June 2, 2024

10kt. Scottish Terrier dog pendant with diamond eye & chain, 1.6gr. tw. $175.00 CAD. 161-00304

If you guessed rhinoceros you’re obviously not a dog person. This is the unmistakable profile of a Scottish Terrier. They are more than just a player piece on the board game Monopoly, they are loyal and feisty, originally bred to hunt pests on farms. Our 10 karat outline of the famous breed measures 11mm long and contains a tiny single cut diamond for an eye. The pendant looks like it was never used as the bail for the chain to run through shows no evidence of wear. Included with the pendant is a light 10 karat, 16-inch curb link chain. The chain and pendant weigh a combined 1.66 grams. This cute little dog is estate priced at $175.00 CAD. 161-00304.


May 31, 2024

1.00ct. blue topaz & diamond pendant 2.6gr. 18″ $245.00 CAD. 231-00319

Topaz is a great gem to experiment with jewellery design. It comes in many colours, is quite hard, and also inexpensive. This 6.75 carat trillion cut is estimated to weigh little over one carat. The placement of the bottom heart shaped claw that secures the stone provides the illusion that the topaz is also heart shaped. A deeply gypsy set diamond provides a tiny twinkle to the pendant. This is a small pendant measuring just 14.6mm length and showcases a flat sandblasted finish along with more traditional polished sections. It is suspended from a light 10 karat white gold curb link 18 inch chain. The minor scuffs on the polished elements of the pendant could be polished away while to wait for no charge. The chain is showing no wear and is secured by a spring ring clasp. Estate price for the 2.6 grams chain and pendant is $245.00 CAD. Stock #231-00319.

May 29, 2024

18kt. waffle-texture Italian made necklace 10mm wide 33gr. $4,200.00 CAD. 231-00230

Oh Italy, masters of hollow-constructed chain, you’ve done it again! This 10mm wide collar-hugging necklace is layered with thoughtful details, starting with its oversized 18mm wide clasp accented with a cabochon-cut natural ruby set into rose gold. The heavy high-polished endcaps are yellow and white gold and create an eye-catching transition between the clasp and chain. The chain itself is mostly matte-finished miniature waffle texture, interspersed with narrow high-polished links for contrast. The 16-inch chain is in like-new condition showing no dents or dings and weighs in at 33 grams of top-quality 18 karat gold. The estate price is $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #231-00230.

May 28, 2024

14kt. pear shaped earring/pendant set with 18″ box link necklace 5.9 grams. $510.00 CAD. 436-00267

You don’t need to spend a lot of money with expensive diamonds to get some sparkle and bling in your life. This pear shaped pendant/earring set have been bright cut with sharp reflective facet patterns throughout the design. The effect of twinkling diamonds is further enhanced with bright white rhodium plating on the bright cut flat surfaces. The slightest movement results in a shower of twinkling reflections. The earrings are suspended from spring loaded French backs. All 3 pear shaped drops are jointed allowing even more movement and sparkle. Included with the set is an 18 inch Italian made 1.75mm box link chain. The chains four flat sides are highly polished and quite reflective all on their own. The set is in excellent condition showing no worn sections. Being sold as a set only for the estate price of $510.00 CAD. Stock #436-00267.

May 22, 2024

Vintage Birks “cylinder” diamond pendant & 18″ chain, 0.06ct. VS-HI, 7.4gr. $720.00 CAD. 161-00299

This unique pendant was made by Canada’s luxury jeweller Birks sometime in the 1970s. It’s hard to know exactly the inspiration behind the cylinder design, but it is likely not one you’ll ever encounter again. It measures 17.2mm x 7.9mm and was crafted using 14 karat yellow gold. The pendant weighs a substantial 4.7 grams without the chain. An oval window cut out of the cylinder provide the frame for a 0.06 carat round brilliant cut diamond secured in a 4 prong setting. The setting provides great protection for the high quality (VS-H) natural diamond and fantastic background contrast. Running through a large connecting jump-ring is 14 karat yellow gold, 18 inch cable link necklace. This style of necklace is our most popular design and came with the pendant. The 1.4mm wide chain is secured by a large spring ring clasp. The necklace and pendant weigh a combined 7.4 grams. This quirky Canadian made diamond pendant is estate priced at $720.00 CAD. Stock #161-00299.


May 14, 2024

“Birks” 10kt. rose cut garnet pendant/earring set, 17″, 7.8gr. $700.00 CAD. 231-00151

We’ve never encountered a BIRKS hallmark that wasn’t all capital letters. Either they took a brief break from formality, or someone was taking liberties with the Birks brand. Whether this vintage necklace/earring set is genuine Birks or not it has been very well made. The 17-inch long necklace features solidly constructed clusters of rose-cut brooding red garnets. The clip-on earrings (dating from the era when it was improper to have one’s ears pierced) each feature an 11mm wide cluster of matching rose-cut garnets. The 10 karat yellow gold set weighs in at 7.8 grams and is estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #231-00151.


May 7, 2024

Sand dollar, Conch shell, Seahorse pendants 14kt. 436-00233, 00236, 00232. $130.00, $683.00, $53.00 CAD

In honor of Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid that’s just gone to theaters (which one of our goldsmiths, Avery, reviews as an 8/10 “must-see”) we’re presenting this trio of ocean-born pendants. The tiny but heavily detailed sand dollar spans only 14.2mm tall and hails from the Bahamas as its reverse side subtly proclaims. It was obviously carried here on the Gulf Stream and picked up a 17mm-tall baby seahorse along the way. The real show-stealer is the 19mm long intensely detailed conch shell (used by the merfolk of Atlantica as a herald’s horn)! The 6.4 gram shell has been enameled with a true-to-life pink and white interior that even features a soft dusting of grey-gold beach sand. The 14-karat yellow gold trio all feature open jumpring bails that can be soldered closed or swapped for more decorative pendant hangers. Sold separately for the estate prices of $130.00 (sand dollar), $683.00 (conch shell), and $53.00 CAD (seahorse). Stock numbers 436-00233, 436-00236, and 436-00232.

Seahorse sold

April 24, 2024

14kt. Jadeite suite GIA reports $1,750.00 CAD (available separately) 241-00076, 206-00472, 211-00178, 231-00275

If you’re not an expert in gems it’s always best to be cautious when purchasing valuable jewellery. Many modern gem enhancements are difficult to impossible to detect by the average jeweller. Even experienced Gemologists can have trouble distinguishing some of the advanced treatments seen today. Inexpensive laboratory created gems can, and often are virtually identical to their natural counterparts that are now common in the jewellery business. Sometimes even well intentioned jewellers mistakenly sell enhanced, altered, treated, and outright synthetics gems as natural. As buyers and sellers of estate jewellery we see more than our fair share of misrepresented jewellery and precious gems. Jade is one of the most commonly altered gem materials we come across, by far the majority of Jadeite has been treated in some form. When this suite of 14 karat yellow gold Jadeite jewellery came in we assumed it had been dyed. We sent two of the four items to The Gemological Institute of American for a report. There was a chance the jade was of  natural colour, but we knew that was a long shot. Natural Jadeite of this colour would cost more than 10 times what enhanced material does. As expected the GIA results came back describing the enhancements as being bleached to remove the original brown body colour, then dyed to this beautiful apple green hue, and impregnated with a polymer to improve the finish and polish. The two GIA reports can be seen here and here. These enhancements are stable, permanent and greatly improve the appearance of this natural Jadeite jewellery. The jewellery has been crafted from 14 karat yellow gold to a high standard. The ring measures a finger size 8 and weighs in at almost 5 grams. The earrings have a spring loaded Omega backs that are easy to use and provide excellent security. The gold surface of the bangle has been decorated with hand engraved highlights. The jewellery has be packaged together but is available separately. Bangle 241-00076 $840.00, ring 206-00472 $420.00, earrings 211-00178 $280.00, pendant 231-00275 $210.00 CAD.

Ring sold (206-00472).

Earrings sold (211-00178).

April 20, 2024

FOPE Italy. 18kt. diamond necklace & bracelet, 32.9gr., 0.15ct. tw. VS-GH. $3,500.00 CAD. 161-00147

FOPE has an almost century-long history of high-quality jewellery manufacturing behind its name. The brand began in 1929 as a small jewellery manufacturing shop with 20 employees. They expanded multiple times over the decades, and in the 1980s developed a specialized gold mesh that would become the iconic feature of their brand. The Novecento mesh is made from an interlocking connection of the individual links that make up the necklace and bracelet we are featuring today. The set is certainly interesting for more reasons than its links, the station-style pieces feature freely swinging diamond studded drops. The 7.5-inch long bracelet spaces its 5 diamonds evenly across the wrist and the 16.5 inch long necklace focuses its 7 diamonds across the collarbone. The petite VS-FG round brilliant cut diamonds equal 0.15 carats together. Both the chain and bracelet are equipped with a stylized lobster clasp stamped proudly with its FOPE origins. Being made by one of Italy’s most luxurious manufacturers pretty much ensures the pieces would be made from top-quality 18 karat white gold. Both pieces are in like-new condition, retaining their original chromy white rhodium finishes. They are accompanied by their original FOPE cloth lines box. The estate price for the set only is $3,500.00 CAD. Stock #161-00147

March 15, 2024

Mother of pearl & diamond pendant earring set 0.33ct. tw. 28.6gr. 18kt. $3,150.00 CAD. e10772

This has got to be the most elegant “dog tag” style pendant we’ve ever had come through our estate department. We see them pretty often in silver and occasionally in 10 or 14 karat gold, but never have we had one made from rich premium 18 karat Italian gold. The pendant measures 30mm x 19mm, containing 10 iridescent hand cut mother of pearl inlaid sections along with 14 bead set single cut diamonds of high VS-GH quality. The pendant is integrated into an 18 inch flexible bar link necklace. Every joint and pivot point throughout the necklace look like new showing no wear of any kind. Accompanying the necklace is a pair of matching clip on earrings. The earrings are equipped with strong spring loaded backs. If you have pierced ears we can easily convert them using the original hinged spring backs and welding on new 18 karat gold posts. Much thought has been given to the design and manufacture of this set. The earring backs have used 18 karat white gold to form the friction sections because of its superior spring quality compared to yellow gold. This set was made as exercise in high quality design as nice as any jewellery available. Between the earrings and pendant there are 50 small single cut diamonds that total an estimated 0.33 carats. The earrings and pendant weigh close to 1 full troy ounce at 28.6 grams. They are being sold as a set only for the estate price of $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #e10772.

March 14, 2024

18kt. gold crucifix pendants 2.4gr. $266.00 and 2.9gr. $322.00 CAD. e14124 e14125

Miscellaneous estate/vintage pendants and charms come and go, often without any website exposure. We thought we could show you our current selection of gold crucifix and cross pendants. Most of these are of higher quality and construction compared to what you’d encounter today if you’re looking at brand new. Many are 14 and 18 karat gold. Some are solid and others are hollow, but all are heavier and larger than what manufactures are doing today. These two are both 18 karat, multi-piece assemblies. The larger example (e14124) is actually a little lighter and less expensive than the smaller version. After being in business for well over 60 years we’ve learned that keeping a good selection of inventory in stock is always more successful than trying to order from a catalog. All of these pendants are in perfect, like-new condition and more than competitively priced. The showcased two are estate priced in 18 karat premium gold at $266.00 and $322.00 CAD. Stock #e14124 and e14125.

Smaller of 2 shown is sold. Some of the others are still available.


March 11, 2024

0.58ct. tw. ruby & diamond circle pendant, 17-19″, 4.7gr., 14kt. $700.00 CAD. 231-00299

The circle pendant has been a favorite design in both new and estate jewellery for many years. There are so many styles you can dream up using only this basic shape. The three independently hinged circular elements in this pendant contain 93 bead set single cut diamonds. The largest circle section measures 21mm diameter. Together the bead set, diamonds add up to an estimated 0.33 carats total weight (SI-I clarity with I colour). The 3 natural bright red rubies are sized proportionally to each of the circles in which they are set. The rubies add an additional 0.25 carats of gem weight. The pendant is suspended from a rolo style cable link with bright cut edges that add some subtle sparkle. An additional jump-ring has been added in the chain to allow wearing at 19 or 17 inches. The 14 karat white gold necklace is secured by a spring ring clasp and weighs 4.7 grams. Like new condition, showing no signs of wear. Estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #231-00299.


February 29, 2024

Spessartite garnet & diamond pendants your choice $1,610.00 each. e9611 e9612 231-00101

e9611 e9612 spessartite garnet pendantsAnyone ever heard of Spessartite before? I didn’t think so. This gem is a rare form of the quite common garnet. When most people think of garnet a dark slightly reddish-brown gem comes to mind. Typical good quality garnet is usually the colour of red wine. As with most gems, there are anomalous colours that sometimes occur. With garnet, the rare hues can literally be any colour of the spectrum except blue. Each of these oval faceted garnets weigh an average of 3.25 carats and each contain a nice quality 0.25 carat SI1-H square princess cut diamond. We’ve priced both of these custom made 3.4 gram 14 karat white gold pendants exactly the same. One stone is slightly bigger and one is slightly better quality. It’s going to be a difficult decision which one to pick. Common garnet can sell for around $50.00 per carat while some very rare exceptional green garnets can sell for ten times as much. Orange to slightly brownish orange Spessartite garnets like these sell for somewhere in between.e9611 e9612 spessartite and diamond pendant 14kt. All garnets have a very high refractive index (the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium). What this means to the casual observer is these things sparkle much more than almost any other coloured stone. As light slows down travelling through these stones it is bent and bounced back to your eye as visible colour and sparkle. There are very few gems that do this as well as garnets. Diamonds are one of the only gem minerals that have a higher refractive index than garnets, but good luck finding one in this colour and don’t even ask about the cost of such diamonds. You’ll not likely encounter another Spessartite again. I can only remember one other example that has passed through Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers before. We’re going to let you decide which one to buy and what style of chain best flatters the pendants. Each pendant excluding chain is estate priced at $1,610.00. Stock #e9612 and #e9611 231-00101.

1 sold.




February 10, 2024

Harley owners group 10 karat yellow gold pendant 2.4gr. $175.00 CAD. e8737

e8738 Harley owners group 10kt gold pendantWell over 1 million members located in over 100 countries around the world make up the Harley owners group. The membership organizes many ride related rallies that often raise money for various charities including their official cause of Muscular Dystrophy. Almost every community that has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealership also has a H.O.G. chapter sponsored by the dealership. I’m sure some of our customers wouldn’t mind having a little pendant like this one. It could be added to a charm bracelet or perhaps to the key ring of your favorite ride. The pendant looks like new, cast from over 2.4 grams of 10 karat gold, measuring 19.2mm x 13.5mm. The back of the pendant has a flat finish that could be engraved with your motorcycles serial number or a special message. The high quality pendant shows great detail. A Sandblasted background with polished highlights and frame provide excellent contrast. Estate price $175.00 CAD. Stock #e8737.



January 30, 2024

14kt. white gold diamond drop twist pendant 0.20ct. tw. SI-H, 3.5gr. $770.00 CAD. 161-00215

The spiraling helix cage diamond pendant measures 34.2mm long by 9.6mm wide and has been built to roll! The delicately graduated diamonds stretch across 2/3rds of the pendant’s surface, allowing it to roll back and forth during wear and still show diamonds. The 0.20 carats total weight of SI-H round brilliant cuts are accented by highly polished rhodium-plated 14-karat white gold. The like-new pendant weighs in at a sturdy 3.57 grams for the estate price of $770.00 CAD. Stock #161-00215.

January 29, 2024

0.71ct. VS-GH round halo diamond pendant 18kt. $2,440.00 CAD. 160-00197

A few of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers unique strengths are our knowledge and the efficiencies of our business model. Everything we do is about offering our customers the best value in estate, vintage and new jewellery. Unless it’s a commissioned custom creation, we let the large jewellery manufacturers do what they do best, like making this beautiful 18 karat white gold halo pendant setting. It contains 22 VS-SI-GH round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.11 carats. If we were to custom make one of these, there is no way we could do it for our selling price of $650.00; the economy of scale can’t be had custom making items one at a time. We bring, knowledge, talent, passion, and controlled costs to the equation. After operating in the same Downtown Barrie location since the 1950s, trust us when we say we know a lot about controlling our costs. Our onsite goldsmiths can quickly assemble partially finished jewellery or modify existing new and used items. Our Gemological Institute of America trained diamond graders and gemologists can benefit from buying opportunities when they present themselves, like in the case of this 0.60 carat round brilliant cut diamond with a tiny chip on an upper girdle facet. We purchased the centre estate diamond with a microscopic chip for a slightly reduced price due to the imperfection. The tiny blemish can hardly be seen on the edge of the centre diamond in these 2 photomicrographs at the 10:00 o’clock position. We thought about repairing the minor chip but decided there would be no benefit to the naked eye. The tiny nick is so insignificant we didn’t even bother to hide it under a claw. The bright VS1 clarity and G colour of the centre stone explodes with brilliance at the slightest movement. We are continuously reinventing our trade-in estate diamonds and jewellery into new creations like this. This impressive 18 karat Canadian made diamond pendant is estate priced at $2,440.00 CAD. A new, or estate chain of your selection will be priced separately. Stock #160-00197.


0.33ct. tw. SI2-G diamond & 0.43ct. sapphire pendant/necklace, 14kt., 13gr., 18″. $1,820.00 CAD. 231-00264

This captivating piece features a capped Etruscan chain, a design rooted in ancient craftsmanship, leading to a focal point adorned with a trio of bezel-set gems. At the heart of this ensemble is a natural 0.43 carat deep royal blue sapphire, well cut to throw as much light as the sturdy bezel setting allows. Flanking it are two meticulously matched round brilliant cut diamonds, each boasting SI2-G quality, and combining for a total of 0.33 carats. The 18 inch necklace, meticulously crafted from 14 karat white gold, retains its original chromy white rhodium finish, as a testament to its condition. Weighing a graceful 13 grams, this piece is a harmonious blend of antiquity and modern elegance. Estate price $1,820.00 CAD. Stock #231-00264.

14 x 7mm smoky quartz & diamond pendant EFFY. 0.25ct. tw. SI-I-I, 3.3gr. $630.00 CAD. 231-00206

Effy is a brand that should be familiar to most people, but in the event you aren’t one of them they are known for pieces like this; diamond-encrusted and featuring head-turning gemstones. Today’s example is a 14mm x 7mm marquise scissor-cut smokey quartz, the perfect pairing for warm 14-karat yellow gold. The softer tones of the gem and gold are set off by 0.25 carats total weight of SI-I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds, 72 of them in total. The heavy gauge articulated bail has been left plain but features a silky sandpaper finish as a final touch. Estate price for the like-new piece is $630.00 CAD. Stock #231-00206.

January 26, 2024

14kt. 17 inch, two-tone necklace/pendant with sapphire cabochons 54 grams, $4,970.00 CAD. 431-00669

Elevate your elegance with our latest acquisition—an Italian-made necklace that seamlessly blends craftsmanship and style. This collarbone-hugging masterpiece spans a refined 17 inches, crafted from 14 larat yellow and white gold in heavy gauge hollow construction. With a width of 11.2mm, it gracefully complements your neckline. The statement clasp, strategically designed to be worn toward the front, is adorned with custom-cut deep blue sapphire cabochons, adding a touch of regal allure to the piece. Despite its hollow structure, this necklace exudes substance, weighing a substantial 54.8 grams. Remarkably in like-new condition, it offers both timeless beauty and retro flair. Priced at $4,970.00 CAD in our estate collection, this exquisite necklace, identified by stock number 431-00669, is a testament to Italian artistry and a worthy addition to any discerning jewelry collection.

January 22, 2024

9 karat gold crucifix pendant 3.1gr. $175.00 CAD. e14161

Just because you can’t find it on our website, doesn’t mean we don’t have what you’re looking for. Our ever-changing estate inventory has hundreds of items that never make it online. Rings, pendants, loose diamonds, watches, necklaces, and earrings come and go without making it to our online pages. There just isn’t enough time to showcase everything. I counted at least 20 crosses in stock, many of which are not shown on This large 9 karat crucifix measures 36mm x 18mm and weighs 3.1 grams. It is in hardly worn condition and is stamped with all the proper English hallmarks. If you’re looking for a different style cross or crucifix please contact us. We’d be happy to text or email you pictures, prices, and descriptions of what we have. The pictured crucifix pendant is estate priced at $175.00 CAD. Stock #e14161.

January 17, 2024

Chai pendant 14 karat gold solid construction 8.0 grams $875.00 CAD. 436-00220

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 14 karat solid gold pendant carries an impressive weight of 8 grams, making it a substantial and enduring piece. The Chai symbol, meaning “life” or “living” in Hebrew, holds deep cultural significance in Jewish tradition, symbolizing a commitment to a meaningful and vibrant existence. The pendant features an oversized circular bail, enhancing its visual appeal and allowing for versatile styling. Measuring 23.6mm long by 19.7mm wide, this high-polished Chai pendant is not just a piece of jewelry but a powerful emblem of life’s beauty and continuity. Wear it close to your heart and embrace the profound history and meaning woven into this timeless symbol. Estate price $875.00 CAD. Stock #436-00220.

Diamond cross pendant & 19″ chain 5.4gr. 0.20ct. tw. I1-J $553.00 CAD. e12167

14 karat white gold diamond cross, bead set with 22 small round brilliant cut diamonds. Each diamond is well matched of I1-J quality and weigh an estimated 0.20 carat in total. The jointed bail allows the pendant to freely swing with the slightest movement. Included with the pendant is a 19 inch box link necklace secured with a easy to manipulate lobster clasp. The chain and cross weigh a combined 5.4 grams. Estate priced at $553.00 CAD. Stock #e12167.

January 12, 2024

1.60ct. tw. I1-IJ diamond pendant, 5.2gr. 14kt. gold, $2,030.00 CAD. 161-00278

Hand crafted in 14 karat yellow and white gold, this pendant boasts a galaxy of diamonds, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece. The collection of 10 I1-IJ quality antique cut diamonds, totals 1.50 carats and the variety of different cuts points to this pendant being a remake of antique. The diamonds range in age from the mid 1800s to early 1900s and the pendant was obviously custom made around them. Measuring 31.0mm long by 18.6mm wide, the pendant is a wearable work of art, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication. Adding to its stability during wear, the pendant features a double hidden bail, ensuring that this celestial creation remains securely and gracefully suspended. Weighing 5.2 grams, this handmade pendant is not just an accessory; it’s a celestial statement, inviting you to carry a piece of the cosmos wherever you go. Estate price $2,030.00 CAD. Stock #161-00278.

January 8, 2024

1.01ct. SI1-G pear shaped natural diamond halo 1.17ct. tw. (I1-GH) 1.5gr. 14kt. $5,999.00 CAD. 161-00201

We are swimming in stock projects, but some things just need to be pushed to the front of the line. So when this pear-shaped diamond came in at the center of a dated engagement ring we just had to give it a second chance. Instead of adding it to our large stock of loose estate diamonds, we found it a delicate halo pendant for its new home. The transformation was astounding, letting the 1.01 carat estate pear-shaped diamond show off its brilliance by letting it dance freely during wear on the new jointed pendant. The halo of petite diamonds also increased the apparent footprint of the stone, bumping it to 8.37mm wide by 11.7mm. The 9mm long bail is large enough to accommodate most chains and its 6 diamonds of I1-GH quality bump the total weight of the pendant to 1.17 carats. The large central diamond is an eye-clean SI1 with a bright G colour. The brand new 14-karat pendant is currently suspended from a 17-inch curb link Italian-made chain that is sold separately for $350.00 CAD. The pendant (without a chain) is priced at $5,999.00 CAD. Stock #161-00201.

January 6, 2024

14kt. 55ct. golden beryl, 1.00ct. tanzanite, & 0.18ct. tw. VS-G diamond pendant, 42gr. tw. $3,150.00 CAD. 251-00182

Admittedly, the metaphysical world is new to us, but we saw this piece and knew it was more than it seemed. We’ve never encountered a winged dolphin before, but with a bit of research, it seems these creatures are from the world of dream symbolism. If a flying dolphin (not necessarily winged) appears in your dream it could be a sign that you are starting a new stage in your life. They are a reminder of self-discipline. Ours features diamond eyes and is jumping over an intensely saturated violet/blue natural tanzanite weighing approximately 1.00 carat. The jury is out on exactly what tanzanite represents, but some of its listed symbolism are self-awakening, transformation, and wisdom. But the real focus of the piece is a rough crystal golden beryl, also known as the sunshine stone. The 38mm long by 14mm wide six-sided crystal features a collection of fine needle-like inclusions within its top half. Across the back of the crystal, an interior refraction plane captures a rainbow in its depths. The gem symbolizes confidence and motivation. The intricately carved wings of the dolphin also feature a row of round brilliant cut diamonds, bringing the total up to an estimated weight of 0.18 carats of bright VS-G quality. Attached to the pendant is a 2mm thick foxtail chain measuring a total length of 23.6 inches, ending in a heavy lobster clasp. The entire 14 karat necklace weighs in at 42 grams and is accompanied by a May 2018 Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $6,500.00 CAD. Our estate price for this one-of-a-kind handmade piece is $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #231-00182.


January 4, 2024

14 karat gold diamond cross 17.7gr. 0.50ct. tw. I1-J $1,680.00 CAD. e7850

e7850 diamond crossThis is a large and heavy pendant measuring just under 6cm in height weighing 17.7 grams. The yellow and white gold design appears hand made and tests approximately 14 karat gold. The large hinged bail is big enough to hold all but the heaviest chain you may have. 36 round brilliant cut diamonds decorate the centre and have an estimated total weight of 0.50 carats with a average quality of I1-J. Estate priced at $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #e7850.

