June 8, 2024

Gents 44mm Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller 116660. Excellent condition. $12,250.00 CAD. 505-00504

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a classic design that has seen little change since it was introduced more than 50 years ago. Always the most watertight Rolex, always made of stainless steel (no two tone version until 2019) and always around 40mm diameter. Over the years the depth rating has increased from 610 meters but the basic look remained the same until the 116660 Deepsea was introduced in 2008. At 44mm diameter it was the largest size watch in the Rolex line up. It’s a big watch and is more than capable with a water resistance depth rating of 12800 feet! I don’t know about you but my ears start to hurt at the bottom in the deep end of a swimming pool. An automatic helium escape valve is standard for those of you who need to slowly decompress after living in a diving bell for an extended period. This watch does not come with any original documentation or packaging; because Rolex now use random non sequential serial numbers there is no way for us to know exactly how old this watch is. What we do know is this example has the less common bead blasted texture on the inside of the buckle. Rolex only applied this finish from 2008 until around 2015 for the DeepSea, so it’s safe to say this watch is around 10 to 15 years old. Current and prior Sea-Dwellers all had polished inner buckles. Although this watch is at least 10 years old, you wouldn’t know it to see it though. It looks practically like new. There is only the slightest evidence of use. There are no significant blemished or dings anywhere on the case or bracelet. We feel it was lightly and professionally refinished to a very high standard and has not been worn since. It is operating flawlessly and keeping excellent time. The sporty Oyster-Link bracelet is short two link and diver extension has been removed. Extra links are easily available if you need more room but as is it will still easily accommodate an average or slightly larger wrist size if the GlideLock is used. The DeepSea is still being produced today (current model 136660) and comes with a retail price of $18,100.00. Our estate example looks like it’s never been worn and is available for 32% less. If you’re looking for a large statement Rolex for use under all conditions, day or night, the Deep-Sea will get the job done. We are happy to provide the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years). The jumbo Rolex Sea-Dweller is estate priced at $12,250.00 CAD. Stock #505-00504.


June 3, 2024

2016 Rolex Oyster 114200 “red grape” Oyster 34 $8,800.00 CAD. 505-00400 e10175

We first sold this watch in late 2016 and it returned just the other day as a trade-in. The Rolex 34mm Oyster is a great mix of classic Rolex design with contemporary details that are instantly noticeable. Have you ever seen a Rolex with a dial colour like this? Known within Rolex circles as red grape, this dial is a soft subtle greyish purple plum hue. Certainly not the typically encountered silver, black, white, or champagne face usually seen. Closer inspection reveals tiny little pink squares on the outer dial edge that tip the raised 18-karat white gold luminous hour markers.  The watch was purchased new in June 2016 at a Toronto authorized agent. When we sold it the first time it came complete with everything seen in these images; only these images remain of the complete package. The original Rolex documentation, packaging, and accessories have become lost after a move (it DOES NOT come with box and papers). The uncluttered functional dial with smooth bezel and more sporty oyster bracelet make this watch the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle. A super scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, threaded twin lock crown, and a screw on case back allow a 100-meter water-resistant rating. It was worn by the previous owner as a favorite accessory for over 7 years. Overall condition is very good after a light refinish and polish to the case and bracelet. The 11 link Oyster bracelet exhibits just a touch of sag, but no stretch. The “Red Grape” dial is no longer available and has become a colour that doesn’t show up very often.  A unique watch that is sure to be noticed with a look of understated sophistication. The watch was completely serviced in early 2024 and is running well within chronometer tolerances. Including a complimentary 1-year warranty this watch is estate priced at $8,800.00 CAD. Stock #505-00400.



May 30, 2024

2004 Rolex Datejust 116203 36mm (June 2022 factory service) $12,000.00 CAD. 505-00248

If only your last used car came as well documented as this watch. Buying a preowned Rolex is much the same as buying a used car, except once you’re ready to move on the Rolex is still going to be worth a bunch of money. Condition and history are paramount considerations when it comes to purchasing anything that’s had a previous owner. This 1 owner Datejust 36mm 116203 was purchased new in Kitchener Ontario in December 2004. At that time this watch had a suggested retail price of $9,580.00 CAD. 19 years later this watch is an excellent value at $12,000.00. It was worn as a timekeeping tool by its previous owner every day. He kept to the Rolex maintenance schedule of a complete servicing to the automatic movement every 5 years. The original service invoices are included with the package. The second service was performed at Rolex Canada in June 2022. Since the June 22 service, the watch was only worn for less than 4 months. The watch no longer sports the striped service stickers and shows some minor scratches that are easily removed should you wish. Included with the recent service was a professional refinishing of the 18-karat yellow gold and stainless steel case. The watch now looks practically new aside from only a little bit of sag/wear in the full-length Oyster bracelet. Complete kit, 1 owner, Rolex watches are not that uncommon, but one with full factory service history is quite rare. You can rest assured the watch was serviced to Rolex’s high standards and will continue to function as a reliable luxury watch for decades to come. The classic two-tone Datejust with the smooth bezel and sportier Oyster bracelet is much less common than the typical fluted bezel with the Jubilee bracelet we usually see. Needless to say, the watch comes with all its original documentation and packaging. If you bought a used car 20 years ago for the cost of this watch, that car was likely scrapped ten years ago and you likely received a few hundred dollars for it. Buying a new or used Rolex often works out to be an unlikely but positive investment decision. If you’re considering buying a preowned Rolex this is a great example to consider. We’re always looking for good quality trade-ins. Bring us your old gold, silver, watches, diamonds, or other used jewellery. There is always room in our estate department for another previously enjoyed treasure. Once the Rolex service warranty expires in June of 2024, our 1-year warranty kicks in and our 5-year prorated warranty will extend decreasing coverage until June 2027. This is now a retired model but the replacement model 126203 looks pretty much the same priced at $15,550.00. There are very few consumer products that retain their value better than a Rolex watch. This excellent example is estate priced at $12,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00248.




May 25, 2024

2023 Rolex Datejust 41 126333 $16,900.00 CAD. 505-00505.

What’s with the name Datejust? Most people have no idea of how this somewhat awkward name came to be identified with one of the most popular watches ever made by Rolex. The Datejust debuted as part of the 40th anniversary of the brand in 1945. As with so many other industry firsts, the Rolex Datejust was the first automatic chronometer rated watch to display the day of the month in a small cut out window on the dial. That’s explains the “Date” part of the name. The “Just” suffix can also be considered a first. While most calendar date displays change over the display slowly usually starting around 10:00pm and lasting several hours; the Datejust changes precisely at midnight making date “just” or precise and absolute. Rolex performed some innovative and clever engineering in order to achieve this seemingly simple feat. For most of the past 7 decades or so the Datejust has measured 36mm in diameter. In 2009 Rolex finally released a larger size. At 41mm diameter it’s quite a bit bigger. This larger size was a welcomed addition for those people looking for a more contemporary style. Compared to the standard size Datejust the difference is unmistakable. Our Datejust 41 126333 is in almost perfect condition, showing only the slightest evidence of very rare occasional use by a very conscientious collector owner. Purchased through a Canadian authorized agent in The spring of 2023 the watch comes complete with all its original packaging, instructions, full compliment of adjusting links and balance of warranty good until June 2029.  The slightly less common white dial with large luminous hash mark hour markers is the epitome of legibility in all lighting conditions. This is a current model  with a suggested retail price of $17,750.00 CAD and can be seen on the Rolex website. For close to 80 years the Datejust has remained true to the original design and with the larger updated case size it’s poised to be a popular choice for another 80. Even though watches are no longer the necessity they once were, watches like this are so much more than just a tool to display the time. In as like new condition, only showing only a few minor scuffs and light scratches that can easily be removed while you wait. This watch is estate priced at $16,900.00 CAD.  Stock #505-00505.


May 23, 2024

2009 Rolex Milgauss 116400GV 40mm $10,300.00 CAD. 505-00318

If you have the means and the priority, Rolex makes a watch for every man and every woman. Traditional Rolex watches are robustly made from the best components available and are considered the most reliable of any Swiss-made watch. The basic styles are suitable for almost any activity you may subject them to. There are however a few watches within the Rolex model line that have been engineered for use during some very specialized tasks. These models are known within Rolex circles as professionals. The Sea-Dweller comes to mind as a purpose-built professional diving tool that is water-tight to depths of 12,800 feet and comes with an automatic helium escape valve. Our featured professional Rolex is this black dial Milgauss. This is perhaps an even more specialized piece of equipment. The original Milgauss was introduced in 1956 as an answer to problems encountered when mechanical watches were exposed to strong magnetic fields. The introduction of the Milgauss allowed scientists to wear a watch while working in environments with extreme magnetic fields. Without magnetic protection, performing your job in strong magnetic fields would render a regular watch useless or unreliable at best. Rolex has gone to extraordinary measures in order to shield the calibre 3131 from the effects of magnetism. A special inner liner inside the Oyster case made from a proprietary Rolex blend of metals keeps the movement running within chronometer specifications even under extreme magnetic field conditions. Our latest example is in very good condition and still sports 3 original protective stickers on the case-back and buckle from its original delivery in 2009. It does display signs of use with scratches, scuffs, and dings to the case and bracelet. This is a two owner watch. The first owner has over 100 luxury watches and hardly worn it, but when he did he wore it hard. The 2nd owner had it for only about a year, wore it carefully and recently traded it back to us for something different. The sporty polished/brushed Oyster link bracelet with easy link extension shows zero wear, stretch or sag. A light polish/refinishing would have it looking practically new if you choose, but as always we’d like to leave that decision up to the next owner. It is running great and keeping excellent time. The black dial, orange lightning bolt second hand, and tinted green sapphire crystal make this an unmistakable model, to say the least. When the light grows dim the Milgauss’ luminous hands and oversized markers strongly glow making excellent nighttime legibility. The entire Milgauss line was recently retired from production making good condition all original  examples particularly attractive to collectors. A complimentary one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty is also included with purchase. Our estate price is $10,300.00 CAD. Stock #505-00318.



2019 Rolex Explorer 39mm 214270 mark II dial & Rubber B strap $9,250.00 CAD. 505-00279

A classic retired Rolex model that originally debuted in the 1950s. The Rolex Explorer got its name after Sir Edmund Hillary became the first person to successfully climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Ever since it has been a top choice for adventurous people who want the ultimate in absolute functional timekeeping without all the bells and whistles. Just 3 hands for timekeeping duties and nothing else. Crafted in Switzerland by Rolex using very exotic 904L stainless steel containing molybdenum. This rare element makes the Explorer extra resistant to corrosive salt water and other types of chemical exposure. Rolex says the Chromalight treatment on the hands and hour markers glow brightly twice as long as standard luminous materials. The Arabic 3,6 and 9 add to the clear clean functional nature of this watch. The watch was purchased new in Canada in October 2019 from an authorized Rolex agent. This watch came to us from a collector customer who traded it in after 4 years of occasional use. It display much less wear than its age of 5 years would suggest. It remains of completely original condition. It has never been polished or refinished in any way. It displays some small scratches on the case and bracelet that can easily be removed in about an hour if you wish. For a change of look the watch also comes with a Rubber B black textured strap. The $280.00 aftermarket rubber strap integrates perfectly with the Rolex case and is designed to use the original Rolex  buckle giving it a factory look. At 39mm diameter, the Explorer is not one of those jumbo watches you can’t fit under a shirt cuff. It’s a comfortable size that looks a little bigger than 39mm due to the large uncluttered dial and thin polished bezel. A Screw down crown and case back help keep the Oyster case watertight to a depth of 300 feet. The factory warranty has expired but we’re happy to provide a complimentary 1-year warranty for the next owner (pro-rated for 5 years). This is the second and more preferred version of the now retired 39mm series. It comes with the sportier fully luminous 18 karat white gold 3,6, and 9. The “Mark II” dial also features hands that were a little longer. Many felt the hands on the early 214260 Explorer looked awkward and not proportioned properly, the minute hand didn’t even reach the minute track on the dial. This watch comes with everything originally delivered including the hang tags. The original owners name was never written on the warranty card. The Oyster bracelet shows zero stretch or sag of any amount and contains the full compliment of adjustable links. The EasyLink adjustment under the buckle offers 5mm of extension without the need for any tools. This Canadian delivered retired Rolex is estate priced at $9,200.00 CAD. Stock #505-00279.


May 18, 2024

2021 Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 116503 black dial 40mm $25,575.00 CAD. 505-00508

Sporting luxury chronographs make for some of the most collectible watches. Of the many Swiss chronographs available Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch and the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph are the most popular.  This two-tone 18 karat yellow gold and stainless Daytona blends sporting performance with a more sophisticated and versatile look for any occasion, especially with the preferred glossy black dial. It’s a formidable chronograph, a luxury piece of jewellery and a lifestyle statement all in one. The Daytona phenomenon isn’t new, although it’s more powerful now than ever. They’re the mythical Holy Grail watch for many collectors and have been difficult to find at Rolex agents for many decades now. On the secondary market, they’re more plentiful but costly; current models in stainless steel have asking prices twice what they sold for brand new. Vintage models from the 1960s and 70s can and do sell well into 6 figures. Even the upscale 18-karat gold and steel models like our latest example have a waiting list if you’d like a new one. This one is previously owned and has worn regularly since the it was purchased new from a Canadian authorized Rolex agent in the winter of 2021. It remains in its original condition although now it shows scuffs and scratches associated with regular use. It wouldn’t be difficult to polish the evidence of use away but we believe in the saying “it’s only original once”. Collectors are willing and expecting to see some signs of use but not abuse. We can easily refinish it to look like new in only a few days, but we’ll let the next owner decide if they want it refinished or left original. This model has recently been replaced with the very similar 126503 Daytona, now with contrasting champagne rings around the registers. The new model can be seen on the Rolex Canada website here. The 5-year international warranty will remain in effect until the winter of 2026. This version of the Dayton features the latest bracelet design with the integrated fliplock buckle and “easylink” micro extension for days when a bit more room is needed. Beating inside the 100-meter, water-resistant Oyster case is the fully in-house developed Rolex calibre 4130. This movement made its debut in the 2000 Daytona. In more than 100 years of history, this is Rolex’s first chronograph mechanism developed entirely within the corporation. They’ve pretty much always offered watches with stopwatch features but the mechanical components have always been supplied by other manufacturers. With the release of calibre 4130 Rolex finally freed themselves from production limitations imposed by other companies.  You’d think with the vast manufacturing capabilities of Rolex there shouldn’t be any problem meeting Daytona demand. Such is not the case; in fact, it’s become even more difficult to find a Daytona at your local Rolex boutique. The automatic Daytona has always had waiting lists. Since the new movement was introduced there is more demand than ever. We are offering this watch just above its suggested retail price, but significantly less than the average asking price for anything comparable on the secondary market, especially considering this is a 2021 model and still covered under the factory warranty. It comes complete with the original inner/outer boxes, instruction/service booklets, endorsed warranty card with holder, green plastic chronometer tag, cardboard product tag with model/serial number, white cardboard box sleeve, and even the foam box liner. Our estate price is $25,575.00 CAD. Stock #505-00508.


May 17, 2024

1969 Rolex Air-King Date 5701 34mm $5,190.00 CAD. 505-00255

If your significant other is giving you a hard time about your watch collection, let them know there are worse ways to spend your disposable income. Here is more evidence supporting my argument. Our latest estate watch was purchased from us in late 2001 for just $2,250.00, and at $5,190.00 today I think it’s still good value for an entry-level collector Rolex. This watch is a little unusual because it is an Air-King but it also has a calendar feature. This combination was only available in commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia, etc. All other countries got the Air-King without the date feature. I believe this is the only automatic watch that Rolex made during this era that had a calendar feature but wasn’t chronometer rated. These 34mm Air-Kings can be worn by men or women on the original stainless steel Oyster bracelet or a leather strap of your colour choice that gives the watch a completely different character. The Air-King Date features an extremely sturdy and reliable calibre 1520. This 26 jewel automatic winding mechanism was initially developed in 1957 and stayed in service in watches like the no date Submariner until the late 1980s. A more than 30-year run speaks volumes for reliability. This Air-King has been worn off and on by various owners for over 50 years. The full length 13 folded link Oyster bracelet should fit almost anyone and is in decent condition. It is showing some dents and dings with some sage but has many decades of useful service life left. The logo on the buckle is very well worn but still displays some relief. We are happy to supply the next owner of this vintage (and somewhat rare Rolex) with a complimentary 1-year warranty. The watch is estate priced at $5,190.00 CAD. Stock #505-00255.

May 10, 2024

2018/2019 Rolex Air-King 116900 40mm (retired model), your choice $9,200.00 CAD. 505-00482, 505-00483

The Rolex Air-King has been around in one form or another for over 75 years. The basic looking oyster cased Rolex was first labeled Air-King as a tribute to Britain’s Royal Air Force who participated in the battle of Britain. RAF pilots of the time preferred using the Rolex oyster over the standard issue lower quality watches. The robust design and relatively large case size (for the period) made it the perfect pilot tool for quick time interpretation. Not to mention the entry level Rolex was a far superior offering to anything else of the era. After the 34mm Air-King was discontinued in 2014 it appeared that one of the longest running models from Rolex was gone forever. Rolex has been known to revive past models with an injection of new style and new technology before and the Air-King 116900 was the result. Ready for the next few generations of pilots or those who just love the style and tradition that is the Rolex Air-King. Gone is the rather small 34mm case, it’s been replaced by a 40mm version. If the larger Oyster case didn’t catch your attention the incredible dial had everyone talking since this model was introduced in 2016. Although some feel the mix of the highly polished 18 karat white gold 3,6 and 9 hour markers mixed with large painted 5, 10, 20, 25….. minute markers is a little busy looking, I just love it. It certainly is a departure from the basic stick or Arabic/stick combo of previous generation Air-Kings. The look is unique and still very purposeful. This is the first Rolex ever to feature a different colour coronet logo (yellow) and Rolex brand text (green). Luminous Mercedes style hands are far larger and easier to read than any set previously fitted to an Air-King. It offers a unique look when the lights go out with only the 12:00 o’clock index point as reference. Along with the new case is the newer automatic calibre 3131 equipped with an antimagnetic shield protecting it from strong magnetic fields. This ultra high precision movement easily exceeds the minimum standards for chronometer rating at an incredible +/- 2 seconds per day according to Rolex. Both of these watches were purchased new in Canada at a Rolex authorized agents, ones comes with the original bill of sale from February 2018. They are both one owner examples and worn in rotation with other watches. They show typical wear associated with occasional use.We are pleased to report they both remain in there original unpolished condition. Included with both watches are the instructions, service manual, endorsed 5-year international warranty card, white product tag, plastic chronometer tag, inner/outer boxes, and the foam box liner. The 2018 also comes with the original invoice, agent appraisal, and an independent appraisal. This watch along with every other gent’s professional model is almost impossible to find in Canada right now. If you want a new one, be prepared to wait for months to years depending on what one you’re looking for. There is no extra duty purchasing this watch compared to purchasing on from another country and we’ll include insured shipping anywhere in Canada. Depending the province you live it, there could also be some sales tax savings. The watch is running great and keeping excellent time. Both are estate priced at $9,200.00 CAD. Stock #505-00482, 505-00483.

2019 has been sold 505-00483 

1980 Rolex Submariner 16808 with box & service papers. $30,000.00 CAD. 505-00349

We’ve sold 100s of stainless steel and two-tone Rolex Submariners over the past 65 years but this one is only a small handful of all gold Submariners we have had the pleasure of showcasing. This is no jewellery box queen, it was used as an everyday watch most of its entire life since purchased brand new in 1980. The first owner wore it for close to 40 years until he decided it was time for a change. We sold it a little over 3 years ago to the second owner who only used it occasionally until he brought it back to us. A number of years ago the original bracelet was completely rebuilt. The solid gold screws and rivets holding everything together were replaced by Humbertown Jewellers according to the original owner. The removable screws have been substituted by soldered in place 18 karat gold wire. After a recent polishing, the bracelet still shows obvious signs of wear and tear. There is not too much sag or stretch but one of the tapered links has been removed and two links are showing small dents. The rebuilt bracelet can be safely worn for decades to come but it will never be new or perfect. The fliplock clasp with diver’s extension is working beautifully but the embossed Rolex logo has almost disappeared from wear and polishing over the past 43 years. In the fall of 2011, Rolex Canada performed a full service and overhaul of the automatic winding movement. While being serviced the watch was treated to a new dial, a set of hands, and a new bezel insert. The royal blue dial is perfect, showing a beautiful radial sunburst pattern that colour shifts as the watch is moved. The new dial and hands provide far better low/no light visibility as the fresh luminous pigment glows far brighter than the original tritium material. Rolex service warranty card and service report are included along with the dealer invoice of $1,311.93 for the servicing and parts. The head of the watch is in really nice condition. It has been professionally refinished by Rolex while in for service and still displays the proper textures on all surfaces. The lugs are still plenty thick and retain a nice beveled edge. The original leather covered wooden box is missing its liner but is in otherwise good condition. A rare accessory brown leather wallet is in perfect condition as it remained unused by the previous owners since 1980. If you prefer to purchase the watch without the 65.3 gram original bracelet we will supply any 20mm leather Hirsch strap that is available for no charge. These gold Submariners look right at home with a high quality leather or rubber strap. Without the original rebuilt bracelet the watch is priced at $26,000.00 CAD. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is pleased to provide the new owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty. The watch comes with all the pictured documents, box, and accessories. This classic Rolex Submariner on Oyster bracelet is estate priced at $30,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00349.


