. Our estate price including complimentary sizing is just $2,334.00 CAD. Stock #e8324.


November 1, 2017

0.74ct. SI2-G (1.07ct. tw.) diamond ring 14kt. 4.1gr. $2,200.00 CAD. e11177

For the fan of linear geometric designs our newest offering from the estate department may be your perfect ring. The centre piece of the setting is a princess cut diamond with length/width dimensions  of 5.19mm x 5.21mm (0.004% from perfectly square). Weighing a 0.74 carat the diamond is a nice SI2 clarity and a very good G colour according to the included Gem Scan October 2004 certificate. Flanking the centre diamond on each shoulder is a trillion cut diamond. The combined estimated weight of the two triangular diamonds is 0.33 carats, averaging SI1 clarity with an “I” colour. Manufactured using 14 karat white gold the size 5 ring weighs 4.1 grams. A December 2005 Gemtech Certificate of Evaluation feels an appropriate replacement value is $8,050.00 (plus tax). I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of appraisal document before. Our opinion of current replacement value (13 years later) is only about half of GemTech’s. Replacement value with new is one thing but this is an estate ring, it’s been previously enjoyed. The pre-owned nature of the ring means you can save significantly compared to buying new. These 3 billion year old diamonds don’t know they have been previously owned and the white gold setting is in great condition. The only trouble with estate jewellery is we can’t get another if you miss your chance at this one. We’ve priced this one extra aggressively at just $2,200.00, that’s honestly well below wholesale replacement cost. We’ll even provide a complimentary size adjustment if necessary. Buy it now and shop the value later. We offer a full refund if you are not thrilled with this pretty diamond ring. Estate priced at just $2,200.00 CAD. Stock #e11177.



September 30, 2017

0.90ct. I1-I GIA certified 14kt. solitaire $2280.00 CAD. e11455

The DNA of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has always been about supplying amazing jewellery values to our retail clients for the last 60 years. What you may not know is we also do some wholesale work to qualified vendors. While it’s easier selling to another retail jeweller we get far more satisfaction when one of our regular customers picks up one of our products. Our latest estate offering just came back from The Gemological Institute of America in New York. We use GIA as an impartial judge to certify many of our larger estate and new diamonds. The full and comprehensive plotted diamond grading report (July 11 2018) can be seen online here. GIA are universally accepted as the authority when it comes to diamond certification. They don’t supply appraisals and they’re not involved in the commerce of diamonds or jewellery. This ensures they are impartial to all, unlike most of the insurance appraisals we encounter. Maybe you should ask yourself; why don’t all jewellers supply GIA reports with their diamonds? We’ve also spent a little more money having the GIA certificate number laser engraved on the girdle. The 0.90 carat diamond has been certified an I1 clairity with a “I” colour and a fair cut. The modest results shown on the GIA document don’t tell you how lovely this diamond is. Just as a description of a beautiful woman can never do her justice. This diamond is bright and full of sparkle. There are a couple of white feather inclusions, a few small crystals and even a tiny cavity. All that being said its large 6.38mm diameter is bigger than many 1.00 carat diamonds and it sparkles remarkably well. We’ve selected a traditional 14 karat white gold solitaire to efficiently showcase the diamond is a simple 4 prong pedestal.  The setting weighs 2.7 grams and measures a slightly larger size 9 3/4. One of our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size as required in just a day or so. If you’re looking for a good sized diamond ring but would rather not spend half a year’s mortgage payments doing it, have a look at this one. I think you’ll be surprised how nice a properly graded I1-I can look. We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t agree. As always dealer inquires are welcome. In truth we’d rather have it go to someone who will be proud to say, “I got it at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers”. Estate price for the ring and diamond $2280.00 CAD. Stock #e11455.


September 10, 2017

Palladium/18kt. gold 2.00ct. I1-GH eternity ring 4.5gr. $2660.00 CAD. e10374

The channel set eternity band is a unique take on the ever popular band style. This design has some surprising benefits. By fully enclosing the edges of the diamonds, the ring can be worn against any other without wearing the edges away. Diamonds are significantly harder than gold and platinum, so popular prong set styles that leave the diamond girdles exposed are more prone to slowly wear away at the ring it sits next to. A more substantial channel wall with deeper set diamonds adds further longevity to the band by better protecting the diamonds from damage or loss. From an aesthetic standpoint the 0.8mm wide polished channels add a striking contrast to the scintillating play of light the 2.00 carats of I1-GH round brilliant cut diamonds disperse. This particular band is made even more unique by its allergy neutral, ever white alloy of 18 karat gold/palladium (a member of the platinum group of precious metals). Weighing in at a sturdy 4.5 grams and measuring a finger size 7 1/3 the ring is capable of being sized up very slightly or sized down by removing a diamond. Estate price $2660.00 CAD. Stock #e10374.