David Yurman Cable Cross disc with diamonds 0.03ct. tw. 3.0gr. 18kt. 16″ $660.00 CAD. e13328

Big label brands have always had a knack for iconography. Their use of repeating motifs allows them to create lines that identify their brand without the use of a logo. David Yurman and their Cable motif is the perfect example of this. This 10.8mm disk is easily recognizable and its petite size makes it the perfect piece for layering. The charm is embedded with a 0.03 carat total weight diamond cross and hangs from a 16 inch long cable link chain equipped with an easy open lobster clasp. The entire necklace only weighs in at 3 grams of premium 18 karat gold and is currently available on the David Yurman website for $850.00 USD. Our estate price $660.00 CAD. Stock #e13328.

January 3, 2024

14kt. Elk diamond pendant, 3.2gr. $385.00 CAD. 161-00129

Elk and caribou (or reindeer if they’re pulling a big red sleigh) are similar in a number of ways but one of the most distinguishable aspects of each is their antlers. Caribou, like the one pictured on the quarter, have C-shaped antlers with less defined points (similar to those of moose) but elk antlers are much pointier and relatively straighter. If you’ve had the pleasure of encountering them, or if you’ve simply watched enough nature documentaries, you can almost hear that trilling bugle call this elk is in the process of making. The 14 karat yellow gold pendant features a diamond-set eye and heavily textured antlers and fur. Estate price $385.00 CAD. Stock #161-00129.

18kt. 8.2gr. pearl cross pendant on leather cord necklace. $840.00 CAD. e12249

After taking a deep dive into medieval and Celtic crosses we have come to the conclusion that this cross is not sure what it is. In truth it seems to be some sort of blend, a mix of Celtic cross, Bolnisi cross, and Thor’s cross. We’ll leave it to you to attach meaning and spirituality to this unique symbol. Regardless of you’re religious leanings it is an impressive piece, made of a solid 8.2 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold. The hammered texture and the large mabe pearl really adds to the 16th century feel. Though a modern make you can imagine the pendant sitting around the neck of some courtier. To stick to the trend of the time we’ve hung it from a brand new 18 inch long black leather cord with super strong 14 karat yellow gold lobster clasp. Estate price for this old world pendant $840.00 CAD. Stock #e12249.

0.66ct. total weight diamond heart pendant $470.00 CAD. e6267

Simple and classic heart shaped diamond set pendant. The 22 round brilliant cut diamonds weigh 0.66 carats (total weight). The 10 karat yellow gold pendant is suspended by a 16 inch light rope chain. The total weight is 3.3 grams. The diamond quality is average at I1-K but look quite nice for the estate price of $470.00. That’s less than $22.00 per diamond. Stock #e6267.

January 2, 2024

18kt. Baptism pendant. 3.5gr. 18kt. UnoAerre Italy $300.00 CAD. e14177

18 karat white gold Baptism pendant/charm. Plenty of room the engrave a date and short message. Made in Italy by one of the world’s finest manufacturers UnoAerre. Excellent condition, never used. 3.5 grams in weight. Estate price $300.00 CAD. Stock #e14177.

December 23, 2023

18kt. Italian hollow cross pendant, 7.6gr. $910.00 CAD. 436-00156

The nature and subject matter of jewellery means the varieties and combinations of styles are pretty much infinite. Even an item as simple as a cross pendant can be expressed 1000s of ways. Our large and ever-changing selection of estate crosses always has something new to display your faith. Our latest Italian-made cross takes inspiration from the most basic concept. Just a horizontal and vertical rectangle overlapped. The sheer simplicity of the design conveys the message without any extra details. No fancy hand engraving or sparkling gems, just premium 18 karat yellow gold and highly polished flat surfaces. Despite the fact the pendant is hollow, it still weighs in at a hefty 7.6 grams. A large circular jumpring will accommodate an equally proportioned cord or chain necklace. Perfect condition, showing no signs of use. This cross pendant is estate priced at $910.00 CAD. Stock #436-00156.

December 22, 2023

14kt. hand made double mabe pearl & diamond pendant 50mm x 23mm, $1,400.00 CAD. 231-00278

Mabe pearls or blister pearls are the same as cultured pearls except the nucleus is a semi-circle mother of pearl half bead that is epoxied to the inside the shell of the mollusk. The mollusk instinctually begins to cover this foreign object with a protective nacre. When the pearl is harvested they can be cut in a perfect circular outline or in an abstract shape that incorporates more of the inner shell surface. The possible shapes are quite varied and make perfect canvas’ for the abstract artist/jeweller. This double mabe pearl pendant showcases two excellent quality pearls that measure more than 14mm diameter. They both display top quality luster showing a rainbow dispersion of subtle pastel colours. The abstract concave oval pendant measures 48mm (without bail) x 23mm. The expertly crafted bezel follows the outline and contour perfectly in a complicated frame that varies in height around the entire circumference. Six small single cut diamonds provide a small touch of sparkle against the rainbow background. A hinged bail at the top can be used on a variety of chain sizes. It is equipped with a hinge and safety clasp that also allow this one of a kind pendant to be worn on a pearl or other bead style necklace. The pendant is in like new condition looking unworn. It weighs 14.4 grams and is estate priced at $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #231-00278.

December 17, 2023

6.00ct. tanzanite & diamond (0.28ct. tw. SI-H) pendant 7.7gr. 18kt. $4,200.00 CAD. 231-00195

This 6.00 carat rectangular cushion cut tanzanite exhibits the unique feature the gem is prized for, “trichroism”. It is the ability of a gemstone to display three different colours from three different angles. In faceted material, this means the gem displays different colours as it rotates. For the highest-grade tanzanite, this translates to an equal play of intense indigo and violet with an occasional flash of red. That meditative display has been enhanced by a decorative starburst under-gallery that shows through the gem’s top table facet, shining as if it were submerged in an icy ocean. The tanzanite has been wrapped in ribbons of rhodium-plated 18-karat white gold, stitched with round brilliant cut diamonds. Attached to the pendant is an oversized articulated bail suitable for almost any chain size. All told the diamonds in the pendant equal approximately 0.28 carats of SI-H sparkle. The finished piece measures 33.8mm long by 13.5mm wide. Estate price for the like-new pendant (chain extra) is $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #231-00195.

December 15, 2023

2.08ct. VS2-E antique pear shape diamond with GIA report. $25,000.00 CAD. e14541 161-00126

If you owned a diamond a century ago you were definitely in the minority. Diamonds were scarce, expensive, and very few people had any extra money for such luxuries. Fast forward 100 years and almost everyone owns a piece of diamond jewellery. As commonplace as diamonds are today, a diamond such as this turns heads today just like it did in the early part of the 20th century. Any 2.00 carat diamond gets our attention, but seeing an antique diamond of this quality is an exceptionally rare treat. Add to that this one is pear-shaped makes it almost irreplaceable. Our database of loose diamonds contains close to 350,000 stones; only 8 are antique, this size or larger with the same or better quality, and none are pear-shaped. This diamond is more than likely a one-in-a-million example. Any diamond of this quality deserves a reliable report. We sent the diamond to the Gemological Institute of America in New York for their opinion of quality. We are excited to say the GIA reported the clarity to be VS2, with only one small dark crystal inclusion within a bezel facet. The tiny inclusion can be seen in every one of these photos. It is located close to the edge of the stone within a kite-shaped bezel facet. GIA graded the colour with an outstanding grade of E. This diamond also exhibits the desirable characteristic of displaying no fluorescence. Good polish and good symmetry are just about the most you can expect from an antique cut such as this. The full December 2021 GIA report can be confirmed online here. The diamond is currently loose, waiting for you to turn it into a remarkable engagement ring, glamourous pendant, or anything else you can dream up. Click here to see a 30-second video of the diamond. The 20 gram platinum pendant the large diamond originally came from is available for an additional $10,000.00. The pendant itself is quite significant and contains an additional 73 antique diamonds estimated to weigh 10.12 carats in total, averaging a conservative VS-SI-H quality. Stock #e14541 161-00126.

Diamond sold, pendant is still available.

14 karat custom made cross 7.6 grams $560. CAD. e10040

e10041-14-karat-custom-cross-pendantMany people only consider custom making a piece of jewellery when shopping for a unique engagement ring or wedding band, but custom work can be any number of pieces. Some of the most rewarding pieces we make start with a customer’s simple sketch on a scrap of paper. As our customers are not professionally trained jewellery illustrators the sketch rarely reflects the image they see in their heads. Our goldsmiths and designers work with them to flush out their design and the results are just as thrilling for us as they are for our customer. This 60.0mm long by 38.6mm wide Celtic inspired cross was a spare in a series we made and was subsequently traded back making it a brand new, never worn addition to our estate department. A welcome addition as the 7.6 gram 14 karat yellow gold cross is very well made (if we do say so ourselves), equipped with a substantial bale strong enough to last a lifetime of constant wear. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e10040.

December 13, 2023

8.0cm x 4.8cm diamond cross 2.00ct. tw. 33.6gr. 10kt. white gold $2,380.00 CAD. e13341

Something for everyone has always been our goal and our estate offerings allow us the flexibility to realize that goal. Where else would we come across a diamond cross of this magnitude? At 8.0cm by 4.8cm it is one of the largest we’ve had and weighs in at an appropriately hefty 33.6 grams. The cross is hand set with 128 round brilliant and round single cut diamonds all of I2-J quality. They come together to equal an estimated total diamond weight of 2.00 carat. They extend onto the flexible bail ready to fit over almost any chain as its opening measures 17.0mm by 8.7mm. The statement making pendant has been cast from 10 karat white gold and is estate priced at $2,380.00 CAD. Stock #e13341.

Jumbo hand made quartz 10kt. quartz pendants (97 &146 carats) 37 & 44gr. gw. $1,980.00 each. 231-00203 231-00202

Quartz is a very common that can be found throughout the world. Brown quartz is often described as smoky quartz. Sometimes the hue is less saturated and more in the yellow range of the spectrum. Purple quartz is known as amethyst. When amethyst undergoes heat treatment it turns into citrine (orange quartz). Almost all citrine was originally amethyst that’s undergone heat treatment to permanently change its colour. Like any other heat-treated gemstone the outcome is not completely controllable, every gem has a colour hidden inside of it so you never know what you’ll get from heat treatment. Our large quartz specimens are medium brown and a very pale yellow so soft it almost appears to be the gemstone equivalent of the 10-karat gold that surrounds it. As quartz forms in large crystals, it’s not terribly surprising to find massive gems from this family, but this pair of jumbo gems are only part of a small handful we’ve ever had in store. This pair weighs approximately 146 carats and 97 carats. With their massive size, you can actually spot some subtle colour banding in both of them. In the larger brown quartz, there are three bands running in an X formation just south of the dead center, you need to tilt the gem in several directions to spot all of them. The soft gold tone gem has a diagonal striation of possibly purple mirage lines, to see them you have to tilt the gem just so, they transition from sharp lines to invisible very quickly. The larger is in a standard basket setting (handmade of course) and the smaller one has a more decorative frame. Both feature heavy oversized bails that should slip over most chains. The estate price for these massive talismans is $1,980.00 each CAD. Stock numbers 231-00203 and 231-00202 (SOLD).

Edwardian platinum/18kt. gold pearl & diamond filigree brooch 1.00ct. tw. I1-H 9.2gr. $1,820.00 CAD. e13136

A pendant/brooch from the very early 1900s that perfectly encapsulates the jewellery of the Edwardian era. With the advent of the oxyacetylene torch this was the first period where platinum could be easily worked by most jewellers. So naturally the ever-white precious metal sprang up everywhere. With its unique working properties the medium allowed goldsmiths to create finer, more delicate details than ever before. The aesthetic of the era reflected that as ethereal lace was woven into metal and diamonds. This 32.5mm diameter circle is a perfect specimen. The outer wreath is a repeating pattern of diamond encrusted leafy sprigs and wrapping swirling vines measuring 0.6mm wide. The centerpiece features four creamy white pearls and one 0.25 carat old European cut diamond. The other 66 are a mix of antique rose cut and mine cut diamonds bringing the total carat weight of the piece up to 1.00 carat. The center piece is backed by an 18 karat rose gold support for stability. The 115 year old piece weighs in at 9.2 grams and more than earns its estate price of $1,820.00 CAD. Stock #e13136.

December 9, 2023

1.14ct. I2-G very good cut (6.65mm diameter) diamond pendant 14kt. white gold $3,290.00 CAD. 161-00284

Sometimes I wish our photos weren’t quite so revealing. From a naked eye perspective this diamond pendant does what a diamond pendant should. It sparkles and twinkles great thanks to the very good cut, excellent colour, and generous 1.12 carat weight. The single gallery 14 karat white gold setting really sets the diamond off. Despite being an I2 clarity it looks great. The grade setting feather inclusion can be seen without magnification under close scrutiny, but if they’re that close they deserve to be smacked. This is a natural diamond that took millions of years to form and its birthmarks are part of its history and character. The large hinged bail will accommodate a light to heavy weight chain or even a cord style necklace. This is one of those jewellery items that needs to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. A bright, well cut diamond pendant of this size for under $3,300.00 represents excellent value. Beware of inexpensive diamonds that are hazy and dull. Many times diamonds like this I2-G look better in person than a stone with a higher clarity and colour. The simple 14 karat white gold Italian chain we have pictured with the pendant is available for $95.00 extra. This sparkling estate diamond pendant is priced at $3,290.00 CAD. Stock #161-00284.

December 4, 2023

0.20ct. I1-J diamond pendant with new Italian chain 1.7gr. $347.00 CAD. e11342

This puffed up diamond slider pendant has had a bit of an identity crisis. The rim around the diamond and the inside of the pendant are rhodium plated. I’d hazard a guess someone felt they’d like it to be white instead of yellow and rhodium plated it to achieve that look. That technique isn’t effective for changing the colour of a yellow gold ring as the plating wears off quickly with regular wear. But as a pendant it would be a pretty long lasting change, and if you ever changed your mind you could polish it off. That was the case with this pendant as it came in with its rhodium removed. We’ve left it with that warm colour as we feel it makes the 0.20 carat I1-J round brilliant cut center pop. The hefty 1.7 gram slider is accompanied by a new cable link Italian made 14 karat white gold chain. Estate price $347.00 CAD. Stock #e11342.

December 1, 2023

14kt. Kabana, malachite sea turtle, 13 grams. $1,860.00 CAD. 231-00276

Kabana is a luxury manufacturer of fine jewellery that specializes in the inlay of precious and semiprecious gems. Mother of pearl, colourful opal, black onyx, turquoise, lapis, and many other gems are hand shaped to fit the intricate styles inspired from traditional and modern design. There are few manufacturers with more recognizable jewellery than Kabana. They have dozens of retail agents in the United States, and you’ll run into more on popular vacation island destinations, like Bermuda, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Aruba, etc. The jewellery they produce is all hand crafted in the United States with great precision. Jewellery like this requires much more hand adjustment of the stones because inlaid stones must fit tight like a puzzle piece. Prong set jewellery allows the metal to be manipulated around a stone, inlay requires the stone to precisely fit and existing gold structure. We’ve had a few Kabana items over the years, but this is our first from their Sealife collection. The choice of beautiful green malachite is perfect for the large sea turtle pedant that measures 33.8mm from nose to tail. The 13 inlay sections of cabochon cut malachite display excellent polish and subtle bands of green shading the mineral is known for. This is a substantial pendant weighing 13 grams. The large bail on the underside can accommodate anything from a light gold chain to a heavy leather cord necklace. We don’t think this cute turtle was worn more than a few times. We didn’t even need to refinish the 14 karat yellow gold when it arrived, it still retains the original factory applied bright polish to all the gold surfaces. The realistic sea turtle depiction continues on the underside making for not only a beautiful piece of jewellery but and an interesting object simply just to look it and hold. From surfing around the Kabana website it appears they no longer produce the large turtle pendant, although a couple smaller versions using other gem material are still shown. Some Kabana retail partners still have the large examples with mother of pearl inlay for $2,279.00 USD ($3,100.00 CAD). We couldn’t find a single example of this version with malachite anywhere online. This unique pendant is estate priced at $1,860.00 CAD. Stock #231-00276.

November 25, 2023

22 karat gold sale. Everything in stock just $100.00 per gram. 6 DAYS ONLY.

We buy gold because it is rare, precious, and beautiful. In North America we tend to water it down by adding silver and other alloys diluting it to 10 karat or 14 karat. Adding other metals can make gold a little bit harder but not necessarily more durable. The lower the karat the lower the price is likely the reason we tend to produce mostly 10 and 14 karat in North America. Did you know there is more fine silver in 10 karat gold than actual gold? Our estate selection of 22 karat is about as close as you can get to pure gold. The rich warm colour of 22 karat is the closest to pure gold that you’re likely going to see in jewellery. 22 karat is 91.6% pure gold with just a touch of alloy to harden it up enough for use as jewellery. At today’s gold price ($2,730.00 per ounce CAD) each gram of 22 karat contains over $80.00 in simply recyclable gold content value. Making jewellery takes time and highly skilled labor that adds cost. Duties, packaging, alloy, shipping, manufacturer and retail markups add cost to the basic cost of raw pure gold. For 6 days only we are offering all our 22 karat at only $100.00 PER GRAM, regardless of the product or design. Plain wedding bands to intricately stone set bracelets; everything is only $100.00 per gram. This represents waaaaaaaay under its wholesale replacement cost. This sale will promptly end at the close of business on November 30th 2023.

November 19, 2023

14kt. Tree of Life 5.50ct. Tanzanite, 1.50ct. I1-fancy brown diamond, gem pendant & necklace 80gr. tw. $10,500.00 CAD. 231-00181

This piece centers around either the Tree of Life or a representation of Mother Earth; leaning towards the latter considering the female figure hidden in the trunk. She’s kneeling on an earthy reddish-brown crystal mass that twinkles brightly when moved. Her eyes are bright green emeralds and her expansive branches are decorated with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. At the heart of the tree-top is a 1.50 carat round brilliant cut diamond of I1 clarity and fancy brown hue, mirroring the colour of the crystal mass. What really catches the eye is the 5.50 carat oval tanzanite of the intense blueberry colour the gem is prized for. Judging from its position at the foot of this mythical tree I would wager it’s a representation of some important life-spring or pool. The piece can be worn as a brooch or is accompanied by a 34 1/2 inch long 4.4mm wide King’s link chain that clasps onto two hidden rings. The piece itself spans 2.51 inches long by 2.7 inches tall and is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $25,000.00 CAD. Our estate price for this one-of-a-kind handmade piece is $10,500.00 CAD. Stock #231-00181.

November 14, 2023

14kt. Cherub/Cupid pendant 25mm, 7.7gr. $560.00 CAD. e14236

What we would commonly call a Cherub is more accurately a Putto. The traditional religious Cherub (depending on the text) was most often depicted as a four-headed four-winged tetramorph, which is about as far from a chubby winged toddler as you can possibly get. It wasn’t until the early 17th century that a Cherub began its association with the contemplative baby we see here. The Baroque putto represented the omnipresence of God and could often represent Cupid, in which case they were called Amorino. Our putto or cherub is captured in 7.7 grams of solid 14 karat gold, leaning glamour-shot style on a 25mm frame. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e14236.

November 12, 2023

14kt. gold stone set cross pendant & chain 6.3gr. $420.00 CAD. e7175

Whether you look at this as a religious symbol or just an attractive pendant with an interesting shape it’s hard to deny it looks pretty cool. The modified cross pendant measures just over 2cm x 2cm (excluding bail) and is suspended from a good weight 16 inch fox tail chain with lobster catch. The 8 bead set cubic zirconia show great contrast with the sky blue imitation turquoise. Pendant and chain weigh a combined 6.3 grams and are estate priced at $420.00. From the condition of this piece I don’t think it was worn any more than a few times. Stock #e7175.


0.15ct. SI-HI diamond pendant on 18″ necklace 4.0gr. 14kt. $665.00 CAD. 161-00203

This pendant does an excellent job of balancing highly polished metal with a bright round brilliant cut diamond allowing both to share the spotlight. The majority of the 15.7mm long pendant is made up of two delicately tapering curved bars that draw the eye down to the 0.15 carat diamond. The diamond is an SI-HI quality in a modern 3-prong setting. The slide-style pendant floats across its 18 inch long 1.24mm curb chain that ends in an easy-to-fasten lobster clasp. The 4-gram 14-karat white gold necklace is estate priced at $665.00 CAD. Stock #161-00203.

November 9, 2023

0.75ct. tw. SI-JK diamond heart pendant with 18″ necklace 2.9gr. $900.00 CAD. e13323

Simple, classic heart shaped diamond pendant. The 16 round brilliant cut diamonds weigh an estimated 0.75 carats in total. The 14 karat yellow gold pendant is suspended on an 18 inch light rope chain. The total weight is 2.9 grams. Usually this popular style pendant is set with more albeit smaller diamonds. While this one is only set with 16 stones the average size is close to double the average, resulting in so much more sparkle. The diamond quality average at SI-JK produces quite the display for only $840.00. That’s only $52.50 per diamond. Stock #e13323.

Antique platinum brooch 2.50ct. tw. VS-EF, 7.4gr. $12,750.00 CAD. 161-00191

It would have been so easy to take this beautiful brooch apart and make 2 pairs of antique stud earrings and a pendant, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to destroy this lovely piece of Art Deco history. This amazing piece of jewellery is pushing 100 years old and is just as pretty today as when it was created in the Art Deco era (the 1920s and 30s). Handcrafting something like this is the only way it could have been made. Working the 7 grams of rare platinum into this form would have been tedious and time consuming, but the results were well worth the effort. I can imagine the talented jeweller who created this sitting back once it was finished, just staring in admiration. Delicate filigree and millgrain are the dominant theme and come together with geometric precision typical of Art Deco jewellery. The 5 stones range in size from an estimated 0.34 carats to 0.66 carats. They are perfectly matched Old European cut diamonds and are conservatively graded VS-EF quality. This item was designed to be worn on a blouse or lapel. Brooches are back in a big way, just look at any celebrity awards ceremony, even the men are wearing decorative brooches. It doesn’t take much imagination to see it converted into a vertical drop pendant. The locking hinged pin can be removed and preserved if you ever decide to make it original again, or leave it on and just run a chain through the back like this. However you choose to wear this item, it will make a twinkling impact on all that see it. This statement making brooch/pendant measures 59.0mm x 8.4mm. It’s 5 antique diamonds sparkle like no modern diamond can. Their high crowns and small table facets refract light into a more dispersive flash of rainbow colours than any contemporary cut diamond. This is what estate jewellery is all about. It comes in what we believe to be its original box from Toronto Jewellers Kents’. This irreplaceable item is estate priced at $12,750.00 CAD. Stock #161-00191.

November 6, 2023

Sword pendant 165ct. quartz, moonstone, opal, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, 72.7gr. tw. 14kt. $2,100.00 231-00178

As a group, we’ve developed several theories around this truly one-of-a-kind talisman. The first is that it’s a Wiccan Athame, a ceremonial blade used to cast a circle and summon or banish spirits. This theory comes mostly from the lot of highly symbolic metaphysical pieces that this pendant came from. Each was deeply steeped in meaning and most leaned toward the Neopagan. The second is an Excaliber association which is mostly drawn from the dragon that decorates the hilt. Whatever the origins, this ceremonial dagger or wand was certainly built to be powerful! Measuring just over 5 inches long and consisting mostly of a clear rock crystal pillar (another powerful Neopagan/Wiccan implement). The 14 karat yellow gold top features a twisting hilt and Sai-like prongs (an ancient Japanese dagger), partnered with a European-looking dragon. The hilt is accented with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds but the real show-stoppers are a large oval jelly-opal and a bezel-set rainbow moonstone. Both gems play on the rainbow dispersion that flashes along the quartz crystal while it rotates. That pillar represents spiritual growth and enhancing psychic abilities, the rainbow moonstone strengthens intuition and psychic perception, jelly opal represents perseverance and stability. All of this meaning is secured by an oversized bail that should fit over most chains. The piece is accompanied by a May 2018 Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $7,500.00 CAD. Our estate price for this weapon of spirituality is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #231-00178.