May 5, 2024

2007 Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm 16623 with Rubber B strap $14,800.00 CAD. 505-00394

The Rolex Yacht-Master is often confused with a Submariner. The confusion is easy to understand as both watches are the same size, have a rotating bezel indexed for 60 minutes, have large super water-tight triplock crowns, and large luminous dial markers with the same style hands. Where they differ is the Yacht-Master is a little less narrowly focused in design. A totally polished case and solid 18-karat yellow gold bezel give it a more dressy jewellery look. This is still a watch that can be worn for all activities. Its famous oyster case provides a conservative water resistance rating of 300 feet. The two-way indexed bezel is a handy device useful for timing any event lasting less than 60 minutes. I’ve heard people using this simple feature for everyday things like parking meters, lunch hours or even timing the perfect steak on the barbeque. Bright oversized luminous hands and dial markers offer surprisingly effective contrast against the champagne allowing efficient time interpretation under all lighting conditions. This example dates from 2007 but looks like it is almost new.   It comes with the original inner/outer boxes, fully endorsed warranty papers, and Canadian service papers from 2015, a service booklet, a chronometer hang tag. The previous owner decided to give this watch a modern casual look by adding an expensive Rubber B strap. These luxury rubber straps are specifically made for each Rolex model and fit as well as any factory original. Rubber B even incorporates the original FlipLock Rolex buckle giving the package the OEM look.  Although the factory warranty has now lapsed Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers includes a one-year warranty covering all aspects of the watch the same as Rolex. The watch shows some wear mostly in the form of small scratches on the bracelet and bezel but the overall condition is very good.  Rolex no longer offers the Yacht-master in this configuration. The similar two-tone rose gold version with a brown dial has a retail price of $18,750.00 CAD. Our rarely encountered two-tone yellow gold with Champagne dial is estate priced at $14,800.00 CAD. Stock #505-00394.



April 27, 2024

1996 & 1999 Rolex Submariners 16613 “Swiss Only” dials $11,900.00 & $13,000.00 CAD. 505-00492 505-00494

When the Rolex Submariner debuted in 1953 it was regarded strictly as a highly functional “tool” type watch. Made to accomplish a few specific tasks under some very harsh conditions. It was the first watch waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. The rotating bezel made it possible to quickly calculate elapsed time. It was never designed to win any beauty contests, but the look has endured to become one of the most copied. Almost every manufacturer produce a watch that is heavily inspired by the Rolex Submariner. A few decades after they debuted, a calendar appeared on the watch adding an obvious and handy feature. Shortly after that a solid gold model became available. In 1984 the first steel and gold combination added a new more affordable “jewellery” version. Model 11613 came out in the late 1980s and featured the then new Rolex caliber 3135 movement that powered submariners for the next 25 years. This movement is considered one of the most durable and reliable available. An almost 50 hour power reserve was longer than most other automatic watches of the time. Retired from production in 2009, the 16613  has become a little more desirable over the last few years. The current two-tone Submariner model 126613 is the modern equivalent of the classics 16613. The contemporary examples are 1mm larger and feature a ceramic bezel insert, updated case/bracelet but still retain familiar look that was established decades ago. A brand new 126613 in your choice of blue or black dial will run you $20,100.00 CAD assuming you’re lucky enough to find one in the display case at your local authorized Rolex agent. These two date from 1996 and 1999. The last of the aluminum bezel insert models like these are showing up less and less often. Collectors and a new generation of younger buyers are snapping them up. They offer the classic look at a much lower price point, plus Rolex is heavily promoting the two-tone look. A few Rolex  watches that were never offered in anything other than stainless steel are now available with in steel with 18 karat gold . Despite the fact one is a 1996 model and the other is a 1999, they both showcase the uncommon 1-year “SWISS only” dial. These dials were only made in 1999 and marked the end tritium pigment in the luminous hands and hour markers. Tritium had been used from the mid 1960 until 1999 on many Rolex models. In 2000 the tiny text under the 6:00 o’clock index was changed to SWISS MADE, recognizing the move to an improved Luminova formula providing a brighter and longer lasting glow. We speculate the blue 1996 had a replacement dial, set of hands, and a bezel insert fitted while being serviced at Rolex sometime around 1999. The dial and hands of the black 1999 appear original. The date code on the buckles of both watches roughly matches the serial number production dates engraved on the cases. Both bracelets display only modest stretch and sag (the black is slightly tighter). The embossed Rolex logo on the blue example has lost almost all of its relief, the previous owner must have had it polished often. The buckle on the black dial watch is in very good condition although it has been responsibly polished at some point in the past. The 18 karat and stainless steel Oyster link bracelets are equipped with locking buckles and wetsuit extensions. The blue bracelet contains 11 links and the black watch has 12. Both watches are running great and keeping good time. They do not come with any original documentation or boxes, but the black comes with a 2016 “Watch Identification” report and travel card from World Gemological Services. We are happy to provide the next owners a complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years). They are estate priced at $11,900.00 (blue dial) 505-00492 and $13,000.00 (black dial) 505-00494.

1999 Black dial 505-00494 SOLD


April 26, 2024

1956 Tudor Oyster-Prince 34mm 7809 gold plated $1,560.00 CAD. 505-00331

One of the more striking dials ever produced by Tudor has got to be the very rare champagne/silver bullseye combination on this 1956 Oyster-Prince model 7809. The radial finish silver edge adds texture and depth to an otherwise common dial shade. For a watch that is 67 years old, the overall condition is good. The case has the usual signs of wear and tear with a few dings on some of the edges and base metal showing through the lugs. The stainless steel case back has a personal inscription hand engraved on the back from Christmas 1956. The shallow engraved message can easily be removed should you choose to do so. Most watches produced in the 1950s still used hand wind movements, so an automatic winding watch was considered quite a luxury for the era. For hundreds of years, the ritual of winding your timekeeping devices by hand was a necessity.  Rolex/Tudor is not a company to let a marketing opportunity pass them by; so, proudly written across the bottom of the dial is some extra text that reads “ROTOR SELF-WINDING”. The 17 jewel automatic movement is running well and keeping good time after a full overhaul by us in January 2023.  A new 19mm Hirsch leather strap with stitched edges really flatters the rare bullseye tuxedo crosshair dial. At 34mm in diameter, this is an average-sized watch that could be worn by a man or a woman. The black/silver versions of this dial are occasionally encountered on stainless examples of this watch but seeing a champagne/silver version on a gold-plated case is almost never seen. This is the first time we’ve even seen the combination before. Another rare feature of this watch is the fact that it still sports its original “Oyster-Patent” crown and not a later replacement item displaying a Rolex coronet logo. Including Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers’ 1-year warranty, this rare Tudor is estate priced at $1,560.00. Stock #505-00331.


April 25, 2024

2016 Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N ETA movement $6,875.00 CAD. 505-00131

When the Tudor Black Bay series was released in 2012 it was obviously heavily inspired by the ever-popular Tudor Submariners of the 1950s, featuring the unique contrasting, luminous snowflake hour hand. Initially only available in red and then blue, its design was so classic and perfectly executed it was honored by the jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva in 2013. The highly anticipated Black Bay “Black” was released in the fall of 2015 and was available on either a leather strap or metal bracelet. A few months after the release of the Black Bay Black, Tudor made an announcement at Baselworld 2016 that all Tudor Black Bay models would soon feature an in-house designed and manufactured movement. What is interesting and noteworthy, is that would make the Black Bay Black with Tudor 2824 caliber available for sale for less than a year. The Tudor 2824 caliber movement is based on an ETA 2824 movement used by nearly every luxury watch brand. It is a time-tested (pun intended), trusted movement known for its precision and reliability. However, Tudor’s watchmaking expertise improved upon the ETA incabloc shock protection and regulation system making the movement more specific to the Black Bay. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is that the original Tudor Black Bay Black had the iconic Tudor Rose emblem on the dial, rose crown, and curved text on the dial. The new generation Black Bays with the in-house calibre feature the Tudor Shield on the dial, crown, and straight horizontal text. All ETA2824 Black Bay models come with an accessory cloth NATO style strap in addition to a metal bracelet or leather strap (but not both). One of the great things about our Black Bay Black is that it comes with all three bracelet/strap options. When it was initially purchased in March 2016, the watch came on a stainless-steel bracelet. The original owner decided to purchase the OEM distressed black leather strap with a matching Tudor deployment buckle to have the option to change up the look. Metal, leather, and nylon bracelets are all in very good condition. That is three unique looks for one watch. The watch is in very good condition showing some scuffs and scratches but remains in its original unpolished condition. Keeping with the theme of an homage to vintage dive watches Tudor chose to use a flat black dial with gold writing to be paired with rose gold snowflake hands and hour indices giving it a similar look to how early Submariners have aged. Heritage Black Bay Blacks were produced for less than one year making them far rarer than the red or blue bezel versions. Its short production run will surely lead to an increase in value over time and will solidify a place in the horological annals. Comes complete with inner/outer boxes (watch cuff missing), accessories, booklets, hang-tag, and a 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. The previous owner even kept the white cardboard sleeve showing the correct serial number on the outside sticker. You are not likely to find a more complete example than this one. Estate priced at $6,875.00 CAD. Stock #505-00131.



April 20, 2024

1969 Rolex presentation watch 14kt. 35mm cal. 1520 $6,000.00 CAD. 505-00403

It’s unusual for us to showcase a Rolex that is not an Oyster. The Rolex Oyster case is defined by its screw-down crown, threaded case back, and crystal (either plastic or sapphire) that is secured by a tension-fit bezel. This 1960s Rolex presentation watch comes with none of those attributes. It does however comes with some Canadian history and a legendary calibre 1520 automatic winding 26-jewel Rolex movement. This watch was awarded to a 25-year employee of Canada Shipship Lines in 1969. You’d think a Rolex given to a sailor would be the more rugged stainless steel Oyster on a bracelet. Rolex Oysters and far more watertight and much better equipped to deal with the working lifestyle of a sailor onboard a large ship. Judging from the lack of wear and tear on the case, the absence of multiple service etchings inside the case, and general excellent overall condition; I’d say the previous owner only used this watch for special occasions outside his day-to-day tasks. Powering the 35mm solid gold watch is the 26-jewel Rolex 1520 automatic movement. If don’t recognize the mechanism you certainly know the model that also shared this workhorse calibre. Some very collectible Submariners from 1960s through 1980 also used the calibre 1520. Robust construction and reliability make this movement a favorite of watchmakers. Excellent condition examples of these movements are in high demand by collectors wishing to restore high value Submariners. Pre-owned Rolex 1520s movements generally have prices in the $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 range. The dressy nature of this watch is evident from the beautiful silver dial, gold hands, and simple hour markers. A subtle minute track and -T SWISS T- is the only other print on the clear and legible dial. The Ts bracketing the SWISS signify the luminous material used on the hour plots and hands was made from tritium. The heavy case (16.7 grams net with plastic crystal) was crafted from 14-karat gold and is fully polished. The lug edges are crisp and sharp showing little wear. The plastic crystal is thought to be original and is practically blemish free offering excellent optics. The simple dial only reads ROLEX in perfect black text;  just in case the coronet logo wasn’t enough of a reminder. A brand new 20mm black leather Hirsh strap has been fitted to this classic looking dress watch. If you want a simple dressy Rolex like nothing else on the market, this very rare presentation model may be for you. The next owner will benefit from our complimentary 1-year (prorated 5 years) warranty. This watch does not come with any original documentation or packaging. Estate priced at $6,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00403.

April 5, 2024

1966 Rolex Oyster Air-King Date 5700 34mm $3,900.00 CAD. 505-00497

Even a humble entry level Rolex Air-King Date from 1966 has proven itself to be an excellent albeit unlikely investment. Despite the refinished dial, replacement buckle from 1996, and generally well worn enjoyed life, it is still worth around 20 times what it sold for close to 60 years ago. When new these basic Rolex automatics had retail prices of around $200.00. This 34mm Oyster case is the perfect size for a woman looking for the classic Rolex look without the bulk of a modern sports model. A thin wrist gentleman can comfortably wear this size too. The light tone silver dial and lack of thick bezel actually makes these watches appear a little larger than 34mm. The actual dial diameter is less than 2mm smaller compared to a 40mm Submariner. This watch has been recently serviced including and new crystal and mainspring. It is running great and keeping very good time. The previous owner had a large wrist and fitted a early riveted style Oyster link allowing the watch a total available length of over 8 1/4 inches. The adjustment links can be removed to fit even the most slender wrist size. At some point the dial has been professionally refinished to a high standard maintaining the correct font style on all the dial text. The Rolex market is still going strong for both used and new, many models have long waiting lists for delivery. This vintage example is a great way to get into the market. Overall condition is fair to good. It shows wear and tear appropriate to the age. The 19mm 13 link Oyster 7835 bracelet displays stretch and wear but has several more decades of life left. The genuine Rolex service clasp snaps shut with a reassuring click. We are happy to supply the next owner a complimentary 1-year warranty. Estate priced at $3,900.00 CAD. Stock #505-00497.

March 18, 2024

1984 Rolex GMT Master 16750 quickset 40mm $16,000.00 CAD. 505-00456

The Rolex GMT-Master in the traditional blue/red colour configuration is how Rolex first presented the GMT to the world in 1955, close to 70 years later it is still the most popular choice. Our latest estate GMT-Master is an interesting example as it showcases several firsts for the model and also a few lasts. Model 16750 was the first GMT-Master for offer a quick setting calendar, you no longer had to turn the hands forward over and over to advance the date display. It was the first 5 digit model number GMT. It was also the first GMT-Master to offer a high beat 28,800 cycle per hour movement, resulting in smoother, more fluid sweep of the second hand. This transition model was the last to come with a plastic crystal. There is no argument a modern synthetic sapphire crystal offers superior optics and an exponentially harder surface, but the tall profile and warm to the touch plastic crystals bring home the look of a bygone era that is hard to ignore. The 16750 was that 2nd last GMT-Master that didn’t allow independent adjustment of the hour hands. This model and every previous GMT-Master hour hands were permanently synchronized, in 12 hour/24 hour format. The only way the display a second time zone was to rotate the bezel to display your home (GMT) time as indicated with the long skinny red 24-hour hand. Once the replacement model 16760 was introduced in 1983, it was renamed the GMT-Master II, and it’s been that way ever since. It is interesting the note the 16750 was still produced alongside the updated 16760 for about 7 years before both were retired. Our example is a great one to wear and enjoy. It comes with just a period correct Rolex box in perfect condition. The 12 link Oyster bracelet is worn but far from worn out. It shows wear and tear appropriate for watch quickly approaching its 40th birthday. The bezel insert in just beginning to display some pretty strawberry patina with the typical graining associated with maturity. At some point the original dial and hands were replaced with genuine Rolex service hands. While it would have been nice to retain to original tritium hands, the service hands are treated with long lasting luminova that phosphoresces very well when the lights go out. Luminova service dials can be easily identified with the tiny SWISS printing under the 6:00 o’clock hour marker. The originals tritium hands would no longer glow after 40 years and would be useless in the dark. If you’re a child of the 80s, you may also recognize this watch as the same model TV private investigator Magnum PI worn for many years. This vintage classic is running great with all functions operating as designed. It is keeping time within chronometer grade expectations and comes with our complimentary 1-year warranty. It is estate priced at $16,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00456.



March 10, 2024

Vintage Tudor cocktail 1587 automatic 18mm $700.00 CAD. 505-00485

Large watches are still very popular among most luxury Swiss watch manufacturers. It it not unusual to see women wearing watches of 40mm diameter. We have women customers that routinely wear Submariners, Daytona, GMT-Master and other popular models that are traditionally thought of as men’s. This watch made by Rolex’ sister company Tudor takes things in the opposite direction. This little watch measures a petite 18mm diameter, exactly the same as a Canadian dime! Despite the tiny size the mechanism inside the stainless steel case is fully jewelled (25) automatic winding movement. The self-winding technology is pretty much the same albeit much older as what you’d find in a full sized gent’s watch. The cocktail case with a single tapered lug on each end has been fitted with a never worn black nylon cord strap with locking safety buckle. The extra long strap currently measures 9 inches long but can easily be cut to suit the most slender wrist size. The movement likely has never been cleaned before as there are no service records etched inside the case back. We speculate the watch was worn for around 10 years or so and then left alone when it stopped due to maintenance requirements. An automatic watch like this needs a basic mechanical overhaul/cleaning approximately every 5 years or so. The movement is currently not running but a full service, crystal/case polishing and strap adjustment will be provided for the next owner at no cost. They don’t get much smaller than this for a self winding watch. This is a nice example of a very rare, early 80s Tudor that is completely different than any current offering from the Geneva brand. Retro is back and finding anything like again would be quite difficult. Once our Rolex qualified technician performs a full technical revision, this watch will be running great and looking just like it did more than 40 years ago, aside from just the most subtle patina/oxidation that has formed around the hour markers. This rare Tudor comes with a complimentary 1 year warranty after our service (prorated 4 more years) and is estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #505-00485.

February 29, 2024

1987 Rolex Datejust 16233 diamond dial, freshly serviced. $9,000.00 CAD. 505-00447

Don’t be shy, a little bling never hurt anyone, especially on a classic Rolex 36mm Datejust. These diamonds aren’t merely decoration, they actually perform a very important function; they’re masterfully set in 18 karat yellow gold settings plotting the hours on the champagne dial. Rolex has gone to extraordinary lengths matching the quality of the 8 diamonds that grace this dial. Each one is a perfectly proportioned single cut. Single cut diamonds are almost never used in the jewellery industry any more. Most manufacturers prefer to use a 57 facet brilliant cut. Rolex has kept the tradition of using only single cut diamonds on their dials for good reason. Exceptionally well made single cut diamonds reflect light better with a more prominent flash compared to even the best brilliant cuts. Cutting geometry must be absolutely perfect with single cut diamonds to make them look so good. Most manufacturers use full cut diamonds as the cutting standards can be lower and still appear to match. No one controls precision, consistency and mass production like Rolex. Quality assurance is taken to an extreme with Rolex, allowing them the luxury of doing what many others find impossible. This 36mm Datejust model 16233 was made in 1987 and is in excellent condition. The fluted 18-karat yellow gold bezel is still crisp and sharp. The dressy 21 link jubilee bracelet is showing only minor sag, better than many examples half the age. The watch comes with a May 2023 Vibrograf electronic report showing results within chronometer specification for accuracy. When we serviced the watch it was also vacuum tested and then pressure tested tested to the Rolex specification of 100 meters. The current suggested retail price for a contemporary version of this watch (model 126233) with diamond dial is $17,350.00 CAD. Including a 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is priced at $9,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00447.



February 26, 2024

2 Rolex Explorer. 2022 124273 $13,000.00, & 2023 124270 $10,400.00 CAD. 505-00451 505-00443

A pair classic Rolex watches that originally debuted in the 1950s. The Rolex Explorer got its name after Sir Edmund Hillary wore one on his quest to be the first person to successfully climb to the top of Mount Everest. Ever since it has been a top choice for adventurous people who want the ultimate in absolute functional timekeeping. Crafted in Switzerland by Rolex using very expensive 904L stainless steel containing molybdenum. This exotic element makes the Explorer extra resistant to corrosive saltwater and other types of chemical exposure. Large luminous markers make low-light/no-light time interpretation a snap. The Arabic 3,6 and 9 add to the clear clean functional nature of this watch, especially in the dark. For the first time since it was introduced, Rolex now offer this classic model a dressier version with a solid 18 karat yellow gold bezel and centre section of the Oyster bracelet. Rolex has experimented with two-tone Explorers in test markets way back in the 1960s but they never truly committed to the look until just a few years ago. The two-tones are pretty scarce and this is the first example we’ve been able to offer. It was delivered in the summer of 2022 and shows no evidence of any use. There is not a scratch, scuff, or blemish to be seen anywhere. They come complete with box, papers, and the endorsed 5-year Rolex international warranty cards. Our full stainless steel example is in excellent, hardly worn condition. This watch is a 2022 model and was hardly one month old when it was traded in for something different. According to the previous owner, it was carefully worn only about 10 times. It looks like new old stock, only a couple of super light scuffs and scratches are visible on the case buckle, bracelet, and bezel. It remains 100% original, never refinished or polished in any way. At 36mm diameter, these Explorers are not one of those jumbo watches you can’t fit under a shirt cuff. It’s on the smaller size for a gents sporty watch but for a smaller gentleman’s wrist, it is perfectly proportioned. Women too love the absolute functionality these models offer. The 18 karat and stainless steel model  offers a dressier look that is equally at home on the mountain side or your next formal dinner party event. There are not many cleaner, more functional dials than that of a Rolex Explorer. The thin polished bezels makes these watches appear a little larger in person. A screw-down crown and case back help to keep them watertight to a depth of 300 feet. Rolex has abandoned the old 39mm version of this watch, returning to its roots with a 36mm, although a new 40mm version is now on the market too. Both watches come with the original packaging, warranty cards, instructions, booklets, plastic chronometer tag, product/serial number tag, and the foam box liner. The new owner will benefit from the balance of the five-year warranty valid until the summer of 2027 (two-tone) and the summer of 2028 (stainless steel). Here is your opportunity to pick up the two tone for a 14% discount off the current retail price of $15,100.00 as shown of the R0lex website. They are estate priced at $13,000.00 CAD (two-tone) stock #505-00451 and $10,400.00 (stainless steel) stock#505-00443.

Stainless steel 124270 sold.