September 1, 2017

0.75ct. tw. BIRKS platinum diamond ring $2520.00 CAD. e10223

e10223-birks-0-75ct-tw-platinum-ring-001Many five stone diamond rings are designed to have distinct steps between the diamond sizes, accentuating the division between each. This example does exactly the opposite, smoothly transitioning between each diamond to create an almost unbroken impression of brilliance. Of course being Birks that brilliance is made up of only very good to excellent cut round brilliant diamonds. The 5 diamonds weight an estimated 0.75 carats total weight and are all of minimum VS-SI-G quality. High quality diamonds refract and reflect as much light as possible making the difference between a pretty ring and one that explodes with fire and brilliance. To ensure the ring has the staying power to last through generations, it’s also been made from 4.7 grams of solid bright white platinum. The top quality ring is in like new condition and currently measures a finger size 6 with room to adjust. Estate price $2520.00 CAD. Stock #e10223.



July 30, 2017

14 karat invisibly set 1.00ct. tw. diamond ring $2100.00 CAD. e7749

e7749 1.00ct. tw ringThis is a fairly heavy ring weighing over 12 grams and measuring a finger size 9.5. This ring was made in Toronto by Mirage jewellers who specialize in the difficult technique of invisibly setting princess cut diamonds. The 24 princess cut diamonds in this ring are of very good VS-G quality and weigh a combined 1.00 carat. A couple of the diamonds have their corners chipped. The minor chips don’t take away from the beauty of the ring but we have adjusted the price accordingly. This ring comes with an appraisal from Harold Weinstein Ltd. dated Dec 2001. Estate priced at $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e7749.e7749.1 1.00ct tw ring


July 15, 2017

0.75ct. SI2-G polar bear diamond ring 2.7gr. 14kt. $2940.00 CAD. e11121

Now extinct, Polar Bear diamonds were trailblazers of the Canadian diamond industry. Being the first at something doesn’t always mean you are successful long term. Polar Bear Diamonds set the world standard for their uncompromising commitment to high quality ethical production and marketing standards. Their dedication to quality, the northern Canadian people and economy was a major contributor to the demise of the brand. Demanding the very best of their local diamond cutters who consistently delivered excellent cut diamonds in many different shapes. Another focus of Polar Bear was keeping the diamonds exclusively in the Northwest Territories until they were ready for distribution into the market. As the laser engraved trademark belongs to the Northwest Territories government they used the brand to help bolster the local economy. The diamonds were mined at the Ekati diamond mine (the first diamond mine in Canada) cut and polished in Yellowknife. They created jobs, increased tourism and added significant economic growth. The government also held the companies responsible for mining the diamonds at Ekati accountable for the impact on the environment. BHP Billiton and later Dominion Diamond Corporation had to be attentive to the sensitive migration patterns of caribou plus ensure lakes and waterways were protected from contamination. As other Canadian diamond brands came into the market with inferior cut products manufactured overseas the more expensive Polar Bear brand lost market share and the brand failed in 2011. Polar Bear brand diamonds extinct. This Polar Bear diamond was purchased new at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers in 1999 making it one of the first Canadian diamonds that we sold. It comes in its original 14 karat yellow and white gold tulip setting that is in excellent condition. It was recently traded in for an upgraded larger version of the exact same ring with a larger diamond. This early piece of Canadian diamond history complete with original certificate is estate priced at $2940.00 CAD. Stock #e11121.


May 18, 2017

0.50ct. SI1-F excellent cut GIA certified custom halo ring $2625.00 CAD. e11142

Even with all the different halo styles out there we’re continuously making custom versions of these popular ring designs. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers custom made this example only about a year ago. No longer in need of its services the previous owner brought it back to us hoping to find a new owner for the pretty little ring. The split shank ring measures a slightly smallish size 5. Small round brilliant cut diamonds of SI-HI quality form the gently forked split shoulders and the cushion shape frame that surrounds the centre diamond. The accent diamonds add 0.33 carats of subtle twinkle to the ring. You can’t get a much better looking diamond then what we selected for the centre stone. The GIA certified “triple X” is amazing; excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry make up the trifecta of bling. A SI1 clarity, high F colour along with no fluorescence certainly help out the optical fireworks this diamond displays. Have a look at your diamond appraisal/certificate, if your lucky it references the clarity, colour and cut. I bet it doesn’t mention the polish, symmetry, fluorescence and it certainly doesn’t show any of the intricate geometry that allows the diamond to be properly assessed. If you’re considering purchasing a diamond a Gemological Institute of America report is your assurance of impartial accurate grading standards. The report for this diamond can be seen online here. The ring was only worn for a short period of time and as such is showing almost no wear. It’s never been refinished or polished since the day it left our store last year. The original rhodium plating is still intact. Included with purchase is a complimentary custom fitting. Significant savings over the replacement value of this ring can be realized if you’re in the market. A Bill Le Boeuf custom for the estate price of just $2625.00 CAD. Stock #e11142.


