September 18, 2023

Antique Art Deco 4.00ct. tw. SI-1 diamond & onyx, platinum/18kt. gold bracelet, 15.7gr., 6″. $5,965.00 CAD. 241-00066

Art Deco doesn’t get any better than this. The classic details of Art Deco design are clearly visible in this bracelet. Bold contrasting colours, geometric balanced shapes are artfully combined resulting in one of the most popular eras in estate jewellery. We don’t get nearly as many pieces like this as we’d like to. It is very exciting when a significant example does turn up in our vintage jewellery department. This bracelet is constructed from 18 karat white gold and platinum. Mixing 18 karat and platinum may seem like an unusual choice as both metals look similar but white gold was easier to work and was less expensive. The entire top of this bracelet is crafted from platinum while the bottom and hinges are hade made from white gold. The bracelet contains 38 old European cut diamond estimated to weigh approximately 4.00 carats  in total and are of SI clarity with colour range HIJ. There are 24 black onyx suppling the contrast in this beautiful piece of wearable art. The bracelet measures approximately 6 inches long and is secured by a plunger type clasp with side safety plus an additional safety chain. Each of the links has been hand engraved with a delicate interlocking leaf vine pattern. It is in excellent condition and appears completely original. The joints and hinged components show little to no wear. Despite the light airy look the bracelet weighs nicely over half of a troy ounce. This pretty piece of classic Art Deco jewellery is estate priced at $5,965.00 CAD. Stock #241-00066.

September 17, 2023

16.70ct. tw. sapphire & diamond bracelet 22.6gr. 14kt. white gold $14,000.00 CAD. 241-00040

It’s unusual to come across a sapphire that combines rich colour, high eye-clean clarity, and a cut good enough to keep the gem sparkling and bright. To find 22 of them and have them match each other this well is no coincidence, the sapphires in this bracelet would have been cut and sold as a parcel, destined for this bracelet. The approximate 13.20 carat total weight of top quality sapphires that adorn this bracelet is only the beginning of the story. Each 9.85mm long by 7.95mm wide oval link has been crafted to the highest standard, equipped with heavy tube and rivet connections to ensure maximum longevity for the bracelet. They feature an edged halo of SI-GH round brilliant cut diamonds for a total of 352 hand set diamonds and a total weight of approximately 3.50 carats. The 14 karat white gold bracelet spans 7 inches long and is secured with a hidden box catch with two additional safety locks. The bracelet appears to be in unworn condition and is estate priced at $14,000.00 CAD. Stock #241-00040.

September 15, 2023

Tiffany 18kt. Metro diamond bracelet 12.8gr. 0.73ct. tw. VS-GH, $5,010.00 CAD. e14295

“Streamlined and modern, the Tiffany Metro collection twinkles like a nighttime city skyline.” nobody could say it better than Tiffany’s! This bracelet from the Metro collection certainly sparkles thanks to Tiffany’s uncompromising VS-F diamond quality and fantastic cut. The 0.73 carats total weight of diamonds are individually french set in a tight line across the top half of the 2.26mm wide bangle. The bracelet is cast from 12.8 grams of premium 18 karat white gold and equipped with a locking integrated box catch. It’s accompanied by its original pouch and currently available on Tiffany’s website for $8,350.00 CAD. Our estate price $5,010.00 CAD. Stock #e14295.

September 14, 2023

18kt. FOPE FLEX’IT expandable diamond bracelet 0.15ct. tw. VS-GH 23gr. $4,130.00 CAD. 171-00060

The Flex’it bracelet is a fitting introduction to the innovative brand FOPE. They are the only brand who’ve managed to make an expanding flexible bracelet completely out of gold, utilizing no steel spring components. The bracelet behaves like your suddenly-cool-again favorite scrunchy, stretching over the hand and snapping sharply back to size on the wrist. The rich yellow gold of the 6.25mm wide bracelet is accented by a chromy rhodium-plated white gold bead, set down its center with a row of diamonds. The 0.15 carat total weight of petite round brilliant cut diamonds have been recessed into the bead to protect their settings from wear. They are certainly worth protecting at VS-GH quality. The 23 gram piece is currently listed on FOPE’s website for €4,300.00 Euro (approximately $5,700.00 CAD).  Our like-new estate bracelet is accompanied by its original warranty card and inner/outer box for the estate price of $4,130.00 CAD. Stock #171-00060.


September 13, 2023

14kt. two-tone gold diamond tennis bracelet 0.75ct. tw. I1-JK, 11.2gr. 14kt. $980.00 CAD e11227 171-00049

Here’s a play on the classic Xs and Os tennis bracelet; this estate piece keeps the stylized Xs but swaps its Os for tiny white gold bridges. The diamonds marching across those bridges are all of I1-JK quality and combine for an approximate 0.75 carats total weight. The 72 round brilliant cut diamonds travel in groups of three on these high polished brightly rhodium-plated white gold overpasses. The bracelet that carries them is well built from 11.2 grams of 14 karat gold and is fastened with a plunger clasp and safety lock. Estate price for the like-new piece $980.00 CAD. Stock #e11227 171-00049.


1.00ct. SI-I diamond bracelet, 14kt. 38.1gr. (208 stones) $3,000.00 CAD. e14108

This is undoubtedly the most luxurious basket weave you’ll ever encounter! In place of grasses or lengths of willow, this bangle has been woven from diamond and 14 karat yellow gold. The rhodium enhanced diamond set strands are pave set, ensuring each section is tightly packed with brilliance. The 208 hand set diamonds are of well-matched SI-I quality, equalling a perfect 1.00 carat estimated total weight. The yellow gold ribbons have been carefully crafted to mimic fabric, each displays its own unique pattern of hills and valleys in a soft satin finish with high polished ridges. The bangle spans 19.1mm wide at its top tapering to 5.5mm wide at its back. It has been equipped with a button release box catch with two safety locks. The interior of this hefty 38.1-gram bangle features a gold circular patterned screen. The ubiquitous intertwining linework looks like flowers one minute then morphs into a star within a circle. Estate price $3,000.00 CAD. Stock #e14108.

18kt. curb link bracelet, 8 1/4″, 10.6gr., hollow, made in Italy. $1,020.00 CAD. 441-00200

Hollow but hefty. Just because this bracelet wasn’t constructed using completely solid links, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good quality piece. The fit and finish are excellent as is the Italian tradition when it comes to chain manufacturing. It features large end tabs and a big sturdy lobster clasp. The heavy gauge hollow tubing results in a finished weight of 10.6 grams, with a length of 8 1/4 inches, and a width of 6.2mm. The premium 18 karat yellow gold will resist oxidation and solder joint corrosion far better than a lower quality alloy. It is in like new condition, showing no dents or dings of any kind. Our estate price is $1,020.00 CAD. Stock #441-00200.

September 12, 2023

14kt. solid link charm bracelets 14.4gr. 8″ & 15.2gr. 8 1/4″ $960.00-$1,002.00 CAD. e13148 e13149

“You only get one first impression” and in the case of these link bracelets that impression is hefty. Their 15.2 and 14.4 gram weight are surprising in the hand as they look lighter than they weigh. Each 14 karat curb link bracelet measures 5.2mm wide and consist of a subtle cross between yellow and rose gold. One measures 8 inches long and the other 8 1/4 inches. Both are equipped with heavy spring ring catches with scale matched ring ends for easy fastening. The make of the clasps and the colour of the metal seem to point to an older vintage. Meaning that these bracelets were most likely high quality charm bracelets back in the bygone days of traditional hang charms or perhaps they were once part of a sophisticated pocket watch chain. Estate price for each $960.00 CAD and $1,002.00 CAD. Stock numbers e13148 and e13149


Antique seed pearl hinged bangle bracelet 7.1gr. 14kt. $840.00 CAD. e13457

Seed pearls are the quintessential mark of antique jewellery. The organic gemstone saw a wave of popularity during the late 1800s as the industrial revolution started seeping into jewellery making. Suddenly there were jewellery factories with rows on rows of jewellers at benches working with new machinery to mass produce jewellery. This jewellery was aimed at the new middle class who were hungry for more affordable versions of the luxuries of the first class. Our antique hinged bangle would have been made in one of these factories partially by machine and then assembled by jewellers. The bangle is that early form of hollow tube, displaying a thicker wall than you’d find in modern hollow pieces. The long marquise shaped top would have been made separately then soldered to the bangle. Next, it would have gone to the setter’s bench where a row of graduated demi pearls was hand selected and set. Adding a finishing touch of delicate millgrain to the points of the marquise. The bangle has been equipped with a sturdy three piece hinge and locked plunger style clasp. For added measure, a cable link safety chain was soldered to either side of the clasp to ensure the bracelet can’t fall off if it opens during wear. As proof of quality, the 14 karat yellow gold bangle weighs in at 7.1 grams and is in like-new condition. Estate price $840.00 CAD. Stock #e13457.



September 11, 2023

18kt. yellow & white gold bracelet, 7 1/2 inch, 7.5mm, 15.1gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e13650

If you’re going to go two-tone you should opt for 18 karat. Nothing contrasts rhodium plated white gold better than extra warm 18 karat yellow. Get into a washier colour like 10 karat and that contrast is much harder to notice. This bracelet has a couple of additional head turning qualities, not the least of which is its unique link combination! The white gold links seem to be patterned after old fashion jacks, with the yellow gold links forming around them. The bracelet spans 7.5mm wide and 7 1/2 inches long. It has been hollow constructed but still weighs a significant 15.1 grams, showing no dents or dings. The decorative clasp has an easy to fasten lobster catch with an ingenious catch to keep the bracelet laying flat during wear. Estate price $1400.00 CAD. Stock #e13650.

September 10, 2023

14kt. hollow hinged bangle bracelet, 10mm wide, 32 grams, 7+ inches. $2,800.00 CAD. 441-00203

Simple design and high quality are always in style and never get old. Yes, this hinged bangle is hollow but don’t let that be a concern. The gauge of hollow tubing can vary from so thin it can’t even be polished for fear of putting a hole in it to several millimeters. The weight of this 14 karat yellow gold bangle is well over 1 ounce at more than 32 grams. If it was made completely solid, it would weigh close to 3 ounces and be almost too heavy to wear, and cost 3 times as much. The colour of this bracelet is not typical for North American or Italian 14 karat jewellery. It has a slightly greenish/yellow hue that is associated with a more silver rich alloy than those used domestically. This alloy colour is often seen in Germany, there is a reasonable chance this item was manufactured in that part of Western Europe. Wherever it came from and whoever made it, they were very skilled at their craft. The hinge is very tight with no play, The plunger style clasp has been designed with 2 locking “clicks”. When the clasp is being closed you not only feel the locking tongue grooves, but you can easily hear them click with a loud auditory snap. The sturdy clasp has been further augmented with a side safety clasp for an extra level of security. This bracelet only needed a light surface polishing and cleaning to prepare it for sale in our estate department. It remains in practically new condition. There are only a couple of very light dings on the sharp edges. The flat highly polished surface remains in dent-free condition. The bracelet measure 10.1 mm wide, 3.5mm thick, and just over 7 inches inside circumference. It is estate priced at $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #441-00203.

September 9, 2023

18kt. Rolex style President bracelets. 89.3 & 46.6gr. $14,000.00 & $7,175.00 CAD. 441-00310 441-00309

We’ve had rings inspired by Rolex designs before, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen high quality bracelets that look like the famous Rolex President bracelet. These premium quality 18 karat yellow gold bracelets are virtual clones to the original, right down to the removable links that are secured by finely machined screws. The links are interchangeable with the originals from the watch should you need an extra link for your Rolex. The super secure folding buckles operate exactly the same as the one on a lady’s gold Datejust or gent’s Day-Date from the 1980s until around the turn of the millennium. Both buckles secure tightly shut with a satisfying click. Bracelets like this a very elaborate in construction unlike a simple curb or Cuban link design. As such they are much more expensive to manufacture, if your only criteria is the purchase price per gram. They are both in like new condition, and have only been occasionally worn. They show only the slightest amount of sag with no stretch of any kind. The narrow example measures 10.5mm wide, 18.5cm long (7 1/4″), and weighs 46.6 grams. They make great accessories if you have a naked wrist that could use a little decoration. They are estate priced at $14,000.00 CAD 441-00309 and $7,175.00 CAD 441-00309.

Large version (441-00309) has been sold.



September 8, 2023

Amethyst & diamond bangle bracelet 5.0gr. 10kt. $350.00 CAD. e14226 241-00004

This amethyst bangle joins the ranks of our selection of coloured gemstone bangles and bracelets. The intense purple is a welcome colour in our rainbow that already includes deep red garnets, blue sapphires, red rubies, and fiery orange citrine. To set them apart from the crowd the amethysts have been bracketed by bright cut, chromy rhodium finished settings with petite diamonds at their centres. The 10 karat yellow gold bangle is secured with a figure-eight lock. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e14226 241-00004.


September 4, 2023

22kt. 14mm wide hinged bangle bracelet 34.5gr. $3,953.00 CAD. 241-00063

This handmade bangle is dripping in fine detail, from petite granulation, to ribbed millgrained edges, and three kinds of deeply chased accent blocks, all manufactured as individual items and painstakingly put together. And we mean individually, each leaf, block, grain, and ringed orb are individual cells that had to be carefully placed into the frame and soldered to their neighbors. The focal points of the bangle are four enameled flowers in green and red, with the red featuring mirrored inserts. The bracelet is heavily hinged and features an ingenious three tube threaded plunger clasp that can’t be backed all the way out, protecting you not only from the bracelet opening during wear, but from losing the threaded plunger. The bracelet spans a head-turning 14mm wide and weighs in at 34.5 grams of 91.6% (22 karat) pure gold. Estate price $3953.00 CAD. Stock #241-00063.

August 28, 2023

2.00ct. tw. SI-GH diamond tennis bracelet 13.2gr. 18kt. $4410.00 171-00075 e7496

Contrast is one of the core principles of design in every art form and it can be a potent tool in jewellery design. In this tennis bracelet that effect is achieved through an alternating pattern of oval domed, high-polished, white gold links bracketed by subtly bezel set round brilliant cut diamonds. The result strengthens the intense sparkle and fire of the 20 SI-GH quality diamonds, equalling approximately 2.00 carats together. The 13.2-gram bracelet has been well built from top-quality 18-karat white gold that retains its original chromy rhodium plating. The hardy-worn piece is secured by a hidden box catch with an additional safety lock. Estate price is $4,410.00 CAD. Stock 171-00075.

August 23, 2023

Hollow 14kt. tri-colour gold fancy link bracelet 22.5 grams $1,200.00 CAD. e12888

The genius of this bracelet is the subtle repetition of peaks seen in the larger links and again in the faceted cross-hatching of the rectangular connecting links. It ties the three-tone bracelet together in a thoughtful way while adding interest through contrasting finishes. The hollow nature of its manufacturing allows its 22.5 grams of 14 karat gold to be used for maximum impact. The wrist-dominating geometric piece is clasped with a hidden white gold box catch with an additional safety lock. Estate price $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #e12888.


August 22, 2023

18kt. fluted twist hinged bangle bracelet 5.7mm 11.8gr. $1,260.00 CAD. e13527

The simple twisted bangle is taken to a luxurious height in this well thought out example. First, it’s been made from 11.8 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold, proof that despite its hollow nature it was still made well and sturdy. The joint ends have been capped in high polished white gold and the hinge is spring loaded to keep the bracelet in place even if the clasp opens. As if that weren’t enough it’s been equipped with a clasped safety chain for maximum peace of mind. The twist itself measures 5.75mm wide making it a piece that can stand alone or stand its own while being worn in a layered fashion. Estate price for the like new piece $1,260.00 CAD. Stock #e13527.

August 20, 2023

14kt. fancy link Italian made bracelet 26.1gr. $1,890.00 CAD. e12694

The earliest chainmail dates from the 3rd century BC and is often attributed to the Celts but there is evidence it had its origins in Asia. The first examples were simple open metal rings sewn to padded leather. Eventually evolving into full-blown mail tunics with gauntlets and foot covers. By the 4th century, the technique had transferred to goldsmiths with gold and silver chain mail. The technique stuck and can be seen here as the backbone of this Italian-made statement bracelet. From a practical standpoint, chainmail is ideal for jewellery with its full range of articulation. It wears comfortable and lightweight, occupying most of the wrist with its 22mm width. The mail pattern is decorated with wide horizontal links and chubby licks of flame patterned with a striking stippled texture. The effect of that combination is a unique warm brilliance that catches the light in every direction. Though hollow the 7 1/2 inch long bracelet still weighs in at 26.1 grams of 14 karat yellow gold, a testament to its quality manufacturing. The piece is secured by an inventive double locking bar catch with a double button release for added security. $1,890.00 CAD. Stock #e12694.



10kt. curb link bracelet, 7 3/4 inch, 16.7 grams. $1,050.00 CAD. 441-00202

Solidly constructed jewellery is surprisingly heavy, even when it’s made from somewhat diluted 10 karat gold. This bracelet looks light and airy until you pick it. At nicely over half an ounce you will immediately feel the quality. By volume, pure gold is more than 19 times heavier than water. Even when it has alloyed with silver (close to 46% lighter than gold) it is still deceptively heavy when solid. This 10 karat gold bracelet contains 41.7% pure gold, with mostly silver added to keep the price and colour more in line with North American tastes. It measures 7mm wide and just under 7 3/4 inches in length. It will nicely fit the slender gentleman and most ladies. We can easily remove a few links if required. It is secured by a sturdy lobster clasp. All 27 open curb links have been constructed from 1.7mm round wire and are all in like new condition, showing no wear and tear of any kind. The estate price for the like-new bracelet is $1,050.00. CAD. 441-00202.

August 15, 2023

18kt. Italian made spring loaded bangle bracelets 10.2gr. $1,120.00, 6.1gr. $700.00. e14355 e14354

Which do you like better? The soft, round, curving double row, round tube bracelet, or the hard-edged, two-tone, square tube bracelet? Tough call, both are beautifully made by the Italian masters Uno-Aerre and another unknown manufacturer from the Arezzo region in Italy. Both of these bracelets are in excellent condition, displaying only the tiniest amount of wear in the form of a few minor scuffs. They are of heavy gauge hollow construction. The seamless tubing is sturdy but not without limits and should be worn with a degree of caution. A strong internal spring provides continuous tension to keep them closed. The double row bracelet has the additional security feature of double locking side safety clasps. Two safety clasps are a bit overkill but effective; it’s like wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time to keep your pants up. Made from premium 18 two-tone gold to best display the rich yellow hue and contrasting bright white rhodium finish. They weigh 10.2 grams and 6.1 grams. Estate priced at $1,120.00 CAD and $700.00 CAD. Stock numbers e14355 and e14354.


August 10, 2023

37.3gr. 14kt. gold & black onyx retro bracelet 8 1/2″, $2,400.00 CAD. e14511

Stone inlay is a finicky craft, each slice of onyx would have been hand cut to perfectly fit into the 15 individual cells in this bracelet. To undertake that level of work for just an accent is astounding! Especially considering this 37.3 gram statement bracelet didn’t need the help. The retro brickwork link spans 11.3mm wide by 8 1/2 inches long. It’s been equipped with an integrated box catch and an oversized safety lock for peace of mind during wear. Estate price $2,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14511.