February 22, 2024

2022 Rolex Datejust 36 126281RBR factory diamond bezel & pearl dial $29,890.00 CAD. 505-00251

In the world of luxury Swiss watches, the Rolex Datejust is as ubiquitous as you can get. That being said, there is an almost infinite number of dials, bezels, bracelets, case sizes, and metal combinations that allow for a unique personality while still maintaining that classic Datejust look. The Datejust has been in continuous production since 1945. In the world of consumer product design, there are few styles that have endured as well as the Datejust. Our latest estate Datejust is definitely one of the more unique combinations to grace our showcase. The gold and stainless-steel two-tone look is a popular choice, offering versatility that steel can’t. Rolex’s rose gold offers a beautiful hue unique to the brand; at first glance, it doesn’t look much different from its yellow gold. Developed in 2005 and christened “Everose”, this alloy holds several patents protecting its exclusive use by Rolex. Traditional rose and pink gold alloys contain some copper giving them that blushed look. Long-term exposure to solutions containing chlorine or prolonged use in environments like salt water can cause the copper in traditional rose/pink gold alloys to chemically react and lose luster. Rolex adds a little platinum to their rose gold protecting against the effects of harsh chemicals. Rolex is the only watch manufacturer with its own foundries; they produce exclusive gold alloys for its sole use. Rolex metallurgists are free to develop specific formulas for use in only Rolex products. There is more than just some exotic platinum used in the manufacturing of Everose 18 karat gold, but Rolex isn’t talking or giving away any trade secrets. The beautiful mother of pearl dial blends especially well with rose gold, and the subtle rainbow of pastel colours that roll across the dial as the watch is moved. Adding some extra luxury are 10 exceptional quality single-cut diamond hour markers and 52 brilliant cut diamonds in the bezel. Each diamond is expertly set in a frame of 18 karat rose gold. This watch has only been worn a couple of times, it remains in perfect condition without a scratch or blemish of any kind. The easy to wear 36mm case and Jubilee bracelet are suitable for the average sized gentleman or lady who prefers a little bit larger watch. The mechanical locking buckle features Rolex’s “EasyLink” extension. This clever mechanism allows a small amount of extra length to be deployed from under the buckle when a little more room is needed. The watch was purchased from an authorized agent and benefits from the 5-year international warranty, covering the next owner until the midwinter of 2027. It comes complete with perfect condition inner/outer boxes, endorsed warranty card, hang tags, and operating instructions. This distinctive Datejust 36 is estate priced at $29,890.00 CAD. Stock #505-00251


February 18, 2024

0.80ct. I1-GH gents Rolex President style diamond ring 9.8gr. 10kt. sz. 10. $3,063.00 CAD.116-00061

According to, the 2020 value of the Rolex brand is 9.5 billion, with estimated sales of $5.2 billion. Volkswagen by comparison had a brand value of 7.9 billion with estimated sales 20 times more than Rolex in the same year. This is an astounding statistic. How can a luxury item with just one factory in Switzerland (soon to be two) command a significantly higher brand value than a major automotive company with over 100 production plants in dozens of countries that employ well over half a million people worldwide? Rolex is much more than a decent watch, they’re a luxury product in the truest sense, they are an aspirational goal, a lifestyle, and a status symbol. You may never own a brand new Bentley automobile (parent company Volkswagon), but with some hard work and saving, owning a Rolex can be had for well under $10,000.00. The operating costs of the average Rolex are only around $100.00 per year, and there is little need to worry about depreciation. This estate diamond ring is a homage to one of Rolex’s most famous designs. The President bracelet of the Rolex Day-Date model is instantly recognizable down the shoulders of this 10 karat yellow and white gold ring. The iconic fluted bezel from the Rolex is a very obvious inspiration as it forms the outer bezel securing the natural round brilliant cut diamond. We’ve seen this style of ring before, they have proven appealing to both watch aficionados and someone just looking for an attractive ring. Bezel set in the centre of this ring is a good sized natural diamond weighing an estimated 0.80 carats. It is a pleasant I1 clarity with small scattered inclusions and a very nice GH colour and a good cut. The sturdy construction 10 karat two-tone ring weighs in at close to 10 grams and measures an average gent’s finger size 10. This ring can be adjusted up or down 2 full sizes. While not manufactured as precisely as its inspiration, this unauthorized miniature does a good job of capturing the look. I wonder if Rolex gives any thought to products such as this that are made in the likeness of their designs. I secretly think they really don’t mind a little extra promotion and value added to the brand with the crown logo. The 18 karat Day-Date II 218239 used in these images has been spoken for, but the ring is available for the estate price of $3,063.00 CAD. Stock #116-00061.

January 25, 2024

1987 Rolex Air-King-Date Precision 5701N 34mm (uncommon model) $7,000.00 CAD. 505-00094

Buy it because it’s a Rolex. Buy it because it’s a classic looking watch that never goes out of style. Buy it because it’s an uncommon model and collectible. Buy it because this is the best Air-King-Date we’ve ever had. Buy it because there are a lot worse things you can do with $7,000.00 Buy it because a new version of a similar look is going to cost you $15,000.00 or buy it just because you’ve always wanted one. There are a thousand reasons to buy a vintage Rolex but in the end, a Rolex is a Rolex is a Rolex. There is no substitute for this brand, period. Our latest vintage watch is an exceptionally tidy Air-King-Date. This watch is rather unusual because it’s an Air-King but it also features a calendar feature. Almost every Air-King you’re likely to encounter displays only the time. A calendar feature is quite uncommon for an Air-King. This combination was only available to commonwealth countries. All other destinations got the Air-King without a date feature. I believe this is the only gent’s automatic watch with a calendar that Rolex made during this era that was not chronometer rated. Lacking chronometer status makes the dial a little cleaner as it has just 4 lines of text instead of 6. It’s an excellent example with a perfect condition tritium dial absent of any stains, discolouration, or damage. The simple gold hands and hour markers are showing just a hint of oxidation confirming its vintage nature. Tritium hour plots colour match the hands perfectly. The threaded Twinlock crown turns close to 2 full rotations before unlocking. The original traditional Jubilee bracelet (date code M11) is showing just a little droop but with some sag comes a more comfortable fit. Women are starting to appreciate the 34mm size as it offers an easier to read experience without looking too bulky. Being the “budget” Rolex of the time most Air-Kings were made from stainless steel or stainless steel and 14 karat gold. This is one of the last Air-King-Date models made, dating from around 1987- 1988. These late versions came with solid 18 karat yellow gold fluted bezels and bracelet centre links. Vintage models like this are very easy to wear with their lighter weight. Despite the solid gold bezel and bracelet trim the 34mm watch weighs just 92 grams. A contemporary DateJust 36 weighs close to 50% more. At 36 years old it’s nicely broken in and with the occasional round of maintenance, it should be good for several more generations. The watch is thought to be a two owner example and comes complete with Rolex service box/papers from July 2003, Ontario Rolex authorized agent insurance appraisal (August 2018), various other Rolex documents from 2002 and 2001. Including a one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, the watch is priced at $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00094.



January 22, 2024

1984 Rolex Datejust 16013 36mm violet patina dial. $8,750.00 CAD. 505-00417

The last of the plastic crystal Datejust models should keep the vintage watch collector in you happy while the convenience of a quick set calendar and high beat movement will keep the modern performance minded enthusiast satisfied. The Rolex DateJust 16013 was the first model to feature the in house developed 27 jewel calibre 3035 featuring an escapement that ticked away at 28,800 vibrations per hour. This feature gave the new 16013 Datejust the smoothly sweeping second hand that is know seen across the entire Rolex lineup. The higher frequency movement also improved accuracy and featured a power reserve of over two days. This particular example dates from 1984 according to the 8.3 million serial number and corresponding I4 date coded buckle. This watch appears completely original right down the to beautifully aging violet/blue dial. The colour shift from navy blue to violet is well under way and gives this face a unique appearance. Each and every lume plot is completely intact with a hint of gold patina displayed on the extreme outside edge of the dial. The 20 link 18 karat gold and stainless steel Jubilee bracelet is in very good condition and displays less than expected sag for being close to 40 years old. That iconic fluted bezel is sharp and crisp, framing the throwback plastic crystal. The crystal sits proud and scratch free proclaiming its vintage heritage to those who know what to look for. The watch is running great and comes with a Rolex box, Datejust booklet and green product tag. Including a 1-year warranty, this unusual retro Rolex is estate priced at $8,750.00 CAD. Stock #505-00417.



January 11, 2024

1964 Rolex Datejust 1601 golden brown dial black text $10,250.00 CAD. e11031 505-00172

Pretty much any vintage Rolex is a desirable thing. Some of the professional models from the 1960s and 70s have seen their value escalate well into 6 figures for exceptional rare examples. The esteemed Geneva based company’s most popular offering has been somewhat left behind. The Datejust model was introduced in 1945 at the same time Rolex was celebrating their 40th anniversary. It was quite revolutionary for the era being the first chronometer grade automatic winding wristwatch to display the date in a small window on the dial. The name Datejust may seem a bit awkward, but it makes perfect sense given some thought. Most watches slowly turn over the date display starting around 10:00pm taking several hours to fully turn the disc to reveal the day of the month. Rolex produced a quick turn mechanism advancing the date in the blink of an eye within a few minutes of exactly midnight. This seemingly simple process makes the date display absolutely true and “just”, hence the unusual moniker. Modern Rolex production is estimated at around one million watches per year making a contemporary Datejust very common. This wasn’t always the case. It took Rolex 60 years to produce the first 1 million watches total production of all models. This example is serial number 1,071,990. After hours of scouring the internet and speaking with various Rolex aficionados no one has seen one like this before. The golden brown dial with black text is a colour combination we’ve never encountered. Occasionally vintage black dials from the period can turn a deep chocolate brown over time but these always have white or gold script lettering. Perhaps this was a silver or champagne dial with black writing that somehow colour shifted to this marvelous hue. If this is the case we can’t find another example anywhere. The luminous tritium plots are mostly intact and the period correct dauphine style hands with rare tapered ramped hour markers are also original. The rest of the watch is pretty much what you’d expect for a watch that was made in the fall of 1964. Wear and tear are appropriate on the case and fluted bezel. We don’t believe the watch has been refinished before. The USA made hollow link jubilee bracelet is showing the expected sag but this style of bracelet was never tight even when brand new. An original fold over buckle closes snugly with a satisfying click. Powering the watch is a 26 jewel Rolex manufactured calibre 1560 in excellent condition. There is no rotor rash scaring on the plates or case back. We just performed a full mechanical overhaul to the mechanism along with a successful vacuum test for water resistance after installing a new Rolex crystal. When servicing the watch we were careful to maintain the original finish on the case and bracelet. It can be refinished many times but it can only be original once. With pricing of used and estate professional models quickly becoming out of reach for most, vintage Datejusts could be the place to see the next wave of collector interest. Including a 1 year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, this curious bit of Rolex history is estate priced at $10,250.00 CAD. Stock #e11031 505-00172.

January 4, 2024

2021 Tudor Advisor mechanical alarm 42mm 79620 $5,700.00 CAD. 505-00375

Modern technology has replaced many specialized pieces of equipment people once used individually. Flashlights, magnifying glasses, cameras, audio/video recorders, and many other items have been replaced by something that fits in a shirt pocket. The capabilities of even the most basic Smartphones are astonishing, but there are some things they have a hard time replacing. The luxury feel of a finely crafted watch is something the digital age hasn’t duplicated. When you add a specialized function like a mechanical alarm to a timepiece, watch-nerds like me get way more excited than any smartphone app could ever do. The Tudor Advisor is both a highly evolved automatic wristwatch with a calendar and an alarm clock all in one. Like many Tudor/Rolex products, something new is often something old. The Tudor Advisor was originally introduced back in the late 1950s. The hand wind watch used a hammer to impact a pin with high frequency repetition that could be heard and felt. The alarm module’s independent mainspring meant after the alarm stopped ringing the watch would still run for well over a full day. In 2011 Tudor introduced the modern Advisor with a power reserve display for the alarm which still uses its own dedicated spring. This modern version also features a small window indicating whether the alarm is turned on or off. A 31-day pointer calendar is another useful feature the original never had. The early Advisor alarm watches were never that popular and are seldom seen today. The modern Advisor also turned out to be a slow selling model too as it competed with the Black Bay and other more traditional models. This is the first Advisor we’ve ever had come through our estate department. These are very interesting watches, with lots to look at and make interesting conversation pieces. 42mm in diameter and more than 14mm thick are large but not overwhelming by modern standards. This watch was sold in 2021 and is one of the later models produced, the Advisor line is once again retired. This watch is in like new condition showing only the slightest evidence of wear on the case and black crocodile leather strap. The watch is covered by the factory’s 5-year international warranty until the fall of 2026. It comes with its original packaging, documents, and endorsed warranty card, along with a nylon fabric NATO style strap with a signed Tudor buckle. For those looking for something unusual, the Tudor Advisor alarm watch is not a watch any of your watch friends will likely have. This watch is estate priced at $5,700.00 CAD. Stock #505-00375.

January 1, 2024

2015 Tudor North Flag Chronometer 91210N $5,000.00 CAD. 505-00266

When the Tudor North Flag debuted, it was a game changer for the brand that has always lived in the background of its parent company Rolex. I can’t believe it has been 9 years since the Tudor in-house developed MT5621 movement debuted in the North Flag. Perhaps it was by necessity that Tudor was forced to develop their our mechanisms. Rival company The Swatch Group had supplied movements for Tudor from their ETA movement division for years. There are obvious commercial disadvantages when the competition supplies the single most important component for your products. With the vast resources of parent company Rolex behind them, Tudor created a movement without rivals at this price point. This is the first certified chronometer from Tudor. The chronometer designation is the Swiss benchmark for accuracy, usually associated with much more expensive watches than what Tudor usually offers. When initially offered this watch had a Canadian retail price of only $3,980.00 CAD. For under $4,000.00 there isn’t another watch with this technology. The 28 jewel MT5621 mechanism offers a long 70-hour power reserve, a silicon hairspring that is unaffected by strong magnetic fields, a power reserve display, a 31-day calendar, and a beautiful pierced rotor that displays sandblasted plates and bridges. The movement is both supremely functional and pretty to look at too. Tudor must clearly be proud of their achievement as they have also equipped the North Flag with a transparent display case-back, a feature you normally never see with Rolex/Tudor products. The threaded case-back and threaded crown allow a water resistance rating of 100 meters. The 40mm case wears a little bigger than the size suggests, it lacks a thick bezel that makes the matt finish dial appear a little larger. The dial is nicely balanced with large luminous hour markers (Arabic 12/6), a date display in the 3:00 position, and the 70-hour power reserve display at 9:00. This example is a very early model as it was delivered to the original owner in the fall of 2015. It comes fully documented with the original bill of sale, fully endorsed warranty card, instructions, document holder, inner/outer boxes, and a white cardboard sleeve. This watch is almost 7 years old but looks like it’s only 7 days old. The previous owner was very careful wearing this was in rotation with others in his collection. It remains in its original condition, it has not been refinished or polished in any way. There are minor scuffs and scratches on the bracelet/buckle, but the case is almost perfect despite its sharp lug edges. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is happy to include a complimentary 1-year warranty for the next owner. This watch is estate priced at $5,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00266.


December 25, 2023

2017 Tudor Black Bay 36 79500 with extra strap. $2,850.00 CAD. 505-00301

Building on the success of the Heritage Black Bay, Tudor introduced a slightly more subtle sporting watch called the Heritage Black Bay 36. The slightly smaller watch offers most of its larger siblings’ features in a moderately smaller 36mm case size. A smooth polished bezel replaces the ratcheting timing bezel found on the larger Black Bay. The dressier design actually makes for a more distinctive look than the popular ubiquitous diver design. Much the same as the Rolex Explorer is to the Submariner, the Black Bay 36 isn’t trying to do much other than be a pure time interpreting tool built of the right components. Large luminous hands and hour markers against a glossy black dial are the epitome of legibility in any situation. Synthetic sapphire crystal, threaded crown/case back, deployment buckle with safety flip lock on a heavy duty solid link stainless steel bracelet should get the job done under all conditions. The distinctive snowflake hour hand and connected minute track are Tudor’s obvious nod to the Tudor/Rolex Submariners of the past, after all this is a Heritage model. Gone is the Tudor rose logo found on the original re-issued Black Bay models but curiously Tudor is still using the traditional logo on the threaded crown. This example is in very good condition. It was delivered to the original owner in April 2017 by an Ontario authorized agent. Showing minor evidence of wear in the form of a few small scuffs and scratches. The watch has never been polished or refinished in any way. These minor blemishes can be removed in just a day or so by one of our onsite goldsmiths. The watch is running great and keeping excellent time, it is covered by our 1 year in house Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. Comes complete with original Tudor packaging, endorsed warranty card, instructions, original bill of sale, and an extra genuine Tudor grey-black camouflage nylon NATO strap that has never been used. Estate priced at $2,850.00 CAD. Stock #505-00301.



December 17, 2023

Early 1950s Tudor Oyster 7809 34.5mm on Rolex 7205 rivet bracelet $3,770.00 CAD. 505-00308

Exploration of the world’s harshest environments and Rolex have gone hand in hand since the master of marketing Hans Wilsdorf (Tudor and Rolex founder) determined “Only great marketing is needed to make a company successful”. High quality isn’t the sole domain of Rolex/Tudor, but their long term marketing strategy and expertise have set them apart from many other great watch brands. Superb marketing along with a role in most modern world exploration expeditions and endurance events has set Rolex apart. Chances are, a carefully selected Rolex product has been on the wrist of the men and women who endured severe adversity to achieve their goals. In the early 1950s, Rolex equipped a group of British scientists in northern Greenland for studies of geology and climate. Most of the participants were military personnel who gathered first hand knowledge of living conditions for potential future military purposes during The Cold War era. The British Northern Greenland Expedition (BNGE) watches chosen for the expedition were the Tudor Oyster Prince reference 7809. For two years the participants relied on their Tudor watches for timekeeping duties. Exposure the vast temperature changes and being submerged in water were common tasks the 34.5mm Tudor had to contend with. The 7809 references are very rarely seen today. The functional dial is reminiscent of early Rolex Explorer watches featuring dials with similar Arabic numerals at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. The dial on our example has been refinished at some point in its past to a good standard. The hands appear original as does the original threaded crown that still turns close to 360 degrees before popping out into the winding position. An added bonus with our latest estate watch is the Rolex 7205 riveted link Oyster bracelet. This bracelet is a later edition to the watch as the signed Rolex buckle is date stamped 4/68. While not quite as rare as the watch, the bracelet is an uncommon find in full length, 13 link form. On this watch, the bracelet will accommodate a wrist size of up to 8 1/4 inches. It is showing wear and tear with moderate sag and stretch, but at 54 years old it looks great with plenty of life left. The 17-jewel automatic winding mechanism is performing well and keeping good time. We are happy to provide a complimentary 1-year warranty for the next owner. This rare Tudor is estate priced at $3,770.00 CAD. Stock #505-00308.

December 15, 2023

1987 Rolex Submariner 168000 “Triple zero” $13,500.00 CAD. e14571 505-00146

If you’re attracted to this watch because of the simple, purposeful classic look, you’ve got great taste. If you noticed it’s a “triple zero” Submariner you must be a Rolex collector and realize just how rare this one is. Or maybe you’re a Rolex collector and don’t know it yet. The Rolex 168000 is universally regarded as the rarest of all the modern Submariners. This is only our 3rd example that has ever been offered for sale. It’s a peculiar watch known as a transitional model. It exhibits features of the first calendar equipped Submariner 1680 plus characteristics of more recent examples. Sapphire crystal, glossy black dial with 18 karat white gold hour marker plot frames are the most easily recognized updates compared to the original Submariner Date 1680. The 168000 is a Rolex anomaly; a bit of a factory Frankenstein. The 6 digit model designation was a Rolex first; it took 13 years before the second 6 digit model made an appearance. A watch that Rolex itself really doesn’t recognize in any official literature (at least that I can source). What makes the 168000 so rare? It’s the first Rolex to be made from 904L grade stainless steel yet still used the old 3035 movement from the 16800. Previous Submariners used the more pedestrian 316l stainless steel. It seems to me that Rolex didn’t quite have their timing (pun intended) quite right in terms of movement/case production. The new updated 904L grade steel case was ready to go for the yet to be released Submariner 16610 that debuted in 1988. Either the new 3135 movement wasn’t ready or they had lots of the older calibre 3035 leftovers. I suspect the latter. As a result, the 168000 was created to distinguish the old movement/new case watches. Rolex simply added that special extra 0 between the lugs so they could internally keep track of what was what. You’ll also notice that extra zero isn’t even centered making it seem even more like an afterthought. It didn’t take very long to consume the supply of old movements. Most sources speculate that they were used up within 6 months to 1 year. All the examples I’ve seen are “R” serial numbers dating to 1987. A one-year model run is very small for Rolex; the later 16610 model existed for over 20 years. Overall finish and wear look appropriate for a 35 year old watch. The bracelet is in remarkable condition, it is a Rolex replacement from 2005 according to its MA date code buckle. It exhibits almost no stretch and practically no sag. Sleuthing out the cryptic world of vintage Rolex watches is almost as fun as finding that elusive vintage piece. Keep in mind that Rolex is a very secretive company that has made many millions of watches over the years. The vast numbers of examples in the world make it by far the most collected brand. Rolex doesn’t endorse any independent website opinions including ours, so do your homework. Have some fun learning about the most famous watch brand in the world. Whether you consider that little extra zero significant or not, this watch has a great story and it’s a very rare bit of Rolex history. At some point in time, the watch must have gone into Rolex for some service. The original tritium dial has been replaced with a luminova service replacement dial. The synthetic sapphire is in suspiciously perfect condition leading us to speculate it has been replaced. Some strong magnification reveals a laser etched Rolex logo just below the 6:00 o’clock hour marker confirming a recent factory replacement. At the same time, it’s safe to assume the hands and bezel insert are factory service replacement items too as their colour and luminous characteristics all perfectly match. The previous owner decided to update the look with a very expensive Rubber B strap and buckle. The Rubber B strap with stainless steel tang buckle is in perfect condition. Including a one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, this watch is estate priced at $13,500.00 CAD. Stock #e14571 505-00146.