March 16, 2017

1.00ct. I1-K diamond solitaire with free wedding ring $2650.00 CAD. e10744

Is it a super high quality diamond? Nope. Does it sparkle, is it big, is it the best value around in a 1.00 carat solitaire? Yes, yes and YES! This 14 karat white gold solitaire is a classically designed 6 prong Tiffany styled engagement ring of sturdy, long lasting construction. While not perfect in any capacity the diamond still looks pretty good. Measuring 6.2mm x 4.0mm the diamond is calculated to weigh in at 1.00 carat. The clarity is a reasonable I1 with the grade setting inclusions located close to the edge, making them difficult to see without magnification. The colour is in the JK range, considered almost colourless. The cut is good due to a slightly deeper overall depth percentage and a thick faceted girdle. Included for no extra charge is a custom made 14 karat white gold wedding ring designed to fit completely gap free with puzzle piece precision. The matching wedding ring contains 3 small Gypsy set single cut diamonds across the top. The two piece set measure a finger size 6 and weigh a combined 6.2 grams. For well under $3000.00 we feel confident this set offers the most value anywhere for a diamond of this quality. Both rings are in perfect condition looking like new. The set is estate priced at just $2650.00 CAD. Stock #e10744


March 12, 2017

BIRKS 18kt. sapphire & diamond ring 6.6gr. 2.25ct. tw. VS-G $2250.00 CAD. e10689

You’ll never regret buying quality and BIRKS have been synonymous with quality since the Canadian luxury jewellery brand debuted in 1879. This retro ring likely dates from the 1960s. A time when premium market jewellers like BIRKS didn’t consider anything other than high quality components when creating their jewellery items. Mostly 18 karat gold or platinum was used along with VS clarity, G colour diamonds being the norm rather than the exception. With gold prices currently over $1600.00 Canadian not many manufacturers are choosing 18 karat gold and when they do it’s certainly not for rings weighing in at over 6 grams. The 30 diamonds in this creation are of 3 different sizes allowing for a tightly packer cluster that leaves almost no spaces between the stones. The finishing touch of course is the good quality dark blue oval sapphire (6.8mm x 4.8mm) estimated to weigh 0.72 carats. The ring is in very good condition currently measuring a finger size 7 3/4. It can easily be made smaller by one of our onsite goldsmiths in just a day or so. Included with purchase is a vintage BIRKS blue velvet ring box. Estate priced at $2250.00 CAD. Stock #e10689.


March 1, 2017

18kt. white gold 1.25ct. tw. diamond ring $2030.00 CAD. e9944


Tiffany & Co. launched their Lucida setting in 1999 and it was quickly picked up by jewellery retailers all over the world. Today it is one of the most popular designs for engagement rings and lends itself nicely to three stone styles. Added to the design of our three stone engagement ring the curving setting brings softness to the geometric princess cut diamonds. Together with the round brilliant cut diamonds channel set down both shoulders the engagement ring contains 1.25 carats total weight of sparkling SI2-I1-I quality diamonds. The ring itself is well made from an impressive 5.7 grams of high quality 18 karat white gold in a finger size 7. Estate price $2030.00 CAD. Stock #e9944.e9944-1-25ct-tw-lucida-three-stone-18kt


November 17, 2016

2.35ct. tw. sapphire & diamond ring 18kt. 8.0gr. $2940.00 CAD. e10740

For coloured gems, blue sapphires outsell all others by several multiples. When asked, blue is also the favorite colour of most people. If you are partial to the colour, this particular hue should have your attention. Blue sapphires run from overly saturated inky, practically black to wishy washy super pale examples that lack almost any trace of blue. Occasionally a beautiful royal blue stone like this turns up in our estate department. This colour of sapphire is rarely encountered in most jewellery stores. It’s a good sized gem measuring 8.1mm x 5.8mm; estimated to weigh 1.60 carat. Viewing from different angles highlights classic intersecting colour zoning common to natural sapphires of this quality. The size 9 1/4, 18 karat white gold ring weighs a substantial 8 grams and is in like new condition showing very little wear. Our goldsmiths can adjust it 2 to 3 sizes smaller if required. Surrounding the beautiful sapphire are 20 channel set tapered baguette cut diamonds and 5 marquise brilliant cut in very white H colour and ranging in clarity from SI1 to I1 that total an estimated 0.75 carats in weight. Some savvy customer of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is going to snap up this very nice sapphire ring for an amazing value that can’t be duplicated for anywhere near our estate price. Including a complimentary size adjustment this dinner ring is estate priced at $2940.00 CAD. Stock #e10740.


