September 3, 2023

150 grams of raw Yukon river gold (spot plus 5%) e8958

e8958 raw oatmeal goldIf you’re a gold bug like me here’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 150 grams is just shy of 5 troy ounces of raw natural Yukon river gold for sale. I’m sure you’ve seen this stuff on TV shows like Gold Rush Alaska and Yukon Gold but there’s nothing like owning a bit yourself. A travelling miner came through town and offered for sale a small portion of what he had prospected from his secret location somewhere around Dawson city. 150 grams was all I could convince him to sell me. He really didn’t want to sell any but you can’t just walk into the local hardware store for supplies and pay with raw gold. After some delicate negotiations he reluctantly parted with just enough to get him the cash he needed. These are not tiny fine dust particles of gold some measure almost 1cm in length. They are big enough to use in hand made nugget jewellery. This gold resembles oat meal flakes in general dimensions. The glass bottle is a little smaller than of a roll of nickels but what in contains is about 3500 times more valuable. Raw gold like this isn’t typically 100% pure. Often there is a little silver, copper and trace amounts of other metals. River gold from the Dawson area is usually quite good. We picked a few random samples from the bottle and had them tested with a x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. This cool high tech instrument calculated the samples contained on average 94.6% gold, 3.8% silver, a bit of copper and other metals. This testing method is non destructive and gives the most accurate results besides melting the entire lot down and ruining the natural beauty. We will not separate the material into smaller amounts. It’s all 150 grams or none. If you have an interest in ancient natural gold come in and have a look at this amazing stuff. For current gold price in CDN click here. Estate priced at spot plus 5%. Stock #e8958e8957 raw oatmeal gold nuggets

August 23, 2023

1974 Franklin Mint flags of the United Nations (9.3lbs of sterling silver) $4,995.00 CAD. 720-00058

And now for something completely different. We’ve never been known for our selection of fine furniture, but this little coffee table definitely belongs among our vintage and estate treasures. This coffee table is more than worthy to be in our estate collection as it contains 136.35 troy ounces of sterling silver (over 4.2 kilograms). This unusual curiosity was produced by the Franklin Mint from 1974 through 1976. The table stands a little over 2 feet tall by 22 inches wide. Contained in 2 pull-out drawers under the glass are the flags of the United Nations countries as they were in 1974. This is a snapshot of world political history cast in high-quality 925 sterling silver ingots. A few of the 135 countries represented in this collection no longer exist today. According to the Franklin Mint website, each silver flag ingot cost $9.50 in 1974, the entire set cost $1,282.50 U.S.D. These sets are quite rare as many of the 7731 produced were melted down just a few years later when the price of silver spiked from just a few dollars per ounce to almost 50 in 1980. Finding a complete set without missing components in excellent condition is almost impossible. The set comes with its original hardcover book outlining the symbolism and meanings of each country’s flag. History collectors and those who recognize the value of silver may have an interest in this rare item. The average weight of each medallion is over one troy ounce and is 92.5% fine silver. At today’s silver price (August 23, 2023) the silver content alone in this set is over $4,000.00 CAD. The complete collection including the table and book is estate priced at $4,995.00 CAD. Stock #720-00058.


August 20, 2023

Art Deco diamond sapphire brooch platinum & 14kt. gold $903.00 CAD. e10133

e10133-art-deco-platinum-14-karat-diamond-sapphire-brooch-001The 1930s saw the tail end of the Art Deco movement and the beginning of innovation in platinum. The invention of the oxyacetylene torch in 1903 with its impressive heat output, allowed jewellers to manipulate platinum in ways they’d never been able to before. Platinum being so much tougher than gold meant jewellers were able to make pieces that were unbelievably delicate and airy without compromising strength. Meaning of course that pieces could be made much larger without much additional cost, which came in handy during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Brooches like ours (measuring 59.0mm long x 20.4mm wide) became the height of fashion and were used to add form and adornment to the loose, flowing dresses of the decade. The feature of our 4.2 gram platinum and 14 karat white gold piece is a bright 0.10 carat old European cut diamond shouldered by top quality, custom cut sapphires. Estate price for this estate brooch $903.00 CAD. Stock #e10133.e10133-art-deco-platinum-14-karat-diamond-sapphire-brooch-002


1.03 carat natural Colombian emerald $4,340.00 CAD. e9861

e9861 1.03 carat emerald cut emerald 001This 1.03 carat natural Colombian emerald packs a punch. It’s one of the nicer emeralds we’ve had through our estate department by colour intensity and clarity. It’s been graded by Harold Weinstein Ltd. as strong bluish green and moderately included in the July 5, 2016 appraisal. Strong is the key word to describe the colour of green that this emerald displays. The grade setting inclusions run parallel to the main facets. They end up blending in nicely with the pattern of the stone allowing it to face up much cleaner than you’d imagine from the photos. Weintstein gave the loose emerald an appropriate and accurate replacement value of $6,200.00 CAD. Our estate price $4,340.00 CAD. Stock #e9861.e9861 1.03 carat emerald cut emerald 003

August 19, 2023

Antique Early 1900s platinum/18kt. diamond brooch 1.00ct. tw. SI-G 5.4gr. $2,380.00 CAD. e13142

The fashion of the early 1900s saw women regularly donning high stiff collars. These collars elongated the neck and demanded adornment. Lateral brooches were all the rage and this is one of the most elaborate examples we’ve seen; most likely belonging to an affluent society woman. Made from 5.4 grams of platinum and 18 karat white gold the brooch spans an attention grabbing 6.1cm by 1.1cm. Graceful and intricate it shows the beginnings of what would eventually be the Art Deco aesthetic. Of course the real feature of this piece is its combined 1.00 carat old mine, old single cuts, and old European cut diamonds. The antique cuts provide a distinct fire that you can’t get with modern diamonds. All 15 are of bright SI-G quality, contrasting with the semi-matte millgrain that covers the brooch. The platinum top is secured with an extra strong white gold hinged pin. Estate price for this 100 year old antique $2,380.00 CAD. Stock #e13142.

August 18, 2023

18kt. rose bud enamel brooch 29.3gr. with diamonds 0.65ct. tw. SI-I $3,000.00 CAD. 161-00188

Jewellery like this exceptional rosebud brooch is wearable art. Lapel pins and brooches are making a comeback. Just have a look at any Hollywood award show and you’re sure to see the big celebrities trying out new fashions with statement brooches. Even men are getting into the trend of adding an accent piece to the lapel of their suits. This enamel rosebud is about as nice as we’ve seen when it comes to glass enamel work. There is not a chip, crack, or scuff on any of the enamel work. The subtle shading and underlying texture have been achieved with the highest level of quality. The quality extends beyond the colourful enamel to the beautiful design and diamonds. The 19 round brilliant cut diamonds add an estimated 0.65 carats of sparkle. The diamonds are conservatively graded SI clarity with an I colour. The brooch has been constructed from premium 18 karat yellow gold. It is secured by a double prong hinged clasp with a safety catch. I wish I could give credit to whoever created this wonderful object, but I don’t recognize the lyre hallmark, it could possibly be an Israel quality stamp for 18 karat. The brooch measures close to 8 cm in total length and weighs a hefty 29.3 grams. It is estate priced at $3,000.00 CAD. Stock #161-00188.

August 17, 2023

10kt. hand carved cameo brooch 55mm x 43mm 15.1gr. tw. $700.00 CAD. e12548

When I think of estate jewellery this is an item that immediately comes to mind. Hand carved shell cameos like this really showcase the art of jewellery and the skill of the craftsman in one piece. Each shell has different levels of colour that can be used to shade or highlight areas of the image. The example in this 10 karat yellow gold version is a more traditional theme of a woman’s profile. This piece was selected for today’s post not only for the quality of the carving but the quality of the bezel setting and frame. Each frame is unique, made specifically for the individual shape and contour of the cameo carving. The frame itself has a nice example of hand fabricated flat wire twisted to look like fine ribbon and rope. The rope work edging with mill grain detail are time consuming elements not always seen in antique jewellery. A hidden connecting ring at the back allows easy adaptation for pendant use with little additional cost. Weighing 15.1 grams in total and measuring a rather large statement making 54mmm x 43mm the cameo is estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #e12548.

18kt. late Art Deco diamond brooch 0.07ct. VS-GH European cut 4.6gr. $630.00 CAD. e11867

Compared to most items from the Art Deco period this brooch would probably strike most as plain. A justifiable assessment as it is all high polished faces with only the slightest shadow of a decorative accent around the diamond. This brooch takes its inspiration more from the architecture of the period, focusing instead on elongated sculptural geometrics. The 0.07 carat diamond is a proper antique old European cut with a high VS-GH quality. Made from a solid 4.6 grams of top quality 18 karat white gold. The hand made piece is an elegant accent for the estate price of $630.00 CAD. Stock #e11867

August 16, 2023

18kt/plat. German made jewellery $2,000.00 CAD (set only). e10217

When you hear ‘German made’ the first thing that pops into mind is efficiency and quality, and for good reason. Many German designers and goldsmiths have a dislike for white and rose gold as it is not a true form of gold, which only occurs yellow naturally. They prefer to use materials in their true forms, so it comes as no surprise that this set be made from 20 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold and grey white platinum. The uber modern three piece set is unlike anything we’ve showcased, allowing for a nearly endless combination of parts, creating a nearly endless variety of looks; limited only by the imagination of the wearer. The innovation of each piece is hidden in the details of closures and precision finishes, the more time you spend with the set the more you’ll marvel at the inventiveness of German engineering. The designer has used rubber cord and synthetic geometric coloured gems accents to bring colour, texture, and variety to each piece. For a finishing touch the tip of the pin bar has been flush set with sparkling round brilliant cut diamond. Estate price for the set $2,000.00 CAD. Stock #e10217.

August 11, 2023

Art Deco diamond bar pin brooch 0.05ct. SI-H, 3.2 grams, 14kt. white gold. $420.00 CAD. e14510

Art Deco bar pins like this were once a common thing to see on the scarf or lapel of a well dressed lady. They can be rather modest in design like this example measuring just over 6cm in length with a single 0.05 carat diamond. These are just as flattering today on smartly dressed outfits as they were close to 100 years ago. The light pierced styles with intricate filigree detail have stood the test of time. Original Art Deco jewellery is as popular as ever with our customers. Art Deco rings never stay in the showcases very long. The pin hinge safety clasp works like new, snapping shut with a secure click you can feel. Because of how these brooches are worn, they tend to age very well over the years and this one is no exception. The subtle design details are still evident showing no wear of any kind. We love these pins and look at them as little works of geometric jewellery art. The good quality SI-H European cut diamond catches the eye and provides a touch of bling, and that’s always a good thing. Estate priced at $420.00 CAD. e14510.

August 8, 2023

Tiffany 18 karat gold vintage star brooch, 6.5gr. $1,260.00 CAD. e7461

A few simple stars. Amazing how the stylists at Tiffany’s can capture the feel of the 1980s with a three star outline brooch. If you are old enough to remember the 80s you will recognize this style as an iconic symbol of that era. This is a rare brooch that I didn’t know existed until some research revealed its history. The 18 karat yellow gold brooch measures 42mm long and weighs 6.5 grams. The back has been stamped Tiffany & Co. 1986. This piece comes with that special little blue box too. Estate priced at $1,260.00 CAD. Stock #e7461.

August 3, 2023

18kt./platinum diamond & pearl brooch 4.50ct. tw. SI2-HI (average), 9.8gr. $7,000.00 CAD. 181-00026

Our showcases sometimes resemble a jewellery museum, with pieces spanning from the 1800s to the modern day. Many of the oldest pieces are brooches simply because of the nature of their wear. Pined to hats, scarves, across collars, or the lapel of blouses a brooch undergoes the gentlest wear of any piece of jewellery. Making them perfect time capsules as they almost always come to us in like-new condition. The antique bar brooch we are showcasing today is the longest we’ve had, spanning 3.87 inches from pearl to pearl. Now we know the oxy-acetylene torch wasn’t invented until 1903 and took about a decade to work its way into popular use in the jewellery industry. This invention is important in ageing jewellery because this super-hot torch was needed to cast and properly solder platinum. Prior to its invention platinum could only be used as a thin applique on top of gold. That this bar brooch is made from platinum indicates that it obviously can’t pre-date the popularization of the oxy-acetylene torch. The brooch is set with gently graduating old mine-cut diamonds, the precursor to the old European cut, which was the precursor to the modern round brilliant cut. Of course, we all know new technology doesn’t spread evenly across the world (how many of you know someone who still has a VHS player?) so old mine-cuts and old European cuts co-existed in the jewellery world for decades, with old mine-cuts finally phasing out by the mid-1900s. Meaning the 4.50 carat total weight of SI-I1-G-J quality diamonds doesn’t really help us narrow down the age of this brooch. The three button pearls that bracket the 20 diamonds also don’t narrow things down as pearls have been a jewellery staple for centuries. Our best guess, looking at style and technique, is somewhere around 1910 to 1920, making this brooch at least 100 years old. Sleuthing aside the piece is stunning, throwing broad flashes of white and every-coloured light at the slightest movement! The brooch is equipped with a hinged pin secured by a C catch with an additional safety lock. The piece is accompanied by a 2018 Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated value of $16,000.00 CAD. Our estate price for this piece of jewellery history is $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #181-00026.