August 9, 2023

FOPE Italy. 18kt. diamond necklace & bracelet, 32.9gr., 0.15ct. tw. VS-GH. $3,500.00 CAD. 161-00147

FOPE has an almost century-long history of high-quality jewellery manufacturing behind its name. The brand began in 1929 as a small jewellery manufacturing shop with 20 employees. They expanded multiple times over the decades, and in the 1980s developed a specialized gold mesh that would become the iconic feature of their brand. The Novecento mesh is made from an interlocking connection of the individual links that make up the necklace and bracelet we are featuring today. The set is certainly interesting for more reasons than its links, the station-style pieces feature freely swinging diamond studded drops. The 7.5-inch long bracelet spaces its 5 diamonds evenly across the wrist and the 16.5 inch long necklace focuses its 7 diamonds across the collarbone. The petite VS-FG round brilliant cut diamonds equal 0.15 carats together. Both the chain and bracelet are equipped with a stylized lobster clasp stamped proudly with its FOPE origins. Being made by one of Italy’s most luxurious manufacturers pretty much ensures the pieces would be made from top-quality 18 karat white gold. Both pieces are in like-new condition, retaining their original chromy white rhodium finishes. They are accompanied by their original FOPE cloth lines box. The estate price for the set only is $3,500.00 CAD. Stock #161-00147

August 4, 2023

14kt. 7mm paperclip bracelet 7 1/2″, 24.9gr. $2,653.00 CAD. 441-00283

Anyone else get last pick in music class and end up with the trombone? If you want a subtle throwback to those good old days (or if you’re taking back the trauma) this trombone-slide clasp is just the thing! And, it happens to be attached to a very on-trend paperclip bracelet. Each solid link measures 17.8mm long by 7mm wide by 2.2mm thick, more impressive considering the bracelet is solid, weighing in at 24.9 grams of 14-karat yellow gold. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches long and is in like-new condition for the estate price of $2,653.00 CAD. Stock #441-00283.

July 31, 2023

14kt. 7.5″ chevron pattern flat bracelet Italian 21.7mm 32.2gr. $2,760.00 CAD. 441-00282

The chevron pattern traces its roots all the way back to Ancient Greece where it was used as a decorative element on pottery items. It saw a major resurgence during the Art Deco movement where it could be found on everything from wallpaper to metal grating and clothing items. And now it’s back in a big way (did it ever really go away)! This 21.7mm wide gold bracelet is all chevrons, half high polished, and half machine-finished in a tight pinstripe. The 7.5-inch long wrist-dominating bracelet is made from an impressive 32.2 grams of 14K yellow gold and secured with a white gold box catch and two safety locks. The bracelet is, of course, Italian-made and is estate priced at $2,760.00 CAD. Stock #441-00282.

July 27, 2023

1950s Juvenia 17 jewel diamond cocktail watch 9.04ct. tw VS-H 35gr. platinum. $12,500.00 CAD. 501-00220

Let’s get one thing straight, this isn’t really a watch, it’s an elaborate diamond bracelet. It may be able to tell time but that certainly isn’t its role. There are some watches that are embellished with a few diamond highlights on the dial and then we have this exquisite diamond bracelet that is decorated with a little watch. As a piece of jewellery this is a signific item in every respect. The full platinum construction is as good as it gets when you’re considering a white precious metal. Long-lasting, denser than white gold, and far more white without the need to artificially enhance with rhodium. Complicated design with many different sizes and shapes of graduated baguette cut, brilliant cut marquise, and round diamonds. Most of the diamonds are an easy VS clarity with G colour. The diamonds are not just set around the bezel, but they continue around the entire integrated bracelet and even on the fold-over buckle. The appraisal counts 157 diamonds with an estimated weight of over 9 carats! These are not small diamonds as they average close to 0.06 carats each. Pretty as this diamond bracelet is, it is no slouch when it comes to the quality of the tiny hand wind 17 jewel movement running within the 16.8mm diameter case. Juvenia may not be a household name but they have been producing fine quality watches for over 150 years in Switzerland. This boutique manufacturer likely only made a handful of watches such as this one. We’ve had some pretty diamond cocktail watches before but this one is without question the best that has come through our estate department. The watch is running great and keeping good time. We are happy to include a no-charge 1-year warranty for the next owner. You could possibly find a 5 to 7-carat diamond tennis bracelet for a similar cost, but I think you’d have a hard time finding any bracelet as beautiful as this 9-carat vintage cocktail watch for a similar price. Included with the watch is a 2014 appraisal report. This irreplaceable work of art is estate priced at $12,500.00 CAD. Stock #501-00220.

July 26, 2023

0.75ct. tw. I1-LM diamond tennis bracelet 11.7gr. $910.00 CAD. e13135

Yellow gold has been pushed off for white gold and rose gold lately but the true form of gold has some hidden bonuses that most consumers aren’t aware of. On top of being luxurious and rich in tone yellow gold has the ability to affect the diamonds it carries. Set a warmer hue diamond into white gold and the contrast will make the diamond show its colour more obviously. By the same rule if you set a warmer diamond into metal that is more yellow than the diamond itself the diamond will appear more white by contrast. That effect is showcased in the twisting garlands of petite round single cut diamonds that wrap around this tennis bracelet. The I1-LM diamonds appear as white as the rhodium that surrounds them until you really scrutinize them. The bracelet itself has been designed to look more like a bangle with the link connections disguised beneath a repeating pattern that flows from one link to the next. The effect is a continuous woven pattern made of 11.7 grams of 10 karat yellow gold and 114 hand set diamonds. The bracelet is secured by a hidden white gold plunger clasp with an additional safety lock. Estate price $910.00 CAD. Stock #e13135.

July 24, 2023

Antique 9kt. rose gold heart padlock hollow bracelet 21.3gr. $1,470.00 CAD. 441-00287

Heart padlock bracelets first became popular in the Victorian era. They were gifts between two lovers with the man keeping the key and the woman usually wearing the bracelet whenever they had to be separated. This notion certainly wouldn’t fly today which is probably why they are no longer made with accompanying keys. Now the padlocks simply act as decorative clasps and the symbolism has been lost to a passion for antique motifs (thank you Bridgerton and Downton Abbey). This 9-karat rose gold example is, in fact, British, marked with the assay mark of Birmingham and a date stamp for 1906. The heart-shaped padlock hangs from a period-appropriate faceted Cuban link bracelet with each link individually carat stamped. The bracelet is heavy-gauge hollow constructed, in like-new condition, and weighs in at an impressive 21.3 grams as a testament to its high quality. The 117-year-old bracelet is equipped with an additional safety chain for added peace of mind. The estate price for this bonafide antique is  $1,470.00 CAD. Stock #441-00287.

July 23, 2023

18kt. custom made malachite hinged bangle bracelet 60.5gr., 20mm wide. $5,720.00 CAD. 241-00035

Malachite is not a gemstone we run into very often, which is a shame as its deep bands of green really are the perfect partner to rich 18 karat yellow gold. The two malachite in this cuff would have been custom cut to fit perfectly into the piece and then sanded and polished along with the bracelet to ensure they perfectly matched the contour of the bracelet. The whopping 60.5 gram bracelet was of course custom-made and spans a statement-making 20mm wide. The bangles exterior is mirror finished and its edges have been brushed for a subtle contrast. The bracelet is equipped with a hidden three-piece hinge and hidden box catch with a sturdy button-release white gold catch. The softly rectangular shape ensures the bangle always sits facing up and the large size should fit most medium wrists. Estate price for this one-of-a-kind bracelet $5,720.00 CAD. Stock #241-00035.


July 18, 2023

Gents solid link hand made bracelet 46.7 grams, 9 1/2″, 14kt. $3,430.00 CAD. 441-00201

Heavy weight, high quality, and great value are 3 ways to describe this unusual link bracelet. The modified Gucci style links measure just under 10m wide. We’ve never encountered this link design before. The 15 links display characteristics one would expect to see with artisan-crafted handmade jewellery. The links aren’t completely identical, and the fine details are not perfect, but that is what makes it interesting. The huge (10.0mm x 21.5mm) lobster clasp has a slightly different hue and is a production line component. It is equipped with a very stiff and sturdy spring. This 46.7 gram handmade bracelet measures 9 1/4 inches in length and can be shortened for any sized smaller wrist. Showing no wear in any link of the links or clasp. Estate priced at $3,430.00 CAD. Stock #441-00201.

July 8, 2023

18kt. bangle bracelets 12.3gr./14.6gr. $900.00 & $1,068.00 CAD. e12054 e12055

Shopping for bangles you’ll often see the same things over and over again, varying only in width and the pattern engraved on the surface. So you can imagine our delight when these narrow wreaths of rose gold came in. Cast in solid 18 karat each is a sculptural representation of curving vines patterned with mill work and accented with tiny leaves. They weigh 14.6 and 12.3 grams respectively and will add interest to any layered combination of bracelets or cuffs. Estate priced at $1,068.00 and $900.00 CAD. Stock numbers e12055 and e12054.

14 karat custom made bracelet, 9-inch, 61.8 grams. $4,550.00 CAD. 441-00256

A hand-carved custom-cast solid gold bracelet is not something you run into every day! And when we say solid we mean it; this 9-inch long bracelet weighs in at 61.8 grams of 14-karat gold. Each link measures 18.2mm long by 11.3mm wide. All 13 have been hand-finished meaning that no two are identical. The bracelet is equipped with an oversized end link and extralarge riveted lobster clasp. Estate price $4,550.00 CAD. Stock #441-00256.

July 7, 2023

22 karat gold ruby bracelet 7.00ct. tw. 28.9gr. $3,250.00 CAD. e13025

In Hindu astrology there are nine gemstones associated with the heavenly bodies. Each of the gems were believed to carry specific properties for effecting the wearer’s life and luck. As such they were traditionally not meant to be worn together as you could not predict the effects of combining those different forces. Eventually a piece was created combining all nine in the order in which they align in the heavens. This type of jewellery is called a navaratna, meaning nine celestial deities, and places ruby at the center as ruby is tied to the sun. The remaining gems are emerald, pearl, yellow sapphire, hessonite garnet, cat’s eye chrysoberyl, diamond, blue sapphire, and coral. By having all nine in perfect alignment in one piece the wearer could achieve complete cosmic harmony; or you could opt for the tradition by wearing a single gem in the hopes of influencing its specific properties within your life. This Indian bangle features approximately 7.00 carats of natural rubies for maximum cosmic effect. The 158 handset round faceted rubies are only interrupted by the heavy gold hinge and sturdy box catch. As is appropriate in Middle Eastern markets the bangle is made from extra warm 22 karat gold and weighs in at an impressive 28.9 grams. The exotic bangle is priced at $3,250.00 CAD. Stock #e13025.

July 6, 2023

14kt. rectangular link 19″ necklace/bracelet 12.1gr. 6.3gr. $1,274.00 & $557.00 CAD. 431-00562 441-00245

A variation of the super popular paperclip link chain but with slightly less elongated rectangular links. The hollow-constructed 8.8mm long by 4.2mm links are all soft rounded edges and highly polished gold. The chain measures 19 inches long and the matching bracelet measures 8 inches. Both are equipped with rotating oversized lobster clasps and decorative end caps. Together they weigh in at 18.4 grams of 14 karat gold and are sold separately for the estate prices of $1,274.00 CAD and $557.00 CAD. Stock numbers 431-00562 and 441-00245.

July 2, 2023

10kt. hinged bangle bracelets ($75.00/gr.) $1,122.00 & $730.00 CAD. 441-00261 441-00262

White gold bangles are unusual and having two to showcase at one time has never happened to us before. The pair are brightly rhodium plated and free of dents or dings. The double-row bangle measures 8.1mm wide and the other measures 4.1mm wide. Both are secured with safety locks and spring-hinged ensuring they snap closed and stay closed. The oval shape of the bangles keeps them tight to the wrist during wear and for the narrower bangle, it ensures the decorative details are always at the top of the wrist. Both are hollow and constructed from 10-karat white gold with the wider bangle weighing 14.9 grams and the narrower weighing 9.7 grams. We’ve priced them at $75/gram for the estate price of $1,122.00 CAD and $730.00 CAD respectively. Stock numbers 441-00261 and 441-00262.

June 26, 2023

10kt. diamond bracelet 0.20ct. tw. I3-KL, 4.7gr. $420.00 CAD. 171-00074

This airy bracelet must have been inspired by the delicate flower chains that are a right of passage for most childhoods (mine were made of dandelions). Its 13 round brilliant cut diamonds are each bead set at the center of 4.2mm wide millgrain accented flowers. The 0.20 carts total weight of diamonds are all I3-KL quality and are tied one to the next by a curved millgrain-topped ribbon of white gold. The 7-inch long bracelet is made from 4.7 grams of bright rhodium-plated 10-karat white gold. It’s equipped with a decorative box catch with an additional safety lock and should be worn like the delicate piece that it is. Estate price $420.00 CAD. Stock #171-00074.

June 14, 2023

18kt. hollow link ID bracelets 10.8gr., 2.6gr., $1,200.00 & $288.00 CAD. 441-00233 441-00232

With one measuring 8 inches long and the other measuring 6 inches this set may have been intended as a parent-child combo, or for a couple consisting of one very petite partner! Both are made from top-quality 18-karat yellow gold and feature solid high-polished engravable disks, one measuring 36mm long by 8.4mm wide, the other measuring 25.5mm long by 4.3mm wide. Both are equipped with heavy-gauge hollow Cuban link chains ending in spring ring catches. Sold separately and awaiting your engraving instructions for $1,200.00 CAD (larger bracelet) and $288.00 CAD (smaller bracelet). Stock numbers 441-00233 and 441-00232 respectively.

June 7, 2023

18kt. five section bangle bracelet set, 25gr. $2,400.00 CAD. e14287 441-00034

This set of bangles plays on the minimalist stacked trend that has been so popular lately. By stacking five simple wire bangles, each measuring 1.35mm wide, the bracelet ends up making a wrist dominating ever-changing statement piece. By connecting the bracelet at only one location with an oversized ring, the bangles are free to separate and come together fluidly during wear. That connection features a puffed hollow heart that stands 16mm tall. The heart has been left high polished but would be the perfect canvas for engraving. The piece is made from 25 grams of premium quality 18 karat yellow gold. Estate price $2,400.00 CAD. Stock #441-00034  e14287.

May 24, 2023

18 karat Italian 9mm hollow rope bracelet 18.2 grams. $1,344.00 CAD. e11862

If you’ve ever attended a local First Nations Powwow you’ve probably heard the unique twinkling sound of Jingle Dresses. Said by the Ojibwe to have originated in Ontario. The dress and style is meant to celebrate the healing power and dignity of the Ojibwa woman. The sound of the dance is compared to raindrops and it’s hard not to understand the healing nature when you hear it preformed. If you’ve not had the pleasure (I’d make it a New Years Resolution if I were you), the tinny twinkle of this hollow woven bracelet is as close as a piece of jewellery can get to the ethereal sound. The well made 8 1/2 inch long statement bracelet measures an impressive 9mm wide. It’s been made from 18.2 grams of top quality 18 karak yellow gold and is secured with an over-sized spring ring catch and fixed ring end. Estate price for the unique rope bracelet $1,344.00 CAD. Stock #e11862.

May 23, 2023

7.80ct. tw. tanzanite & diamond (1.00ct. tw. I1-JK) hinged bangle 14kt. 20.4gr. $5,400.00 CAD. 241-00055 e10945

Yellow gold can be a lovely backdrop for coloured gems as it creates a subtle background that melts into many skin tones during wear. Its warmth can also exaggerate the colours of the gems it carries, as it does with these oval brilliant cut tanzanites. The 7.80-carat combined weight are well-matched bright indigo bracketed by pairs of round brilliant cut diamonds. The diamonds weigh about 1.00 carat together of I1-JK quality. The 14-karat bangle does have a hollow interior but is by no means made on a budget, weighing in at 20.4 grams. The bracelet is hinged on one side and features a button-release box catch with an additional safety lock. The estate price is $5,400.00 CAD. Stock #241-00055.

May 20, 2023

“Cartier inspired” ring with cuff bracelet 20.8gr. tw. $350.00 & $1,750.00 CAD. e13957 e13956

When Louis Cartier launched his Trinity de Cartier ring in 1924 he basically took ownership of anything depicting tri-gold bands. In the 97 years since the Trinity was originally released, Cartier has revisited the tri-gold concept countless times. It is a look they’ve never abandoned, because really, why would you? For close to 100 years many other jewellers have picked up the theme and built on its brand recognition. This cuff and ring combo is not only inspired by Cartier, but also made to their quality standards. The ring is cast from 3 grams of top quality 18 larat gold and the cuff from 15.8 grams. They’ve been machine finished to increase their tensile strength and to draw attention to their tri-gold nature. Each coloured stripe has been sandblasted to maximize its colour contrast (take a look at how subtle the two-tone is when it’s left high polished inside the cuff and ring) and given a bright cut groove to boldly separate it from its neighbors. The cuff measures 9.9mm wide and the band measures 5.9mm wide. Both end in high polished yellow gold buckles, creating subtle belt imagery, a nod to the buckle rings that have been popular since the mid-1800s. The pair are sold separately for $350.00 CAD and $1750.00 CAD. Stock numbers e13957 and e13956.


May 19, 2023

14kt. heavy cable link bracelet, 7.5″, 13.6gr., $1,190.00 CAD. 441-00154

You’ve probably seen the paperclip/elongated link necklace everywhere this past year, if you can’t picture it just imagine this link but elongated and thinned out a little. We really don’t know where it came from but the trend has spread like wildfire. If you want to hop on the bandwagon but want to be subtle about it this heavy cable link bracelet is a nice nod. Even better, if you’re simply looking for a high-quality bracelet this is the one. It measures 7.5 inches long but manages to weigh in at a hefty 13.6 grams. The 4.9mm wide links have been bevelled to add an extra bit of shine and the bracelet has been equipped with an oversized 10 karat spring-ring catch for easy fastening. The 14 karat yellow gold bracelet is in like-new condition for the estate price of $1,190.00 CAD. Stock #441-00154.

May 18, 2023

18kt. 18gr. Figaro link bracelet 8 1/4″ $1,500.00 CAD. e14175

A classic figaro bracelet showing the best the link has to offer, with mirror-finished concave and flat surfaces. Naturally, most of the show with the bracelet comes from its extra rich 18 karat yellow gold. It spans 6.7mm wide, a nice neutral size for most wrists. The bracelet measures a slightly shorter 8 1/4 inches and ends with decorative caps and a generous lobster catch. Estate price $1,500.00 CAD. Stock #e14175.

14kt. hollow ball, spring loaded bracelet, Italian made, 18.5gr. $1,470.00 CAD. e14224

Great innovation is often inspired by the greatest engineer of all, nature. This Italian-made bangle takes its cue from the soft flexible scales of snakes. Each interlocking link has a free range of motion to bend, contract, or expand as your wrist moves within its grip. Resulting in a gentle and flexible pressure spread evenly across your wrist during wear, making for a much more comfortable fit than a traditional bangle. The 18.5 gram 14 karat white gold piece is spring-loaded to ensure it stays in place. It’s been capped with 12mm hollow balls instead of a decorative snake’s head and tail tip, too bad if you ask us, as we admire all things serpentine. Estate price $1,470.00 CAD. Stock #e14224.