November 4, 2023

Custom made 8.86ct. white topaz & diamond pendant $1,540.00 CAD. e9304


Believe it or not, this is actually the same stone. What used to be a soft reddish-brown imperial topaz has turned into a very pale ever so slightly blue topaz. Exposure to sunlight through our triple-pane laminated showcase/window glass caused the natural brown colour to permanently fade to the new pale blue hue you now see. A couple of pictures just doesn’t do this piece of jewellery justice. The large 8.86 carat imperial topaz sparkles and glitters so much more than still photographs can possibly show. Measurements of 14.3mm x 12.3mm should ensure this exotic stone won’t be overlooked. The big brilliant gem made the floral design setting a logical choice. Our goldsmiths came up with this fantastic lighthearted idea to showcase the large estate topaz. Soft scalloped edges and a string of tiny brilliant cut diamonds confirm the organic natural inspired design. Even the large hinged bail has been given the diamond treatment. 39 small brilliant cut diamonds weighing an estimated 0.33 carat of SI-HI quality form the frame and bail. The low double gallery setting was crafted using 14 karat white gold and weighs 7.0 grams. We love producing this type of jewellery. It’s always fun and refreshing for our team, as it pushes their creative ideas in a different direction from the often requested custom ring. If you have an interesting gem that just isn’t being worn often enough, bring it in, and let’s be inspired together to create something exceptional. By the way, as the reddish brown imperial topaz, this pendant was worth well over $3,000.00. As the new pale blue common topaz, the price is now about half (oops). Don’t leave your imperial topaz in direct sunlight as they can sometimes fade. The pendant is estate priced not including chain at $1,540.00. Stock #e9304.e9304.1 imperial topaz and diamond pendant



October 28, 2023

11.25ct. Ceylon sapphire (non heat treated) GIA certified. 3.40ct. tw. VS-F antique brooch. e12035

We are honored to showcase for you one of the most spectacular antique estate items we’ve ever had. Any combination of the components in this pendant/brooch is worthy of our admiration but to have everything come together in such a significant way is truly remarkable. It dates from the early part of the 20th century and each and every old European cut diamond is original to the piece. They are all of very high VS1-G or better quality. The 51 diamonds are estimated to weigh a combined 3.40 carats. Antique old European cut diamonds are uncommon to see in such high colour grades like these as South Africa (the main source in the 1900s) produced mostly diamonds in the IJK….. range of colour. The skill and craftsmanship executed are as good as it gets too. Beautiful and precise stone setting contouring to each and every individual diamond’s unique outline produce an endless frame of antique brilliance and dispersion. The scalloped edge, platinum milgrain frame is delicate and crisp showing no wear of any kind. The clever engineering of the bobble allows use as either a pendant or brooch. An integrated brooch back can be removed for use as an unobstructed pendant with the removal of a threaded screw. The diamond set bail can quickly be disconnected for use as a statement making brooch on a jacket or blouse. Of course, the most amazing part of the item is the 11.25 carat Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphire. Big diamonds are beautiful, often quite valuable and are easily obtained if your budget allows, but just try to find another medium violet-blue sapphire of this size. Now factor in this stone is easily over 100 years old and original with an old cutting style. Add to that the sapphire comes with the most respected gemological report in the world from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) that describes this corundum (aka sapphire) as completely natural, lacking indications of heat treatment. The full report can be seen online here. Almost all sapphires have been artificially heated to clarify and intensify the colour to a more appealing hue. With that being said, most commercially available sapphires are dull, dark and overly saturated with an inky dark blue colour. The GIA report goes on to say the origin of this stone is Sri-Lanka (formerly Ceylon), one of the most desirable locations know for producing exceptional sapphire specimens. The stone exhibits the classic signs gemologists look for in natural sapphires. Perfectly intersecting silky inclusions at 60 and 120 degrees and distinct colour zoning can easily be seen under darkfield magnification. Excellent transparency, even colour distribution, very well cut and its striking medium violet-blue colour that is simply incredible. Sapphires like this just don’t come around. This is an opportunity for a true connoisseur of fine antique jewellery or the rare gem collector. We’ve had this pendant for a couple of years squirrelled away. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. We thought we’d showcase this sapphire as inspiration for better times to come. When I look at it I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of nature and the high level of skill of the unknown jeweller that produced it. One can only imagine and wonder about the fabulous life of the previous owner(s) who were gifted its care. For anyone who wants to see a rare and exceptional sapphire, we invite you to come have a look. This irreplaceable 10 gram, platinum, pendant/brooch is accompanied by an October 2019 appraisal by respected Toronto appraisal service Harold Weinstein Ltd. and the original copy of the February 2019 GIA New York report. Stock #e12035. Thank you for looking.

October 24, 2023

Antique Art Nouveau seed pearl, garnet & glass, 10 karat necklace/pendant 3.6gr. $315.00 CAD. 231-00244

Catch this one if you can; Art Nouveau necklaces never linger long in our estate showcases! This 120 year old (at least) necklace could have walked off the set of Downton Abbey. Made from 10 karat yellow gold that still displays an honest well-earned patina creating an almost rose gold tint. The wispy necklace features period appropriate purple glass and garnet doublets, a common choice for Art Nouveau goldsmiths who were morally against the expensive gems of the bourgeoisie. The antique necklace measures 20 inches long and is estate priced at $315.00 CAD. Stock #231-00244.

September 19, 2023

0.57ct. VS1-F diamond set cross 61mm x 44mm, 18kt., 26.1gr., $3,960.00 CAD. 161-00093

Another custom-made cross for our ever-changing collection of one-of-a-kind crosses. This one is a doozy measuring a whopping 61mm long by 44mm wide and weighing in at 26.1 grams! What’s really impressive about this oversized cross is what it’s made from, top-quality 18 karat yellow and white gold. The heart of the cross features a 0.57 carat round brilliant cut diamond of equally impressive VS1-FG quality. The cross features an oversized bail allowing it to partner with almost any chain. Excellent condition showing no wear on the bail or jump-ring. Estate price $3,960.00 CAD. Stock #161-00093.


September 11, 2023

0.90ct. tw. I1-HI Canadian diamond pendant earring set 3.5gr. 14kt. $1,680.00 CAD. 161-00224

At first glance the trio of diamonds that adorn this earring and pendant set look as if they are just resting on the rim of each circle. They couldn’t be more securely set however, with heavy under galleries wrapping protectively around the pavilion of each. The trio are all of bright I1-HI quality and all of Canadian origins, proudly laser inscribed as proof. The center diamond in the 9.2mm pendant weighs an estimated 0.50 carat and each 6.9mm stud is set with a 0.20 carat. The 14 karat set is in like new condition with all chromy white rhodium intact. The modern and sleek slider pendant is strung from a 20 inch long petite curb link chain with easy to fasten lobster clasp. Each stud is equipped with sturdy friction backs. Estate price for the set only is $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #161-00224.


August 26, 2023

22.00ct. Kunzite & 0.92ct. I1-HI diamond Geisha pendant/necklace 36.2gr, tw. 14kt. $6,600.00 CAD. 231-00180

Thankfully traditional Japanese Geisha has an extremely distinct hairstyle or we wouldn’t know how to begin telling the story of this handmade necklace. The statement necklace begins with a 24.3mm long by 20.9mm carved bust of a Geisha in the traditional Nihonga style you see on classical Japanese scroll paintings. Except of course that her eyes are diamonds. The pair of well-matched round brilliant cut diamonds peer out of the warm 14 karat yellow gold, creating a striking contrast. Hanging from this bust is a 25.5mm long by 26mm heart topped with a 0.92 carat round brilliant cut diamond of I1-HI quality. That diamond has undergone a treatment called laser drilling, a permanent clarity enhancement employed to improve the overall appearance of a diamond. A microscopic laser beam is used to drill through the diamond to reach a dark inclusion, acid is then forced into that hole, burning away the inclusion and leaving a colourless empty cavity in its place. The laser drill hole can be seen in this photomicrograph reaching a crystal inclusion. The real story of this piece is the almost shield-shaped octagonal kunzite at the center of the heart. The rarely encountered gem was discovered in the very early 1900s and named for Tiffany’s legendary gemologist and gem buyer George Frederick Kunz. The gem is prized for its pastel pink colour which features the faintest hint of lilac purple. The estimated 22 carat kunzite (we feel the actual weight is closer to 18 carats) features two rows of eye-visible reflective inclusions that run at almost a 90-degree angle to the gem’s crown, making them less visible head-on and more visible viewed from the side. The high-polished gold sheet that makes up the heart has been equipped with a tapered wire gallery to ensure it sits properly during wear. Attached to the pendant is a 1.9mm wide snake chain measuring almost 30 inches long. It comes equipped with a sturdy lobster clasp but you’ll hardly need to use it as the necklace slips easily over the head. The entire 14 karat piece weighs in at 36.2 grams and is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $13,500.00. Our estate price for this one-of-a-kind art piece is estate priced for $6,600.00 CAD. Stock #231-00180.

August 23, 2023

2.00ct. tw. Alexandrite necklace. Outstanding colour change. 18.8gr. 14kt. $8,400.00 CAD. e14552 231-00114

In the past 10 years, we’ve only had the opportunity to showcase 3 natural alexandrite pieces in our estate department; an apt example of the rarity of one of the world’s most coveted gems! Alexandrite was something out of a fairy tale when it was discovered in the mountains of Russia in 1830. A gem that changes colour as it passes from sunlight into candlelight, as if responding to the setting of the sun. In daylight, the original Russian gems were bright emerald green and in incandescent light, they went red like rubies. Modern examples from Brazil, East Africa, and Sri Lanka have supplemented the extinct Russian sources and show a variety of blue/greens and purple/reds. When it was originally discovered, it was named for the soon-to-be Tzar of Russian Alexander II, a perfect tribute as the gem’s colours mirrored the national military colours at the time. The example we have today features 9 natural Brazilian alexandrites that have been oval mixed-cut to best showcase their colours. The combined 2.00 carats display a very strong colour change from bluish-green (almost a peacock green) to purplish-red. They display the best colour change we’ve ever seen in Brazilian material. The necklace brackets the gems with trios of channel set I1-H round brilliant cut diamonds. Their addition of 0.75 carats total weight of sparkle helps bring attention to the natural fire of alexandrite, which displays purple, pink, and red flashes when showing blue-green body colour. The neckpiece itself is made from 14 karat yellow gold and measures close to 20 inches long with a sturdy white gold box catch and additional safety lock. The piece came with its original UGL certificate from New York and a November 2021 appraisal from Harold Weinstein LTD. in Toronto, both displaying slightly more optimistic assessments of the piece than we settled for. The UGL cert from 2010 states a replacement value of $9,000.00 USD and the Harold Weinstein document states a value of $21,000.00. We feel a competitive price in Canadian dollars is $12,000.00 and our estate price for the like-new necklace is $8,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14552  231-00114.

August 18, 2023

Amethyst/Diamond earring, pendant,ring suite, 7gr. 14kt. 0.42ct. tdw. $1,246.00 CAD. 206-00350 436-00196

A collection of amethyst and diamond halos showcasing the range of purples that the gem is capable of. The matching oval earring and necklace set exhibits a rich royal purple in the earrings and a highly brilliant true purple in the pendant. The round amethyst in the ring is a lighter purple and the smallest of the group measuring 5mm in diameter. The halo on the ring is a perfect circle of petite diamonds, while the halos on the earrings and pendant are a more open cluster, creating a scalloped edge. Together the diamonds in the earrings and pendant weigh approximately 0.42 carats. The set is all 14 karat white gold with the necklace and earrings retaining their original chromy rhodium plating. The pendant is strung from an 18-inch chain and the ring measures a finger size 5 1/4 with some room to adjust. Estate price for the earring and pendant set $910.00 CAD and for the ring $336.00 CAD. Stock numbers 436-00196 and 206-00350.

Ring has been sold.

August 17, 2023

10kt. cubic ziconia Hamsa hand pendant 7.2gr. $490.00 CAD. e14246

We’ve had a couple of Hamsa pass through our estate department but certainly none like this! Spanning 37.7 x 28.5mm this Hamsa is guaranteed to carry extra good fortune! The hamsa has been covered in hand-set cubic zirconia, leaving only the outline in high polished yellow gold. The 7.2 gram 10 karat pendant is equipped with a large bail, ensuring it will slip over most chains. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e14246.

August 16, 2023

18kt. Aaron Basha “A” diamond pendant/charm 0.08ct. tw. 4.7gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e14253

Aaron Basha is the “Godfather of Charms” for good reason! The founder’s playful designs were sparked by the birth of his first grandchild, for whom he designed a collection of jewel-encrusted baby shoes. Now in their third generation of family ownership, the New York-based jewellery institution boasts a broad range of “magical treasures for the child at heart”. Despite their instantly recognizable playfulness, there’s nothing cute about the price points attached to these Italian-made charms. The “A” Initial Charm is currently listed on their website for $2,800.00 USD. Made from 4.7 grams of high quality 18 karat white gold, the enameled and bowtied A stands 25.3mm tall (including its bail). The bow and bail are hand-set with 0.08 carats of high quality, petite round brilliant cut diamonds. Perfect condition and estate priced at $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14253.

August 11, 2023

0.45ct. SI2-H princess cut diamond pendant 0.5gr. $770.00 CAD (chain extra) 161-00154

That which is called a square turned on its axis would be as square… not quite Shakespear (not even close) but the meaning is the same, a change in perspective does not change facts. But it certainly changes appearances! A simple 45-degree rotation creates the compass heading, taking an ordinary square and turning it into a graceful drop pendant. The princess cut diamond at the center of this transformation weighs a conservative 0.45 carats by measurement formula and is of nice SI2-H quality. It’s been set into a timeless 14 karat white gold pendant with a rabbit-ears bail large enough to accommodate most chains. The chain it currently hangs from is a never worn, 14 karat, 18-inch, from Uno-Aerre Italy and is priced at $145.00 CAD. This Valentine’s Day skip the overrated red thistles and present your partner with this pendant instead! Estate price $770.00 CAD (pendant only, chain extra). Stock #161-00154.

August 6, 2023

14kt. yellow gold poodle pendant/charm 8.9gr. $500.00 CAD. e14136

The Standard Poodle has a cultural association so wildly different from its actual history. Often depicted as a prissy, fussy pet of the wealthy its actual origins couldn’t be farther from that point. Bred as a ducking dog in 17th century Germany, the coat that eventually morphed into the famous Continental clip was developed to protect the dog from cold water while reducing drag on the hindquarters. This miniature poodle (standing only 27.7mm tall) features that classic cut and oversized puppy-dog eyes captured in deep red gems. The 14 karat yellow gold pendant weighs in at 8.9 grams, way too small for even the tea-cup class at the Westminster Kennel Club. Estate price $500.00 CAD. Stock #e14136.

June 4, 2023

14kt. 0.34ct. tw. SI2-J Canadian diamond pendant 1.9gr. rose/white gold, 18″. $525.00 CAD. 161-00296

Not only is the centre diamond in this pendant Canadian, but so is the gold used in its construction as well as the chain, it’s all Canadian sourced. The gold was refined in Canada to .9999 purity before is was alloyed to create the rose gold pendant and white gold chain that was made in Italy. The centre diamond was laser etched along its edge with a unique serial number that traces its origin to the Ekati diamond mine in the Northwest Territories. The certificate reports the diamond to weigh 0.14 carats and is of SI2 clarity and J colour. The centre diamond is surrounded by 32 tiny bead set diamonds of matching quality that contribute an additional 0.19 carats of sparkle. The delicate pendant measures 8mm in diameter and features an attractive filigree back that allows for easy cleaning. A lightweight 14 karat white gold box link chain does a great job of showcasing the rose gold pendant with a bright white rhodium finish. At 18 inches it is the most popular length, but it can always be exchanged for a 16 or 20 inch if you prefer. Included with the pendant is the Maple Leaf Diamonds Certificate of Origin and the Canadian Certified Gold Certificate. This pendant at its 33 diamonds is in like new condition showing no wear. It is estate priced at a $525.00 CAD. Stock #161-00296.


June 3, 2023

Retro design emerald & baguette diamond pendant 1.78ct. tw., 6.3gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 231-00304

Time marches on; it seems like only a few years ago, we were crafting rings, earrings, and pendants that looked similar to this. The 90s were 30 years ago now but it feels like yesterday. This 90s creation features some high quality natural diamonds and a beautiful Columbian emerald of very good colour and clarity (rare for emeralds). The 41 rectangular baguette cut diamonds average VS clarity and I colour. They have been expertly bezel set in a pear shaped pendant setting designed to fit an almost infinite range of necklace widths. The pear shaped faceted emerald has been calculated by formula to weight approximately 1.03 carats and exhibits unusually high clarity. Gold cost less than $500.00 thirty years ago, so it comes as no surprise than this pendant weighs a substantial 6.3 grams.  The gallery of the pendant has been decorated with heart a shaped filigree pattern that continues (perhaps accidentally) on the back where a chain would pass through. We always try to price our estate jewellery with great value in mind, but this one is truly priced below of where it could be. If you love retro looks and high quality jewellery, this one is going to be hard to resist. It is in excellent condition showing no wear from chain slide. I can say confidently, it looks like it has never been worn. It is estate priced at just $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #231-00304.


June 2, 2023

9kt. snake pendant/necklace 13.4 grams. Ruby eyes with diamonds. $650.00 CAD. 291-00297

Love them or hate them, snakes have been popular subject matter for all varieties of jewellery designs. We mostly encounter such serpentine jewellery in the form of rings and bracelets that wrap around the finger or wrist perfectly displaying the reptiles abilities. I think this is the first time we’ve had a snake design incorporated into a necklace and not simple a pendant. This item most likely came from the United Kingdom as is was created in 9 karat gold. Soldered into the circular mesh/foxtail link necklace is a snake head and tail. The choice of chain is perfect, it mimics the look of a smooth scaly shank skin. The necklace measures 16 inches long and is secured by a sturdy lobster clasp.  Bead set in the head are two, nice quality, genuine ruby eyes. The back of the head contains 4 tiny diamonds adding a touch of reflective sparkle. The necklace weighs in a 13.4 grams and is estate priced at $675.00 CAD. Stock #231-00297.


June 1, 2023

0.57ct. I2-I3-I diamond pendant on adjustable 18-20″ box chain 4.6gr. $980.00 CAD. 161-00283

A round diamond in a pear shaped setting looks completely appropriate in a 3 prong setting. The 3 claws and the double pear shaped frame give the illusion that the diamond is actually pear shaped too. The pear/ribbon shaped pendant measures 20.0mm tall x 12.7mm wide. It is suspended from a light 0.7mm box link necklace measuring 18 inches long. A chain extender has been added providing an extra 2 plus inches of customizable length. The round brilliant cut diamond set in the centre of the pendant measures 5.25mm diameter and is calculated to weigh 0.57 carat. The I3-I quality natural diamond provides good sparkle and brilliance despite the modest clarity. Looking unworn, the necklace can be removed to be worn alone or with a different pendant. The pear shaped theme extends with the pendant outline crafted into the decorative filigree gallery. Both pieces are in like new condition, showing no signs of wear. The combined weight in 14 karat white gold is 4.6 grams. This contemporary pendant/necklace is estate priced at $980.00 CAD. Stock #161-00283.



14kt.-10kt. eagle pendant, 35mm, 3.4 grams, $231.00 CAD. 436-00295

We see eagle pendants around here all the time. I’m sure you’ve seen them at other jewellery stores too. They are most often crafted in a simple rough casting then bright cut be hand to sparkle and twinkle, doing little to honor the majestic subject matter they portray. We have some of this variety in stock and many times they are recycled for the gold content. This one is a little different and deserves to be specifically showcased. The detail on this example if far better than most. The original design was likely wax carved by an artist interested in showing a more accurate depiction. It was done with excellent and fine details respecting the stately creature. There are 4 different textures applied to the various feathers on the wings and body. It is curious to see that the necklace connection is not just a simple jump-ring, but a triangular bail that is made from upgraded 14-karat gold, while the rest of the bird was cast from the more expected 10 karat. There are many eagle charms/pendants around, but this one is one of the nicer to pass through our estate department. It is estate priced at $231.00 CAD. Stock #436-00295.


May 30, 2023

10 karat gold Superman pendant/charm 1.89 grams $158.00 CAD. 436-00210

Life was much simpler when there were only a handful of super heroes. I’ve never even heard of half of the current number of superheroes and more are appearing all the time in movies. Superman is one of the originals, he’s been around since 1938 and is one of the true good guys without a single vice. He is a man of unquestionable character. The man of steel has always displayed his stylized “S” monogram framed in the shape of a diamond on his blue outfit with red cape and red boots. This pendant isn’t made of steel but yellow gold. The 10 karat gold creation was crafted from 0.7mm thick gold sheet measuring 28mm wide X 21mm tall. It appears to be custom made as the circular connecting ring and bail were soldered on after the piece was finished. It weighs in at 1.89 grams and should fit a variety of chain weights. It could be also be used on a bracelet or key chain. This inspirational little item would make a great gift the the Superhero in your life. This pendant is estate priced at $158.00 CAD. Stock #436-00210.


May 26, 2023

75ct. aqua., 1.25ct. tourmaline, emerald, winged dolphin pendant/necklace 14kt. 53.9gr. tw. $3,500.00 CAD. 231-00183

Aquamarine was named by ancient Roman fishermen as “water of the sea” who believed it was the treasure of mermaids. Seeing this uncut 75 carat aquamarine crystal it’s easy to understand how they felt. The gem’s colour partnered with its unique surface texture creates the impression it’s been chipped from a glowing iceberg. The gem’s top resembles the rippled surface of the Mediterranean sea, fitting then that a dolphin is leaping across it. That emerald-eyed dolphin has been gifted with angel wings, a symbol from dream interpretation that can mean you are starting a new stage in your life. Dolphins on their own are potent symbols covering everything from protection, purity, freedom, joyfulness, and transformation. Whatever meaning you attach to this aquatic guardian angel it’s certainly a formidable talisman. The necklace is finished with a bezel-set pink tourmaline weighing approximately 1.25 carats, the stone of love and caring. Fitting that the necklace hangs from a heart-link chain, measuring a slip-on 35 1/2 inches long. The 14 karat yellow gold chain does fasten with a barrel clasp in the event you wanted to wear it wrapped around the neck in layers instead of resting on the diaphragm. This custom-made one-of-a-kind piece is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $7,000.00 CAD. Our estate price is $3,500.00, CAD. Stock #231-000183.



May 25, 2023

18kt/plat. German made jewellery $2,000.00 CAD (set only). e10217 161-00066

When you hear ‘German made’ the first thing that pops into mind is efficiency and quality, and for good reason. Many German designers and goldsmiths have a dislike for white and rose gold as it is not a true form of gold, which only occurs yellow naturally. They prefer to use materials in their true forms, so it comes as no surprise that this set be made from 20 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold and grey white platinum. The uber modern three piece set is unlike anything we’ve showcased, allowing for a nearly endless combination of parts, creating a nearly endless variety of looks; limited only by the imagination of the wearer. The innovation of each piece is hidden in the details of closures and precision finishes, the more time you spend with the set the more you’ll marvel at the inventiveness of German engineering. The designer has used rubber cord and synthetic geometric coloured gems accents to bring colour, texture, and variety to each piece. For a finishing touch the tip of the pin bar has been flush set with sparkling round brilliant cut diamond. Estate price for the set $2,000.00 CAD. Stock #e10217 161-00066..


May 23, 2023

0.50ct. tw. I1-IJ Michael Hill diamond pendant 14kt. 2.8gr. $700.00 CAD. 161-00264

Diamonds certainly weren’t designed to sit still but until the dancing diamond hit the scene around 2010 no one had found an effective way to keep them moving. Invented by Hidetaka Dobashi, a Japanese designer, the setting is really quite ingenious. It features a standard four prong setting with a connecting ring soldered to either side, the pendant also has two tiny connector rings that loop onto those of the diamond, allowing the diamond to pivot forward and backward. The effect is a diamond that vibrates at the slightest movement, creating a pulsing effect like the beating of a heart. Even if you’re sitting completely still, this diamond pendant still pivots within the setting. If you have a pulse, this diamond is moving. it must be seen in person to truly appreciate how it looks. This 0.50 carat total weight I2-I3-HIJ diamonds have been enclosed in a 14 karat white gold pear shaped drop on a light weight 18 inch box link chain. The pendant measures 11mm long making it more than appropriate for everyday wear. This pendant comes from Michael Hill Jewellery and is part of their current collection. It can be seen online with a retail price of $1,999.00. Our like new example shows no wear of any kind and is estate priced at a fraction of the Michael Hill price. The Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers estate price is $700.00. Stock #161-00264.





May 22, 2023

0.90ct. I2-I natural diamond solitaire pendant on 17″ curb link chain 1.9gr. $1,540.00 CAD. 161-00253

Big sparkle for not too much money. We’ve seen and done 1000s of these simple four prong diamond pendant settings over the last 65 years at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. No matter the size, they always look great. Even with a modest clarity diamond like this 0.90 carat, they always put on a great display of sparkle and fire. Diamonds are one of the most reflective minerals, so even when the clarity has some eye visible inclusions the reflections help conceal what’s inside. The nice “I” colour, very good cut, and generous 6.1mm size (0.90 carats) make this one look like it costs much more than its estate price of only $1,540.00 CAD. Keep in mind, that price includes a 17-inch curb link chain and setting. With gold priced at $2,700.00 per ounce, even a light chain and setting like this can easily cost over $300.00 alone. The complete diamond pendant and chain weigh 1.9 grams and were made in upgraded 14-karat yellow gold. This is a natural diamond, not one of the inexpensive lab-grown substitutes you are seeing everywhere. The pendant and chain are in like new condition showing zero wear in the links or pendant bail. Classic and timeless diamond solitaire pendant. Estate priced at $1,540.00 CAD. Stock #161-00253.


May 21, 2023

1.50ct. Scissor cut pink sapphire & diamond (0.93ct. tw. VS-F) pendants 2.8gr. 18kt. $3,500.00 CAD each. 231-00200 231-00201

Wonder how we ended up with such well-matched pendants? They originally came in as a set of stud earrings, we felt they would make exceptional pendants so we added a couple of baguette diamond bails and here we are. These are the first pieces we’ve encountered that not only contain invisible set princess cut diamonds but also invisible set baguettes. The result is a frame of diamonds that appear to float in the white gold that backs them. We couldn’t replicate that niche setting style in the bails so we opted for bar-set to keep the spirit the same. The real feature of these pendants is of course the top-quality natural pink sapphires at their hearts. The unusual rectangular scissor-cut gems each weigh approximately 1.50 carats each and could be described as pink bubblegum colour. The combined weight of the 13 VS-FG diamonds in each pendant comes to 0.96 carats. Each weighs in at 2.4 grams and is constructed of rhodium plated 18 karat white gold. They measure 13.8mm long by 10.1mm wide, both equipped with 9.6mm long bails, one fixed, and one flexible. The pendants are accompanied by copies of their original Feb. 2020 appraisals, describing them when they were a pair of earrings valued at $16,020.00. The estate price for each pendant (chains not included) is $3,500.00, CAD. Stock numbers 231-00201 and 231-00200.