July 26, 2023

18kt. handmade mouse & pig charm/pendants 4.0gr., 5.9gr. $438.00, $630.00 CAD. e13477 e13476

These might be the most delightfully ridiculous pendants we’ve ever had! And they’re handmade! The pair consists of puffy tear drop shaped bodies (obviously well fed) decorated with radial finishes that give the impression of a fluffy coat and bristled hide. The leggy pig has piercing turquoise eyes while its mousy partner exhibits carnelian eyes. Both have been decoratively bezel set to appear like eyelashes. The pig has high polished pointed ears, a curly tail, and a flat little nose. The mouse has Mickey ears, whiskers, a pair of big buck teeth, and a swirling tail. Each is made from 18 karat yellow gold and comes equipped with oversized bails that should allow for wear on almost any chain or bracelet. The mouse measures 24.8mm long by 11.9mm wide and the pig measures 28.2mm long by 25.4mm tall and 15.8mm wide. Estate price for the 4 gram mouse is $438.00 CAD. Stock #e13477. The pig weighs in at 5.9 grams (no blue ribbons in his future, unfortunately) and is estate priced for $630.00 CAD. Stock #e13476.

Pig has been sold (e13476).

July 19, 2023

18kt. hand carved cameo pendant/brooch 28mm x 22mm 3.4gr. gw. $263.00 CAD. 231-00227

Thank you Grandmillenials for making cameos cool again! We’ve always had a soft spot for these miniature hand-carved busts, captured in natural seashells with high relief of cream on orange peach. Today’s 28mm x 22mm cameo is a well-carved content-looking young woman with flowers in her hair and pearls around her throat. The 18-karat high polished frame features the standard brooch back and a hinged bail allowing the piece to convert easily into a pendant. The estate price is $263.00, CAD. Stock #231-00227.


July 10, 2023

Harley owners group 10 karat yellow gold pendant 2.4gr. $175.00 CAD. e8737

e8738 Harley owners group 10kt gold pendantWell over 1 million members located in over 100 countries around the world make up the Harley owners group. The membership organizes many ride related rallies that often raise money for various charities including their official cause of Muscular Dystrophy. Almost every community that has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealership also has a H.O.G. chapter sponsored by the dealership. I’m sure some of our customers wouldn’t mind having a little pendant like this one. It could be added to a charm bracelet or perhaps to the key ring of your favorite ride. The pendant looks like new, cast from over 2.4 grams of 10 karat gold, measuring 19.2mm x 13.5mm. The back of the pendant has a flat finish that could be engraved with your motorcycles serial number or a special message. The high quality pendant shows great detail. A Sandblasted background with polished highlights and frame provide excellent contrast. Estate price $175.00 CAD. Stock #e8737.



May 26, 2023

2.08ct. VS2-E antique pear shape diamond with GIA report. $25,000.00 CAD. e14541 161-00126

If you owned a diamond a century ago you were definitely in the minority. Diamonds were scarce, expensive, and very few people had any extra money for such luxuries. Fast forward 100 years and almost everyone owns a piece of diamond jewellery. As commonplace as diamonds are today, a diamond such as this turns heads today just like it did in the early part of the 20th century. Any 2.00 carat diamond gets our attention, but seeing an antique diamond of this quality is an exceptionally rare treat. Add to that this one is pear-shaped makes it almost irreplaceable. Our database of loose diamonds contains close to 350,000 stones; only 8 are antique, this size or larger with the same or better quality, and none are pear-shaped. This diamond is more than likely a one-in-a-million example. Any diamond of this quality deserves a reliable report. We sent the diamond to the Gemological Institute of America in New York for their opinion of quality. We are excited to say the GIA reported the clarity to be VS2, with only one small dark crystal inclusion within a bezel facet. The tiny inclusion can be seen in every one of these photos. It is located close to the edge of the stone within a kite-shaped bezel facet. GIA graded the colour with an outstanding grade of E. This diamond also exhibits the desirable characteristic of displaying no fluorescence. Good polish and good symmetry are just about the most you can expect from an antique cut such as this. The full December 2021 GIA report can be confirmed online here. The diamond is currently loose, waiting for you to turn it into a remarkable engagement ring, glamourous pendant, or anything else you can dream up. Click here to see a 30-second video of the diamond. The 20 gram platinum pendant the large diamond originally came from is available for an additional $10,000.00. The pendant itself is quite significant and contains an additional 73 antique diamonds estimated to weigh 10.12 carats in total, averaging a conservative VS-SI-H quality. Stock #e14541 161-00126.

Diamond sold, pendant is still available.

May 22, 2023

Edwardian platinum/18kt. gold pearl & diamond filigree brooch 1.00ct. tw. I1-H 9.2gr. $1,820.00 CAD. e13136

A pendant/brooch from the very early 1900s that perfectly encapsulates the jewellery of the Edwardian era. With the advent of the oxyacetylene torch this was the first period where platinum could be easily worked by most jewellers. So naturally the ever-white precious metal sprang up everywhere. With its unique working properties the medium allowed goldsmiths to create finer, more delicate details than ever before. The aesthetic of the era reflected that as ethereal lace was woven into metal and diamonds. This 32.5mm diameter circle is a perfect specimen. The outer wreath is a repeating pattern of diamond encrusted leafy sprigs and wrapping swirling vines measuring 0.6mm wide. The centerpiece features four creamy white pearls and one 0.25 carat old European cut diamond. The other 66 are a mix of antique rose cut and mine cut diamonds bringing the total carat weight of the piece up to 1.00 carat. The center piece is backed by an 18 karat rose gold support for stability. The 115 year old piece weighs in at 9.2 grams and more than earns its estate price of $1,820.00 CAD. Stock #e13136.

May 9, 2023

Antique platinum brooch 2.50ct. tw. VS-EF, 7.4gr. $12,750.00 CAD. 161-00191

It would have been so easy to take this beautiful brooch apart and make 2 pairs of antique stud earrings and a pendant, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to destroy this lovely piece of Art Deco history. This amazing piece of jewellery is pushing 100 years old and is just as pretty today as when it was created in the Art Deco era (the 1920s and 30s). Handcrafting something like this is the only way it could have been made. Working the 7 grams of rare platinum into this form would have been tedious and time consuming, but the results were well worth the effort. I can imagine the talented jeweller who created this sitting back once it was finished, just staring in admiration. Delicate filigree and millgrain are the dominant theme and come together with geometric precision typical of Art Deco jewellery. The 5 stones range in size from an estimated 0.34 carats to 0.66 carats. They are perfectly matched Old European cut diamonds and are conservatively graded VS-EF quality. This item was designed to be worn on a blouse or lapel. Brooches are back in a big way, just look at any celebrity awards ceremony, even the men are wearing decorative brooches. It doesn’t take much imagination to see it converted into a vertical drop pendant. The locking hinged pin can be removed and preserved if you ever decide to make it original again, or leave it on and just run a chain through the back like this. However you choose to wear this item, it will make a twinkling impact on all that see it. This statement making brooch/pendant measures 59.0mm x 8.4mm. It’s 5 antique diamonds sparkle like no modern diamond can. Their high crowns and small table facets refract light into a more dispersive flash of rainbow colours than any contemporary cut diamond. This is what estate jewellery is all about. It comes in what we believe to be its original box from Toronto Jewellers Kents’. This irreplaceable item is estate priced at $12,750.00 CAD. Stock #161-00191.

March 19, 2023

Tiffany & Co. vintage cake stand & Audubon serving set sterling silver $800.00 & $320.00 e12234 e12233

The origin of the wedding cake dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. It has seen many transitions over the centuries but the history of the wedding cake as we know it comes from the 1600s bride’s pie. Sugar was a sparse luxury so the pie was usually of the savory meat variety with rings hidden inside. A superstition arose that the women who received a piece of pie with a ring would be the next to marry. That tradition was eventually swapped for the throwing of the bouquet. The wedding cake evolved into a multi-tiered dessert thanks to Royal weddings and new sources of white sugar. The symbolism of the cake itself also evolved from an omen of fertility to one of good luck and a long union. The current popularity of cupcakes and dessert bars have almost replaced the standard tiered wedding cake. Most couples still hold to tradition with a small, personalized cake to cut and share between themselves. I doubt Tiffany’s silversmiths had this coming trend in mind when they made this solid sterling silver cake stand in the 1940s. At 9 1/2 inches diameter the raised platter is on-point for wedding cupcakes or a personal couples cake. It’s all timeless elegance with an Art Deco inspired pierced trim and pedestal base. The tray weighs a solid 543 grams making it a stable base to use with the matching Tiffany & Co. Audubon sterling silver serving set! The handles of both the knife and server are artfully chased with reeds and flowers on their backs and a pair of playful love bird parrots on their fronts. They come in their original blue pouches, black case, and outer Tiffany & Co. box and both are currently available on Tiffany’s website for $295.00 and $295.00 respectively. All three pieces of this unique wedding cake set have room for some personalized engraving. Keep it small and you can start a family tradition to be passed down and added to for generations! The serving set is estate priced for $320.00 CAD and the tray for $800.00 CAD. Stock numbers E12233 and E12234. It would have been a sad thing to photograph a cake set without any cake! We would like to thank Cakes By Design for their  impromptu custom Tiffany blue cupcakes! Cakes By Design are a fantastic Downtown Barrie business just around the corner at 89 Toronto Street. If you’re looking for a unique, custom made, delicious dessert to mark your big day give them a call. The platter and serving set are available separately or together for the estate price of $1,120.00 CAD. Stock numbers e12233 & e12234.

March 16, 2023

7.52ct. tw. 5 Jadeite oval cabochons with GIA report $5,000.00 CAD. e14441

Jadeite is probably the least appreciated and least understood gem in the Western world. This is mostly due to the limited and polarizing experiences we have with the gem. Most Canadians are only familiar with Nephrite jade from British Columbia. Nephrite jade is easily found in giant specimens weighing many pounds to several tons. The inexpensive easily worked, lower quality ‘jade’ is usually carved into Haida inspired tourist gifts and low price jewellery. True jade is Jadeite, the most spiritual gem for Chinese culture; Confucius wrote that jade is like virtue and its brightness represents heaven. In its most valuable form, jadeite is semitransparent and a vibrant emerald green, known as Imperial Jade. It can be one of the most expensive gems in the world. Fine quality examples are exceedingly rare and seldom come to market. A jadeite necklace made by Cartier set a world record at auction in 2014 selling for $27.4 million USD, the largest bead was just 19.2mm diameter. Jadeite is a gem that just doesn’t show up very often around here. We’ve only had a few gents rings over the years sell through but none have been anywhere near the quality of these 5 examples. They came to use in a vintage brooch that would have been next to impossible for us to find a home for. We took it apart and used the diamonds and gold in another project, leaving the 5 high-quality jadeites. Given the age and quality of the original brooch, we were pretty sure the stones weren’t artificially colour enhanced or treated. Identifying colour altered, dyed, impregnated jadeite is extremely difficult for even experienced Gemologists. We felt it was best to send the 5 specimens to The Gemological Institute of America for certification. The report came back just as we had hoped, natural colour with no indications of impregnation. GIA only examined 1 of the 5, but since all came out of the same piece we are confident all are completely natural colour. We may make some earrings and a pendant, or perhaps a series of cluster rings using these stones. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of high-quality true jadeite and know what you’re looking at, you’ll realize the opportunity. The largest measures 9.99mm x 6.96mm and weighs 2.25 carats. The August 2021 GIA report can be seen online here. For now, we are keeping them together as a set. They are estate priced for all 5 at $5,000.00. Stock #e14441

March 4, 2023

2.25ct. tw. VS-G Art Deco platinum brooch 9.9gr. $7,000.00 CAD. e12031

More often than you might imagine a piece will come through our estate department that makes the entire staff stop in awe. This 1920s Art Deco brooch is one of those and if you don’t believe me you should see it in person. All of its estimated 2.25 carats of diamonds are antique single cut and old European cut. These antique diamonds display larger flashes of white and every coloured spectral light compared to modern round brilliant cut diamonds. At the slightest movement the entire brooch is set on fire. The ever white platinum has been crafted like the most delicate and intricate lace work, so airy looking it is hard to fathom how it holds its shape. The master goldsmith who made this has hidden careful details all over the 43mm x 28mm expanse. The more time you spend with it the more secrets of high craftsmanship you find. The 53 diamonds are all of top VS-G quality, ensuring no inclusions or warmth to diminish their brilliance. Though it weighs 9.9 grams the piece has been equipped with a unique clasp that locks closed during wear, making it safe on any fabric or strung across a chain. We had a formal appraisal completed by Harold Weinstein Ltd. (February 2018). They felt an appropriate estimate of value was $16,000.00. Our estate price for this pristine antique is just $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #e12031.

March 3, 2023

14kt. custom made “G” brooch 15.4gr. 0.15ct. tw. SI-I $1,200.00 CAD. e13997

We’re entering a new era of gents jewellery driven by the ever-expanding repertoire of Red Carpet fashion. Increasingly you see men at awards shows wearing layered brooches on suit lapels or pockets, gold chains layered with strands of pearls, unique ear cuffs, or climbers, and the effects are trickling down. We don’t know the full history of this piece but it’s certainly the most gender-neutral brooch we’ve ever had. The capital G measures a statement-making 35.8mm wide by 32.2mm tall. It’s been hand cut from a piece of 1.4mm thick 14 karat yellow gold sheet. The G has been mirror finished and features two recessed lines of round brilliant cut diamonds. The 17 SI-I quality diamonds equal an approximate total weight of 0.15 carats. The brooch weighs in at a whopping 15.4 grams and comes equipped with a straight pin with a downward locking clasp. This brooch could easily be converted into a pendant by adding a bail so a chain can run through. Estate price $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #e13997.