November 10, 2016

0.83ct. tw. halo engagement ring 14kt. $2503.00 CAD. e10715

Take a bright 0.57 carat SI1-J estate diamond, set it into a brand new split shank halo setting from New York and you’ve got the ingredients for a beautiful engagement ring. Not only do you have a great current style engagement ring you’ve got it for significantly less compared with all new. The estate centre diamond measures 5.35mm diameter nicely filling the diamond halo frame setting. SI1 clarity with J colour and very good cut offer excellent sparkle without compromise in everyday viewing conditions.  The small white feather and tiny crystal inclusions are invisible unless viewing through a microscope. The setting features 46 small round brilliant cut diamonds bead set throughout the cushion shaped halo plus half way around the split shank. All the small diamonds are of SI-GH quality and are expertly set using 4 tiny beads on each. The 2.5 gram ring is brand new from New York designer Naledi. Have a look at their website, if you see any other designs you like we can likely supply an estate diamond and do the same as this featured ring. “Upcycling” estate diamonds and jewellery is efficient, environmentally friendly plus equally friendly to your budget. Protecting your wallet is what value is all about. Great design and excellent value is what we’ve strived for at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers for close to 60 years. This ring is estate priced at only $2503.00 CAD. Stock #e10715.


November 1, 2016

0.70ct. I1-F very good cut solitaire 18kt. $2100.00 CAD. e10716

Precisely assessing the value of something subject to various quality opinions is a very difficult task to get completely accurate. People ask us on a daily basis “what’s my diamond ring worth”. What it’s worth is a very difficult question to answer, but after being in the diamond business for close to 60 years we know exactly what it costs. Placing a retail value on someone else’s product isn’t as easy as you’d think. A diamond ring for example purchased at Tiffany is going to cost waaaaaaay more than a diamond ring of identical specification bought at your local jeweller. The appraiser needs to know where the ring came from because origin and brand can add significant value above and beyond the basic intrinsic cost of the components. Competition is a great thing and competition today is more fierce than ever. Information and knowledge are readily available to any consumer looking for it. In my opinion the problem with many jewellery appraisals is they don’t address the competitive nature of modern commerce. The truth is; diamonds and diamond rings are sold at retail markups anywhere from single digit percentages to several multiples over their wholesale cost. Since there’s such a significant range in retail pricing, your appraisal should reflect a number close to the price of where it was purchased, or at minimum display a replacement cost close to its average retail value. Many appraisal documents are simply too generous in their estimation for replacement value in todays market. Occasionally the opinions of quality are a little optimistic too. Making a long story short; you either have to know your diamonds or know your jeweller in order to get the most for your money. Our featured ring contains a very bright white 0.70 carat round brilliant cut diamond weighing 0.70 carats. The I1 clarity is an accurate call due to multiple small feather type inclusions and crystals within the diamond. The colour is excellent; close to perfect in fact. The supplied appraisal determined the colour to be an E colour, quite possible but we’d be more comfortable with a more conservative F colour grade. We agree with the very good cut. The depth percentage of over 64% precludes it from anything better than a very good cut. Mounted in a 3.5 gram, 18 karat white gold reverse knife edge setting in a throwback style that is still popular 50 years after it was introduced.Where our opinion significantly differs from the appraisal is the replacement value of $6900.00 CAD plus tax. Being a free market economy I suppose this ring could be offered for a similar price, but I doubt this or anything similar has sold for such a high price. Knowing exactly what the components cost we feel a suitable replacement value when new would be around $3000.00 (with a GIA certified diamond). Being an estate diamond ring our price is substantially less than this. People say that Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is very aggressive when it comes to pricing, appraisal values and accurate grading standards. It’s true; when it comes to our diamonds and jewellery we always set the bar for great value and strict old school grading practices. Including the 2004 appraisal we have this estate ring priced at only $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e10716.


October 31, 2016

5.00ct. Morganite 0.50ct. tw. diamond dinner ring 18kt. 7.2gr. $2870.00 CAD. e10396

This rare and exotic peachy coloured gem is a variety of the mineral beryl called Morganite. It was first discovered in the early 20th century. The most familiar type of beryl is green emerald. When pure beryl is exposed to trace amounts of manganese, beautiful pink stones like this can result. The name morganite comes from, you guessed it, wealthy American financier J. P. Morgan. In addition to his contribution to the world of business and art, he was an avid gem collector. He had the means and ability to amass one of the finest gem and mineral collections in the United States. Upon his death the collection was donated to The American Museum of Natural History in New York. This is a one of a kind item. Custom made 18 karat rose gold ring weighing an impressive 7.2 grams. The centre piece of course is a fabulous cushion shaped Morganite that’s estimated to weigh 5.00 carats. It’s been expertly prong set in a super popular halo style dinner ring. This custom made ring contains 46 high quality VS-HI bead set round brilliant cut diamonds. The small diamonds surround the Morganite and go down both shoulders. Even the 4 claws have been decorated with diamonds. Hardly worn the ring is in like new condition measuring a finger size 6 1/2. Morganite jewellery in rose gold has been one of the most popular trends in jewellery for the last couple of years. Larger examples of this exotic mineral don’t usually show up in our estate department. If you want to see a great specimen of the gem in a very flattering setting, come in now. Don’t wait too long or you’ll miss it. Estate priced at only $2870.00 CAD. Stock #e10396.


