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November 12, 2022

1.03ct. VS2-H average/good cut, halo ring (62=1.50ct. tw. VS-H) 7.7gr. 14kt. $12,000.00 CAD. 101-00381

At 9.84mm wide this ring is certainly teetering into super halo territory! The ring’s crown is a 1.03 carat round brilliant cut of lovely VS2-H quality with an average to good cut grade, with a large footprint of 6.7mm diameter. We removed the diamond to fully assess its quality and confirm the weight rather than estimate its quality while it was in the setting. The square halo features decorative filigree accents and 20 hand set petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The 6.95mm wide shoulders are covered by an additional 42 round and princess cut diamonds, bead, and channel set halfway across the ring. Together they equal 1.50 carats of VS-H quality, perfectly matching their main diamond. The 7.7 gram 14 karat white gold ring has been solidly constructed and features a wide bottom for durability. The ring currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with a bit of room to adjust. The ring is accompanied by a GS Laboratories certificate stating a replacement value of $21,000.00 CAD. We feel a more competitive replacement value with new would be $17,140.00 and our estate price is $12,000.00 CAD. If you’d like to purchase just the centre diamond, it is available separately for $9,500.00 CAD. Stock #101-00381.

November 4, 2022

0.90ct. VVS1-F emerald cut (1.10ct. tw.) 2.5gr. 18kt. GIA report. $7,125.00 CAD. 101-00395

Emerald cut diamonds offer a completely different optical experience compared to any shape of brilliant cut diamond. The step-cut facet arrangement display parallel and perpendicular flashes of reflected white light and they twinkle with long slender rainbow dispersion sparkles. They lack the busy facet pattern of brilliant cuts that disguise and conceal clarity affecting inclusions. For this reason, emerald cut diamonds require a much higher clarity grade to be considered “eye clean”. It is not uncommon for a great deal of SI2 brilliant cut diamonds to appear flawless without magnification. At the same time, many VS1 emerald cut diamonds can have inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. No need to worry about seeing an unwanted inclusion in our latest estate diamond ring as the clarity has been graded a VVS1. This clarity grade is just one shy of flawless! The colour too has been established to be an F, only two grades from a perfect D. It has an attractive  length to width ratio of 1.35:1. Excellent polish, very good symmetry, and no fluorescence. Few natural diamonds are found of this quality. The previous owner must have valued very high quality as the setting has been hand crafted from premium 18 karat white gold with VS-G (or better) French set accent diamonds running down both shoulders. The 20 small round brilliant cut diamonds add 0.20 carats of subtle bring. The finished ring weighs 2.5 grams in a size 6 3/4. It can be adjusted up or down 1 full size by one of our onsite goldsmiths. Like many of our estate rings, this one came to us with an optimistic opinion of a replacement value. The July 2020 document suggests the ring has a retail value of $16,800.00. Even considering the Canadian dollar is much weaker today than a few years ago, we feel this ring could be competitively replaced for around $9,500.00. As a like new, previously owned, estate ring, we have it priced at $7,125.00. Included with the ring are the original laminated Gemological Institute of America report, and the July 2020 Gem Lab appraisal. This ring was hand assembled using top quality natural diamonds in upgraded 18 karat white gold. The no compromise contemporary design ring represents a terrific value at the estate price of $7,125.00 CAD. Stock #101-00395.

November 2, 2022

1.00ct. princess cut SI1-H with GIA report. 5.7gr. 18kt. $4,690.00 CAD. e14471

When this diamond ring arrived it needed 4 new claws, as they had worn thin over more than 20 years of continuous use. We figured before making the necessary repairs, we might as well add some extra value by sending the diamond to The Gemological Institute of America for a grading report. The diamond ring already came with a DC Taylor appraisal conservatively grading the diamond an SI2 clarity with an H colour. I’m happy to say the diamond actually graded a slightly better SI1-H from the GIA. The complete October  15th, 2021 report can be seen online here. Be extremely careful buying fancy-shaped diamonds. There are no universally accepted standards for cut, geometry, and proportions for fancy shapes. Thankfully this diamond is nicely cut. The table facet of 74% is a little larger than optimum, but it is still good, all the other proportions are quite nice. The girdle edge is a pleasant medium to thick, many poorly manufactured princess cut diamonds have very thick to extremely thick girdles that add nothing but extra weight. Far too many princess cut diamonds are cut waaaaaay too deep. This example has a depth of 72.7% which is appropriate for a square/rectangular princess cut. The overall dimensions of 5.88mm x 5.32mm are much larger than many 1.00 carat princess cuts. There are 1.00 carat princess cuts out there that measure as small as  5.0mm x 5.0mm. Make sure the jeweller you are considering buying a fancy shape diamond from can explain how the cut affects the price and sparkle of a diamond. This bright and brilliant diamond is set in a simple 4 prong solitaire with a flat shank. The premium quality 18 karat white gold setting weighs in at a substantial 5.7 grams in a finger petite size 4 1/4. Fortunately, the high-quality, solidly constructed ring can be made up to 3 sizes larger if needed Our onsite goldsmiths can accomplish this task in only a few days. If you like this diamond but would prefer a different setting, bring us your ideas. We’d love to create a custom one of a kind piece of jewelley for you. The complete ring with 4 newly repaired claws (not completed yet) is estate priced at only $4,690.00. The diamond alone is priced at $4,060.00 CAD. Stock #e14471.

October 13, 2022

1.98ct. emerald & 0.52ct. diamond ring 18kt. gold $5,926.00 CAD. e9755

e9755 emerald and diamond ring 18 karat custom made 001We’re being asked more and more every day to create custom jewellery for new and existing clients. It’s something we’ve been doing since 1958, but it’s part of our business we’ve really never promoted much. Here’s a custom ring we decided to make that isn’t our usual more technical sort of creation. It’s more an exercise in artistic simplicity. No fancy wire filigree, no hand engraved highlights, no milgrain edges. Just a nice quality Columbian emerald with a couple of very good shoulder diamonds. The wide low dome shank measures just over 10mm wide gently tapering to a comfortable 6.3mm on the bottom. The precise hand formed yellow gold bezel secures a substantial size 1.98 carat medium dark green emerald measuring 7.5mm x 6.5mm. We were going to leave it at that and call it a day but we couldn’t help ourselves, we just had to add some bling. Two lovely estate VS-GH diamonds were Gypsy set on the shoulders and provide just enough twinkle to draw your eye to the soothing colour of the emerald in the centre. The two diamonds add a total 0.52 carats of sparkling twinkle bringing the total gem weight to a tidy 2.50 carats. This hand made, one of a kind ring weighs in at over 14 grams. Made from premium 18 karat white and yellow gold. This is a hefty ring that feels every bit the quality piece it is. Even if a custom ring like this isn’t what we’re known for I can see more of this style coming from the minds of our talented goldsmiths. From the reactions of people who have seen it so far, I know this is a style that appeals to many. Using beautiful estate components allows us to price this artistic piece very well at $5,926.00 CAD. It’s a lot of money but there’s a ton of value in this creation. If you have an old setting with a nice stone you’re not using bring it in. I bet we can create a custom piece making it your new favorite item of jewellery for less than you might imagine. Stock #e9755.e9755 emerald and diamond ring 18 karat custom made 002




August 29, 2022

2.60ct. sapphire & diamond (2.05ct. tw. VS-FG) ballerina ring, 8.2gr. 14kt. $11,760.00 CAD. 206-00329

High quality and beautiful design never go out of style. The diamond cluster has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. Round, oval, pear, square, marquise, or any other shape you can imagine look good when built in proportion with high grade ingredients. Our latest estate ring showcases a very unusual blue sapphire. The almost perfectly square centrepiece measures a lavish 7.5mm x 7.5mm and is estimated to weigh at least 2.50 carats. Its colour can be described as medium intense blue with a hint of purple. The colour and size are immediately impressive but the radiant cut is most unique. Most sapphires are cut into oval shapes. Looking at our trade database, only around 1% of sapphire is cut in this shape. The square/octagon outline of the centre stone makes the perfect starting point to create a ballerina ring of significance. The name comes from the baguette diamonds in the cluster that are set at different heights resembling the multiple silk layers in a ballerina’s skirt. We’ve only had a few true ballerina rings over the years and this one is one of the best. 16 extra long (3.7mm) tapered baguettes make up the halo frame resulting in a substantial 16.5mm diameter. Their high quality (VS clarity with FG colour) does an incredible job of contrasting the violet/blue sapphire centre. Crafted in 14 karat white gold, the dazzling ring has a generous finished weight of 8.2 grams in a finger size 6. The ring is in brand new condition, its original bright rhodium finish is still completely intact. It is accompanied by a December 2021 GemScan appraisal document that does an accurate job describing the ring and its quality. Including a complementary size adjustment if required this one of a kind ring is estate priced at $11,760.00 CAD. Stock #206-00329.

August 23, 2022

2.11ct. VS1-F GIA certified marquise & baguette diamond ring 3.9gr. platinum $31,450.00 CAD. e12943 101-00284

Every once in a while a ring arrives in our estate/vintage department that makes our entire team stop dead in their tracks and just stare. This is that once in a while ring. Pretty much the definition of less is more luxury. Just a simple double gallery platinum setting with 2 slender baguette cut diamonds. The shoulder diamonds draw your attention to the beautiful marquise brilliant cut secured in a six claw head. When this ring arrived we immediately sent the diamond to the Gemological Institute of America in New York City for a quality report. Unfortunately, Canada has no grading service that is internationally accepted like a GIA report. It costs a lot of money for this certificate ($205.00 USD plus 2-way shipping and insurance) but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading has examined your diamond. While we are fortunate to have a GIA trained Graduate Gemologist and diamond graders on staff, there is no substitute for an actual GIA laboratories report. Every important diamond should come with a Gemological Institute of America report. If you’re considering a significant diamond purchase, insist on a GIA report, there is no substitute. The full December 5 2019 report can be seen online here. In addition to a very high F colour, VS1 clarity and no fluorescence, it’s the lovely outline of this particular marquise with its length to width ratio of 1.73:1.00 plus a tiny table percentage of just 58 that makes it so pretty. These characteristics may seem trivial but collectively they make a huge visual impact that needs to be seen in person. I can’t imagine a better setting than the pure luxury of platinum with the two accent baguettes running down the shoulders. The ring is in excellent condition and ready to wear in a finger size 5 1/2. If you’d like to use this diamond in a different setting we’d love to custom make whatever you have in mind. The diamond alone is available for $30,250.00 CAD. Complete ring is priced at $31,450.00 CAD. Stock #e12943 101-00284.