February 28, 2023

11.25ct. Ceylon sapphire (non heat treated) GIA certified. 3.40ct. tw. VS-F antique brooch $80,000.00 CAD. e12035

We are honoured to showcase for you one of the most spectacular antique estate items we’ve ever had. Any combination of the components in this pendant/brooch is worthy of our admiration but to have everything come together in such a significant way is truly remarkable. It dates from the early part of the 20th century and each and every old European cut diamond is original to the piece. They are all of very high VS1-G or better quality. The 51 diamonds are estimated to weigh a combined 3.40 carats. Antique old European cut diamonds are uncommon to see in such high colour grades like these as South Africa (the main source in the 1900s) produced mostly diamonds in the IJK….. range of colour. The skill and craftsmanship executed are as good as it gets too. Beautiful and precise stone setting contouring to each and every individual diamond’s unique outline produce an endless frame of antique brilliance and dispersion. The scalloped edge, platinum milgrain frame is delicate and crisp showing no wear of any kind. The clever engineering of the bobble allows use as either a pendant or brooch. An integrated brooch back can be removed for use as an unobstructed pendant with the removal of a threaded screw. The diamond set bail can quickly be disconnected for use as a statement making brooch on a jacket or blouse. Of course, the most amazing part of the item is the 11.25 carat Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphire. Big diamonds are beautiful, often quite valuable and are easily obtained if your budget allows, but just try to find another medium violet-blue sapphire of this size. Now factor in this stone is easily over 100 years old and original with an old cutting style. Add to that the sapphire comes with the most respected gemological report in the world from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) that describes this corundum (aka sapphire) as completely natural, lacking indications of heat treatment. The full report can be seen online here. Almost all sapphires have been artificially heated to clarify and intensify the colour to a more appealing hue. With that being said, most commercially available sapphires are dull, dark and overly saturated with an inky dark blue colour. The GIA report goes on to say the origin of this stone is Sri-Lanka (formerly Ceylon), one of the most desirable locations know for producing exceptional sapphire specimens. The stone exhibits the classic signs gemologists look for in natural sapphires. Perfectly intersecting silky inclusions at 60 and 120 degrees and distinct colour zoning can easily be seen under darkfield magnification. Excellent transparency, even colour distribution, very well cut and its striking medium violet-blue colour that is simply incredible. Sapphires like this just don’t come around. This is an opportunity for a true connoisseur of fine antique jewellery or the rare gem collector. We’ve had this pendant for a couple of years squirrelled away. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. We thought we’d showcase this sapphire as inspiration for better times to come. When I look at it I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of nature and the high level of skill of the unknown jeweller that produced it. One can only imagine and wonder about the fabulous life of the previous owner(s) who were gifted its care. For anyone who wants to see a rare and exceptional sapphire, we invite you to come have a look. This irreplaceable 10 gram, platinum, pendant/brooch is accompanied by an October 2019 appraisal by respected Toronto appraisal service Harold Weinstein Ltd. and the original copy of the February 2019 GIA New York report. Estate priced at $80,000.00 CAD. Stock #e12035. Thank you for looking.

January 30, 2023

10kt. antique tuxedo cufflink/shirt-stud set. Mother of pearl 7.3gr. gw. $420.00 CAD. 446-00009

What do you buy the tuxedo-wearing person in your life who has it all? This antique tuxedo cufflink and stud set of course! The French-style cufflinks measure a universal 13.4mm wide and feature delicately cupped mother-of-pearl inlay with a hand-engraved white gold border. The three studs (which replace the visible buttons between bowtie and waistcoat or cummerbund) are identical but scaled down to 7.3mm wide and feature a spring-loaded retractable post to help you slip them into any buttonhole. In the event you’re new to tuxedo-wearing, here is a handy guide with videos for using cuffs and studs courtesy of Jim’s Formal Wear. The set is in like-new wear showing an age-appropriate patina on its 10-karat yellow gold components. The estate price is $420.00 CAD. Stock #446-00009.


January 18, 2023

1.98 carat emerald cut emerald $2,800.00 CAD. e9755

e9755-natural-emeral-1-98ctMuch more rare than diamonds and only mined in a few locations in the world. There is not another gemstone that has the same soothing green colour that high quality emeralds exhibit.  This Columbian one measures 7.50mm x 6.53mm x 4.73mm and weighs just shy of 2.00 carats. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would grade this one a 6. It has really nice colour and good clarity. It does show some eye visible inclusions but virtually all emeralds do. A perfect emerald of this size can easily sell for more than $15,000.00. We’ve set this emerald into one of our custom made rings have a look here to see what we’ve done. Estate priced at $2,800.00. Stock #e9755.e9755 emerald and diamond ring 18 karat custom made 001



October 9, 2022

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver 17.2mm cuff links 19.2 grams. $315.00 CAD. 446-00008

Another unique entry into our Tiffany & Co. collection, these seldom-seen coin-edge cufflinks are in great condition and ready for engraving. The heavy edge of both disks has been slightly raised around the highly polished faces, adding a bit of protection for whatever monogram or symbol you choose. The fronts measure17.2mm in diameter and the back (also appropriate for engraving) measure 11mm in diameter. Whether you opt for a classic monogram, a constellation, or a symbol from your favorite fandom these sterling silver cufflinks will make the perfect canvas. Estate price is $315.00 CAD. Stock #446-00008.


October 5, 2022

“Only A Thimble Full” sterling silver shot glass original box 16.7gr. $210.00 CAD. 651-00078

This is absolute proof that dad jokes don’t die! I can imagine the first dad that pulled this shot glass out in front of all his friends and loudly announced that he’d promised his wife he’d only have “a thimble full” to drink tonight! Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, the joke stuck, these thimble-shaped shot glasses have rolled through waves of popularity for almost two centuries, with the earliest surviving examples dating to the early 1800s. We have nothing to date our example by but the intricate and highly skilled hand engraved “Only A Thimble Full” that runs three-quarters of the perimeter. It at least pre-dates the 1950s when this level of hand engraving began to die off as more efficient machine engraving became popular. What’s really unique about our example is the black leatherette carrying case that accompanies it. The pocket-sized friction-toped hard case would have been original to the shot glass and is only beginning to wear around its top edge. The 16.7 gram shot glass is solid sterling silver and measures 1.6 inches tall by 1.4 inches wide. It shows no scratches or dents, just a bit of honest patina that can be removed as desired. Guaranteed to make any dad-joke lover laugh for the estate price of $210.00 CAD. Stock #651-00078.


October 3, 2022

14 kt. salamander brooch, 4.6gr. 43mm. 462.00 CAD. 436-00155

Here is a cute brooch made from 14 karat yellow gold weighing 4.6 grams. The unknown artist who created this little fellow did a great job capturing the amphibian’s features. It is secured by a pin back with a safety lock. It is difficult to put an accurate date for its age as the realistic depiction doesn’t place it in a specific era. Salamanders were a popular subject for Art Nouveau jewellery around the beginning of the 20 century. The estate price is $350.00. Stock #436-00155.


September 15, 2022

18kt. Lion pendant/brooch 27.8gr. 1.00ct. tw. SI-I-H diamonds $2,750.00 CAD. e12801 181-00014

In our modern world of 3D CAD rendering, you don’t see a lot of hand carved pieces. This glorious lion is just that and all the more spectacular for the skill required to carve this realistically. The almost-in-profile seems to capture the lion as he looks back over his shoulder. His fur has been left mostly matte for an impression of softness, with just the high points polished to accentuate them. His mane has been accented with a perfect 1.00 carat total weight of SI-I-H round brilliant cut diamonds. Adding a touch of eye-drawing sparkle though at 43mm long by 29mm wide he really doesn’t need it. The true genius of the brooch-pendant lies in its conversion. Two of the tufts of his mighty mane are articulated, allowing them to shift out of place for even a wide heavy chain to pass through. When worn as a brooch they disguise the opening making the piece look like it doesn’t even convert. The two part slide bail is sturdy enough and open enough for almost any chain. The brooch clasp has a second pointed arm to stop the lion from rolling back and forth during wear. All told he weighs in at 27.8 grams, puny compared to his 420 pound relatives but what can you expect when you’re made of rich 18 karat gold. Estate price for this one of a kind masterpiece is $2,750.00 CAD. Stock #e12801 181-00014.



June 1, 2022

14kt. antique lapel pin turquoise & seed pearl, 5.3gr. $609.00 CAD. 261-00006

It’s hard not to fall in love with your inventory, and for us, the antiques are especially dear. This 14 karat yellow gold collar chain is 120 years old and by some miracle of careful ownership is accompanied by its original box! The fitted box gives us a glimpse into the history of the piece with its embossed “Mackay & Chisholm Goldsmiths 56 & 57. Princes Str Edinburgh”. Our digging only came up with a footnote from The British Museum that lists a span of operation from 1887 to 1910, but the wings of the bee have been hand engraved E.R.T. & C.R.D 25.3.1902, giving us the exact age of the piece. The collar chain is actually making a niche comeback thanks to the grand millennial style, but if you are unfamiliar, the bird and bee each gets pinned to one point of a shirt collar and the chain drapes across the front to the throat. The petite critters are decked out in tiny turquoise cabochons, demi-pearls, and the bee’s eyes are cabochon cut garnets. The chain also features turquoise and pearl beads spaced across its 4.75 inches. This gift of spring, originally gifted at the end of March 120 years ago still carries the spirit of that season in its whimsical motifs. The estate price for this one-of-a-kind antique is $609.00 CAD. Stock #261-00006.


May 16, 2022

Antique opal brooch, 4.7gr. 14kt. gold. $700.00 CAD. 261-00005

This mid-to-late 1800s brooch is a study of high-quality opals. It features two white oval opals displaying the highly sought-after harlequin pattern, specifically green harlequin. As you probably guessed the main flash colour of green harlequin opal is aurora borealis green. What makes the harlequin distinct is its broad spangles of colour dancing from one large flash to the next. The main white opals are accented with 5 round black opals, fitting complements as their blues and greens fit the pallet. The smaller opals are of the same high quality with their play-of-colour rolling evenly and vibrantly across their surfaces in a synchronized ballet. The intricate brooch has been ornately carved from 14 karat yellow gold and displays a soft patina as its only sign of over 150 years of life. The brooch measures 42mm long by 15mm wide, with a sturdy hinged pin and locking catch. Estate price for this one-of-a-kind antique is $700.00 CAD. Stock #261-00005.


January 29, 2022

Sterling silver cigarette case 206 grams $546.00 CAD. 651-00076

Whichever hand you smoke your cigarettes with, this antique case will take your habit to a much classier level. The 5 x 3 1/2 inch case is made from solid sterling silver that has been engraved all over with an intertwining greenery motif. The front displays a shield topped with a crowned knight’s helmet. Shockingly the shield has never been engraved, leaving it open for a monogram or message. The inside of the case has been gold plated to prevent tarnish and one side features a spring-loaded arm to keep everything in the case in place. We’ve encountered a few of these over the years but this is by far the largest and nicest. The case shows no dents or dings, only minor scratches, a testament to its high-grade manufacturing. Weighing in at 206 grams the case will make a great gift for that person who has everything, including lung damage. Estate price $546.00 CAD. Stock #651-00076.



January 28, 2022

16.63ct. antique amethyst filigree brooch/pendant 7.1gr., 14kt., $980.00 CAD. 436-00127

This amethyst convertible brooch/pendant would have been made in the 1920s or early 1930s. It features that delicate filigree lacework that was so popular during this period. The 33.3mm x 24.4mm statement piece was built to be versatile, equipped with a brooch back for wear across the throat of a high collar, and a hinged filigree bail for converting to a pendant. The 16.63 carat oval amethyst that the piece is built around is a true royal purple. The estate price for this like-new condition antique is $980.00 CAD. Stock #436-00127.



January 13, 2022

Vintage Tiffany sterling silver ManPower lapel pin, $48.00 CAD. 651-00042

This was once the logo for the staffing solution company Manpower. The pin would have been one of a number commissioned from Tiffany & Co. as commemorative tokens of accomplishment within their ranks. They’ve rebranded since, leaving this cross between a person and the Mercedes logo behind them. This little Tiffany’s curiosity measures 19.6mm in diameter and is accompanied by its original Tiffany pouch. For the rare and obscure Tiffany collector, this is a great little item that doesn’t cost much. Estate price $48.00 CAD. Stock #651-00042.


December 1, 2021

10 karat gold ballet slipper 1.1gr. $49.00 CAD. e10666

If you can, you really need to visit Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers in person sometime. There is just no way we can possibly post every single estate item that comes in. There are 100s of really cool pieces that come and go without a single moment of internet fame. I thought this little ballet slipper needed to be shown. Somebody out there must have a dancer in there life that would just love this little 10 karat yellow gold slipper. It is crafted from 1.1 grams of traditional yellow gold and measures 20mm (not including the jump ring).It can be worn on any type of charm bracelet or necklace. The back side is flat and highly polished, it can be engraved with a date or name for the extra touch of sentiment. Freshly polished and looking like new. Estate priced at only $49.00 CAD. Stock #e10666.