December 13, 2023

2008 Rolex Day-Date II 41mm 218239 $44,000.00 CAD. 505-00359

To the casual observer, this may look like an attractive stainless steel watch of generous proportions; perhaps they may even recognize it as a Rolex. To anyone who appreciates fine watches, it will be immediately noticed as the Rolex DAY-DATE. What makes this particular DAY-DATE so interesting is the choice of metal used in its construction. Almost all DD Rolex watches are manufactured in 18-karat yellow gold. This is the top of the model line for Rolex, there isn’t a DD Rolex made from anything other than gold or platinum. You can’t buy a budget DAY-DATE in stainless steel or even a combination of steel and gold. Since 1958 we’ve been buying/selling/trading Rolex watches but this is the first white gold Day-Date II that we have ever had. This is the big one, the largest Day-Date Rolex ever produced. Rolex claimed the Day-Date II 218239 measured 41mm in diameter. According to our digital micrometer is a bit larger at 41.6mm. The Day-Date II was introduced in 2008 and only lasted until 2015 when it was replaced with the slightly smaller Day-Day 40 measuring, you guessed it, 40mm in diameter, that is still in production today. This one generation only Rolex is sure to become a future collectible. Powering the DD II is also a single generation movement that is used in no other Rolex. The calibre 3156 is a 31-jewel automatic winding mechanism, certified chronometer with a 48-hour power reserve. Rolex claims this movement is accurate to plus or minus 2 seconds per day. The white gold makes this watch as interesting as the rarity. Rolex produces unique alloys of precious metals in their own foundries. Their jealously guarded alloy formulas are a trade secret designed for beauty and resilience to last a lifetime. A white gold DAY-DATE is the ultimate under the radar watch. They are rarely seen in person, and when they are, they blend into the crowd without creating attention to any but those who know. I’ve never seen a white gold DD in a Rolex agent’s showcase. They can be ordered in a variety of silver to black dial hues, you can even order a dial created from a thin slice of meteorite. The silver to black tones are very classy and sophisticated in white gold and these are the colours most often seen. It’s not overwhelming in dimensions but you sure know you’re wearing it. Crafted entirely from 18 karat you know it’s something special as soon as you put it on. This watch weighs over 217 grams (close to 1/2 a pound). This watch is a first-year 2008 model that has only occasionally been worn. Three of the four lugs still retain some of their protective delivery stickers. A protective sticker can also still be seen on the fold over locking buckle. The watch has never been polished or refinished in any way. This is a modern Rolex but is still quite rare, who knows when we’ll have the privilege to feature another white gold Day-Date II? We are happy to supply the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty. The estate price for this Rolex is $44,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00359.

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1979 Rolex Datejust 36 16030 ghost dial $8,500.00 CAD. 505-00377

An interesting dial colour shift. It’s hard to say exactly what colour this dial was when it left Rolex’s Geneva factory in 1979. What we can say with certainty is that it wasn’t this beautiful taupe, brownish/grey hue. This is another case of colour shifting pigments that vintage Rolex sometimes exhibit. With white text, it is my personal opinion this dial started off dark grey when new. I can’t imagine Rolex using white text on a light colour such as this, there isn’t the contrast you’d expect. The luminous material that makes up the hour plots and centre stripe in the hands has also shifted colour from white to pale orange (pumpkin flesh) colour. It is very common for tritium to change appearance to parchment or tan, occasionally this orangish colour is seen. There is no commonly accepted reason as to why some dials change colour along with the tritium hands/markers. Whatever the reason, we’re happy with the results. I also think this dial will continue to lose colour saturation and lighten over the decades. Patina is something many collectors of vintage Rolex cherish as they can make a somewhat ordinary reference unique in appearance. The VC code on the buckle dates the Oyster bracelet to 1978 further convincing us of the originality of the watch and its unique appearance. Unlike many Rolex Datejusts, the bezel on this one is not white gold but stainless steel. White gold bezels have a wider fluted appearance whereas this one has a tighter engine turned almost coin edge pattern. This bezel with a little less expensive and didn’t twinkle quite like the common fluted variety. The plastic crystal lets anyone with a passing interest in Rolex this is not a modern model. These plastic crystals were replaced with synthetic sapphire toward the end of the 1980s on all Datejust models. On the other hand, the convenient quick-set calendar is a more modern feature models from the 1960s and before lack. This watch may be the perfect balance of modern and vintage in establishing a Rolex collection. The watch is working great and easily passed our vacuum test. Although we don’t warranty water resistance on vintage watches, it’s nice to know the watch should stay dry inside if you accidentally submerge it. One last little bit of evidence convincing us of originality is the 6s and 9s are “open”, meaning the end point of the loop on the 6 and 9 doesn’t touch the vertical portion. 6s and 9s on replacement and newer models touch. Overall wear is consistent on all external aspects of this watch. We really love these subtle yet distinctive Rolex watches that offer a little more personality over a common silver, white, or black dial example. Including our 1 year complimentary warranty (prorated 5 years), this watch is estate priced at $8,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00377.

Rolex Daytona 116515LN 18kt. rose gold 116515LN $39,850.00 CAD. 505-00288

If you’ve purchased a sporty Rolex sometime over the last half-century or so congratulations; you have great taste and you’ve also made a great investment. Rolex watches, specifically, professional models have seen explosive appreciation over the years. Even if only a few years old, sports models trade hands on the secondary market for well over their original retail price.  Explorers, Submariners, and GMT-Masters, have all done well, but there is one model that has eclipsed all others, the Daytona. There is something about these watches that convey the concept of exclusivity, exoticness, and desirability like no other. Since developing their proprietary chronograph mechanism over 20 years ago, Rolex has continued the unofficial policy of limiting the production of the Daytona to waaaaay under worldwide demand. The desire is so great for an entry-level stainless steel Daytona, contemporary models have asking prices at least double the original retail price, even more, if it has a white dial. Rolex it seems, has turned into a legitimate albeit unlikely asset class all on its own. The power of the Rolex brand is unparalleled by any other product that comes to mind. Our latest estate Daytona is this pre-owned example that has hardly been worn. It is practically perfect, exhibiting just tiny scratches here and there. The light silver dial with rose circular frames around the registers is classic and subtle. Light coloured dials offer superior legibility, especially for interpreting the chronograph registers, and make the watch appear a little larger than it’s 40mm case size suggests. The hands and hour markers are treated with a luminous material Rolex calls Chromalight. When the lights go out the treated areas glow for up to 8 hours. Daytona dials have recently been upgraded and are now more attractive than ever. The chronograph hour/minute registers along with the constant seconds register are now defined with updated rings. The circular frames are engraved with microscopic concentric grooves that disperse reflected light in a subtle rolling optical display as the watch is moved. The effect must be seen in person to truly be appreciated. This example comes on a soft black crocodile strap that is blemish and smudge free. The strap looks like it has never been worn. The FlipLock buckle is adjustable to 5 different positions. Like everything Rolex does the clasp is a marvelously engineered item. Folding over the FlipLock offers a satisfying feeling with a secure click. Beating inside the 100-meter water-resistant Oyster case is the fully in-house developed Rolex calibre 4130. This movement made its debut in the 2000 Daytona. In more than 100 years of history, this is Rolex’s first chronograph mechanism developed entirely inside the company. They’ve pretty much always offered watches with stopwatch features but the mechanical components have always been supplied by other manufacturers. With the release of calibre 4130 in 2000 Rolex finally freed themselves from production limitations imposed by other companies. You’d think with the vast manufacturing capabilities of Rolex there shouldn’t be any problem meeting Daytona demand. Such is not the case; in fact, it’s become even more difficult to find a Daytona at your local Rolex boutique. Ever since the first automatic Daytona debuted in the late 1980s it has always been on waiting lists. Even when Rolex agents had plentiful amounts of inventory on display, a steel Daytona would never be been seen on display. The legend of the Daytona continues with the latest ceramic bezel generation. Since the new movement was introduced there is more demand than ever. This example has plenty of its original protective delivery stickers in place. Between the buckle and case, we count no less than 10 stickers that have never been removed. These pictures show where the stickers escaped being removed when the watch was originally delivered. The case and buckle display the original finish and have never been polished or refinished in any way. It comes only with a Rolex box, it does not come with booklets or a warranty card. An 18 karat rose gold Rolex Daytona is a very special watch, this is the first example we had the privilege to offer. The classic look of the crocodile strap with the scratch-resistant ceramic tachymeter bezel perfectly frames the traditional dial layout the Daytona has sported since the early 1960s. We are happy to supply the next owner with a 5-year warranty matching the factory’s. Since our initial posting the watch has been worn a few times and most of the stickers have been removed. A black Rubber B strap was added using the original Rolex buckle. The fit of these Swiss made rubber straps incorporates perfectly with the unique contours and profile of the Daytona. This watch is estate priced at $39,850.00 CAD. Stock #505-00288.

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December 9, 2023

1956 Rolex Oyster 36mm 6298 $7,500.00 CAD. e11990

4 digit model number Rolex watches from the 1950s do not show up very often, in fact, they almost never show up. The 1950s were a time when Rolex really began to establish itself as a high-quality do it all watch manufacturer that could stand up to the demands of the modern 20th century. The demographics of the 1950s presented Rolex with the perfect opportunity to take advantage of middle-class disposable income. Jobs and money were plentiful; this watch likely cost less than 2 weeks of wages at the time. Rolex was establishing a vast dealer network across North America looking to grab a piece of the action. This Rolex Oyster looks much more modern than the mid-50s thanks to its more modern service dial and hour/minute hands. The nifty blued steel seconds hand offers a clue to its true age.  This watch likely originally was delivered with an Explorer type dial. The original dial was likely exchanged for this more modern silver with a radial finish and classic 18 karat white gold stick hour markers. The watch is powered by what appears to be the original calibre A296-775 Rolex automatic winding mechanism that is running strong and keeping good time. Semi bubble back case Rolex watches in 36mm sizes are much harder to come across than the common 34mm size. The original Oyster case is in excellent condition showing very little pitting as is common on early steel Rolex watches. The original engraved serial/style numbers are clearly visible after the American made Jubilee bracelet is removed. Instead of reading REGISTERED DESIGN, this case says BREVET, derived from the french word for patent. It’s remarkable to us that a 66-year-old watch can look so contemporary, but such is the Rolex style. 6 months, 6 years, or 66 years old, a Rolex Oyster is always in style. The loose link Jubilee bracelet allows a super comfortable fit for a wrist size of up to 7 3/4 inches. The famous Rolex coronet buckle still displays good relief. Looking at current Rolex watches, a similar 36mm model is still available although only with the more sporty Oyster style bracelet. The current version of this watch can be seen on the Rolex website for $7,200.00 CAD. Including a complimentary 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at $7,500.00 CAD. Stock #e11990.

Rare 1950s Tudor cocktail watch with diamonds 14kt. white gold. $1,090.00 CAD. 505-00263

Current jewellery styles are thin, light, and delicate when it comes to engagement rings, necklaces and bracelets. Vintage watches like this have always been around, but maybe we are beginning to see the watch come back as more than simply a time-keeping device or status symbol. Watches can be beautiful jewellery items too, with designs that look like they could be used on a ring or pendant. This vintage Tudor is a lovely jewellery item as well as a high quality mechanical watch. The petite case measures just 14mm in diameter yet contains a highly evolved calibre 342 21 jewel hand wind mechanism with shock protection, that is pretty to look at and surprisingly accurate for such a tiny movement. This rare Tudor has been crafted from 14 karat white gold in the Rolex factory with an original Rolex crown and signed case back. There is very little information around about Tudor cocktail watches like this. In sleuthing around the internet we couldn’t find a single example of a Tudor like this. I imagine in the 1950s or 60s you could have purchased a stainless steel or gold plated Rolex for less than this watch cost at the time. I’m sure this was a cherished possession for someone for many years. It appears to be in original condition aside from perhaps a different strap, but I’m sure it came with one very close to this style when new. It is hard to determine with 100% accuracy whether or not the silver tone dial has been refinished. The case doesn’t look to have ever been polished as the florentine finished lugs still show excellent detail. The six small round brilliant cut diamonds add the necessary bling every cocktail watch show display. They are of very nice VS-HI quality and weigh a combined 0.12 carats. The case back has only a couple of service etchings leading us to believe the watch was used more for special occasions rather than every day. Included with purchase are a one-year warranty and complimentary first service, whenever that may be. This unusual estate Tudor cocktail watch is estate priced at $1,090.00 CAD. Stock #505-00263.

November 20, 2023

2011 Rolex Datejust 31 178240 Roman/silver $8,000.00 CAD. 505-00466

They don’t come in as complete as this too often. This is the hard to find 31mm size Rolex Datejust with a very desirable dial combination. The larger sized ladies Oyster case is something a lot of our clients are looking for. They don’t come in very often. If you like the striking all steel look with Roman/silver dial don’t wait around. This is an unusual combination that I’m surprised isn’t seen more often. No luminous markers anywhere, just highly polished 18 karat white gold Roman numerals and the traditional straight stick Rolex hands. It has been fitted with the casual 13 link Oyster bracelet with “easy link” 5mm extension. Comes with a perfect condition original Rolex inner and outer box set, original paperwork, warranty card, booklets, Canadian service documents (June 2018), original bill of sale, service invoice, instructions, chronometer tag, product tag, period Rolex shopping bag and more. Its condition is good to very good. It shows a minor amount of sag bracelet with no stretch. We lightly polished the bright centre section of the bracelet and case but let everything else alone. We’d happily finish with the brushed sections and polished bracelet/buckle edges if you’d like it to look virtually like new. It is not uncommon to see a few minor chips along the slightly raised synthetic sapphire crystal edge on Rolex watches. This one is perfect, not a scuff, chip, or nick or any kind on the crystal. There is a small somewhat generic engraved message on the case back that could easily be removed in just a few minutes if you wish. The full compliment of adjustable links are supplied allowing total available length of just under 7 3/4 inches. The current version of this watch model 278240 carries a suggested retail price of $8,300.00 CAD. This 18 year old example demonstrates once again just how well Rolex watches retain their value. In December 2011 it was sold new at a Canadian authorized agent for $5,980.00; today we have it estate priced at $8,000.00 and don’t expect it to last very long. It comes with our complimentary 1-year warranty. Stock #505-00466.

November 16, 2023

2000 Rolex Daytona 116518 18kt. gold mother of pearl dial $41,500.00 CAD. 505-00095

The ultimate luxury sports watch is without a doubt an 18-karat yellow gold Rolex Daytona. The Daytona Cosmograph is a watch of legend, the mythical unicorn for the average watch collector. Many of our watch enthusiast customers have never even seen one in person. Despite what you’ve heard, they aren’t all that rare, you just don’t see them very often. A quick look on a popular watch resale website has over 9000 currently for sale; that’s right nine thousand! A Daytona is actually one of the most common watches offered for sale on the secondary market. The only difficulty obtaining one is coming up with the extra $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 you’re going to need to buy the least expensive used one you’re likely to encounter. For that princely sum, you should be able to find one, but it won’t be 18-karat gold and it will be lacking the original Rolex warranty paperwork. A truly rare Daytona would be an early manual wind model from the 1960s through the mid-1980s, if you want one of those, be prepared to part with 6 figures for a reasonable example. But even a stem wind Daytona is easier to find than something like our most recent estate Rolex. A solid 18-karat gold Daytona is a very rare watch; one with its original paperwork and amazing mother-of-pearl dial represents under 1% of all the Daytona Cosmographs available in the marketplace today. If you narrow down the search to Arabic numeral hour markers (non-Roman), we can find just 1 currently available besides ours. The absolutely garden variety steel versions capture all the headlines and attention but something like our latest estate watch is far more unique. The rare mother-of-pearl dial is what really sets this watch apart from the crowd. The genuine oyster shell dial added more than 10% to the basic cost of this already very expensive watch when new. With such a pricey option it’s no wonder it is almost never seen. The rich dial contributes so much to the luxury character of the watch, I’m so happy the original owner decided on it. The colourful pastel play of soft rainbow hues that cascades across the dial need to be seen in person. A still photograph simply can’t capture the beauty. The K serial number dates this watch to the turn of the millennium. The year 2000 also marked the debut of the first in-house developed Rolex chronograph, the calibre 4130. In well over 100 years of Rolex’s history, this is the first chronograph mechanism developed within the corporation. Rolex has pretty much always offered chronographs with stopwatch features, but the mechanical components have always been supplied by other manufacturers. With the release of calibre 4130 Rolex finally freed themselves from production limitations imposed by other companies. You’d think with the vast manufacturing capabilities of Rolex there shouldn’t be any problem meeting Daytona demand. Such is not the case; in fact, it’s become even more difficult to find a Daytona at your local Rolex boutique since 2000. This watch has always had waiting lists. Since the new movement was introduced there is more demand than ever. The traditional debossed tachymeter bezel is a feature that connects this watch to the original Daytona dating back to the early/mid-1960s. Many people still haven’t totally warmed up to the modern look of the new ceramic bezels found on a contemporary version. This one also has thin hands, a characteristic linking it to all the classics that came before. The use of “skinny” hour and minute hands ceased sometime around 2004 when Rolex started installing slightly wider hands. The overall condition of the watch is quite good. It does show scuffs and scratches associated with years of careful use but nothing that could be described as anything more than appropriate patina. The original black crocodile strap is included and shows significant wear, but not unexpected considering the 2003 delivery date. The previous owner installed a genuine Rolex alligator replacement strap in a deep chestnut brown colour as shown. It has only been worn a handful of times since the new strap was installed. Besides the watch, the most valuable and equally rare item is the dealer endorsed chronometer certificate/warranty document. The rare punched paper signed certificate comes from Rolex authorized agents Wempe Jewellers Hamburg Germany (07/08/03). Original documentation is rare with vintage Rolex. Boxes, booklets, instructions, and every other Rolex accessory can be purchased online, but there can only be one original warranty document and this one has it. Our master watchmaker performed a full overhaul of the intricate mechanism in the summer of 2021. An electronic Vibrograf timing report and vacuum/pressure testing results show the watch is performing to new specifications. Included with the watch are a complimentary 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty (prorated for 5-years), inner/outer Rolex boxes, and a document wallet. The estate price is $41,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00095.

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November 11, 2023

1972 Rolex Air-King-Date 5701 34mm $7,900.00 CAD. 505-00385

Not very often do we see a Rolex that is more than half a century old with a perfect dial and hands. Delicate tritium hour plots and hands almost never survive this long without a watchmaker flexing them or accidentally touching the round tritium plots. Under the slightly scratched and scuffed plastic crystal is a blemish free silver dial on a rather uncommon watch. The 5701 Air-King-Date is seen far more often around here than truly represents just how rare they are. A search for other 5701 models on Chrono24 website shows just 7 examples for sale. These were only sold in commonwealth countries, in the rest of the world they were simply an Air-King with no calendar display. They are a great value relative to their actual scarcity. At some point, the original bracelet was replaced with a 78363 Oyster bracelet likely from a GMT-Master. The F date code on the buckle suggests this replacement bracelet was manufactured in 1981. Being designed for a 40mm watch, the bracelet end pieces have been modified to fit the narrower lugs of the 34mm Air-King-Date. In truth, these watches actually measure closer to 35mm. The sum of the parts of this watch is likely worth more than the total. Get yourself some new end pieces and part out this bracelet for $3,000.00 to someone who is looking for one in nice condition. The crown turns a full one and three quarters turns before popping into the winding position. The fluted bezel is sharp and crisp, and the dial as mentioned is perfect. The case back has been engraved with a personal message from 1973 that can easily be removed. Running well and keeping good time. Does not come with a Rolex box or its original documentation. We are happy to provide the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated for 5 years). The estate price is $7,900.00 CAD. Stock #505-00385.

November 5, 2023

1955 Tudor Oyster-Prince 7909 34mm $2,800.00 CAD. 505-00465

Another rare and interesting Tudor Oyster-Prince. Determining an accurate age for early Tudor watches is somewhat difficult. After researching this one we feel it could possibly be as early as 1952 and as late as 1955 according to the clearly visible serial number. Rolex doesn’t release such information but we are confident this one is of early/mid 1950s construction. We like this one because of the rare engine turned/faceted bezel. Most Tudor Oyster-Prince models came with just a simple smooth bezel. We also feel this one hasn’t been polished before as the edges are sharp and crisp, but the flat surfaces display numerous scratches from decades of wear. Our master watchmaker performed a full overhaul to the 17 jewel automatic movement in October 2023 and has it running very well for a watch approaching 70 years of age. Calibre 390 is the same movement found in some very expensive and collectable Tudor Submariners from the 1950s. We also love the 19mm tapered 12 link Rolex 7835-257 Oyster bracelet on this watch.While the bracelet isn’t original to the watch, it is a genuine service replacement from Rolex. The buckle is dated from 1970 and still displays the Rolex coronet logo in very good relief. These bracelets themselves are quite scarce and are usually priced over $1,000.00. Someone out there has an old Tudor Submariner with a rusty mechanism who’d love to get their hands on a freshly serviced calibre 390. Parted out the movement and bracelet alone are likely worth more than the entire watch to the right person. We are happy to supply the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty. This rare Tudor is estate price at $2,800.00 CAD. Stock #505-00465.