August 20, 2022

1.25ct. I1-D very good cut GIA certified 2.05ct. tw. 14kt. 11.2gr. 3 piece set $11,200.00 CAD. e12282

We have a little introductory course we run through with people who are buying their first significant diamond. We try to keep it as simple as possible as there are so many interchangeable factors that effect diamond value. What we mostly aim for is an understanding of the normal minimum thresholds of diamond quality. For example G colour is usually where you lose any warmth detectable to the untrained eye. SI1 clarity is the point where you are almost guaranteed to not see any eye-visible inclusions. We use these benchmarks to help customers understand what they are looking at to give them a reference point of quality. These rules are flexible and all that really matters is what a diamond looks like in person. Some people can’t see warmth in a colour even as low as J. Others can’t find inclusions in diamonds graded I1. Sometimes we get a diamond that stumps even our well trained eyes, like this GIA certified I1-D. At first look without magnification the 1.25 carat round brilliant looked eye-clean. We couldn’t find the inclusions until we looked with magnification then looked again without. Even then you can only see the feathers at a specific angle and only by looking closely for them. This is mostly due to their fantastic positioning within the facet pattern but also because of the added brilliance caused by the triple “Very Good” grade (very good cut, very good symmetry and very good polish). The stunning diamond is a fitting crown to the three piece wedding set that accompanies it. The 14 karat white gold set is all geometric trellis work and milgrain accented diamonds. Combined, the round brilliant cuts and graduated princess cuts weight an estimated 2.05 carats for the set. The trio all measure a finger size 6 1/4 with some room to adjust. The main diamond is laser inscribed and comes with its original GIA Diamond Grading Report (May 2019) which you can see here. As a finishing touch the diamond exhibits no trace of fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. Estate price for the set only $11,200.00 CAD. Stock #e12282.

August 19, 2022

Royal De Versailles 1.26ct. VS1-I GIA certified 18kt. 8.1gr. $12,000.00 CAD. e11081

It’s a difficult thing to access the value a prestigious brand name brings to a product. Especially a diamond ring or other piece of jewellery. Even when comparing two otherwise completely identical items, the premium brand product sells for more and deserves the extra value associated with the brand. A sterling silver chain from Tiffany for example sells for much more than a high quality silver chain purchased at your local home town jeweller even if the only difference is where it was bought and the box colour. The components that go into producing the item may be the same but where you buy them is a major contributor to the price you ultimately are going to be charged. This beautiful 18 karat white gold estate engagement ring was originally purchased at Royal de Versailles. They are considered one of the finest jewellers and carry all the exclusive luxury names. They operate a big beautiful store in a very exclusive and expensive area of downtown Toronto. When purchased new in 1993 RDV supplied an insurance document outlining the details of the engagement ring, suggesting insurance coverage of $20,500.00 CAD including tax. 25 years later as an excellent condition estate ring we have it priced at only $12,000.00 CAD (including a custom made matching wedding ring). The centre diamond is a very pretty 1.26 carat VS1 clarity, “I” colour diamond that has been graded by The Gemological Institute of America. GIA certificate #8404049 reports the diamond has been manufactured with very good polish, good symmetry and strong blue fluorescence. This diamond is proportioned with a very flattering, slender 1.78:1 length to width ratio. Our quarter million strong diamond database shows less than 4% of all pear shaped diamonds have a ratio like this or thinner. Almost all diamond cutters choose to make their pears closer to 1:1.40 ratio. While this ratio is efficient for weight retention the resulting plump outline doesn’t look nearly as sophisticated. Securely set on each shoulder is an additional pear shaped diamond, each estimated to weight 0.20 carats of VS-SI clarity and H colour. The rings fit together with puzzle piece precision and measure the average finger size of 6. One of our onsite goldsmiths can custom fit these up or down as required in just a day or 2. Included with the rings is the original black RDV box plus an independent Harold Weinstein appraisal from October 1998. Our estate price for the set is $12,000.00 CAD. Stock #e11081.

August 18, 2022

1.46ct. VVS enhanced yellow diamond ring GIA $11,000.00 CAD. e737

e737 1.45ct. VVS colour enhanced GIA certified diamond ring 001 Quite a dinner ring don’t you think? The centre is a GIA certified VVS2  fancy vivid yellow diamond with treated colour enhancement. It is surrounded by 36 small round diamonds totaling an additional 0.54ct. set in a 14 karat white gold setting. Centre stone details can be viewed on GIA’s website www.gia.edu (verify a report) with report number 5121011261. The ring is estate priced at $11,000.00. The diamond is available alone for $9,250.00 and can be seen in the estate diamond section. Stock #e737.e737 1.45ct. VVS colour enhanced diamond ring GIA certified 001

August 17, 2022

Tiffany platinum Soleste cushion halo diamond ring 0.68ct. tw. $5,500.00 CAD. e11797

When you’re speaking about Tiffany it’s not always about what’s inside the little blue box. With Tiffany rings it’s what’s inside that little black box. Not many Tiffany engagement rings pass through our estate department and fewer still with a style as popular as this one. This is the Tiffany Soleste containing a beautiful 0.39-carat cushion-shaped brilliant-cut diamond of VS1-HI quality. The diamond has been laser engraved on a star facet with a registration number that is only visible with a high powered microscope. The halo design has been one of the most popular designs ever and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The cushion-shaped outline gives the style a more antique feel. Naturally, anything from Tiffany is constructed with the finest components available. Minimum VS-H clarity small diamonds along with platinum combine to make the ring sparkle as much as possible. The ring is in perfect condition looking like brand new. Still available on the Tiffany website with pricing for a 0.50-carat center version starting at $11,100.00 CAD. Our slightly smaller 0.39-carat example likely cost around $8,000.00 when it was purchased new just a couple of years ago. The previous owner had a 6 finger. We can easily make the ring larger by a size or two if necessary. Comes complete with its original Tiffany little black ring box. Estate priced at $5,500.00 CAD. Stock #e11797.



0.81ct. VS1-H (1.21ct. tw.) custom made halo engagement ring 6.8gr. 14kt. $5,180.00 CAD. e13940

A one-of-a-kind engagement ring custom made to stand out! The unique ring goes against current trends by opting for a wide high polished dome shank. The choice to abandon the dainty really serves it well as that 4.7mm wide backdrop draws the eye for its bulk and contrast to the 10.6mm wide halo it supports. The contrast moves from the plain metal to the splintery pattern of petite diamonds, ending in the sparkle and fire of the main diamond. The tightly set halo is edged with frosted millgrain and features a secondary collar of diamonds set around its perimeter. All told it features 40 hand set VVS-VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds that equal 0.40 carats in weight. The diamond that crowns the ring is a bright 0.81 carat VS1-H, taking the total weight of the ring to an estimated 1.21 carats. The 14 karat white gold ring weighs 6.8 grams and measures a finger size 6 1/2 with plenty of room to adjust. It’s accompanied by an original appraisal stating a replacement value of $14,600.00 CAD. We feel a more competitive replacement value with new would be $7,400.00. Our estate price is $5,180.00 CAD. Stock #e13940

August 16, 2022

2.20ct. VS2-H excellent cut with GIA report (2.95ct. tw.) 6.1gr. 18kt. halo. $37,200.00 CAD. 101-00357

Where do we begin describing a ring like this? It would take a post thousands of words long for us to adequately describe the attributes of this ring and the absolute value it represents. We’ll start with the facts. When it comes to our estate diamond rings and other jewellery, wholesale is the new retail at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. You’d think with all those inexpensive lab-grown synthetic diamonds flooding the market, natural diamonds would be seeing some pricing pressures. Such is not the case, in fact, the opposite is true; while lab-grown synthetics are falling in price every day, properly graded, natural diamonds have seen price increases over the last year. Did you know that synthetic diamonds have fallen in price to only around 10% of their natural counterparts? If you’re considering a synthetic, laboratory-grown diamond, make sure you are getting it at close to a 90% discount compared to the real thing. The diamond in this beautiful 18 karat white gold halo setting is 100% natural in every way. The only thing humans contributed to Mother Nature’s creation was the skill to transform the rough crystal into the excellent cut, finished round brilliant cut diamond. What I love so much about this diamond is the 60/60 excellent cut (60% table and 60% depth). Almost no modern diamonds are cut like this anymore. Among accurately graded, excellent/ideal cut diamonds with reports from reliable labs, the average depth is more than 62% relative to the diameter. Two percent doesn’t sound like much, but it makes them appear noticeably smaller due to their compact diameter. Sorting through our 300,000 diamond database there are no stones of this quality anywhere near this price ($35,600.00 diamond without setting) with an average diameter of 8.45mm or larger. The other component of this 60/60 diamond is the 60% table percentage. This slightly larger table percentage contributes to the bigger look with a modest optical bias favoring brilliance over dispersion. A more brilliant diamond will display a touch more white/black flash, compared to a smaller table that shows more break up of white light into a rainbow of spectral colours known as dispersion. There is a little more to it than that, but rest assured this is a rare diamond with excellent cutting geometry compared to what is available in other excellent cut diamonds. This type of geometry was more common in 1950s and 1960s. The full 2011 Gemological Institute of America report can be seen online here. Besides the flattering excellent cut, the rest of the diamond’s attributes are very nice without being exceptional, resulting in all around great value. Its VS2 clarity appears flawless to the naked eye, the H colour is virtually colourless without a noticeable tint, very good symmetry/polish and no fluorescence finish up this diamond’s quality characteristics. The 18 karat white gold setting also makes this diamond appear larger than you’d expect for a stone weighing 2.20 carats. The ever popular “halo” design frames the centre with a string of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds, all expertly French set with a decorative beaded outline. The diameter of the halo frame bumps the ring’s diameter to just shy of 12mm. The 6.1 gram premium white setting contains 130 full cut diamonds of minimum VS-H quality that bring the total diamond weight to an estimated 2.95 carats. The ring measures a slightly smaller size 5. Our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the ring up or down a full size or so. The setting alone represents outstanding value considering it is estate priced at just $1,600.00 (without the centre diamond). Decorated on three sides of both shoulders plus the vertical sides of the halo frame and even a surprise diamond under the setting. As a final touch to love and romance, the filigree gallery of the ring consists of 6 hearts that go almost unnoticed, lost in the ornate design. The ring is in excellent condition, showing no worn areas. It comes with the original laminated GIA report from January 2011. The complete ring is estate priced at $37,200.00 CAD. Stock #101-00357.