November 30, 2021

18kt. UNO-A-ERRE petite pig pendant/charm 1.6gr. $175.00 CAD. e14284

It’s 18 karat gold, it’s Italian made by Uno-A-Erre, and it’s adorable, how could we possibly not showcase this little pig charm/pendant? Masterfully made by one of our industry’s finest manufacturers. Hollow yes, but it still has more heft than you’d imagine given its diminutive 15mm nose-to-tail measurement and premium 18 karat yellow gold construction. The little porker is in perfect condition showing no wear on the bail or connecting ring. This fine swine is estate priced at $175.00 CAD. Stock #e14284.


November 20, 2021

Art Deco sapphire & diamond brooch 32mm x 13mm, 4.9gr. platinum/18kt. $1,400.00 CAD. 181-00024

Our assortment of Art Deco brooches is extensive, yet no two in our collection are the same. Despite how many we’ve seen, we are always in awe of each new piece. This newest addition is rather small at only 32.0mm x 13.3mm and has a beautiful nature accented motif. The 0.37 carats of diamonds are a mix of tiny rose cuts and larger old European cut diamonds, appropriate for the 1920s when this was made. The 0.60 carats of natural blue sapphires would have been hand-cut to fit into their delicate channels. The brooch itself is made from platinum that has been carefully worked and accented will millgrain. The pin (which can be replaced with a pendant bail in a couple of days by one of our on-site goldsmiths) is sturdy 18 karat yellow gold with a catch that snaps tightly closed. The estate price for this 100-year-old masterpiece is $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #181-00024.


September 3, 2021

9kt. hand carved cameo brooch/pendant Hebe, Goddess of Youth 10.2gr. gross weight $280.00 CAD. e14076

The Greek Goddess Hebe was the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was the cupbearer for the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus, she eventually became the wife of Heracles (Hercules). She was responsible for restoring the youth of the Gods and had the ability to restore youth to mortals. In this famous depiction, Hebe is offering a drink to her father Zeus, in the form of an eagle, restoring him. Zeus is depicted as an eagle when he’s pictured with Hebe as the eagle was believed to be phoenix-like in its ability to renew itself to a youthful state. Here the pair are depicted in a masterfully hand-carved shell cameo measuring 46mm x 36mm. The cameo is left to speak for itself, secured with a simple high-polished 9 karat yellow gold frame. The cameo is equipped with a fixed bail and a brooch pin, allowing it to be worn on a chain or pinned directly to clothing. The estate price for this piece of Ancient Greek Mythology is $280.00 CAD. Stock #e14076.



December 13, 2020

19.3 grams raw nugget gold spot plus 10%. e12331

If you’ve seen the terribly violent (to be fair it was directed by the Coen brothers) Netflix original Ballad of Buster Scruggs you’ll have a pretty clear understanding of what is involved in gold prospecting. For modern small stake prospectors, the techniques are still very similar today as they were during the gold rush. Occasionally one of those prospectors comes to town from their wild west lifestyle and turns in some gold in exchange for a more conventional currency. The smaller nuggets and flakes were alluvial deposits panned out of a river. The largest would likely have been dug up as it doesn’t have the river rolled finish of the others. They are up for sale as a 19.3 gram (0.62 ounces) package only, we will not sell just the big nugget alone. For sale at the spot price for gold plus 10%. You can check the current spot price market value of gold in Canadian Dollars here. Stock number e12331.



November 28, 2020

Art Deco platinum diamond & sapphire brooch 5.7gr. 0.53ct. tw. VS-G $2,097.00 CAD. e12225

This brooch has been ghosting around our platinum recycling bag for years. At some point in its century long life span someone decided to empty its settings, probably to reuse the stones for a custom project. Not wanting to waste the remaining brooch they had the bright idea of super gluing cultured pearls into the holes. We wrote it off as a lost cause and every time we dipped into the scrap bag for repair materials we mourned the destruction of such high craftsmanship. Last month we finally had enough, we decided it was worth the work to return it to its former glory. We hand selected 0.53 carats of era appropriate old European cut diamonds of very high VS-G quality. To add interest through contrast we accented the brooch with the Art Deco staple of blue sapphires. The pair came from our loose stock of coloured gems, we had them re-cut to maximize their brilliance. Now they look lit from within by some ethereal blue flame. The settings needed to be rebuilt but the rest of the brooch was left in its excellent original condition, showing no signs of wear. The 64.5mm long X 17.2mm wide brooch is covered front and sides with the most delicate filigree and skillful hand engraving. A resurrected antique for the estate price of $2,097.00 CAD. Stock #e12225.



October 28, 2020

2.60ct. tw. VS-H diamond & sapphire Art Deco pendant/brooch 9.1gr. Birks documents/box $5,530.00 CAD. e13312

It’s not often that we encounter a piece that leaves us speechless but here we are. This is one of the more significant examples of Art Deco jewellery we’ve been able to offer in our estate department for some time. We’ve taken some time getting to this piece because it is impossible to summarize. We’ve said before that pieces light up with the slightest movement but with this piece, it’s on fire standing still. Honestly, the 63 antique diamonds are that vibrant. Together they equal an estimated 2.60 carats of high VS-H quality, fully documented on a 2002 appraisal from Birks. The narrow rows of custom cut blue sapphires are an early form of flame fusion synthetic, fairly common practice for that period. The true wonder in this 60mm x 25mm pendant lies in its intricate workmanship. Detailed filigree, delicate millgrain edges, and deep reliefs cover every surface. The platinum pendant has a hinged bail that can fold down and away for conversion to a brooch. It came to us strung on a 10 karat white gold double cable link chain with antique spring ring catch. We can’t confirm the masterpiece was originally from Birks but it was briefly left with them on consignment sale and it came to us with a period correct Birks box and paperwork stating an estimated value of $10,000.00. Our estate price for this 100 year old showpiece $5,530.00 CAD. Stock #e13312.


October 20, 2020

10kt. gold RVH charms. 100% of sales donated to hospital in your name $100.00 each. e13523

If you are from the Barrie area you should recognize this logo. The Royal Victoria Hospital has been serving Barrie and area since the late 1800s. This history lesson is an excerpt from www.simcoe.com.

Starting as a simple cottage when Canada was just 30 years old, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre has transformed to an almost 1-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art regional health centre.

RVH — or the Barrie General Hospital as it was originally called — got its humble start back in 1891 when a group of women banded together to build the town’s first hospital. With $1,100, raised through donations and a bazaar, a four-bed cottage hospital was built on Duckworth Street.

The tiny hospital couldn’t keep pace and in 1897 the 13-bed Royal Victoria Hospital — named to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee — was built on High Street in downtown Barrie.

That same year, the Royal Victoria Hospital School of Nursing was established and went on to become one of the province’s leading nursing schools until it closed in 1968.

Soon the hospital was too small for Barrie’s growing population, and in 1903 a new 35-bed hospital was built on Ross Street, across from Queen’s Park. The hospital was constructed and furnished for $20,000.

As Barrie boomed, RVH continued to expand, growing to 315 beds by the late ’60s. In 1985 a new 16-bed critical care unit was also added to the Ross Street site.

But it still wasn’t big enough.

The century-old facility was woefully inadequate to meet the needs of the region and to provide modern, high-tech health care.

In 1997, following an ambitious $15-million fundraising campaign, the long-awaited new hospital was opened on Georgian Drive at a total cost of $125 million.

Yet within a decade, the region’s explosive population growth meant RVH was again bursting at the seams.

In 2012, RVH completed a massive expansion — one of the largest capital projects in the region’s history — with a price tag of $450 million which included the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre.

At the same time, the facility changed its name to Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) to reflect its significant regional role.

“Despite the staggering changes in our 120-year history, RVH has never lost sight of its top priority — our patients. It’s not just about delivering safe, high-quality care. It’s about ensuring we deliver patient-centered care,” says Janice Skot, RVH president and CEO.     “We must make sure our patients and their families are listened to; are respected; have clear, honest, accurate information from all members of their health care team; and are supported emotionally. It’s how we would all want to be treated.”

When the original RVH opened back in 1897, a local newspaper wrote, “Barrie has indeed much to be proud of in possessing one of the prettiest and most up-to-date hospitals in Canada.”

Barrie has been one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities for many years, RVH has struggled its entire existence meeting the needs of Barrie and area. During this especially challenging time, your local hospital needs community support now more than ever. RVH is critically important to us and the RVH Foundation is a charity Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers proudly supports. These cute little RVH charms recently arrived in our estate department and their timing could not be better. Each charm is well crafted from 10 karat yellow gold, each weighs just over 1 gram and measures 12.3mm x 6.0mm. They make great little pendants or a thoughtful addition to any charm bracelet. We thought it would be a great idea to use these pendants as a small fundraising opportunity. We will be donating 100% of the proceeds in the purchaser’s name to the RVH Foundation. This is a tax-deductible charitable donation you can apply to your 2020 income tax. The Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers family owes a great deal to the RVH and our community. These charms are a small part of our ongoing commitment to both. We only have 3 available so don’t wait too long. Our hospitals continue to need help now more than ever. $100.00 each plus sales tax.



October 19, 2020

48mm x 37mm hand carved cameo brooch/pendant 14kt. gold $560.00 CAD. e13102

Every hand-carved cameo is different and each is a unique work of art. Also to be considered is the hand-fabricated gold frame that must be custom made to follow the specific contours and size of each natural shell cameo. We see a good number of cameo brooches come through our estate department. Most are nice but not particularly noteworthy, of average quality, executed with average skill. This example is much nicer than most. The anonymous artist left their work unsigned adding to the intrigue of the piece. Excellent detail without going too far. There are no second chances carving a cameo, if you cut too deep you can’t fill it in or cover over it. Carving of this quality is not often encountered. The convertible pendant can be adapted to brooch use by simply tucking the bail away on its hinged joint. The basic 14 karat yellow gold frame has been decorated with a thin, hand applied wire highlight running around the circumference. This is a good-sized cameo measuring 48mm x 37mm. It’s in perfect ready to wear condition. $560.00 CAD. Stocks #e13102.


July 30, 2020

14kt. hand carved hand engraved natural shell cameo (excellent quality) 7.5gr. $350.00 CAD. e13068

Hairstyles are some of the best indicators of a specific time period. If you think eighties you probably go directly to the big, loud hair that marked that decade. Think seventies and you picture Farrah Fawcett inspired feathered bangs or those revolutionary mullets the men were sporting! However if you think of the 1870s this is the look that represented the decade. The focus of women’s hair, especially in the beginning of this decade, was on the back of the hairdo. Beyond bangs the front was understated with all of the hair being piled atop the head and layers of loose curls, plaits, or twists left hanging across the nape of the neck. Eventually the low hairstyles required hairnets to become fashionable in order to hold the bulky layers and piles in place. The draping scoop neck seen on this pretty lady is also appropriate for the fashion of young women of means during that decade. Not seen in this bust would be the shelf like bustle at the rear of her dress meant to exaggerate her petite corseted waist by its contrasting bulk. Beyond what this cameo can tell us about its decade it is also artfully carved, capturing its subject in detailed relief. The 14 karat yellow gold frame has been accented with hand carving as well for a final touch of elegance. The oval convertible brooch/pendant measures 39.6mm long by 31.9mm wide. Estate price for this antique art piece $350.00 CAD. Stock #e13068.


July 29, 2020

19kt. white gold 1920s 0.07ct. diamond bar pin $420.00 CAD. e9734

e9734 19 karat Art Deco diamond bar pin broochThe 0.07 carat I1-I quality diamond in this antique brooch would have been quite a novelty in the mid 1920s when this piece was new. Marcel Tolkowsky, a Polish engineer who came from a long line of diamond cutters invented for his Ph.D. thesis the perfect dimensions and facet angles to maximize a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance in 1919. By the mid to late 20’s his cut was replacing old mine and old European cut diamonds all over Europe and North America. This 2.5 gram Art Deco bar pin that houses his then-new groundbreaking diamond cut is made with uncommon 19 karat white gold and features a hand-made safety catch that was the precursor to the modern safety catch we use today. Estate price $420.00 CAD. Stock #e9734.e9734 Art Deco diamond brooch


July 2, 2020

Raw fine gold nugget 25 grams. Gold value only plus 10%. e13359

This is the largest single gold nugget we have ever offered. It weighs the better part of an ounce and measures approximately 32.7mm x 20.3mm. What a feeling the original miner must have experienced when this one revealed itself in the river. We suspect it was found in a river because its soft rounded edges were likely worn smooth from tumbling rocks in a riverbed. Jewellery or unusual collectible, we will let you decide. A 7mm jumpring was added for use as a pendant on a chain but we suspect it was never worn. The ring shows no wear of any kind; a heavy nugget like this would have caused some wear in the ring as the chain passed through over the years. This unusual item is priced at simply its gold value plus 10% (approximately $2,150.00 at today’s gold value of $2,430.00 per ounce CAD). Stock #e13359


January 24, 2020

BIRKS 10kt. vintage cufflinks 15.9 grams $980.00 CAD. e10453

Canada’s premier luxury jewellery chain BIRKS have never been known as a brand to push the design envelope. For well over 100 years they’ve produced high quality designs that were somewhat conservative and always thoughtful. Maybe in the 1970s these funky cuff links were just an artistic jewellery expression of the times. Looking back today I’d consider them quite progressive for a Canadian company like BIRKS even in the context of the funky 70s. The vintage look is back and these cuff links have that unmistakable vintage flair. These large 19mm x 19mm cuff links are ultra cool. 100% Canadian made. The fronts are constructed from a calculated 15.9 grams of 10 karat yellow gold, while the 12 karat gold filled spring loaded “T” bar backs were made by Cadman Jewellery in small town Courtland Ontario. The cuff links are embossed with a flat textured linen surface and those 3 highly polished geometric stars. They appear to pop from the background with a perfectly flat surface that acts like a golden mirror. The contrasting finish is an excellent example what makes gold such a versatile precious metal. Excellent condition, looking like brand new with sharp crisp edges and no signs of wear and tear. If you’ve got a few French cuff shirts at home that just don’t get worn enough, turn them up a notch with these 70s vibe cuff links. Total weight 20.3 grams. Estate price $980.00 CAD. Stock #e10453.