May 13, 2023

10kt. curb link bracelet with “G” lock, 10.5mm wide, 8″ long, 24.8gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e13954

The double-sided curb link bracelet is an item we are always happy to stock as its two-sided, two-for-the-price-of-one nature makes for a great value buy. This example exhibits the standard high polished side, but its reverse is a unique combination of bright cut channels, heavily stippled areas, and rows of diamond brushing. The eight-inch long bracelet was made for a slightly narrower gents wrist and is equipped with an expensive matte finish G lock clasp. At 24.8 grams, this bright, perfect condition, 10.5mm wide, 10 karat yellow gold bracelet is sure to stand out. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13954.

Vintage 18kt. gold hollow link bracelet 14mm wide x 7 1/4″, 32gr. $2,580.00 CAD. e13421

The gold brickwork bracelet is a bygone fashion staple rarely encountered these days. The vintage look is back and this bracelet really makes a statement with its sparkling faceted polished finish. This particular interpretation is the classic open pattern, spanning 14mm and featuring a diagonal peak in each individual brick. Despite its hollow construction the 18 karat yellow gold bracelet still weighs in at over 32 grams as a testament to its quality. It measures a slightly short 7 1/4 inches and features a hidden box catch with two safety locks for added peace of mind. Estate priced below its wholesale replacement cost at $2,580.00 CAD. Stock #e13421.

May 4, 2023

14kt. nautical link bracelet, 8 1/4″, 18.1gr., 7mm wide, solid construction $1,400.00 CAD. e14040

The nautical link is a lesser-known staple style, offering a bright convex channel running the middle of each link. This example is impressive for two reasons, its solid construction and 7mm width. Weighing in at 18.1 grams, the 14 karat yellow gold, the bracelet is certainly a statement. The 8 1/4 inch piece is secured with heavy end caps and an oversized lobster clasp. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e14040.

18″, 7 1/2″, cubic zirconia necklace/bracelet set, 38gr., 18kt., Italy. $4,270.00 CAD. 231-00140

There is a European flair to this necklace and bracelet, with its sleek modern design and contrasting high polish and machine-finished links. The vertical grained matte links certainly contrast the cubic zirconia studded S links, making their sparkle all the more brilliant. The necklace features 6 gem-set links across the collar bone, while the bracelet features them all the way around the wrist alternating with non gem-set links. It’s a complimentary set but without being too matchy-matchy. The necklace measures 18 inches long and the bracelet 7 1/2 inches. Both are equipped with button-release hidden box catches and safety locks. In further European fashion, the set is made from top-quality 18 karat white gold. Despite being hollow the set still weighs 38 grams, no surprise they are Italian-made. Estate price for the set only, $4,270.00 CAD. Stock #231-00140.

May 3, 2023

14kt. tri-colour retro hinged bangle bracelet 10.5mm wide 19.7gr. $1,440.00 CAD. e14187

Just as a few brush strokes can be instantly associated with a particular artist, a couple of key design elements can date a jewellery item to a specific period of time. The three diagonal Florentine finish stripes on the polished flat surface of this hollow bracelet, place its date of manufacture squarely in the 1980s. For those of us who remember the best decade ever, this bracelet will bring back memories of clothing with stripes, bold bright colours, padded shoulders and baggy pants with more pleats than an accordion. Ahhhh…. those were the days. This 6 3/4 inch hinged bangle bracelet looks practically unworn. It measures 10.5mm wide, tapering to 4.3mm. Even though it is of hollow construction, it still tips the scales at a substantial 19.7 grams. The highly polished surface remains in scratch and dent free condition. The hinge is super tight with no play. Both the plunger clasp and side safety snap shut with a secure, reassuring click. This future classic, retro, estate bracelet is priced at $1,440.00 CAD. Stock #e14187.


May 1, 2023

Gent’s 14kt. white gold bracelet 9.1mm wide, 8 1/2″, 32gr $2,880.00 CAD. e13222 441-00056

An ever so slightly more decorative version of the traditional marine link, mixing things up with two bars per link instead of one. Yes, it’s a bold move but fashion is for the brave. If you’re feeling up to the challenge this 9.1mm wide by 8 1/2 inch long bracelet is quite the statement. Partially due to its white gold nature, a rarely encountered gold colour in heavy gents pieces. Too bad as the contemporary tone stands out more during wear. This piece is solidly constructed from 32.1 grams of 14-karat white gold that retains most of its original chromy rhodium finish. The clasp is a sleek hinged lobster clasp that locks into a sturdy stylized end cap. The estate price for this like new piece is $2,880.00, CAD. Stock #e13222 441-00056.

April 29, 2023

14kt. rose gold Figaro link bracelet, 6.7mm wide, 8 1/2″ long, 19.6gr. $1,750.00 CAD. 441-00158

A significant weight men’s/lady’s rose gold bracelet is a rare thing to see in our estate jewellery displays. Our vintage and estate bracelets are almost always yellow gold and occasionally white gold. I don’t remember the last time we even have something like this is rose gold. The specific hue of this bracelet is very subtle, it doesn’t look coppery like some rose gold alloys. The bracelet is the popular Figaro style link measuring 6.7mm wide, with a length of just under 8 1/2 inches. This length should fit the average man’s wrist and most women’s. Each link is 2.5mm thick and contributes to a substantial 19.6 grams in total weight. It is in excellent condition showing no wear between the links. It is estate priced at $1,750.00 CAD. Stock #441-00158.

April 28, 2023

21kt. Egyptian design turquoise bracelet 37gr. $4,585.00 CAD. 241-00048

When you’re dealing with a culture like the ancient Egyptians, who recorded their history in complex hieroglyphic images, every symbol carries a great deal of meaning. So this bracelet, consisting of 7 panels, is literally steeped in meaning! The most repeated symbol on the bracelet is the ankh, which is depicted once in yellow gold, three times in white gold and hand-cut turquoise, and then in miniature in the hand of Anubis. This “key of life” is the symbol for the word life and of course, represents life itself. In the hand of Anubis (originally the god of the underworld and later the god who ushered souls to the afterlife), this is a potent symbol. Rendered in turquoise it takes on a new tone, the gem was a rare commodity in ancient Egypt and was associated with fertility and vegetation, creating a deeper shade of meaning for that symbol of life. In the first panel, the ankh is guarded by two white gold cobras; the yaret (the Egyptian name for cobra) literally translates to “the one that rears up” and is a symbol of power and protection. The white gold flower in the third panel is a water lily or lotus, the most important flower in ancient Egypt. As the flower closes at night and reopens in the morning concealing and revealing a yellow center, it became a symbol of daily rebirth and rejuvenation. The depiction of Anubis also has him carrying a yellow gold flail topped by a white gold scarab beetle; the flail was a symbol of the fertility of the land and the scarab beetle was a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The final panel depicts a pharao, carefully detailed in yellow and white gold, and disguising the box catch that secures the bracelet. The bracelet measures 16.17mm wide by 7 1/2 inches long and is made from top-quality 21 karat gold, making its 37-gram weight all the more impressive. The estate price is $4,585.00, CAD. Stock #241-00048.

April 23, 2023

1.40ct. tw. SI-I diamond infinity bracelet, 27.9gr. 18 karat gold, $4,270.00 CAD. e14341

At a substantial 27.9 grams, this bracelet’s quality really speaks for itself (but in favor of preserving my job, I’ll rattle on about it anyway). The bracelet features a backdrop of stylized infinity symbols in warm, top-quality 18 karat yellow gold, strung together by diamond-encrusted white gold links. The bracelet measures a statement-making 11.3mm by 7 1/4 inches in length. Between the 8 connecting links there are 48 hand-set round brilliant cut diamonds equalling approximately 1.40 carats total weight of bright SI-I quality. The final connector link is a hidden clasp that snaps tightly closed. Estate price $4,270.00 CAD. Stock #e14341.

3.00ct. tw. diamond tennis bracelets with baguettes I1-IJ, 12.4gr. 14kt. $2,730.00 CAD. 171-00064

An interesting and artistic interpretation of a diamond tennis bracelet. Aside from the 96 channel set rectangular baguette cut diamonds, there isn’t a straight edge on this bracelet. The baguettes are set in 8 soft wave shape links connected by 8 round diamond clusters. Each cluster measures 7.5mm in diameter and contains 7 round brilliant cut diamonds. The 152 diamonds weigh an estimated 3.00 carats in combined weight and are of pleasant I1-J quality, not perfect but they look great and sparkle quite well. The bracelet is secured by a sturdy plunger catch that mimics one of the wave links, seamlessly integrating into the link pattern with only a side safety clasp that is visible. Two loops have been conveniently soldered to the other side of the clasp if you’d like to add a chain for extra security. The extra chain isn’t necessary and we’d likely remove the connecting loops. It’s kind of like wearing suspenders and a belt to keep your pants on, it’s a little overkill. The bracelet is in like new condition showing no worn joints. It measures a rather standard 7 1/4 inches long, weighs 12.4 grams, and is estate priced at $2,730.00 CAD. Stock #171-00064.

April 19, 2023

18kt. Italian made hollow rope bracelet 21.7gr. 11.5mm wide 9″ $1,680.00 CAD. e12428

Probably the largest hollow rope link we’ve ever had in our estate department, measuring an impressive 11.5mm wide. Despite its size, the chain is in surprisingly good shape, showing only the most minor signs of the life that it has lived. Manufactured using heavy gauge hollow square section tubing is not surprising when you consider it has been made from extra warm 18 karat yellow gold. Its 21.7 gram weight is a testament to its quality despite the hollow construction but what else do you expect from Italian chain! The 9 inch length makes that bracelet almost universal as we can shorten it as needed to fit any wrist. It’s a fun piece that makes a great sound as the links jostle about while being worn. Estate price $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #e12428.

April 17, 2023

0.25ct. tw. VS-H 14kt hinged bangle bracelet 11.2gr. $1,200.00 CAD. e12860

One of our favorite ring designs turned into a diamond bangle! The bypass style curls into a graceful wave crashing on to either side of the diamond trio. To keep that ellipse spirit the diamonds are sleekly two prong set. The trio equal 0.25 carats together of surprisingly high VS-H quality. Keeping with that quality the bangle has been made from 11.2 grams of solid 14 karat yellow gold. It’s hinged on one side and oval in shape to ensure the bangle is always face up. The catch is an extra strong white gold tongue with additional safety lock for added security. Estate price $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #e12860.

21kt. pussy willow necklace & bracelet set 17 3/4″, 7 3/4″, 35.6gr. $4,020.00 CAD. 431-00505.

The “pussy willow” (Salix discolor) was named for its fuzzy blooms that resemble kitten paws. Being mesmerized by their soft animal-like fuzz is practically a right of passage for children lucky enough to grow up around these whimsical wetland shrubs. Though you may remember petting these delicate buds you might not know they are actually flowers, or a “fur coat” meant to protect the early bloomers hidden inside that fluff. Like the return of the robin, these fuzzy flowers are one of the first signs of spring. This necklace and bracelet set capture those delicate branches in top-quality richly orange-yellow 21-karat gold. The fluffy buds are topped with chromy white rhodium and finished with a diamond brush to create a soft matte. The bracelet is 7 3/4 inches long and the necklace is a collarbone hugging 17 3/4 inches, or the pieces can be worn as one long necklace for a statement-making 25.5 inches. The set is hollow constructed but still weighs in at a hefty 35.6 grams. The estate price is $4,020.00, CAD. Stock #431-00505.

April 12, 2023

9.2mm pearl bracelet 7″, 3.40ct. tw. VS-FG diamond platinum clasp. $8,500.00 CAD. 241-00043

Without a doubt the fanciest pearl bracelet we’ve ever had on offer! To start the 9-9.5mm round pearls are of very good quality, with a light cream colour, gentle rose overtones, and high luster. They’ve been expertly matched, which is extra important with a double strand. The pairs are bracketed by narrow bars of high-polished platinum spacers, each topped with a single claw-set round brilliant cut diamond. The bars keep the pearls in place and offer luxurious contrast with their intense sparkle and shine. The 7-inch bracelet ends in a clasp that is definitely meant to be worn at the front of the wrist! The 19.9mm X 12.4mm clasp is covered in baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds, with even the release button of the tongue made from two diamonds. Together the 72 diamonds on this bracelet equal approximately 3.40 carats of high VS-FG quality. The like-new show stopper is accompanied by a Harold Weinstein Ltd. appraisal stating a replacement value of  $31,000.00 CAD.  Our estate price is just $8,500.00 CAD. Stock #241-00043.

April 8, 2023

21kt. hand engraved hinged bangle 27mm 37.2gr. $3,889.00 CAD. 441-00225

A large section of the world does not recognize gold alloys below 14 karat as actual gold. Once you drop down to 8, 9, or 10 karat gold the content of actual pure gold in the piece drops below to 33.3%, 37.5%, and 41.7% respectively. At this point the pieces are considered somewhat like costume jewellery, similar to Western culture’s view of gold-plated pieces; sure there’s some gold but it’s not enough to matter. Because of this high gold content mentality, most pieces made in the Asian continent are 18 karat, 21 karat, 22 karat, and even 24 karat gold. Where this becomes almost satirical is to Western eyes, the intense yellow colour of pure gold looks the colour of costume jewellery, and is often mistaken for costume. Well this 27mm wide bangle is certainly not costume no matter how it looks to your eyes! Made from 37.2 grams of 21 karat gold (87.5% gold, 12.5% alloy) this clever cuff is eye-catching, to say the least. It’s equipped with a hinged and barrel catch that allows the bottom third of the bangle to swing open. The bangle features 360 degrees of skillful handiwork, from deep bright-cut engraving, delicate filigree, millgrain, and granulation. The white-gold-looking accents are actually silver-grey enamel. The bangle will fit most wrists and is estate priced for $3,889.00 CAD. Stock #441-00225.

March 26, 2023

Bassani Italy 18kt. necklace & bracelet set 43.5gr. genuine garnet $4,200.00 CAD. e14217

A set that could have only come from Italy! This statement-making necklace and bracelet set features a daring combination of decorative chain links and genuine briolette cut garnets. The 17-inch necklace and 8-inch bracelet are made up of hollow constructed 18 karat yellow gold links in a variety of styles. Each features a white gold drop link and two drop garnets. The decorative ornate clasps are proudly stamped Bassani Italy. The set equals a combined 43.5 grams and shows only minor ding from previous use. Estate price $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #e14217.

March 21, 2023

7 3/4 inch, 8.8mm wide, 14kt. gold curb link bracelet 15.1gr. hollow $1,260.00 CAD. e13484

This puffy curb link measures 8.8mm wide by 3.8mm thick giving it a bold presence on any lady’s wrist. That bulk is achieved by hollow construction but the 14 karat yellow gold bracelet still weighs over half an ounce at 15.1 grams. It is in like-new condition, showing no dents or dings as proof of its durability. The piece is slightly longer than average at 7 3/4 inches and is estate priced for $1,260.00 CAD. Stock #e13484.



March 20, 2023

4.00ct. Art Deco diamond bracelet 14kt. white gold $4,830.00 CAD. e8921

e8921.1 Art Deco diamond bracelet 14 karat goldDiamond bracelets have always been popular estate items. In fact, I wish we had more of them to offer but they don’t come in very often. So when one as pretty as this shows up it makes a welcome addition to our estate jewellery collection. The Art Deco design is very apparent with the geometric shapes found throughout. 17 old mine cut and European cut diamonds ranging in size from approximately 0.18 carats to over 0.30 carats are bead set along the entire length. With an average quality of SI2-I1-JK they sparkle with a unique combination of brilliance and dispersion only made possible by antique diamonds. Old mine cut and early European cut diamonds have very small table facets and tall crowns. This combination promotes the break up of light causing a more colourful display of sparkle when compared to a modern brilliant cut diamond. The 17.1 grams bracelet is of a standard 7-inch length. A tight fold-over clasp with a safety chain ensures the bracelet will stay on your arm. A December 2001 appraisal is included with purchase that describes the handmade bracelet estimating a total diamond weight of 5.75 carats. Our opinion of the total weight is a little more conservative at approximately 4.00 carats. Excellent condition showing no worn links or joints. Estate priced at $4,830.00 CAD. Stock #e8921.e8921 Art Deco 4.00ct diamond bracelet 14 karat gold


March 16, 2023

14kt. circle bracelet with diamonds 14.9gr. 0.40ct. VS-GH $1,890.00 CAD. e9934

e9934-14-karat-diamond-braceletIf this super modern take on the diamond bracelet isn’t a sign that yellow gold is back I don’t know what is. The trendy looking fun bracelet certainly is a fashion statement measuring almost 16mm wide. It wasn’t made to fashion standards however, weighing 14.9 grams and featuring 0.40 carats total weight of top quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds, this 14 karat bracelet was made to last. Following the high quality theme the 7 1/2 inch long bracelet is equipped with a very heavy lobster clasp and strong end caps for longevity. Estate price $1,890.00 CAD. Stock #e9934.e9934-14-karat-diamond-circle-bracelet

March 13, 2023

14kt. 3 row florentine bracelet, 20mm wide, 7 1/2″, 46gr. $3,150.00 CAD. e14207

Three rows of braided gold, finished with a Florentine brush to highlight the woven nature of this unique bracelet. What makes this 20mm wide bracelet most unusual is the Handarbeit stamp on the clasp, German for “handwork”. Pointing us of course, to the country of origin for this bracelet being Germany! The handworked 14 karat yellow gold bracelet is hollow constructed but still weighs an impressive 46 grams. It measures a standard 7 1/2 inches long and is secured by an integrated box catch with two additional safety locks. Estate price $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #e14207.

March 11, 2023

18kt. rice link 16 1/4″ necklace & 7 3/4″ bracelet set 46.9gr. $4,140.00 CAD. e14022

As the late comedian, Mitch Hedberg put it, in one of his deadpan nonsequiturs, “rice is great when you’re hungry and want 2000 of something”. This rice link bracelet and necklace set is about 1740 short of that goal. It more than makes up for the deficit consisting, as it does, of 46.9 grams of 18 karat yellow gold. The puffy rice grains and organized by threes and hinged to their neighbors on either side, allowing for controlled movement to ensure they sit flat during wear. They span 8.6mm with the necklace measuring 16 1/4 inches and the bracelet measuring 7 3/4 inches. Each features a hidden box catch with springy white gold tounges and added safety locks. Heavy gauge hollow construction and in perfect condition. Estate price for the set only $4,140.00 CAD. Stock #e14022.


March 9, 2023

10kt. 8mm, 7 1/2″, 14.6gr. curb link bracelet $840.00 CAD. e13924

A classic high polished curb link bracelet is one of the most timeless accessories. This solid constructed 8mm wide version is appropriate for most ladies’ wrists, making a chunky statement but not so bulky that it can’t be layered with a watch or other bracelets. The 10 karat yellow gold piece measures 7 1/2 inches long and is secured by an integrated clasp. Estate price $840.00 CAD. Stock #e13924.