October 3, 2016

Chopard “LOVE” ring 18kt. white gold sapphire & diamond $3000.00 CAD. e10207


Audacity is a word that can be found all over Chopard’s designs, it’s the driving force behind their success. As a trend setter they have no issues pushing beyond the typical parameters of jewellery design. They blaze bold new paths making sure you can tell with a simple glance that it’s a Chopard. The “LOVE” ring was one of their louder collections and garnered much attention throughout the jewellery community. Being Chopard, the 8.1mm wide ring is made from 9.5 grams of solid 18 karat white gold with “LOVE” spelled out with top quality diamonds and sapphire. The ring measures a small 5 1/4 with limited room to adjust. Estate price $3000.00 CAD. Stock #e10207.e10207-18-karat-white-gold-chopard-love-ring-sapphire-diamond


September 18, 2016

14kt. diamond puzzle ring 0.85ct. tw. SI-I 21.2 grams $2450.00 CAD. e10566

If you’ve always loved the look of a puzzle ring but don’t have the patience for the puzzle itself, we might have the ring for you. This eight banded, 21.2 gram, mother-of-all-puzzle rings has been locked together with a sliding band. This isn’t the first puzzle ring to ever have its puzzle eliminated by a frustrated owner. However, instead of soldering all bands together and permanently making them one ring, this ingenuous little lock can be cut off at any time. Whether you choose to take it apart or keep it together the 14.85mm wide ring is an interlocking masterpiece. With 0.85 carats of SI clarity, I colour round brilliant cut diamonds securely bead set across the band tops, those settings, and the ring as a whole in fact, show no sign of any wear of any kind. The 14 karat gold ring currently measures a finger size 10 with some room to adjust up and down. The ring is accompanied by an International Gem Assessment Inc. Certificate of Appraisal from 2009 that estimates a retail replacement value of $4070.00. In like new unworn condition the ring is estate priced at $2450.00 CAD. Stock #e10566.


August 10, 2016

Michael Hill Grand Arpeggio diamond ring 0.95ct. tw. $2580.00 CAD. e10583

Michael Hill’s Grand Arpeggio is their designer line meant to compete with People’s Vera Wang line. Instead of the blue sapphire signature Vera Wang uses, theirs is a hidden pink sapphire encircled in rose gold. Those sapphires are located on this ring, tucked under the halo with the surprise diamonds of the undergallery and bridge. The ring is really covered over with diamonds, from the tiered double halo, to the split shoulders, finishing in larger full cuts that extend almost completely down the shank. The 0.95 carats of round brilliant cuts cover so much of the ring that the plain white gold sections could almost be considered accents. That 14 karat white gold plays a nice contrast to the lively SI-I-GH diamonds, making the engagement ring quite striking. Model 12387298 is listed on Michael Hill’s website for $4299.00 CAD. Currently measuring a finger size 7 with room to size up only. In hardly worn condition our estate price is just $2580.00 CAD. Stock #e10583




July 29, 2016

1.33ct. total weight diamond ring (1.11ct. SI2-N centre) $2999.00 CAD. e10416

There’s absolutely no questions about it. To get the biggest bang for the buck; you’re going to have to find a diamond with a slightly “softer” colour and one that isn’t flawless. In a bang for the buck contest this 1.11 carat would be an excellent choice. With an average diameter of 6.37mm it certainly has presence on a finger, especially so when it’s been set on a skinny 2mm shank. The warm N colour certainly isn’t without a slight yellow tint but it has been cut to a very high standard, has excellent transparency, very good polish, very good symmetry and no fluorescence. These characteristics result in a diamond that dazzles with fantastic brilliance and dispersion. We’ve seen many diamonds with a better colour and clarity grade on paper that fall short of expectation in person because they are just hazy and dull. The SI2 clarity is still very attractive despite being 7 grades away from flawless. Without artificial magnification the dark crystal inclusion is completely invisible to all but the sharpest sighted. You can see the inclusion in this picture at the 11:00 o’clock position about halfway to the table border. The centre diamond is set into a brand new 14 karat white gold ring with a string of 12 round brilliant cut diamonds set on the shoulders. The finished ring weighs just over 2.2 grams in a size 6 1/2. The diamond alone is offered at only $2474.00. The complete ring is estate priced at $2999.00 CAD. Stock #e10416.