December 6, 2019

14kt. hand carved cameo brooch/pendant 14.3gr. gross weight $700.00 CAD. e13458

The skill of the unknown artist responsible for this cameo carving is obvious. While we’ve seen more elaborate examples with finer details, this one impresses with fewer elements used to accomplish this lady’s beautiful profile. There are just enough shadows and highlights to showcase her features. Great care is needed when carving natural shell cameos, there are sections on this one that are only 1.6mm thick. The scalloped edge 14 karat yellow gold frame measures 49mm x 39mm with a gross weight of 14.1 grams. It can be worn as a brooch with safety clasp or on a chain as a pendant. This is a hand made one of a kind item. Estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #e13458.


November 15, 2019

Antique carnelian cameo brooch 0.15ct. tw. rose cut diamonds 11.8gr. 18kt. $1,260.00 CAD. e12648

Not only is this the first cameo we’ve had carved in carnelian it is also the deepest relief we’ve ever seen. The woman immortalized in stone has given us a great deal of information about the potential age of the brooch. She is wearing a goffered frill, that ethereal lace collar made famous by Queen Elizabeth I. The style she’s wearing is indicative of the early 1600s. The height of the collar combined with the open neckline would indicate she is unmarried and dressed for a formal occasion (what’s more formal than posing for a cameo carving?). The 0.15 carats of diamonds are right for the era as the rose cut was invented in the 1500s. It is the 18 karat rose gold that really nails down the timeline for us. Rose gold wasn’t invented until the mid-1800s when the goldsmith to the royal Romanov family, Carl Faberge created it for a special gift commissioned by Tsar Alexander III. Judging by the high quality symmetry and make of the 34mm in diameter brooch this was likely made towards the latter part of the 19th century. The rose cut diamond saw a spike in popularity during the Victorian Era as did jewellery themes from earlier dynasties. So this cameo would have been carved as an homage to the early 17th-century woman. Which makes sense as her hairstyle is more appropriate for a Victorian woman than an Elizabethan. As a final touch of genius, the carver chose to leave her mostly matte, polishing only her jewellery and collar. Estate price for this one of a kind antique work of art $1,260.00 CAD. Stock #e12648.


November 12, 2019

C3 Corvette pendant 5.6gr. 10kt. gold $285.00. e13357

Any vintage sports car fans out there? If you are, I bet you recognize the familiar outline of this vintage Corvette. The “C3” was the longest running style since the Corvette debuted in 1953. From 1968 through 1982 the swoopy body Stingray was America’s sports car. Lacking the buttresses over the rear fenders and domed rear window dates this particular C3 to the 1978-1982 model years. This is a well made sturdy little pendant cast from 10 karat yellow gold with a finished weight of just under 5.7 grams. It is equipped with an oversized bail that could fit over almost any chain or on a key ring. Cars guys can be exceedingly difficult to buy for. This little coupe would make a great gift. Perfect condition showing zero wear in the jump ring joint or where the chain runs through the bail. Stock #e13357


July 7, 2019

10kt. gold discs 7.54gr. total weight. $47.50 per gr. Sold separately. e10084

e10083-disc-pendants-x-3-10-karat-yellow-gold-001Name plate jewellery has been popular since the ancient Egyptians, when golden cartouche amulets were used to protect dead Pharaohs from evil spirits. We’re not sure if these three 10 karat yellow gold engravable discs carry any protective powers but they look great and are a great buy. Like new condition, scratch and scuff free. We can engrave a simple initial or a short secret message to someone special. Available separately. Estate priced at just $47.50 per gram. Stock #e10084.



June 27, 2019

Platinum 2.00ct. tw.VVS-DEF diamond elephant brooch $3,430.00 CAD. e8702

There’s an on going argument between our staff about small diamonds. Do they look better when they are a 17 facet single cut design or a modern 57 facet brilliant cut pattern. The brilliant cut adds more brilliance without question, but when diamonds are less than 2.0mm diameter can this be appreciated? One look at this 2.00 carat total weight 131 (single cut) diamond creation will convince you of the superior look of single cuts when it comes to small diamonds. I think the only manufacturer that is even using good quality single cut diamonds is Rolex. You can conceal many flaws and imperfections with a brilliant cut diamond but a single cut will reveal a poor cut and all inclusions. Crafted by a highly skilled but anonymous artist this cute little marching elephant weighs 6.1 grams including the VVS-DEF diamonds. The diamonds have been expertly bead set leaving almost no metal showing between the stones giving a continuous twinkle from trunk to tail. It looks great even from the back.e8702.1 elephant brooch diamond platinum Perfect condition piece showing great detail especially around the truck and tusks with delicate hand engraved features. It’s hard to exactly date this item but we would estimate it to be from the 1930s. Secured by a locking pin hinge this item is ready to be used as a great example of wearable art. Estate priced at $3,430.00 CAD. Stock #e8702.e8702.1 elephant brooch diamond platinum




May 23, 2019

14kt. pearl, sapphire & diamond (0.50ct. VS-GH) brooch 7.1gr. $1,200.00 CAD. e11921

Pearl, diamond, and blue sapphire, the three timeless staples of jewellery combined into one vintage circle brooch. Each are unobtrusive and elegant, allowing them to be worn with anything. Even more so set into style neutral and barley visible 14 karat white gold. As modest dress is making a comeback the brooch is also seeing a resurgence as an accent at the center of a high, fastened shirt collar. A more polished alternative to a simple pendant laid over a blouse, the brooch centers the attention just above the collar bone, accentuating the neck. This 32mm diameter piece will make a graceful statement no matter where it’s worn. The perfect 0.50 carats of round brilliant cut diamond are a high VS-GH quality, throwing impressive fire despite their petite size. That brilliance transitions into the soft luster of the creamy white pearls and the deep blue tones of natural sapphire. Estate price for this vintage fashion piece $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #e11921.


April 3, 2019

10kt. sewing thimble 3.5 grams $228.00 CAD. e12539

From the “now I’ve seen everything file” we offer a fully functional solid gold thimble. I’m not sure if this is a production piece or a hand made one of a kind creation, but the next time you have to sew a botton on you can do it in a most stylish manner. The thimble is made from just over 3.5 grams of 10 karat yellow gold. The soft slightly pinkish/yellow colour is very pretty and gives this item an antique character. Think of what a great gift this would make for someone who dabbles in hand made clothing, needle crafts or tailoring. The thimble features the usual dimpled pattern for pushing a sewing pin through textiles plus a very pretty hand engraved floral pattern around the bottom circumference. This is just one example of some of the unique curiosities that come through our extensive estate department. The condition is very good only showing a few minor scratches that can easily be polished away in a few minutes if you like. Estate priced at $228.00. Stock #e12539.


February 5, 2019

Plat./18kt. Art Deco diamond & sapphire brooch 0.90ct. tw. 11.2gr. $2,520.00 CAD. e11688

As brooches see gentle and delicate wear they survive the ages far better than any other jewellery item. Which is why this rectangular mosaic of delicate Art Deco craftsmanship looks brand new despite being almost 100 years old. The statement piece measures 46.8mm long by 19.75mm wide. It’s decorative face is made from ever-white platinum which is to thank for the delicate detailing that only platinum can hold. Being a softer metal that top was reinforced with an extra strong 18 karat white gold gallery. The brooch is all timeless elegance accented with 0.57 carats of antique cut SI-H quality diamonds and 0.33 carats of custom cut bright blue sapphires. It is secured with an 18 karat white gold hinged pin and antique locking catch for extra security during wear. The 11.2 gram antique is one of a kind and certainly earns its estate price of $2,520.00 CAD. Stock #e11688.



January 18, 2019

12.38ct. tw. fancy colour diamond brooch 28.4gr. 18kt. $12,675.00 CAD. e10824

At what point does jewellery become fine art? Art is something difficult to define or describe but you know it when you see it and this is it. Hand made from 18 karat rose gold this creation is so much more than just a brooch with a ton of bling. The trio of three dimensional flower blossoms have depth and shading executed as well as anything done by a great artist or master sculptor. Close to 1000 fancy coloured champagne to chocolate brown diamonds have been expertly set showcasing the subtle colour details of spring blooms. The SI1 to I1 clarity diamonds are graduated in size from 1.3 to 1.5mm diameter to fit the unique requirements of each petal. I can’t imagine the time required to just simply sort through the piles of stones in order to pick out the right ones that are correct in hue and size. Black rhodium plating within the petal borders provides extra contrast against the sparkling diamonds. It’s too bad this piece has gone unsigned lacking even a visible trademark. Someone with the type of talent required to make a brooch like this shouldn’t be kept a secret, but I guess they prefer to remain anonymous. A brooch of this quality, size and design will instantly become the centre of attention at your next event. Measuring 5.6cm x 5.7cm it would look amazing on a dark colour dress, jacket or blouse. In close to 60 years buying and selling new and estate jewellery we have never seen a brooch like this before. While we are more than qualified to supply an appraisal of value on an item like this, we thought it would be a good idea to get a respected independent opinion of value assigned to it. Included with purchase is an October 30 2017 appraisal document from respected jewellery appraisal company Harold Weinstein Ltd. Their assessment of $19,500.00 plus tax doesn’t seem out of line considering all the components and labour involved in creating this work of art. As a one of a kind estate item in like new condition we have it priced at just $12.79 per diamond or $12,675.00 CAD. Stock #e10824.


January 6, 2019

10kt. Roman Goddess Victoria (Victory) Quadriga cameo brooch 3″ x 2 1/2″ $630.00 CAD. e12297

The Roman Goddess Victoria (Victory) was a symbol of victory over death and determined who would be successful in war. She was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Nike and was worshiped all over the Roman Empire. She was of course a favorite with generals and the military. Her likeness can be found in architecture and artifacts across Europe. In this masterfully hand carved cameo she is depicted riding her Quadriga (chariot pulled by four horses) a symbol of triumph and the chariot of the Gods. You can see her holding at least two laurels chaplets, with one falling from her hand. Laurels chaplets were worn as a symbol of military triumph. The epic and symbolic subject matter has been captured on this 58.1mm x 46.3mm natural shell cameo. This is probably one of the best carvings we’ve ever showcased! Based on the hollow construction of the 10 karat frame we’d estimate manufacture sometime after the Industrial Revolution, probably in the late 1800s. The motif is romantic and captures the spirit of the cameo perfectly. The wearable artwork is secured with a hand made catch and hinged pin. Estate price for this one of a kind piece of history $630.00 CAD. Stock #e12297.


December 26, 2018

14kt. vintage sapphire & ruby brooch 15.5ct. tw. 13.7gr. $1,800.00 CAD. e12032

Green gold is a seldom used alloy but lends itself well to the stems of these unique flowers. With blooms made from cabochon cut natural blue sapphire accented with pink rubies they are unlike anything found in nature. The 15 carats of sapphires range from pale cornflower to deep lupine and are mottled with delicate swirling inclusions. The bouquet is tied with broad rose gold ribbon, further setting off the unique green tone of the stems. At 59mm long, this 14 karat gold vintage piece is certainly statement making and comes equipped with a sturdy locking catch. Accompanied by a Harold Weinstein Appraisal (February 2018) stating a replacement value of $7,000.00. Our estate price is just $1,800.00 CAD. Stock #e12032.