August 14, 2022

7.50ct. extra fine Tanzanite and diamond ring $8,050.00 CAD. e9258

e9258 Tanzanite and diamond ring 18 karatBig diamonds are certainly exciting and very sparkly, but to get a good one of 5.00 carats or more is going to cost you over $100000.00. Coloured gems like this incredible tanzanite offer a rich splash of colour that no diamond can match for a fraction of the cost. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we get some nice sized diamonds from time to time but at an estimated 7.50 carats this rare stone makes quite a statement. The slightly violet royal blue colour is as good as it gets for tanzanite it’s a 10 out 10. The 6.7 gram 18 karat white gold cushion shaped halo setting is a very contemporary looking design that’s quite delicate looking with thin split shank shoulders and a filigree gallery. 60 diamonds in the halo and down the shoulders are of very good VS-SI-GH quality weighing an estimated 0.30 carats. Tanzanite is an incredibly rare gem compared to relatively plentiful diamonds, they’re only found globally in one location near Mount Kilimanjano Africa and this source is not expected to last. The ring was purchased new in 2009 and has seen only occasional use. The only evidence of wear are a couple tiny nicks on the table facet (just visible in top photo). These miniscule marks can only be seen under extreme scrutiny and only the most sharp sighted. Ready to go in a finger size 8.5. The saturation and intensity of the violet/blue colour must be seen in person as my photography skills do not do this amazing stone justice. Finding another Tanzanite of this size, shape and quality would be next to impossible making this ring most likely a one of a kind creation. Estate priced at $8,050.00 CAD. Stock #e9258.e9258 Tanzanite and diamond ring 18kt.

1.30 carat VVS1-E GIA certified (1.70ct. tw.) $16,500.00 CAD. e8067

e8067.1 VVS1-E GIA cert marquiseMarquise shaped diamonds are starting to be rediscovered. 25 years ago they were a very popular choice. When you see one this good it’s easy to understand the attraction. Diamonds of this quality or better represent less than 4% of what’s available on our database. The extra length of a marquise gives the illusion of a much bigger stone than the actual weight suggests. This diamond ring was originally purchased in Amsterdam in 1993 and is described with its certificate as loupe clean of river colour. This means the original vendor felt the diamond was of flawless clarity and perfect colour. We removed the diamond and sent it to GIA for a more internationally recognized report. The finished document revealed a tiny indented natural at one point making this diamond “merely” a VVS1 with a colour of E. Symmetry and polish came in as very good with strong blue fluorescence when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. GIA report number 2165031879 can be verified online here. A simple 18 karat yellow gold setting weighing 4.0 grams secures this diamond along with 12 high quality  graduated baguette cut diamonds.  Estate priced at $16,500.00 CAD. Stock #e8067.e8067.2 VVS1-E marquise 18kt ring



August 1, 2022

0.98ct. VS1-H. (1.31ct. tw.) 7.2gr. 18kt. Michael Smiley custom halo princess cut $7,150.00 CAD. e13026

An intricate and thoughtful design from our Barrie neighbour Michael Smiley Fine Jewellery! The entire set takes its cue from the 0.98 carat princess cut diamond center. The halo’s corners have been cut off and patterned with keystone accents to help draw the eye in. Those cut off corners were set with diamonds and between them a diamond shaped gallery medallion with yet another diamond at its center. The beveled theme continues onto the shoulders and the fitted wedding band. Each ring of the soldered together set has been accented with three diamonds per shoulder; those on the engagement ring are thoughtfully graduated. All told the ring is hand set with 38 petite round brilliant cuts of VS1-H quality to match the brilliant center. To keep with Michael’s demand for high quality the set is made from 7.2 grams of 18 karat white gold. They currently measure a finger size 4 3/4 with some room to adjust. $7,150.00 CAD. Stock #e13026.

July 9, 2022

5.20ct. natural emerald & diamond (20=0.75ct. tw. SI-I) 18.1gr. 18kt. $9,205.00 CAD. 206-00297

Emerald is one of the easiest gemstones to identify, not simply for its verdant colour, but its unique inclusions. The French coined the term Jardin (garden) for the striking moss-like inclusions that are almost always present to some degree within a natural emerald. In this 5.20 carat emerald cut emerald, they are on full display spread evenly across the surface and into the depths of the gem. These inclusions are unlike any moss you’d encounter in nature as each is highly reflective, twinkling an intense green as you rotate the gem. The combined effect makes the emerald appear to glow from within like some enchanted garden from a fairytale. The otherworldly stone is held in the ring by four understated yellow gold prongs but the rest of the ring is blazing rhodium plated white gold. The emerald is encircled with 0.75 carat total weight of bright SI-I round brilliant cut diamonds, adding their own sparkle for contrast. The ring itself measures a digit-dominating 16.5mm wide and is made from top quality 18 karat gold. To keep the weight at a reasonable 18.1 grams the underside has been hollowed out with a decorative honeycomb grill installed to ensure comfort during wear. The ring currently measures a finger size 8 with a bit of room to adjust. It is accompanied by a 2017 appraisal stating a replacement value of $20,450.00 USD, we feel a more realistic replacement value is $13,150.00 CAD. Our estate price is $9,205.00 CAD. Stock #206-00297.

June 28, 2022

9.26ct. VS2-OP (10.01ct. tw. VS-F) engagement/wedding ring set $154,000.00 CAD. E10891

Once or twice a year a truly remarkable estate item turns up at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. The kind of thing that you almost never get to see or when you do it’s usually on a Hollywood celebrity. While not the largest diamond we’ve ever sold this is the largest round brilliant cut diamond ever to be offered at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. With an estimated OP colour, it’s easy to see a little warmth in the body of this diamond. The photographs appear much more tinted than in reality; it’s simply impossible to capture the brilliance and dispersion in a couple of still photographs. For a short YouTube video of the diamond click here. I can hardly keep myself from giggling as I write this post with the ring twinkling like a disco ball on my pinky finger. Big diamonds of nice quality have so much more dispersion than smaller stones. When light enters a diamond it slows down, refracted into its spectral colours, bounces around inside then exits in an explosion of rainbow dispersion. The larger the diamond the greater the distance of interior light travel resulting in even more dispersion. It’s hard to explain but it’s easy to see in person. Even though this diamond is roughly 10 times the size of the average engagement ring diamond it still retains the classic brilliant cut formula of 58 mathematically positioned facets. Each of these flat faces is strategically placed and angled to capture maximum brilliance and fire. Being a huge diamond each of its facets are sized accordingly resulting in an unparalleled optical assault on your eyes of white and black reflective flashes. It’s almost impossible to keep my train of thought looking at this diamond. It’s easy to become hypnotised in its sparkling display. The crystal is incredibly clear with a cautiously estimated VS2 clarity based on a natural located on the bottom of the girdle beside the claw as seen in this photomicrograph. The only real inclusion is this microscopic VS1 feather located on a pavilion main/lower girdle facet junction as seen through a bezel facet on the crown. The diamond comes with a December 15, 2017 certificate of appraisal stating the diamond is of VS1-MN quality with a medium cut weighing an estimated 9.21 carat. Sooner or later we will send the diamond to The Gemological Institute of America for official internationally recognized certification. We expect the GIA to grade it a minimum VS2 clarity grade, OP colour, good cut, very slight to no fluorescence and a weight confirmation of 9.26 carats. Diamonds, in general, are not that rare with millions of carats being mined every year, but large diamonds are truly quite rare. Our in store database currently lists close to 500,000 diamonds for sale. If you refine the search for 9.25 carats and larger that number drops to just 600. If you qualify the search further to reflect only round diamonds of VS2 clarity or better there are less than 400 available. Every single one of these has wholesale prices beyond our price of only $150,000.00 CAD (diamond only). We have remounted this extraordinary diamond into a custom-made 18 karat white gold engagement/wedding ring set containing 25 small Canadian diamonds of excellent VS-F quality. The small diamonds contribute an additional 0.75 carats, bringing the total diamond weight in this set to 10.01 carats! The two rings weigh a combined 9.3 grams in a finger size 6 1/2 and are an additional $4,000.00. Click here for a short YouTube video of the ring set. If you have the means, this diamond ring could become a part of your investment portfolio. How much is that new Mercedes going to be worth in ten years? At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we like to think we can source almost any diamond you could possibly want. With 62 years experience we know where to look, but finding one like this for the same price simply isn’t possible. If you have another setting style in mind we’d love to create a one-of-a-kind setting befitting such an incredible diamond. Estate price for the diamond only $150,000.00 CAD. Dealer inquires welcome (we know you’re looking). Stock #e10891.

Viewing by appointment only.

June 22, 2022

1.51ct. SI2-F very good/excellent cut halo diamond ring (20=0.88ct. tw. VS-FG) 4.6gr. 14kt. $16,575.00 CAD. 101-00360

At 12.2mm in diameter, this halo definitely falls onto the super(halo)-spectrum! The 1.51 carat round brilliant cut diamond at the heart of this halo would be impressive on its own but some brilliant goldsmith (yours truly) opted for a show-stopper. The 20 hand-selected accent diamonds are very well matched VS-FG quality and well-cut. We needed to pull all the stops when we put that parcel together, in order to match the SI2-F of the center diamond. The main diamond is virtually eye-clean, with a couple of grade-setting inclusions only the sharp-sighted will be able to find without magnification. The high brilliance and fire of its very good to excellent cut grade does a great job of disguising those inclusions in a kaleidoscope of white and every coloured light. The custom-made 14 karat white gold ring is in like-new condition and comes with the original 2012 appraisal for the center diamond, the original diamond paper, and an updated Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating a generous replacement value of $29,500.00 CAD.  We feel a more competitive replacement value with new would be $19,500.00 CAD and our estate price $16,575.00 CAD. Stock #101-00360

June 20, 2022

2.15ct. total weight VVS1-G GIA certified platinum set $16,500.00 CAD. e7483

e7483 2.15ct tw set platYou didn’t settle for just an average girlfriend so don’t make her settle for just an average engagement ring. When only the best will do, do platinum and do it with a fantastic diamond. This platinum set was hand made to a very high standard using 30 channel set VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.87 carats. The three size 8 1/2 rings weigh a combined 18 grams. The six prong Tiffany style engagement ring was manufactured by accomplished Toronto jewellers Fortunes Fine Jewellers www.fortunes.com and contains one round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.28 carats of excellent VVS1 clarity, G colour, excellent cut and no fluorescence. The GIA certificate 1152451942 also states excellent symmetry and very good polish. The complete set is estate priced at $16,500.00 CAD. The centre diamond is available separately if you have a different design in mind for $13,200.00. More information on the centre diamond can be seen in the estate diamond section of website. Stock #e7483.e7483.1 GIA cert 1.28ct VVS1-Ge7483 VVS1-G 1.28ct.e7483 cert 1.28ct VVS1-G ex vg ex non

Centre diamond sold. Rings are still available.