March 7, 2023

18kt. two-tone Figaro link bracelet, 7 1/4″, 6.8mm wide, hollow construction, 11.4gr. $1,190.00 CAD. e14041

A puffier Figaro link is a great showcase of the subtlety of 18 karat white gold. The longer links in this bracelet are actually non-rhodium plated white gold but it takes close observation to catch the difference. When you get to a 75% pure gold content you only have 25% of alloy available to change the colour, which is not a lot when you are trying to transform extra-warm 24 karat gold into its polar opposite, icy white. The 6.8mm wide bracelet is hollow constructed from 11.4 grams of 18 karat gold. It measures 7 1/4 inches long, a slightly shorter lady’s length. The bracelet is equipped with heavy end caps and an oversized, easy to fasten lobster catch. Estate price $1,190.00 CAD. Stock #e14041.

February 26, 2023

Diamond & blue glass platinum Art Deco bracelet 19.5gr. 1.50ct. tw. SI-HI $3,500.00 CAD. e12019

The 1930s were a time of change caused by two major events, the first was of course the Great Depression, the second the Silver Screen. The Great Depression changed peoples tastes by changing their pocket books. Imitation gems, rhinestones, coloured glass gems called Paste, and base metals all became common and fashionable. They worked their way into the jewellery of the affluent as well who were also on tighter budgets, though they still made large purchases they scaled back where they could. Compared to the gaiety of the Roaring Twenties the 30s were dull and subdued. To escape the reality of their diminished lives people spent their time at the movies. Still captured in black and white the costume designers avoided coloured gems that appeared grey and lifeless and focused on brilliant colourless stones set in white metals. This transitioned off-screen to consumers focusing on white metals like the platinum of this 1930s antique bracelet. The 21 old European cut diamonds are on trend for the era (though when are diamonds ever out of fashion?) and equal 1.50 carats of nice SI-HI quality. With these strong beginnings it is surprising to find the blue stones are French cut glass and not sapphire. But that was the trend of the era and the blue was simply meant to offset the brilliant diamonds so why pay 100 times the cost for sapphire. The bracelets edges are decorated with engraved scroll work and it is fastened with a hidden plunger clasp, hidden safety lock, and a safety chain for security during wear. The bracelet is in great shape but the glass, being glass, is showing signs of its 8 decades of use. They have taken on a frosted look from wear that can only really be seen with close inspection. A recent Harold Weinstein Ltd. Toronto appraisal estimated the value at $11,000.00. The antique time capsule has been estate priced at $3,500.00 CAD. Ctock #e12019.

February 18, 2023

14kt. 23.4gr. diamond & ruby tennis bracelet 3.00ct. tw. $2,660.00 CAD. e10558

The neutral colour of white diamonds looks great with virtually any coloured gem stone. Every imaginable colour can benefit from the brilliance and dispersions provided by nice quality diamonds. A dash of vibrant red does a great job at highlighting the overall brilliance of diamonds set into rhodium enhanced white gold. The colour is used as an accent, not over powering just enough to add interest through contrast. The extremely well made bracelet certainly deserves that extra attention grabbing pop of colour. Made from 23.4 grams of 14 karat gold the 7 inch long by 7.8mm wide bracelet is in virtually unworn condition. The 1.25 carats of I1-J round brilliant cut diamonds twinkle between highly polished decorative bars. The striking red comes from 1.75 carats of round brilliant cut natural red rubies, surprisingly bright for their petite size. Secured with a sturdy plunger clasp and side safety catch. This tennis bracelet is equally suited for a night out or daily wear. Estate price $2,660.00 CAD. Stock #e10558.

February 17, 2023

0.44ct. tw. I1-JKL diamond tennis bracelet 8.6gr. 14kt. $1,330.00 CAD. 171-00066

A tennis bracelet that uses diamonds as thoughtful accents, by spacing them between oversized open links. The groupings of petite I1-JKL quality round brilliant cut diamonds are spread across the bracelet, together they equal 0.44 carats in total weight. The bracelet is equally petite measuring only 3.4mm wide by 7 1/4 inches long. Feeling even more delicate from the airiness of its open links, but weighing in at an impressive 8.6 grams. The 14 karat white gold piece is secured by a plunger-style clasp with additional side safety. The estate price is $1,330.00 CAD. Stock #171-00066.

February 16, 2023

U.S. Indian & Eagle coins (90% purity) 18kt. charm bracelet 171.8gr. tw. $15,000.00 CAD. 441-00222

It’s a pretty safe bet that there isn’t another coin charm bracelet anywhere else in the world the same as this one. The individual coins attached to this heavy curb link bracelet aren’t unique, but to see them in a grouping on a vintage bracelet is something we’ve never seen before. The coins date from 1881 to 1913 and have face values of $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 USD. At today’s gold price (Feb, 16th. 2023) the coins alone contain 5,925.00 just in fine gold content. The coins themselves are 90% pure with 10% copper alloy to make them more durable as these coins were circulation currency of the era. The 5 coins have an average age of 127 years old. Around this time the average wage for an American worker was around 33 cents per hour, and the cost of an ounce of gold was about $19.00; meaning it would take the average U.S. worker approximately 57 hours of labor to buy an ounce of gold. Today gold costs $1,836.00 USD per ounce and the average American worker (non-farm payroll) earns $33.00 per hour or the equivalent of 56 hours of work to buy an ounce of gold. Isn’t it amazing that the hourly wage and the cost of gold have appreciated in parallel? This is an excellent example of how gold does a great job of protecting the wealth of those who have some and against the pricing pressures caused by inflation. The Italian-made double curb link bracelet measures 10.8mm wide, 8 1/4 inches long, and weighs 88.2 grams including the coin frames. The coins are not considered bullion as they are not pure, and are therefore subject to sales tax. If you’d like to buy all the coins in the 18-karat frames, they are priced at $7,500.00. If you’d like to buy just the 18-karat Italian bracelet it is also priced at $7,500.00 and weighs an estimated 80 grams. The bracelet was manufactured by SILO in Arezzo Italy. This company was founded in 1964 and is still in business today. They produce high-quality jewellery under their own name and also for private-label luxury brands. SILO even manufactures the machines that make the chain in their large factory. The complete bracelet including the 5 coins weighs more than 5 1/2 ounces. If you are like us and wish to keep this one of a kind coin charm bracelet together, it is available complete for $15,000.00 CAD. Stock #441-00222.

February 10, 2023

18kt. 19.25ct. tw. Apichart Warrachart 30.3gr. Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Yellow Quartz & Pink Tourmaline $5,005.00 CAD. e13096 241-00039

After much online sleuthing we’ve come up with nothing but dead ends for Apichart Warrachart. All the leads dry up in the early 2000s but it seems he was rather a rising star in the jewellery design world. In fact, most of what we could find were his award winning pieces entered into different American design competitions. His work seems to build around custom cut gemstones and innovative uber modern designs. Take this bracelet, we have never in our 64 years seen anything remotely like it before! It features a repeating pattern of yellow/green quartz, amethyst, and blue topaz windows all hand cut with beveled edges front and back. The windows peer down on tube set pink tourmalines. Those tourmalines are partnered by matching links that act as connectors between the lens links. The effect being, alternating naturally magenta tourmalines, magenta-turned-bright-red through the yellow filter, turned purple through the amethyst filter, and turned violet through the topaz filter. I can’t even fathom how anyone could think up such an idea! Not to mention the dedication to quality, the entire bracelet is made from top quality 18 karat yellow and white gold weighing in at a significant 30.3 grams in total. The 13.30 carats of topaz and quartz along with the 5.95 carats of tourmalines are all set into mirror finished white gold that retains its bright rhodium finish despite the piece being made in 2002. The clasp is a work of engineering so complicated we will have to demonstrate it in person. This most likely unique, mysterious jewellery masterpiece in like new condition is estate priced for $5,005.00 CAD. Stock #e13096 241-00039.


February 4, 2023

10kt, 8 1/2″, curb link bracelet, 11mm wide, 31.5gr., $1,890.00 CAD. e14363

Two (or three or four) bracelets for the price of one! This reversible curb/Cuban link features plain high polished gold on one side and a half-polished half-stippled pattern on the other. The real fun with this piece is the ability to mix up that textured pattern by turning individual links around. You can turn just a couple to make an eye-catching accent or turn every other or every third to make a completely new pattern. The versatile bracelet measures a gents standard 8 1/2 inches long by 11.1mm wide. It’s been made from 31.5 grams of 10 karat yellow gold and is fastened with an integrated clasp. Estate price $1,890.00 CAD. Stock #e14363.

January 2, 2023

14kt. fancy link bracelet 14.4gr. Goldenclef International Italy $1,540.00 CAD. 441-00259

Goldenclef International is yet another example of high-end Italian manufacturing and this bracelet is a lovely example of how they strive to stand out from the competition. The 7.5-inch bracelet spans 13.4mm wide, but what makes it stand out is its links. Each twisted oval link features a swirling corduroy texture with high-polished ridges and matte valleys. Wrapped around these links are two interlocking high-polished round links topped with a high-polished bead. These links are free-floating, allowing them to move along the base links during wear, creating a dynamic ever-changing appearance. The bracelet is finished with a decorative oversized spring ring catch. The bracelet is hollow constructed but still weighs in at 14.4 grams in 14-karat yellow gold and shows only a couple of minor dings on its underside. The estate price for this head-turning import is $1,540.00 CAD. Stock #441-00259.



January 1, 2023

10kt. oval snake bracelet, 5.3mm wide, 8 3/4″, 16.3gr. $840.00 CAD. e14271

The most anatomical snake link we’ve had on offer yet! The unique oval structure combined with the wave-pattern armored links do a great job of mimicking the contraction and expansion of a snake’s body in motion. The 8 3/4 inch bracelet spans 5.3mm and weighs in at a luxurious 16.3 grams of 10 karat yellow gold. The bracelet is clasped by an oversized lobster clasp for easy fastening. Estate price $840.00 CAD. Stock #e14271.


December 20, 2022

18 karat. 3-piece bangle bracelet set 21.7gr. $1,600.00 CAD. 441-00172 e14046

In many cultures, and especially in certain areas of India, bangles are worn exclusively for their chimes. In one part of India, they are believed to protect developing infants from the attention of bad spirits and demons. The twinkling bangles and anklets are meant to draw the attention of these bad spirits away from the baby bump. Pregnant or not, bangle chimes are a pleasant addition to every occasion. This trio has been manufactured from 21.7 grams of 18 karat yellow gold and is patterned with faceted cells featuring matte accents for contrast. Each bangle is 2.7mm wide and the trio is sold as a set for the estate price of $1,600.00 CAD. Stock #41-00172 e14046.


December 10, 2022

8.99ct. tw. natural gem & diamond tennis bracelet 13gr. 18kt. $2,100.00 CAD. 241-00047

ROYGBIV has never looked so good (though the colours have been knocked out of their proper rainbow arrangement)! Each colour bar displays a range from deep to light, adding another level of visual interest. The colours are captured in natural gemstones, peridot, citrine, amethyst, garnet, topaz, tanzanite, and tourmaline, all bracketed by millgrain accented diamond links. The gems are bar set into chromy rhodium plated 18 karat white gold and span 7 inches long by 3.9mm wide. The bracelet is finished with a hidden box catch with an additional safety lock. The estate price is $2,100.00, CAD. Stock #241-00047.


December 9, 2022

18kt. Sauro carbon fiber ruby bracelet Ippopotamo ASCF349RU $3,230.00 CAD. 441-00176

Staring at this bracelet and trying to put my finger on what it reminded me of when I reread its title, Ippopotamo, and it hit me! My Italian is not good (non-existent) but even I could translate ippopotamo into hippopotamus. Thinking of that lumbering death machine (one of the deadliest animals on the African continent) this 18 karat yellow gold clasp resolves into the image of a hippo’s face peeking out from some sub-Saharan river. Even the natural rubies on the clasp’s release buttons mimic the pink skin around the beady black eyes of the hippo (random hippo fact: hippos’ pink tints are caused by a natural red oil their skin produces to protect them from sunburn). Not only does the clasp take its design inspiration from the hippo it also happens to be an ingenious piece of gold engineering. To release the clasp both button “eyes” have to be depressed and pushed forward, swinging the “top jaw” forward and releasing it from the protruding tooth that acts as a safety catch, guarding against accidental button release. Really, the entire bracelet is a marvel of Italian goldsmithing, the gold hinge and gold clasp have been riveted in place with milled titanium pins. The 14.6mm x 5.0mm bangle body is made from lightweight super-light carbon fiber finished in a high-gloss dome. These super-hard airy materials leave you aware of only the luxurious heft of solid 18 karat yellow gold. This kind of ingenuity could only have come from Sauro, one of the most innovative jewellery houses in Italy, and that is saying something! The Fibra Ruby Bangle Ippopotamo is currently available on their website for $7,850.00 USD. Our example is in like-new condition, appearing unworn. This piece has never been polished or refinished in any way. It comes with its original box, leather portfolio carrying case, and polishing cloth. It is estate priced at $3,230.00 CAD. Stock #441-00176.






December 8, 2022

220 year old Antique 15kt. hinged sapphire & diamond bracelet 7.0gr. $1,050.00 CAD. 441-00235

Thanks again to the English for their stringent assaying standards. The unique series of hallmarks stamped inside the bracelet show where the item was checked for purity and the year it was tested allowing us to accurately date many precious metal items manufactured in the UK! This bangle was made in 1803 making it 220 years old! And we must say she is looking pretty spry despite her age, showing evidence of only the lightest wear and a bit of honest patina. The oval bandle measures 3.3mm wide and has been decorated with a mix of granulation, delicate and heavy twisted wire, and two absolutely tiny flowers and leaves. Bright cut set within all of this decor are two antique cut blue sapphires and an antique cut diamond. The 7-gram 15-karat yellow gold bangle is actually hollow constructed but boasts heavy gauge walls. It’s equipped with a button release catch, a three-part hinge, and a safety chain. To ensure another century of life we would recommend the bangle be treated gently despite its robust construction. The estate price is $1,050.00 CAD. Stock #441-00235.


4.00ct. tw. VS-HI diamond tennis bracelet 11.1gr. 14kt. white gold $5,600.00 CAD. 171-00069

When you hear “tennis bracelet” this is probably what you picture, which is appropriate as this is the epitome of the style; a line of nothing but diamonds encircling the wrist. This version features approximately 4.00 carats total weight of high quality VS-HI round brilliant cut diamonds. The 65 well-matched gems create a 2.8mm wide footprint that allows this bracelet to be equally suited to be worn layered or alone. The 7 1/4 inch long bracelet is very well made from 14-karat white gold that retains its original rhodium plating as proof of its like-new condition. The bracelet is secured by a hidden plunger clasp with a sleek tuck-under safety lock. Estate price $5600.00 CAD. Stock #171-00069.


December 7, 2022

10kt. curb link bracelet, 10mm wide, 8 3/4″ long, 23.6 gr. $1,400.00 CAD e13751 441-00142

The classic patterned curb link is a great value for anyone who likes to mix things up a bit. When you’re feeling a bit retro you can wear the stippled pattern facing out. If you want a more modern vibe you can flip the bracelet to expose its highly polished underside. Basically two bracelets for the price of one! But whichever you choose the 10-karat yellow gold bracelet will make a statement thanks to its 10mm width. The 23.6 gram solid constructed piece measures a standard gents 8 3/4 inches long with an integrated catch. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13751 441-00142.


December 6, 2022

5.70ct. tw. SI1-J diamond tennis bracelet 17gr. 18kt. $7,000.00 CAD. 171-00070

57 well-matched round brilliant cut diamonds all in a tidy row, what more could you ask for? With SI1 clarity they are all eye-clean and their ever-so-slightly warm J colour gives them a subtle antique air. The diamonds together weigh in at approximately 5.70 carats and are set into individual four prong links, allowing for fully-flexible wear. The 18 karat white gold bracelet retains its original chromy white rhodium finish as a testament to its like-new condition. The bracelet is secured by a hidden box catch with an additional safety lock. The estate price is $7,000.00, CAD. Stock #171-00070.


December 5, 2022

1960s Marvel diamond cocktail watch, 4.00ct. total weight SI-H, 31.4gr. 14kt. $5,600.00 CAD. e14534 501-00098

Let’s face it, do you really need to know what time it is when you’re wearing a watch like this? The is the kind of accessory timepiece a glamorous Hollywood celebrity like Marilyn Monroe would have worn in the 1960s. It may technically be a watch, but that is simply an excuse because really it is a fabulous diamond bracelet. There are 134 hand set diamonds in this magnificent creation. Multiple sizes of round diamonds, tapered baguette, and a marquise cut centerpiece contribute to a total estimated weight of 4.00 carats. The diamonds are of brilliant SI-H quality and sparkle with the slightest movement. It was crafted from over 30 grams (net weight) of bright white 14 karat gold. The hinged links will conform to a feminine wrist of up to 6 1/2 inches circumference, extra length could be added to the diamond clasp if needed. In the most functional and practical sense, this is a pretty crappy watch. The spring loaded cover always casts a large shadow over the small silver dial and the thick faceted edge curved crystal distorts the optics adding extra challenge when trying to see what time it is. But who really cares, this is a marvelous diamond bracelet, that just so happens to serve a second function as a watch Despite the diamond bracelet limitations, the mechanical AS 1677 movement housed within is of a relatively high specification. The fully jewelled, hand-wind mechanism is shock protected and will run close to two days when fully wound. The beauty of these tiny movements (15mm x 13mm) is they can be left unattended for months or even years. When you decide you’d like the sparkle for the night, simply wind it up, set the time, and away you go. No battery to fail or leak if stored for an extended period. This watch is in remarkable condition. There is no wear of any kind in any of the link joints. The diamond set clasp is equipped with 2 length settings and equipped with a safety chain for added security. Working great and keeping good time (if you even care). We are pleased to provide the new owner with a complimentary 1-year mechanical warranty. The estate price for this beautiful diamond bracelet/watch is $5,600.00 CAD. Stock #e14534 501-00098


November 28, 2022

3.00ct. tw. I1-I diamond tennis bracelet, 20.8gr. 14kt. 7 1/4″, $4,200.00 CAD. e14529 171-00043

This is one of the best-built tennis bracelets we’ve ever encountered! At 20.8 grams it is far heftier than the standard tennis bracelet with that heft representing sturdy links and hinged connections between each link. This overdone scale is especially important in tennis bracelets as they tend to wear faster than other bracelet styles. By starting this heavy the bracelet (if properly cared for) will have double or triple the lifespan of the standard tennis bracelet. Now, you wouldn’t go to this kind of trouble building something to then adorn it with piddly diamonds! This impressive 14-karat bracelet has been fittingly set with 3.00 carats of lively I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds, protected with decorative raised bands that reduce the wear on the prong tips. The 7 1/4″, bracelet is in like-new condition and estate priced at $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #e14529 171-00043.


November 27, 2022

14 karat diamond bracelet 0.20ct. tw. SI2-I1-J 10.1 grams $910.00 CAD. e12369 171-00016

This diamond bangle features an innovative opening but somewhat limiting opening mechanism. The catch is the typical box style with an additional safety lock but instead of hinging wide open at the side, this piece has two hidden hinges. They rest on either side of the intertwining diamond top and the lock is at the exact bottom of the bangle. This solves the problem of the clasp and hinge peeking out at the sides of the wrist but it limits the ability for the bangle to open up. That also limits the size of wrist that can fit into it. The triple twist has been protectively channel set with 0.20 carats of SI2-I1-J round brilliant cut diamonds. Made from 10.1 grams of warm 14-karat yellow gold the piece is in like new condition showing no signs of wear. Estate price $910.00 CAD. Stock #e12369 171-00016.