December 19, 2018

Vintage silver Mikimoto pearl broock circa 1978 $280.00 CAD. e11919

Mikimoto is certainly the most famous name in the pearl world but in case you’ve never heard it we’ll catch you up. Mikimoto Kokichi was the eldest son of a poor family in early 1860s Ise, Japan. He was fascinated with the pearl divers searching for natural pearls from the ocean and made his way into the industry. After opening his own pearl farm in 1888 he worked tirelessly pioneering pearl culturing techniques. Natural pearls occur when an irritant gets trapped inside of the mantle of a mollusk. To protect itself from the irritant that the mollusk can’t remove it coats it with layers and layers of nacre. Starting with something as small as a tiny pebble or grain of sand means that natural pearls take years and years to form. Pearl diving traditionally meant harvesting hundreds of mollusks which were not forming pearls in the hunt for those rare few that were. When one was found that had produced a pearl the size and shape was completely random. The demand for pearls in the late 1800s severely outstripped the rate at which they could be found naturally. Mikimoto and other pearl farmers developed the process of implanting small mother of pearl beads or nuclei into the mantel and returning the mollusk to the sea. By starting with this larger bead it took less time to get a pearl large enough to be drilled and strung. It also meant that you knew every mollusk in your farm was producing a pearl and when the optimal time to harvest was. As the culturing was advancing the beads also allowed the shape and size of the finished pearl to be dictated. Despite these innovations and increases in quality Mikimoto was having difficulties with consumers who misinterpreted cultured pearls to be fake pearls. To combat this he opened his first retail boutique and started producing his own pearl jewellery. The brand took off and by 1935 Japan was producing 10 million cultured pearls annually. Today except for the occasional show piece, all pearls are cultured and Japanese pearls are the highest quality available. This vintage 1970s Mikimoto brooch, though made from sterling silver, exhibits the top quality the brand is known for. Each well matched creamy pearl displays sharp reflections of the world around it, an indication of nacre quality. Accompanied by its original vintage box and Mikimoto brochure and care guide. Estate price for this history lesson $280.00 CAD. Stock #e11919.


November 10, 2018

14kt. yellow gold Italian made Mercedes Benz key chain $490.00 CAD. e9478

E9478 Mercedes Benz Key chainFor the car enthusiast who has almost everything I present a solid 14 karat gold Mercedes Benz key ring. We seem to get more Mercedes Benz merchandise than any other automotive brand for some reason. This particular piece is one of the nicer ones, made in Italy from 6.2 grams of high polished 14 karat yellow gold and measuring 8.5cm long. The key chain attaches via gold carabiner style threaded sliding lock that adds extra security.  The logo itself measures 20mm in diameter and is decorated on the outer rim with a radial cross hatched pattern that catches the light and draws the eye in toward the iconic three pointed star logo. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e9478.


September 4, 2018

4.48ct. fine quality natural tanzanite $2,170.00 CAD. e11607


August 25, 2018

Vintage 10 karat Birks 24ct. tw. garnet brooch 11.8gr. $840.00 CAD. e11687

If we had any say in it brooches would be as popular now as they were when this antique Birks piece was made. Measuring a statement making 38.9mm in diameter the medallion sized piece would have been a prized adornment. It is covered all over in custom cut deep red garnets that flash a plum colour at the slightest movement. Together the 37 natural garnets equal an estimated 24 carats all set in warm 10 karat yellow gold. The antique hinged pin has a clever locking clasp for added security during wear. Estate price for the 11.8 gram piece $840.00 CAD. Stock #e11687.


June 1, 2018

18kt. diamond stick pin tie tac 0.12ct. SI-HI 2.2gr. $350.00 CAD. e10939

After 60 years in the same downtown location it’s probably fair to accuse us of the occasional lapse of nostalgia. When Bill opened his store in 1958 tie tacs were still a part of a professional man’s daily wardrobe. The diamond tie tac Adam wears was worn regularly by Bill as he labored away building his business from the ground up. So it’s no leap of the imagination to understand why we are featuring this high quality 18 karat white and yellow gold diamond tie tac today. The understated accent is more than just a fashion statement, keeping the tie tidy in any situation. Our 2.2 gram example is very well made with a protective bezel around its 0.12 carat SI-H round brilliant cut diamond center. The 1.7 inch long pin is made  from sturdy 1.2mm gauge 18 karat gold wire with an ingenious locking cap for added comfort and security. The estate price for the like new pin $350.00 CAD. Stock #e10939.


May 12, 2018

Platinum & 18 karat white gold diamond cufflinks $1,400.00 CAD. e7765

An interesting jewellery item for the man who has everything. Art Deco design platinum disc cufflinks. Each side contains one 0.20 carat European cut diamond of very good VS-HI quality. The circular cufflinks  measure approximately 13.5mm diameter with a pierced mill grain and hand engraved decorative border. The platinum discs are connected by a 3 link 18 karat white gold chain. The pair dates from the 1920s, weighs 10.6 grams and are estate priced at $1,400.00. Stock #e7765.


January 2, 2018

14kt. 4.0gr. ruby & diamond brooch. D=0.50ct. tw. SI-I Ruby=1.12ct. tw. $1,250.00 CAD. e12535

Search “brooch” in our estate section and you’ll see a collection of stunning pieces ranging from the late 1800’s to the 1970’s but this is the only one you’ll see set with rubies. This diamond and ruby brooch is the first we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing. The retro 14 karat white gold piece is strikingly simply for its combination of brilliant diamonds and bright pinkish red rubies. The unique shape is punctuated by two florets of marquise. The figure eight diamond set infinity shape runs the 25mm length of the piece and crosses itself with three parallel round rubies. Together all 9 rubies weigh an estimated 1.12 carats and the SI-I diamonds equal 0.50 carats. The brooch itself weighs an even 4 grams and is estate priced for $1,250.00 CAD. Stock #e12535.


September 15, 2017

Antique Roman Centurion Dragon cameo 14kt gold $630.00 CAD. e11015

Only a master jeweller and expert carver could collaborate to create an amazing piece such as this. I’ve always admired those who can carve a beautiful object from something like stone or in this case a natural shell. Drawing a portrait or painting one for that matter is all about adding detail and making corrections as you go. Carving is all about removing material until you’re satisfied with the results. There’s no going back to cover a mistake with a carving. Dealing with a thin fragile shell of a mollusk adds to the challenge. This beautifully carved cameo is less than 1.5mm thick in spots. The details in its depiction of a Roman soldier is amazing considering the cameos dimensions of 42.0mm x 28.5mm.  The details extend to the finely crafted 14 karat yellow gold handmade frame that secures the cameo. I imagine securing the delicate shell carving in the bezel setting wasn’t something the jeweller looked forward to doing. This great example of a traditional jewellery item looks to be 100% original. We didn’t even polish it. We though the original oxidation and patina looked perfect and suited this beautiful item. This variety of jewellery is truly what wearable art is. The entire brooch weighs a substantial 16.6 grams and is secured by a folding pin clasp with safety. We don’t see them this nice very often and we’ve never seen this exact subject matter before with the image of the dragon on the soldiers helmet. This one of a kind cameo is as good as they get and is estate priced at $630.00 CAD. Stock #e11015.



February 20, 2017

B.C. natural gold nuggets 49.9 grams. Spot gold price plus 25%.


Looking for a Yosemite Sam worthy investment? These natural gold nuggets from British Columbia will get your inner prospector’s attention. The four nuggets weigh 15.99 grams(e10192), 9.16 grams(e10189), 12.16 grams(e10190), and 12.20 grams(e10190) respectively making them the largest natural nuggets to pass through our estate department. You can purchase them individually or as a group for spot price (check the current spot price here) plus 25% and applicable taxes. Available in Canadian or US dollars. They make a great gift for the hard to buy for and the gold bug in your life.e10189-e10190-e10191-e10192-bc-gold-nuggets


December 28, 2016

1.17 carat natural Columbian emerald $3500.00 CAD. e9862

e9862 1.17 carat emerald cut emerald 001

A loose emerald can be a wonderful place to start building a unique and thoughtful piece of jewellery, and our designers would love to build it with you. Whether they’re remaking your favorite Tacori inspired design (without the cost of the Tacori name brand) or finding a way to capture the personality of your loved one in gold and diamonds they’re here to help. Let’s see what they can create with this 6.57mm long by 5.48mm wide 1.17ct natural slightly bluish green emerald cut emerald. The beautiful gem is accompanied by a July 5, 2016 Harold Weinstein Ltd. jewellery appraisal with a replacement value of $5085.00 CAD. Estate price $3500.00 CAD. Stock #e9862.e9862 1.17 carat emerald Harold Weinstein appraisal


November 27, 2016

Montblanc Meisterstück Rollerball 7571. Never Used $550.00 CAD. e10065


MontBlanc’s Meisterstuck line of writing instruments are an unbeatable gift for the professional that has it all. Ranging in price from $425.00 up to $4000.00. Our never used Rollerball LeGrand falls into the medium range of the line, with a suggested retail price of $630.00 USD. Model 7571 is one of the lines most universal styles made from glossy black resin and platinum coated details. The luxury pen was purchased at the very end of 2013 at a Toronto authorized MontBlanc dealer and is accompanied by it’s original box, sleeve, and paperwork. Included with purchase is a Montblanc no charge engraving voucher. Brand new, never used condition the Meisterstuck is estate priced at $550.00 CAD. Stock #e10065.e10065-montblanc-legrand-platinum-coated-legrand-rollerball-7571


September 1, 2016

MontBlanc Starwalker Midnight Black ballpoint 105657 $280.00 CAD.

e10279 MontBlanc Starwaker Resin Pen 105657 001

The combination of sleek German engineering and modern design in MontBlanc’s Starwalker line makes the line one of their most striking and robust. The Midnight Black model from the Starwalker line is made from glossy black resin and stainless steel plated with tarnish proof, gun metal grey ruthenium. That rarer metal from the platinum group comes in very limited quantities from Russia, South America, and oddly enough Sudbury, Ontario. To top off the unique composition of model 105657, MontBlanc has tipped it with a floating version of their emblem suspended in clear crystal. Viewed from the side that iconic, softly curving emblem hints at the outline of the mountain peak it symbolizes.e10279 Montblanc Starwalker 105657 001 This luxury writing instrument is in brand new condition, accompanied by its original box and manual with warranty dated from December 2014. With a replacement price of $340.00 USD our midnight black is a steal for the estate price of $280.00 CAD. Stock #e10279.e10279 MontBlanc Starwaker Resin Pen 105657 002


July 15, 2016

14kt. white gold high quality Akoya pearl & diamond brooch $700.00 CAD.

e9726 Vintage pearl and diamond brooch 14 karat goldA brooch is the perfect place for pearls especially when they’re this nice. The hardness of pearls can range from 2.5-3 on the MOHS hardness scale meaning anything from other jewellery to a coin or knife can easily scratch the nacre off the surface. This softness means that pearl rings and bracelets are not meant for daily wear and need to be worn mindfully. These well matched, perfectly round Akoyas with their soft blush overtones and high luster will be well protected from harm perched proudly on a scarf, jacket, or blouse. The 24 pearls measure from 3.5mm to 6.8mm diameter. The brooch has some additional detailing with four millgrained 14 karat white gold leaves set with sparkling single cut diamonds. All together it weighs a sturdy 8.1 grams, measures 32.50mm in diameter and is secured by a pin hinge with safety clasp. Estate price $700.00 CAD. Stock #e9726.e9726 14 karat white gold pearl and diamond brooch


July 1, 2016

Antique 14 karat gold amethyst brooch by Ryrie $420.00 CAD.

e8839 Ryrie antique amethyst broochThe name Ryrie may not sound familiar, but who they were acquired by likely is. In the later part of the 1800s Ryrie Bros. operated out of a small downtown Toronto store.  They flourished expanding several times into a very high end successful business. Ryrie merged in 1905 when Montreal jeweller Birks decided to open a competing store only 4 doors up from the Ryrie location on Young Street. This beautiful brooch is made from 4 grams of traditional 14 karat yellow gold. In perfect condition showing no wear of any kind. Measuring exactly 2.5 inches long the pin contains a 2.5 carat natural scissor cut amethyst. It’s a great period piece that displays excellent examples of filigree and milgrain. This little piece of hand made Canadian jewellery history is estate priced at $420.00. Stock #e8839.e8839.1 Ryrie antique brooch amethyst



June 24, 2016

Antique platinum amethyst & diamond brooch 0.50ct. $770.00 CAD.


The Edwardian jewellery movement existed in parallel with Art Nouveau at the beginning of the 20th century. Where Art Nouveau focused on nature and the female form for inspiration Edwardian jewellery looked to the 18th century aristocracy for inspiration. The movement is characterized by its use of delicate lace work, garlands, and ribbons encrusted in diamonds and edged by millgrained platinum (a brand new technique at the time). This delicate, handmade brooch is in remarkable condition considering it’s over 100 years old. The focal point of the intricate piece is a cabachon cut amethyst, a favorite gem of European royalty and typical choice of the movement. Of course the brooch is also adorned by an estimated 0.50 carats of antique rose cut, old mine cut, and old European cut diamonds. Bridging the entire evolution of the modern round brilliant cut diamond in one piece of jewellery. The largest of those diamonds hangs freely at the bottom of the brooch, adding a touch of eye catching movement. The pin and catch are made from warm yellow gold and feature an ingenious tension lock for unparalleled security. If you don’t have much use for a brooch the piece can be converted to a pendant at a small additional cost. Estate price $770.00 CAD. Stock #e9999.


May 20, 2016

Hand made silver & agate road runner figurine 3 1/2 inches tall $150.00 CAD.

e10071-silver-road-runner-agate-figurine-mexico-001 Not the typical estate item you usually see at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers but when this little guy was offered to us we really couldn’t say no. This 3 1/2 inch tall sterling silver and agate roadrunner is closer in likeness to the Looney Tunes’ Road Runner than it is to the actual bird. For the Hopi people of Mexico the roadrunner is a symbol of protection against evil as it’s known to regularly feast on rattle snakes. The bird often finds it’s way into Mexican art, so it comes as no surprise that this detailed, whimsical bird was hand made in Mexico. A fun gift for someone who needs a little good luck. Estate price $150.00 CAD. Stock #e10071. “Meep Meep”e10071-silver-road-runner-agate-figurine-mexico-002


April 4, 2016

Art Deco 14 karat diamond brooch $560.00 CAD.