July 21, 2016

1.19ct. I1-M princess cut solitaire 14kt. white gold $2369.00 CAD. e9352

e9351 1.19ct. I1-LM princess cutWe’ve never been much for big sales and fluffy discounts at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Instead we prefer to give our clients the absolute best value every day all year long. This ring is just a couple years old but was only used for a few months. It’s far from flawless but for under $2500.00 CAD I can’t imagine a better value.e9351.1 1.19ct. princess cut Set in a simple 4 prong white gold solitaire setting weighing 2 grams, the size 6.5 ring really shows off the 1.19 carat diamond to its full potential. Measuring 6.08mm x 5.68mm this diamond looks quite large on the simple setting. Sure it may be a softer LM colour but that doesn’t stop it from facing up with great sparkle and brilliance. The I1 clarity grade is set by 2 white feather type inclusions that are off to the sides leaving the centre crystal clear. A small table (by princess cut standards) and ample crown height further reinforce the brilliance.  If your a fan of a less is more type of ring, and are looking for a big stone for not too much $$$$$$, you need to come see this diamond. You’ll be surprised how much you can get for $2369.00 CAD. The International Gemological Institute diamond report can be seen here. This is a one only first come first serve item that can’t be repeated. Stock #e9352.e9351.2 1.19ct. I1-LM princess cut



July 15, 2016

0.66ct. SI1-F radiant cut solitaire 14kt. white gold $2100.00 CAD. e10057


There are very few things that can carry as much emotion and sentimental value as diamonds can, especially when they are the main stone of an engagement ring. Often the objects of heirloom traditions these super hard gems can hold up to wear and tear like no other stone on earth. However, under the right circumstances they can be scratched, chipped, or even broken, endangering all the sentiment entrusted to them. The solution then can be re-cutting or refashioning into a different cut style. This 0.66 carat radiant cut came to us as a 0.73 carat princess cut in a yellow gold engagement ring. On close inspection we discovered that one of the corners of the stone was completely severed from the diamond, held in place only by the prong. To save weight we chose to turn the diamond into a radiant cut brilliant, losing only about 10% of the original weight. Radiant cut diamonds are worth about 5% more than the same size princess cut so the loss in weight really didn’t make much difference.e10057-0-66ct-si1-f-radiant-cut-solitaire-diamond-ring-001 Not being a princess cut the high quality SI1-F diamond no longer fit into its original mount so we set it into this very well made 3.6 gram 14 karat white gold solitaire. The ring is newly polished and measures a finger size 7 1/2 with plenty of room to size up or down. Estate price $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e10057.e10057-0-66ct-si1-f-radiant-cut-solitaire-diamond-ring-002


June 25, 2016

Ruby & diamond ring 1.68ct. platinum/18 karat $2520.00 CAD. e10330

For a gemologist there is nothing more satisfying then watching someone’s jaw drop when they find out an exceptional gemstone they were sure is synthetic, is in fact natural. The disbelief that a natural ruby can be as clean and bright as a synthetic speaks to the rarity of rubies with this kind of illusive quality. The trio of fantastic natural rubies in this ring absolutely must be seen in person, you will not believe how vibrant they are. To further the effect the 1.26 carats have been set into rich 18 karat yellow gold, contrasting nicely with the bright white platinum that makes up the rest of the ring. An asymmetrical cluster of top quality VS-G round brilliant cut diamonds has been added to bring out the lively slightly purplish red flashes that play across the off-set row. Those scintillating diamonds come together for a total weight of 0.42 carats adding a final touch to a head turning, jaw dropping ring. These rubies are much more red than these pictures show. Estate price $2520.00 CAD. Stock #e10330.


June 19, 2016

1.02ct. total weight SI2-H 14 karat white gold $2499.00 CAD. e8602

e8602 1.02ct tw eng ringBeautiful estate engagement rings just keep coming in and their value can’t be beat. A 0.69 carat SI2-H round brilliant cut diamond measuring 5.6mm diameter of good to very good cut is secured in a four claw swirling integrated setting. The organic shaped shank/setting is a refreshing look when compared to oh so popular halo designs that are style trend right now. 18 additional bead set round diamonds of SI2-I1-I quality enhance the twisting, swirling look. There is something to be said for soft curves and smooth shapes. It’s hard not to admire this design. Made using a soft colour alloy of 14 karat white gold the finished ring weighs 4.2 grams in a finger size 6. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers will size this ring and rhodium plate for free after purchase if required. Total diamond weight is estimated at just over 1.00 carat. Estate price $2499.00. Stock #e8602.e8602.1 1.02ct tw eng ring


June 16, 2016

1.00ct. total weight engagement/wedding set VS-H 8.0gr. $2730.00 CAD.