June 19, 2022

Art Deco inspired diamond ring 1.17ct. tw. SI1-GH 3.9gr. 14kt. gold $5,600.00 CAD. e12256

Without question, this is one of our favorite rings. The setting is Canadian made from 3.6 grams of 14 karat white gold. It’s a brand new creation inspired by those wonderful Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 30s. Geometric details with fine filigree and milgrain are distinctive features of the Art Deco style. This new construction setting has been here for a while just waiting to showcase the ideal centre diamond to turn up in our estate department. Last month a beautiful 0.90 carat round brilliant diamond came in that fit the setting perfectly. It was already in a ring that had seen at least 50 years worth of wear and tear. As such the original shank was a little thinner than we were comfortable with and the gallery sides were worn from rubbing against another ring for many years. There’s nothing we like better then taking old components and reinventing them into something brand new for our customers. Reusing larger diamonds like this saves our savvy customers a lot of money compared to purchasing new. You can also feel good knowing the gold from the original setting will be recycled, adding to the world’s supply without disturbing any new ground. The freshly set diamond fits totally flush in the octagon shaped inner setting. 8 small protected claws secure the very good cut centre diamond means this ring should be maintenance free for decades to come.The main 0.90 carat diamond measures 6.2mm x 3.7mm and is of solid SI1 clarity. The grade setting clarity characteristic is a small white feather located just the the right of the 12:00 o’clock position close to the edge. As observed with our Gemological Institute of America master diamonds its colour was determined to be a very nice G. Two additional round brilliant cut diamonds of very good SI-H quality provide 0.27 carats of extra bling on the shoulders. If you love this setting as much as we do and already have a diamond, it’s available to hold your diamond for $1,600.00. We welcome your trades should if you’d like to upgrade to this or something else. This new/estate combination ring is priced complete at $5,600.00 CAD. Stock #e12256.


June 13, 2022

Simon G engagement ring LP1846-D pink & white diamonds $5,075.00 CAD. e8916

I wouldn’t necessarily call this an estate ring, it’s more like a demonstrator model. It was sold brand new to a customer of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers only a few months ago. The original recipient needed a much smaller ring size and this one couldn’t quite be sized down enough. We installed a temporary ring guard and ordered a new ring in the correct size while they wore this one. After the new smaller ring arrived we were left with this hardly worn “demo” model. Simon G are known for their high quality and exquisite design. What makes this ring truly unique is the center stripe of tiny bead set diamonds. They’re fancy pink in colour and they’re not artificially coloured. Natural fancy pink diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. Many rings try to accomplish this look by just setting white diamonds in rose gold with limited success. Simon G would never accept such a compromise, only 100% natural unenhanced diamonds are used by the high end California designer. Model number LP1846-D has a suggested retail price of $3500.00 for the ring without a center diamond. We just happened to have an appropriate estate diamond to compliment and give maximum contrast with the small pink diamonds. A 0.70 carat round brilliant cut centerpiece sparkles with an exceptional E colour, eye clean SI2 clarity and a very good cut. 0.98 carats of total diamond weight have been expertly hand set into the 3.6 gram 18 karat white and rose gold setting. Although we couldn’t size this ring down to the original owners size, we are able to adjust it up or down one size from the current 6.5. A natural pink diamond ring like this is a very special and rare offering. With 6 weeks of wear the ring is only showing a few scuffs and scratches on the shank bottom. After a quick polish and refinishing it will look new. Estate priced at $5,075.00 CAD. Stock #e8916.e8916.1 Simon G LP1846-D


April 29, 2022

1.11ct. VS2-H Tiffany diamond solitaire, 4.5gr. plat., sz. 4 1/2, $14,490.00 CAD. 101-00340

The Tiffany brand is arguably the most influential in the jewellery industry. They have a reputation of premium quality with a price reflecting attention to every detail with uncompromising standards. They don’t rely on outside grading services like the Gemological Institute of America to confirm the quality of their diamonds. When it comes to diamond quality, Tiffany’s minimum quality standards are very good on paper and exceptional in person. When the GIA introduced a standardized diamond grading system, Tiffany was celebrating their 116th anniversary and doing quite well without GIA confirming what they already knew. Although Tiffany now uses GIA’s internationally accepted system for describing diamonds quality, their conservative reputation for excellence doesn’t require a fact check through outside independent report suppliers. Tiffany marches to the beat of their own drum, choosing to set the trends, rather than follow them. In fact, Tiffany’s laser inscription would actually be considered a blemish by the GIA as they engrave the unique registered number on a star facet instead of concealing a number on the girdle like everyone else. Not to say that it is distracting, it is almost impossible to find with 10X magnification, and you can only read the serial number under 60X. Tiffany’s grading is certainly to the high standards or better of those established by the GIA, and their documents are just as thorough. The elegant Tiffany & Co. Diamond Certificate that accompanies this ring states 1.11 carat weight, VS2 clarity, H colour, faint fluorescence, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish all illustrated along with the stone geometry. Enclosed in the robins’ egg blue portfolio shows the purchase price of $20,700.00 plus sales tax, full lifetime warranty, and insurance appraisal valuation in duplicate. It’s hard to dispute the $20,700.00 purchase price paid when you are arguing against anything that comes in that little satin-lined box. The iconic six prong egagement ring is probably the most copied solitaire on the market. Costco lost a lawsuit from Tiffany for selling generic diamond engagement rings bearing the “Tiffany” name that cost them 21 million dollars. Our 4.5 grams platinum example measures a finger size 4 1/2 with plenty of room to adjust as needed. It was purchased from the Tiffany boutique Toronto in February 2021 but never worn. It remains in perfect as delivered condition. Everything is original, complete, and in perfect condition, as delivered from T & Co. The ring even comes with the silk handle Tiffany shopping bag, documents, and books. The complete kit is estate priced at $14,490.00 CAD. Stock #101-00340

March 21, 2022

1.04ct. SI1-G GIA certified. Peoples Jewellers Celebration 100 facet diamond ring 18kt/plat. $7,000.00 CAD. e12516

Peoples Jewellers proprietary Celebration 100 facet diamond cut is their attempt at reinventing the wheel. A standard round brilliant cut always has 57 or 58 facets no matter the carat weight. These facets have been mathematically formulated to optimize a diamond’s optical properties. So much so that this is the only diamond that the Gemological Institute of America will assign a cut grade to. It is the only diamond shape with angles and proportions required to fit within a very specific acceptable range. Anything outside of the range and the cut grade slips down the scale. To take that cut and add facets doesn’t improve it but it certainly changes the optics. This 1.04 carat Canadian Celebration cut has a much more splintered pattern of brilliance and fire, looking more like a kaleidoscope than the standard round brilliant cut. We found the effect very pleasant and sent it to GIA as an experiment to see what they would say about this custom cut style. They didn’t; instead, they classified the diamond as a Round Modified Brilliant and didn’t assign a cut grade. The basic geometry of 62.2% total depth with a 59% table is easily within GIA’s excellent cut standards. They did however say the polish and symmetry were Very Good and assigned the diamond a better clarity and colour grade than the certificate it originally came with. This is something we almost never run into with big box certs but it was a pleasant surprise! The GIA report states this Canadian Celebration diamond is SI1-G quality with no fluorescence. The well documented Canadian mined diamond has been set into a solid 5 gram 18 karat white gold and platinum classic solitaire, a style that never goes out of fashion. The excellent condition like new ring currently measures a finger size 5 1/3 with room to adjust up or down as needed. Comes with Peoples Jewellers certificate of authenticity and appraisal from 2011 suggesting a replacement value of $11,200.00. It’s a great value for the previously enjoyed price of $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #e12516.

March 16, 2022

3.40ct. VS2-J European cut GIA certified $55,000.00 CAD. e7247 101-00389

e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-001There was a time not long ago when a large antique diamond like this resurfaced in the trade, it would immediately be re-cut into a modern round brilliant. Little thought was given to the concept of keeping something original. The re-proportioned diamond would then be sold as brand new alongside other modern round brilliant cut diamonds. I suppose there is nothing wrong with this practice, after all, all diamonds are around 3 billion years old anyway. “Improving” the optical properties of an antique diamond should be a welcomed practice. In recent years however opinions about these old diamonds have changed. People are beginning to realize the value, rarity, and charm of these original antique diamonds. It has come to the point where an original antique European cut diamond of more than 3.00 carats is worth more than a modern diamond of equal size. In fact, there is no formal structured price list for these old diamonds over 3.00 carats that we are aware of. The only way to value them is by trying to find comparable diamonds on offer.e7247 100 years ago any diamond was a scarce thing and a diamond over 3.00 carats was something extraordinary. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers sold this diamond several years ago to a client who enjoyed wearing it every day. It was recently traded back to us when a larger diamond became available. We’re happy to have this beautiful diamond back and we look forward to helping the next owner discover what makes these old stones so charming. They do have a different look compared to a modern round diamond, with a smaller table facet, chunkier bezel, and crown facets. These old stones provide a unique sparkle and a distinct pattern of larger white/black flashes with increased dispersion due to a steep crown angle.e7247-1 Most important modern diamonds come with a Gemological Institute of American certificate, not many antique diamonds come with any documentation. A full GIA report from 2013 can be seen online here. The report outlines all the pertinent information needed to assess the quality of this diamond. If you have a look at the report you’ll notice the document details a couple of minor chips along the sharp girdle edge. After 100 years of wear and tear, you’d expect the odd chip. These small chips are not significant enough to alter the value in any meaningful way. They can easily be removed with only a couple points of weight loss. The patina of a lifetime of wear helps prove the diamond is an original and authentic antique.e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-002 It is set into a 14 karat custom made white gold ring containing two large tapered baguette cut diamonds. The high quality VS-GH baguettes add 0.33 carats of subtle tailored sophistication to the classic design. Estate priced at $55,000.00 CAD. Stock #e7247 101-00389.e7247-3-40ct-old-european-cut-vs2-j-gia-certified-003