May 20, 2023

Tiffany sterling silver “LOVE YOU” charm/pendant, red enamel, 25mm, 8.3gr., $180.00 CAD. 651-00095

Uncommon red enamel “LOVE YOU” Tiffany pendant in sterling silver. This pendant measures 25mm wide and can be worn on a necklace or charm bracelet. The large oval bail will accommodate almost any size chain. The cute heart has been freshly polished and is in lightly worn condition showing no chain wear on the oval bail. It comes with its original drawstring Tiffany blue pouch. The red charm version has been retired by Tiffany, but they still show a blue necklace version on the Tiffany website for $300.00. The back side is highly polished and can be personalized with a special message by one of our onsite engravers. This collectible pendant is estate priced at $180.00 CAD. Stock #651-00095.


May 15, 2023

0.50ct. tw. I1-I diamond & morganite pendant, Michael Hill, 2.1gr., 10kt, 18″, $560.00 CAD. 231-00263

The cluster design is a style that can be imagined in a multitude of forms. They are a great way to maximize sparkle at a lower price point. This pendant was originally purchased at Australian based Michael Hill Jewellers. They are still showing this pendant on their website where it was originally priced at $1,799.00. This pretty ballerina style pendant contains 48 sparkling diamonds of I1-I quality, Michael Hill have conservatively assigned them an I2 clarity grade, but they are certainly better than that. Four different sizes of round brilliant and tapered baguette cut diamonds add far more interest than a simple outline of uniform size stones. The 0.50 carat total weight of diamonds frame an oval faceted 6mm x 4mm pink morganite estimated to weigh 0.33 carats. The natural gems have been hand set into a delicate 10 karat rose gold setting (20.5mm x 12.4mm)that is suspended from a light cable link 18 inch necklace. The diamonds have been set very closely together with great precision. It appears that this item is being retired from the Michael Hill collection as the website shows it on sale at 50% off from a regular price of $1,799.00. Our pendant/necklace appears to be in unworn condition. The hinged bail shows no witness marks where the chain runs through. We don’t expect this pretty pendant to last long at our estate price of just $560.00 CAD. Stock #231-00263.


May 8, 2023

18kt. handmade mouse & pig charm/pendants 4.0gr., 5.9gr. $438.00, $630.00 CAD. e13477 e13476 231-00030

These might be the most delightfully ridiculous pendants we’ve ever had! And they’re handmade! The pair consists of puffy tear drop shaped bodies (obviously well fed) decorated with radial finishes that give the impression of a fluffy coat and bristled hide. The leggy pig has piercing turquoise eyes while its mousy partner exhibits carnelian eyes. Both have been decoratively bezel set to appear like eyelashes. The pig has high polished pointed ears, a curly tail, and a flat little nose. The mouse has Mickey ears, whiskers, a pair of big buck teeth, and a swirling tail. Each is made from 18 karat yellow gold and comes equipped with oversized bails that should allow for wear on almost any chain or bracelet. The mouse measures 24.8mm long by 11.9mm wide and the pig measures 28.2mm long by 25.4mm tall and 15.8mm wide. Estate price for the 4 gram mouse is $438.00 CAD. Stock #e13477. The pig weighs in at 5.9 grams (no blue ribbons in his future, unfortunately) and is estate priced for $630.00 CAD. Stock #e13476 231-00030.


April 27, 2023

18kt. Escada heart pendant with 0.10ct. VS-G diamond, 10gr. $1,400.00 CAD. 161-00125

This Escada pendant is a bit of a puzzle for us, as far as we can tell the clothing and cosmetics brand never dabbled in fine jewellery, just costume jewellery. But we’ve found versions of this pendant (the Triple Heart Love in Motion pendant) on a couple of auction sites, all displaying the same ESCADA stamp as ours displays. Take it for what you will, this pendant is very well made, brand name or not. The 26mm long by 23.3mm wide heart is solid 18 karat white gold, weighing in at a substantial 10 grams! The hearts have been riveted together, allowing the two interior hearts to be repositioned. The central heart carries a 0.10 carat round brilliant cut diamond of high VS2-G quality. The large fixed bail will accommodate almost any size of chain or cord necklace. After a fresh professional polishing and rhodium plating, the pendant looks like it has never been worn. It is estate priced at $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14502 161-00125.


April 20, 2023

0.50ct. tw. I1-LMN diamond pendant 3.2gr. 14kt. $900.00 CAD. e13555 161-00078

Simple, classic heart shaped diamond pendant. The 20 round brilliant cut diamonds weigh an estimated 1.00 carat in total. The 14-karat yellow gold pendant is suspended on an 18-inch light rope chain. The total weight is 3.2 grams. The tightly spaced diamonds produce an uninterrupted sparkling frame focusing on the thin highly polished inner lip. These are not your regular tiny little diamonds; each one measures 2.35mm diameter and weighs 0.05 carats. The diamond quality averages I1-LMN but you’d never expect the warmer hue as they are set against yellow gold, so they only show the sparkle. It is a ton of show for only $45.00 per diamond including the gold. Estate priced at $900.00. Stock #e13555 161-00078.


April 15, 2023

18kt. cross, 45mm x 30mm, 3.3gr, made in Italy, $350.00 CAD. e14498 436-00079

A classic Italian-made cross that announces its presence quietly with a large span but narrow gauge; measuring 45mm x 30mm but only displaying a 2.9mm bar thickness. The 18 karat yellow gold cross is hollow-constructed but still manages to weigh in at 3.3 grams. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e14498 436-00079.


April 5, 2023

18kt. diamond & gemstone pendant/earring set, 20″ chain 42.9gr. tw. $3,000.00/$2,500.00 CAD. 231-00193 211-00117

These highly statement-making flower medallions could have been fashioned after the open bloom of a rose, begonia, or gardenia, judging from their petal arrangements but certainly not from their colour. The multicoloured petals are painted with intense orange citrine, royal purple amethyst, vibrant sky blue topaz, and springy pastel green peridot. To keep the colours from overwhelming the trio of flowers has been left as open airy frames, stitched together with narrow rows of petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The gems and diamonds have all been set into bright rhodium plated 18 karat white gold, making an icy backdrop for these head-turning blooms. The 39.5mm wide flower pendant is equipped with a petite flexible diamond studded bail that should accommodate most chains. The earrings measure 27mm at their widest and are equipped with spring omega backs and posts that are hinged, allowing them to tuck away for safe storage. Currently, the pendant is partnered with a 20-inch-long rolo chain measuring 2.5mm wide and ending in a lobster clasp. All told the necklace weighs in at 24.6 grams and the earrings at 18.3 grams, all three are in like-new condition for the estate price of $3,000.00 CAD for the pendant and $2,250.00 CAD for the earrings. Stock #231-00193 and 211-00117.


April 4, 2023

Fine gold nugget/14kt. pendant 7.5gr. $770.00 CAD. 436-00060

This is probably the most well thought out nugget pendant we’ve encountered. Here the nugget’s organic shape and mottled texture are used in contrast against the asymmetrical high polished frame. The effect is eye catching and modern creating a pendant that is much more interesting than the traditional nugget with a bail. The frame has been made from extra warm 14 karat yellow gold to better complement the intense yellow of the fine gold. It’s equipped with an oversized bail making it suitable for most chains. All told the 7.5 gram pendant measures 31mm by 15.5mm. The estate price for this obviously custom made pendant is $770.00 CAD. Stock #436-00060.




0.15ct. tw. dagger pendant 48.0mm x 10.2mm 4.4gr. 14kt. $770.00 CAD. 231-00217

Despite measuring only 4.8cm long (including the bail) this dagger is steeped in decorative detail. The blade is mirror finished with a heavily tapered ridge across its middle that begins with a bezel-set marquise-shaped blue sapphire. The dagger transitions from blade to crosspiece with a decorative swirling accent unfurling from a bezel set square brilliant cut diamond. The twisted hilt ends in flaming finials banded by white gold diamond bars. All together the diamonds equal approximately 0.15 carats. The dagger as a whole is solidly carved from 4.4 grams of warm 14-karat yellow gold and is equipped with an oversized bail that should accommodate almost any chain. The estate price is $770.00 CAD. Stock #231-00217.


April 2, 2023

18kt. pearl & white sapphire vintage earring/pendant set 15.1gr. $2,040.00 CAD. 161-00219

This elegant vintage set was built for a night on the town! The drop earrings and collar-accentuating necklace are articulated to maximize movement. The earrings dangle 30.6mm and feature 2 brilliant-cut white sapphires with creamy round cultured pearls. The necklace measures 18 inches long with 3 brilliant cut white sapphires and its own round pearl of a slightly whiter cream tone than those in the earrings. The set is made from premium quality 18-karat white gold that retains its original bright white rhodium plating. The earrings are secured with locking hinged backs that require compression to open and the necklace is equipped with a pearl clasp that snaps safely into place. The estate price for the vintage set is $2,040.00 CAD. Stock #161-00219.


April 1, 2023

0.50ct. tw. I1-I2-I diamond earring pendant set 14kt. 2.9gr. $543.00 CAD. e11085 231-00020

There’s nothing our service team likes more than when a piece of estate jewellery comes in that requires no work before going on the sales floor. Just a thorough high temperature ultrasonic cleaning and it’s ready to go. That goes double with this necklace and earring set that came to us in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Even the original bright rhodium finish was 100% intact. Each piece contains three well cut, bright, graduated round brilliant diamonds of conservatively graded I1-I2-I quality, weighing an estimated 0.50 carat total weight. The diamonds are set in single shared claw settings leaving a maximum amount of uncovered diamond to sparkle without interruption. The trio is well made from 2.9 grams of 14 karat white gold. They come complete with tight friction backs and a 16 inch long delicate cable link chain. Packaged up with complimentary gift wrapping in our traditional blue and white satin gift box. The set is estate priced at only 543.00 CAD.  $60.00 per diamond including the gold never looked so good. You just can’t beat the value of our estate jewellery. Stock #e11085 231-00020.



March 12, 2023

0.75ct. tw. VS-I diamond set 18kt. budded cross with 14kt. 18″ chain 6.5gr. tw. $1,680.00 CAD. 161-00171

Is there a line of poetry more closely linked with the Western wedding ceremony than 1 Corinthians chapter 13 “love is patient and kind, love does not envy or boast,…..”. The Budded Cross or Apostles Cross is a symbol of this verse with the three buds on each arm of the cross representing Faith, Hope, and Love “The greatest of these is love”. This 35mm long by 19.4mm wide example casts that symbolism in top-quality 18 karat white gold and bright VS-I quality round brilliant cut diamonds. The 25 well-matched diamonds equal approximately 0.75 carats in total weight with the heart of the cross featuring the largest of the lot. The pendant swings freely from a large sculptural bail allowing it to fit over most chains. Currently, it is strung from an 18-inch long 14 karat white gold cable chain but it can be separated from the pendant if needed. Estate price for the like-new pendant and chain $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #161-00171.


March 11, 2023

14kt. opal doublet & diamond ( SI-HI) earring/pendant set 16″ 8.3gr. $1,260.00 CAD. 231-00209

Black opals are often cut and polished on their host rock backing to support these relatively fragile gemstones. For further protection, they are usually also sandwiched under a dome of transparent optical quartz. The back section on each 10mm x 8mm opal doublet is likely black onyx that has been epoxied to the opal. This gives the semitranslucent rainbow opal more contrast. The trio are flat disks instead of cabochons and feature a lively play-of-colour. Each is encircled in a scalloped halo of round single cut diamonds equalling 0.66 carats of SI-HI quality. The earrings hang from diamond-accented ear wires and the chain is strung on a 16-inch curb chain with a spring ring catch. The 14-karat white gold set is estate priced at $1,260.00 CAD. Stock #231-00209.


February 24, 2023

1.00ct. tw. I1-IJ Journey diamond pendant on 18″ box chain 2.3gr. tw. $910.00 CAD. 161-00265

The journey pendant has been one of our most popular new and estate style for close to 20 years. Whenever one comes in it doesn’t stay around too long. There are some jewellery designs that just look right, and the journey pendant is one of those items. They comes in all sizes and qualities, it is hard to mess up this style. Our latest journey pendant is a large example that features 7 good sized natural round brilliant cut diamonds that have been calculated to weigh a combined 1.00 carat total diamond weight. The diamonds are well matched, grading a pleasant I1-IJ quality. The 14 karat white gold pendant measures slightly over 1 inch in length and is suspended from a light 14 karat white gold, box link, 18 inch necklace in like new condition. The pendant is in perfect shape, it doesn’t display even the slightest evidence of wear in the bail where the chain runs through. This classic pendant is estate priced at only $910.00 CAD. Stock #161-00265.


February 23, 2023

14kt. sea turtle pendant 2.1gr. $245.00 CAD. 436-00208

Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto just introduced their third sea turtle to their lagoon, a rescue found off the coast of Vancouver in 2005 (read the full story in this Toronto Star article). Her name is Schoona and she weighs in at 288 pounds and measures 99.3 cm long, making her the biggest turtle in the aquarium. Our tiny 14-karat yellow gold turtle weighs a delicate 2.1 grams and spans only 15.9mm, with rhodium-accented flippers and a flexible bail. Made in Turkey, our turtle has migrated approximately 8,400 km, which sounds impressive until you learn that green sea turtles like Schoona travel an average of 2,000 km each year after they reach maturity. Being that most females mature between 25-35 years old and have a life expectancy of 70 years or more, that makes for almost 60,000 km traveled in the average lifetime! Our little travel companion is certainly ready to get moving and is estate priced at $245.00 CAD. Stock #436-00208.


January 11, 2023

14kt. Art Nouveau Eatons amethyst & seed pearl pendant/necklace, 8.4gr. $1,050.00 CAD. 231-00245

We’ve been fortunate enough to have several Art Nouveau necklaces and this one is among the nicest we’ve seen. The 16 inch long neckpiece hugs the collarbone but drapes almost 5.5cm beyond that. As is the custom with these necklaces the “arms” that extend off the main body are flexible, allowing it to sit naturally on any wearer. This particular example happens to boast a Canadian pedigree, hailing from Canada’s original mega department store (in the vein of the British period-drama Mr. Selfridge) Eaton’s. The once cost to coast, high end department store sold everything from engagement rings to assemble-yourself homes. This warm 14 karat yellow gold piece is studded with seed pearls and features 2 intense royal purple amethysts. The necklace retains its original antique spring ring catch and is in like-new condition despite being at least 120 years old. Estate price $1,050.00 CAD. Stock #231-00245.


January 10, 2023

2.25ct. tw. natural sapphire & diamond pendant 1.5gr. 14kt. $2,030.00 CAD. 231-00234

We love halos, clusters, and other elaborate designs, but sometimes a high-quality gem doesn’t need a lot of extra decoration to make a statement. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach worked great with this lovely 2.00-carat oval sapphire. The rich royal blue gem measures 9.0mm x 6.7mm and has been faceted in a traditional oval brilliant pattern to maximize its brilliance. The crowning diamond is much larger than just an accent, forming another element of the clean design. The diamond is of a better SI2-HI quality that pairs well with the beautiful blue sapphire. The complementary colour of blue is yellow and the large 14-karat yellow gold bail will accommodate a variety of sizes and lengths of chain. The two-tone double gallery design is sturdy, secure, and timeless. Looking like new and showing almost no wear in the bail run, this high-quality sapphire and diamond pendant is estate priced at $2,030.00 CAD. 231-00234.


January 7, 2023

18kt. hand carved cameo pendant/brooch 28mm x 22mm 3.4gr. gw. $263.00 CAD. 231-00227

Thank you Grandmillenials for making cameos cool again! We’ve always had a soft spot for these miniature hand-carved busts, captured in natural seashells with high relief of cream on orange peach. Today’s 28mm x 22mm cameo is a well-carved content-looking young woman with flowers in her hair and pearls around her throat. The 18-karat high polished frame features the standard brooch back and a hinged bail allowing the piece to convert easily into a pendant. The estate price is $263.00, CAD. Stock #231-00227.


January 5, 2023

21kt. leaf earrings & pendant set (never worn) 7.77gr. $1,145.00 CAD. 426-00152

The intense warmth of 21 karat gold is hard to express in pictures, the 87.5% pure gold is so potent it glows. This leaf set really plays with that colour by mixing bright cut, high polished, and diamond brush finishes. In contrast, every other leaf tip is dipped in chromy rhodium. The pendant has a gentle, natural arch and is equipped with a sturdy oversized bail that should fit over most chains. The earrings hang from locking shepherd hooks that end in faceted flowers. The set weighs 7.77 grams together and has never been worn. The estate price is $1,145.00, CAD. Stock #426-00152.


January 4, 2023

14kt. 14mm x 10mm ammonite pendant & 16″ box chain 4.6gr. $609.00 CAD. 231-00175

Ammonoidea were cephalopods that swam Earth’s seas up until the great extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period. Their closest living relatives would be squid, octopus, and cuttlefish, except that ammonoidea exhibited swirling shells that look like tightly curled rams horn. The ancient Egyptians linked fossilized ammonoidea shells (called ammonite) with their god Amun, calling it “ammonis cornua” and creating the root for the creature’s scientific name. It’s not hard to understand that divine tie when you see an ammonite fossil in person, when their original shell layer becomes exposed they exhibit an intense rainbow iridescence unlike anything found living today. There are several theories about the purpose a cephalopod could have had for this loud colour display but it’s fascinated humanity for centuries. Its use in jewellery is rather recent, the fossil wasn’t officially recognized as a gem material until 1981. Our 14 x 10mm ammonite triplet features a clear quartz top to protect the surface of the fossil. It’s wrapped in a 14 karat yellow gold frame and hangs from a 16-inch box chain. The estate price is $609.00, CAD. Stock #231-00175.


December 23, 2022

14kt. 3.00ct. tw. SI-KL White Carat diamond set cross 12.5gr. $3,500.00 CAD. 161-00213

We have so many crosses (seriously, so many!) but we’ve only had a couple of this scale and certainly none of this caliber! The hand-set diamond cross originally hails from White Carat Co. originally of the GTA, New York, and now also Miami. If you’ve not encountered the diamond-encrusted house of jewellery before your best introduction is probably their Instagram account @frankydiamondofficial. This diamond-encrusted cross speaks for itself though, spanning a statement-making 2.72 inches tall by 1.43 inches wide and weighing in at 12.5 grams in 14-karat yellow gold. The 196 perfectly matched SI1-KL round brilliant cut diamonds equal an estimated 3.00 carats together, including those on the oversized hinged bail. Estate price for this like-new piece is $3,500.00 CAD. Stock #161-00213.


December 20, 2022

Hand made opal necklace 4.00ct. tw. 24.6gr. 14kt. $3,220.00 CAD. 231-00156 e13460

If you aren’t a fan of traditional white opal you should look into its lesser known sibling, the black opal. These opals form with a dark body colour instead of the more common white or cream colours. The result is a more obvious fire as the flashing colours are set against a contrasting dark background. Their body colour can range from black, grey, blue, or green and those colours in themselves can be more appealing. The black opals in this handmade one of a kind neck piece represent a good variety of the colours available. The seven small circular cabochons used as accent links are true blue in their colour and display mostly red and orange flashes. They offer a sharp contrast to the mostly blue and electric green flashes of the four oval and three pear shaped cabs. Of course, the main opal is the most impressive of the group. Its body colour is a smoky lilac blue and it exhibits the full spectral range of flash fire at the slightest movement. The goldsmith that made this piece opted to surround these cooler tones in warm 14 karat yellow gold. Each link is fully articulated to allow for a full range of motion, maximizing the fire of the estimated 4.00 carats total weight of black opal. Even the fancy link chain has been painstakingly handmade. The 24.6 gram necklace is secured with a heavyweight, easy to fasten lobster clasp. The estate price is $3,220.00 CAD. Stock #231-00156 e13460.



December 15, 2022

1.00ct. tw. SI-I-I diamond circle pendant, 40mm, 17.6gr. 10kt. $2,240.00 CAD. 161-00227

We’ve had our fair share of diamond circle pendants over the years but this is by far the most impressive! Measuring a statement-making 40mm wide by 4.1mm tall and looking as though it must have been custom-made. The 62 round brilliant cut diamonds have been bead set into deep protective channels. They equal 1.00 carats in total weight and are of well-matched SI-I-I quality and contrast brightly against the warm 10-karat yellow gold. The pendant is attached to a 2.3mm wide heavy curb link chain equipped with end caps and a medium lobster clasp. All told the necklace measures 20.5 inches long and is estate priced at $2,240.00 CAD. Stock #161-00227.


December 10, 2022

14kt. oval locket, 27mm x 20mm, 3.8gr. (net) $333.00 CAD. 436-00189

We might be one of the last strongholds for lockets and we’re pretty proud of our retro locket selection! The tiny gold boxes have been a jewellery staple for centuries, and why not? Traditionally they weren’t for pictures, they carried dried flowers, locks of hair, mementos of relatives and loved ones, hand-painted portraits, special notes, good luck charms, relics of saints, love poems, magical spells, vials of poison, or any secrets you couldn’t let out of your sight. It’s only been the last century that photos were the sole domain of lockets. If you’re thinking of reviving one of their traditional purposes I’d recommend this particular locket. It features a heavy-duty lock that takes two fingers to open, and is generally sturdy and well made; a perfect mini-safe for the things you can’t trust to the cloud. The locket measures 27mm long by 20mm wide, with a large hinged bail that should accommodate most light to medium weight chains. It features two removable plexiglass windows with cloth liner, remove these and you’ve got about 4.5mm of storage depth. Formed from 14 karat yellow gold, featuring an embossed floral motif, and a highly polished back ready for engraving. The locket is in like new condition with a tight hinge and no visible wear. The locket has a net weight of 3.8 grams. Estate price $333.00 CAD. Stock #436-00189.


December 9, 2022

2.75ct. pink tourmaline, lab-grown emerald crystal, & diamond pendant on chain, 25.6gr. tw. $1,800.00 CAD. 231-00177

Pink tourmaline is the gemstone of love and caring, no wonder it’s presented here being held aloft by Cupid. The 2.75 carat oval gem is being held like a lantern in the hand of this tiny god of love. As the son of Venus (or Aphrodite, if you’re referencing Greek mythology instead of Roman, in which case he is called Eros) this perpetually winged toddler has been responsible for some of the greatest matches and mischief in history. He has been expertly carved in solid 14-karat yellow gold and equipped with round brilliant cut diamond eyes. He and his love-light are perched on a lab-grown emerald crystal that could almost resemble a heart. Emerald has several meanings but its oldest is as the “stone of successful love”. This 26.7mm wide by 33.7mm tall statement piece hangs from a 21-inch sturdy wheat chain with a heavy lobster clasp for easy fastening. The estate price for this one-of-a-kind handmade wearable love-potion is $1,800.00, CAD. Stock #231-00177.


December 8, 2022

***RARE*** 5gr. 9999 Engelhard Canada fine gold bar with free 14kt. frame. $600.00 CAD (no sales tax). 912-00443

Engelhard was absorbed into the giant German industrial company BASF years ago. We see less and less of their beautiful gold wafers and bars all the time. This little guy is one we’ve never seen before. For bullion collectors, fraction size and rare Engelhard bars are among the most sought-after. We are including the tab-set 0.57 gram 14 karat yellow gold frame for no extra charge with the purchase. Fine gold bullion such as this is not subject to sales tax. This rare wafer is a great way to get started in the collectible bullion market and get a nice piece of jewellery you can wear as a pendant too. This wafer/pendant is estate priced at $600.00 CAD. Stock #912-00443.



December 6, 2022

2.36ct. Tanzanite & diamond (0.79ct. tw. VS-SI-I) pendant, 14kt. 6.3gr. $2,940.00 CAD. 231-00155

In the gem world, Tanzanite is a pretty new stone, discovered at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967. The gem was first brought to Tiffany & Co. (as one does when they want to move a new gem into the zeitgeist) who felt the gem’s technical name zoisite was not marketable, they renamed the gem tanzanite in honor of its country of origin. Our 2.36 carat trillion cut tanzanite is a fine example of what the stone is capable of, showing that coveted indigo/violet blueberry tone. The 25.1mm long pendant that carries the gem is all bail, making it more than capable of slipping over almost any chain. The majority of that bail features 5 straight baguette cut diamonds channel set edge to edge, maximizing the diamond’s ability to split white light into an every-coloured rainbow. The 14 karat pendant transitions from bail to gemstone with a curving channel of round brilliant cut diamonds. Altogether the diamonds equal an estimated 0.79 carats of high VS-SI-I quality. We’ve opted to hang the pendant from an 18-inch omega link chain that measures 4.2mm wide. The 14-karat chain is reversible showing warm yellow gold on one side and brightly rhodium plated white gold on the other. The chain is fastened by a button release catch and is estate priced on its own for $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #431-00417. The pendant is accompanied by its original Diamonds International receipt and a certificate showing an original purchase price of $2,985.00 USD. Our estate price is $2,940.00 CAD. Stock #231-00155.



Custom made vintage citrine pendant 38.26 carats 31gr. 14kt. gold $2,200.00 CAD. 161-00054

I don’t really know when the bark finish fell out of favor (maybe the late 80’s) but we’re bringing it back! If I were to guess I would say this 47mm x 36mm pendant was inspired by sycamore or scots pine. It’s been hand carved in a heavy and realistic relief from warm 14-karat yellow gold. The bite of this pendant is the huge 38.26-carat emerald-cut citrine, just a shade more yellow than the gold that houses it. The 31-gram pendant is equipped with a hidden double bail large enough to accommodate most chains. Estate price $2,200.00 CAD. Stock #161-00054.


December 5, 2022

5.50ct. tanzanite & diamond (50=0.20ct. tw.) pendant 3.1gr. 14kt. $3,600.00 CAD. 231-00216 e10462

Tanzanite is most prized for its intensely saturated violets and indigos. This 5.50 carat pear shaped brilliant cut tanzanite is a medium to dark saturation level and displays a captivating violet with washes of purple-pink shades that perfectly capture the colours of a heliotrope flower. The pendant has obviously been built around the gem, designed with a curved bottom that encourages the pendant to roll and rock during wear. The pendant’s top curves as much as its bottom, creating a rolling marquee light effect across its 50 petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The diamonds together equal an approximate total weight of 0.20 carats and are backed by bright rhodium plated 14 karat white gold. The pendant is in brand-new unworn condition for the estate price of $3,600.00 CAD. Stock #231-00216.