November 3, 2023

1964 Tudor Oyster Prince 7965, 34mm, engine turned bezel. $2,000.00 CAD. 505-00453

We bought this watch because the original dial was impeccable. There wasn’t a stain or scuff to be seen. The hands and hour markers were also in like new condition despite being 60 years old. To top it all off the tritium hour markers are still 100% intact and have all developed a lovely matching tan patina all around. We acquired it in none functioning condition and assumed a simple mechanical overhaul was all it needed to get up and running again. Opening the case back with our original #2 Rolex propeller wrench from 1950s revealed a perfect condition, unmolested Tudor 25 jewel 2461 movement (ETA base calibre). It was bone dry but otherwise mechanically perfect. Not one of the assemble screws looked like they had even been turned. After a full overhaul from our master watchmaker the watch is running well with chronometer standards (plus 3 seconds per day) as per the Vibrograf report. It also showed an impressive beat error of just 1.2 milliseconds. This watch is ready to go for many decades with the occasional service. The case back didn’t show a single etching of previous service before the one we left. Chances are this watch was used for 5-10 years then sat in a drawer for the next 50! The most curious feature of this watch is the unusual engine turned bezel. Most examples of the model (7965) come with a simple smooth polished bezel. Was this a rare option, or did someone exchange it from a different model? We didn’t go down that rabbit hole but it is certainly an attractive detail and sets this apart from the crowd. Our October 2023 service comes with a 1-year warranty. A new 20mm lizard grain brown leather strap pairs well with the vintage character of this Oyster Prince. As an added bonus we are including this Oyster style aftermarket bracelet for anyone looking for a more casual look. This good quality stainless steel bracelet fits the 34mm case like it was designed for it. It features solid link construction, fliplock buckle and a diver’s extension (we don’t recommend this 60 year old watch for swimming). You get 2 classic Oyster looks in one. Estate priced at $2,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00453.

October 23, 2023

Tudor Style M12700, 41mm, never worn. $2,295.00 CAD. 505-00085

Tudor and parent company Rolex make some of the industry’s most desirable watches. Their products that seem to get all the headlines are the sporty Professional models that feature gadgets and over the top specifications that the majority will never use or require. Most people don’t even realize Tudor and Rolex have a more gentle, comfortable, and ultimately practical line of watches. Rolex has the Cellini and Tudor have their Style line buried within their website. Our latest estate watch offers everything you need and nothing you don’t. A large 41mm case constructed from stainless steel, a synthetic sapphire crystal offering perfect optics and is much harder than any ordinary glass crystal. Reflective, faceted hands offer good contrast with the glossy lacquer dial, a screw-down crown, and a threaded case back provide a water-resistance rating of 100 meters. Handy features like a sweeping seconds hand, calendar, and easy to use deployment buckle with fliplock safety make daily wear a pleasure. The folding clasp is a luxury touch providing better security than a tang style buckle and helping the high-quality leather to last longer. The watch is in unworn condition, not a scratch can be seen on the watch. The protective case-back sticker is still in place. The watch comes with the original inner/outer box, foam liner, and instruction booklet but no warranty card. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is happy to provide a complimentary 1-year warranty for the new owner. Estate priced at $2,295.00 CAD. Stock #505-00085.


October 19, 2023

1987 Rolex Air-King-Date 34mm 5700N $7,200.00 CAD. 505-00379

The Rolex Air-King-Date was a favorite of thrifty Canadians since the model was introduced in the late 1950s until it was retired toward the end of the 1980s. It remains the only Air-King ever produced with an additional function to the simple 3 hand time display. From what we know, the Air-King-Date was only produced for the frugal commonwealth market. It seems Canada and other commonwealth countries desired a date feature on our Rolex watches but didn’t want to pay up for a chronometer-rated mechanism that added extra cost. We see examples of these watches quite often around here but they are seldom encountered in major American and European markets. This one is a local watch that was originally delivered in Toronto at an authorized Rolex in the summer of 1987. It remains in original, lightly worn condition. We don’t believe the watch has ever been refinished or polished. The sharp case and bracelet details are still crisp underneath the expected surface patina of light shallow scratches and scuffs associated with over 30 years of use. The sturdy 13-link Oyster bracelet shows very little sag and no stretch. The classic silver sunburst dial is absolutely perfect, there is not a blemish or stain to be seen. The no longer luminous tritium hour plots and 18-karat white gold hour markers are completely intact. The white gold hands appear original. The second hand shows some surface oxidation staining. The threaded twinlock crown turns almost 2 full rotations before popping into the winding position. The savvy Rolex collector will notice the vintage-look date ring with its “open” 6s and 9s. The bottom and top loops are not connected to the vertical component as you’d see on modern Rolex. The buckle date code reads K9 which translates to an accepted 1986 production time. The 34mm case (34.4mm by actual measurement) is a versatile size suitable for men and women. This watch comes with its original endorsed warranty card, calendar card, and wallet. The watch is running great and keeping very good time. Including a 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years), this uncommon Rolex is estate priced at $7,200.00 CAD. Stock #505-00379.

October 18, 2023

Rolex Datejust 16220, Submariner 14060, Omega Seamaster 2531.80, Tag Heuer Link WJ1110

We just don’t have enough hours in the day to properly post some of our watches. We thought we’d give you a sneak peek at a few interesting watches that are available now. As always we have more watches and jewellery in stock that hasn’t or will not make it to our website.

1996 36mm Rolex Datejust 16220. Complete documentation, packaging, and a very interesting patina on the silver dial that has shifted the colour to a very pale olive/champagne hue. Very cool. $7,300.00 CAD. 505-00334

1998 40mm Rolex Submariner 14060. No box or papers, but with the sought-after “SWISS only” 1-year dial. Rare and collectible. $11,000.00 CAD. 505-00335

2006 41mm Omega Seamaster 300 2531.80.00. The “James Bond” watch. Nice condition with a pristine box and most of the original documents, recent factory service. $3,680.00 CAD. 510-00102 SOLD

39mm Tag-Heuer Link. Classic Tag for someone just getting into the hobby. You can’t go wrong with this low-maintenance quartz. No box or documents but in excellent condition. $1,000.00 CAD. 520-00087 SOLD

October 17, 2023

1961 14 karat gold Rolex Oyster Eaton 1/4 Century Club 5590 34mm $5,000.00 CAD. 505-00414

Eaton’s was once Canada’s largest retailer, at one point the esteemed firm employed 70,000 and commanded 60% of all department store sales. They were a store that sold quality products for excellent no-haggle prices. You could buy everything from farm equipment to high-end jewellery from their very successful mailorder catalog. You could even order small prefabricated houses from them; they would ship all the required components and plans right to your building site. Many of these homes are still standing today. For over 100 years Eaton’s defined the Canadian retail experience. Changing times and a changing economic environment led to the eventual bankruptcy of the iconic Canadian brand in 1999. Fond memories and the occasional consumer product are mostly all that’s left. Eaton was a great place to work and they rewarded their employees for long-term service. This rare 14-karat yellow gold Rolex Oyster was presented to a loyal employee for 25 years of service. Earning one of these rare watches was a significant accomplishment for an Eaton employee and they were proudly worn as symbolic badges of honor. We’ve never encountered a single example that didn’t show patin acquired from years of use. Eatons had access to the finest jewellery workshops employing a wide range of expert craftsmen. They no doubt handled the beautiful hand engraving on the case back. This 34mm model 5590 is powered by the 25 jewel Rolex calibre 1530. This movement powered familiar Rolex watches like early Submariners and Air-King models. Many watchmakers feel this old workhorse mechanism was one of the best ever created in terms of reliability, durability, and outright performance. When we received the watch, the movement only needed cleaning to get up and running with close to chronometer levels of accuracy. The original crown and waterproof tube were worn and needed replacing. Rolex no longer supplies these parts for 60-plus-year-old models, but luckily there are aftermarket replacements that work and look the same except they are not signed with the Rolex TwinLock Logo. The classic model is now running great and should be good for many more decades of reliable service. A brand new black, 19mm lizard strap has been fitted to the Oyster case and dresses up this presentation watch. Other colours and styles are available if you’d like something a little more casual. Included with the purchase are the electronic timing report, original crown, waterproof tube, crystal, and an old tattered appraisal document for February 1995. We are happy to supply the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty. This rare Rolex is estate priced at $5,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00414.

October 15, 2023

1971 Rolex Datejust 1601 bronze dial. $7,000.00 CAD. 505-00206

Nothing spelled out middle success in the 1970s more than the suburban home with a 2 car garage, a station wagon, and a Rolex Datejust. There are many ways to describe such an iconic model. Rolex describes it as the “Classic Watch of Reference”. Classic indeed, the Datejust has been around since 1945 and looks pretty much the same today as when it debuted. Our latest estate Rolex is one of the most commonly encountered, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the list for anyone looking to get into the vintage Rolex scene or the seasoned collector. These mid-sized 36mm watches are the Goldilocks size for the average size guy or lady that prefers something a bit larger but not over the top. Too many watches today are simply overwhelming for the average to smaller wrist size. 50 years ago watches were essential tools for everyday life, not the lifestyle statements they are today. A Rolex from the early 70s was for many the high point for mechanical watches. Bulova’s Accutron was the height of precision with some very clever tuning fork transistorized mechanics. Evolving technology, toxic mercury batteries, and no parts supply spelled an end to the high-pitched hum of the Accutron. A Rolex movement from this era was still hand-assembled and adjusted by hand with tiny screws located on the rim of the balance wheel. Turning these tiny screws in or out allowed Rolex’s watchmakers to poise the wheel giving it perfect balance. Rolex wasn’t the pure luxury item they are today. Rolex had to keep their costs in mind as there were other brands competing for the baby boomer dollar. In order to avoid heavy import duties, Rolex had some of their bracelets made in the USA with lower purity 14 karat gold trim instead of the Swiss Made bracelets with 18 karat. These American-made bracelets are super comfortable. Their steel oval link sections and hollow gold middle conform to every wrist contour. Even when they were new they had a loose feel, the hollow links made a jingle sound unique to this bracelet. This example shows significant sag that really doesn’t illustrate the overall condition. You need to look at the wear and gapping when viewed from the top. This watch shows only a small amount of wear and grooving between the gold links. This bracelet likely has another 50 years left in it if keep clean. The fluted bezel is still quite crisp for a watch in its 6th decade. The best part of this watch is the unique bronze dial. I think this dial has colour shifted from a silver hue to what we see today. The subtle dial is much different than the typical champagne and silver often seen on this model. The luminous tritium hands and hour plots display even patina. There is usually an hour plot or two damaged or missing on these watches and this one is no different. The 8 o’clock lume pip is almost gone. When looking closely at the dial we see the hour markers are not the common dome or hash mark style. They are sloped and faceted. This style marker is quite unusual and adds to the vintage look. Installation of a new Rolex plastic crystal and basic case cleaning was all that was required to get this classic ready for a new home. Including a 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty (prorated for 5 years), this classic Rolex is estate priced at $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00206.




October 14, 2023

2021 18kt. white gold 36mm Rolex Day-Date diamond dial & bezel 128349RBR. 505-00304

For some people, a watch is a redundant relic from a bygone era. Accessing the accurate time is as easy as checking your phone. For certain specific professional applications, an analogue wristwatch is a mandatory piece of equipment for times when pulling out your phone for reference can not only be impractical, but it can also be potentially dangerous. For most people who still wear and love wristwatches, they can be a handy tool, a piece of jewellery, an investment, a fashion accessory, or all of those things. From Timex to Rolex, watch manufacturers produce as many styles for as many tastes and for every budget. When it comes to the flagship model from Rolex, the Day-Date is the top of the line. The Day-Date has only ever been manufactured in precious metal. If you’d like a day of the week displayed on your Rolex, you can only get it in 18 karat gold or platinum. I’m sure we’ve sold 100s of Rolex Date-Date watches over the past 6 decades doing business here in Downtown Barrie, but this is only the second one made from white gold that anyone here can recall. When you’re paying this amount for a watch, almost everyone goes for the traditional yellow gold look. White gold is the subtle choice when it comes to a Day-Date. Unless you’re familiar with Rolex, most would assume this was just another stainless steel Rolex (if it was even recognized as such), or perhaps just another fashion watch with some crystal bling. Those in the loop will instantly see this watch as something very special indeed. This is much more than the basic 36mm, 18 karat, white gold Day-Date. This watch features a spectacular white mother of pearl dial with 8 round single cut diamonds and 2 baguette cut diamonds to plot out the hours. Surrounding the iridescent natural pearl dial is the upgraded diamond set bezel. The bezel contains 52 exceptional quality round brilliant cut natural diamonds weighing approximately 1.50 carats in total. Many people incorrectly refer to the Day-Date watch as “The President”, the name really only refers to the style of the bracelet. This bracelet debuted with the arrival of the first Rolex Day-Date in 1956. It wasn’t until the mid-1960s when U.S. President Lyndon Johnson wore the model that the “President” moniker appeared. In an advertisement campaign of time, Rolex wrote ”the presidents’ watch”. Ever since, the name stuck for both the Day-Date and the Day-Date bracelet, although the name originally referred to just the bracelet. Our latest 36mm Day-Date model number 128349RBR dates from the summer of 2021, as per the endorsed warranty card. It was occasionally worn by the previous owner from time to time. It remains in very good condition and does show some evidence of use. There are small scuffs and scratches on the case and bracelet. There is a tiny chip on the raised edge of the sapphire crystal at the 33-minute position mark that is all but invisible. One of the adjustment links has a decent sized scratch that can easily be removed along with any other blemishes. As always, we prefer to present our watches in their original unpolished condition. The back of the case lugs displays all the gold hallmark stamps in perfect detail. The President bracelet with locking/integrated buckle has never been removed from the case.  The watch features Rolex’s new generation 3255 automatic movement. According to Rolex, the 31 jewel mechanism is 90% new and holds 14 patents. Its 70-hour power reserve is 50% longer than the previous generation with an accuracy rating 50% better than the already stringent industry standards for Certified Chronometer designation. White gold Day-Date watches are rarely seen around here. This example remains under the 5-year Rolex international warranty until the summer of 2026. It comes complete with the original box, full paperwork with an endorsed warranty card, and a Rolex shopping bag. The large presentation box is in perfect condition. This box doubles as an eight compartment jewellery box to hold any other of your treasures. Any Rolex qualifies as a high quality watch, this one is so much more. This diamond masterpiece is also a magnificent item of jewellery made to last generations. Stock #505-00304.

Viewing by appointment only.

October 13, 2023

1996 Rolex Yacht-Master 68628 35mm like new cond. $25,500.00 CAD. 505-00140

If you didn’t know it, you’d swear this watch is brand new and not 25 years old. When we received it there were only the faintest minor scuffs and tiny scratches. After a light and careful polish, it presents as in new old stock condition. From the factory-applied green case back sticker to the original sandblasted background on the bezel, this Rolex Yacht-Master 68628 appears just as it did when it left Rolex’s Geneva workshops in 1996. Solid gold Rolex Sports watches are a rare sight in our estate showcases. Occasionally we’ll be lucky enough to have an all-gold gent’s professional model, but this is our first all-gold lady’s sport model ever to be showcased in our estate department. For the most part, the only all gold Rolex watches we encounter are gents Day-Date and the occasional Lady President. It is our pleasure the feature this 35mm mid-sized Yacht-Master. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these watches, they usually come with a white or blue dial. The sophisticated champagne dial is rarely seen. The tone-on-tone look gives the watch a dressier and slightly more formal look compared to the white or blue dials. Given it was made from premium 18-karat gold, I really doubt watches of this description are worn for any hard-core sporting activity. They are more of a luxurious lifestyle statement and not a professional tool watch. The Yacht-Master has always been the “dressy” sports Rolex. The Yacht-Master will be celebrating its 30 anniversary in 2022. Since 1992 they have always been equipped with at least a precious metal bezel made of 18-karat gold or platinum, no entry-level stainless steel bezel for this model. More round and turned-down lugs give all sizes of Yacht-Masters a more comfortable wearing experience. The functional timer bezel rotates in both directions for simplified use timing events of up to 1 hour in duration. The fliplock equipped buckle doesn’t come with a diver’s extension allowing a lower, more comfortable profile. Large, easy-to-read hands and markers make time interpretation a snap even with the low-contrast 18-karat gold hands. A handy calendar and smooth sweeping second-hand offer some useful extra utility. As with all Rolex Oyster watches this one comes with a threaded case-back and crown that protect the self-winding movement with a water-resistance rating of over 300 feet. This watch doesn’t come with its original paperwork or packaging. We’ve been saving a special Rolex tapestry presentation box for something just like this for some time. This box was originally for a Rolex Lady President 6917 from the 1970s. It is in perfect condition, looking unused. The inner red velvet liner is spotless and blemish-free. The outer cardboard box is also perfect. Included with the purchase is a new old stock gift with purchase Rolex wallet. The burgundy wallet has 3 compartments and still smells like leather. It comes inside its original protective plastic bag. Also included is a period-correct 26-page Oyster booklet, a newer chronometer hangtag, and a Rolex logo Fisba Stoffels handkerchief with a foil label still attached (not pictured). We feel this handkerchief has been inside the box, under the display pad for close to 50 years, and has never been completely unfolded. Rolex no longer produces a Yacht-Master in a 35mm size. The closest current model is the 37mm rose gold version with a black ceramic bezel and rubber strap. We are happy to supply a complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated for 5 years) for the next owner. The watch was fully serviced in December 2021 and is running flawlessly and keeping great time. Since these pictures were taken the green case back sticker has come off and has been lost. This beautiful watch is estate priced at $25,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00140.

Viewing by appointment only.


October 10, 2023

2007 Rolex Datejust 26 179160 Salmon dial Jubilee bracelet $8,000.00 CAD. 505-00439

At the height of the quartz revolution in the 1980s, watches like this 26mm Rolex Datejust were considered by many as bulky, old fashion designs. Many quartz offerings from luxury manufactures like Concord, Omega, Gucci, and Lasalle (by Seiko) measured around half the diameter and only a fraction of the 10.4mm Rolex thickness. Fast forward 30-40 years and this Rolex is now considered too small by even Rolex as they discontinued this size several years ago. If you want a current lady’s Rolex 28mm is the smallest size available. Historically, most buyers of Rolex watches have been men, but with today’s more casual lifestyles, more and more women are considering a Rolex Oyster as their everyday, do it all timekeeper. This watch showcases the very uncommon combination of a salmon dial with the dressier Jubilee bracelet. According to many internet sources, the Z serial number places its manufacture to around 2007; however, it’s fully endorsed Canadian warranty card dates the purchase to the spring of 2017. The instruction booklet that comes with the watch is dated 2009. Rolex is a very quite company when it comes to revealing operating details, anything independent you read online will certainly not be confirmed or supported by Rolex. It is my opinion this watch was indeed made in 2007 as the engraved Z744525 serial number suggests (at least the Oyster case). It then waited several years in Geneve before being fully assembled and shipped to the Canadian agent closer to 2011 as the buckle is stamped with the date code “EO” that corresponding to 2011 (at least according to various internet sources). From this point the still recovering North American economy was cautious buying luxury goods and the watch lingered a few more year until it was purchased by previous owner in 2017. Around a year and a half later, the watch was submitted to Rolex under warranty for an adjustment. The adjustment was more likely a full service to the then 10 plus year old watch. The no charge “adjustment” has the watch running great and is now keeping excellent time. The watch is in very good condition and appears to be rarely worn. It retains what is thought to be its original finish showing only minor scuffs and scratches associated with occasional careful use. The 21 link Jubilee bracelet shows next to no sag. This uncommon watch comes complete with inner/outer boxes, all factory supplied documents, green chronometer hang tag, extra link (missing locking screw), endorsed Canadian warranty card, and the no charge factory warranty service document. If you have a petite wrist or just prefer the traditional 26mm size, this rare salmon Datejust 179160 would make a great next watch for you. Including our complimentary 1-year warranty, this watch is estate priced at $8,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00439.


September 25, 2023

1954 Rolex Oyster 6332 34mm rare model $4,750.00 CAD. 505-00337.

Basic Rolex Oysters with automatic movements have been around for more than 75 years. They feature simple and functional dials with only a time display. Over the decades Rolex occasionally updated the design of the hands and continually offered dials with different types of hour markers. Stick, square, arrow-shaped, Arabic, Roman, faceted, tapered, combinations, and luminous versions of hour markers all were featured over the decades. This rare Rolex showcases a parchment coloured, stepped dial with faceted pointed hour markers, and minute markers inboard the hour markers. The faceted dauphine-style hands display some pitting patina. The raised text ROLEX logo isn’t something seen on modern models and helps to distinguish this as a vintage model. The 34mm case size is midsized by modern standards but considered a typical size for a gentleman’s watch of the era. As tastes moderate, we’re seeing renewed interest by men and women in the 34 to 36mm sizes. The 13 folded link Oyster style bracelet will fit anyone with a wrist size of up to 8 inches. The 18-jewel caliber 645 is working well. These early Rolex automatic movements are not the prettiest but they are still excellent performers with many earning certified chronometer status. The automatic module covers many of the beautifully finished components that are on display in the later calibres. These mid-century Rolex Oysters are great for anyone looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary. They are also a great place to enter the Rolex collecting hobby at a lower price point. Including a 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, this vintage Rolex is estate priced at $4,750.00 CAD. Stock #505-00337.