March 2, 2022

1.55ct. VS1-G very good cut with GIA report & free 14kt. setting $19,500.00 CAD. 101-00367

Most large diamonds are cut reasonably well but seldom perfectly. Cutting perfection means that much of the original crystal gets left on the cutting wheel in the form of lost weight. Lost weight means lost money when it comes to diamonds. The most common shape for rough diamonds is a double tetrahedron. This shape is efficient for cutting two diamonds that are both a little deep compared to their ideal potential. Manufacturing an excellent/ideal cut is less efficient and wastes more rough crystal, so true excellent cut diamonds are encountered much less often. If a diamond isn’t of excellent cut proportions chances are they are a bit deeper than they should have been in order to maintain extra weight. This extra weight does nothing to make the stone look better, it just weighs more. That’s why I like this diamond so much. While the cut isn’t perfect, it is very good. Instead of being cut too deep, it is cut slightly shallow. The overall depth of  57.7% as compared to the average diameter, is only around 3% shy of what a perfect cut should be. The slightly shallow cut means you get some extra diameter for free, and it’s the diameter that you see. Compared to a typical good-cut deep stone of the same weight, this one looks far larger. Most 1.50 carat good to very good cut round diamonds measure around 7.00mm diameter, this one measures 7.65mm diameter. The VS1 clarity with G colour is far better than average. The independent Gemological Institute of American report is your assurance of reliable impartial and strict grading standards. The full GIA report can be seen online here. Even if you don’t purchase a diamond with us, ALWAYS insist on a GIA report. This diamond comes with a previously worn 14 karat white gold six prong solitaire weighing 3 grams (without the diamond). The setting is included for no extra charge with the diamond. If you don’t want the setting or would like a different design we’d be happy to purchase it for our gold recycling program. Finding a 1.55 carat diamond of this quality that measures over 7.6mm diameter at this price is virtually impossible (we know, we tried). Wholesale inquiries are welcomed. This diamond and complimentary ring are estate priced at $19,500.00 CAD. Stock #101-00367.


February 20, 2022

0.77ct. VS2-F excellent cut, 13=1.00ct. SI-H, 10.1gr. 14kt. with GIA report. $6,525.00 CAD 101-00344 e12290

There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with buying a GIA certified diamond. They are the most universally recognized and respected gemological laboratory in the world. The key to their reputation is the fact that they don’t participate in the commerce of diamonds; you will never find a GIA certificate with a value listed on it. Because the GIA is a not-for-profit educational organization all they are only concerned with is gemological research and impartial grading. This GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond weighs in at 0.77 carat of desirable VS2-F quality, excellent cut and polish, very good symmetry, and no fluorescence. With a crown like that, you’d expect good things from the rest of the ring and it does not disappoint. The soldered together 14 karat gold wedding set features 13 channel set round brilliant cuts that equal 1.00 carat together. All are of SI-H quality, showing brightly against the backdrop of high polished yellow gold. The 10.1 gram set currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with some room to adjust. The estate price is $6,525.00 CAD. Stock #101-00344.


February 18, 2022

2.25ct. tw. (1.59ct. VVS2-D GIA) custom Simon G ring set MR1842-A $22,400.00 CAD. e8360 101-00033

e8360 1.60ct VVS1-E emerald cut Simon G ring MR1842-ASimon G ring MR1842-A has been one of the most popular models since we introduced the Southern California designer to the Barrie market over 10 years ago. It’s usually made to hold a round centre stone. Occasionally it is requested with a princess cut, radiant cut or even a cushion shaped brilliant cut diamond. Only once have we made it to hold an emerald cut diamond in the centre and this is the one. WOW what an incredible diamond, 1.59 carats, VVS2 clarity and perfect D colour. If that wasn’t enough it’s accompanied by a fresh October 2019 Gemological Institute of America report. These characteristics make it extremely rare representing only around 0.03% of the quarter million diamonds that are available on our in store data base. A smaller sampling of around 70,000 diamonds complete with pricing in Canadian dollars can be seen on our website here. If you want to see what infinity looks like come in and gaze into this exceptional emerald cut diamond. The step cut design appears to be bottomless. Simon G 3 piece ring set MR1842-A is made from 18 karat white gold and contains 128 expertly bead set round brilliant cut diamonds set throughout the setting of minimum VS clarity with FG colour. This set was only worn for a few years and is in perfect condition measuring a finger size 5.5. Custom made in California from Simon G the 3 piece set has a suggested retail price of $6,721.00 (without the centre diamond). The rare nature of the centre diamond makes this set almost impossible to duplicate. With dimensions of 8.46mm x 6.09mm x 3.58mm the centre diamond makes for quite the show on your finger. A GIA report is essential for any significant diamond purchase, don’t settle for any other potentially biased certificates. If you like diamonds and want to see what a basically flawless diamond with perfect colour looks like you need to come in and see this ring. The three piece set is estate priced at $22,400.00. Stock #e8360 101-00033.e8360.2 Simon G MR1842-A



December 16, 2021

1.05ct. SI2-F with GIA report (18=2.00ct. VS-H), 9.7gr., 14kt., $8,400.00 CAD. 101-00333

Location location location, it’s not just for real estate. The location of a grade setting inclusion can have a large impact on how a diamond looks and to a lesser degree affect the value. Most accurately graded SI2 clarity grades have one or more inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye without magnification. Depending on the location, sometimes an inclusion can be reflected many times making the diamond much worse than it actually is. As far as location goes, the inclusion in this diamond couldn’t be in a better position. Not only is the inclusion translucent white, but it is also located at a corner. The rest of the diamond is effectively blemish-free. The white feather inclusion in these two pictures is in the bottom left but it gets almost lost within the facet pattern. Only when viewed in darkfield light under magnification do these photomicrographs illustrate its position easier. When viewed from the bottom of the diamond is it easy to see with magnification (top right in these 3 images). We have seen way more impactful SI1 and even some VS2 clarity diamonds that only on paper looked better than this one. The rest of this diamond is quite nice. The recent (February 2022) Gemological Institute of America report describes the colour as a colourless F, polish as very good, good symmetry, and exhibiting no fluorescence. This diamond has been set into a well made 14 karat white gold ring setting containing 8 princess cut diamonds on VS-H quality. The matching channel set wedding ring contains 10 matching channel set princess cut diamonds. These 18 additional diamonds contribute approximately 2.00 carats total weight to the set. The solidly constructed rings have been made from 14 karat white gold and weigh in at a hefty 7.9 grams in total. They both measure a size 6 1/2 and can be adjusted up or down one full size. GIA describes the centre diamond as a Cut-Corner Rectangular Brilliant. This shape of diamond is more commonly referred to as a Radiant Cut in the trade. Radiant cut diamonds are pretty much the same as a Princess Cut except they don’t have sharp 90-degree corners. The pointy corners of a Princess Cut must be treated with caution as they can easily get chipped if they are exposed to a significant impact. Some weight is lost in turning a Princess into a Radiant but the superior durability is worth the trade-off. Expect to pay approximately 5% more for a Radiant cut if you are comparing it to the same size/quality Princess cut. These rings are in excellent condition and have been freshly polished to look like new. Their 3.5mm flat shanks still display a sharp crisp edge around the entire circumference. Including the February Gemological Institute of America report this 3.05 carat total diamond weight engagement/wedding ring set is estate priced at $8,400.00 CAD. Stock # 101-00333.


December 13, 2021

4.50ct. tw. VS-SI-GH baguette diamond heart & earring set 27.5gr. 14kt. $5,500.00 CAD. e13855


We are one of the last strongholds of 80’s fashion and we’re proud of it! And if you are looking for a masterpiece that truly epitomizes the decade of glam, this is it! Oversized twisting hearts cast in warm 14 karat yellow gold and covered in tapered baguette diamonds; honestly what more could you want. The drop earrings are unlike anything we’ve encountered. They measure 39.5mm long by 19.97mm wide and the twisting tails are hinged to swing freely during wear. The pair is set with 122 tapered baguette diamonds (yes we counted) equally an estimated total weight of 3.00 carats of surprisingly high VS-SI-GH quality. The ring spans an entire digit at 20.2mm wide by 22.89mm long. It has been set with 69 tapered baguette diamonds equaling approximately 1.50 carats of matching quality to the earrings. The set measures in at hefty 27.5 grams and the ring measures a finger size 8 with a bit of room for adjustment. For added security during wear, the earrings are fastened with heavy omega backs that spring firmly into place. The estate price for this trio of statement making pieces is $5,500.00 CAD. Stock #e13855.



November 2, 2021

1.35ct. I1-I cushion halo, 2.10ct. tw., 8.5gr. platinum. $5,950.00 CAD. 101-00278 121-00120

A cushion-shaped diamond for a cushion-shaped halo, all done in top quality platinum. The 1.35 carat rectangular cushion diamond is a pleasant I1-I with its grade-setting inclusions hidden from view by its kaleidoscope of facets. The diamond is surrounded by 34 petite round brilliant cut diamonds, extending over halfway down the shoulders, giving the impression of the ring top being covered with diamonds. The addition of these well-matched SI-H accents bump the engagement ring up to an approximate total weight of 1.85 carats. The matching wedding band brings its own 19 diamonds to the mix, making the entire set top out at 2.10 carats in total weight. The rings weigh 8.5 grams together and both currently measure a finger size 5 with some room to adjust. Both rings are accompanied by AGL Appraisals stating slightly higher estimated diamond weights, higher quality, and a somewhat optimistic replacement value of $23,400.00. Our estate price for the engagement ring is $5,320.00 CAD and the anniversary ring is $630.00 CAD. Stock numbers 101-00278 and 121-00120.


November 1, 2021

1.17ct. SI1-G (1.49ct. tw.) 18kt. diamond engagement ring, 4.4gr. $9,800.00 CAD. 101-000193

This is one of those vintage styles that has never really gone out of fashion. The style has an old Hollywood glamour to it and combines the best of what diamond is capable of, by partnering brilliant and step-cut diamonds. This 18 karat ring takes that a step further with the use of such exceptional diamonds. The 1.17 carat round brilliant cut that the ring is built around is very well cut with an SI1-G quality that puts it exactly where you want to be for value. This SI1 is eye-clean, showing only tiny inclusions that are hardly noticeable at even 60 power magnification. The G colour means the diamond is free of noticeable colour without the price premium that comes with being an actually colourless D-E-F grade. The pairs of tapered baguettes that shoulder it are high VS-FG quality, showing completely eye-clean despite their unforgiving hall-of-mirrors optics. Set on a slight curve their flashing brilliance is always on display no matter the angle of view. To finish off the overall taper are two petite round brilliant cut diamonds, pushing the approximate total diamond weight of the engagement ring to a conservative 1.49 carats. The rest of the ring is solid 18 karat yellow gold and currently measures a finger size 6 with room to adjust. Estate price $9,800.00 CAD. Stock #101-00193.