These Art Deco brooches were very popular almost 100 years ago and many have survived in great shape because of the way they had been worn. This example measures 68mm long and is made of 4.0 grams of 14 karat white gold newly developed during the first world war. It is beautifully decorated with a pierced filigree design in fantastic condition with a small 0.04ct. diamond bead set in the centre. Estate price $560.00. Stock #e4873.


January 20, 2016

Platinum & 14kt. yellow gold 0.50 carat 1920s stick pin $630.00 CAD.

e9492 antique diamond stick pin platinum and yellow goldI recently saw an interesting article in a watch magazine about a new trend in men’s stick pins. Worn alone or in twos or threes diagonally across the breast pocket of suit jackets instead of, or in addition to a pocket square. I don’t know if that style will filter into Barrie but I thought it was an interesting new trend for such a traditional style of jewellery. This vintage stick pin is from the 1920s and has the diamonds to prove it. 8 old European cut diamonds in fact that were cut around 100 years ago. All the diamonds are of very bright VS-SI-GH quality totalling an estimated weight of 0.50 carats. With the brilliance only old European cuts can give, this stick pin will be a sparkling accent for someone’s scarf, lapel or perhaps, a trendy jacket pocket. Estate price $630.00 CAD. Stock #e9508.e9492 diamond stick pin platinum and 14 karat yellow gold



January 8, 2016

Vintage diamond brooch 1.67carat VS-GH 8.4 grams 18 karat $5,194.00 CAD. e9719

e9719 18 karat wintage floral spray diamond broochThe late 1940s moving into the 1950s was the era of diamonds. The war was over and North America was seeing new prosperity. DeBeers debuted their new slogan “Diamonds are Forever” in 1948. Marilyn Monroe was on screens all over the world the following year singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. For the first time, people were wearing diamonds during the day; etiquette had previously dictated diamonds to be evening wear only. Floral and animal motifs were all the rage thanks to Jean Schlumberger’s playful designs for Tiffany & Co. This brooch was the height of fashion at the time and thanks to widespread prosperity it was hand made from top quality materials. 8.4 grams of 18 karat, exceptionally white gold set with an estimated 1.67 carats total weight of VS-GH round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. The substantial centre diamond alone weighs in at 0.56 carats. To say they don’t make them like this anymore would be quite an understatement. Estate price $5,194.00 CAD. Stock #e9719.e9719 18 karat white gold diamond brooch floral spray


December 3, 2015

Art Deco platinum and 18kt. white gold diamond brooch $2100.00 CAD.

e9379 Art Deco platinum 18kt. diamond and sapphire broochAt what point does a piece of jewellery become a work of art? I suspect it’s well before this. I can’t imagine better example of incredible Art Deco design. Estate pieces like this only come around once in a while and are never repeated. The skill needed to create an item like this is just not seen anymore in this world of computer aided design, 3D printing  and simple casting. You could never get this kind of detail and personality with such sterile technology. Making something like this is more like sculpting in precious metal. Beautiful bright cut metal from an engravers tool, the tiniest milgrain border along every edge, super fine saw piercing has the geometric elements appearing to float within the design. If you simply value such an item by adding up the sum of the parts the point of this object will be lost to you. Just like you can’t value a Picasso by the amount of paint used.e9379.1 Art Deco diamond and sapphire platinum brooch A piece like this on a jacket, coat or blouse can be a most sophisticated look. All 31 of the antique European cut diamonds are original and of excellent VS-FG quality. Total estimated diamond weight 0.66 carat. As outlined above the finest craftsmanship was used to assemble this pin using over 6.5 grams of platinum on the front seamlessly soldered to an 18 karat white gold back and hardware. 20 rectangular calibre cut synthetic sapphires provide the dark blue contrast that is important to all Art Deco design. Wearable art; all jewellers should strive and be inspired to create precious items that do more than just hold a few twinkly little gems. This irreplaceable item is estate priced at $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e9379.e9379.1 Art Deco platinum 18kt. diamond and sapphire brooch


October 17, 2015

SOLID gold 14 karat CROSS ball point & fountain pen set $1600.00 CAD.

e9407 Cross fountain pen and pen set solid 14 karat goldSolid gold writing instruments have got to be considered one of the most luxurious items around. A quick surf over to the Cross website confirms this as they are offering the same style ballpoint pen in 18 karat gold for $3150.00 USD. The fountain pen is slightly thicker and heavier so it must have been worth even more when new. Both pens are in great original condition not showing any evidence of previous refinishing, no dents, no dings, no scratches. The Fountain pen appears to have run a cartridge or two through as the nib has some dried ink residue on it that should be removed before use.e9407 Solid 14 karat gold Cross pen set They come complete with all the original packaging, instructions, lifetime warranty, ink well insert and replacement ink cartridges all in like new condition. The art of cursive writing is disappearing with every new electronic communication device our modern lifestyle seems to demand. Wouldn’t it feel good to slow down just for a few minutes and write someone a thank you letter or birthday card with one of these pens. Don’t you feel just a little more special when you receive a hand written letter? CROSS are America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments producing products since 1846. These pens are one of their most enduring designs called the Classic Century. The style debuted in 1940s as a fountain pen only. The ball point design followed in the 1950s. They are priced as a set for $1600.00 CAD or individually for $1000.00 each. Stock #e9407.e9407 solid 14kt. gold pen and fountain pen Cross set


May 21, 2015

1920s 18Kt. Art Deco Stick Pin Ryrie $350.00 CAD.

Sometimes some of the simplest designs are the most beautiful. The Art Deco design period produced some of the more interesting and beautiful jewellery pieces. They have become very popular today among collectors. Craftsmen from the period used symmetry and geometric patterns quite often. This is a great example of the type of jewellery seen. This 18 karat yellow and white gold stick pin contains 5 high quality square emeralds and 4 of the smallest full cut European cut diamonds I have ever seen. The diamond shaped checker board pattern is edged by a white enamel border. Made by Ryrie brothers which later became BIRKS. Ryrie brothers had a well earned reputation of producing some of the highest quality jewellery in Canada. The pretty little stick pin measures 8.5mm x 8.5mm is estate priced at $350.00. Stock #e7526.


August 23, 2014

Early 1900s Tiffany sterling silver fruit knife $210.00

e8592 Tiffany fruit knife Paulding FarnhamTiffany items always are of interest with our customers looking for estate jewellery but Tiffany does more than just jewellery. When it comes to luxury items, Sterling silver flatware is also one of their specialties. The first time I saw this knife I was a little puzzled and wondered what specifically it was designed for. Most sterling silver knives have blades made from some kind of steel and most serrated blades do not have a defined cutting direction. This turn of the century Tiffany knife is entirely made of sterling silver including the blade; also the teeth in the blade are designed to cut in a pushing direction. After a little research its purpose was discovered. It’s a fruit knife. One side of the knife is designed to cut through fruit and the other moderately sharp edge is designed to slice or peal the fruit. The 52.7 gram knife was designed for Tiffany by Paulding Farnham. The award winning designer worked for the esteemed firm beginning in the late 1800s. The knife is one of his more popular patterns and depicts designs made in the Italian renaissance style.e8592.2 Tiffany fruit knife Pauling Farnham The beautiful pattern is in original condition. The knife hasn’t been polished or refinished, just cleaned.  Good original condition showing some wear associated with use and age. A small discreet engraving reads “N.Y. May 19-1913” can be seen on the side. This is a interesting item and would make a great gift for a lover of Tiffany items. Estate priced at $210.00. Stock #e8592.e8592.1 Tiffany knife


June 11, 2014

Antique 14 karat 0.23ct. European cut diamond brooch $770.00

e8459 antique diamond brooch 14 karatGreat example of an Art Deco filigree and enamel diamond brooch. The black enamel border contrasts very well with the thin seam of white gold laminated to a yellow gold backing. A good quality 0.23 carat VS-H European cut diamond has been bezel set in the centre of the symmetrical design. A fine Greek key pattern with mill grain and engraved highlights are a few of the artistic elements incorporated in to bow shaped brooch. The brooch measures 45mm long with a weight of 3.1 grams and is in excellent condition. A locking pin hinge clasp should secure this pin for the next few generations to enjoy. Estate priced at $770.00. Stock #e8459.e8459.1 Antique filigree diamond brooch


March 1, 2014

Art Deco 14 karat amethyst brooch $343.00

A perfect example of filigree from the Art Deco period circa 1920. This example measures 54mm long and is made of 14 karat white gold front laminated to a yellow gold back. In the centre is bezel set one small natural amethyst. The brooch is secured by a pin hinge  with safety. Estate price $343.00. Stock #e6123.


January 13, 2014

Black opal and diamond brooch $2580.00

This is an early Art Deco piece from around 1915. It is an exceptional example of a black opal. The cabochon cut opal weighs approximately 1.90 carat and has the best play of colour I have ever seen come through the doors at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. It measures 15mm x 8mm and shows broad patches of green/blue/orange and red. The colours are not uncommon but the size of the display of individual colour is exceedingly rare. The two pictures are only taken a few degrees apart and notice how some of the sections have completely change colour. If ever there was a stone that needs to be seen to be appreciated this is it. The 14 karat white gold setting also is of great quality made with very good quality filigree work around all four sides. Two small diamonds 0.03ct. each complete the package. It’s almost impossible the put a price on this item as it is certainly not replaceable. This type of jewellery usually is only seen in books or museums. Estate priced at $2580.00. Stock #e6156.e6156.1 black opal brooch


November 21, 2013

BIRKS 18 karat diamond and sapphire bee brooch $525.00

e8342 Birks bee broochHere’s a great summertime piece of jewellery made by Canada’s leading high end jewellery chain Birks. The cute little bee measures 16.5mm long and weighs 3.4 grams. The body has been expertly decorated with 4 high quality round brilliant cut diamonds and 16 round faceted medium blue sapphires also of high quality. Two additional bezel set diamonds make up the eyes. The total gem weight is estimated to be 0.35 carats. The BIRKS logo of back to back B’s is stamped on the back of a wing. A sturdy locking pin hinge will secure the brooch to your lapel. If you wish this item could be easily modified into a pendant for use on a necklace. Perfect condition looking like it has never been used. Estate priced at $525.00. Stock #8342.e8342.1 Birks bee brooch


July 4, 2013

10kt. gold cameo hand carved $630.00

e8482 10 karat gold three graces cameoOf all the various art forms out there sculpting and carving has got to be the most difficult. When carving it’s not about adding material to create an image, it’s about taking away everything that doesn’t look like the image. If you cut too deep or take away too much there’s no going back. A hand carved cameo brooch like this goes one step further using the various different layers of colour. The artist’s ability to use these layers to create the effect of shading and depth just adds to the complexity of this art. The Three Graces depicted is this cameo are said to represent beauty, charm and joy. It’s a popular theme that has been recreated over many centuries in paintings, statues and carvings like this. A hand made 10 karat yellow gold rope edged bezel secures the natural shell cameo measuring 56.0mm x 46.5mm. A standard locking pin hinge clasp secures the 12.8 gram brooch. Estate priced at $630.00. Stock #e8482.


June 18, 2013

18 Karat gold Enamel Honey Bee Brooches $990.00 each

These honey bees brooches look like antiques from the Art Nouveau design period from the early 1900s. After we had a close look at them we decided they are of more modern manufacture because of the use of rhodium, white gold pin/hinge hardware and round brilliant cut diamonds. None of these items were available in the late 1800 to early 1900s. Sometimes we must practice a little jewellery forensics to determine history of the unique items we receive. The 18 karat yellow gold bees each weigh over 7 grams and have coloured transparent enamel striped sections on the body and head. Genuine ruby eyes and 6 bead set 0.01 carat diamonds complete the extra decoration. Each bee measures 24mm long and is secured by a white gold pin hinge with safety catch. These cute little bugs are very skillfully made showing great detail and very vivid colour glass enamel work. I have very little history on them except the previous owner indicated they came from Holland. Estate priced at $990.00 each. Stock #e7072. 


April 27, 2013

14 karat gold sword $122.00

e8366 14kt gold swordWe sure do get some unusual objects at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Take for instance this little gold sword. I’m not exactly sure what it was used for or why the original owner had it made. It’s just about the perfect size for a pirate Barbie or perhaps a swizzle stick for a very important cocktail. It might make a great gift for your favorite bartender. The sword measures 2.25 inches long and weighs 2.2 grams. Estate priced at $122.00. Stock #e8366.