Sleek and modern, this set is sure to stand out against the sea of halos and solitaire engagement rings that populate most showcases. The three sided, softly triangular profile of each ring is enough to make them unique. The design was taken a step further by leaving all but the European bottoms of both rings open air channels. A ring made with this much thought should also be made from very good ingredients. So it’s appropriate that this ultra modern set be made from 8.0 grams of bright white 14 karat gold. The set features a 0.43 carat centre round brilliant cut diamond perched in an ultra secure 6 prong setting. Channel set down the shoulders of both rings are a further 0.57 carats of high quality round brilliant cut diamonds. All the diamonds in the set are an excellent minimum quality of VS-H. Both rings are newly refinished, show virtually no wear and measure a finger size 7. Estate price $2730.00 CAD. Stock #e10134.e10134-1-00ct-tw-diamond-engagement-wedding-ring-set-002


June 1, 2016

1.00ct. total weight Lucida princess cut three stone ring $2240.00 CAD.


Princess cut diamonds lend themselves very well to the classic three stone, adding a touch of the ultra modern. They set the tone for a geometric design that mirrors the bold edges of these brilliant squares of light. Not to be too hard edged the designer did add some swooping feminine lines with the Tiffany inspired Lucida settings. Looking from head on the brightly rhodium plated 4.1 grams of 14 karat white gold that make up the ring read sleek and timeless. The ‘past, present, and future’ diamonds that make the ring so special add up to a perfect 1.00 carat total weight of SI-I-H quality. Perfect condition, looking like brand new in a finger size 5 1/4. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the ring up or down a full size or so. Estate price $2240.00 CAD. Stock #e10164.e10164-14kt-three-stone-princess-cut-lucida-002


May 27, 2016

19kt. gold 0.40ct. SI2-F diamond ring AGS certified $2030.00 CAD.

e9220 19kt. diamond ringIt looks like a high end Tacori or Simon G engagement ring and it’s made from the same if not better ingredients at half the price. 19 karat is about as good as it gets for white gold. Most 19 karat white gold is alloyed with palladium making it much more white than the typical 14 or 18 karat. In fact this ring was just polished and doesn’t need any additional rhodium plating to make it look a brilliant white. The centre diamond has been certified by the American Gem Society as a 0.40ct. SI2-F very good cut. An AGS report is one of the few certificates that is internationally accepted as unbiased and accurate. Their report can be seen here. It’s an “eye clean” SI2 meaning any inclusions the diamond has can only be resolved using some magnification. The certificate is dated June 2014 making this ring only a year or so old. I can believe that because the fine milgrain and filigree shank details look like new.e9220.1 19kt. diamond ring 12 additional small round brilliant cut diamonds have been set down the shoulders adding 0.10 carats of discreet bling. The size 6 ring weighs 3.8 grams and is ready to go. If sizing is required our goldsmiths can make it a little bigger or smaller. Estate priced at $2070.00. Stock #e9220.e9220.2 19kt. diamond ring


May 19, 2016

1.15ct. Ceylon sapphire & diamond ring 18kt. gold $2099.00 CAD.

e9552 18kt. Ceylon sapphire and diamond ringWhen asked most people will say blue is their favorite colour and if pressed to describe the shade of blue they like I bet their description would look like this. Measuring 6.5mm diameter and estimated to weigh 1.15 carats this Ceylon example is almost as good as it gets when it comes to high quality sapphire. Unfortunately most people don’t even realize sapphire can come in any other hue than the dark inky almost black blue you typically encounter in mass produced promotional jewellery. The high quality ring was crafted from over 4 grams of 18 karat white gold designed with a pierced setting and fine filigree details throughout the gallery. e9552 18kt. white gold Ceylon sapphire and diamond ringFour good sized 2.5mm diameter diamonds are bead set along the shoulders adding some sparkling contrast to the rich blue in the form of almost 0.25 carats of SI-GH bling. The size 7 ring can be made bigger or smaller by one of our onsite goldsmiths in just a day or two. We’re all about diamonds at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers but when a great example of a rare sapphire comes along we love to show it off to you. The ring is in excellent condition looking like new. The sapphire has a few minor abrasions on the table facet junctions and a tiny chip on the edge (both invisible without magnification). I think this ring is a stand out value estate priced at $2099.00. Stock number e9552.


May 5, 2016

1.14 carat I2-J Canadian diamond ring 1.25ct. tw. $2996.00 CAD.