December 4, 2022

1.00ct. tw. I2-IJ diamond heart pendant & chain 5.2gr. 14kt. $770.00 CAD. e14128

A heart-shaped diamond cluster for those who, like us, love a bit of retro-flare! This 20.0mm by 19.6mm heart features two stepped tiers of staggered round brilliant cut diamonds, backed by chromy-white rhodium plating. The 36 I2-IJ quality diamonds combine for an approximate total carat weight of 1.00 carat. They’re contrasted by a high polished yellow gold open heart and matching rabbit-ear bail. The 14-karat pendant is accompanied by a 16-inch long Singapore link chain. The total weight of the chain and pendant is 5.2 grams, representing a great value for the estate price of just $770.00 CAD. Stock #e14128.



December 3, 2022

1.35ct. custom made sapphire pendant 2.1gr. $595.00 CAD. 231-00173

This bezel-set sapphire was attached to a statement necklace that was too much statement for our audience! But you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, so we recycled the rest of the necklace for its useful parts and installed a robust bail for this sapphire. On its original busy necklace, this 1.35 carat pear-shaped sapphire wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, but now it’s center stage and ready to shine! The bail and bezel are well made from heavy-gauge 18-karat yellow gold and together they measure 18.3mm long. The bail is large enough to accommodate almost any chain and if you don’t have one for it we have hundreds in-store to choose from. Estate price $595.00 CAD. Stock #231-00173.


November 21, 2022

1.00ct. tw. SI1-H 3 stone diamond pendant 1.8gr. 18kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 161-00209

This pendant boasts a massive bail, almost doubling the total length of the piece. That may seem like a practical choice as it allows for the piece to be worn on almost any chain. The bail serves an important aesthetic function, creating an eye-catching contrast of highly domed, highly polished white gold that steps up to a graduated trio of diamonds. Together that trio equals approximately 1.00 carat together of eye-clean SI1-H quality. The 24.3mm long pendant is made from top-quality 18-karat white gold that retains its original chromy rhodium plating as proof of its like-new condition. The estate price is $2,100.00, CAD. Stock #161-00209.


November 20, 2022

0.75ct. tw. SI-HI diamond pendant & earring set, 5.2gr. 14kt. $770.00 & $560.00 (sold separately). 161-00179 151-00175

We really do stand behind every piece we sell, which is why we’re happy to give this diamond set a third chance at life after originally being sold (estate) in December 2018. No worse for wear the trio still retains its unscuffed chromy white rhodium finish.  The 16-inch cable chain doesn’t show any stretch or wear at all and can actually be strung through the top or bottom of the pendant, allowing you to wear the piece in ascending or descending order. The three clusters are made up of 0.50 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds and measure 4.8mm to 5.9mm wide. The earrings measure 16.9mm long and have a flexible joint between the first and second clusters, allowing them to swing freely during wear. They contain 0.25 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds that match the SI-HI quality of the pendant. The earrings and necklace are sold separately for $560.00 and $770.00 CAD respectively. Stock numbers 151-00175 and 161-00179.



November 19, 2022

0.90ct. tw. I1-chocolate diamond pendant, 18″, 10kt., 2.1gr. $700.00 CAD. e14334 161-00085

Pendants in this arrangement have been popular choices for years. Our latest example is made up of chocolate diamonds that display a natural brown body colour while still offering the brilliance and dispersion that is unique to diamonds. The average clarity of all 10 diamonds is an easy I1, many would say SI2. The pendant and light 18-inch rope chain is constructed from 10-karat yellow gold with rhodium enhancement on the claw tips. By conservative formula estimation, the diamonds weigh a minimum of 0.90 carats. Like new condition, showing no wear of any kind and estate priced at $700.00. Stock #e14334 161-0085.


November 18, 2022

14kt. pearl & dia. 18″ pend./ear. set 22.4gr. 0.25ct. tw. I1-IJ $1,800.00 CAD. 231-00088 e13155

Artsy and chic, this pearl set is a study of contrasting textures. The main body of each piece is warm yellow gold finished with a linear brush and ending in the sphere of a white lustrous pearl. That calm and understated theme is punctuated with a strip of brightly rhodium plated polished white gold. The finishing touch is a single round brilliant cut diamond bisecting the white gold bar. The makeup of each is 1/5 bright and 4/5 matte. The final affect is thoughtful in its tension of finishes and luxurious in its quality and hand made nature. In order to not detract from the sleek set the posts and hinged omega backs of each earring have been hidden from view and the pendant done as a slider, capable of taking most chain sizes. Currently it hangs from an 18 inch long curb link. The diamonds come together for 0.25 carats of I1-IJ brilliance. The 14 karat gold set weighs in at a substantial 22.4 grams and is sold as a set only for $1,800.00 CAD. Stock #231-00088 e13155.



November 17, 2022

18kt. freeform heart pendant on 17″ necklace, 14.5gr. tw. $1,610.00 CAD. 161-00193

Stylistically this pendant floats somewhere between a heart and a butterfly wing, a meaningful intersection if you spend some time delving into butterfly symbolism. Depending on the culture they can represent transformation, rebirth, purity, and a symbol of the soul. Measuring about 31.3mm long by 25.8mm wide and a puffy 4.5mm thick. The piece has been accented by 5 hand set round brilliant cut created white sapphires, adding a bit of sparkle to the shining 18-karat white gold. To keep the weight of this statement piece manageable it has been hollow constructed. The pendant and its 17-inch chain still weigh in at an impressive 14.5 grams, a testament to their sturdy construction. The estate price is $1,610.00 CAD. Stock #161-00193.


November 16, 2022

1.74ct. tw. fine emerald & diamond (SI-KL) earring/pendant set 4.9gr. 18kt. $980.00 211-00118, $770.00 231-00194.

Fine emeralds really do appear to glow from within, and that glow is evidence of intense colour combined with high clarity. This trio of round emeralds glows like tiny green embers, speaking in terms of emerald clarity (which always forms heavily included compared to many other gems) these are all of high clarity, displaying only a few scattered moss-like inclusions through their mostly clear depths. The pendant features a 0.44-carat emerald and the earrings combine for 0.66 carats total weight, all wrapped in wreaths of round brilliant cut diamonds. The diamonds are of of SI-KL quality and backed with bright rhodium plating to enhance their overall appearance. The earrings carry 0.40 carats of diamonds and the pendant had 0.25 carats. The studs span 9mm and feature heavy friction backs for a firm, secure grip. The pendant measures 10.4mm wide and is equipped with a large heavyweight rabbit ears bail that should slip over most chains. The estate price for the earrings is $980.00 CAD and the pendant is $770.00, CAD. Stock numbers 211-00118 and 231-00194.



November 15, 2022

3.50ct. tw. yellow sapphire heart pendant, 7.9gr. 18kt. $1,960.00 CAD. 231-00159

Pure sapphire is actually colourless. The common blue that everyone associates with sapphire is caused by trace amounts of iron and titanium. Only a few hundredths of a percent of these elements are enough to change the colour. If the sapphire forms with a lot more iron than titanium the result is yellow to orange sapphires. We certainly run into fancy colour sapphires a lot less often than the blue ones. It’s always fun when an unusual sapphire makes an appearance in a showcased estate item. This heart pendant has been handcrafted using a generous amount of rich 18 karat yellow gold. The estimated 3.50 carats (0.7 grams) of sapphire contribute to a finished weight of almost 8 grams for the pendant, that comes without a chain. The 15 brilliant cut yellow sapphire have been tightly pave set. The robust gold beads holding it them together almost disappear in person as they blend with the sparkly yellow stones. The pendant is suspended by a large hinged bail that will easily accommodate a thin to thick chain or cord necklace. This unsigned pendant is almost certainly a one of a kind custom made item. This unique pendant is ready to wear with an existing chain of yours or you can purchase one of our many new and estate necklaces. The pendant measures 22mm wide and is estate priced at $1,960.00 CAD. Stock #231-00159.


November 11, 2022

14kt. gold whale tail pendant 1.2mm 15.5mm $140.00 CAD. 436-00207

Did you know a whale’s tail is called a fluke? And that there is an entire international science and citizen science community devoted to fluke spotting (you can submit your fluke photos to Flukes are like fingerprints, allowing researchers and conservationists to identify individual whales based on markings, scarring, pigment patterns, and overall shape. There is even an AI called Flukebook that has been developed to streamline this process. We aren’t sure who the fluke model was for this 14-karat yellow gold pendant but feel free to submit its image for analysis and let us know what you find out! The gracefully carved tail measures 17.1mm wide by 15.5 and features a hidden double bail that should accommodate most chains. The estate price for this like-new pendant is $140.00 CAD. Stock #436-00207.


November 10, 2022

27ct. amethyst & gemstone Egyptian Bastet pendant, 24″ chain, 19.0gr. $1,800.00 CAD. 231-00179

The last necklace from the lot of metaphysical one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces we’ve been working our way through; this one has the clearest story of the group. The 41.2mm long pendant is a bust with a torso made from a 27 carat amethyst that displays a royal purple across the “shoulders” ending in a smokey purple at the “waist”. The carved feline head is adorned in a gem-studded Nemes headdress (the cloth headdress of Egyptian rulers) and is in fact Bastet (or Bast) the daughter of Ra. She is the goddess of pleasure, protection, and the bringer of good health. Of her many monikers she was most often worshiped as the Goddess of the Moon, as she transformed into a cat and protected her father, the Sun God while he slept at night, from his greatest enemy, the serpent Apep. It was believed that all cats were gifted with her powers, and in fact, scientists believe all modern house cats stem from a domesticated wild cat in ancient Egypt. Her role as the bringer of good health is reflected in the amethyst as it is believed to be an all-purpose healing stone. Ancient Egypt is also believed to be the origin of “Royal Purple” as the dye was reserved for royalty. Our skillfully carved Bastet has of course been gifted with diamond eyes, but you may not have noticed her Third Eye diamond, the ajna chakra is responsible for mystical insight and intuition. This powerful talisman is equipped with an oversized hidden bail to allow it to slide across almost any chain. It currently hangs from a 14 karat yellow gold 24-inch long solid rope chain. The accompanying Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal states an estimated value of $4,500.00 CAD. Our estate price is $1,800.00, CAD. Stock #231-00179.


November 9, 2022

0.96ct. tw. I1-J three stone diamond pendant & chain, 6gr., 14kt., 18″ box link. $1925.00 CAD. 161-00273



November 5, 2022

Custom made 14kt, 19.75ct. amethyst pendant & chain, 13.9gr. $1,400.00 CAD. 230-00095

As the official gemstone of Ontario, it’s no surprise that we’re also home to the largest Amethyst deposit in all of Canada. Just 60km east of Thunderbay, Amethyst Mine Panorama allows you to dig for your own but good luck finding a crystal of this caliber! Measuring about 24.5mm long by 15.4mm wide and weighing close to 20 carats this amethyst is quite a find. The gem is crystal clear and displays a pallet of purple ranging from royal to lilac. The 14 karat white gold pendant was handmade for this gem, keeping its design minimal in order to focus on the amethyst. The pendant is accompanied by an 18 inch snake chain with an easy-to-fasten lobster clasp. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #230-00095.



October 30, 2022

14kt. 0.20ct. diamond pendant & chain $238.00 CAD. e8520 161-00011

e8520 3 stone diamond pendantThey’re not the biggest diamonds and they’re not flawless quality but for $238.00 it makes a nice presentation. At over 2.3 grams in weight this 14 karat yellow gold “snowman” style pendant/necklace is well made and in perfect condition. The I1 to I2 clarity diamonds have an average colour grade of J that looks just fine in the double gallery yellow gold setting. The ball style chain measures 16 inches long secured by a surprisingly strong spring ring clasp. Yellow gold is coming back in style and this would make a very stylish pendant for the young lady in your life. Estate priced at $238.00. Stock #e8520 161-00011.e8520.1 snowman diamond pendant



October 29, 2022

Edwardian antique ribbon diamond pendant 3.00ct. tw. VS-FG, on 16″ chain,10.5gr. $8,050.00 CAD. 161-00190

The Edwardian period from the late 1800s to the early part of the 20th century was a time of frivolity and extravagance. The wealthy had money and they loved showing it off. Frills and lace were common decorations for clothing and that theme extended to the jewellery worn at the time. Thanks to the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, the sparkling white gems became far more plentiful than ever before. The white on white trend was the perfect platform for diamond jewelry like this marvelous pendant. The ribbon theme of this item is an absolutely classic example of Edwardian jewellery. Its 36 European cut diamonds are all original and of very high VS-FG quality. They total a conservative estimated total weight of at least 3.00 carats. The pendant measures a substantial 5.5cm in length and is suspended from a cable link platinum chain measuring a little over 16 inches. The pendant is hand constructed from 12 individual jointed sections that allow the piece to move freely and perfectly follow the neckline. When fashions and trends change, jewellery like this often gets taken apart and remounted into something more on point. We’re so glad the previous owners of this pendant resisted the urge to remake something new from the excellent diamonds it contains. While some styles have fallen out of favor, Edwardian and Art Deco designs continue to be popular more than 100 years after they first debuted. This 10.5 gram creation is accompanied by a rare Ryrie Birks box from around the same era. This is the box the pendant came to us in but there is no way to confirm it is original to the pendant, although the quality is of the standards one would expect from Ryrie Birks. The pendant and chain are in like new condition showing no wear in any of the links or joints. This irreplaceable little piece of Edwardian jewellery history is estate priced at $8,050.00 CAD. Stock #161-00190.



October 27, 2022

101ct. carved black opal Madonna & Child pendant on pearl necklace, 40gr. tw. $5,000.00 CAD. 231-00184

I’m not a gambling person, but I’d bet this is the first Madonna and Child you’ve ever seen carved from a solid piece of opal! The three-dimensional carving measures an impressive 60mm tall by 24mm wide and 11.5mm deep. The motif of Madonna and Child became popular during the Middle Ages and slowly evolved from the Child Jesus in her lap to her cradling him in her arms, as she is in our carving. Traditionally she wears a red robe and blue mantel, with the blue meant to represent an empress-like divinity. Perhaps this symbolism informed the choice of blue opal for the carving material as the deeper tones in the gem match her traditional bright blue mantel. The thickness of the carving makes the opal seem opaque, but if you hold it up to the light it is in fact mostly translucent. The play-of-colour in this opal is mostly contained to twinkling greens across the front of her robe and the top three-quarters of her face. The body colour of the opal is a grey-blue that glows bright blue in places. That body colour is picked up in the rosary of 127 petite baroque pearls that can comfortably be worn over almost anything at their full length of 27.5 inches. A 14 karat yellow gold wire frame wraps gently around the 101 carat (estimated weight) opal, creating a subtle gold halo across the top of their heads. The one-of-a-kind handmade hand-carved piece is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $12,000.00 CAD. something as unique as this is almost impossible to put a value on, but our estate price is $5,000.00 CAD. Stock #231-00184.


October 23, 2022

0.93ct. tw. SI-GH diamond pendant/earring set (chain extra) 14kt., 3.0gr. $1,512.00 CAD. 151-00208

As diamond size doubles, the price quadruples, so opting for a cluster of smaller diamonds will always be waaaaay less than a single larger gem. In the case of these illusion-set clusters, there is a single larger diamond buried in a circle of smaller stones. Edged with four large false prongs the clusters are meant to look like a large single diamond at a glance. The 7.93mm wide pendant and the 6.11mm wide studs are pretty convincing with their combined carat weight of 0.93 cararts. The 27 round brilliant cut diamonds are all of SI-GH quality and backed by bright rhodium plated 14 karat white gold. The studs are equipped with heavy friction backs and the pendant hangs from an 18-inch curb link chain that is sold separately. Estate price for the studs and pendant together is $1,512.0 CAD. Stock #151-00208.


September 24, 2022

Custom made diamond pendant 1.20ct. tw. SI1-G, 16″, 7.8gr. $2,310.00 CAD. 161-00162

Custom-made pieces are such a breath of fresh air, especially when they’ve been made as thoughtfully as this diamond necklace. The theme here is hard geometrics with a repeating focus on triangles and pyramids. The 16 inch long fancy link chain starts it off, each solid link has four fins tipped with four tiny diamond cut triangles. The fins with their softly serrated edges catch the light brilliantly as they roll during wear. The chain segues into the pendant through solid 14 karat white gold octahedrons; the eight-sided double pyramids not only work with the motif but are incidentally the most common shape that rough diamond crystals form into. The outline of these octahedrons is repeated in the diamond-encrusted bar pendant, with the eight rhombuses (rhombi?) featuring four tiny hand-set round brilliant cut diamonds. The frame of the pendant is set with an additional 36 diamonds bringing the total diamond weight of the piece up to 1.25 carats. What we can’t convey in pictures is how well-cut and well-matched these diamonds are! All are eye-clean colour-free SI1-FG quality and they throw a kaleidoscope of white and every-coloured light. The necklace weighs in at 7.8 grams and is accompanied by a 2022 appraisal stating a replacement value of $7,192.00 CAD. We feel a more competitive replacement value with new would be $3,300.00 and our estate price $2,310.00 CAD. Stock #161-00162.


September 15, 2022

18kt. Lion pendant/brooch 27.8gr. 1.00ct. tw. SI-I-H diamonds $2,750.00 CAD. e12801 181-00014

In our modern world of 3D CAD rendering, you don’t see a lot of hand carved pieces. This glorious lion is just that and all the more spectacular for the skill required to carve this realistically. The almost-in-profile seems to capture the lion as he looks back over his shoulder. His fur has been left mostly matte for an impression of softness, with just the high points polished to accentuate them. His mane has been accented with a perfect 1.00 carat total weight of SI-I-H round brilliant cut diamonds. Adding a touch of eye-drawing sparkle though at 43mm long by 29mm wide he really doesn’t need it. The true genius of the brooch-pendant lies in its conversion. Two of the tufts of his mighty mane are articulated, allowing them to shift out of place for even a wide heavy chain to pass through. When worn as a brooch they disguise the opening making the piece look like it doesn’t even convert. The two part slide bail is sturdy enough and open enough for almost any chain. The brooch clasp has a second pointed arm to stop the lion from rolling back and forth during wear. All told he weighs in at 27.8 grams, puny compared to his 420 pound relatives but what can you expect when you’re made of rich 18 karat gold. Estate price for this one of a kind masterpiece is $2,750.00 CAD. Stock #e12801 181-00014.



September 14, 2022

14kt. custom made dog tag pendant, 5.9gr., 24mm x 24mm. $490.00 CAD. e14490 436-00067

Measuring 24 x 24mm this dog tag has more than enough room for anything you might want to engrave on it. The square sheet of high polished 14 karat yellow gold was custom made originally. This explains its oversized heavyweight bail, sturdy enough to stand up to a lifetime of daily wear. The 5.9 gram pendant is ready for whatever you want to be engraved on it. Estate price is $490.00 CAD. Stock #436-00067.


September 13, 2022

1.57ct. I1-K diamond pendant pear shaped halo (32=0.15ct. VS-F) 14kt. gold. $6,000.00 CAD. 161-00180

We are swimming in stock projects, but some things just need to be pushed to the front of the line. So when this pear-shaped diamond came in at the center of an outdated engagement ring we just had to give it a second chance in one of our most popular pendant settings. Instead of adding it to our large stock of loose estate diamonds, we found it a delicate halo pendant. The transformation was astounding and let the 1.57 carat estate pear-shaped diamond show off its brilliance by letting it dance freely during wear. The halo of petite diamonds also increased the apparent footprint of the stone, bumping it to 12.4mm x 9.2mm. The 9mm long bail is large enough to accommodate most chains. The bail contains 32 tiny bead set round brilliant cut diamonds that add 0.15 carats in weight bringing the total diamond weight to 1.72 carats. The main diamond is a bright I1 clarity with K colour and strong blue fluorescence. The eerie blue glow is easily seen when the diamond is exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light. This fluorescence actually makes this diamond appear at least one or two color grades whiter. The brand new 14 karat pendant is currently strung from a 16-inch long cable link Italian-made chain that is sold separately for $154.00 CAD. The pendant is estate priced (without a chain) for $6,000.00 CAD. Stock #161-00180.


September 11, 2022

3.43ct. tw. aquamarine & diamond (1.45ct. tw. VS-HI) set, 26.5gr. 20″ $3,920.00 CAD.231-00138 211-00064

High quality pear-shaped aquamarine and diamond earring/pendant set. Traditional design in 14 karat yellow gold on 20-inch square foxtail necklace. The set weighs a combined 26.5 grams and contains 3 perfectly matched genuine aquamarine weighing a conservative 3.43 carats in total. Each aqua is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds with an additional 16 diamonds running up the necklace. The diamonds weigh a combined 1.45 carats of VS-HI quality. They came in as a set but they can be purchased separately. Both pieces are in excellent condition showing no wear and tear. The earrings are estate priced at $1,260.00, stock #211-00064, the pendant is estate priced at $2,660.00, stock #231-00138.


September 4, 2022

1.12ct. tw. sapphire & diamond pendant/earring set, 3.3gr., 18″, 10/14kt. $385.00 CAD. 231-00167 211-00100

Classic and always popular. This sapphire/diamond pendant and earrings aren’t a true set but they are very complimentary to each other. The earrings feature a slightly lighter tone blue sapphire and slightly smaller diamonds than the pendant. The two 5mm x 3mm sapphires in the earrings are estimated to weigh 0.50 carats in total. The larger 6.15mm x 4.20mm oval sapphire in the pendant weighs an estimated 0.42 carats. The 28 round single cut diamonds surrounding the oval sapphires contribute approximately 0.20 carats in total weight and add some contrasting sparkle. The earrings weigh 1.2 grams and the pendant with 18-inch curb chain weighs 2.1 grams. They can be purchased as a set for $385.00 or individually for $245.00 (pendant) and $140.00 (earrings). Stock numbers 231-00167 and 211-00100.



August 27, 2022

18kt. Jadeite & diamond Budai pendant 3.1gr. 0.43ct. tw. SI-GH. $1,050.00 CAD. 231-00170

This jolly fellow is often mistaken for Buddha but is in fact Budai, a Zen monk who lived in China in the 10th century. He is known as the “Laughing Buddha” and is a symbol of contentment and abundance and an important figure in Chan Buddhism. Our Budai is frozen in an open-mouthed belly laugh and has been captured in high-quality jadeite. The well-carved figure displays green so vibrant it seems to glow from within. To do justice to this 13.2mm x 12.0mm monk the goldsmith has wrapped him in an aura of chromy 18 karat white gold and undulating baguette cut diamonds. The 71 custom-cut diamonds are of bright SI-GH quality and twinkly wildly at the slightest movement. Together they equal 0.43 carats, including those that are set on the articulated bail. The pendant itself is solidly constructed and is in unworn condition. The pedant and its 14 karat white gold chain (sold separately for $157.50 431-00455) are accompanied by a Gem Review Inc. appraisal stating a retail value of $4,800.00 CAD. Our estate price for the pendant only is $1,050.00 CAD. Stock #231-00170.


August 12, 2022

2.00ct. tw. SI2-I1-I diamond pendant 5.3gr. 14kt. 27mm $2,800.00 CAD. e12339

We know there are people who have created algorithms that can produce music and A.I. that can make art but I feel what resonates with people about any form of art is the human element. The imperfections, unique gestures, the thoughts, and emotions that the work captures and creates. You can see the artist in their work, glean something about who they are and how they felt when they made the piece. Which is why we are always delighted when the rare handmade piece comes in. The artisan that created this statement pendant imbibed it with all those little imperfections in symmetry. They also covered it with 2.00 carats of very brilliant SI2-I1-J diamonds, which is a sure way into our hearts! The 26.8mm diameter medallion is a one of a kind masterpiece, throwing white and rainbow coloured light at the slightest movement. It is made in bright rhodium enhanced 14 karat white gold and slides lithely along the brand new Italian made 16 inch cable chain that carries it. The estate price for this diamond encrusted art piece is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e12339.


July 7, 2022

1.13ct. tw. SI1-FG diamond pendant/earring set, 2.3gr., 14kt. $2,611.00 CAD. 151-00156

A modern take on a diamond jewellery staple, opting for tiered and tapered bezels with a fixed understated bail on the pendant. The 14K  stud and pendant set features a trio of round brilliant cut diamonds equalling 1.13cttw together. The diamonds are all nice SI1-FG quality, showing eye-clean and free of any colour. The studs are equipped with double button-release clutch backs and the pendant is currently strung on a 10K 18 inch long cable link chain which can be purchased separately for $100.00. Estate price for the studs and pendant together $2611.00 CAD. Stock #151-00156.


June 20, 2022

1.50ct. lab-grown Emerald & natural diamond pendant 2.3gr. 14kt. 16″ chain $560.00 CAD. 231-00169

Lab-grown, artisan-created, synthetic diamonds, have been a hot topic in the jewellery industry for the past few years, but did you know there are other gems that have been grown in a laboratory environment for decades? This emerald isn’t green glass or some other emerald simulant, it is chemically, optically, and physically an emerald, it just isn’t of natural origin. When you can supply the correct ingredients and control the environment, you can grow many different crystals and gems. Just like making ice from water when you put it in your freezer; you’ve just created ice, it isn’t natural but it’s still ice. This is an emerald, it is just not natural. The 8mm x 8mm emerald weighs an estimated 1.50 carats and is of excellent quality. Trying to find an earth-mined natural emerald of this quality would cost you nicely into 5 figures (at wholesale). Lab-grown emeralds make a compelling option when you want amazing colour and clarity but also have a budget to consider. The 6 small accent diamonds are of natural origin and contribute a touch of contrast and sparkle. The abstract design pendant measures 17.5mm in height and is suspended from a light 14 karat 17-inch curb link necklace. The necklace and pendant weigh a combined 2.3 grams. This pendant/necklace is in perfect condition looking unworn. Estate priced at $560.00 CAD. Stock #231-00169.