November 26, 2022

UnoAerre Italy. Spring loaded hinged bangle 6.1mm 14kt. 10.8gr. $1,190.00 CAD. 441-00223

Excited that waffle-knit shirts are back in style? Well, how about a waffle-knit Italian bangle? Won’t keep you warm but the textile finish certainly looks impressive rendered in 14 karat yellow gold. The heavily-constructed hollow bangle is made by master manufacturers UnoAerre and features an over-engineered clasp. The hinge is spring-loaded, ensuring it snaps closed and stays closed. The catch itself features an interior dome with a locking rim, and the opposite side of the catch nests perfectly into this dome, making a well-supported joint. The clasp is secured with a figure-eight catch as a final touch. The bangle itself weighs in at 10.8 grams and is in like-new condition, showing no dents or scratches. Estate price $1190.00 CAD. Stock #441-00223.


November 25, 2022

18kt. two-tone, hollow Figaro link bracelet, 8 1/2″, 20.3gr. $1,450.00 CAD. 441-00104 e14176

Most people only know of three colours of gold but it can be alloyed into a surprising number of hues, including green, blue, and purple. Before you get excited, these colours are so subtle they take a trained eye to pick them out from their common counterparts. Especially as you get into the higher karats where the majority of the gold content is actually pure gold, reducing the impact of colour changing alloy metals. This two-tone hollow Figaro is a perfect example, can you spot the colour difference in these pictures? We could barely spot it in person but the long links are white gold. When you’re working with 75% pure gold there isn’t a lot of room to wash away that intense yellow tone. The subtlety works to draw in the eye as you puzzle over what it is that seems different about the piece. The bracelet itself measures 9.7mm wide by 8 1/2 inches long, ending in decorative caps and an oversized stylized lobster clasp. Estate price $1,450.00 CAD. Stock #441-00104 e14176.


November 15, 2022

Uno-Aerre 10kt. hinged hollow bangle 4.6gr. $308.00 CAD. 441-00212

A hinged bangle bracelet like this is a popular jewellery item that looks great for casual and dressy wear. They can also be stacked with other bracelets for a more dramatic look. This bracelet was made in Italy by one of our favorite manufacturers Uno-Aerre. They’ve been producing high quality, beautifully finished jewellery for close to 100 years. This bracelet measures 3.75mm wide and is designed in the classic wire rope design. This hollow style fends off scratches and offers far superior strength compared to round or square tubing. It is secured with a self closing spring and a side safety catch. Perfect condition, looking unworn and estate priced at $308.00 CAD. Stock #441-00212.


November 8, 2022

Santos de Cartier 18kt. white gold 8″ bracelet 20.9gr. 18kt. white gold. $3,400.00 CAD. 441-00195

Cartier’s version of the super popular paperclip link is the Santos-Dumont link. Stylistically the same but, you know, it’s Cartier so it’s made from solid 2mm wide 18 karat white gold knife edge wire stock, measuring a total width of 5.9mm. The brand also shows itself in the solidly riveted oversized lobster clasp (conveniently large enough to proudly display its logo). The hefty 20.9-gram bracelet measures 8 inches long and is available on Cartier’s website for ₤3,400 English pounds (approximately $5,225.000 CAD April 8, 2023). Our estate price is $3,400.00, CAD. Stock #441-00195.


October 30, 2022

14kt. padlock & key charm bracelet 3.2gr. 7″ made in Italy. $333.00 CAD. 441-00220

This lock and key motif are unusual for its obviously mismatched combo, with the keys measuring at least double the size of the padlocks. The skeleton keys measure 16mm tall compared to the petite 9.2mm of the locks. All have been hollow-constructed to reduce the overall weight of the piece. The bracelet itself measures 7 inches low and weighs in at 3.2 grams of 14 karat gold, finishing with a stylized lobster clasp for easy fastening. The estate price for this like-new bracelet is $333.00 CAD. Stock #441-00220.


October 29, 2022

Tiffany multi strand heart & toggle bracelet 7 1/2 inch sterling silver $400.00 CAD. 651-00084

At a glance, this bracelet appears to be mesh but it is actually made up of 20 (10 per side) closed cable chain loops that wrap around the heart on one end and the toggle clasp on the other. We’ve painstakingly organized the individual strands for this photo but they can be intertwined and crossed for a more 3-dimensional appearance. The solid silver heart measures 21.6mm by 25.0mm and overall the bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. It’s fastened with a minimalist toggle and accompanied by its original box and pouch. The estate price is $400.00, CAD. Stock #651-00084.


October 28, 2022

Vintage sterling silver hand engraved hinged bangle 19mm wide 27gr. $105.00 CAD. 651-00077

You’ve probably seen some version of this bangle in your grandmother’s jewellery box or the showcases of antique stores. Maybe not as shiny as this one, more likely blackened with tarnish and time. These hand-engraved jumbo bangles were a popular accessory for decades. Popularized after the technologies of the industrial revolution spread into jewellery making. Bangles like these would have been rolled through hand-cranked, and later, automatic bangle rollers, that curve the metal while bending into a half circle to fit the wrist. The convex top and flat interiors would be joined in large batches, then they’d move to banks of jeweller’s benches for hinging, clasp installation, and patterning. These jewellery manufacturing warehouses really got their start in the 1920s as the financial boom increased demand for affordable luxury. Bench jewellers couldn’t keep up and assembly-line techniques were needed to meet the demand. This 19mm bangle is in great shape, showing only minor scratches and a couple of tiny impact marks from a lifetime of wear. The 27.7 gram sterling silver bangle is equipped with an additional safety chain that was likely added after it was purchased. Estate price for this vintage piece $105.00 CAD. Stock #651-00077


22kt. cubic zirconia bracelet, never worn, 6 1/2″, 6.4gr. India $630.00 CAD. e14069 241-00024

Many cultures don’t recognize 10 karat or even 14 karat gold jewellery as gold due to their higher alloy contents; 10 karat is only 41.7% gold and 14 karat is 58.3% gold. India especially doesn’t waste time on lower karats, so it is very normal to see 22 karat (91.7% pure) pieces set with synthetic gemstones. Synthetics in North America are normally set into 10 karat and sometimes 14 karat gold, reserving natural gems for 18 karat. The cubic zirconia that have been hand set into this 22-karat bracelet is an unusual combination for our culture, but commonplace in India, where even “affordable” jewellery doesn’t compromise on gold purity. The 6 1/2 inch long bracelet is fully articulated, allowing each link to bend across the wrist. The heavy stylized S-catch locks securely into the solid end caps of the 6.4 gram bracelet. Estate price $630.00 CAD. Stock #e14069 241-00024.


October 27, 2022

31gr. 18kt. diamond bracelet 1.20ct. SI-I $4,603.00 CAD. e11154 171-00019

At any given time there are several custom projects going on at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. You’d think as Barrie’s oldest jeweller with the largest selection of jewellery and diamonds we’d have exactly what you’re looking for. But our clients still often want to add their own personal custom touch on an engagement ring or other jewellery item. Of the 1000s of custom pieces we’ve created over the years only a few bracelets come to mind. This high quality creation wasn’t originally made by Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers but it is one of those rare non ring custom made items. Even the integrated clasp has been custom made. Quality was certainly top of mind when this bracelet was crafted. Complete construction in only 18 karat yellow and white gold with significant sized round brilliant cut diamonds adding the sparkle. The 7 diamonds weigh a combined 1.20 carats and are of a conservatively graded SI clarity with an “I” colour. The 31 gram bracelet measures 7 inches in length that should fit the average lady’s wrist perfectly. The bracelet is in like new condition showing no wear of any kind. The multiple joints and hinges haven’t even been broken in yet. Estate priced at $4,603.00 CAD. Stock #e11154 171-00019




BIRKS 18kt. fancy link bracelet, 7 3/4″, 19.3gr. solid. $2,100.00 CAD. e13753

The simplest things can sometimes be the most striking, especially when they are made to the Birks standard. This decorative link bracelet combines trios of simple jump rings with elongated intertwining pairs that have been fused together. The concept is about as simple as it gets but it still manages to be striking by deviating from your classic mass-produced chain links. By using premium, solid 18 karat yellow gold wire to produce this bracelet it almost seems artisan made. The 7 3/4 inch bracelet steps up with its unique patented clasp with an integrated push-button release, to avoid accidental opening. The bracelet weighs in at 19.3 grams and is estate priced for $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13753.


October 26, 2022

0.85ct. tw. I2-LM baguette & round diamond tennis bracelet 7.5gr. 14kt. $1,000.00 CAD. 171-00067

The more moving joints on any piece of jewellery the more points of wear, and the more eventual maintenance required on the piece. Tennis bracelets have the most joints of almost any piece except of course tennis necklaces. Unless you’re talking about this tennis bracelet which features a mix of long and extra-long links, cutting the number of joints down to a third of those in normal tennis bracelets. The long links are simple high polished infinity symbols and the extra-long links (measuring 19.20mm long) feature a graduating mix of baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds. Together they equal approximately 0.85 carats of I2-LM quality, made whiter looking thanks to the rich 14 karat yellow gold they’ve been set into. The 7-inch bracelet is equipped with a white gold button-release plunger clasp and an additional safety lock. The estate price for the like-new piece is $1,000.00 CAD. Stock #171-00067.


October 10, 2022

18kt. Italian made hollow retro bracelet 9.8gr. $780.00 CAD. e12425

The main feature of this unique bracelet is the four paper lantern inspired links featuring a soft ridged pattern and decorative piercing. Each is separated by 18mm long twisting cage links. The 9.8 gram hollow bracelet is made from two slightly different tones of 18 karat yellow gold. The retro bohemian statement piece measures 7 3/4 and is secured with a high quality lobster clasp. Estate price is $780.00 CAD. Stock #e12425.



October 5, 2022

GORI & ZUCCHI vintage 18kt. bracelet 7 1/4″ x 38mm wide 75.5gr. $6,500.00 CAD. e12836

If you follow our estate blog you’ve certainly heard us sing UnoAErre praises. Leopoldo Gori and Carlo Zucchi were the founding fathers of the company, granted Arezzo’s first provincial registered trademark for the gold industry in 1934; 1AR. If you’ve ever been in the store and had the pleasure of taking one of Jamie’s “Italian” classes you’ll know that Uno is 1. Added to Aerre it means first in Arezzo. The partners had actually set up their jewellery factory in 1926, applying industrial innovations to goldsmithing to make jewellery that was both beautiful and affordable. The 1AR trademark, unfortunately, spans the 1930s up until 2001 when the company changed to their long-form UNOAERRE trademark. This statement bracelet is hard to date as chunky yellow gold link bracelets have been in and out of popularity for decades. Luckily they are in right now as the seventies are seeing a resurgence. We’d guess this piece was made way back before President Nixon ended the gold standard in 1971 when gold was selling for less than $40.00 USD per ounce. The tapestry inspired hollow links span 38.8mm wide and 7 1/4 inches long. The 75.5 grams of 18 karat gold are secured to the wrist with a hidden, oversized box catch with two safety locks. We’ve priced this amazing piece of jewellery for under its wholesale replacement cost. Showing no wear and tear of any kind. $6,500.00 CAD. Stock #e12836.


September 25, 2022

1.40ct. VS-GH,18kt. vintage diamond bracelet, 54.1gr. $6,650.00 CAD. 171-00051

This is by far the most unusual tennis bracelet we’ve ever encountered and we love it! Really it’s a wearable art piece made up of two sizes of hollow yellow gold balls, matte-finished sculptural white gold framework, and a dotting of elevated diamonds. It spans a head-turning 12.5mm wide but still manages to look airy. The bracelet certainly feels luxurious at 54.1 grams of 18 karat, a clear statement of its high quality. The 48 hand set round brilliant cut diamonds equal approximately 1.40 carats together of high VS-GH quality. The bracelet measures a standard 7 1/2 inches long and is secured with a heavy white gold box catch with two additional safety locks. The estate price is $6,650.00, CAD. Stock #171-00051.


8-9mm double strand pearl bracelet with dragon gemstone clasp 14kt. $1,750.00 CAD. 241-00042

Dragons, where do we start? The winged serpents have spanned almost every culture across the earth from our earliest oral histories. Because we only have so much time let’s stick to the European dragon as this little fellow is obviously modeled after that style. One theory behind the origins of these mythological creatures is the discovery of dinosaur fossils by ancient civilizations. Without the science to explain these massive skeletons it is believed the baffling creatures were explained away as the bones of mythological animals. The earliest recorded European reference to dragons is from the Greek philosopher Herodotus, who wrote about seeing the massive bones of a dragon in Judea in 450 B.C. The mythology of winged serpents and reptiles is one of the broadest and most varied of any magical creature, spanning representations of evil and envy to symbols of transcendence and divinity as the creatures combined the earthbound serpent with the air-bound bird. Our loonie-sized dragon certainly doesn’t look evil, with his mouth open in a tiny roar and featuring chameleon-like diamond eyes. He clutches a tiny denim-blue sapphire and his wings wrap around a 2.00 carat star ruby that has been accented by two round amethyst. And all of this is just the clasp! Even the button that releases the clasp has been decorated to look like a tail. The bracelet itself is a double strand of baroque cream-coloured pearls, bracketed by two narrow bars of yellow gold that keep them in place during wear. The bracelet is accompanied by a 2018 Harold Weinstein LTD. appraisal stating an estimated replacement value of $5,000.00 CAD. Our estate price for this one-of-a-kind piece is just $1,750.00 CAD. Stock #241-00042


September 22, 2022

10kt. 37.1gr. curb link bracelet 9″ 13.5mm wide, $38.00 per gram. e12279 441-00055

We always provide the best value without the song and dance. Simple, classic curb link bracelet in 10-karat yellow gold for only $38.00 per gram. This price is below its wholesale replacement cost. Please keep us honest, call any jeweller you know and ask how much their 10-karat chain sells for per gram. If they’re confident in the value they offer you may get an answer, otherwise, they’re likely to say “ahhhh……… we don’t sell our chains by the gram”. Well, they may not sell it by the gram but I 100% guarantee they buy it by the gram. We’re all about transparency at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers, an informed customer is our number one goal. There shouldn’t be any mystery in buying jewellery. From a simple gold bracelet to a significant diamond purchase, we can guide anyone through the process of how jewellery is valued. This bracelet measures 9 inches long able to fit almost any man. If you’re a lady who likes the look of a wide bracelet we can shorten it to any length while you wait and you can sell the leftover back to us to recycle. Previously enjoyed and still in very good condition. Only $1,410.00 CAD. Stock #e12279 441-00055.



September 15, 2022

15kt. curb link bracelet, 35gr., over 8 inches long, 8mm wide. $2,475.00 CAD. 441-00183

Without a maker’s mark, we can’t determine the exact age of this rose gold bracelet but it certainly speaks of antique and must be close to 100 years old. Manufacturing in 15 karat gold was discontinued in Britain in 1932 and shortly after in Commonwealth countries. This likely occurred because 14 karat from the U.S.A. was gaining in popularity and is only slightly less pure 58.3% versus 62.5%. Every single link has been karat stamped 15 and .625 (the decimal equivalent of 15 karat) which is something we typically encounter on very old chains, usually pocket watch chains. We feel confident at least that it predates its Cuban link name which wasn’t officially coined until the late 70s. Not an exact Cuban but with each 12.4mm x 8mm link measuring a heavy 5mm tall they certainly mimic the bulk of a Cuban. The impressive 35 gram bracelet measures over 8 inches long and is equipped with a heavy hidden box catch and safety chain. The estate price is $2,475.00, CAD. Stock #441-00183.


18kt. curb link bracelet 10.5mm wide, 9 1/4″, 47.3gr. $4,200.00 CAD. e13425

Another unique interpretation of the classic curb link bracelet, this time the links seem to resemble some manner of flattened basket weave. The compact weave gives a sleek geometric appearance disguising its durability by opting for large areas of contact instead of bulky joints. Meaning that despite its low profile this 9 1/4 inch bracelet will probably outlive its traditional linked peers. The 10.7mm wide bracelet is secured with an integrated figure eight clasp. It weighs in at an impressive 47.3 grams and is made from top quality 18-karat yellow gold, a karat rarely encountered in this weight bracket. Absolutely perfect condition showing zero wear on any joint. The estate price is $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #e13425.


September 14, 2022

3.50ct. tw. I1-H European cut antique diamond bracelet, 19gr. platinum $5,250.00 CAD. 171-00026

All it takes is a touch of antique and we fall in love, and this platinum bracelet has more than a touch! Set with 41 old European cut diamonds, edged with delicate milgrain, and sided with deeply engraved patterns, the bracelet checks everything on our wishlist. We conservatively estimated the total diamond weight at 3.50 carats. There is a good chance the actual diamond weight is closer to 4.00 carats, but we’re not going to take it apart to find out for sure. The diamonds range in clarity from SI2 to I1 with GH colour. Each of the 41 diamonds has been set into individual 5.8mm x 4.2mm Art Deco-worthy links with open cutouts to mirror the spaces between each link. The edges on both sides have been meticulously hand engraved in a classic Art Deco geometric pattern. The hefty 19 gram bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long and features an integrated plunger clasp with a hidden fold over safety lock plus a clasping safety chain, for mega-security. The bracelet is in like new condition; the milgrain details look like they were hand applied just yesterday. The estate price for this 100 year old antique is $5,250.00 CAD. Stock #171-00026.


September 13, 2022

10kt. curb link bracelet, 41gr., 9″ long, 12mm wide, G lock clasp. $2,394.00 CAD. 441-00182

Another mega link bracelet for our collection and this one is a doozie! Each link is 12mm wide by 2.2mm thick and together they span an extra-long 9 inches (with room to shorten as needed). The 41-gram bracelet has been equipped with an extra secure and seldom encountered G lock clasp; a sleek gold box with a springloaded closure that snaps back into place after closure. The 10-karat bracelet is estate priced at $2,394.00 CAD. Stock #441-00182.


3.23ct. tw. VS-J princess cut diamond tennis bracelet, 40.1gr., 18kt. $8,400.00 CAD. 171-00057

You have to hold this bracelet in your hand to really understand how significant 40.1 grams of 18 karat gold is. Each of the 11 diamond links in the bracelet only has one small hole running through it for cleaning purposes. The connecting links are equally solid, ensuring a long life for the bracelet overall. The main links measure 10.8mm wide by an impressive 3.8mm thick and are made from rich 18 karat yellow gold with brightly rhodium-plated white gold bezels. Each carries a princess cut diamond turned on its point, together they equal an estimated 3.23 carats of eye-clean VS clarity and J colour that is whitened up by the contrasting yellow gold. The 7-inch long bracelet is equipped with a springy white gold box catch with an additional hidden safety lock that is worn against the wrist to ensure it can’t accidentally unlock during wear. The bracelet is accompanied by a 2006 appraisal listing a retail value of $21,000.00, we feel a more competitive replacement value with new would be $12,000.00, and our estate price is $8,400.00 CAD. Stock #171-00057.