March 10, 2013

Art Deco 18 karat white gold diamond brooch $840.00

e8196 art deco 18kt diamond broochFor the select crowd who really appreciate fine detail Art Deco jewellery. This is perhaps the best example of the craft to come through in a while. Bar pins were extremely popular in the 1920s and many have survived over the years because they didn’t experience the constant wear a ring from the same time period did. Measuring a very wearable 53mm x 6mm and weighing 4.9 grams the brooch contains one 0.12 carat European cut diamond of VS-FG quality along with 30 tiny diamonds bezel/bead set throughout the pin. Double gallery construction give it a light, delicate look and the mill grain filigree design is comparable to the finest produced. The brooch is secured by a pin hinge with sliding tube safety catch. It’s too bad we can’t acknowledge the maker of this piece as the only identifying mark is an 18k stamp on the clasp. Pushing 100 years old but looking as good as ever this beautiful example of high quality Art Deco jewellery is estate priced at $840.00. Stock #e8196.e8196.1 Art Deco brooch 18kt with diamonds


March 8, 2013

Service for 12 in sterling $5000.00

I can’t believe we have this item. If you have been following our estate section you know how excited I get about really nice high quality pieces. Well the bar has been set to a new level. This is a complete service for 12 (60 pieces) in sterling silver. This set was bought new in the 1970’s and only used for special occasions. It is in like new condition with a special blue velvet storage pouch for each set with a silk draw string to bow tie. This is the height of dining sophistication. You will know what I mean if you have ever had ice cream out of a sterling silver spoon. The total weight of the set is over 6.5 pounds. You could never replace this set for the estate price of $5000.00. In over 50 years of selling estate items this is the first time anything like this has been offered. Stock #e6203.


March 7, 2013

9 karat yellow and rose gold brooch $560.00

e8175 brooch 9kt citrine and garnetBrooches are becoming popular again and for good reason. Look at the great display and design you can get for $560.00. Brooches offer designers endless possibilities and combinations of materials to experiment with. This floral arrangement inspired piece was constructed from the most subtle mix of 9 karat yellow and rose gold with bright brilliant cut genuine garnet and citrine gems that cover the red to yellow end of the colour spectrum. Both yellow citrines have chips that are invisible without careful scrutiny. The centre concentration of colour is nicely contrasted by the two white pearls that almost go unnoticed. This brooch measures 5.8cm x 2.7cm and is secured by a tight pin hinge with safety clasp. Step out of your jewellery comfort zone and add splash of colour too. Estate priced at $560.00. Stock #e8175.


March 6, 2013

Platinum & 18 Karat Diamond Bar Pin $600.00

Classic Art Deco design antique bar pin. These little brooches really showcase the jewellers art from almost 100 years ago. They exhibit great detail and lost techniques of craftsmanship. The filigree and mill grain are very time consuming and seldom seen in this kind of detail today. The top of the pin is made from platinum while the gallery and locking clasp mechanism is made of 18 karat white gold. 12 small old single cut diamonds and one old European cut diamond (0.10 carat) are set throughout the brooch and all are of good VS-SI-H quality. The pin weighs 4.2 grams and measures 6.0 cm in length. Estate priced at $600.00.


February 1, 2013

1920s Art Deco 14 karat white gold stick pin $147.00

e7869 Art Deco stick pin I’m a sucker for these little stick pins. The Art Deco designs are fantastic examples of the craft of the skilled jeweller. This little pin only measures 17mm x 8.5mm but look at all the great details that are incorporated. Beautiful pierced filigree with mill grain decoration. The symmetrical geometric patterns really strike a cord with many jewellery collectors. This example is made of 1.5 grams of 14 karat white gold and contains one old mine cut diamond weighing approximately 0.10 carats with two square scissor cut synthetic blue sapphires. The diamond has a couple small chips along the girdle edge but are not noticeable without magnification. These little Deco stick pins are not all that uncommon but chances are you’ll never see two the same. If you like the design but are not much for brooches we could convert this into an attractive brooch for around $50.00 . Estate priced at $147.00. Stock #e7869.


December 18, 2012

Sterling Silver Tiffany Disc Charm $40.00

This charm came off a Tiffany bracelet that we sold a few days ago and the purchaser did not need this particular  charm. The retail price on this charm from Tiffany’s web site is $105.00. It is made from 5.9 grams of sterling silver and measures about the size of a nickel. We would be happy to engrave a special message on this item for you. Estate priced at $40.00.


Mont Blanc Ball Point Pen $150.00

We don’t usually get into the luxury pen market but sometimes one comes in with a watch or other piece of jewellery. I’ll admit knowing next to nothing about high end writing instruments, I haven’t done any cursive writing since high school. The previous owner was given this pen approximately 15 years ago and it sat in a desk unused that entire period. The pen has a highly polished black resin finish that is absolutely blemish free. The original box has surface scratches as it was at the back of a work desk drawer for its entire life. The pen comes with 2 refills. I think this pen retails for close to $400.00. This pen is estate priced at $150.00 THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD

October 14, 2012

9 karat cattail brooch $645.00

e7692 cattail brooch 9ktSome of the greatest jewellery pieces ever produced have been brooches. They are a blank canvas that doesn’t limit the creativity by adapting the design to fit a finger or the contour of a neckline. Most also have survived quite well because they don’t suffer the abuse a ring does. This is a perfect accessory for this time of year with the yellow, orange citrines and red garnets blending with the 9 karat yellow and rose gold.  Tall cattails are a familiar sight in this part of the world in the fall. The 9 karat brooch weighs 9.3 grams and measures 5.9cm in total length. The antique box we received the brooch in adds to the character of the piece. Estate priced at $645.00. Stock #e7692.e7692.1 cattail brooch box


October 6, 2012

Tiffany Sea Urchin Diamond Brooch $2100.00

I can’t think of any other jewellery design company than Tiffany to take rather unusual subject matter like this and somehow make it cute. This 18 karat yellow gold brooch likely dates from the 1970s and is in great condition.  The brooch measures 27mm diameter and is quite heavy weighing 17 grams. A cluster if 7 high quality round brilliant cut diamonds 0.50 carats in total weight decorate the piece. Secured by a double pin locking clasp signed Tiffany and Co. Estate priced at $2100.00. Stock #7429.


September 4, 2012

8.25 carat grey opal and diamond platinum brooch $5,530.00. e7695.

e7695 8.25ct opal broochJust when you think you’ve seen it all something like this shows up. An absolutely one of a kind grey opal and diamond platinum Art Deco brooch. Not only is this one of the biggest opals seen here measuring 22.2mm x 13.2mm x 5.0mm weighing an estimated 8.25 carats. It’s also one of the best with a fantastic play of colour across pretty much the entire stone including the back. The play of colour exhibits virtually every colour including the most hard to find and valuable pinkish red. The platinum brooch weighs 5.8 grams and also contains 20 high quality European cut diamonds totalling 0.50 carat in weight. Opals are extremely difficult to photograph. In person the opal shows much more colour than my pictures could ever hope to. Likely made sometime in the 1920s this is yet another great example of beautiful Art Deco Design. Estate priced at $5,530.00. Stock #e7695.e7695.1 8.25ct opal brooch


August 10, 2012

1.08 Carat Natural High quality Emerald $1600.00

Very nice colour genuine Emerald likely from Columbia. The gem measures 6.50mm x 5.85mm x 4.30mm and is very well cut in the traditional step cut design. This stone came sealed in a plastic display and is probably around 40 years old. I only removed it to confirm it’s weight and make sure it was genuine; as there are many advanced synthetic emeralds in the world that are very difficult to distinguish from their natural counterpart. The emerald has never been mounted in any  piece of jewellery. It is scratch free in perfect condition. Let us make a ring, pendant or any other piece of jewellery for you using this lovely stone. Not many nice rich colour good clarity emeralds are available for this price anymore. Estate priced at $1600.00      THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD

August 3, 2012

5.48 carat natural green sapphire $5000.00

e7566.1 green sapphire 5.48 ct.The oddities and unusual items just keep on coming in. At first glance you may think this is a peridot the birthstone for August or perhaps a green quartz. After examining the chiclet sized green gem its true identity of corundum commonly  refer to as sapphire was revealed. Most sapphires come in various shades of blue but they can also come in many other colours. Green is a rather rare colour for sapphire and to find one over 5 carats with a rectangular step cut is very rare. Almost no pricing information is available for larger exotic coloured sapphires like this as they trade hands so infrequently. Measuring 9.68mm  x 8.59mm x 6.65mm and weighing just under 5.50 carats. This one is the largest and best quality specimen we have ever had. It would make a great pendant with a few diamonds surrounding it or an interesting alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring. The superior hardness and durability of sapphire make the stone an excellent choice for a ring. Estate priced at $5000.00. Stock #e7566.e7566 5.48ct. green sapphire


July 28, 2012

Natural 0.53ct. Alexandrite with great colour change $990.00

Believe it or not this is this same stone. The only difference is the first photo was taken under incandescent 50 watt spot light giving the purple colour. The second picture was taken under my fluorescent  desk light. Alexandrite is perhaps the most rare of all precious gems. It is exponentially more rare than diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or any of the other popular gems. This example looks Brazilian with it’s purple to greenish blue colour change. The colour change in this specimen is about the best I have seen. The oval cut measures 6.80mm x 5.30mm x 2.10mm. The clarity and cut of this gem are not the best around but it’s fantastic colour change makes up for any shortfall. Estate priced at $990.00. Stock #e7485


May 14, 2012

Mont Blanc Ball Point Pen $235.00

It seems many watch guys are also pen guys so every once in a while we get a nice pen on trade. The Mont Blanc ball point pen appears unused. The black resin barrel and cap are scuff and scratch free. Not even a blemish on the gold clip. Complete with original inner/outter box and service guide booklet. The pen retails for around $400.00, this like new example of estate priced for $235.00. Stock #e7304. 


April 17, 2012

2.00ct. Plus Total Weight Platinum Brooch $7500.00

Wonderful design platinum brooch from the 1940s. Pieces like this usually don’t survive the generations that have followed the original owners. Most have been taken apart to make engagement rings for baby boomers. This one was expertly hand crafted in over 10 grams of platinum and set with a 1.18 carat round European cut diamond of very good VS2-H quality. The pin was further enhanced with 34 round single, Swiss and brilliant cut small diamonds all of excellent VVS-FG quality equalling approximately 1.00 carats in weight. The brooch is secured by a locking pin hinge with safety catch. Estate priced at $7500.00. The centre diamond is available alone for $5750.00.


February 16, 2012

1975 Mint Cententennial Car Mini-Ingot Collection $250.00

I’m not sure if it was my interest in cars, precious metals or all things shiny that made me decide to obtain this item. I didn’t even know these existed. In 1975 the Franklin mint offered this 100 piece collection of a century of automobiles starting with an 1875 Marcus and ending with a 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit. All the classic makes are represented Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevrolet etc. All cast in a sterling silver ingot with a frosted finish on front and the makers logo on back. Each sterling silver ingot weighs over 1.5 grams. There is just over 5 ounces of sterling silver in the entire collection. The original wooden box with glass display cover is in perfect condition. The box is lined with green velvet that the individual ingots sit securely. Estate price $250.00.


February 7, 2012

Platinum & 18 Karat Art Deco Brooch $3500.00 CAD. e6564

Is this art or jewellery? Maybe it can be both. One of the best examples of Art Deco design that we have seen in a while. The piece is made with a platinum front laminated to an 18 karat yellow gold back. The centre bezel set mine cut diamonds weigh a combined 0.95 carats of I1-GH quality. Bead set throughout the hand cut filigree design are 42 rose cut diamonds. A few of the rose cut diamonds have been replaced with white rose cut sapphires. The 12 thin rectangular calibre cut blue sapphires are all synthetic, two have been replaced and are not original. Using synthetic sapphires was common practice with this type of piece. The maker of this wonderful piece of jewellery will remain a mystery as it has not been hall marked or signed. The brooch measures 53mm x 28mm, weighs 9.1 grams and is secured by a pin hinge with safety. Estate priced at $3500.00. Stock #e6564


December 18, 2011

Antique Platinum/Diamond Pin $1050.00

I admit this one has me stumped. How can I price a piece of art? This brooch from the late 1800s was made by someone who had great talent in the art of filigree design. The pierced sections of this brooch are crisp, sharp and executed with amazing symmetry and balance. The problem is I don’t know who made it, what retailer sold it or any other information about it. I can tell you it contains 21 small rose and European cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.25 carats in total. It weighs 4.0 grams and is secured by a locking hinge back. Perfect condition showing no signs of use. We have not polished it or restored it in any way. This one certainly can not be replaced. We have it estate priced at $1050.00


December 2, 2011

antique crescent moon diamond brooch $1350.00

After well over 100 years this piece looks as good as ever. Such a simple shape but it’s hard not to admire the design. The 17 old mine cut diamonds are graduated in size and are all of very nice quality VS-GH. The diamonds total approximately 1.00 carat. The hand made 14 karat yellow gold setting weighs 3.1 grams and is in like new condition. Estate priced at $1350.00


November 2, 2011

NEW Cartier diabolo roller ball pen never used $250.00

This is the first pen we have ever offered as an estate piece in the 53 years we have been in business. How could I say no when I was offered a brand new Cartier Diabolo roller ball pen. This item is complete with inner/outer boxes, warranty cards, instructions, refill etc. The pen is still sealed in it’s plastic sleeve. These pens retail at $345.00. This one is offered at $250.00.


April 11, 2011

Late 1800’s Pendant/Brooch $1000.00

This was a popular item 120 years ago for the well dressed crowd. This combination brooch/pendant/pearl enhancer is made from 14 karat yellow gold (9.3 grams) and contains 80 small seed pearls and one old European cut diamond 0.20ct. SI-HI. It measures 41mm diameter. Estate sale priced at $1000.00.