May 30, 2022

1.75ct. tw. I1-I diamond pendant/necklace, 7.2gr., 10kt. 18 inch. $1,680.00 CAD. 161-00187

$15.00 per diamond never looked so pretty. This fancy “V” shaped winged pendant is very flattering on a feminine frame as it sits just below the collar bones. The 111 tightly set round brilliant and baguette cut natural diamonds are calculated to weigh a combined 1.75 carats in total and have been conservatively graded at an I1 clarity with an I colour. The pendant is suspended from a sturdy 1.5mm wide wheat chain manufactured with solid wire woven links and secured with a strong lobster clasp. This pendant is in perfect condition and appears unworn. The bright rhodium finish applied at the manufacturer remains fully intact. If you or the intended recipient is of slender proportions, the 18-inch chain can be shortened to a custom length. The 10 karat pendant/necklace weighs a generous 7.2 grams (including the 111 diamonds). Comes in our traditional blue and white presentation box, gift wrapped of course. This beautiful pendant is estate priced at $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #161-00187.


May 19, 2022

18kt. Italian cross/crucifix collection $130.00 per gram (0.9gr.-3.8gr.) 436-00161 to 436-00172

Some people collect stamps, some people shoes, and some people collect, cross pendants? Well, I guess so. These 11 cross/crucifix pendants are all of high-quality Italian manufacture from companies like Cerini, Stella, and BaccOro, from Arezzo Italy. These are not your usual single-piece castings with white rhodium highlights. Nothing but the best from these Italian artisans. Premium 18 karat yellow and white gold, hand-assembled, multi-piece creations. They are all in perfect, like-new condition, and appear unworn, we didn’t even need to polish them up. Most are hollow but of sturdy heavy guage construction. Their weights range from just under 1 gram to 3.8 grams measuring up to 4.5cm tall. When it comes to variety, we have many other estate cross pendants in stock and no two are the same. Choose your favorite from this collection for only $130.00 CAD per gram. We’re happy to supply a beautiful Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers presentation box and gift wrap for the spiritual person in your life. Stock #436-00161 through 436-00172.

May 18, 2022

10kt. diamond set lion pendant, 9.2gr., 0.40ct. tw. I1-I. $770.00 CAD. 161-00189

What could be more appropriate than a diamond set crown for the King of the Jungle? Ironic really as lions primarily live on the grasslands and plains of Africa and not in the jungle, but who’s going to argue with a lion? This is a fun piece recently traded in to our estate department. It contains around 200 tiny round single cut diamonds estimated to weigh approximately 0.40 carats in total. They are of I1-I quality and have each been hand set in 4 prong settings. This is an impressive well made 3-dimensional pendant that twinkles and sparkles with the slightest movement. The piercing eyes are 2 small black diamonds. The extra large hinged bail will accommodate almost any chain with a diameter or width of up to 7mm. The finished pendant weighs 9.2 grams and is in perfect condition. This fearsome depiction of the “King of the Grasslands and Plains” is estate priced at $805.00 CAD. Stock #161-00189.


May 17, 2022

0.10ct. I1-HI dancing diamond & 16″ box chain, 1.8gr. $280.00 CAD. 161-00182

Diamonds certainly weren’t designed to sit still but until the dancing diamond hit the scene in 2010 no one had found an effective way to keep them moving. Invented by Hidetaka Dobashi, a Japanese designer, the setting is really quite ingenious. It features a standard four prong setting with a connecting ring soldered to either side, the pendant also has two tiny connector rings that loop onto those of the diamond, allowing the diamond to rotate forward and backward. The effect is a diamond that vibrates at the slightest movement, creating a pulsing effect like the beating of a heart. Even if you’re sitting completely still, this diamond pendant still pivots within the setting. If you have a pulse, this diamond is moving. it must be seen in person to truly appreciate how it looks. This 0.10 carat I1-HI diamond has been enclosed in a 10 karat white and rose gold swirling frame. The pendant measures 11mm long making it more than appropriate for everyday wear. It hangs from a 16-inch long petite box link chain and is in like-new condition. The estate price is $280.00 CAD. Stock #161-00182



May 13, 2022

5.5mm-6.2mm pearl & diamond (54=0.20ct. tw. VS-GH), 16″, 5.7gr. $700.00 CAD. 436-00180

Top of our list of sure-to-please gifts is both pearls and diamonds, jockeying for first place. Put them together in one piece and you’re sure of a winner! This 14 karat white gold set really does check all of our boxes, showy halo design with just a hint of romantic millgrain, timeless 9-10.5mm footprint, and in unworn condition, retaining their original chromy white rhodium finish. The trio of white pearls displays sharp luster as a testament to their high quality and the 54 petite round single cut diamonds band together for a 0.20 carats total weight of high quality VS-GH sparkle. The pendant hangs from a 16-inch cable chain with a sturdy lobster clasp. The studs are accompanied by a 2019 Gemtech appraisal stating an optimistic replacement value of $1,500.00 (for the earrings only). We feel a more aggressive replacement value for the three-piece set is around $1,000.00, and our estate price for the 3 pieces plus the chain is just $700.00 CAD. Stock #436-00180.


May 8, 2022

10kt. horse pendant/charm 1.5gr. $98.00 CAD. 436-00141

Another irresistibly cute pendant/charm. We get smaller, less expensive estate items all the time, but we just don’t have the time to post every single item. This prancing horse is one we had to give some extra exposure to. Cast from 1.5 grams of 10 karat yellow gold with a matte texture except for some bright-cut hand finishing details. Every piece of jewellery needs a touch of sparkle and the engraved sections catch the light and give the equine some a bit of flash. Looking unworn and is estate priced at $98.00 CAD. Stock #436-00141.


14mm mabe pearl, diamond & black opal pendant/necklace. 6.5gr. 14kt. $700.00 CAD. 231-00161

Pearls and opals are among the most difficult gems materials to appraise. They can occur in dozens of different forms, colours, qualities, sizes, origins, and are often subjected to different types of treatments and enhancements. Our latest estate pendant features a large 14mm mabe saltwater pearl with Australian black opal and diamonds. The high quality pearl displays a slightly pinkish silver white hue with a blemish free nacre surface. The large bail features two small inlaid opals showing excellent play of colour in mostly yellowish green-blue. The bottom of the bail also contains 2 Gypsey set round brilliant cut diamonds of good quality and are estimated to weigh 0.0033 carats each. The pendant is suspended from an 18-inch 14-karat yellow gold foxtail necklace measuring 1.1mm wide. The necklace and pendant weigh a combined 6.5 grams and are estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #231-00161


May 7, 2022

0.64ct. I2-I natural diamond 14kt. pendant on 18″ 10kt. chain. $1,176.00 CAD. 161-00183

There’s nothing new about a simple 4 prong diamond pendant, but this one is modern none the less. Yellow gold is back and we couldn’t be happier. Yellow gold requires no fragile rhodium plating, just the occasional light polish and you’re good to go. It’s amazing how a simple 45-degree twist of the 4 prongs to compass heading positions with pointy tips and this traditional pendant is thoroughly modern. The brand new American made 14 karat yellow gold setting is suspended by a light curb link, 10 karat, 18-inch chain. The combined weight of the pendant and necklace is 1.5 grams. The diamond is a pleasant looking natural 0.64 carat round brilliant cut measuring a full 5.7mm diameter. Flawless it is not, but it faces up bright and sparkly with a good to very good cut. The I2 clarity reveals a large inclusion under examination but the nice “I” colour with no fluorescence makes the most of its potential. We are happy to substitute a different style, length, or karat chain if you wish. The pendant with chain is estate priced at $1,176.00 CAD. Stock #161-00183.


May 6, 2022

18kt. diamond cross & chain 16″ 2.9gr. 0.40ct. tw. VS-G $840.00 CAD. e11114

Is it possible to be flashy and understated?  This diamond studded, brightly rhodium plated, 18 karat white gold cross somehow manages to pull off both. It’s 18.0mm long by 13.5mm wide span is covered in 0.40 carats of high quality VS-G baguette cut diamonds. As is the case with baguettes, the 10 bar set stones throw vibrant slivers of geometric white and spectral light. Their light show is comparatively calm compared to the blinding brilliance of round brilliant cut diamonds. Couple that with a hidden bail, low-key setting style, and clean design lines that gives you a diamond studded cross that’s elegantly understated. The cross is well paired with a geometric 16-inch long box chain with an oversized lobster clasp for easy fastening. The estate price for this high quality, never worn piece $840.00 CAD. Stock #e11114.


May 3, 2022

Tiffany Atlas pendant, 18kt., 7.5gr., 35mm, 128 diamonds (0.66ct. tw.), 24″ chain. $3,750.00 CAD. 161-00163

To quote Tiffany “The graphic motif of our Roman numeral jewelry was inspired by the Atlas clock, first mounted by Tiffany in 1853 and now on the façade of our famous Fifth Avenue flagship store. Featuring strong silhouettes, our Atlas X designs are a powerful reminder to take time into your own hands.” This 35mm amulet takes its motif rather literally, mirroring the clock face minus the bronze Atlas that bears it. Of course, it differs in important ways, namely the fact that it’s made of brightly rhodium finished 18 karat white gold and trimmed with 128 top quality round brilliant cut diamonds! The retired member of the Atlas Collection is strung from its original 24-inch cable link chain and accompanied by its inner and outer box and Tiffany bag. The estate price for this like-new necklace is $3750.00 CAD. Stock #161-00163.

April 25, 2022

Antique pearl & garnet necklace/pendant, 12.1gr. 15kt. $1,540.00 CAD. 231-00165

Using the best of our jewellery detective skills we’ve come to the conclusion that this antique necklace is most likely from the Aesthetic Period (1885-1901). The necklace consists of unusual 15 carat gold, an alloy usually only encountered in Britain and originally authorized for karat stamping by the British Hallmarking Council in 1850. That alone didn’t point us to the Aesthetic Period, the real signal was the fringed collar motif, a signature of this latest stage of the Victorian Era. Delicate layered chains gathering at decorative stations were a repeated theme in the collier de chien (you read that right, dog collar) movement, popularized by Alexandra, Princess of Wales who wore them to cover a large scar on her neck. This collar measures a comfortable 17.5 inches long, resting it on the collarbone instead of the throat. It’s set with brooding garnets, blister pearls, and demi-pearls all in like-new condition, in fact, the entire necklace is in unworn condition. Judging from the overall patina on the piece it was likely stored away and forgotten about. At a presumed 125 years of age, this necklace certainly earns its estate designation and is priced at $1,540.00 CAD. Stock #231-00165.


April 2, 2022

Tiffany Notes Fifth Avenue New York tag/pendant $207.00 CAD. 651-00037

Tiffany’s now retired Notes collection featured handwritten messages stretching across high polished sterling silver. The Fifth Avenue New York heart tag we’re featuring today is a nod to their iconic Return To Tiffanys line as it displays their flagship New York City location. The tag measures 25.3mm x 20.7mm making it an eye-catching addition to any chain, bracelet, or accessory you fasten it to. For that purpose, it is equipped with a spring-ring catch with a 2.8mm opening. The piece is in great condition and comes with its original robin’s egg blue pouch. Estate price $207.00 CAD. Stock #651-00037.


February 20, 2022

0.69ct. tw. Canadian diamond pendant earring set, SI2-I2- GH, 14kt., 2.1gr. $1,120.00 CAD. 161-00178

This seldom-seen crescent moon setting is thoughtful for a number of reasons, not least of which is the full view offered of the diamonds they carry. Holding the diamonds by just two edges you get almost a full 360 view of the diamond from top to sides. The diamond-set crescents extend beyond the width of their center stones, allowing their accent diamonds to show head-on and increasing the overall footprint of each piece. This stud earring and pendant set all contain a Canadian diamond with the diamond in the pendant retaining its original certificate of origin. The 14 karat white gold set features 0.69 carats total weight of SI2-I2-GH diamonds together and are all in like-new condition. The earrings are equipped with sturdy friction backs and the pendant has a medium bail that should accommodate any chain you choose to string it on. The estate price for the set is only $1,120.00 CAD (the chain is extra). Stock #161-00178.


February 17, 2022

1.05ct. I2-H good cut diamond pendant 14kt. gold, 1.0gr. $2,646.00 CAD. e14600 161-000148

The great thing about diamonds is how they sparkle and twinkle even when they have significant inclusions. If they are well cut, with nice colour, good size, and reasonable transparency, they are going to provide a brilliant display of fireworks in the right piece of jewellery. This estate diamond arrived at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers as a well worn 18 karat gold solitaire ring. The claws were worn rather thin and the shank only measured 0.5mm thick. We thought this diamond would be better displayed in a white gold pendant where its I2 clarity wouldn’t be scrutinized to the extent it would be in a ring. It’s amazing how much more flattering the diamond is in this brand new pendant. We just so happened to have the  $114.00 setting in stock patiently waiting for the opportunity to showcase a pretty diamond like this. The diamond is a pleasant I2 clarity as a result of the significant white crystal inclusion at the 3:00 position. Its colour is a very good G to H, the cut is very good. The dimensions of just under 6.5mm x 4.1mm are what you’d expect of a well-cut diamond weighing 1.05 carats. Great care was taken by our on-staff diamond setter who secured the diamond as low as possible in the compass heading 14 karat white gold setting. A small hole was drilled in the mount so the culet wouldn’t be damaged as the claws were bent into place. The diamond culet sits dead centre in the setting with a countersunk edge applied as a thoughtful finishing touch. This is the sort of repurposing/upcycling Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers does better than anyone else. Take a nice looking estate diamond, then reinvent it into something new at a fantastic value. We have the new/estate pendant displayed on an imported Italian 18 inch, 1.3 gram, white gold chain weighing 1.3 grams, available separately for $171.00. The pendant comes with an August 2004 GemScan appraisal that accurately documents the diamond’s quality, assessing a value (when in the original ring) at $7,300.00. We feel a more competitive replacement price would be closer to $3,780.00. As an estate/new diamond pendant, we have it priced at just $ 2,625.00 CAD, and that is a great value. Stock #e14600 161-00148.


February 16, 2022

10kt. antique carnelian intaglio pendant/pocket watch fob, 7.5gr. $280.00 CAD. 231-00144

Typically an intaglio is an image carved into a stone, creating a negative depression that was traditionally used for wax seals; whatever was carved into the stone would come out raised in the wax. These stones are basically the opposite of a cameo which carves away the stone or shell background to create an image. This antique carnelian is unlike anything we’ve encountered as it combines cameo and intaglio. Like a cameo, the background of the image has been carved away to reveal the figure but unlike a cameo, the original raised edge has been left intact so the stone could technically function as a wax seal. The face itself sits lower than the raised rim of the stone, ensuring a seal pressed with this stone wouldn’t lose any of the fine details of the carving. And it is a fine carving, one of the most skillful we’ve seen, especially considering it was carved into hard carnelian instead of soft seashell. The Classical profile could be one of several ancient Roman or Greek Gods as many were depicted wearing winged and crested helmets. We’ve narrowed it down to the Greek god Hermes, the herald to the Gods and conductor of souls to the afterlife; or it could be Mercury, the Roman conductor of souls and the God of financial gain, commerce, travel, communication, and a number of other things; Finally, it might by Roma, the diety that embodied the spirit of the city of Rome and the Roman Empire as a whole. Considering the pendant appears to have originally functioned as a pocket watch fob it is hard to guess which god might be most appropriate to wear across one’s waist. As a pendant, it is certainly striking measuring 25.4mm wide by 38.2mm long. The intricate 10 karat yellow gold frame is a nice compliment to the brooding orange stone that is almost black when worn against the body. Estate price for this one-of-a-kind antique is $280.00 CAD. Stock #231-00144.


February 15, 2022

18kt. gold panther pendant with diamond eyes, 11.5gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e14536

If you’re looking for a chuckle I’d suggest this article by Marc-Antoine Farden on how cats are scientifically speaking, a liquid (he won the Ig Nobel Prize for this argument). According to Marc-Antoine “At the center of the definition of a liquid is an action: A material must be able to modify its form to fit within a container. … Cats are thus liquid if we give them the time to become liquid. In rheology, the state of a material is not really a fixed property – what must be measured is the relaxation time” so, as sad as this big cat looks, we hypothesize that it’s just settling into its relaxed high-viscosity liquid state, resigning itself to this bail it’s gotten stuck in. The medium-sized feline (panther most likely) measures 30.0mm x 23.5mm and its forlorn expression has been accented with piercing 0.01 carat diamond eyes. The 18 karat yellow gold pendant weighs a hefty 11.5 grams and is equipped with an oversized bail to accommodate most chains. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14536


January 25, 2022

1.62ct. tw. ruby & diamond necklace/pendant, 17″, 7.6gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e14358

We’ve seen a couple of iterations of this neckpiece but were none done as elegantly as this! Each section of the centerpiece is articulated with 5 joints in total, allowing it to shift during wear, ensuring it always looks its best. The bottommost ruby has been hinged to swing freely during wear, throwing flashes of bright red. The rubies equal an estimated 1.50 carats total weight and are accented with 0.12 carats total weight (SI-HI) of petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The necklace’s center spans 62mm in its widest position, adding its length to the overall 17-inch measurement. The 14 karat yellow and white gold piece weighs 7.6 grams and is fastened with a large spring-ring catch. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14358.


January 15, 2022

Green tourmaline pendants 4.6gr. 14kt. gold $910.00 to $1,400.00 CAD. e12173 e12175 e12171 e12174

Green tourmaline has been mistaken for emerald for centuries, hard to imagine considering the vast difference between their standard clarity levels. Emerald naturally forms full of mossy inclusions but tourmaline is often eye-clean or nearly so. The deep and brooding forest green tone is really far too intense for natural emerald. Tourmaline is also separated by a scientific oddity called pyroelectricity, meaning they can form naturally electrically polarized and as a result contain an electric field. When heated, some tourmaline can produce a temporary voltage, which sounds really cool but mostly just gives them a static charge while hot. If you’re looking for a little spark in your life you should try one of these green tourmaline pendants. They came to us years ago as a parcel of loose gems and we thought it was time to give them new life. Each has been set into a unique and brand new 14 karat white gold pendant, some with diamond accents some without. All are all strung from brand new Italian made 16 and 18 inch long 14 karat white gold chains. All come accompanied by (May 2018) Harold Weinstein Ltd. Appraisals.





January 4, 2022

10kt. custom made boxing gloves pendant 4.9gr. $420.00 CAD. e14238

Tiny objects have always fascinated people. Precious metal, molded into miniature everyday items has been a favorite theme for charms and pendants for decades. We were asked to custom make this set of boxing gloves for a customer last year. While the design was spot on they were hoping for something a few millimeters larger. We exchanged these and made them a larger set. Rather than melting these down, we decided to keep the original pair. At 4.9 grams and 11.5mm long (without connecting rings and bail), they’ll make a subtle statement for the pugilist in your life. Perfect condition, never worn, custom made, and one of a kind for the estate price of $420.00 CAD. Stock #e14238.



December 24, 2021

0.83ct. I2-K diamond pendant with 16″ box link necklace, 3.4gr. $1,750.00 CAD. e14073.

The grade-setting inclusion in this 0.83 carat diamond is a single feather extending from the bottom right quadrant of the gem. Feathers are naturally occurring features that form inside some diamonds. They usually form during the stressful period of cooling and solidifying as diamonds traveled towards the earth’s surface some 3 billion years ago. Of all the inclusions that diamond exhibits, the feather is the most optically interesting. Occasionally found inside some feathers, especially the larger ones, are tiny naturally occurring interference rainbows, like those produced on the surface of a soap bubble. Turn the feather at the right angles and a broad rainbow will bend and extend across its surface. Most people don’t know about them as they can only be seen under magnification but as gemologists, we get a front-row seat to these micro-light shows whenever we look through a loupe or gemological microscope as this photomicrograph reveals. The conservative grade I2 translucent feather in this diamond is a prime example, displaying a bending rainbow across half its fracture surface. The K colour diamond has been set in a white gold, 4 prong, crown setting and balanced with a large decorative bail that can fit a variety of chain sizes. It is accompanied by a 16-inch box link chain and is estate priced at $1,750.00 CAD. Stock #e14073.


December 20, 2021

Crucifix on 18″ UnoAerre round mesh necklace 18 karat gold 14.6gr. $1,200.00 CAD. e12739

We sing UnoAerre’s praises every time we get a chance! The Italian jewellery making powerhouse creates beautiful pieces at affordable prices thanks to their mastery of hollow form pieces. This tri-colour gold crucifix is another perfect example of their craftsmanship. The combination of different complementary finishes really draws the eye into the center of the crucifix. Each point of the cross is tipped with a trinity of petite diamonds. The pendant is accompanied by a woven hollow-form chain measuring 18 inches long and equipped with a sturdy lobster clasp. As it is UnoAerre, the entire piece is made from 14.6 grams of top quality 18 karat gold. Estate price $1200.00 CAD. Stock #e12739.



December 19, 2021

14kt., 8mm diamond ball pendant/necklace, 0.075ct. tw., 16″, 3.9gr. $490.00 CAD. 161-00153

Not quite a disco ball but the play of high polished convex white gold and deeply flush set diamonds are just as eye-catching. The 8mm orb is decorated with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds of bright SI-F quality that equal 0.075 carats together. The necklace is in like-new condition with its chromy white rhodium plating showing no scuffs or scratches. Its 16 inch cable link Italian-made chain has been firmly secured to the top of the pendant, keeping it in place during wear. The 3.9 gram 14 necklace is finished with a sturdy lobster clasp and oversized jump ring making it easy to fasten. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #161-00153.


December 13, 2021

4.25ct. white opal pendant 2.7gr, 16mm x 12mm, 14kt. yellow gold $350.00 CAD. 231-00145

There are several factors to consider when judging the quality of opal. The most well-known are the colours in an opal’s play-of-colour, the rarest and thus most valuable is red flash, while the most common are blue and green. Then there is the pattern the play-of-colour displays, and trust me that’s a research rabbit hole! Pin-fire is the most common and that is the pattern displayed in this 4.25 carat example. The most overlooked quality factor of opal is the evenness of its play-of-colour. Many opals have breaks in their pattern where the play-of-colour stops or is diminished. This opal’s play-of-colour weakens around its edges, with its oranges, greens, and blues showing as if through a soft fog. The 22mm x 12mm 14 karat yellow gold pendant keeps its focus on that misty opal, opting for an unobtrusive rabbit-ear bail and simple prong setting. The pendant is estate priced for $350.00 CAD. Stock #231-00145.


0.70ct. blue sapphire & diamond (0.18ct. tw. VS-GH) pendant, 1.3gr. 14kt. $420.00 CAD. 436-00153

Blue sapphire is the perfect medium for the pear cut, its brooding depths just fit the symbolism of a teardrop. Not that this pendant has to have a sad association but there is something dramatic about it. The 19mm x 9mm pendant is about 50% diamond, high-quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds at that. Their icy sparkle contrasts well with the indigo flashes of the 0.70 carat sapphire. The 0.18 carats total weight of diamonds stop short of the articulated bail, leaving it as a subtle finishing point. The estate price for this like-new 14 karat white gold pendant is $420.00 CAD. Stock #436-00153.


December 12, 2021

10kt. Saint Christopher disc pendant 22mm, 4.6gr., $280.00 CAD. 436-00142

Religious pendants make regular appearances among our 1000s of estate items. We always have a few St. Christopher medallions on display. This one is a little larger at just over 22mm in diameter and weighing 4.6 grams. Saint Christopher’s most famous legend tells that he carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river before the child revealed himself as Christ. Therefore, he is the patron saint of travelers. Small images of this famous saint are often worn around the neck, on a bracelet, carried in a pocket, or placed in vehicles by Christians. This pendant is thick enough to be engraved on the matte finish reverse side with a special thought for a loved one. Upon close inspection, a very sharp-sighted customer noticed a small casting crack at the bottom of the pendant. This crack likely occurred when the manufacturer stamped their trademark onto the back. This minor crack is almost invisible and is stable. We’ll warranty it will not get bigger for as long as you own it.  Estate priced at $280.00 CAD. Stock #436-00142.


1.02ct. I2-H good cut, compass heading pendant setting 0.8gr. $2,240.00 CAD. 191-00077

We stock a variety of simple pendants for this exact purpose, when a ring comes in that can’t be saved and we need a new home for the diamond it carries. These mountings are easy to unset if someone decides they want the diamond as an engagement ring center or to pair into a set of earrings. But for now, it’s a head-turning pendant in a modern compass-heading stick bail setting. The I2 diamond is actually better suited for a pendant that is only viewed at a slight distance. Under close inspection, the grade setting inclusions cluster creates a pie slice that looks like frosted glass. Pull back even a little bit and the inclusions get lost in the brilliance of the pattern, leaving only a mild hint of their existence. The H colour faces up well and the diamond spans 6.3mm wide. The pendant is estate priced for $2,240.00 CAD. Stock #191-00077. The brand new Italian cable chain it’s currently suspended from measures 18 inches long by 1.1mm wide and is priced for an additional $145.00 CAD. Stock #430-00112.