September 3, 2022

9kt. rose gold vintage hinged bangle bracelet 9.6gr. $560.00 CAD. e12248 441-00194

Straight out of early 1900s Europe, ready to be a conversation piece. The 9 karat rose gold rail bangle is patterned across its front half with a lace-inspired trim. The bangle is hollow constructed thanks to the expansion of industrial techniques into jewellery production. Despite that, it still weighs 9.6 grams and is in great shape! My favorite part of this piece of history is the hand engraved initials M.R. on the inside of the clasp. A little reminder of the woman this was originally purchased for over a hundred years ago. The bangle has been equipped with a yellow gold safety chain for added peace of mind. The estate price is $560.00 CAD. Stock #e12248 441-00194.


September 1, 2022

18kt. bangle bracelets, set of three, 16.1 grams, $1,380.00 CAD. e14225

A trio of bangles from our favorite Italian chain makers UnoAErre. The 16.1 gram set is made from top-quality 18 karat yellow gold. Two are patterned with matching machine finishes and bright cut dashes, the third has been highly polished and faceted to best contrast the others. The estate price for the set only is $1,380.00 CAD. Stock #e14225 441-00029.


14kt. flexible tube bangle bracelet, 5.9gr. $490.00 CAD. 441-00151

The twist on bangle is certainly the least complicated option but they require some special consideration. These pieces are almost always hollow, allowing them to be flexible enough to twist onto the wrist. That means the bangles need to be worn mindfully as heavy wear can dent them. Our 5.9 gram 14 kart yellow gold bangle is in brand new condition, a testament to its quality. The bangle ends are nobbed with decorative white gold collars to add a touch of visual interest. The understated bangle can be worn layered with other pieces or worn on its own as a great addition to the minimalist look. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #441-00151.


August 30, 2022

2.25ct. tw. handmade sapphire & diamond bracelet, 32.7gr., 18kt. $4,550.00 CAD. 241-00036

Handmade bracelets are not something we encounter very often but they are always a pleasure to receive! This artistic statement piece features hand-carved swirling ribbons of solid yellow gold repeated along its 7 1/2 inch length. The sapphires and diamonds in this bracelet are actually the connection joints that the bracelet flexes with. The hefty white gold settings have thick posts extending from their sides that have been riveted to the yellow gold links. The five oval sapphires are of a bright royal blue and equal approximately 2.00 carats together. The 0.25 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are staggered between them and set on the button that releases the clasp. All told the bracelet weighs in at 32.7 grams, all the more impressive when you consider it’s made from premium quality 18 karat gold. It’s fastened by a heavy-gauge white gold box catch with an additional safety lock. Estate price for the like-new bracelet is $4,550.00 CAD. Stock #241-00036.


August 29, 2022

22 carat garnet bracelet, 10 karat gold 22.4 grams, $1,680.00 CAD. e13429 241-00014

A brooding bangle set with back to back deep reddish/brown natural garnets. At a glance they could almost be taken for black, until one catches the light throwing subdued flashes of red. The effect appears a trick of light until you get a closer look. It’s been created by channel setting 39 perfectly matched square cut garnets equaling approximately 22 carats estimated weight. The bangle itself has been fabricated from 10 karat yellow gold and is secured with an ingenious double locking clasp. Estate price for this one of a kind piece $1,680.00 CAD. Stock #e13429 241-00014.


August 28, 2022

BIRKS 14kt hinged bangle 25.6gr. (minor dent at hinge) $1,480.00 CAD. e13970 441-00136

This bold fan of yellow gold has been thoughtfully manufactured by Canadian jewellery juggernaut Birks. The bangle has been built to look like three freely rolling bangles without the clanging chimes. To maintain the three-dimensional quality of stacked bands Birks literally stacked three hollow bangles on top of each other fused them to plates, and built a hinge and clasp into those plates. The effect is very convincing as the bangle stretches from 5.4mm wide to 15mm wide by 8mm thick to 5mm thick at the fanning point. The bangle is cast from 25.6 grams of warm 14 karat yellow gold and despite many years of wear, only sustained one small dent just above the clasp. The white gold clasp is also inventive, featuring a double grooved lock to catch the bangle if you tug it past the first locking groove. Estate price $1,480.00 CAD. Stock #e13970 441-00136.


August 22, 2022

4.60ct. SI2-I1-I trestle link tennis bracelet, 14 karat, 17.2 grams. $5,250.00 CAD. 171-00045

Is this a case of someone picking up a second career? Because this bracelet leans more to the skill set of an engineer than a goldsmith. It’s been built to the engineering standards of a trestle bridge except swapping steel beams for precious 14 karat yellow and white gold. The links are connected to each other with heavy gauge three-piece hinges, ensuring the joints will last as long as the trestle links themselves. Each link stands 5.3mm tall by 4.1mm wide with two alternating lengths that add an extra accent to the two-tone bracelet. With this kind of thoughtful design, it’s no surprise to find the bracelet set with 4.60 carats of well-matched SI2-I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds. All told the bracelet weighs in at an impressive 17.2 grams, a testament to its high quality. It measures seven inches long and is fastened with a carefully hidden plunger clasp with an additional safety lock. The bracelet is accompanied by a UGL appraisal that states the diamonds are SI1 clarity (we disagree) and a realistic replacement value of $7,000 from 2006. We feel a contemporary replacement value with new would be $7,500.00 and the estate price (though the bracelet is in like-new condition) is $5,250.00 CAD. Stock #171-00045.


August 15, 2022

18kt. rosary bead bracelet 4.8gr. made in Italy. $630.00 CAD. 441-00186

Is there any more appropriate Italian export than a rosary? This chromy white rosary has been given the papal treatment being manufactured from 4.8 grams of top-quality 18 karat white gold. The diamond-cut cable link bracelet features 10 hollow beads with three showing minor dents. The rosary ends in an emblem of The Virgin Mary and a dangling cross. The bracelet measures a generous 8 inches long and is estate priced for $630.00 CAD. Stock #441-00186


August 7, 2022

2.00ct. tw. I1-I diamond tennis bracelet, 10.2gr., 14kt. white gold. $2,450.00 CAD. e14367

The diamond tennis bracelet is number four on the checklist we run through with men who are shopping for their partners. It’s a gift most women won’t quarrel with and we carry such a variety that we can usually find something to suit every woman and every budget. This is the quintessential model, well-built, chromy white gold, and focused entirely on the diamonds it carries. With a total carat weight of 2.00 carats, there’s no arguing with that focus! The 70 round brilliant cut diamonds are all of I1-I quality, the standard you usually find in a good quality tennis bracelet that is usually not viewed under close scrutiny. The 10.2 gram 14 karat bracelet is in like-new condition and is equipped with a hidden plunger clasp with an additional safety lock. Estate price $2,450.00 CAD. Stock #e14367, 171-00022.


August 4, 2022

18kt. diamond bracelet 42.6gr. 0.50ct. tw. I1-JK $3,150.00 CAD. 171-00055

Completely solid construction and weighing in at 42.6 grams, this piece of jewellery is more of a fancy link gold bracelet than a tennis bracelet. Think of the 36 small diamonds as a no charge addition supplying some subtle bling. Despite the light airy open look of the circular twisted wire links, you’ll be surprised at the heft of this bracelet. The diamonds are of I1 clarity and JK colour bead set into white gold bridge links. This bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches long and is secured with an integrated clasp that practically disappears when closed. In like new condition showing no wear of any kind between any of the link joints. This bracelet is priced well below its wholesale value at $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #171-00055.



August 1, 2022

3.00ct. tw. I1-IJ diamond tennis bracelet 7 1/2″ 18.5gr. 14kt. gold $3,500.00 CAD. e12160 171-00005

A 3.00 carat total weight diamond tennis bracelet is rather significant; Each of the 73 diamonds weighing close to 0.07 carat and measuring  2.2mm diameter. These are not those opaque white dots seen in promotional quality bracelets. They grade a solid I1-IJ quality, offing excellent sparkle without blowing the budget. The 14 karat yellow gold bracelet is of solid construction weighing a sturdy 18.5 grams and measuring 7 1/2 inches in overall length. A custom safety chain has been added in addition to the white gold plunger clasp and side safety lock. This safety chain can be shortened in about a minute to fit over a smaller hand or completely removed as it really isn’t necessary. The bracelet is in excellent condition showing almost no wear of any kind. It been freshly polished and looks like new. Including the gold setting links our estate price of $3,500.00 equals less than $48.00 per link; that’s great value. Stock #e12160 171-00005.


July 8, 2022

Set of five 18kt. 3mm Chini Italy bangle bracelets 32gr. $2,800.00 CAD. e14059 441-00125

The 69-year-old Italian jewellery house Chini Italy is known for its advanced jewellery manufacturing technology. But this set of five bangles would still be made with the same jewellery making techniques that have been popular since the Industrial Revolution. That is not to say the quintette is made to common standards. They are made from 32 grams of premium 18 karat yellow gold. Each measures 3mm wide by 0.75mm thick and each features a bright-cut XO pattern that flashes brightly against the matte, machine-finished background.  The bangles are sold together for maximum chiming at the estate price of $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e14059. 441-00125.



June 23, 2022

36 diamond tennis bracelet 2.60ct. tw. VS-H, 19.9gr. 14kt. 7 1/2″. $4,550.00 CAD. 171-00059

When shopping for a tennis bracelet one of the best tips we can offer is to turn it over and look at how it’s built. The best tennis bracelets will have very limited movement between their links, reducing the points of potential wear. Then you want to look at the thickness of the rivets that hold the links together, they should be a significant gauge as their thickness dictates the lifespan of the bracelet. If they start out thin you can count on one hand how many years of daily wear you’ll get out of the piece. Next, check the metal thickness of the rest of the link body. Almost all tennis bracelets are going to be hollowed out to some degree for comfort and affordability, but being worn on the wrist means they will be pressed against hard surfaces and accidentally smacked against things. Holes on the underside of the diamond settings allow for ease of cleaning. If they are too hollow or delicate they’ll easily be crushed and dented and potentially be too hollow to repair effectively. If you want an in-person tutorial we’ll be pulling this bracelet out as a standard of excellence. Its underside checks all of these boxes ensuring it’s more than suitable for conscientious daily wear. Not that you’ll be tempted to turn it over when it faces up so beautifully! The highly stylized X and O pattern is gracefully executed and features pairs of well-cut top quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds. The 36 gems equal approximately 2.60 carats together and stand out brightly against the rich 14 karat yellow gold that carries them. The 7 1/2 inch long piece weighs in at an impressive 19.9 grams and is secured with a white gold plunger clasp and additional side safety. It’s in like-new condition and is accompanied by a 2009 Hake Jewellers appraisal stating a replacement value of $6,700.00 CAD at a time when gold cost just half of what it does today. Our estate price is $4,550.00 CAD. Stock #171-00059.


June 1, 2022

10kt., 2.50ct. tw. I3-J diamond tennis bracelet, 12.8gr. $1,000.00 CAD. e11393 171-00047

This is the deluxe version of a classic tennis bracelet style, opting to double the size of the oval links and triple their diamond content. Each diamond link has been set with 21 petite round brilliant cut diamonds of matching I3-J quality. The diamonds equal approximately 2.50 carats together and are backed by chromy white rhodium plating. Each link is separated by a stylized X in 1o karat yellow gold. The 12.8-gram bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long and is secured with a hidden plunger clasp and additional figure eight safety lock. Estate price $1,000.00 CAD. Stock #171-00047  e11393.


May 15, 2022

1.00ct. tw. I2-K diamond tennis bracelet 10kt. 10.5gr. $900.00 CAD. 171-00061

Look close, really close, the diamonds in this bracelet are not as large as they appear. Jewellery manufacturers and diamond setters are very clever at making the diamonds in their creations appear larger than they really are. When rhodium electroplating in the 1930s developed as an ultra-white electroplated finish over gold, the craft of making illusionary diamond settings exploded. This 1.00 carat total weight diamond bracelet is a great example of an illusion setting. The 48 diamonds that are set into each of the flexible links measure around 1.7mm in diameter. The bright cut, rhodium-plated, faceted links measure 3.5mm in width. The circular links are designed to mimic the faceted crown of a full-cut diamond. The 4 yellow gold claws that are pretending to hold the larger 3.5mm faceted frame strengthen the illusion. From a casual glance, this bracelet looks more like it has a total weight of around 8.00 carats. The 10 karat, 7 1/2 inch bracelet weighs nicely over 10 grams and is secured by a plunger clasp with a side safety lock. Each of the 48 round brilliant cut diamonds is conservatively graded I2 clarity with a K colour. The bracelet is in very good condition showing little wear and full rhodium coverage everywhere it should. The estate price of just $900 CAD is an excellent value. Stock #171-00061.



April 23, 2022

10kt. white gold tennis bracelet, 0.50ct. tw. I2-I, 9.4gr. estate price $696.50 CAD e9235 171-00050

This style is one of several definitive tennis bracelets options that never seems to go out of style. The advantage to this particular version is its icy white rhodium finished white gold, giving it an added air of luxury. The bracelet’s diamonds are divided into groupings of 6 and together they equal approximately 0.50 carat. The diamonds are all I2-I quality and are nestled between doming channels of high polished gold. The 7 1/4 inch long bracelet is secured with a hidden plunger clasp and heavy figure-eight safety lock. Estate price $696.50 CAD. Stock #171-00050 e9235


April 10, 2022

18kt. cuban link bracelet, 7 1/4″, 34.5gr. $3,459.00 CAD. 441-00170

A handmade chain is unusual but when you want a heavier link than what is commercially available it’s really the only option. Having been assembled one link at a time the chain features some subtle inconsistencies you only get with man-made. At 7.5mm wide by 3.15mm thick, the bracelet’s quality speaks for itself. After putting the effort into hand making this, it only makes sense that you’d cast it in top quality 18 karat yellow gold, a whopping 34.5 grams of 18 karat that is! With that much gold hanging from your wrist you’d want some security backing it up, so the bracelet has been equipped with a sturdy box catch, additional safety lock, and heavyweight safety chain. The estate price is $3,459.00 CAD. Stock #441-00170.



April 2, 2022

5.00ct. tw. I2-JK 10kt. gold diamond bracelet 20gr. $2,625.00 CAD. e5973

Talk about a whole lotta sparkle. 330 diamonds totaling an estimated 5 carats produce a dazzling display and a significant look when set into this 11mm wide 10 karat yellow gold and rhodium enhanced bracelet. The 20 gram bracelet is in like new condition showing no wear in any of the 22 flexible links. At 7 1/4 inches long it will fit the average lady’s wrist. Although the diamonds are far from flawless at I2-JK they still exhibit abundant sparkle and twinkle. The bracelet is secured by an integrated white gold plunger clasp with side safety catch. At under $8.00 per diamond including the bracelet the value couldn’t be better. When you present this bracelet in our blue/white presentation gift box watch the fireworks begin. Estate priced at just $2,625.00 CAD. Stock #e5973.


March 15, 2022

Sterling silver hinged bangle bracelet, hand engraved, 1 inch, wide, 40gr. $100.00 CAD. 651-00072

We’ll admit to not doing too much with silver. When given a choice we always prefer to work with gold and platinum. Once in a while, we receive a nifty silver estate item that we just can’t resist. In the 70s and 80s, we stocked many sterling silver hinged bangle bracelets just like this one in different widths. Some were beautifully hand engraved like this one, and others were plain. The heavy gauge hollow design has been around for over 100 years and hasn’t changed at all. This example is in remarkable condition. No dents or dings of any kind. Just a little patina from gentle use over the years. This is an excellent example of a classic piece of sterling silver jewellery and is estate priced at just $100.00 CAD. Stock #651-00072.


14kt. gents paperclip bracelet, 8.3gr., 8 1/4″ $660.00 CAD. 441-00187

If this link looks familiar you can count yourself among the fashion-literate. The paperclip chain is everywhere right now and this iteration fuses two “paperclip links” together to ensure they sit tight during wear. The Turkish-made bracelet is heavy gauge hollow constructed but still weighs in at 8.3 grams in 14 karat yellow gold. It features a stylized swiveling lobster clasp that catches on a sturdy end cap. The 8 1/4 inch long bracelet is in like-new condition showing no dents or dings for the estate price of $660.00 CAD. Stock #441-00187.


March 11, 2022

10kt. tri-colour bangle bracelet, 6.2mm wide, 11gr. $693.00 CAD. e14381

We love the casual and stackable nature of bangles. At over 6mm in width, it is wide enough to be worn alone or with others in your collection. The 3 distinct colour zones look like multiple pieces. A sharp diamond cut pattern in the centre twinkles and sparkles with the slightest movement. Solid construction, like-new condition, never polished, and estate priced at $693.00 CAD. Stock #14381.



March 8, 2022

1.75ct. tw. I1-J diamond tennis bracelet, 9.3gr., 14kt., 7″. $2,100.00 CAD. e14486 171-00041

Just one shy of 60! This 59 diamond tennis bracelet still shines despite missing that numerical milestone. Its combined 1.75 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are all of bright I1-J quality. That slightly warm colour is whitened by the 14 karat yellow gold that carries it. The bracelet measures a slightly short 7 inches, making it appropriate for a petite wrist. It’s secured with a hidden box catch and an additional safety lock. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #171-00041.


March 6, 2022

14kt. diamond tennis bracelet 1.00ct. tw. I1-J 12.1gr. $1,995.00 CAD. 171-00063

Yellow gold is back and this fancy link diamond tennis bracelet is heavy on the yellow with channel set diamonds in white gold connecting sections. The 35 round brilliant cut diamonds are bright, full of sparkle, and conservatively graded I1-J. This bracelet is in perfect condition, showing no wear of any kind. We didn’t even need to polish it in preparation for sale, only an ultrasonic cleaning was needed to make it look new. Even the plunger style clasp shows no wear and secures with a satisfying click. The white sections were cast from actual white gold and not just simply rhodium plated yellow gold. It is more costly to produce a piece of jewellery in true two tone, but the results are better and longer lasting. The 12.1 gram 14 karat gold bracelet measures 7.2mm wide and a touch under 7 inches long. Estate priced at $1,995.00 CAD. Stock #171-00063.

February 20, 2022

14kt. 2.50ct. tw. SI-IJ yellow gold rhodium plated diamond tennis bracelet 8.6gr. $2,640.00 CAD. 171-00046

A diamond line bracelet is a timeless staple and one of this scale even more so as it lends itself well to any occasion. At 2.56mm wide it’s understated enough to be worn every day or layered with other bracelets for laid-back luxury. But worn on its own on a dressier occasion the delicate twinkling of its 78 round brilliant cut diamonds will add a sophisticated touch worn with cocktail dress or evening gown. The 2.74 carats of SI-IJ diamonds are protectively set into individual prong settings in sturdy 14 karat yellow gold that has completely rhodium plated to look like white gold. The 8.6 gram bracelet is in very gold condition showing little to no wear in any of the hinged links. The bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long and is secured by a hidden box catch with two additional safety locks. This bracelet is accompanied by a Charm Diamond Centres Appraisal and its original GS Laboratories Certificate of Evaluation, suggesting a replacement value averaging $6,200.00. Our estate price for the bracelet is $2,640.00 CAD. Stock #171-00046.