This 14 karat white gold setting, with its shared prong set diamond shoulders has been one of the most popular styles for us after solitaires and halos. It’s easy to see why as the narrow shank set with 0.20 carats of smaller diamonds would make any main diamond look impressively over sized. Good thing as the 1.14 carat round brilliant cut Canadian diamond featured in this popular ring shows slightly smaller than its weight suggests.e10211-1-14ct-i2-j-canadian-diamond-ring-14kt-white-gold-001 With a girdle diameter of 6.35mm this diamond should weigh no more than about 1.00 carat. The rough diamond crystal was probably a little too narrow to yield a perfectly cut diamond much over 1.00 carat so the cutter sacrificed an excellent cut grade to achieve a larger finished weight, hiding that extra weight in a thicker girdle (middle section). The engraved girdle and its laser engraved Canadian origin registered number can be clearly seen with some magnification.e10211-1-14ct-i2-j-canadian-diamond-ring-14kt-white-gold-007 Considering the minor exception to the cut and the I2-J quality the diamond is quite impressive, lively and vibrant in person, showing large eye clean areas that are full of fire and scintillation.e10211-1-14ct-i2-j-canadian-diamond-ring-14kt-white-gold-004 The ring measures in at a petite finger size 5 with a little room for adjustment up or down. This ring is a great buy with the estate price of $2996.00 CAD. Stock #e10211.


April 23, 2016

1.00ct. total weight 3 stone diamond ring $2540.00 CAD.

e9048 diamond ring 3 stoneYou’ve seen them here before and I’m sure you’ll see them again. Always popular and always in style. The basic design has hardly changed in over 100 years. The 1.00 carat total weight has a nice “ring” to it. Three nicely matched round brilliant cut diamonds measure an average of 4.5mm diameter with SI2-I1 clarity and very good HI colour. 3.3 gram 14 karat white gold double gallery setting measures a finger size 5.5 and can easily be made bigger or smaller as required. Solid shoulders, ridged double gallery design with thick heavy claws showing no wear of any king should keep this ring maintenance free for decades. Traditionally the 3 stone format has symbolized your past, present and future. With those sentiments in mind this ring would make a great anniversary ring or engagement ring. A flat edge design makes easy matching of a wedding ring when the times comes or fitting flush with almost any existing ring set. One final thing to consider; buying 3 diamonds that total 1.00 carat costs only about 1/3 of a 1.00 carat single diamond of the same quality does. Estate priced at $2450.00 CAD. Stock #e9048.e9048.1 diamond ring 3 stone


April 17, 2016

0.88ct. tw. antique diamond ring 18kt. gold $2100.00 CAD.

e9784 0.88ct. tw. European cut dinner ring

Nothing warms the colour of 18 karat yellow gold like hand carved filigree work, especially when it’s contrasted by white gold and antique diamonds. In fact the whole ring is an antique, pushing 100 years old. It has been bead set with an estimated 0.88 carts total weight of high quality SI-HI old European cut diamonds. Weighing 3.2 grams this one of a kind piece has already proven it’s mettle, standing up to generations of loving wear. The ring appears all original right down to the tiny accent single cut diamonds set in between the three larger diamonds.e9784 0.88ct. tw. filigree 18 karat antique dinner ring Finished in a finger size 7 our onsite goldsmiths can adjust it up or down as required in just a day or two. The striking little ring already carries a lot of history and will carry yours down to your children’s children. Estate price $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e9784.


April 12, 2016

0.69ct. SI2-H oval diamond ring 18kt. gold 4.8gr. $2100.00 CAD.

e10073-0-69ct-si2-h-oval-solitaire-18-karat-gold-003You won’t believe how much diamond ring value can be found when you consider purchasing an estate piece. The story behind this ring is very serendipitous. We acquired this diamond in typical fashion. A client wanted to trade in her damaged marquise cut diamond. It had a small but conspicuous chip on one of the tips. The chip affected the value but could easily be removed by re-cutting. We removed the damaged stone, recycled the original 90s style setting and had our master diamond cutter perform his craft. The new fully re-proportioned oval brilliant cut is stunning. It looks waaaaay bigger than 0.69 carats, measuring 8.33mm x  4.56mm x 2.78mm. The new improved cut still retains a 60% depth percentage ensuring very good brilliance and dispersion.e10073-0-69ct-si2-h-oval-solitaire-18-karat-gold-001 The diamond just happened to perfectly fit into an 18 karat, custom made, yellow and white gold solitaire ring that has been waiting here for just such a diamond to show up. Sooner or later, settings like this come in handy. The size 7 1/2 ring is like new showing no evidence of wear. It can easily be sized up or down in just a day or so by one of our onsite goldsmiths. From a damaged and dated diamond ring comes this versatile high quality classic design. It’s a fantastic value for the estate price of just $2100.00 CAD including complimentary sizing. Stock #e10073.e10073-0-69ct-si2-h-oval-solitaire-18-karat-gold-002