October 25, 2021

Hand made 4.92ct. tw. SI1-H/VVS1-I diamond ring GIA certified $49,500.00 CAD. e13046

The round brilliant cut is by far the most popular and also the most expensive of the traditional diamond shapes. Square princess cuts have been a popular choice for the last decade or so. Cushion, heart, oval, pear, marquise, and radiant cut are other less common variations of the 57 facet brilliant cut. I don’t know why this shape (the radiant cut) isn’t more admired. When well cut their brilliance and dispersion rival that of the benchmark round. They look great in many of today’s antique inspired designs. Far more uncommon they only represent about 5% of the diamonds available from our diamond search database. Of those available only a tiny fraction are nice and square like this one measuring 7.94mm x 7.87mm. It’ has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America with very good clarity of SI1 and an H colour. The full GIA report can be seen online here. It looks especially good because the centre table section is 100% free from any blemishes, only a few thin white feather type inclusions can be seen with strong magnification around the outside edges. We’ve had this beautiful diamond for a while now so we felt it was time to do something truly spectacular with it. We made the mother of all 3 stone rings adding a couple of big shoulder diamonds. The 2 side diamonds add 2.02 carats of additional bling, bringing the total diamond weight to almost 5 carats. They both are GIA certified and are identical VVS2 clarity with an “I” colour. Both exhibit strong blue fluorescence that perks the apparent colour up a grade or two in ordinary lighting situations. With exposure to long-wave ultraviolet light, the side diamonds glow an eerie blue colour. This photograph was taken in a darkened room with a “black light” close by. The blue fluorescence is hard to miss under UV light. The full Gemological Institute of America reports for the side diamonds can be seen online here and here. Hand made from over 6 grams of sturdy 14 karat gold, this ring will last a lifetime. Super strong double gallery white gold settings with split claws on the centre stone and a solid half round yellow gold Tiffany profile shank make a classic statement. It’s a traditional 3 stone design with a more modern square radiant cut centerpiece. The price for the centre diamond alone is $34,970.00. The one of a kind complete ring is priced at $49,500.00 CAD. Stock #e13046.e9834 2.91ct. radiant cut diamond GIA certified SI1-H 001


September 9, 2021

6.50ct. tanzanite & diamond (0.75ct. tw SI-I-HI) ring 8.3gr. 14kt. $5,280.00 CAD. e12429

This is the most valuable colour of tanzanite available but unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well to pictures. The trick for discerning colour in this gemstone is to slowly tilt the gem until you see a subtle red flash when viewed under incandescent light. Only the top twenty percent of the world’s tanzanite display this flash. Tanzanite is also strongly pleochroic which means you can usually see different colours by looking at it from different directions. In this 6.50 carat cushion shaped tanzanite the colours are an intensely saturated blue, violet and of course that unique red flash. It’s expected that high quality tanzanite forms flawless to the unaided eye and ours is no exception. All you find when staring into its velvety depths is brilliant flashes from the unique cut. In order to maximize contrast, this phenomenal specimen has been surrounded by bright white diamonds. And I mean surrounded, 158 hand set round brilliant cuts cover the halo, shoulders, and undergallery. They’ve even been set underneath the tanzanite, ensuring the entire top half is as blindingly brilliant as possible. Together they make a perfect 0.75 carats in SI-I-HI quality. A testament to this rings’ high end make is that it was engineered to convert to a pendant. The undergallery has a hidden catch that once unlatched the halo from the shank and shoulders. There are two hidden bails under the halo and each shoulder has a ball joint tip that the halo used to snap onto. The clasp has been sealed closed but the inventive and clever design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! All told the one of a kind 14 karat white gold masterpiece weighs 8.3 grams and has been freshly rhodium plated to look like new. Estate price $5,280.00 CAD. Stock #e12429.


August 30, 2021

1.71ct. total weight VS1-F GIA certified $13,360.00 CAD. e7870

e7870 1.71ct tw VS1-F GIAIs it a solitaire or is it a three stone? I guess it’s kind of both. When shoulder stones are 0.25 carat each it’s hard to call them just little accent diamonds. The pear shaped side diamonds are perfectly matched in shape, size and VS-F quality. The Canadian made 14 karat white gold setting weighs 3.2 grams and measures a finger size 8. Centre diamond weighs 1.21 carats of excellent VS1 clarity and F colour and very good cut. The GIA certificate 1152803947 can be viewed here. The centre diamond measures just shy of 7mm in diameter. More detail on this diamond can be seen in the estate diamond section of our website. Centre diamond is available separately for $11,770.00. Stock #e7870.e7870.1 1.71ct tw VS1-F GIAe7870 cert 1.21ct VS1-F


August 25, 2021

Emerald & diamond (VS-GH) ring 3.00ct. tw. 18.2gr. 18 karat gold $5,250.00 CAD. e12497

Two things you never see, square baguette cut diamonds and square baguette cut emeralds. The pairing is bold and shows the best that both have to offer. For the 2.00 carats of VS-GH diamonds the cut style shows a geometric pattern that decreases as it moves toward the center of each diamond. They spill down the edges of the ring top in two uninterrupted torrents that wink brightly at the slightest movement. They set off the tightly packed channel of 1.00 carat total weight of perfectly matched natural emeralds in the truest green colour. Not to be outdone by their neighbors all 12 throw splintery flashes of vibrant green. The majority of the 14.4mm digit dominating statement ring has been made from 18 karat white gold trimmed in warm yellow gold. It’s been solidly constructed, weighing in at 18.3 grams there can be no doubt about its quality. The ring currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with very limited room to adjust. Three of the emeralds have been chipped and have not been factored into the estate price of $5,250.00 CAD. Stock #e12497.


August 15, 2021

1.12ct. VVS1-F excellent cut GIA certified. Noam Carver platinum ring 1.43ct.tw. $12,538.00 CAD. e12984

If quality is of paramount concern, here is a beautiful diamond ring to consider. The 1.12 carat diamond is of VVS1 clarity (only 1 grade from internally flawless) and F colour (2 grades away from a perfect D). The overall cut, polish and symmetry have all been graded excellent. When exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light the centre diamond plus a few of the 70 small decorative diamonds glow an eerie blue colour. The curious blue glow occurs when the diamond is exposed to a specific wavelength of UV light. This image was taken using filtered long-wave UV light in the dark. In ordinary lighting situations, the blue glow goes unnoticed. In direct sunlight, a very faint blue may be seen as sunlight contains a large component of long wave ultraviolet light within its spectrum. The premium platinum constructed ring measures a tiny finger size of 4 1/2 but can be made a few sizes larger if needed. It was designed by award-winning Canadian jewellery designer Noam Carver. This ring along with his other styles can be seen online here. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is proud to be the areas exclusive agent for his designs. This ring was purchased new at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellery only a couple of years ago and is in like-new condition. The 4.8 gram ring contains 70 tiny diamonds bead set in the tulip leaf-shaped claws and down both shoulders. The extra diamonds give some extra twinkle visible from all angles. Accompanying the ring is the original Noam Carver lifetime warranty certificate with unique serial number, Noam Carver box, Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers insurance appraisal (May 2018) and of course the GIA report 6183725340. The full September 2017 Gemological Institute of America document can be seen online here. The flat edges of this ring allow many different options when it comes time to find a complimentary wedding ring. The finished ring represents an outstanding value, priced at only $12,538.00 CAD. $12,000.00 is a lot of money but I think you’d have a hard time finding just the loose diamond online or off for less. Stock #e12984.


August 10, 2021

1.37ct. VVS2-K marquise antique European cut (with GIA report) 4.8gr. platinum $5,968.00 CAD. e14522

After being in this business all of my life and working as a Gemological Institute of American trained Gemologist for over 32 years, you’d think I’d become immune to sentimental feelings for estate jewellery. For the most part, the beautiful items we showcase every day come and go with little emotional response, but this one is different. It came to us this past summer as a well-loved engagement ring that was 4 generations old. It had been cut off by the previous owner, whose knuckles had become arthritic and couldn’t remove it. After over 100 years the original claws had worn thin, the diamond had a few chips along its girdle edge, the shank was thin and was cracked opposite where it was cut. Old European cut diamonds are almost always seen in a round shape. This is only the 2nd or 3rd marquise shape that has ever come through our estate department. We asked our master diamond cutter to perform his magic and repair 100 years of wear and tear from the diamond. It originally weighed 1.40 carats, after the minor chips and nicks were removed the diamond lost just 0.03 carats of weight. We paid particular attention to maintaining the original charm and character of the old European cut design. The original thick, chunky pavilion main facets, short lower girdle facets, and that large culet on the bottom are still there. The crown and table were left alone with only a light repolishing done. After the centre antique stone was repaired, we submitted it to The Gemological Institute of American to obtain a full grading report, along with laser engraving the report number on the girdle. The GIA document can be seen online here. The grading report came back as expected with exceptional VVS2 clarity. We feel it could have been internally flawless or VVS1 if we had instructed the diamond cutter to re-facet the entire crown at the expense of losing a few more points of weight. The colour was graded a slightly warm K colour. This sort of colour is quite common and actually is what you’d expect of an antique diamond from South Africa. South African diamonds from the 1800s most commonly occurred in the JKLMN range. Old European cut diamonds control colour very well, you’ll be surprised how white this diamond looks in person. With a repaired  diamond and a fresh GIA report, we turned our attention to the practically “loved to death” setting. We completely restored the ring by rebuilding the 4 claw head, raising new beads for the six 0.01 carat original single cut shoulder diamonds, and replaced the original worn out thin band with something wider. We melted what was left of the old shank and added some new platinum for the new band. The finished ring is more than 25% heavier than when it first arrived here and is now as good as new. It is ready for at least 2 or 3 more generations of love. Included with the purchase is an original vintage Birks sterling silver presentation box. We have a few of these old boxes in stock but almost never let them go. For this ring we are making an exception and including it for the new owner. The solid sterling silver box with black velvet liner is also fleshly restored, polished and is in perfect condition. This antique one of a kind ring, box, and GIA report is estate priced at $5,968.00 CAD. Stock #e14522.