January 28, 2022

18kt., 5.7mm, 24″ Franco chain & bracelet, 124.7gr. $12,413.00 CAD. Schofer Germany 431-00378 441-00180

Curb and Cuban link chains have been the go-to design for heavy weight necklaces for decades. The traditional look is strong, durable, and masculine. We get the occasional complaint that they can turn and twist while being worn; a bit of a first world problem no doubt, but never the less it happens. The Franco link is a style with no defined front, back, or sides. The rounded cross section is free to roll and twist without losing symmetry, a great benefit for an active rugged lifestyle. We’ve had many requests over the years for a heavy Franco link estate chain but never had one like this. It measures 5.7mm to 6.4mm in diameter and 24 inches in overall length. An 8 1/4 bracelet of the same design is also available making a matching set. We often think Italy has a lock on high end luxury gold chains but this set was made in Germany by Schofer. They have been manufacturing gold necklaces for over 100 years. Known for high quality and attention to detail, down to the smallest features. The quality can be seen in the swivel lobster clasp and chain ends. These heavy pieces and made from premium 18 karat (750) yellow gold. The necklace weighs 92 grams and the bracelet comes in at 32.7 grams. Both are in excellent original condition, neither have been polished since they left the factory floor. We’d be happy to give them a light refinishing to remove any evidence of previous use. They are priced as a set for $12,413.00 CAD, but available separately for $9,150.00 and $3,263.00. With today’s gold price, finding high quality, 18 karat imported chain for under $100.00 per gram is almost impossible. Stock number 431-00378 (necklace), 441-00180 (bracelet).


January 22, 2022

14kt. solid link rope bracelet 10.2gr. 8 1/2″, 4mm, $720.00 CAD. e13959

A rope link is probably the worst choice possible for a bracelet, that is if you opt for the industry-standard lightweight hollow rope link. That common option is made of tiny hollow tubes interlocking with each other. As a chain, it has the benefit of a big footprint without a large price point. But make it into a bracelet and it’ll be crushed and dented in no time. The solution is to opt for the rarely encountered solid rope version like this 14 karat yellow example. At 10.2 grams and 4mm in diameter, this bracelet can easily stand up to daily wear. It measures a generous 8 1/2 inches long and features a locking plunger clasp. We can easily shorten it if required. Estate price $720.00 CAD. Stock #e13959


January 10, 2022

18kt. curb link diamond bracelet 0.10ct. tw. 12.5 grams $1,400.00 CAD. e12657

Finding a way to reinvent something as traditional as the curb link takes some serious imagination! This lady’s curb link bracelet graduates gracefully towards its center. The five largest links are white gold and set with diamonds, making a striking centerpiece. The unique bracelet has been made from 12.5 grams of top quality 18 karat gold. The 16 single cut diamonds equal 0.10 carats together, adding a touch of sparkle. At 7 inches it will fit average to a smaller lady’s wrist and has been equipped with a sturdy plunger clasp with an additional safety lock. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock number e12657.


9kt. heart padlock hollow link bracelet, 12.4gr. Made in England. $700.00 CAD. 441-00162

Heart padlock bracelets first became popular in the Victorian era. They were gifts between two lovers with the man keeping the key and the woman usually wearing the bracelet whenever they had to be separated. This notion certainly wouldn’t fly today which is probably why they are no longer made with accompanying keys. Now the padlocks simply act as decorative clasps and the symbolism has been lost to a passion for antique motifs (thank you Bridgerton and Downton Abbey). This 9 karat rose gold example is in fact British, marked with the assay mark of Birmingham and a date stamp for the 2000s. The heart-shaped padlock hangs from a period-appropriate faceted Cuban link bracelet. The bracelet is hollow constructed, in like-new condition, and weighs in at 12.4 grams. The estate price is $700.00 CAD. Stock #441-00162.


January 3, 2022

1.75ct. tw tanzanite & diamond bracelet, 7.0gr. 14kt. gold $500.00 CAD. e14531

Most people don’t know that tanzanite naturally forms brown and only becomes blue when exposed to high heat (about 600 degrees Celsius). Some will come out of the ground blue if they’ve been naturally heated at some point over the last billion years or so while waiting to be discovered. The outcome of the heat treatment is not predictable or terribly controllable, the final colour is mostly due to the natural potential of each individual gem crystal. Most will turn the softer lilac tones but some go an intense blueberry tone rivaling high-quality sapphire. The lilac tones create a soft accent for any designer’s pallet and are especially striking against warm yellow gold. This narrow brickwork bracelet uses them as a centerpiece, accenting their soft twinkling blue with petite round brilliant cut diamonds. The 7 gram 14 karat bracelet measures a slightly short 7 inches, making it suitable for a petite wrist. Estate price $500.00 CAD. Stock #e14531.


January 2, 2022

18kt. Cartier diamond Love Bracelet B6035917, sz. 17, 0.42ct. tw., 32.9gr. $6,950.00 CAD. 171-00054

The Cartier LOVE Bracelet was designed in 1969 as a symbol of the permanence of love. Its design is inherently difficult to put on or take off alone, as the bangle unscrews into two halves and can only be fastened on the edges of the wrist. As such it was meant to be a declaration of love like no other since it couldn’t be removed on a whim (unless you carry the accompanying screwdriver with you everywhere you go!). Our example weighs in at an impressive 32.9 grams of premium 18 karat yellow gold. It’s decorated with 0.42 carats total weight of top-quality Cartier round brilliant cut diamonds. The same bracelet in rose gold B6069917 is currently available on Cartier’s website for $13,900.00. Our estate price is $6,950.00 CAD. Stock #171-00054.


January 1, 2022

14kt. diamond chevron hinged bangle bracelet 0.90ct. tw I1-J 12gr. $1,610.00 CAD. e11883

If you need proof of “everything old is new again” let’s examine the “new” it shape in jewellery; the chevron. Remember the eighties? If you weren’t there and didn’t experience firsthand the slave ring everyone was wearing then let me assure you the more sensitively named chevron is not new. Not that we aren’t happy it’s back, the geometric and understated angular line is always welcome here! Not so understated with this diamond encrusted 14 karat cuff bracelet. The 12 gram piece has been channel set with 0.90 carats of bright I1-J round brilliant cut diamonds backed with chromy white rhodium. The hinged chevron snaps securely over most wrists with an additional safety lock for added peace of mind. Such solid construction means the bracelet is as close as you can get to wear it and forget about it quality. Estate price $1,610.00 CAD. Stock #e11883.



Tiffany sterling silver Somerset flexible bangle 7 1/2 inches, 124.1 grams. $700.00 CAD. 651-00068

It is possible to buy a Tiffany “statement” piece for under $1,000.00, as long as it’s made from sterling silver and especially if it’s an estate item like this. The Tiffany Somerset series of bracelets and rings were been retired a few years ago, and are no longer available in their boutiques. This Somerset bangle features a sturdy mesh design that is flexible, springy, and heavier than you’d expect due to the thick gauge sterling silver wire it’s made from. It weighs in at a significant 124 grams (almost exactly 4 troy ounces). At 7 1/2 inches in circumference, it should slip over the smaller to average sized woman’s hand. The bangle bracelet measures 1 inch wide and remains in perfect condition. It has never been polished or refinished. A quick dunk in some silver cleaning solution and an ultrasonic bath have it looking like new. This bangle is estate priced at just $700.00 CAD. Stock #651-00068.



December 26, 2021

Gold bangles. 18kt 9.3gr $750.00, 10kt 10.5gr $450.00, 14kt 13.1gr with diamonds $800.00, 14kt 10.3gr $650.00 CAD.

They’re fun, they’re fashionable, always in style, and an inexpensive way to acquire some gold. Oh boy, do have bangle bracelets. We have them in all karats of gold, from 9 karat all the way up to 22 karat, in many widths and styles. Here is a group of four that arrived recently. They are all of solid, sturdy construction, freshly polished, and in excellent condition. They can be worn individually or stacked in a group. When worn as a set they sound a little bit like muted jingle bells. Mix and match, or start someone’s collection off with one. From top to bottom left to right they are priced at $750.00 e14280 SOLD, $450.00 e14281 SOLD, $800.00 e14282, SOLD $650.00 e14283 SOLD. Here are some of the other bangle and loose link bracelets we currently have in stock, there are many others. Contact us, give us a call, or stop by to see some in person.


December 21, 2021

10kt. engraved bangle bracelet 5.5mm wide, 7.5gr. $420.00 CAD. e14012

Yellow gold bangle bracelets have been a constant staple for us but lately, we’ve seen an increase in their popularity. When we get them they sometimes don’t last long. This 5.5mm wide bangle features a machine-applied matte finish accented with stylized scalloped edges and bright-cut spangles. No matter how many pass through our estate department no two end up the same. This 7.5 gram, 10 karat yellow gold bangle is estate priced at $420.00 CAD. Stock #e14012.


December 20, 2021

3.00ct. tw. I1-KL princess cut diamond tennis bracelet, 7 1/2″, 17gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e13396 171-00048

200 hand-set diamonds certainly make a statement! The princess cuts are set tight against each other in pairs of pairs per link. They’ve been backed with bright white rhodium to help them stand out against the warm 14 karat yellow gold of the rest of the bracelet. The diamonds equal an estimated 3.00 carats of I1-KL quality. The 17 gram bracelet measures just a hair over 7 1/2 inches long by 5.2mm wide. The plunger clasp is almost a centerpiece featuring 16 diamonds and a locking mechanism that secures underneath the bracelet ensuring it can’t snag open during wear. Estate price $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #171-00048  e13396


December 13, 2021

18kt. jumbo link florentine bracelet. 51gr. 8″, 17.5mm wide. $4,550.00 CAD. e14206

Gold’s luxurious warmth is best shown off with a finish other than high polished. Italian goldsmiths are more adventurous with their finishes than other chain makers. The Florentine finish turns this 18 karat yellow gold into something that best resembles golden metallic linen. The 17.5mm wide bracelet is extra statement-making with that softly shimmering exterior. It’s been made slightly longer at 8 inches, to compensate for the 5.9mm puffiness of its hollow constructed links. They are still quite solid with the bracelet weighing in at 51 grams and showing no dents or dings despite previous wear. The bracelet is secured with an integrated box catch with a springy white gold tongue and an additional safety lock. Estate price, $4,550.00 CAD. Stock #e14206.





December 12, 2021

10kt. Nautical link bracelet 8 1/2″ 14.1gr. $560.00 CAD. e11602

His or her’s reversible gold bracelet. Perfect condition with brushed/bright cut edges on one side and completely polished on the other. Easily shortened while you wait if it’s too big. 8 1/2 inches total length and 8mm wide. Super strong nautical link made from cast solid links. Finished weight in 10 karat yellow gold is 14.1 grams. Looks unworn showing no wear on any of the 18 links. Secured by an integrated link clasp with side safety. Estate price $560.00 CAD. e11602.



December 6, 2021

18 karat rolo link bracelet by Nicolis Cola Italy 73.3 grams $6,000.00 CAD. e13087

Unfortunately, the hunt for Nicolis Cola did not lead to the Italian designer or any reference to when he operated or where he has gone. But it brought up a slew of vintage link bracelets up for auction all across Europe. All were over the top chunky and had a splash of this rarely-encountered-in-North-America florentine finish. This giant 15.3mm wide rolo link bracelet is completely covered in that linen like matte finish; bringing out the soft glow of the 73.3 grams of extra warm 18 karat gold. Of course, the bracelet is of heavy gauge hollow construction, it would be too heavy to be comfortable if it weren’t. Its hollow nature does not equal fragile in this case. As proof of its durability, the vintage piece shows no dents or dings of any kind. The 8 inch long fashion piece is secured with an almost hidden integrated catch with fold over safety. A lot of gold was used to make this bracelet; the quality is immediately evident when you heft the well over 2-ounce work of art. Estate price is $6,000.00 CAD. Stock #e13087.



December 5, 2021

10kt. expandable ring/bracelet, 8.5gr. $742.00 CAD. 441-00171

We love versatile pieces that can lend themselves to any occasion or be worn in multiple ways for more personalized expression. But we have never encountered anything as versatile as this expanding lattice piece; compressing from a digit dominating ring to a brightly shining bangle. The ring can be almost any finger size, starting around a size 5, but it does need to be worn mindfully as there is no mechanism to stop it from expanding during wear. As a bangle, it expands to slip over almost any hand, you can choose to wear it loose or compress it tight against your wrist or forearm. In its tightest position, it measures 17mm wide, and at its loosest 8.15mm. The hours of labor that went into creating this 10 karat piece are mind-boggling! Each section is made up of four identical faceted leaves and four domed rivets that allow the sections to expand and contract. At 8.5 grams the piece is well made and ready for any occasion. Estate price $742.00 CAD. Stock #441-00171


November 27, 2021

14kt. yellow gold diamond bracelet 0.36ct. tw. I1-I 10.6gr. $1,120.00 CAD. e11169

There’s more to purchasing a gold bangle than pure aesthetics. Next to rings, bracelets take the most abuse of any piece of jewellery meaning they need to be robust. At 10.6 grams this 14 karat yellow gold bangle is more than ready for daily wear. The heavy hinge, extra strong white gold plunger clasp, and safety lock are up to the task of securing this hefty bangle. The shape is also a consideration as a well fitting oval bangle will not roll around the wrist, ensuring the diamonds that decorate the top are always visible. The 0.36 carats of I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds are protectively channel set with individual supportive seats encircling each pavilion. The wear it and forget about it piece is in like new condition and estate priced for $1,120.00 CAD. Stock #e11169.


November 24, 2021

2.00ct. tw. I1-I2-J tennis bracelet (175 diamonds), 16.1gr., 14kt. gold. $1,500.00 CAD. e14066

The unique optical effects of baguette cut diamonds lend themselves surprisingly well to a tennis bracelet; at the slightest movement of the wrist each diamond light up in a bright flash of white light. The 175 hand-set diamonds equal an estimated 2.00 carats together of I1-I2-J quality. The 5 diamond rows are separated by decorative and protective bars of curving high polished yellow gold. The substantial 16.1 gram bracelet is made from 14 karat yellow gold and spans an eye-catching 6.4mm wide. It’s secured with a locking plunger clasp and additional safety chain for added peace of mind. Estate price $1,500.00 CAD. Stock #e14066 171-00042.



November 19, 2021

14kt. amethyst bracelet, 6.3gr., 7 1/4″, $525.00 CAD. e14227 241-00005

The 6.00 carats of oval amethysts in this bracelet are a true purple in person, a much-needed reminder that spring is only around the corner! Each of the 17 gems has been accented by tiny yellow gold flowers. The bracelet measures 7 1/4 inches and is secured with an easy to fasten lobster clasp. The estate price is $525.00 CAD. Stock #e14227 241-00005.



November 10, 2021

14kt. ID bracelet, 18.7gr., 8 1/4″. $1,610.00 CAD. 441-00166

Identification jewellery has been extremely popular over the last few years in both new and estate/vintage jewellery. Our estate signet ring collection practically sold out over this past Christmas. Rings are often found in our displays, but we don’t see many ID bracelets come through our estate department. When we do see them they have been worn for a lifetime and display too much wear in the link joints. Our latest estate ID bracelet looks like new. There is no wear on any of the Figaro links or hinged connecting links. The ID plate has never even been engraved. It is made from 18.7 grams of upgraded 14 karat yellow gold. The bracelet measures 8 1/4 inches in overall length, suitable for an average to the slender gentleman and most women. This perfect condition identification bracelet is estate priced at $1,610.00 CAD. 441-00166


November 3, 2021

1.75ct. tw. I1-KL “S” link diamond tennis bracelet 10.8gr. 14kt. $2,100.00 CAD. e13465

As tennis bracelets go this one was built to last. The S pattern links are solidly constructed and built to sit tight against their neighbors. The connections are three piece hinges made from heavy gauge tubes and rivets. The 44 round brilliant cut diamonds have been four prong set and those prongs have bulky tips for added longevity. Together the I1-KL quality diamonds equal an approximate total weight of 1.75 carats. The 10.8 gram bracelet has been secured with a hidden box catch and additional safety lock. Estate price for this like new bracelet is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e13465.



October 28, 2021

10kt. 1.85ct. I1-I2-IJ diamond tennis bracelet 12.1gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e12441

Like earrings, the diamonds in tennis bracelets can often get away with being lower quality than those meant to center a ring. They undergo less up-close scrutiny so all that really matters is how much they sparkle. The 1.85 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds in this bracelet are certainly I1-I2-IJ quality but their inclusions are a collection of evenly spaced small included crystals. What Instagram and Pinterest would call galaxy diamonds, the inclusions give each a silvery colour that almost blends into the white gold. At a glance, all you see is their brilliance hidden in the brightly rhodium-enhanced X and O pattern of this 12.1 gram 10 karat bracelet. The wider bracelet is impressive enough to be worn on its own or as the centerpiece to a layered look. It measures 7 inches long and is secured with a hidden plunger clasp and heavyweight safety lock. Estate price $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e12441.


September 14, 2021

22kt. 3.4mm wide bangle bracelet 14.2gr. $1,400.00 CAD. e13758

22 karat is worth its weight in gold, literally, thanks to its 91.7% purity. That high purity means you aren’t paying for the alloy metals you find in the lower karats common in North American and European jewellery. It also ensures maximum value retention. Where most lower karat pieces carry their cost in manufacturing hours, higher karats carry it mostly in their weight. So much so that many Asian and Middle Eastern countries sell their gold jewellery based on gram weight instead of a ticket price. This bangle, for example, we’ve only allotted $450.00 for the man hours that went into producing the piece. Everything else is the pure refinable gold value. Meaning if you ran this bangle over with a train and it was irreparable it would still contain $958.00 in just its gold value (as of Sept. 14, 2021, $2,290.00 CAD gold price). The 3.4mm heavily patterned bangle weighs in at 14.2 grams and is estate priced for $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13758.


September 8, 2021

Tiffany 1837 interlocking bangle bracelets sterling silver $490.00 CAD. 651-00036

Interlocking bangles have been on the scene for centuries but no one does it like Tiffany’s! The heavy gauge of their sterling silver bangles adds an automatic touch of luxury. The 5.0mm wide bangles have been gently concaved to accentuate the highly reflective nature of polished silver. The bangles are both deeply stamped with the classic markings of the 1837 line. Together they weigh 39.9 grams and are accompanied by their original soft travel pouch. They are estate priced at $490.00 CAD. Stock #651-00036



August 15, 2021

David Yurman silver Dagger black diamond bracelet 0.42ct. tw. 25.3gr. B15538MSSABDS. $630.00 CAD. e14475

We’ll leave it to David Yurman to best describe their Waves collection; “Ocean waves are one of the most awe-inspiring natural forces. Combining energy, power, ferocity, and beauty, they have captivated artists for centuries. The Waves Collection is inspired by the wood-block prints of the Japanese artist Hokusai, and by ornate carvings found on the tsubas—or hand guards—of 18th century samurai swords.” The Waves Dagger Bracelet is an example of the latter and is currently available new from David Yurman for $1,050.00 CAD. Made from antiqued sterling silver and set with 0.42 carats total weight of black diamonds. The bracelet is certainly statement-making. Our example is in like-new condition and comes with all of its original David Yurman paperwork and its box. Estate price $630.00 CAD. Stock #e14475.