September 18, 2023

2023 Rolex Oyster 34 blue dial 124200 (never worn) $8,200.00 CAD. 505-00449

Here’s a gift that you’ll enjoy picking up and a gift that they’ll love to receive. The Rolex 34mm Oyster is a great mix of classic Rolex design with contemporary details that are instantly noticeable. There is a good chance blue is their favorite colour. Of all the colours to choose from, blue is cited as the favorite colour of around 35% of people asked. Blue dial Rolex watches are always a top seller for us. Blue is refreshing to see on a conservative brand like Rolex that usually features silver, black, white, or champagne dials. The raised 18 karat white gold luminous hour markers and hands are the classic rectangular shape. The watch was purchased new in the Summer of 2023 and has never been worn. It comes complete with everything delivered from the authorized agent, including an inner/outer box, endorsed warranty card, instructions, hanging bracelet tags, and even a Rolex shopping bag. The uncluttered functional dial with smooth bezel and sporty oyster bracelet make this watch the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle. A super scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, threaded twin lock crown, and a screw-on case back allow for a 100-meter water-resistant rating. Not a scuff or scratch anywhere to be found. The 34mm size is the perfect size for the casual look on a woman’s arm, or for the slim gentleman who doesn’t like an overwhelming watch. This size is almost always sold out at Rolex agents and is seldom seen in display cases. Being a 2023 model this watch benefits from the Rolex 5-year international warranty. Estate priced at $8,200.00. Stock #505-00449.



September 17, 2023

1960 Rolex Datejust 1601 36mm on Jubilee bracelet $6,000.00 CAD. 505-00222

Rolex has summed it up best on their website describing the Datejust as “The Classic Watch of Reference”. In 1960 when this watch was produced the Datejust model was 15 years and already a classic. Over 60 years later the 36mm Datejust in this combination of Jubilee bracelet, fluted gold bezel, and champagne dial almost singlehandedly define the Rolex look. The watch is how the world views what a luxury watch looks like. I feel privileged when an older watch like this comes through our estate department for servicing and resale. Watches like this are best preserved rather than restored. Old enough to see patina on the dial, case, and bracelet, but still young enough to be worn every day and enjoyed. When a consumer product that is used daily for over 6 decades can still be covered by an independent warranty, you know that it is a quality item. After a complete technical revision by our master watchmaker, the watch is easily running within chronometer accuracy levels. The 25 jewel Rolex calibre 1560 is ticking away at a leisurely 18,000 cycles per hour. These “butterfly” rotor movements are rather rare nowadays to see in this condition. It is unusual to see an original oscillating weight and old-style reverser wheels that have not been exchanged for modern Teflon coated replacements. Naturally, the bracelet is showing significant wear and stretch but it is still functional and secure. The original buckle proudly displays a date code from 1958, while the case back shows a production date of 1960. It isn’t unusual to see various date codes on different components from this era; after all, these watches go many years between styling tweaks. The dial and hands are showing some patina and pin point moisture spots. As per usual, many of the  hour plots are discoloured and are damaged to some degree. The faceted arrowhead arrow markers are something you won’t see on a contemporary Datejust. After its March 2022 servicing the watch was run through a series of vacuum and pressure tests to check for water resistance. While we do not warranty against watch damage, it is nice to know the watch passed all its tests. If you’d like to get into the vintage Rolex market, this is a great watch to start off with. A two-tone Datejust like this from the 60s is a safe place to invest and trade up when the right opportunity presents itself. Including our 1-year warranty (prorated for 5 years) this classic Datejust is estate priced at $6,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00222.


September 9, 2023

18kt. Rolex style President bracelets. 89.3 & 46.6gr. $14,000.00 & $7,175.00 CAD. 441-00310 441-00309

We’ve had rings inspired by Rolex designs before, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen high quality bracelets that look like the famous Rolex President bracelet. These premium quality 18 karat yellow gold bracelets are virtual clones to the original, right down to the removable links that are secured by finely machined screws. The links are interchangeable with the originals from the watch should you need an extra link for your Rolex. The super secure folding buckles operate exactly the same as the one on a lady’s gold Datejust or gent’s Day-Date from the 1980s until around the turn of the millennium. Both buckles secure tightly shut with a satisfying click. Bracelets like this a very elaborate in construction unlike a simple curb or Cuban link design. As such they are much more expensive to manufacture, if your only criteria is the purchase price per gram. They are both in like new condition, and have only been occasionally worn. They show only the slightest amount of sag with no stretch of any kind. The narrow example measures 10.5mm wide, 18.5cm long (7 1/4″), and weighs 46.6 grams. They make great accessories if you have a naked wrist that could use a little decoration. They are estate priced at $14,000.00 CAD 441-00309 and $7,175.00 CAD 441-00309.

Large version (441-00309) has been sold.



September 8, 2023

1972 Tudor Oyster Princess 22mm 7586/3 serviced $1,890.00 CAD. e14643

The Rolex/Tudor Oyster case isn’t usually thought of as a tiny watch. Throughout the 97 year history of the Oyster, there have always been more delicate, prettier, less expensive, more fashionable alternatives, but for durability and water- resistance the original 1926 design has stood the test of time. Our latest estate watch is the smallest Oyster case Tudor we have ever seen. This watch measures just a little over 22mm in diameter, yet comes with the same features as the gent’s full-sized models from the era. Not many lady’s watches from the 1970s could go from the formal dinner party to snorkeling in the ocean as well as a Tudor Oyster Princess. This watch is in excellent condition and shows its 50 years of age very well. The 18 karat fluted bezel is sharp and crisp. The silver dial is perfect except for one of the once luminous hour plots (4:00) is almost totally missing. The rare Oyster 7834 bracelet shows only minor sag with some stretch. Two of the folded links have been repaired at some point over the years. This watch will accommodate a feminine wrist measuring up to 16.5cm in circumference. Our master watchmaker just performed a full overhaul of the automatic winding mechanism within the petite case. After the service, the watch is running well and keeping good time. Tudor could no longer supply a new replacement threaded crown and waterproof tube, so we had to supply after-market substitutes. When subjected to vacuum and pressure testing, the watch still easily passed to original requirements. The watch comes with Vibrograf timing and water resistance reports. Including our 1 year warranty (prorated for 5 years), this rare Tudor is estate priced at $1,890.00 CAD. Stock #e14643.

September 7, 2023

Ebony & Ivory. Explorer 114270 $7,500.00 & Oyster 34 114200 $10,000.00 CAD. 505-00437 505-00438

The Rolex Explorer has been around for 70 years, and has always been a core model within the Rolex Oyster family. It is considered the ultimate field watch for adventurers, built to withstand harsh treatment in challenging environments. It was famously worn before it was officially know by the name Explorer by Sir Edmund Hillary in his conquest to conquer the peak of Mount Everest. The Explorer bridges the gap between the larger, sportier Submariner and GMT-Master watches and the dressier Datejust models. The Explorer historically has only been offered in stainless steel, although an 18 karat gold/stainless model is now in the lineup. A black dial with Arabic 3,6, and 9 has been the only option, aside from a few very rare low production “trial” dials made in very small numbers. This posting is really more about our white dial Oyster 34 than this Explorer. At first glance you’d think you’re looking at a white Explorer, but there are a few differences. The Explorer’s triangle marker at 12:00 showcases the familiar Rolex coronet logo in 18 karat white gold. The marine style hands found on the Explorer are the standard issue like what you’d find on a Datejust. The luminous dot on the second hand is absent, but most of all the watch doesn’t say Explorer on the face, in fact it doesn’t really even have a clever name. Dimensionally, Rolex advertise the Explorer as a 36mm watch and the white dial as a 34mm. According to our digital calipers they actually measure in at 35.85mm and 35.25mm in diameter. Model 114270 has always been nothing but an Explorer while model 114200 started life as an Air-King but toward the end of its run it lost its traditional name and became known simple as the Oyster 34 or OP34. The curious “White Explorer” dial is perhaps the rarest version of the many combinations of dial colours and hour marker styles available throughout the model run. Most 114200 models you’ll likely encounter carry the Air-King name across the face. We’re thrilled to showcase this rare, one owner watch. It is in original lightly worn condition and has never been polished or refinished. It was purchased in Canada at an authorized Rolex agent and comes with a fully endorsed warranty card, product tag, chronometer tag, all documents, instructions, wallet, inner/outer boxes, protective white cardboard sleeve, foam box liner and even the original bill of sale from 2018 totaling $6,200.0 (sales tax included!!!). Aside from its rarity it is a simple and beautiful “less in more” kind of watch. Basic timekeeping is its purest form. The snow white glossy dial with black painted 18 karat white gold hour markers is the epitome of simple time interpretation. The black dial Explorer comes with only a set of factory Rolex service papers with card from the summer of 2018 when it was submitted for a routine overhaul of the automatic winding movement. It remains in very good to excellent overall condition, showing very little wear. Both watches are in remarkable condition showing little sag in their 13 link Oyster bracelets. They each come with our 1-year complimentary warranty, prorated for an additional 4 years. Both of these watches are now retired from the Rolex line and are each quite collectable. They are estate priced at $7,500.00 for the Explorer 114270 (stock #505-00437) and $10,000.00 for the Oyster 34 114200 (stock #505-00438).

Black Explorer 114270 (stock #505-00437) has been sold.


September 6, 2023

Rolex 5501 Explorer ***RARE*** 34mm with box $19,460.00 CAD. e11829

We don’t toss out the 3-star ***rare*** headline very often. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 5501 is quite rare but one with a white honeycomb dial is exceptionally rare. With collectible Rolex, the dial is practically everything. The dial on this one is very original and in very good condition. These textured Explorer dials with gold markers are thought to have been exclusively produced for the Canadian market. Even so, we’ve never seen another example of this dial before and likely never will see one again. According to the previous owner the watch was used for about a decade and then left in a drawer for the next 40 plus years. The watch is running great despite being quite dry. If it is to be used regularly we suggest a full service to the original 25 jewel Rolex calibre 1530. This service will be performed at no charge to the new owner. The long term storage story seems to make sense as the inside case back shows only one or two service records. When a watch is serviced the technician usually etches a code on the inside of the case. The inside shows the usual Rolex factory stamping with production date code (1st quarter of 1961) but almost no other etchings. It’s nice to see an original watch movement that hasn’t been messed around with. The watch came to us in what we believe to be its original and equally rare burgundy red hinged Rolex box. As the legend goes this watch sat in the box unused since the late 1960s. The condition of the box is practically like new. The red velvet display card with the Rolex logo is crisp and sharp edged. Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master are the Rolex watches that get all the headlines. The smaller size 34mm Explorer models have always been a watch for the hardcore collector. I’m sure there are more than a few collectors looking at this watch that never even knew something like this existed. The dressy Explorer dial with 14 karat gold fluted bezel (also in great condition) set it apart as one of the rarest models you’re likely to encounter. We love the rare 7205 riveted bracelet with 57 end pieces. As was the Rolex practice during the 60s these bracelet links were assembled from flat and folded sections of sheet stainless steel riveted together. The hollow nature of the design made them somewhat fragile and prone to dents and wear of decades of use. As Rolex manufacturing techniques improved these original bracelets were replaced with solid link versions. Most vintage Rolex have had their original bracelets replaced with modern replacements over the years. The buckle on this bracelet is date stamped 1967. Its condition is quite good for 52 years old. Showing a small amount of stretch, a little sage, and not too much lateral movement. Including a one year mechanical warranty, the watch is estate priced at $19,460.00 CAD. Stock #e11829.

September 4, 2023

2022 Tudor Royal 38mm 28500 blue/Roman $2,350.00 CAD. 505-00389

The Tudor Royal is a great alternative for someone looking to get into the Tudor/Rolex market on a smaller budget. These watches are great value and come with many features of the more expensive models. The stainless steel case comes with a threaded case back and crown that allows a water resistance rating of 100 meters. The crystal is made from synthetic sapphire to ward off impacts that would normally destroy glass or plastic. Swiss-made automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve. Tudor does not use their chronometer movements for the Royal. Tudor’s T601 mechanism is supplied by a third-party Swiss manufacturer. Tudor is confident enough about these timepieces that they cover them with the same 5-year international warranty as the in-house made chronometer grade calibres. The comfortable 22-link integrated bracelet features a fliplock equipped concealed buckle that is safe and secure. The sunburst blue dial is striking against the brushed/polished stainless steel case. This is not your typical Oyster case Tudor, the shape is more reminiscent of an Omega Constellation or Audemars Piguet and certainly isn’t a bad thing. This watch is in very good to excellent condition. It was only for a few months in rotation with many other watches by a collector customer of ours. It has never been polished in any way. Comes with original inner/outer boxes, instructions, service booklet, endorsed warranty card, hang tag, and foam box liner. The fully transferable warranty will cover the next owner until the late summer of 2027. Our estate price for this dressier 38mm Tudor Royal M28500 is $2,350.00, CAD. Stock #505-00389.


August 30, 2023

2000 Rolex Oyster 25mm 76193 perfect factory diamond dial $7,000.00 CAD. 505-00072

These small Rolex Oyster watches do not show up very often compared to the more expensive and only slightly larger Datejust models. For the lady who likes the clean look of a watch without a calendar and does not want to be bothered correcting the date for months without 31 days, the less is more Rolex Oyster 76193 may be for you. This little watch measures 25mm in diameter and is fitted with an uncommon black dial. Most of these watches come with a silver, white, or champagne dial. The radial finish sunburst dial is absolutely perfect, showing scuffs or stains of any kind. The 11 diamond hour markers are up to the usual Rolex standard of virtually flawless quality and perfect cut. You can conceal a lot of flaws and imperfections with an average or good cut 57 facet brilliant cut diamond, but when it comes to a 17 facet single cut only the finest cutting geometry will result in a bright sparkling display. Rolex is the only company I know of that uses single-cut diamonds. Single cut diamonds just look better in the smaller sizes suitable for hour marker decoration. Even the perfect settings the diamonds are secured in have been crafted from premium 18 karat yellow gold. Even though this is a smaller Rolex it still comes with the features you would expect from Rolex. The crystal is manufactured from optically perfect synthetic sapphire. This material is far harder than regular glass, it shrugs off impacts and abrasive contact that would destroy a mineral glass crystal. The classic Oyster case is protected from moisture to a depth of 100 meters by a thread crown and case back. Inside the stainless-steel case beats a fully adjusted in 5 positions and temperature compensated Rolex manufactured calibre 2230. The 31-jewel automatic winding mechanism runs at the same 28,800 cycles per hour frequency as the larger certified chronometer models. Our black beauty is in excellent condition and keeping great time. The 21 link Jubilee bracelet shows very minor sag and almost no stretch. The combination blushed/polished finish case and bracelet are scratch free. 18 karat yellow gold fluted bezel, Jubilee bracelet, smaller size, and sophisticated black dial give the watch some extra appeal to those who like to dress up from time to time. An old Rolex catalogue we have here from 2001 shows this exact same watch with a price of $8,240.00. Today the least expensive 18 karat/stainless steel Rolex with a diamond dial will set you back $14,750.00 CAD as shown on the Rolex website. The new model is a little bit larger at 28mm but otherwise similar. Including a complimentary 1-year warranty this ladies Rolex Oyster is estate priced at $7,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00072.



August 20, 2023

1987 Rolex Datejust 69173 26mm with factory diamond dial $8,200.00 CAD. 505-00380

Admission into the Rolex club will cost you $14,750.00 CAD if you’re partial to the look of this iconic design, and you choose to buy a brand new one (model #279173). For that princely sum, you get to have your name on the warranty card, a watch that is 2mm larger than this 26mm estate example, a concealed buckle, and some other minor style differences along with some mechanical updates. The fact that this Rolex is 36 years old will come as a huge shock to almost anyone who looks at it. Rolex is more than just a watch manufacturer, they are an institution within the jewellery and luxury product industry. If you buy a Rolex, you can be confident you’ll not need another watch in your lifetime. Styles and trends come and go but a Rolex Oyster, Date, Datejust, or Day-Date will stand the test of time like nothing else. Datejusts have been the most popular model from the Geneva-based company for over 75 years. Our latest estate example is in very good condition showing less wear than you’d expect for a watch from the 1980s. The silver Jubilee dial with diamonds is rarely seen and is very subtle. Unless you know the Jubilee dial is embossed with repeating/offset ROLEXROLEXROLEXROLEXROLEXROLEX you’d likely only think this dial has simply a pleasant textured finish. The sapphire crystal shows some minor scratches and nicks on the edges that go unnoticed except under scrutiny. These sapphire crystals sit off the bezel a touch. It is quite common to see the edges chipped a little. The solid 18-karat faceted yellow gold frames securing the diamond hour markers have a magnifying effect on the exceptional quality single-cut diamonds. The yellow gold fluted bezel on the 18-karat and steel jubilee bracelet has always been a best seller. The neutral dial colour blends with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion. The 19-link bracelet is showing some sag and a touch of stretch but has at least another 30 years of service left. For a little more than half of its replacement price, this watch is likely a better investment than buying a brand-new one. That new car you’ve been eyeing is going to depreciate more in a month or two than the total cost of this watch. Accompanying the watch are several service documents from regular maintenance at Rolex. The watch also included a red leather Rolex wallet, a 1988-1989 calendar, and the original bill of sale from Little Switzerland in St. Maarten for just $3,090.00 USD (how things have changed). It’s working great and keeping good time with all functions operating as designed. We are happy to include a complimentary one-year warranty for the next owner. Estate priced at $8,200.00 CAD. Stock number 505-00380.


August 12, 2023

2005 Rolex Daytona 116520, never polished, 1 owner, $28,525.00 CAD. 505-00360

You can see them online but seeing one at any Rolex boutique or agency store is next to impossible. If you’re able to get on a waiting list don’t expect to receive a call until possibly the next decade. Looking for a good deal on a used current model 116500; the going rate is well over $30,000.00. Our latest pre-owned Daytona is a discontinued F serial number 116520 purchased new in 2005 by a gentleman who’s been a customer of ours for over 30 years. This series was the first model to use the fully in house developed Rolex calibre 4130. This movement made its debut in this model in 2000. In more than 100 years of history, this is Rolex’s first chronograph mechanism developed within the corporation. Rolex has pretty much always offered watches with stopwatch features but the mechanical components have always been supplied by other manufacturers. With the release of calibre 4130 at the turn of the millennium Rolex finally freed themselves from production limitations imposed by other companies. You’d think with the vast manufacturing capabilities of Rolex there shouldn’t be any problem meeting Daytona demand. Such is not the case; in fact, it’s become even more difficult to find a steel Daytona at your local Rolex boutique. The Daytona has been on perpetual backorder ever since the first automatic winding versions appeared in the late 1980s. Since the new movement was introduced there is more demand than ever. The traditional debossed stainless steel tachymeter bezel is a feature that connects this watch to the original Daytona dating back to the mid-1960s. Our discontinued 116520 is the last version to feature such a steel bezel. Although the bezel is showing minor scuffs and scratches as a testimony to its sporting use, it has never been polished or touched up in any way. Whenever a steel bezel is polished the fine index markings and text lose their sharp edges and fine definition to some degree, it’s unavoidable. Originality is everything with any collectible Rolex, the dial and bezel are everything when it comes to a Daytona. I’m happy to report the debossed tachymetre scale is perfect on this example. We’ll happily polish away the scuffs and scratches if you wish but the watch will no longer be original and the crisp sharp edges will get ever so slightly softened. If you’re looking for a Daytona and shopping this one around, I know you won’t find one with a better bezel anywhere at this price. These close up pictures reveal just how good the bezel is on this one. The watch is running perfectly with all functions operating as designed. Overall condition of the watch is very good although it does display scratches on the case, bracelet, and bezel. The bracelet exhibits zero stretch or sag and has never been polished either. The green holographic sticker that was applied to the case back at Rolex’s Geneva factory is still in place, along with another protective sticker under the flip lock. Purchased at an Ontario Rolex Authorized agent and only worn in rotation with many other fine watches by the previous and only owner. This watch does not come with any of its original paperwork or packaging of any kind. We are including a complimentary one-year warranty covering all aspects of mechanical defects or failure except those caused by moisture or abuse. Our warranty is prorated 5 years from the date of purchase for added peace of mind. $28,525.00 is a lot of money, but we feel this is the most competitively priced pre-owned Daytona in this condition, currently on the market. Our estate price is $28,525.00 CAD. Stock #505-00360.

Viewing by appointment only.


August 10, 2023

2006 Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece 39mm 18948. 505-00426

The Masterpiece is a Rolex unlike any other. From the large 39mm case to the unique Pearlmaster bracelet, this rare Rolex makes no excuse for its jewellery bias. Where the basic 36mm Day-Date can be purchased without diamonds in gold or platinum, the Pearlmaster 39mm was only ever offered with at least a diamond dial and diamond bezel. The solid link bracelet is a distinctive design that falls somewhere in look between the sporty Oyster style and the dressier Jubilee variety. We’ve featured many estate Day-Date Rolex models over the years in various configurations, almost all have been 36mm in diameter with President bracelets. This is the first time we’ve ever been able to showcase the rare and illusive 39mm Masterpiece. This example dates from  2006 and is in excellent condition. It still retains the green holographic case back sticker and clear protective sticker on the integrated buckle. We were very tempted to give the polished case and bracelet a light refinishing but decided to leave it in its original condition. It has only occasionally been worn and shows zero wear in any of its 14 solid 18-karat links.  The bracelet retains its full complement of 5 adjustment links and the bracelet has never been removed from the case. The bezel contains 40 of the finest quality natural diamonds available. The diamonds are much larger than what you’d find on any 36mm Day-Date from the factory. Each diamond has been expertly hand set in 4 bead settings. Together the bezel diamonds weigh an estimated 2.40 carats. The uncommon silver dial has also been enhanced with 8 single-cut diamonds and 2 baguette-cut diamonds in 18-karat settings adding just a touch more sparkle. Some extra diameter and solid construction can easily be felt as this watch weighs in at a substantial 209 grams. The high initial cost and short model run make seeing a 18948 Day-Date Masterpiece very rare. An old Rolex price list we have from 2004 shows the basic Masterpiece in tri-colour gold with a retail price of $56,900.00 compared to the entry-level $29,130.00 36mm Day-Date. At 39mm in size, these watches were mostly worn by gentlemen. As modern tastes shifted to larger watches, more and more ladies are now enjoying this size. With a short production run and limited numbers made the Masterpiece is a rare Rolex that we may never encounter again. This watch was owned by a long-time customer of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers who traded it in for something different. It does not come with any original documentation or packaging. It is running flawlessly and comes with our complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years). Stock #505-00426.