June 29, 2021

2.59ct. tw. diamond ring SI-H (1.16ct. I1-GH centre), sz. 8, 13.5gr. 14kt. $7,000.00 CAD. e14068

A digit-dominating diamond ring that spans an impressive 14.8mm wide. The ring only tapers to 10.2mm wide at the shank bottom, maintaining its bulk all the way around. The ring is obviously custom-made from a collection of a previous owner’s diamonds but they certainly work well together! The main diamond is an impressive 1.16 carat I1-G round brilliant cut diamond made even larger-looking thanks to its heavy bezel setting. It has been shouldered by two SI-H quality round brilliant cuts weighing an estimated 0.67 carats together. The remaining 30 diamonds are a mix of single cuts and round brilliants, all of SI-H quality, adding approximately 0.76 carats to the ring, pushing the total weight of the ring up to 2.59 carats. Add that to 13.5 grams of 14 karat white gold and you’ve got quite a ring! Estate price $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #e14068.




June 22, 2021

1.02ct. I1-D GIA cert. Pear solitaire 4.0gr. $5,180.00 CAD. e14443 (diamond only $4,800.00).

 This diamond is perhaps the best example we’ve seen in a long time of an I1 clarity diamond that is essentially “eye clean”; meaning, the grade setting feather inclusion isn’t visible without magnification. The size, shape, number, colour, and location of the inclusion(s) are camouflaged and disguised to the point where they practically disappear. Only with some closeup photomicrographs in darkfield illumination does the grade setting feather reveal itself at the 3:00 position under a bezel facet. This diamond is so convincing of a higher clarity than I1, both GemScan Laboratories and Gem Scope Appraisal Laboratories classified the clarity as an SI1. The truth be told, we hoped for an SI2 grade when we submitted the loose stone to The Gemological Institute of America for their unbiased opinion. The August 23, 2021, GIA report confirmed the perfect D colour and measured the weight 0.01 carat less than the others at 1.02 carat. The cut of this diamond is excellent, with a smallish 56 percent table, 62.1 depth percentage, attractive 1.55:1 length to width ratio, and beautiful outline. If you look hard enough you’ll find less expensive 1.00 carat, I1-D, pear-shaped diamonds out there, but I can guarantee they won’t look this nice. The diamond is set in a traditional double gallery, five-prong setting that weighs approximately 4 grams in a finger size 5. The diamond is available separately for $4,800.00. Accompanying the ring is the aforementioned Gem Scope certificate of evaluation suggesting a retail replacement value of $22,000.00 plus tax. Our opinion of value is roughly 3 times less at $7,400.00. As a like-new estate ring, we have it priced at $5,180.00 CAD. Stock #e14443.


June 15, 2021

1.89ct. I2-H GIA report $7,250.00 CAD e14445. (0.62ct. tw. SI-H, 14kt. ring $1,378.00 extra)

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”. When looking to purchase a diamond, keep that saying top of mind. Diamonds of the same grade can look significantly different in person, to the point where some diamonds of lower quality (on paper) actually look better than a higher quality stone. At first glance, you may dismiss this diamond due to its I2 clarity grade, and poor cut according to the August 23, 2021, Gemological Institute of America report. Keep in mind, the generous dimensions of the diamond allow improvement of the cut by our master diamond cutter to at least a very good or excellent overall cut, with perhaps only a 10 to 15% loss in weight. We’ve decided to leave it alone as an example of why you shouldn’t judge this diamond by simply looking at the report. In person, the diamond sparkles and twinkles just fine. Even in our most revealing darkfield and reflected light photomicrograph images, the scattered crystal inclusions are not as distracting as the I2 clarity grade would lead you to believe. We selected a significant setting to showcase this large diamond. The 14 karat white gold setting has a net weight of 5.2 grams and contains 34, bead set, round brilliant cut diamonds of very nice SI-H quality that contribute an additional 0.62 carat of bling. The ring measures a finger size 7 and can be made larger or smaller a size or two. This versatile ring is easy to match with a flat-edged wedding or anniversary ring when the time comes. Including the original laminated GIA report, the complete ring is estate priced at $8,628.00. Loose diamond only is priced at $7,250.00. Stock #e14445.


June 10, 2021

1.71ct. I2-I Canadian princess cut halo (0.61ct. tw. VS-SI-GH), 4.5gr. 18kt. Canadian made $5,810.00 CAD. e14033

Really there are no wrong answers when it comes to selecting a diamond, it’s all personal taste. Certainly, we try to educate our customers and encourage them to what appeals to them. Whether it’s absolute perfection regardless of cost or accepting a lower quality to achieve the look without going overbudget. It’s really up to the individual as there are excellent buys at both ends of the quality range. In many cases, a maximum size priority means reducing the expectations of the other Cs, in order to maintain a certain budget. This princess cut is a perfect example of the price reduction that comes with reduced clarity. With an I2 clarity, this diamond ends up displaying a bowtie of frosty inclusions on the left side leaving an opposing bowtie of clean brilliance. Otherwise, the diamond is very bright and sparkly. It weighs an impressive 1.71 carats, spanning 6.45 x 6.37mm with an I colour. Not to mention the Canadian pedigree proudly engraved on the polished girdle. The ring has also been made to high standards, cast from 4.5 grams of premium 18 karat “pure white” gold, alloyed with palladium to guard against nickel allergies, and a whiter look without rhodium plating. The 10.8mm wide halo and diamond set shoulders bring the total carat weight of the ring to a significant 2.32 carats. The 54 round brilliant cuts are high-quality VS-SI-GH quality, throwing a lot of sparkle at the slightest movement. Like new condition, showing no signs of wear and tear. The size 8 1/2 ring can be adjusted up or down at least 2 sizes. Here’s where that clarity compromise shows its value, the estate price for the ring with its original certificates is only $5,810.00 CAD. Now that’s a great value. Stock #e14033.


June 6, 2021

4.31ct. SI2-OP GIA cert. 6.31ct. tw. 18kt. halo diamond ring $31,025.00 CAD. e10459

What the heck; if you’ve already got a big diamond, why not go all in and make it look even bigger. The ever popular halo setting will have the girls talking for sure. This 4.31 carat just came back from New York with a fresh Gemological Institute of America report certifying the diamond as an SI2 clarity, OP colour, and a good cut. The full April 24 2017 GIA report can be seen here. If you’re familiar with diamond geometry and optics, the report should give you a pretty good idea of what the big 10.6mm diameter stone looks like in person. The very small 54% table, slightly steeper 35.5-degree crown angle, and generous 16% crown height give this stone a beautiful antique look with ample dispersion and brilliance. The slightly warmer hue of the OP colour grade reinforces the vintage look as most old diamonds exhibit a similar tint. Here is a 20 second YouTube video of the diamond. Please excuse the quality as I just shot the video on a cell phone with an eye-loupe Scotch taped to it. The luxurious 6.8 gram, 18 karat white gold setting contains 150 other diamonds. The small diamonds range in size from tiny bead set 1.1mm diameter examples set in the halo and galleries to significant 3.1mm channel set examples running down both shoulders. The additional 2.00 carats of high-quality VS-H diamonds bring the estimated total diamond weight to a dazzling 6.31 carats. While we’re hoping to keep the 4.31 carat diamond and the beautiful halo setting together as a complete ring, the supersized diamond is available by itself for $28,000.00 Canadian. One of our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size 5 ring up or down a size or two in just a day or so. This fantastic ring is in like-new, hardly worn condition. The original bright white factory rhodium finish is still fully intact. Comes with an accurate July 2018 insurance appraisal. The complete ring is available for $31,025.00 CAD (trade-ins and dealer inquiries are welcomed). Stock #e10459.




May 4, 2021

1.15ct. SI1-H princess cut platinum solitaire $6,300.00 CAD e10205

e10205-1-15ct-si1-h-princess-cut-solitaire-platinum-002The perfect engagement ring can take a long time to find. You search Pinterest and Google for inspiration and finally track down the styles you love. You go into a store to find something similar, only to discover they’ve used a main diamond of “promotional” quality in order to keep the price as low as possible. Some of the most intricate and beautiful settings get stuck with a low quality diamonds; as if the companies selling them think you’ll be too distracted by the shiny mount to notice. Even simple solitaires like this are not immune from pricing pressures. Sometimes they feature diamonds looking more like frozen spit than an ancient dazzling crystal. You want to change that diamond for something better but you’re in a chain store with no onsite goldsmiths and limited access to loose diamonds. They’ll order two or three in for you taking a couple of weeks, you pick one you like and now it has to get sent out to be assembled. Almost a month later you finally have a ring you can be happy with. You won’t have that issue if you’re shopping at an established, family run jewellery store like ours. We’ve been in the same downtown location for almost 60 years. Thanks to our experience buying estate diamonds we have a large and varied inventory of loose diamonds in all cuts and qualities within our store. If you can’t find what you want onsite we’ll happily unset anything within our showcases. If that won’t get you what you want we can find you any diamond, anywhere in the world in a matter of days. We’ve never encountered a situation where we couldn’t get a client the exact diamond they wanted. We select our estate engagement rings very carefully, ensuring we have a broad offering of high quality diamonds in top quality rings at unbeatable value. Take this 5-gram platinum Tiffany style solitaire for example. It features an eye clean SI1-H 1.15 carat princess cut diamond that will blow you away with its brilliance.e10205-1-15ct-si1-h-princess-cut-solitaire-platinum-001 It looks much larger than the average 1.00 carat princess cut thanks to its generous 5.8mm x 5.9mm measurements. The high quality ring measures a finger size of 7 1/4 with plenty of room to adjust. Estate price is $6,300.00 CAD. Stock #e10205.e10205-1-15ct-si1-h-princess-cut-solitaire-platinum-003


May 2, 2021

1.71ct. VS2-M marquise with GIA report, 14kt., 3.0gr., $6,664.00 CAD. e14520

The round brilliant cut diamond has always been the most popular shape. Right now, ovals are a hot shape. Square Princess cuts were trendy 20 years ago. When I first entered the business in the late 1980s, fashionable brides to be, wanted a diamond just like this marquise cut. This marquise likely dates from around the 1930s or 40s, as the description on the 1980 appraisal describes its original setting in platinum with tapered baguette accent diamonds on the shoulders. Sometime after this document was produced it must have been remounted into this simple 14 karat yellow and white gold bi-pass style custom creation. I think this is a very flattering design, that shows off the slender 2.23:1 length to width ratio of this diamond. This diamond just returned from The Gemological Institute of America in New York, where it was graded a VS2 clarity with an M colour. The slightly warm colour is quite controlled in the simple wire shank setting. The skinny marquise and relatively shallow overall cut of 57.5% make this diamond look waaaaay bigger than only 1.71 carats. Only around 6% of marquise-shaped diamonds are cut this slender. A marquise of these proportions and size is quite unusual. The October 14th, 2021 GIA report can be seen online here. This shape diamond would make a stunning pendant. If you have another design in mind for this diamond, bring your ideas in and let our talented team of designer goldsmiths create a one of a kind piece of jewellery for you. The complete ring is estate priced at $6,664.00. Diamond by itself is $6,314.00. Stock #e14520.