1.04ct. tw. VS-HI diamond set dog tag pendant 15gr. 18kt. white gold $2,100.00 CAD. e12507

The first prototype of the military dog tag came from 1863 Virginia’s Battle of Mine Run, where soldiers wrote their name and unit designation on a piece of paper pinned to their clothes. There were obvious flaws with this material choice but it was a vast improvement over the no identification option. It wasn’t until 1913 that aluminum disk identification tags were made mandatory by the US military. During the Vietnam War, the dog tag became a very polarized symbol, used by supporters and protesters. Eventually, it worked its way into art installations, fashion, and general pop culture. It was just a matter of time until they became jewellery items. We’ve seen a handful of exquisite dog tag style pendants pass through our vintage collections. Each has been a unique work of art designated to a soft edged rectangle. This example measures 33.7mm long by 19.9mm wide and has been cast from 15 grams of top quality 18 karat white gold. The 1.04 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are of equally high VS-HI quality and very well cut, flashing blindingly at the slightest movement. The face displays a sandblasted matte finish, the ideal contrast to the high polished strokes of a personalized engraving. The backplate is a hand carved intricate trellis work, making the piece reversible as it is equally interesting on either side. Currently, the pendant is strung on a black leather cord but the bail should accommodate most chain options. Perfect condition, previously owned, and priced at $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e12507.


December 11, 2021

14kt. 13.75ct. Jadeite cylinder pendant 3.2gr. tw. $210.00 CAD. 231-00146

Thanks to some basic high school mathematics (and confirmation by Google) plus knowledge of gemology, we were able to determine the approximate weight of this Jadeite cylinder pendant. Once we calculated how much volume this cylinder would displace, it was pretty easy to calculate this apple green jadeite weighs around 13.50 to 14.00 carats, and the 14 karat gold trim sections weigh approximately 0.5 grams. Precious Jadeite has been prized by humans since the stone age. It has been used for everything from tools to decorative objects for 1000s of years. It is tough, durable, and occurs in many hues but a rich saturated green is the most prized colour. Not much history is known about this particular example but its pleasing shape and scale are very attractive. The cylinder measures 6.3mm in diameter and 29.0mm long, not including the bail. It is in like-new condition showing no measurable wear in the connecting rings or bail. It is estate priced at $210.00 CAD. Stock #231-00146.


2.01ct. SI2-I AGS certified, Noam Carver 14kt. custom halo pendant $17,800.00 CAD. 161-00-159

Fancy shaped diamonds are the epitome of Old Hollywood, I should amend that to large fancy shaped diamonds. From Elizabeth Taylor to Judy Garland and Mia Farrow, the diamonds were as elegant as their mistresses and few of them were round. If you look at modern Hollywood, most of the oversized diamonds that grace the ring fingers of the famous are still not round. The fancy shape you see the most often throughout Hollywood history is the pear, a couple of them are actually in this exact setting. And this one is no pipsqueak either, weighing in at 2.01 carats and spanning 10.38mm x 7.11mm. The pear is well documented by the American Gem Society, the AGS is the only other lab besides GIA that we endorse for consistent, reliable, and non biased opinions of quality. It’s been graded as SI2-I quality very good polish and very good symmetry with no fluorescence. The diamond’s apparent size has been bumped with a delicate halo of petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The additional diamonds tip the total weight to 2.25 carats. The pendant keeps the attention on that mega center by using a simple loop bail to pass a delicate chain through. That thoughtful 14 karat white gold pendant was actually once the top of a custom made ring by Canadian sculptor turned award winning jewellery designer Noam Carver. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is the exclusive agent in Barrie for the Montreal based designer. If you like this design, more can be seen on the Noam Carver website. We converted the custom ring into this elegant pendant for the previous owner a few years ago. The statement pendant is currently suspended from an Italian made box link necklace available separately. The like new pendant was hardly worn and is in perfect condition. Comes complete with an August 2018 appraisal done by a long time Barrie jeweller with an estimated replacement value of $36,600.00 CAD plus tax. Our estate price for this red carpet worthy ring is just $17,800.00 CAD. Stock #161-00159.



0.46ct. I1-IJ diamond pendant, 1.4gr. 14kt. $770.00 CAD. 161-00155

A simple tweak can take a diamond pendant from run-of-the-mill to statement-making. The unique slide pendant first opts for a partial bezel setting to increase the apparent footprint of the diamond it carries. Then it adds an elegantly curving chevron of warm yellow gold to draw the eye down towards the diamond. Creating a total footprint of 13mm long by 9mm wide, that manages not to look bulky thanks to the open nature of the slide bail. The 0.46 carat round brilliant cut diamond at the center of this pendant is a nice I1-IJ quality. The 14 karat pendant on its own is estate priced for $770.00 CAD. Stock #161-00155. The 18 inch long 10 karat yellow gold estate box chain it currently hangs from can be purchased for an additional $59.50 CAD, or you can choose one yourself from our extensive stock of new and estate chains.


December 3, 2021

0.49ct. VS2-J European cut diamond pendant compass setting 14kt. $1,036.00 CAD. 161-00156

Old European cut diamonds were invented in the last decade of the 1800s. The new cut developed as diamond cutters experimented with the optical science behind diamond brilliance. Their reign was brief compared to the old mine that came before and the modern round brilliant that came after; evidence of the rapid pace of advancement in the science of diamond cutting. By the 1930’s everyone had moved on to the superior round brilliant cut. This 0.49 carat old European cut is a fine example, displaying the large flashes of every-coloured light you can only get from this era. It’s an eye-clean VS2 clarity with a slightly warm J colour. We’ve set this estate diamond into a brand new compass-heading 14 karat white gold pendant for the estate price of $1,036.00 CAD. Stock number 161-00156. It currently hangs from a new Italian-made 14 karat white gold cable link 18-inch chain that can be purchased for an additional $171.00 CAD. Stock number 430-00167.


December 2, 2021

0.20ct. tw. I1-J diamond pendant with 18″ chain, 2.6gr., 10kt. $315.00 CAD. 161-00151

A few quick strokes from the designer’s pen and you end up with a pendant that is striking despite its simplicity. The high polished yellow gold and diamond-studded white gold make wonderful contrasts for each other. Both bars start tall at their ends and slowly taper downwards to make graceful joints against their partner. The 0.20 carats of petite round brilliant cut diamonds are nice I1-J quality, twinkling brightly at the slightest movement. The 35.7mm long by 6.8mm wide pendant is accompanied by an 18-inch box chain of matching 10 karat yellow gold. Estate price $315.00 CAD. Stock #161-00151.


December 1, 2021

BIRKS Muse tear pendant 450005766027 $1,797.00 CAD. e10479

Birks Muse line is inspired by the patterned grill work of their original store on St. James Street in Old Montreal in 1879. Far from the grills that decorated that ceiling this teardrop pendant is made from the very best ingredients, but what else would you expect from Birks? The 39mm long by 16.25mm wide pendant retains a delicate feel with a subtly graduated pattern. As proof of Birks’ thoughtful designs the 0.28 carats of VVS-FG round brilliant cut diamonds that circle the tear drops waist don’t actually disturb that filigree pattern; instead they create the largest point in the graduation by visually combining the two pattern halves it runs through. For a modern twist the pendant is hung from a double strand cable link chain that can be worn at 24 or 28 inches long. Even the hardware has been carefully designed with the solid rectangular bail allowing the teardrop to roll wildly during wear. The strong lobster clasp has been elegantly elongated and equipped with a swiveling end to help prevent the chain from twisting. All together the necklace consists of 10.7 grams of 18 karat white gold that still retains its untouched bright white rhodium. The like new necklace is accompanied by a luxurious Birks presentation box and is currently listed on their website for $2,995.00 CAD. Our estate price $1,797.00 CAD. Stock #e10479.


November 30, 2021

18kt. UNO-A-ERRE petite pig pendant/charm 1.6gr. $175.00 CAD. e14284

It’s 18 karat gold, it’s Italian made by Uno-A-Erre, and it’s adorable, how could we possibly not showcase this little pig charm/pendant? Masterfully made by one of our industry’s finest manufacturers. Hollow yes, but it still has more heft than you’d imagine given its diminutive 15mm nose-to-tail measurement and premium 18 karat yellow gold construction. The little porker is in perfect condition showing no wear on the bail or connecting ring. This fine swine is estate priced at $175.00 CAD. Stock #e14284.


18kt. hand engraved locket & chain 29mm x 22mm, 11.2gr. $1,080.00 CAD. e14060

We might be one of the last strongholds for lockets but we are pretty proud of our retro locket selection! The tiny gold boxes have been a jewellery staple for centuries, and why not? Traditionally they weren’t for pictures, they carried dried flowers, locks of hair, mementos of dead or living loved ones, hand-painted portraits, special notes, good luck charms, relics of saints, love poems, magical spells, vials of poison, or any secrets you couldn’t let out of your sight. It’s only been the last century that photos were the sole domain of lockets. If you’re thinking of reviving one of their traditional purposes I’d recommend this particular locket. It features a heavy-duty lock that takes two fingers to open, and is generally sturdy and well made; a perfect mini-safe for the things you can’t trust to the cloud. The locket measures 29mm long by 22mm wide, with an oversized bail that should accommodate almost any chain. It features two removable plexiglass windows with fine gold frames, remove these and you’ve got about 6mm of storage depth. Formed from top quality 18 karat yellow gold and featuring a hand-engraved floral motif, and high polished back ready for engraving. The locket is accompanied by an 18-inch chain with a large spring-ring catch. The chain and locket weigh a significant combined weight of 11.2 grams. Estate price $1,080.00 CAD. Stock #e14060.


November 28, 2021

2.5gr. 9999 gold Credit Suisse bar & 2.5gr. 18kt. frame. Spot plus 10% (bar), $350.00 (frame) 912-00350 436-00147

Everyone should own some gold bullion, and everyone should always have a little cash on them, just in case. Something like our latest estate pendant serves both purposes and also makes an interesting, attractive piece of jewellery. The 99.99% pure gold wafer weighs 2.5 grams (8% of a Troy ounce), the frame also weighs 2.5 grams in premium 18 karat (75% purity). At the current price of $2,430.00 Canadian, the bar contains $195.00 worth of gold. Gold is even better than U.S. dollars in your pocket. It is one of the few internationally accepted, easily recognized communities. It is portable, appreciating in value, and has been used as a store of value for 1000s of years. This pendant is in perfect condition looking unworn. The wafer can be sold tax-free, the $350.00 frame is subject to applicable sales tax. Stock numbers 912-00350 (bar), 436-00147 (frame).



November 26, 2021

14kt. pear shaped diamond drop halo pendant, 0.63ct. tw. SI-I, 0.6gr. $700.00 CAD. 161-00131

All it takes is a little movement to create something really special. This diamond drop pendant has two points of articulation, first in the carved bail that allows the diamond halo to swing freely, then in the hinged diamond drop at the center of that halo. That 6-prong set round brilliant cut diamond can move in any direction, creating an extra level of activity during wear. All told the pendant is adorned with 17 SI-I quality diamonds equalling 0.63 carats together. The 14 karat white and yellow pendant is estate priced for $700.00 CAD. Stock #161-00131.


November 25, 2021

0.50ct. tw. I1-HI diamond earring & pendant set, 5.6gr. 10kt, 20″ $840.00 CAD. e13744

The advantages of two-tone jewellery go beyond men who are shopping for their partners and can’t remember for the life of them, what colour gold she normally wears… Especially when the two-tone is set up as it is with this diamond set. The functional components, like the chain, bail, and post bases, are all yellow gold helping to blend better with most skin tones and melt into the background. This effect makes the diamonds they carry, a subtle accent and draws attention to the chromy rhodium enhanced diamond studded drops. Especially as those drops have been left articulated, allowing them to swing freely during wear. The combined 0.50 carats of I1-H diamonds sparkle brightly with the slightest movement. Each stud has been equipped with heavyweight friction backs and the pendant hangs from a 20-inch chain. The estate price for the 10 karat gold set is $840.00 CAD. Stock #e13744.


November 21, 2021

Antique Art Nouveau 14kt. seed pearl pendant/necklace, 5.7gr., $560.00 CAD. e14306

The Art Nouveau necklaces we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing have always been colorful, but this is one of the more vibrant. It combines sky blue and magenta faceted glass, a pairing that evokes the natural brilliance the movement was so obsessed with. The blue stone that hangs from the swift’s beak rests perfectly between two stylized wings; most likely modeled after dragonfly wings as they were a great favorite of the Art Nouveau movement. The necklace features delicate demi-pearl accents and warm 14 karat yellow gold. Estate price for this 110-year-old (at least) antique is $560.00 CAD. Stock #e14306.


November 18, 2021

14kt. Sun pendant, 28mm, 2.0gr. $175.00 CAD. 436-00143

At this time of year, everyone can use a little more sunshine in their life. This artisan-style interpretation of the sun is made from just over 2 grams of warm yellow gold and measures 28mm in diameter. Although this is a previously owned item, it has never been worn. There is no evidence of wear from any type of chain running through the oversized bail. The artistic tribute to our closest star is estate priced at $175.00 CAD. Stock #436-00143.


November 17, 2021

0.12ct. tw. I1-I2-HI diamond & black Onyx pendant on 16″ wheat chain 7.8gr. 14kt. $840.00 CAD. e13934

Onyx is one of those gemstones that automatically conjures up images of heavy yellow gold rings with a gold initial laid over it or a small seed pearl set at its center. It is a versatile gemstone that makes a stunning contrast when used in modern jewellery, partnered with brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold and diamonds for example. You can see how timeless and elegant that black and white combination looks. What you can’t see however is the high polish of the onyx disk, how it flashes brightly, and how it reflects the bright edges of the white gold flowers that rest on it, adding depth. The 21.5mm diameter disk features 0.12 carats total weight of I1-I2-HI diamonds, graduating as they move around the brushstroke flowers. The disk hangs from a 16-inch wheat link chain with sturdy end caps and a medium lobster clasp. Estate price for the like-new necklace is $840.00 CAD. Stock #e13934.


November 10, 2021

18kt. diamond set baby shoe charm 3.6gr. $350.00 CAD. e8126

e8126 diamond set baby shoeWhat a cute item. Not only is it cute but this is a gift with a really high tear coefficient. Just imagine her reaction when you present her with this tiny diamond set baby shoe. The tears will start flowing and you’ll be a hero. This little shoe measures 15.7mm long not including the bail and weighs 3.6 grams of 18 karat white gold. If that wasn’t enough there are 16 little brilliant cut diamonds channel and Gypsy set throughout the shoe. It can be worn on a necklace or added to her charm bracelet. Estate priced at $350.00. Stock #e8126.e8126.1 baby shoe with diamonds



November 9, 2021

0.49ct. SI1-IJ diamond solitaire pendant on 16″ chain 2.2gr. $980.00 CAD. 161-00132

The grade-setting inclusion for this SI1 round brilliant cut diamond is a shallow feather resting just below the surface of the table facet. With magnification that feather is so shallow, it looks like a line, without magnification it disappears. Making this 0.49 carat diamond a great value! To brighten up its IJ colour it’s been set into warm 14 karat yellow gold. The setting is delicate and understated to keep the focus on the diamond it carries. It’s accompanied by a 16-inch chain curb link chain with a spring-ring catch. Estate price $980.00 CAD. Stock #161-00132.


November 7, 2021

Custom made diamond key pendant on 32″ wheat chain 13.4gr. tw. $1,400.00 CAD. e13933

Measuring 57mm long this key pendant would be impressive on its own, but strung from a 32-inch long chain, the key takes on a new level of head-turning attention. That length allows it to slip easily over the head and fall to the diaphragm. The chain has been decorated with a single bezel-set diamond that sits about 5 inches up from the key pendant. The key also features four petite round brilliant cut diamonds set around its quatrefoil window. Despite being cast from 14 karat white gold the key still boasts a sturdier make than the sterling silver keys we see. With its chain, the total weight comes to 13.4 grams. Both chain and pendant retain their original chromy white rhodium finish as proof of their barely worn history. The 5 diamonds equal 0.04 carats in total and are of VS-SI-FH quality. The chain is equipped with sturdy end caps and a superfluous spring-ring catch. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13933.


October 26, 2021

Amethyst & diamond pendant/earring set. 4.2gr. 14 karat gold. $420.00 CAD. e14524 231-00117

With February quickly arriving and amethyst being its birthstone, this 14karat yellow gold diamond pendant/earring set would be a perfect gift to give. Weighing in at 4.2 grams this gorgeous set equips its earrings with standard posts and sturdy friction backs. Its pendant hangs on a delicate 18″ chain with an easy to fasten spring-ring clasp. Despite what the pictures might show, in person these amethysts depict a true purple with rolling flashes of burgundy. The estate price for the set is only $420.00. Stock #e14524 231-00117



October 15, 2021

Raw fine gold nugget custom 14kt. gold frame on 16″ necklace 12.5gr. tw. $998.00 CAD. e13383

Self isolation feeling a bit boring? Liven it up with some scholarly articles on the habits of gold formation! Or we can give you the Coles Notes version. One of the most common gold deposits is the auriferous quartz vein, you can see the small sections of white quartz trapped inside this nugget. Anyone else a part of their high school Latin team? Aurum means gold and ferre means to bear, so auriferous translates to gold-bearing. What’s interesting is that this process can happen on a tiny scale during modern earthquakes. Mineral rich super heated pressurized water deep below the earth’s crust is suddenly exposed to the low pressure of the surface when an earthquake opens a fissure in the mantel. The water instantly vaporizes leaving crystallized forms of the minerals it was carrying behind. This process can take tenths of a second the change is so rapid. This 12.5 gram pendant probably formed the old fashion way but it is still a fascinating geological specimen. Its been gifted with a custom made 14 karat yellow gold frame, mostly hidden when viewed from the front. The simply fixed bail is large enough to accommodate a variety of chains but it is currently suspended from a 16 inch 14 karat yellow gold curb chain. Estate price $998.00 CAD. Stock #e13383.


October 14, 2021

0.22ct. tw. I1-I diamond pendant with 18 1/2″ box chain 1.3gr. 10K $350.00 CAD. e13915

If this diamond had been set into a traditional four-prong setting it would have become an understated wear-every-day piece. By building this modern hard-lined drop pendant around that diamond the effect is much more striking. The main diamond has had its footprint increased to 5.6mm thanks to the high polished bezel that surrounds it. The opened toped fixed bail is channel set with two petite accent diamonds that bring the estimated total weight to 0.22 carats of I1-I quality round brilliant cuts. The 10 karat white gold pendant slides freely along an 18 1/2 inch long mini box link chain, both retain their original chromy white rhodium finish. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e13915


October 12, 2021

3.64ct. emerald & diamond (0.76ct. tw. VS-H) pendant, 18.1gr. 18kt. $21,000.00 CAD. 231-00139

High-quality, larger emeralds are almost never seen. The small stones usually encountered are often very pale, heavily included, and translucent to opaque. Natural emeralds almost exclusively form with numerous feathers and surface reaching inclusions that affect transparency and brilliance. Emerald cutters universally treat emeralds with various substances that improve transparency. Often the treatment is a simple cedarwood oil that conceals surface reaching feathers. Waxes and resins can sometimes to applied to emeralds too. 99% of all emeralds are subjected to some form of clarity improving treatment. This emerald has just returned from the Gemological Institute of America for their review and report. The December 15, 2021 document can be seen online here. We are happy to report the GIA only found minor evidence of clarity enhancement. We were hoping for no enhancement of any kind but realized that was a long shot. Emeralds enhanced to this level sell for a 10% to 20% premium over the majority of emeralds that are treated to a moderate level. Photographed in darkfield illumination is the best way to reveal inclusions that practically all emeralds form with. This lighting technique may not be the most flattering but it shows how even high quality emerald have numerous internal clarity characteristics. This vintage emerald pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry. We don’t come across many emeralds of this size and intense green colour very often. This is the finest emerald of this size we’ve had the pleasure to showcase, it measures just shy of 1/2 an inch in length. It is surrounded by 32 high-quality (VS-H) round diamonds weighing an estimated 0.75 carats in total. The 18 karat white gold pendant is integrated into a 17-inch double curb link necklace. The necklace/pendant weighs in at a significant 18.1 grams in total. If you’d like to replace the yellow gold chain with white, we’d be happy to make that change. The pendant could also be configured into a more contemporary design. We could also remount the emerald into a fantastic engagement or dinner ring. We’ve said it before but pictures really don’t do something like this justice. Here is a short YouTube video of this beautiful pendant. Even the video can’t capture the colour correctly. This custom-made emerald pendant is estate priced at $21,000.00 CAD. Stock number 231-00139.


October 10, 2021

0.25ct. tw. I1-I2-GH star diamond pendant with 16″ chain, 2.0gr. 10kt. $315.00 CAD. e14050

Trying to research the meaning behind this eight-pointed star and turns out it has meaning for almost every religion! From the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi to the Octogram of Ancient Egypt or the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, associated with the planet Venus. Each has its own symbolism which you can read about here. Whichever you most identify with this petite pendant will represent it beautifully. Our little star pendant measures 11mm wide and manages to hold 33 round brilliant and round single cut diamonds. They equal 0.25 carats together of I1-I2-GH quality and are backed by bright white rhodium to diminish the appearance of the prongs that hold them. The 2 gram pendant is cast from 10 karat yellow gold, it hangs from a 16 inch curb chain with a spring ring catch. Estate price $315.00 CAD. Stock #e14050.


September 30, 2021

4.3gr. 14kt princess cut diamond pendant/chain 0.30ct. VS2-I $770.00 CAD. e10734

Clean and tailored design square bezel setting with princess cut diamond. A little more thought and effort was given when this pendant was put together. Instead of a simple one piece casting with rhodium enhanced areas, the pendant has been assembled from 2 sections. One part is made in white gold and the other is made from yellow gold. It’s a little more difficult and definitely more expensive making jewellery from multiple sections but the results are more flattering, longer lasting, more sophisticated, and generally just better looking. The square, flat edged pendant contains a very good quality VS2-I princess cut diamond. Only a thin bezel covers the diamond edges allowing as much sparkle as possible while making it look much larger than the estimated 0.30 carat weight would suggest. The pendant is suspended from a square section 14 karat yellow gold foxtail chain measuring 17 inches in length. Freshly polished and looking like new the pendant/necklace are estate priced as a set for $770.00 CAD. Stock #e10734.


September 22, 2021

0.25ct. I1-H diamond pendant & necklace 3.7gr. 14kt. $700.00 CAD. e11870

Diamond sliders are so classic they can be paired with anything. Done in brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold the bezel results in a seamless transition from fiery brilliance to a mirror finished shine. Bezel frames create the appearance of a much larger diamond, not that this diamond is anything to turn your nose at. With a high cut grade the 0.25ct diamond easily makes the most of its I1-GH quality, showing almost eye clean with a series of small reflected white crystal inclusions. The 7.8mm diameter pendant is strung on a heavier 18 inch long wheat link chain. Together the 14 karat necklace weighs in at 2.59 grams and is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein Ltd. Jewellery Appraisal with an estimated replacement value of $1,650.00 CAD. Our estate price for the like new necklace is $700.00 CAD. Stock #e11870.





0.25ct. tw. SI-IJ diamond pendant 2.5gr. 10kt. white gold $420.00 CAD. e14130

Such a simple design, a twisted ribbon of white gold and diamonds. You can feel the weight of the draped fabric it’s mimicking, hanging loosely from whatever it’s been suspended from. The pendant was designed to swing and roll freely during wear, equally interesting viewed from any angle. The airy pendant measures 32.5mm long by 14.3mm wide and features two twisting rows of round brilliant cut diamonds equalling 0.25 carats total weight. The 29 diamonds are of pleasant SI-IJ quality and offer a bold contrast to the large swaths of high polished rhodium plated 10 karat white gold. Estate price for the like-new pendant is only $420.00 CAD. Stock #e14130.


September 16, 2021

0.25ct. tw. I1-treated fancy yellow, dancing diamond, pulse pendant, 20″, 10/14kt., 3.9gr. $525.00 CAD. e14385

The dancing diamond was new on the scene about 10 years ago but they are still relatively unknown; which is too bad as they really are quite mesmerizing! The main diamond of these pendants is in a specially made setting that can roll freely at the slightest movement. And does it ever! Even the act of speaking can make this treated fancy yellow diamond dance! The pendant that carries it is a 20.9mm long infinity symbol accented with additional petite diamonds of matching I1 clarity. The 10 karat yellow gold is a nice colour match to the main diamond it carries. The pendant hangs from a 14 karat yellow gold 20 inch long Italian made cable link chain with an oversized lobster clasp for easy fastening. Estate price $525.00 CAD. Stock #e14385.


September 14, 2021

18kt. 0.50ct. emerald pendant, 0.9gr. handmade, $245.00 CAD. e14339

Custom doesn’t always mean complex or costly, when your building around a gemstone or diamond it’s usually best to keep the design calm, letting the stone speak for itself. This 0.50 carat emerald cut emerald has been simply accented by a swopping (slightly cat tail resembling) streak of high polished yellow gold. The emerald sits on one of its corners, adding a playful bit of visual tension to the piece. The 18 karat yellow gold piece measures 26.3mm long and is equipped with a large bail that should accommodate most chains. Estate price $245.00 CAD. Stock #e14339.


September 13, 2021

1.50ct. tw. garnet pendant on 17″ chain, 10kt., 2.7gr., $280.00 CAD. e14360

Garnet comes in every colour of the rainbow, and red garnet occupies a broad range of hues and saturation levels. The least expensive garnet hue is an orangy earthy red tone and the most expensive is a vibrant green similar to peridot. This pure red garnet cluster is probably the colour most people associate with the gem. The 1.50 carats of red garnet have also been very well cut, making each of the nine gems come to life with the slightest rotation. The 13.5mm wide cluster is set into delicate 10 karat yellow gold, keeping the focus on the gems. The pendant hangs from a light 17-inch chain. Estate price $280.00 CAD. Stock #e14360.