August 7, 2023

Rolex Day-Date II 218206 platinum 41mm. 505-00424

When the Rolex Day-Date debuted in 1956 as the flagship model it ushered in a new benchmark for what a luxury watch looked like. As the automatic chronometer movements received updates over the years the tedious day/date setting procedures gave way to quick set and double quick set mechanisms. Scratch-prone plastic crystals were replaced with superior sapphire lenses. Countless different dial options have come and gone. Hollow bracelet links are now solid with wear-reducing ceramic bushings. Simple interference clasps now lock with spring-loaded mechanical precision, but the basic look has never changed. For over 50 years every Day-Date left the Rolex factory measured 36mm in diameter. In 2008 Rolex shocked the watch world when they introduced a 41mm version called the Day-Date II. Five millimeters may not sound like much, but on the wrist, a 36mm versus 41mm couldn’t feel or look any different. The 41mm Day-Date II featured the single-generation calibre 3156 that was only ever used in this model. Produced just 7 years the DDII remains a rarity and is seldom seen on the secondary market. It was replaced with the Day-Date 40 that measured (you guessed it) 40mm. A change in the size of just 1mm diameter (2.5%) seems almost pointless but Rolex determined the 41 was a little bulky and started production in 2015. The Day-Date 40 appears almost identical in dimension to the 41mm Dat-Date II. Our Day-Date II is very special because it was constructed from rare and extra-dense platinum. If you’ve ever seen a platinum Rolex chances are it had the Ice Blue dial. The only way to get the pale Ice Blue dial is to buy a platinum Rolex. The original owner opted for a more subtle and rare matt finish black stealth dial. To most people, this watch looks like any other Rolex-styled watch. Only those in the loop would recognize this as a Rolex and fewer still would realize it’s platinum. That is until you hold it. A white gold Day Day 40 weighs an impressive 217 grams while the platinum version weighs a whopping 281 grams. This watch is completely original and has never been polished or refinished in any way. It was lightly worn by a long-time collector customer of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers who occasionally wore it in rotation with several dozen other watches in his collection. It exhibits very minor scuffs and scratches but is in overall excellent condition. The full length 24 link President bracelet shows no stretch or sag of any kind. This watch does not come with any of its original packaging or documentation. The watch is running great and keeping excellent time. We are happy to supply the new owner with a complementary 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years). Stock #505-00424.

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August 5, 2023

1965 Rolex 5513 with rare 7206 80 rivet bracelet $17,000.00 CAD. 505-00350

While we love modern watches in both electronic and mechanical formats, it’s the vintage timepieces that we really nerd out over. When it comes to coveted, yet obtainable watches, the Rolex Submariner has always been a top choice among collectors and aficionados. Our latest estate Submariner is this glorious one-owner 5513 that dates from 1965. The truly obsessed will have already noticed the dial isn’t original for a Sub from the 60s. It was replaced in a 2004 service when Rolex was performing a routine overhaul. Judging by the overall excellent condition of the watch, we imagine the previous owner was rather fussy when it came to the appearance of his Submariner.  The original dial, hour markers, hands, and bezel insert likely acquired some patina over the prior 4 decades and no longer glowed in the dark. Rolex likely suggested updating the watch with a set of new hands, a bezel insert, and a modern dial featuring luminous hour markers in applied 18 karat white gold frames; compared to simple printed plots of the original dial this update made great sense. According to the Feb. 2004 Rolex invoice, the new parts only added $362.00 to the servicing cost. The prior owner couldn’t have imagined replacing the dial with a genuine, albeit not original dial affected the value by many thousands of dollars today. A new crown, waterproof tube, and crystal are considered wear-and-tear items, that should occasionally be replaced and have a much less significant effect on value.Okay, so the dial,  hands, and bezel insert are not original, but consider the entire package. It’s a beautiful example of a vintage 5513 Submariner that is pushing 60 years of age. What I love most about this watch is the uncommon 7206 80 riveted bracelet with a standard buckle. There is no diver’s extension or fliplock on this buckle. These wonderful bracelets are super lightweight and have a super low profile of less than 2.5mm. We a very confident this bracelet is original to the watch as it bears the manufactures date stamp 3 65 which perfectly matches the date stamp inside the case back showing the third quarter of 65. The wear and rub marks on the back of the lugs perfectly match where the bracelet end pieces rub. Much like forensic ballistics can tell which gun fired the bullet, wear and tear are telltale indications of originality. We also found several vintage brochures on the internet featuring 5513 Submariners without fliplock buckles. While these bracelets are very comfy, they certainly are much more delicate than the solid link modern replacements you see on most Submariners of this era. We’re also happy to report at 58 years of age the 12-link Oyster bracelet doesn’t show excess sag or stretch. One final comment on this bracelet is there is no evidence of repairs to the links, buckle, or hinge. These buckles used rolled steel hinge joints to secure a simple pin by interference spring tension. Many times the work-hardened rolled ends failed after decades of use. Before modern laser welding machines appeared in the trade 20 years ago, broken buckles were simply replaced as there was no way to repair the light gauge stainless steel. The buckle, hinges, and cover of this rare bracelet are all original and have never been laser welded or replaced. This watch comes with 3 previous Rolex service documents. Peoples Jewellers sent it to Rolex for service in March 1987, Rolex serviced it again in February 2004, and in December 2013, Rolex authorized agents Knar Jewellery submitted the watch for a routine movement cleaning. While in for service the watch received a light case refinishing. The finish and fine details on the watch remain impeccable. Sharp beveled edges on all 4 lugs are clearly evident. They remain thick and free from any serious impact marks. The watch is running flawlessly and looking even better. This watch is far lighter and more comfortable to wear than anything modern, it weighs just over 92 grams yet can still fit a wrist size of up to 8 inches. Included with the watch are the original service documents, service box, and polishing cloth along with our complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated for 5 years). This collectible Rolex Submariner is estate priced at $17,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00350.

August 2, 2023

1967 Rolex GMT-Master 1675, 1 owner with box & papers, $41,000.00 CAD. 505-00086

Every watch collection needs a cornerstone piece. For the Rolex collector that piece is likely a Daytona, a Submariner, or a GMT-Master. These three models are the holy trinity for anyone interested in Geneve’s most famous brand. Any 4-digit reference, plastic crystal, Rolex sports model is a rarity these days and seldom come to market. Our latest estate Rolex is a very special example of a Rolex 1675 GMT-Master. The watch dates from the second half of 1967 and has only had one owner since it was purchased brand new at Alteen’s Jewellery, Sydney Nova Scotia on December 19, 1968. It was a cherished possession for over 50 years and was carefully worn on a regular basis by its one and only owner. In the 1940s and 50s international travel was catching on and pilots required an easy way to keep track of local time and Greenwich meantime. GMT is a constant time that doesn’t change with the seasons and is the international reference point to which all local time zones are calculated. The simple rotating bezel can be rotated to show GMT using the second long red hour hand in a 24-hour format with the daylight hours indicated in the red zone and dark nighttime hours shown in blue. This simple format has been the standard display since the Rolex GMT-Master was introduced in 1954. This 1967 example is the best, most complete 1675 GMT we’ve ever had. It comes with a couple of accessories we’ve never ever seen before. Accompanying the watch is a small green plastic clip that would have attached to the Oyster bracelet when on display in the jeweller’s showcase. The first and only owner carefully preserved the original metal foil Rolex price tag of just $295.00 Canadian, and the foil “Swimpruf” Oyster tag. The back of the tag is labeled with some of the watch details and the corresponding serial number. All the other documents are original, correct and in very good to excellent condition. It is exceedingly rare to find any Rolex with this amount of original documentation. Completing the package are the inner/outer boxes and red plastic chronometer hang-tag, all in well-preserved condition. To our knowledge, the watch was only ever serviced through Rolex Canada. The case-back service etching confirms this statement as there is only one record, and it corresponds with a Rolex service guarantee tag and invoice receipt issued in June 1990 for $444.00. There are no missing chapters to the story of this watch. When serviced in 1990 at Rolex Canada it is assumed the “Pepsi” red/blue bezel insert was replaced, along with the crystal and date-ring. We believe the rest of the watch is original. The 13 link, folded/rivet bracelet is in excellent condition showing only minor sag and little stretch. The buckle is clearly stamped with a production date of 2/68. The matt black dial is absolutely perfect, with no stains, scuffs, or scratches of any kind. The 11 luminous tritium hour plots are completely intact, showing an even patina of a slight parchment hue. The four 18 karat white gold tritium hands match perfectly and are also in excellent condition. The more we examine the watch we more we appreciate the honest representation. Aside from a light surface cleaning we have left the watch in the condition presented to us. Light scratches and softening of the beveled case edges are to be expected for a watch that is 55 years old. It may be impossible to find a better example of a one-owner, GMT-Master. Never mind it is Canadian delivered, this may be one of the best, most complete vintage GMTs available anywhere. We’ll let the pictures do some talking. Rolex sports watches have turned out to be an unlikely investment for more than 60 years. Values for watches like this have increased in double digit factors. Excellent condition, collectible Rolex watches have always seemed expensive, except in hindsight. We are happy to provide the next owner with a complimentary 1-year warranty (pro-rated for 5 years). This wonderful collector GMT-Master 1675 is estate priced at $41,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00086.

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2022 Rolex Datejust 36 126234 diamond dial (never worn) $17,340.00 CAD. 505-00238

It may look like a familiar watch but it’s actually somewhat new (at least by Rolex standards). Well, perhaps it is not completely new but rather an evolution of the most popular watch in the world. Much like the width of a gentleman’s tie or the length of a lady’s skirt, watch dimensions ebb and flow. This generation of the classic 36mm Datejust debuted in early 2018 with narrower lugs and slight tweaks to the case, dial, and bezel. It follows the traditional balanced look of the original 1945 Datejust. A more significant change can be found inside the 100m watertight Oyster case. The old calibre 3135 has been replaced with the all-new calibre 3235. A new movement isn’t something that happens very often for Rolex, the 3135 saw duty in the many Rolex watches from 1988 until 2019. The new movement isn’t an evolution of the 3135 as over 90% of the parts are redesigned or different. The 3235 features a completely new type of escapement (the heart of a movement), a modified barrel design that allows for a longer mainspring for an extended power reserve, a new winding module to increase efficiency, and tighter accuracy tolerances. In keeping with the Rolex philosophy of “in-house” manufacture, they have improved gear train efficiency by developing their own proprietary lubricants. Even though the movement is rarely seen and only by qualified watchmakers, they have even refined the aesthetic finishes on the mechanism. All these improvements ultimately provide the wearer with an extremely accurate, dependable, robust timepiece with a long 70-hour power reserve. They have even tightened up the accuracy tolerances to a claimed plus or minus of around 2 seconds per day. This Datejust is absolutely perfect in every way and has never been worn. It features the upgraded 18 karat white gold fluted bezel and factory diamond dial. The radial finish sunburst blue dial with the Oyster bracelet offers a slightly sportier look compared to the Jubilee style and the diamonds add a touch of sophisticated sparkle. Hidden under the embossed buckle is a clever extension that allows a 5mm length adjustment without the need for any tools, on days when a bit of extra room is more comfortable. At 36mm this watch is perfect for the lady who likes something a bit bigger but not a cartoon or the slim gentleman who doesn’t like the bulk of a 40mm Professional model. The watch comes with everything as delivered from the original authorized Rolex agent. Full documents, booklets, endorsed warranty card, inner/outer boxes, chronometer hang tag, foam box liner, white cardboard protective box sleeve, clear plastic bezel guard, and even a large Rolex shopping bag. There are still many of the original protective plastic stickers on the buckle, case back, and lugs. The next owner will benefit from the 5-year international Rolex warranty until the spring of 2027. While not as difficult to find as a Daytona or Submariner, a stainless steel with white gold, blue dial Datejust is not a watch seen often in the showcase of your local Rolex agent. This brand new, never worn, perfect condition Datejust 126234 is estate priced at $17,340.00 CAD. Stock #505-00238

July 31, 2023

1961 Rolex Oyster 6426 violet dial with expansion bracelet $8,000.00 CAD. 505-00351

The essence of simple and reliable timekeeping can be found in this vintage Rolex precision dating from late 1961. The shock-protected 17-jewel Rolex calibre 1210 is running to a slow beat rhythm of 18,000 cycles per hour. The soothing tic tic tic tic tic can easily be heard through the domed plastic crystal. This basic manual winding movement has a very useful power reserve of well over 2 days allowing the user the need to wind it up only every other day. Long before there were self-winding and electronic watches, wind-up technology was the only type available. It’s running great and keeping very good time. Thin tapered 18-karat white gold hands with basic white gold faceted hour markers provide excellent legibility. The thin profile of this Rolex also reveals the true age to any vintage Rolex aficionado. Modern automatic Rolex watches are much more thick and bulky. The 34mm case (34.8mm by actual measurement) is perfect for the gentleman who doesn’t want to be continuously reminded that he’s wearing a giant oversized timepiece. Many women are wearing this size too for a fun and supremely functional alternative to something more dainty. At over 60 years of age, this watch is in amazing condition. We feel the watch was serviced around 10 years ago but hasn’t been worn since, as it still sports a slightly yellowed case back service sticker.  It comes with a service box of roughly that age but no supporting documents. The watch likely received a light refinishing and professional polishing at the hands of Rolex’s master technicians when it was last serviced. The rare 12-link, 19mm, Oyster expansion bracelet is in remarkable condition considering the 1960s date code 4 63. When we occasionally encounter these bracelets they almost always have missing links or broken internal springs. This example is in almost brand-new condition. What we most love about this watch is the lovely medium violet/blue dial. Try as we may we just can’t capture the subtle hue as it interacts with the sunburst finish Rolex is famous for. We can’t figure this dial out; there is no doubt in our minds that it is an authentic Rolex dial and we assume it is a service replacement. It glows like a modern luminova dial, but still displays indications of luminous tritium application to the dial plots and hands. Whatever the story of this mysterious dial, we have never seen another in person that displays an unusual colour that must be seen in person. The watch is running great and keeping excellent time. Including our complimentary 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years), service box, and travel pouch, this curious vintage Rolex is estate priced at $8,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00351.

July 28, 2023

1961 Rolex DateJust 1625 Thunderbird Turn O Graph $10,680.00 CAD. e13733

I’ve been baffled ever since I saw my first Turn O Graph; why isn’t this model more popular? In fact it’s never been a top seller since its 1953 introduction. There are a few who appreciate the added functionality of the two way timer bezel, but most who have purchased a Datejust opt for the simple fixed bezel varieties. I’m sure even Rolex can’t figure out why it hasn’t been more successful. They persisted with the model updating it for over 5 decades until it was recently retired a number years ago. Although not the most profitable watch from Rolex it is notable for a number of reasons. It was the first watch to introduce the concept of the rotating timer bezel for measuring elapsed time, way back in 1953. It is considered the father of the wildly successful Submariner diver model. It was also the first professional pilot watch. In the 1950s it was used by pilots for navigational calculations. Later in the same decade it became the official watch of the US Air Force acrobatic Thunderbird display team. The Turn O Graph is also known in North America as the Thunderbird due to this association. TOGs don’t show up very often and latest example is the oldest one we’ve ever had. The inside case back and buckle have matching date code stamps indicating produced in the second half of 1961. These early Thunderbirds like some of their regular Datejust cousins came with beautiful dauphine style hands and arrow shaped hour markers. These features along with the oxidized patina of the dial add to overwhelming vintage character of the watch. The rotating bezel is made from premium quality 18 karat white gold and displays a slight yellow hue compared to the stainless steel case and bracelet. There are a few scratches and dings on the soft gold bezel but overall the fine coin edge finish is crisp and sharp. The delicately machined bezel is a detail that really can not be refinished; the condition of this example speaks volumes of how the previous owner(s) looked after it. The rolled link Jubilee bracelet is also in very good condition, showing only minor lateral movement. There is no question this looks like a vintage watch, but for a sporty Rolex approaching 60 years of age it’s in remarkable condition. The 25 jewel calibre 1560 is functioning flawlessly inside the 36mm Oyster case. It’s low frequency of 18000 beats per hour is clearly visible as power pulses through the second hand. A Rolex Submariner from this era could easily exceed $50,000.00. Thunderbird Turn O Graphs are more scarce yet sell for a fraction of the price. I still feel these are the most useful watches ever produced by Rolex yet they are often overlooked and have never really shared the spotlight despite how innovative they were. Although Rolex are no longer producing the Turn O Graph I think we haven’t seen the last of them. Rolex have been know to reinvent past models. Included with purchase is a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers one year warranty. This classic is estate priced at $10,680.00 CAD. Stock #e13733.

1965 Rolex Submariner 5513 on rare 7206/80 13-link bracelet $16,0000 CAD. 505-00431

Before everyone gets upset the dial has been refinished, the bezel insert and hands are likely service replacement items; look at what it is and what it offers. It’s a vintage 1965 Submariner 5513, one of the most sought after watches on the planet and it’s selling for about the same as a contemporary used Submariner. This is a genuine rarity that you can actually wear every day and don’t need to be worried about hurting the value. The 26-jewel calibre 1520 lurking within the 40mm Oyster case is working great and keeping very good time. This workhorse movement is a favorite of watchmakers for its easy servicing and durability. The very rare period correct 7206/80 Oyster bracelet still retains all of its 13 riveted links. Naturally, after well over half a century, the bracelet is showing some wear and tear. It shows less sag and stretch than you’d expect. A Submariner from the 60s with the correct riveted link bracelet is something you almost never encounter. The date code on the buckle is easily identified from early 1966. If you’d like to preserve this rare bracelet we are including a high quality Rubber B nylon/rubber Cuff strap. This never worn, $300.00 aftermarket strap was specifically made for older Rolex Submariners. Tough, waterproof, and very modern looking. It brings together vintage 1960s with a contemporary edge. The refinished dial has been done to a high standard. The only obvious telltale sign it’s not original is the silver text that should be white. The font is a little thick compared to the original but it is still very attractive on the flat matte finish. For a Submariner of this era, the depth rating should read meters before feet not feet before meters. The luminous plots have been expertly applied to a high standard with just enough surface tension dome. No, it’s not a museum piece and it’ll never win an originality contest but it looks great and comes with a somewhat affordable (at least for Rolex) vintage look that can only come with age. We changed the plastic crystal with a genuine Rolex replacement; after installation, the watch passed our vacuum test for water resistance. Plastic crystal Submariners hardly ever show up around here anymore. Almost every example that turns up in the market is immediately snapped up and squirreled away by collectors and is never seen again. Including a one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, this vintage Submariner is estate priced at $16,000.00. Stock #505-00082.


July 25, 2023

2015 Tudor Heritage Ranger 79910, 41mm, perfect condition, $4,500.00 CAD. 505-00191

Tudor has been Rolex’s effort at capturing the mid-range luxury watch market since 1952 when they launched the first Tudor Oyster Prince. Focusing on that mid-market price point has allowed them to be a little more adventurous and diverse in their offerings, with something like the popular Black Bay mirroring Rolex’s iconic sporty diver look and this Heritage Ranger taking on the has sport/utility watch segment. Ranger model 79910 has an all-brushed finish with just a discreet polished edge on the bezel. A matte black dial with ultra legible luminous hands and markers that plot out only the essential time interpretation information, this watch doesn’t even come with a calendar display. The 41mm diameter case is equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, screw-on case back, and screw-down crown embossed with the old logo Tudor rose. It’s powered by a Swiss-made Tudor Calibre 2824 (ETA 2824) that features a 38-hour power reserve. Tudor’s watchmakers upgrade the specification on the standard movement with better hairspring and a higher grade pallet fork. The mechanism is adjusted to within chronometer specifications without the official certification and extra cost associated. The Oyster case Ranger is water-resistant to 150 meters and was based on a design from the late 60s. Tudor offered the Heritage Ranger 79910 with four different factory-issued straps, two of which accompany this watch: the leather strap with folding steel buckle and flip-lock, plus the NATO-style, one-piece camouflage fabric strap with its own steel buckle (never been installed on the watch). This watch appears to be in unworn condition. There isn’t even the slightest scuff, scratch, or blemish on the case, buckle or strap. There are still some protective plastic stickers on the buckle and case back. It is accompanied by an inner/outer box, endorsed Canadian authorized agent warranty card (January 2015), documents, hangtag, paperwork, foam box liner, and even the original protective white cardboard box sleeve. Included with the purchase is a complimentary 1-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty (prorated 5-years). Estate price $4,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00191.