April 10, 2021

1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA certified. Canadian made engagement ring $14,095.00 CAD. e9093

e9093.1 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA certWhen only the brightest whitest diamond will do. A GIA certified D colour is the best grade a diamond can achieve and is a full 5 grades better than Tiffany’s standard colour offering with their engagement rings. The VVS2 clarity is only 2 from flawless and represents 3 grades better than Tiffany’s benchmark for clarity. With this information, you can imagine just how nice this diamond looks.e9093.1 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert You almost never encounter a perfect GIA certified D colour. Diamonds almost always form with trace amounts of elements other than carbon causing subtle tints of colour. Just a few molecules of nitrogen can cause diamonds to show a hint of yellow. This colour is expressed alphabetically on a scale from D through Z. To have a GIA certified D colour is the highest standard in the industry. The clarity of this diamond is also quite exceptional at VVS2. The overall cut, symmetry, and polish have all been graded very good as compared to GIA’s strict excellent cut standards. No ultraviolet fluorescence finishes off all the details you need to know when comparing values. Measuring 6.30mm – 6.35mm x 4.07mm will allow this diamond to easily fit into almost any style setting.e9093 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert The GIA certificate can be seen online here. If you want to learn more about the 4Cs of diamond grading GIA’s interactive tool will show you everything you need to know when determining the quality of a diamond (sorry, not supported by Apple devices). We thought a diamond of this quality deserved a high quality setting so we installed it in one of our newest 14 karat white and rose gold designs. The split claws and rose gold beading inside the shank give the solitaire a look you won’t likely see on every other finger. Two small “surprise” diamonds peak out from just under the gallery.e9093.2 1.01ct. VVS2-D GIA cert Fantastic quality estate diamond in a brand new setting; it’s a great formula for fabulous design and amazing value that’s hard to beat. The complete ring is estate priced at $14,095.00 CAD, diamond by itself priced at $13,400.00. Stock #e9093.


March 18, 2021

2.00ct. tw. VS2-D GIA certified platinum diamond ring $12,830.00 CAD. e8147

e8147 1.20ct. VS2-D GIA cert. 1162065430 ringEvery once in a while we receive an accurate appraisal with a piece of estate jewellery. Hats off to Gente Jewellery Ltd. located in Downsview Ontario for providing an appraisal that truly reflected the appropriate retail price of a piece of jewellery they sold in late 2002. We were happy to acquire such a beautiful diamond in a very well made platinum setting. This diamond was valuable enough and of the quality that deserved a full GIA certification. The diamond returned from New York with an even better quality grade than Gente Jewellery suggested. A GIA certified 1.20 carat VS2-D was the outcome. The report can be seen here on GIA’s website. The platinum ring weighs a hefty 10.3 grams and contains 18 round and baguette cut diamonds of very good SI-G clarity adding 0.80 carats of additional diamond weight. The centre pear shaped diamond is available separately for $11,500.00. The complete ring estate is priced at $12,830.00. Stock #e8147.e8147 1.20ct. VS2-D pear shape GIA cert. 1162065430



March 1, 2021

18kt. antique inspired emerald & diamond ring 2.84ct. tw. $9,800.00 CAD. e10394

When you’ve been around as long as we have and deal extensively in antique jewellery, you tend to acquire many beautiful odds and ends. Sometimes the items that come in have been loved and used for generations. The precious stones they contain can be in perfect condition while the settings that hold them may be totally worn out. When restoration isn’t a viable option, the stones are removed and the metal work is recycled. Every component in this fabulous custom creation was rescued from a worn out piece of jewellery destined for recycling. The exceptional emerald and every single diamond are at least 150 years old. The step cut emerald measures 6.4mm x 7.0mm and weighs in at 1.10 carats. Unlike modern emeralds that are oiled to improve the apparent clarity, this antique example is 100% treatment free. It’s ultrasonic cleaner safe, the transparency will not be affected even by commercial grade cleaning solutions! 24 antique cushions and round mine cut diamond add 1.74 carats of vintage sparkle unique to this cutting style. The diamonds have all come from our vast inventory of loose stones. They are all very well matched with an average quality grade of SI-I. The beautiful design is a one off custom creation from the creative mind of one of our 4 full time, on staff goldsmiths. Executed in bright white luxurious 18 karat white gold, the size 6 ring weighs in at a substantial 6.9 grams. Despite the beautiful filigree and fine milgrain details, we’re still able to adjust the size to suit your finger (up or down a size or two). It’s a genuine privilege for Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers to be in a position to be able to offer and produce such an amazing example of our craft. The fact that it contains genuine period correct ingredients (except for the new white gold) is what makes it truly exceptional. Although not inexpensive this ring still represents outstanding value for the estate price of $9,800.00 CAD. Stock #e10394.



February 24, 2021

2.75ct. tw. I1-I2-H three stone diamond ring, 4.0gr. 14kt. white gold $8,400.00 CAD. e14272

The three-stone ring is a balanced look that is pretty hard to get wrong. It doesn’t seem to matter if all are the same size, close to the same size, or completely different size, a three-stone ring always looks great. Even the settings on our latest three-stone estate ring are different, but that certainly doesn’t diminish its appeal. The shoulder diamonds are set in three prong gallery settings, while the centre diamond is secured by a tall 6 prong setting. It all comes together in a magnificent 2.75 carat total weight sparkler. We have conservatively graded the 1.90 carat centre stone a borderline I1-I2 with an H colour and a good cut (8.0mm diameter). A dark series of stringy inclusions are not distracting and do not affect the brilliance in a measurable way. The shoulder diamonds are well-matched SI2-H round brilliant cuts weighing an estimated 0.85 carats together. The 14 karat white gold setting measures a finger size 7 and weighs 4 grams. One of our onsite goldsmiths can adjust the size up or down as required in just a day or two. This ring is only a few years old and is in like-new condition. It offers a ton of bling for estate price of $8,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14272


February 22, 2021

1.50ct. I1-H very good cut, 18kt. solitaire, 4.5gr. $8,043.00 CAD. e13879

Classic solitaire with a thoughtful bit of decoration, with each tapered shoulder displaying a deep valley. This subtle accent creates the impression that the shoulders are narrower than their sturdy 3.1mm width. The concave profile also resists scratches keeping the sides bright and reflective. The elongated valleys taper along with the shoulders as they move towards the center, increasing the draw to the center stone. Not that it needs the help, at a perfect 1.50 carat weight and 7.26mm diameter the round brilliant cut solitaire diamond steals the show! Mostly that is due to the very good cut allowing almost perfect brilliance, dispersion, and fire. That high level of sparkle helps conceal the I1 clarity and H colour, leaving only a faint trail of Milky-Way-Galaxy-like inclusions visible to the extremely sharp-sighted. The 4.5 gram ring is made from top quality 18 karat yellow and white gold and currently measures a finger size 6 3/4 with room to adjust. It is accompanied by its original GS Laboratories Certificate of Evaluation stating a replacement value of $16,800.00 CAD. We feel a more realistic replacement value is $11,490.00. Our estate price is $8,043.00 CAD. Stock #e13879.


December 29, 2020

0.93ct. VS1-F princess cut, 0.39ct. tw. VS-FG Tiffany ring set platinum $11,940.00 CAD. e13865 e13866

Tiffany’s needs no introduction or explanation, making it one of the easiest brands to write about! Especially when it comes to the Tiffany solitaire, for which they reinvented the standard for laser inscription. Most engraved diamonds are inscribed across their girdles because it is the only location that won’t receive a clarity penalty when being graded by the Gemological Institute of America. But Tiffany’s doesn’t need the GIA, their in-house diamond graders are so scrupulous, and their diamonds are of such high quality, that their diamond certificates find no challenge in the business. To put off copycats Tiffany’s shrunk their laser engravings to a quarter size of the industry standard and moved them onto a star facet. Easy to miss if you aren’t in the know! The princess cut diamond that crowns this classic solitaire is a high VS1-F and weighs in at 0.93 carats. It is of course set in platinum and has been beautifully paired with a princess cut channel set band that is currently available on Tiffany’s website. The band is tightly set with 0.39 carats of VS-FG princess cuts diamonds wrapped in, you guessed it, platinum! The matched set is accompanied by their original robins egg blue outer boxes, black velvet inner boxes, and a full complement of original paperwork in its Tiffany & Co. sleeve. The band itself retails for $5,400.00 CAD new from Tiffany’s. Our estate price for the set 11,940.00 CAD. Stock #e13865 and #e13866.


December 5, 2020

1.87ct. VS1-I ex cut GIA certified (3.28ct. tw.) 14kt. diamond halo 7.4gr. 14kt. $20,800.00 CAD. e12083

Many 2.00 carat and heavier diamonds have diameters less than this one making them appear smaller. With an average diameter of 7.93mm, this diamond looks bigger than many 2.00 carat diamonds with only an average or even a good cut. Lots of diamonds are cut by those who decide to maximum weight at the expense of a beautiful cut; this is a shame. Did you know that the cut of a diamond can affect the price of two otherwise identical stones by over 40 percent? Of all the diamond characteristics that contribute to value only the cut can be controlled. Far too often the cut is compromised in order to create that psychologically more appealing heavier stone. No compromises were taken when this diamond was cut in Canada. The Gemological Institute of America has graded this diamond 1.87 carats of VS1 clarity, I colour, excellent cut, and no fluorescence. Report #2155596018 can be seen here. Diamond only is estate priced at $17,800.00 CAD. It’s currently set in a 2-year-old 14 karat white gold diamond halo design containing 64 VS-GH quality diamonds weighing a combined 1.41 carats. The size 6 ring weighs a substantial 7.4 grams and is in excellent lightly worn condition. Just a size adjustment and fresh rho