August 13, 2021

14kt. Cartier style bracelet/necklace 51.7gr. tw. $1,200.00 & $2,700.00 CAD. e14366 e14365

You’ve certainly seen this link style before, especially if you follow our blog, but you may not know the history behind it. This link originated from Cartier (of course) and was part of their exploration into their Panthere line. The link is called Maillon Panthere and is described by the jewellery house as meant to “sensually wrap around the hand, wrist or “décolleté” in a voluptuous feline fashion.”. Our example is not Cartier, simply “inspired by”, and features a slightly more round link profile than the traditional Cartier link. The bracelet/necklace set measures 10.3mm wide by 7 and 17 inches respectively. Both are made from 14 karat yellow gold, weighing in at a substantial 51.7 grams together. Both are equipped with extra springy white gold box catches and additional safety locks. Estate prices are $1,200.00 CAD for the bracelet and $2,700.00 CAD for the necklace separately. Stock numbers e14366 441-00117 and e14365 431-00219.


August 5, 2021

10kt. white gold medical info. bracelet, 7 3/4″, 8.1gr. $525.00 CAD. e13752

Occasionally a medical information bracelet turns up in our estate department, but we rarely get them in white gold! In fact, even from our manufacturer suppliers, there is a limited number of white gold options available. Well here’s an opportunity to combine fashion and function! The 10 karat white gold bracelet is in like-new condition. It measures 7 3/4 inches long and weighs in at a sturdy 8.1 grams. Our on-sight engravers can fill out your important medical information in a matter of days. Estate price for this estate medical info. bracelet $525.00 CAD. Stock #e13752.


August 2, 2021

10 karat gold coloured stone bracelet 8.6 grams $490.00 CAD. e12361

If you’ve never encountered one of these fantastic multi gemstone bracelets you’ve obviously never been into our store. We happily have about one or two to showcase at any given time. Each is distinctly different from the one before. This example has the added symbolism of the Hugs & Kisses X and O pattern, a style you mostly see captured in diamond bracelets. The oval brilliant cut gems are all natural with the peridot showing the lily pad inclusions they are famous for. Pale amethyst, sky blue topaz, and citrine help to keep that sunny pallet alive. The three deep red garnets punctuate the bracelet with their brooding earthy tone. The open wirework X’s keep the bracelet focused on the gemstones and add to the airy feminine feel. Meant for a petite wrist at 7 inches long the 10 karat bracelet is secured with an integrated box catch and added safety lock. Some of the softer gemstones display minor signs of wear and tear in the form of scuffs and scratches. The bracelet itself is in excellent condition showing little to no wear in any of its many movable jointed links. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e12361.



July 20, 2021

Georg Jensen vintage 149B sterling silver bracelet, 8 1/4″, 53gr., $600.00 CAD. e14065

We’ve had a couple of opportunities to showcase pieces by the famous Danish silversmith Georg Jensen in the past, but in case you aren’t familiar with the brand a complete history can be found on their website. The Coles Notes version is that Georg was an accomplished silversmith in the very early 1900s and established a silversmithy that survives him to this day. Once you know the bracelet was made in the 1960s you can see the era’s sensibilities in the soft curves of the design. The vintage 25mm wide by 8 1/4 inch long bracelet is made from ingeniously interlocking sterling silver links and finished with an oversized lobster clasp. Estate price $600.00 CAD. Stock #e14065 651-00022.



July 12, 2021

14kt. Cuban link hollow bracelet 14.4mm wide, 8″ long, 50.8gr. $3,430.00 CAD. e13223

Once you get to a link of this bulk the price can get rather prohibitive. The easiest way around that is to reduce the gold weight by opting for hollow links. This 14.4mm wide by 5.75mm thick curb link bracelet still manages to weigh in at 50.8 grams, making a comfortable presence on the wrist. The bracelet has a tighter grouping than most curb styles we encounter and it spans a little over 8 inches. The piece is secured by a decorative box catch with two additional safety locks. In almost like new condition, showing only the slightest signs of use. The bracelet is estate priced at $3,430.00 CAD. Stock #e13223.


July 6, 2021

Curb/Cuban link hollow, 14kt. bracelet, 13.5mm wide, 8 3/4″, 46.2gr. $3,150.00 CAD. e13646

A massive bracelet without a massive price point (relative to other bracelets of this scale, of course) thanks to its hollow construction. The links measure 13.5mm wide by 5.7mm thick, creating quite the impression during wear. At 8 3/4 inches, it’s the standard gent’s length and features a subtle, hidden box catch made from extra hard white gold for extra clasp spring tension. A side safety lock has been added for a bit of extra security. Despite being hollow the bracelet still manages to weigh in at a substantial 46.2 grams and shows no worn links or joints despite previous use; a testament to its quality construction. The bracelet is made from warm 14 karat gold, unlike so many cost-saving 10 karat pieces that you see at this scale. Estate priced below its replacement wholesale cost at only $3,150.00 CAD. Stock #e13646.


June 20, 2021

14kt., 10mm, noodle link bracelet, 39 grams, 7 1/2″, $2,800.00 CAD. e14209

Noodle bracelets are one of our favorite retro statement pieces, they are so offbeat, almost tongue-in-cheek. Some jewellery designer in the Seventies thought to take something from the craft box of every preschool class and cast it in warm 14 karat gold and it turned out to be a huge hit. Gracing the wrists and necks of women throughout the decade and into the early Eighties. Now, like everything else from the Seventies, their back! And this one features a high-end linen finish on every other link. The heavy-gauge hollow links span 10mm wide by 8.7mm tall, coming together to weigh 39 grams. The 7 1/2 inch long bracelet is secured by a hefty box catch with two additional safety locks. Estate price $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e14209.


June 13, 2021

0.17ct. VS-J diamond & emerald hinged bangle 6.8gr. $840.00 CAD. e14326

We have a surprising range of bangle bracelets, but we have nothing else like this one! The 28.5mm long by 6.9mm centerpiece of this solid little bangle has been gifted with four high-quality vibrant emeralds, plus a VS-J round brilliant cut diamond. The stones are wrapped in a decorative frame of millgrain that adds a touch of “antique” to the piece. The 0.17 carat diamond is really just an accent compared to the intense verdant emeralds. The 6.8 gram 14 karat yellow gold bangle is a tight oval keeping the bangle face-up during wear. The hinge and clasp are very well built and the clasp has an additional safety lock for peace of mind. Estate price $840.00 CAD. Stock #e14326.


June 7, 2021

18kt. genuine stone charm bracelet 25.2gr. $2,100.00 CAD. e11038

Italy is arguably the Mecca of the fashion world, home to innumerable fashion houses. Versace, Fendi, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Gucci, household names that even the fashion illiterate know and respect. Canadian tastes are comparatively sheepish but I’m sure there is some brave fashionista in our audience who will appreciate this bold bracelet. True to Italian tastes the 25.3 gram bracelet is made from luxuriously warm 18 karat yellow gold. The bracelet expertly displays a sophisticated combination of colours and patterns. The custom cut gemstone beads play up the orange warmth of the gold and the blue green undertones of the acrylic leopard print. The domed links are engraved in patterns that pick up the essence of that leopard print, boiling it down to a shimmering impression. All together the high quality charms create head turning brilliance and chime softly during wear. Estate price for this like new couture bracelet is $2,100.00 CAD. Stock #e11038.


June 4, 2021

18kt. leopard diamond bracelet with ruby eyes by Ramon (Spain), 0.20ct. tw. 29.4gr. $4,200.00 CAD. e14539

Ramon is a centuries-old high-end jewellery manufacturing house in its fourth generation of family ownership, located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. One of their signature lines is their Leopards, all solidly constructed from premium 18 carat yellow gold, all decorated with black enamel spots white gold cheeks and whiskers, and all set with blood-red ruby eyes. The retired bracelet we have to showcase features two leopards going nose to nose in a playful snarling match over a diamond set yellow gold ring. The ring floats freely between them, held in place by fierce canine teeth. The leopards are left matte finished and with high polished ears, eyebrows, and noses. They’re attached to a heavyweight brickwork chain fastened with a springy white gold box catch and safety lock. The 29.4 gram bracelet is a masterpiece of quality construction and comes with its original certificate of authenticity. The estate price for this like-new piece is $4,200.00 CAD. Stock #e14539.


June 3, 2021

Tri-colour bracelet, 10 karat gold, 3.6gr., $228.00 CAD. e14513

The popularity of Tri-colour gold comes and goes. It’s never been the number one choice, but it always has a following for those looking for contrast and something different. Bangle bracelets with bright diamond cut highlights do a great job of showing off the subtle contrasts available with alloyed tri-colour gold. Our latest bracelet looks like three but is actually only one. The three sections are soldered together at the safety catch equipped clasp. This ready made set is in very good condition. Each section measures 3mm wide and is decorated with bright cut reflective highlights. The set weighs 3.6 grams and is estate priced at only $228.00 CAD. Stock #e14513.



May 31, 2021

10kt. bangle bracelet 5.7mm wide, 6.9gr. $260.00 CAD. e13985

The headline is correct. This bracelet is only $260.00. This price is only around 25% more than the actual scrap value of the gold it contains, not to mention the value of the fine silver alloy. The bracelet is in very good condition, showing no signs of previous repairs, and retains its sharp crisp bright-cut diamond-shaped engraving and machine finishes. It measures 5.7mm wide and weighs 6.9 grams. Estate priced at $260.00 CAD. Stock #e13985.


May 18, 2021

1.00ct. tw. I1-I2-JK diamond tennis bracelet 11.5gr. 10kt. $1,000.00 CAD. e14114

A highly stylized take on the Xs and Os diamond bracelet. The Os are captured in white gold floral clusters and alternate with elongated swirling Xs. The Os feature 7 round single cut diamonds each and the Xs have a graduate channel of tiny baguette cuts. Together they equal an estimated 1.00-carat total weight of I1-I2-JK quality. The 10 karat two-tone bracelet weighs a sturdy 11.5 grams and spans 7 1/4 inches. Excellent condition with no measurable wear in any of the flexible jointed links. Estate price $1,000.00 CAD. Stock #e14114.


May 3, 2021

10kt. hollow, curb link bracelet, 8.4gr, 8 1/4″, Italian made. $490.00 CAD. e14369

Showing like new and never polished. This Italian made curb link bracelet is the perfect accessory for someone who wants to dress up a bit with a substantial looking bracelet, but doesn’t want to spend a couple of thousand on the equivalent bracelet made from solid 18 karat gold. It looks just like its solid link, 18 karat comparable but without the weight or cost. The 10 karat alloy has been plated in rich 18 karat yellow gold giving it the hue associated with premium 18 karat Italian gold. 8mm in width and over 8 inches long should fit all but the largest wrists. A large lobster clasp with a sturdy spring will secure the bracelet against loss. Looking brand new in our navy blue presentation box for the estate price of $490.00 CAD. Stock #e14369.


April 20, 2021

Tiffany “Love makes the world go ’round” silver bangle, 5.8mm, 7 1/4″, 21.5gr., $420.00 CAD. e14479

Sterling silver Tiffany jewellery is always popular with our customers looking for fashionable estate jewellery at a significant discount compared to buying new. There is something special about Tiffany’s designs. Traditional and classic styles are continuously being reinvented by the famous New York Jewellers. Our latest Tiffany offering is this solid construction silver bangle bracelet. It measures 5.8mm wide (almost exactly the same as a standard pencil). The small size bangle has an inner circumference of 7 1/4 inches. Deeply engraved 3 times around the circumference is the phrase “Love makes the world go ’round”. The milgrain edging is a design detail that dates back over 100 years. Not only does this feature connect with past Tiffany designs, but it also does a great job of protecting the edges against dings from wear and tear. The bangle weighs 21.5 grams and is in very good condition, it only required light polishing to look like new again. It comes with that iconic blue drawstring travel pouch and box. This bangle has been retired from the Tiffany line. The current selection of silver bangle bracelets from Tiffany has a starting price point of $750.00 CAD and up. This bangle is estate priced at $360.00 CAD. Stock #e14479.


April 16, 2021

10kt. solid link Figaro bracelet 7 1/2″, 3.2mm, 4.4gr., UnoAerre Italy. $200.00 CAD. e14038

Some of the smaller items that pass through the displays at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers deserve more attention than they sometimes get, but there are only so many hours in a day. This is a fantastic buy and an item worthy of a second look. The popular Figaro link bracelet has been a favourite design in necklaces and bracelets for decades. This one was manufactured by the famous Italian manufacturer UnoAerre. Globally known for exceptional quality at an affordable price. As an estate item, the value is even better. The solid link, 10 karat construction measures 3.2mm wide, 7 1/2 inches long and weighs 4.44 grams. Its bevelled edges catch the light and sparkle with every wrist movement. A sturdy lobster clasp provides ease of use, safety and security. The bracelet is in like-new condition and is estate priced at only $200.00. $45.00 per gram for imported Italian 10 karat gold is an excellent value. This is only 1 of the many smaller items we have in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We might just have exactly what you’re looking for. Stock #e14038.


April 14, 2021

10kt. curb link bracelet 13.2gr. 7+” $700.00 CAD. e13156

The curb link is a recurring theme accenting women’s fashion, popping up eventually on every article of clothing and accessory. There’s no substitute for the original of course! The classic curb link bracelet layers well with other bracelets, bangles, or watches. However, at this 6.7mm in width, the bracelet could stand just as well worn alone. The 7 plus inch long link bracelet is solidly constructed from 13.2 grams of warm 10 karat yellow gold. It is secured with heavy, stylized end caps and a heavy oversized lobster clasp. $700.00 CAD. Stock #e13156.


April 1, 2021

1.00ct. tw. VS-HI diamond bracelet 5.8gr. 14kt. 7 1/2″ $2,100.00 CAD. e13048

In the world of station chains (like “Diamonds by the Yard” if you’re Tiffany & Co.) seeing one using a mix of fancy shape and round diamonds is unusual. This leads us to believe that the creation might have been a custom piece made from diamonds someone already had. That suspicion deepens when we take a closer look. The round and marquise bezels are much heavier than we’ve encountered before. Each is set with a top quality VS-HI diamond. The five round brilliant cuts and two marquise equal an estimated 1.00 carat in total weight. The entire bracelet is made from bright white 14 karat white gold, measuring 7 1/2 inches long, and weighing in at 5.8 grams. Estate price $2.100.00 CAD. Stock #e13048.


February 25, 2021

0.75ct. tw. I1-IJ X & O diamond tennis bracelet, 9.5gr. 14kt. $1,000.00 CAD. e14172

The classic X & O tennis bracelet but with a thoughtful twist, the Xs have been stylized to look like tiny flowers, most similar to the individual blooms of a purple lilac. They cradle between their petals a dewdrop frozen into diamond, compass set for an added touch of elegance. The 38 I1-IJ quality round brilliant cuts come together to equal 0.75 carats. They stand out brightly against the warmth of the 9.5 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. The petite bracelet is in like-new condition and is secured by a white gold hidden plunger clasp with an additional safety lock. Estate price $1,000.00 CAD. Sock #e14172.


February 2, 2021

14kt. two tone Italian made bracelet 9.3gr. $609.00 CAD. e9414

e9414 14kt. two tone Italian made braceletA nice example of high quality Italian craftsmanship. It looks pretty basic in design but just try to make something like this. It’s of heavy gauge hollow construction enabling the piece to weigh a reasonable 9.3 grams. Yet not heavy enough to put a lot of stress and wear on the 28 solid rivets. All the hinged joints are very smooth conforming to every wrist contour. Measuring 7.25 inches long it should fit the average lady’s wrist perfectly. Two tone construction enables this bracelet to match many different jewellery items or watches. All estate bracelets and chain items offered for sale at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers are in like new condition; stretched, worn, previously repaired or dented items are not tolerated. Items not meeting our high standards for condition are immediately recycled for precious metal recovery. This bracelet will see no such fate as it looks and feels like new. The high polished finish is easy to maintain and always in style. Estate priced at $609.00. Stock #e9414.



February 1, 2021

2.00ct. tw. SI2-I1-HI diamond tennis bracelet 14kt. white gold 13.4gr. $2,800.00 CAD. e13836

Bright and white with lots of sparkles. Few jewellery items do it better than a good tennis bracelet. This bracelet contains over 100 nice quality (SI2-I1-HI) round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds channel set in its 22 flexible white gold links. The diamonds total an estimated weight of a tidy 2.00 carats. The individual joints show no wear of any kind and the factory rhodium finish over the white gold is fully intact. The polished sections display very light scuffs and scratches, but overall the bracelet could almost pass for brand new. A plunger type clasp snaps together with a reassuring click and a fold-over side safety guarantees this bracelet is going to stay put. At a little over 7 inches in length, this bracelet should fit the average lady’s wrist perfectly. Included with the purchase is an August 2007 appraisal that accurately describes the bracelet and components. In August the price of gold was under $800.00 Canadian, today the price of gold is close to 3 times that at $2,350.00 per ounce. Our estate price for this like-new diamond bracelet is $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #e13836.


January 4, 2021

Italian made hinged bangle bracelet 14kt. 34.5gr. 17mm wide $2,400.00 CAD. e13996

A hefty Italian made cuff made to maximize the reflective properties of highly polished yellow gold. The bangle measures a whopping 17.2mm wide by 6mm thick. With that much surface area, the designer was able to create the impression of a concave bangle with a narrow convex band running its circumference. The bangle is cast from 34.5 grams of warm 14 karat yellow gold, and only exhibits a couple of minor dings despite regular wear; proof of quality manufacturing. The bangle is secured with an extra springy white gold clasp with a yellow gold button release. The sturdy clasp is double grooved, ensuring that if you manage to tug it open the second groove will catch before it falls off. It takes a firm press with support on the reinforced backside to release the catch. Estate price $2,400.00 CAD. Stock #e13996.


January 2, 2021

8 karat gold German market bangles 15.7gr. (set of 3) $665.00 CAD. e12731

Made in Germany, need we say more? This 8 karat trio of green gold bangles have each been gifted with a unique finish and width. The most striking of the three is the narrowest, with its 3mm width sandblasted in the finest grain and then bright cut engraved with graceful intertwining crescents. The 15.7 gram set wears comfortably on the average women’s wrist, tickling in that bohemian chime. The vintage set is in like new condition and have never been polished or refinished, just an ultrasonic cleansing in our hot cleaning solution. Price for the set is only $665.00 CAD. Stock #e12731.


January 1, 2021

74gr. 10kt. solid link, 11.4mm wide, 8 3/4″, curb link bracelet $3,990.00 CAD. e14200

Another one of those bracelets that can double as a wrist-weight, if you’re looking for a 6th of a pound of resistance… We know it’s not much to brag about to your gym buddies but remember that’s a 6th of a pound of gold! The solid 11.4mm wide curb stye link has been beveled drastically for a distinct look. The 10 karat bracelet measures a slightly longer gents 8 3/4 inches and features a hefty box catch with an extra springy white gold tongue and extra safety lock. Estate price $3,990.00 CAD. Stock #e14200.