September 10, 2021

0.50ct. tw. SI-I puffed heart pendant with box link chain, 13gr. 14kt. $1,173.00 CAD. e11151

A puffy pave set diamond heart in warm yellow gold is sure to please anyone (who likes heart jewellery that is, beware those heart-haters!). This statement pendant measures 17.7mm wide by 24.9mm long and an impressive 5.3mm thick! Hollow-backed, of course, but still weighing in at 4.2 grams without its chain. The 0.50 carat total weight of petite round brilliant cut diamonds that cover the pendant and bail are all a well-matched SI-I quality. The oversized hinged bail is capable of accomodating most chains and is currently strung on an 18 inch long rounded box link of matching 14 karat yellow gold. The heavy chain brings the total weight up to 13 grams. Estate price $1,173.00 CAD. Stock #e11151


September 3, 2021

9kt. hand carved cameo brooch/pendant Hebe, Goddess of Youth 10.2gr. gross weight $280.00 CAD. e14076

The Greek Goddess Hebe was the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was the cupbearer for the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus, she eventually became the wife of Heracles (Hercules). She was responsible for restoring the youth of the Gods and had the ability to restore youth to mortals. In this famous depiction, Hebe is offering a drink to her father Zeus, in the form of an eagle, restoring him. Zeus is depicted as an eagle when he’s pictured with Hebe as the eagle was believed to be phoenix-like in its ability to renew itself to a youthful state. Here the pair are depicted in a masterfully hand-carved shell cameo measuring 46mm x 36mm. The cameo is left to speak for itself, secured with a simple high-polished 9 karat yellow gold frame. The cameo is equipped with a fixed bail and a brooch pin, allowing it to be worn on a chain or pinned directly to clothing. The estate price for this piece of Ancient Greek Mythology is $280.00 CAD. Stock #e14076.



August 30, 2021

14kt. antique inspired garnet & pearl pendant/earring set $2,240.00 CAD. e12562 e12563

This set is the essence of the Victorian Era! Though modern the antique inspired set would have been at home in the 1880s drawing room. As you might have guessed the trends of the Victorian Era were set by Queen Victoria herself. Thanks to the industrial revolution common people were finally able to afford luxuries like jewellery. Thanks to developments in photography and printing Queen Victoria was one of the first Monarchs to have her life heavily documented and those images were widely circulated. All classes throughout the empire could see what the Queen was wearing making her the original Influencers with approximately 10 million followers. She created the trend of wearing white for a wedding gown, everything she touched became the gospel for fashion. She had a passion for mixing gemstones, filigree, and ornate oversized statement pieces. Honestly, the motifs of the Victorian Era are what most people imagine when they picture royal jewellery. This regal drop pendant measures a head turning 42mm long by 22mm wide. It’s set with brooding red garnets and soft creamy pearls. The 9.4 gram 14 karat yellow gold pendant is suspended from an 18 inch long Singapore chain with a spring ring catch. The earrings that complement it measure 18.3mm x 15.6mm and weigh 9 grams together. The set is Canadian made and can be purchased separately for $1,120.00 CAD each. Stock numbers e12563 and e12562.


August 20, 2021

18kt. swan pendant with “floating” gems 0.66ct. tw. 9.3gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e14537

Swans are revered the world over (despite their cranky attitudes) and they certainly make an elegant motif when used in jewellery. This stylized swan features a transparent wing that holds bezel set sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and one bezel set diamond. The gems float freely within the wing, causing them to constantly rearrange their pattern. The swan has been set with 0.25 carats total weight of bright white diamonds and a single ruby eye. The swan is made from top-quality 18 karat yellow gold and has been equipped with a hinged bail, allowing it to fit on almost any chain or clasp onto a strand of beads or pearls. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14537.


August 18, 2021

Marquise cut sapphire & diamond pendant 0.76ct. tw. SI-J, 3.2gr. 14kt. gold $560.00 CAD. e13740

Here’s a retro one for you, a marquise centered cluster in yellow and white gold. We certainly sold a couple of these back in the 70s and 80s. This 20.2 x 11.7mm example is as nice as any we’ve seen. The 0.38 carats of SI-J diamonds are single cuts instead of round brilliants. The round single cut has 17 facets versus the 57 of a round brilliant, in smaller sizes the single cuts make a brighter show, giving off larger flashes of white and every-coloured light. The 24 certainly do their job here, lighting up like a disco ball at the slightest movement. The deep blue 0.38 carat marquise cut sapphire is equally bright, flashing bright indigo across its middle. The gemstones have of course been set into bright white gold, while the large bail and 16-inch curb chain are warm yellow 14 karat gold. The pendant weighs in at 3.2 grams and is estate priced for $560.00 CAD. Stock #e13740.


August 17, 2021

5gr. Johnson Matthey 9999 gold bar (spot + 10%), 0.57gr. 14kt. frame $53.00 extra. e14503

Finding smaller amounts of gold bullion in fractions of ounce weights is more difficult than ever. Most major bullion suppliers have none available for delivery, and if they do expect to pay 15 to 20% over the intrinsic value. We too seldom have smaller amounts available. Thankfully, selling bullion isn’t a large part of our business, so when we’re able to supply gold and silver bullion, it is always less expensive than bullion dealers. This is a small 5 gram (16% of a troy ounce) Johnson Matthey 9999 gold bar in a 14 karat gold frame. The gold bar is for sale at the current spot price plus 10% with no sales tax. The 14 karat gold frame weighs 0.57 grams and is priced at $52.50 plus sales tax. We will not sell the bar without the frame. If you’re a gold bug, this pendant allows you to wear just a little of what you like to invest in. The pendant is in perfect condition and looks unworn. Stock #e14503.



August 13, 2021

10kt. yellow gold pony pendant 1.5gr. $98.00 CAD. 436-00032

Here is another of the numerous small estate items that we have in stock. Cast from solid 10 karat yellow gold, this little pony pendant/charm weighs 1.5 grams and measures 12.8mm in length. The thick jump-ring will allow a light to medium weight chain to pass through. Estate priced at $98.00 CAD. Stock #436-00032.


July 30, 2021

0.40ct. tw. I1-I diamond circle pendant 3.7gr. 14kt. $525.00 CAD. e10588

Circle pendants are designated from one another by quality and subtlety of design, this 22.5mm diameter circle has a subtle but useful design feature. Its gallery has been made to graduate as it travels up toward the chain making the ring of diamonds angle on a slight downward slope. That slope balances the opposing slope of the collar bone so the circle sits perfectly level during wear. The feature also allows for a variety of different chain sizes. The 0.40 carats of round brilliant cut I1-I diamonds are set off by thin rhodium enhanced 14 karat white gold rails. The pendant slides freely across a strong cable link 16-inch chain which also retains an untouched chromy rhodium plating. The necklace and pendant weigh a combined 3.7 grams. Estate price $525.00 CAD. Stock #e10588.



July 20, 2021

10kt. arrowhead pendant, 2.75gr., 29mm, $180.00 CAD. e14450

This pendant will accept most styles of chains with a width of up to 3mm. The 29mm arrowhead pendant weighs 2.75 grams and was cast from 2.75 grams of 10 karat yellow gold. Excellent condition, showing only a touch of wear in the bail where a chain ran through. Estate priced at $180.00 CAD. Stock #e14450.


June 18, 2021

Handmade 18kt. yellow gold cross pendant 10.9gr., $1,190.00 CAD. e14380

We create and sell custom-made items every day, but custom-made and truly hand fabricated are quite different. The jewellery industry has adopted CAD imaging, 3-D printing of wax prototypes, laser welding, and other modern conveniences that have revolutionized this business. This cross bucks the technology trend as it appears to have been completely fabricated by hand. We think this cross has been totally handmade. A good amount of 18 karat gold was likely milled into a 1.75mm thick sheet, whatever didn’t look like a cross was sawn away with great precision. A sturdy bail was rolled from some thinner sheet and soldered shut after it passed through the slot on top. Some basic decorative engraving on the front gives the cross some handcrafted detail. A final high polished finish way applied and it is ready to go. The artisan look of hand fabricated jewellery is absolutely charming. The quality of this piece was top of mind for the unknown artist who created it, as it was crafted from 10.99 grams of premium 18 karat yellow gold. Perfect condition showing no wear of any kind. This classic religious symbol is estate priced at $1,190.00 CAD. Stock #e14380.


June 4, 2021

0.38ct. SI-J diamond pendant 3.2gr., 18 inch cable link necklace $840.00 CAD. e14265

A simple 45-degree rotation can make all the difference! This compass heading setting works perfectly for a station chain solitaire, making the two prongs that meet the chain almost disappear from view. The 0.38 carat round brilliant cut they carry is a bright SI-J, made whiter by the warmth of the 14 karat Italian-made yellow gold chain. The necklace measures a comfortable 18 inches long and has been made to last from a sturdy cable link and oversized jump ring ends and lobster clasp for easy fastening. Estate price $840.00 CAD. Stock #e14265


June 2, 2021

Art Nouveau seed pearl & glass pendant 4.9gr. 14kt. gold $630.00 CAD. e14137

Every Art Nouveau neckpiece we get seems to be more intricate than the last! This 120-year-old winged beauty features the standard hand-set delicate seed pearls against warm 14 karat yellow gold. It also features movement-appropriate faceted coloured glass, a backlash against the elitism of traditional jewellery. The purple glass is a fantastic replica of amethyst and adds a touch of head-turning drama to this 50mm wide by 33mm long neckpiece. The necklace is surprisingly long 21 inches and is equipped with a modern spring-ring catch, pointing to the chain perhaps being new. We can custom shorten the necklace to any length while you wait. Estate price for this stunning antique $630.00 CAD. Stock #e14137.



June 1, 2021

18kt. diamond set cross pendant 0.075ct. tw. VVS-F, 0.4gr. $105.00 CAD. 161-00095

You’ll find lots of large cross pendants in our estate department, but not too many small examples. This cross is downright tiny, measuring less than 7mm wide. It may be small but it was made with great attention to detail and quality. It has been crafted from premium 18 karat yellow gold and hand set with 6 fully faceted round brilliant cut diamonds of VVS-F quality. At only 0.4 grams in weight, you won’t even notice the extra heft on a chain. I can’t imagine a more delicate and pretty way to subtly display your faith. Estate priced at only $105.00 CAD. Stock #161-00095.



May 25, 2021

18kt. cross pendant 6.8gr., 32mm x 63mm $770.00 CAD. e13654.

Two crosses for the price of one! This cross is a take on the Celtic cross with a Cross Pattee hidden within its nimbus. Both are from the Middle Ages (5th and 6th centuries). This dual cross face is covered over in delicate hand engraved branches and leaves. Turn the pendant over and the Cross Pattee is replaced by a filigree flower back by a matte stippled texture to make the high polished cell edges pop. The cross weighs in at 6.8 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold and measures 63mm x 32mm including its high polished medium sized bail. Estate price $770.00 CAD. Stock #e13654.


May 22, 2021

0.41ct. I1-J diamond pendant on 18″ Italian cable chain, 1.3gr., $585.00 CAD. e14477

We had a great response to the diamond pendant we posted last week so we thought we’d make another one using one of our many estate diamonds. This one is a touch larger at 0.41 carats. The I1-J quality is bright, sparkly, and the centre of attention on the light 14 karat Italian made cable link 18-inch necklace. Our goldsmith laser welded the hand set diamond permanently into the necklace, so there is no bail for the diamond to slide on. The integrated look is popular and flattering for round brilliant cut diamonds. We can make something like this up in only a day or two if you’d like a bigger, smaller, or different quality diamond. We have 100s of loose estate diamonds in stock to choose from. This style pendant/necklace looks great no matter what size you select. The 18 inch, 14 karat yellow gold necklace is new stock from Italy. The delicate but sturdy cable link chain and pendant weigh 1.3 grams in total and are estate priced at only $585.00 CAD. Stock #e14477.


May 18, 2021

14 karat garnet/diamond pendant on 10 karat chain $277.00 CAD. e8169

e8169 garnet and diamond pendantSometimes a gift is received but never used. Such is the case with this pretty little pendant. Suspended from a 10 karat white gold twisted rope necklace is an oval cluster setting containing a dark brownish-red garnet surrounded by 12 tiny brilliant cut diamonds. The pendant looks absolutely new, the only thing missing is the original price tag that was likely close to $500.00. The basic oval cluster measures 13.5mm x 11.5mm not including the large triangular bail. The chain/pendant weighs 3.8 grams and is estate priced at $277.00 CAD. Stock #e8169.



May 2, 2021

4.80ct. peridot pendant custom made 14kt. 0.57ct. tw. diamonds SI-HI, 23.6gr. 14kt. $3,192.00 CAD. e14268

We might have to move peridot into the number one hardest gemstone to photograph position! In-person this peridot is radiant! Its intense summer green is a great example of what the stone is capable of when you get away from the yellower washes. Thanks to its specialized cut the gem appears to glow all on its own. This show-stopping pendant has obviously been built around the 9.6mm, 4.80 carat gem. The 36mm long by 27.2mm wide pendant features a playful bit of articulation, allowing the white gold diamond-accented frame to swing freely during wear. The 0.57 carats total weight of SI-HI round brilliant cut diamonds have been flush set in a random pattern to mirror the flush bezel setting of the peridot. As proof of its handmade nature, the pendant weighs in at a whopping 23.6 grams in 14 karat gold.  Estate price for this one-of-a-kind piece is $3,192.00 CAD. Stock #e14268.


May 1, 2021

14kt. flexible link lace pendant on 18″ bead chain 3.7gr. $378.00 CAD. e13920

The bead chain link was designed to be worn on its own, not as a carrier of heavy pendants. It does its best work when it can roll freely during wear, exposing its machine-cut facets to the light. This necklace maximizes that disco ball effect by building a pendant out of the bead chain. The bolero inspired necklace is light and airy like lacework and stitches together a flexible flower with yellow and white gold strands. The 14 karat pendant measures 22mm wide and hangs below an 18-inch length chain. Its brilliance is impossible to capture in frozen photos, request a video call to see it “in person”. Estate price $378.00 CAD. Stock #e13920.


April 30, 2021

0.77ct. SI2-J very good cut GIA certified 1.3gr. tw. 16 inch cable chain $2,100.00 CAD. e14266

For such a simple pendant this piece manages to be quite unique, and we’re not just saying that because we made it! The petite pendant almost resembles a tiny padlock with its half-round top link and small round-ring bail. The warm yellow gold draws attention to these accents as they contrast with the white gold chain and setting, not to mention the bright diamond! Being our diamond originally it is of course GIA certified of pleasant SI2-J quality, the perfect balance for maximum value with a pendant as it is only ever viewed from a slight distance. We’ve stung our handiwork on a 16-inch cable link chain. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e14266.


April 15, 2021

10-14kt. “Takin Care of Business” Elvis pendant with diamonds 4.6gr. 18″ $280.00 CAD. e13160

As the news breaks that after 25 years the Collingwood Ontario Elvis Festival is no more we offer this peace in the valley to help all of you get out of heartbreak hotel. Perhaps this Taking Care of Business pendant will be a bridge over troubled water for those Elvis aficionados out there. I’m counting on you mega fans out there to know the backstory behind this 14 karat yellow gold pendant. For those of you not in the know, the TCB was the core group of musicians that were with Elvis throughout most of his career. He eventually commissioned these pendants from an American goldsmith and distributed them among the group as a keepsake. This is an exact replica featuring the rhodium plated, diamond encrusted lightning bolt. The 1o karat gold good luck charm is strung on a 14 karat yellow gold 18 inch long curb link chain. So if you’re feeling all shook up from this news you can keep your memories close for the estate price of $280.00 CAD. Stock #e13160.


March 14, 2021

1.20ct. VS2-D GIA diamond halo pendant 14kt. gold, 1.40ct. tw. $12,650.00 CAD. e8147

Take a good look because they don’t come by very often. “D” colour diamonds are exceptionally rare, especially if that D rating comes from the most trusted name in the diamond industry. The diamond was certified by the Gemological Institute of America with the highest possible colour rating. The full report can be viewed at GIA. The VS2 clarity grade with no fluorescence really makes this one sparkle. The extra length of a pear shape makes the diamond appear much bigger than the actual weight of 1.20 carats. With measurements of 9.64mm x 5.83mm x 3.59mm, this pear shape puts down a much bigger footprint than most average cut overly deep examples with similar weight. The diamond is currently set in a new 14 karat white gold halo cluster setting assembled with 0.20 carats of high quality (VS-F) Canadian diamonds. The setting is available separately for $1,150.00.  Diamond by itself is estate priced at $11,500.00 CAD. Stock #e8147.


March 10, 2021

9kt. Art Nouveau genuine peridot necklace, 6.00ct. tw. 9.9gr. $1,190.00 CAD. e14082

The Art Nouveau movement spanned 1890-1910, it was a direct reaction to the classical “overwrought” style of academic art and for jewellery, the Victorian Era. The movement sought to elevate the applied arts (architecture, furniture, glass art, ceramics, jewellery making, metalwork, etc.) and unite them with fine arts. The artisans of the movement were trying to create a “total work of art” that all objects and surroundings should be uplifting and inspiring. For the jewellers of the time, the materials were not as important as the design, a priority shift unseen in jewellery history. That ethos is visible in this neckpiece with the use of pale 9 karat gold. The handmade necklace is set with an estimated 6.00 carats total weight of genuine peridot, surprising for the era as many jewellers opted for less expensive faceted glass. The neckpiece measures a head-turning 75mm wide by 53mm long. It’s equipped with a period-appropriate chain and antique spring-ring catch, bringing the total length to 17 inches. Estate price $1,190.00 CAD. Stock #e14082.



March 1, 2021

18kt. 1.12ct. I1-M diamond pendant 1.22ct. tw., 1.3gr. $3,591.00 CAD. e14267

A few of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers unique strengths are our knowledge and the efficiencies of our business model. Everything we do is about offering our customers the best value in estate, vintage and new jewellery. Unless it’s a commissioned custom creation, we let the large jewellery manufacturers do what they do best, like making this beautiful 18 karat white gold halo pendant setting. It contains 21 SI-GH round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.20 carats. If we were to custom make one of these, there is no way we could do it for our selling price of $500.00; the economy of scale can’t be had custom making items one at a time. We bring knowledge, talent, passion, and controlled costs to the equation. After operating in the same Downtown Barrie location since the 1950s, trust us when we say we know a lot about controlling our costs. Our onsite goldsmiths can quickly assemble partially finished jewellery or modify existing new and used items. Our Gemological Institute of America trained diamond graders and gemologist can benefit from buying opportunities when they present themselves, like in the case of the damaged 1.23 carat diamond we used in this creation. We purchased the centre estate diamond with a chipped girdle for a reduced price due to the damage. It weighed 1.23 carats before we had the chip removed, and the diamond re-cut to excellent proportions. Now in perfect condition with an excellent cut, the diamond sparkles far more than you’d imagine an I1-M quality diamond could. The scattered inclusions do little to disrupt light reflection and dispersion. The M colour is no doubt on the warm side, but it is tempered by the GH colour halo stones and brilliant rhodium-plated 18 karat white gold frame. We are continuously reinventing our trade-in estate diamonds and jewellery into new creations like this. This most impressive 18 karat diamond pendant is estate priced at only $3,591.00 CAD. A chain of your selection will be priced separately. Stock #e14267.


February 11, 2021

1.10ct. tw. VVS-KL/SI-H pear shaped diamond halo pendant cluster, 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e14292

Don’t let the pictures fool you into thinking this is a petite pendant, measuring 20.4mm long by 10.8mm wide this piece is sure to turn heads! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s covered in 1.10 carats of diamonds. The piece was built around a 0.55 carat Old Hollywood pear-shaped diamond of top quality VVS2 clarity and a slightly champagne-tone KL colour. Despite being surrounded by SI-GH round brilliant cut diamonds the pear looks much whiter than you’d expect, thanks to its kaleidoscope facet pattern. The fixed bail is a miniature work of art, sculpted from 14 karat white gold and wrapping itself around the eleventh accent diamond. The pendant is currently strung from an 18 inch 14 karat white gold chain priced separately for $138.00 CAD. The Gem Scan Laboratories certificate states a reasonable replacement value of $4,700.00 CAD. Our estate price for the pendant only $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e14292.


February 8, 2021

1.00ct. tw. VS-G diamond pendant 18kt., 4.0gr., 16″, Martin & Co. UK $3,360.00 CAD. e13666.

To have a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England is no small thing, especially when it came from Queen Victoria in 1838. Martin & Co. of Cheltenham may not be a familiar name to you but they’ve been a high end mainstay in Britain for 214 years. Their pieces occasionally make their way across the pond but not as frequently as we’d like. This particular example is what we would call a trinity diamond pendant but in English is called a trilogy. We’ll have to file that one away for future use because it is much more appropriate when the diamonds graduate as they here; building on each other as they would a trilogy of books. Each actually overlaps its former slightly to create an uninterrupted line of brilliance. The Trilogy equals a perfect 1.00 carat combined weight of high VS-G quality. The 18 karat white gold that holds the diamonds has been brightly rhodium plated, helping it blend in. The pendant is strung from an “angle filed trace chain” of equally bright rhodium plated 18 karat white gold, measuring 18 inches long, and secured with an oversized lobster clasp and jump ring end for easy fastening. The pendant is housed in a charming purple and gold trimmed vintage inspired box. It is accompanied by its original rope handle bag, receipt sleeve, insurance document, and receipt showing a retail price of £3,070.00 British Pounds, less a £3,70.00 Pound discount for “Privilege Customer”. The current exchange rate would equal $5,214.16 CAD but the Pound was much stronger when this was originally purchased in 2011. Our estate price is $3,360.00 CAD. Stock #e13666.


January 30, 2021

0.33ct. tw. I2-JK heart shaped diamond pendant 4.3gr. 10kt. 18″ $300.00 CAD. e14115

Never one to pass up a retro piece, we were pretty excited about this heart pendant! Baguettes, yellow gold, and a diamond-encrusted wreath layout; really, how can you not appreciate its bold glam! This 22.8mm x 18.2mm heart pendant is a blast from the past. The 4.3 gram 10 karat pendant runs its 0.33 carats total weight of I2-JK diamonds on a rollercoaster, dropping from 5.3mm tall to 2.9mm around the heart-shaped track. The pendant hangs from an 18 inch long curb-link chain with a spring-ring catch, 4.3 grams total weight. Estate price $300.00 CAD. Stock #e14115.


January 24, 2021

Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart pendant 0.15ct. tw. 12.1gr. 18″ $2,800.00 CAD. e12884

Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection is best described by the 159 year old Swiss institution as being, “as audacious as they are playful, with their iconic dancing diamonds gently moving and twirling between two sapphire crystals, symbolizing an authentic touch of Joie de Vivre and a truly free spirit. Little diamonds do great things” This Happy Diamonds Icon pendant certainly captures that spirit with its 0.15 carat total weight trio of round brilliant cut diamonds. The like new necklace is accompanied by an original luxurious Chopard box and paperwork. It’s currently available on their website for $2,710 Swiss Francs, $3,630.00 Canadian. Our estate price for the 18 karat icon with a much heavier, upgraded 18 karat Chopard necklace is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e12884.



January 20, 2021

1.80ct. topaz & diamond ( VS-H) pendant, 14kt., 18″, 6.0gr. $700.00 CAD. e14273

Although completely different minerals, the optical properties of blue topaz and aquamarine are pretty close. The colour of the two gems can overlap too. The difference between the two is most easily seen in the price. A nice 2.80 carat blue topaz like this only costs around $40.00 or $50.00, while a fine quality aquamarine of the same size will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. It’s pretty easy to make a strong case for buying the much more affordable blue topaz. The topaz in this estate pendant is sky blue in colour, shows lots of sparkle, and is the perfect size for a pendant. The drop outline is one of the most flattering shapes when used as a pendant. It is capped by three high-quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds that total 0.12 carats in weight. A sturdy 1.4mm solid rope link necklace measuring 18 inches in length completes the set. 14 karat white gold construction with a total weight of 6 grams. The pendant and necklace are estate priced together at $700.00 CAD. Stock #e14273.


January 9, 2021

10kt. antique seed pearl cameo pendant necklace 17″ 2.2gr. $210.00 CAD. e14148

This late 1800s antique necklace was built for the women of Downton Abbey era, a generation of women who were just beginning to venture outside of the homes, drive, take up careers of their own. The echelon of society that could afford jewellery still required its women to entertain, spending much of their time in parlours, at lavish dinners, or out to restaurants and private clubs. The women of that era were meant to live lives as delicate as their jewellery, meaning that antiques should be worn in the manner they were intended. This delicate cameo piece features a tiny strand of seed pearls strung onto gold wire that has merely been twisted and fastened around the frame. Making the necklace unsuitable for any rough storage or treatment. But something that’s at least 110 years old should be treated with gentle hands regardless of its make. The centrepiece of this 42mm long pendant is a petite shell cameo carved into heavy relief. The 10 karat yellow gold necklace has taken on a warm patina and the delicate leaves have actually be cast from green gold, or electrum as it’s sometimes called. The pendant is strung from its original 20-inch long cable link chain featuring an antique spring-ring catch. Estate price for this like-new antique $210.00 CAD. Stock #e14148.


January 3, 2021

0.31ct. I1-J excellent cut diamond pendant on 15 1/2″ 14kt. necklace $665.00 CAD. e13943

Not many excellent cut diamonds get set into pendants. They are usually reserved for rings, which receive the closest scrutiny. Too bad it’s not the norm because this 0.31 carat round brilliant cut diamond is a real show stopper! Its perfect cut grade makes it extremely bright and maximizes its dispersion, splitting white light into every colour of rainbow sparkle. The cut grade really makes the most of the I1-J quality in this diamond, you’d swear it was at least an SI-GH. It has of course been set into a timeless 14 karat white gold crown setting and is suspended from a 15 1/2 inch long cable link chain. Estate price $665.00 CAD. Stock #e13943.