July 24, 2023

2000 Rolex Datejust 26 mother or pearl/diamond dial 79173 $10,200.00 CAD 505-00276

Admission into the Rolex club will cost you $14,500.00 CAD if you’re partial to the look of this iconic design, and you choose to buy a brand new one (model #279173). For that princely sum, you get to have your name on the warranty card, a watch that is 2mm larger than our 26mm estate example, a concealed buckle, and some other very minor style differences along with some mechanical updates. The fact that this Rolex is over 20 years old will come as a huge shock to almost anyone who looks at it. Rolex is more than just a watch manufacturer, they are an institution within the jewellery and luxury product industry. If you buy a Rolex, you can be confident you’ll not need another watch in your lifetime. Styles and trends come and go but a Rolex Oyster, Date, Datejust, or Day-Date will stand the test of time like nothing else. Datejusts have been the most popular model from the Geneva based company for over 75 years. Our latest estate example is in very good condition. The beautiful natural mother of pearl dial is an expensive option and seldom seen. Each MOP dial is unique and features a slightly different rainbow display of dispersed light over its pearl surface. The super hard/tough sapphire crystal is completely scratch free, without even the slightest nick on the sharp edges. These sapphire crystals sit off the bezel a touch, it is very common to see the edge chipped a little. Solid 18 karat yellow gold stick hands and hour markers are a standard Rolex feature. Most manufacturers use simple gold plated dial features, but in the Rolex tradition of luxury, only a premium 18 karat alloy is used. Each of the ten hour markers showcases an exceptional quality single diamond for an extra touch of sophisticated sparkle. The yellow gold fluted bezel with the 18 karat and steel jubilee bracelet has always been a best seller. The soft dial colour blend with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion. The long 22 link bracelet is showing some sag and a touch of stretch but has many decades of service left. This bracelet will accommodate a wrist size of up to  7 1/2 inches. At some point in the past, an overzealous watchmaker polished the back of the buckle a little more than we would have liked to see, resulting in the embossed Rolex coronet losing much of its detail.  For a significant discount compared to a new one, this watch is likely a better investment than buying new. The watch was recently treated to a comprehensive service (February 2022) that has it running like new. That new car you’ve been eyeing is going to depreciate more in a year than the total cost of this watch. Accompanying the watch is everything that originally came when delivered including the dealer-endorsed warranty/chronometer certificate, and the original bill of sale from Mappin & Webb at the Heathrow airport. The original owner had us provide an appraisal for insurance in the summer 0f 2015, our appraisal is included as part of this watch’s comprehensive history. The original purchase price was ₤3,914.89. It’s working great and keeping good time with all functions operating as designed. We are happy to include a complimentary one-year warranty (prorated for 5 years) for the next owner. This retired 26mm Lady Datejust is estate priced at $10,290.00 CAD. Stock number 505-00276.



July 22, 2023

1978 Rolex GMT-Master 1675 “Pepsi” Jubilee bracelet $28,000.00 CAD. 505-00034

It’s been 67 years since Rolex introduced one of the most popular and distinctive sports models of all time, the GMT-Master. In the 1940s and ’50s international travel was catching on and pilots required a quick easy way to keep track of local time and Greenwich meantime. GMT is a constant time that does not change with the seasons or location, it is the international reference point to which local all local time zones are calculated. The simple rotating bezel can be rotated to show GMT using the second long red hour hand in a 24-hour format. The daylight hours are displayed in the red zone and dark nighttime hours are shown in blue. This model dates from 1978 and is in remarkable condition for its age. The dial shows absolutely no patina on the tritium hands or hour markers. The flat black, matt finish dial is perfect. We felt a watch of this quality and condition deserved a fresh factory service. In November 2020 we sent it to the Rolex Canada facility in Toronto for an estimate to service the watch and to address any other issues it may have. To our relief Rolex only suggested overhauling the 26 jewel, calibre 1570 automatic mechanism, and replacing the plastic crystal. The rest of the watch was left alone. We specifically requested that Rolex DO NOT polish or refinish the case or bracelet in any way. It has only been worn a handful of times since the factory service was completed at the end of January 2021. The previous owner removed the protective factory service stickers since these pictures were taken but the watch finish remains in excellent condition.   The Jubilee bracelet is a service replacement from 1997. Jubilee bracelets made their first appearance on a sports Rolex with the GMT. All the other sports models came only with the Oyster style making the GMT a little different. After close to a 30-year absence Rolex is once again offering a GMT-Master with a red/blue bezel on a Jubilee bracelet, the new GMT is still the only sporty Rolex to be offered with a Jubilee bracelet. The GMT-Master was retired in the late 1990s and replaced with the GMT-Master II still in production today. The newest “Pepsi” red/blue model 126710BLRO retails for $12,650.00 CAD but apparently, the waiting list to buy one is a mile long, and used versions of the newest model have asking prices of over $25,000.00.Of course, you can always get the entirely 18 karat white gold version for $46,550.00 CAD, but there are long waiting lists for that one too. Vintage GMT Masters have seen considerable appreciation in value over the past few years. If you’ve been chasing them for a while maybe it’s time to bite the bullet with this fantastic example. All four digit model number, plastic crystal professional Rolex watches are turning up less and less often. Collectors are buying everything that comes on the market and tucking them away. In the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger, the character Pussy Galore wore an early example of a Rolex GMT Master. A 40mm watch in the ’60s was very unusual for a woman, but looking at it today I think they look fantastic on a feminine wrist, especially with a Jubilee bracelet like this one. This watch comes with the 2-year international Rolex service warranty, green faux suede service pouch, copy of service invoice for $1,412.50, service warranty card, booklet, and a Rolex polishing cloth. This beautiful example of a vintage GMT-Master is estate priced at $28,000.00 CAD. Stock number 505-00034.

Viewing by appointment only.



July 20, 2023

1940s Rolex Viceroy 3116 17 jewel 29mm. $3,500.00 CAD. 505-00184

Rolex and its patented Oyster case were gaining a reputation for durability and water resistance in the 1940s. As styles changed and wristwatches gained popularity after the second world war Rolex modified their designs while sticking with their patented Oyster case. As new models came out the Oysters always featured a screw on case back, a screw down crown, and a round crystal that was secured with an interference fit bezel to keep the elements at bay. This curiously shaped watch has a flat tonneau shape with extended lugs giving it a rectangular length to width ratio of 1.34:1 with 29mm width. While slightly small by today’s standards, this was an average sized gentleman’s watch for the 1940s. These Viceroy Rolex watches are very rare today and seldom seen. This one came to us requiring a full service, mainspring, crown, case tube, and case back gasket. Original parts for these watches haven’t been available from Rolex for close to half a century. While no longer completely original, we were able to source a case tube and crown that enable this 75 year old Rolex to be functional and reliable for years to come. The fact that is no longer watertight shouldn’t be an issue for most. We have no concerns with supplying the next owner with a 1-year warranty (prorated 5 years). When the original threaded tube and crown failed, the watch was likely stored away for decades before it came to us. We were pleasantly surprised when we looked inside the case and saw two previously etched service records inside. The 17 jewel hand wind mechanism hasn’t been overly serviced and remains complete and original, right down to the plates showing their original bright surfaces, which look practically new. After the 2021 service, the watch is running like new (perhaps better). An included electronic Vibrograph report shows a rate of only 2 seconds fast per day. The balance wheel amplitude of 300 degrees is as good as a modern chronometer. The beat error (difference between the clockwise swing and the counterclockwise swing of the balance wheel) of 1.1 milliseconds is reasonable for a watch of this age. You’ll be surprised just how accurate this little Rolex will be. The parchment dial is in remarkable condition showing only minor and even tan patina. The 3 hands appear original although the luminous material has completely fallen out of the minute hand and mostly out of the hour hand. One of the nicest things about this watch is the unique wave pattern that has been precisely stamped on the bezel. We’ve never seen this sort of decoration on a Rolex bezel before and is a testament the case has never been polished. The watch now only comes with your choice of 16mm leather strap or generic stainless steel bracelet. The original Oyster link bracelet is no longer included with the watch. Including our complimentary warranty, this rare Oyster Rolex Viceroy is estate priced at $3,500.00 CAD. Stock #505-00184.

2015 Tudor Black Bay 79220N with box & papers $5,850.00 CAD. e14632 505-00192

When the Tudor Black Bay series was released in 2012 it was obviously heavily inspired by the ever-popular Tudor Submariners of the 1950s. Featuring a gold connected minute track, cool snowflake hour hand on a flat black dial, the watch has an undeniably vintage look. Initially only available with a burgundy bezel, a year or two later a blue bezel option appeared. Its design and look were so classic, so perfectly executed that it was honored by the jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva in 2013. The highly anticipated Black Bay Black was released in the fall of 2015 and was available on either leather strap or metal bracelet. A few months after the release of the Black Bay Black there was an announcement in Baselworld 2016 that all Tudor Black Bay models would soon feature an in-house movement. What’s interesting and noteworthy, is that would make the Black Bay Black with Tudor 2824 caliber available for sale for less than a year. The Tudor 2824 caliber movement is based on the ETA 2824 movement used by many high-end Swiss watch manufacturers. It’s a time-tested (pun intended), trusted movement known for its precision and reliability. However, Tudor’s watchmaking expertise improved upon the ETA incabloc shock protection and regulation system making the movement more specific and more accurate. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is; the original Tudor Black Bay Black had the iconic Tudor Rose emblem on the dial above the name Tudor, whereas the new generation Black Bays with the in-house calibre feature the Tudor Shield. All Black Bay models ETA movement editions come with a nylon NATO-style accessory strap. They say hindsight is 20/20 and I have to agree. Many of the rare or unusual Rolex and Tudor watches we’ve sold over the last few years have seen substantial price increases. The Black Bay Black has seen similar price appreciation over the last few years. If you’re going to collect one, get the best and most complete example you can. This example has been responsibly worn by a watch enthusiast client of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers for several years. It maintains its original finish and has never been polished, only ultrasonically cleaned. The bracelet and case show some scuffs and scratches but nothing excessive. A sharp-eyed client examining the watch spotted a small discolouration in the centre of the 4:00 o’clock luminous plot. This anomaly came as a surprise to us and we can not explain how it got there. Here is a close-up image of the minor blemish. The watch comes with a complimentary one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty, original inner/outer boxes, instructions, an endorsed Canadian warranty card, and a black nylon strap (never installed). Estate priced at $5,850.00 CAD. Stock #e14632 505-00192.




February 9, 2023

2000 Rolex Air-King 14000 white/Roman 34mm $4,200.00 CAD. 505-00024

Current collectible or future collectible? Without a doubt it’s both. The Rolex Air-King has been around in one form or another for close to 80 years. This basic looking oyster case Rolex was first labeled Air-King as a tribute to Britain’s Royal Air Force who participated in the battle of Britain. RAF pilots at the time preferred using Rolex oysters over the standard issue lower quality watches. The robust design and relatively large case size made them the perfect pilot tool for quick time interpretation and navigation. If you visit your local Rolex agent to buy a modern Air-King 126900 you’ll notice the watch has grown to 40mm and is only offered with a black dial and Arabic numbers. The traditional size 34mm Oyster Perpetual Air-King era appears to be over. Our latest estate Rolex is in very good condition for a 2000 model year watch. Our example features the striking snow white dial, black printed Roman numerals with solid 18 karat white gold applied hour markers. This dial is relatively scarce and offers a fresh alternative the commonly seen silver, black, or white faces with simple stick hour markers. For those of your who really know Rolex reference numbers you’ve already noticed that this one has the engine turned bezel from the Air-King 14010. We assume a previous owner made the switch to give the watch a sportier look. The textured bezel also gives the watch a much larger appearance than the smooth version it would have originally come with. Compared to a 36mm Datejust it appears about the same size. The 12 link 78350 Oyster bracelet will accommodate a wrist size of a little over 7 1/2 inches. The sporty bracelet is original and correctly date coded AB for the year 2000, it shows hardly any sag and no stretch. The crisp clean white dial is treated with luminous pigment on the markers and hands that provide decent visibility in the dark. The watch is working well and keeping good time. It comes with our complimentary 1-year warranty. This watch is estate priced at $4,200.00 CAD. 505-00024.


February 8, 2023

2010 Rolex 116334 Datejust II 41mm serviced March 2024. $10,500.00 CAD. 505-00493

It took Rolex over 100 years to make a traditional dress watch bigger than around 36mm. I guess great mills really do grind slow, but 100 years? They have always had sporty 40mm offerings but a larger more conservative design just didn’t exist until the Datejust II. A simple dial with time and date display but now measuring a full 41mm. The same size as the current generation Submariner, larger than a Daytona, or a GMT-Master II. It looks much much bigger than those because it doesn’t have a thick rotating bezel. In fact the crystal diameter of this Datejust II measures 32.5mm and a 2024 Submariner’s is only 30.5mm. The snow white dial adds to the illusion of an even larger diameter. I’m sure there are many people who would have bought a Rolex Datejust in the past, but the traditional conservative smaller just wasn’t what they were looking for. Model 116334 is a upgrade over the basic Datejust II with the addition of an 18 karat white gold bezel. The fluted design has been a Rolex styling element for over half a century. Thicker hands, bigger markers with lots of luminous material makes the watch much more functional and visible in all lighting conditions. Our estate example was serviced in March of 2024 and running well within chronometer specifications of accuracy. Servicing for modern Rolex watches are recommended at 10 year intervals, although it is not uncommon to go longer without any maintenance. The watch is in excellent condition and looks almost like new as it received a light polish when serviced. There is no stretch or sag of any kind in the full length (12 link) Oyster bracelet. The bracelet is equipped with the Rolex “EasyLink” that allows another 5mm of extra room for those hot humid days. Included with purchase is a 1-year complimentary warranty for the new owner. This watch does not come with its original box and documentation. The original jumbo Datejust 116334 has been retired and replaced with the slightly more subtle 126334 Datejust 41 that can be seen on the Rolex website where it is priced at $13,150.00 CAD. Our estate Datejust II is estate priced at $10,500.0 CAD. Stock #505-00493.


February 7, 2023

2024 never worn Rolex Submariner 126610LN 41mm. $16,800.00 CAD. 505-00502

This is the latest generation Rolex Submariner Date. We’ve had a few of the 126610 series since they debuted in 2020 but most were sold before we even had a chance to post them. We don’t expect this one to last long either. The Submariner Date is without doubt the quintessential sports watch to which all others are judged and their popularity is unwavering. For 2020 Rolex installed their caliber 3235 automatic chronometer movement, which has a longer 70-hour power reserve and a proprietary Chronergy escapement, marking a serious improvement over the previous caliber. Rolex also claim this newest Submariner is accurate to plus or minus 2 seconds per day. If this were a quartz watch, that type of performance would be pitiful, but for a self winding, mechanical watch, that is about as good as it gets at any price point. Service intervals are now a rather lengthy 10 years. Hats off to Rolex for giving their new watches such an extended maintenance schedule. This is the first Submariner to measure 41mm in diameter. For decades the they were always 40mm. You’re certainly not going to see the extra 1mm in the case, but they also increased the bracelet width a touch while at the same time thinning the lugs down a bit. This new silhouette better conforms to every other generation Submariner except for the previous generation 116610 series with the “bulky” looking case. It was purchased in  spring of 2024 but never worn. It remains in 100% unworn condition. Not a screw in the removable bracelet links has been turned. Not even the tiniest blemish or scuff can be seen on the case or bracelet. The watch remains covered under the 5-year Rolex international warranty until well into 2029. It comes with the full compliment of removable links. The hang tags, endorsed warranty card, inner/outer boxes, booklets, instructions, wallets, and even the soft foam box liner (not shown) are all included with purchase. Steel Submariners are still never available at Rolex agents and have long waiting lists to get one, with unknown delivery dates. This like new example is estate priced at $16,800.00 CAD. Stock #505-00502.



February 6, 2023

Art Deco 14kt. white gold Rolex/Wadsworth 15 jewel 21.5mm wristwatch $1,200.00 CAD. 505-00338


During the pocket watch era, it was common practice to choose the movement you wanted and then select a case to house it in from a completely different manufacturer. You could then decide to have the case hand engraved with many different patterns. Not only did this allow an almost infinite combination of looks it reduced duties from European makes. We think this is why we find a finely crafted 15-jewel Rolex movement with a case made by Wadsworth watch case company Kentucky. The 21.5mm octagon case is more than worthy to hold the Rolex mechanism. The front bezel of the 14-karat white gold case has been completely hand engraved with a floral pattern and fine milgrain highlights. The dial is likely crafted from sterling silver and is also decorated in a hand-engraved floral style. We recently performed a full overhaul to the 15 jewel hand wind Rolex movement. Unfortunately the neck of the original winding crown had lost most of its threads over the past 100 years and cold no longer be reliably used. A generic dust resistant replacement crown seals the case better than the original and is much easier to wind. There is a curious spot on the dial where a manufacturer’s name was intended to go that was left blank. The expansion bracelet is 10 karat gold filled and will fit a variety of wrist sizes with its clever adjustable length buckle. The 8-section bracelet is in very good condition all the spring-loaded links displaying proper tension. This pretty little rarity is running great and keeping very good time. Including our complimentary warranty, this early Art Deco design wristwatch is estate priced at $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #505-00338.





February 4, 2023

2021 Rolex Day-Date 40 with black motif dial (retired) 228238 $50,000.00 CAD. 505-00408

Rolex themselves describe the Day-Date like this, “the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelled out in full in a window on the dial, in addition to the date. The exceptional precision, reliability, legibility, and presence of this prestigious model have made it the ultimate status watch.” Since 1956 the Day-Date has been the top on the line when it comes to the Rolex brand. Buying a previously enjoyed Rolex is an investment as much as it is a lifestyle statement. They often cost more than a good used car. Making this sort of purchase can be very similar and equally stressful. Not only is the current condition important, but you also need to know what kind of care it received by the previous owner(s). Our latest pre-owned Rolex is a beautiful 18-karat yellow gold 228238 Day-Date; it’s an amazing example of a current model that is in almost new condition. It has only been occasionally worn for special occasions since it was purchased in the spring of 2021 before being traded in. It now occupies its position as the flagship Rolex in our ever changing estate collection of preowned watches and jewellery. Just as buying the best quality used car may end up costing much less in the long term, buying the best example pre-owned watch always proves to be the best investment. Now it’s time to find this masterpiece a new home. It has never been touched by a polishing wheel and remains original in every way. It shows only insignificant scratches, scuffs, and the odd fingerprint. Powering the Day-Date is the Rolex 31 jewel in house caliber 3255. This automatic winding mechanism replaces the outgoing 3155 that saw service for around 30 years. The new movement has improved accuracy and a longer 70-hour power reserve.  The tiniest of details and refinements Rolex incorporate into their movements are truly remarkable. A great example of this is the escape wheel. It has been skeletonized to make it lighter and less influenced by inertia forces, and the lever fork has been beautifully beveled with a mirror finish polish. They go to such extraordinary lengths of function and aesthetics because this is the tradition of Rolex excellence. Since Rolex typically does not incorporate display case backs, the only people who see these lovely mechanical masterpieces will be your watchmaker about every 10 years or so for routine service. This new movement has already added to Rolex’s reputation for accuracy and reliability befitting the top of the line model. The Rolex Parachrom hairspring is made from niobium and zirconium; it is practically impervious to temperature changes, is non-magnetic, and is up to 10 times more resistant to shocks enabling it to oscillate with far more accuracy under extreme conditions than traditional hairsprings. The expected accuracy for this movement is an exceptional +/- 2 seconds per day! The double quickset feature makes day/date/time correction a very simple task if the watch is left unattended for more than 3 days and stops. The 25-link (plus end pieces) bracelet is perfect, showing no sag or stretch of any kind and the fluted bezel still maintains its classic sharp corrugated fluted pattern. The black motif dial is an interesting departure from the common champagne or silver dials that seem to be the cautious choice for many Day-Date owners. This dial initially appears like any other black example, but upon further observation, there is something different. The black sunburst radial finish is further enhanced by a subtle glossy crosshatch pattern. The precise design goes almost unnoticed except when viewed in certain directions. The special order dial further enhances the dressy nature of this example. This uncommon dial is not offered by Rolex. Some extra nighttime utility is a pleasant benefit offered by this Day-Date as the hands and hour markers have been treated with luminous Rolex “Chromalight”. Measuring 40mm in diameter it is the newest size for a big Day-Date compared to the traditional 36mm size that has been available since 1956. The 228238 is much heavier than the previous Day-Date models weighing in at a substantial 208.9 grams. The buckle and bracelet on the 228238 are a big upgrade over the earlier versions with a superior mechanical locking mechanism with more durable links featuring ceramic bushings reducing long term wear. The super hard synthetic sapphire crystal is scratch and scuff free. A Rolex Day-Date is a watch on many bucket lists, its look hasn’t changed in decades. Unlike a used car, this is something you won’t need to replace ever again. The new owner will benefit from the balance of the 5-year factory warranty until late spring 2026. Comes complete with all the original documents, paperwork, inner/outer boxes, and hang tags. The watch is estate priced at $50,000.00 CAD. Stock #505-00408.





February 3, 2023

2024 Tudor Ranger 39mm 79950 (4 DAYS OLD!!!!!) $3,120.00 CAD. 505-00491

This is the very popular Tudor ranger. Newly designed in 2022 to much fanfare among Tudor enthusiasts. The throwback design looks the the Rangers from the 1960s but this one is a modern 39mm in diameter with many features the originals lacked. The movement powering this classic field watch is Tudor’s own design that is fully manufactured in house. A 70 hour power reserve is close to twice of the original movement that was sourced from an outside manufacturer. Tudor claim this movement to be “weekend proof”, take it off on Friday night and it will still be still be running on Monday morning. The accuracy levels of the MT5402 mechanism is well above the minimum standards for chronometer certification. Tudor claim this 27 jewel automatic winding mechanism is accurate to  -2 to +4 seconds per day! Tudor have opted to keep the dial uncluttered and simple. Their is no mention of the chronometer grade movement within the Oyster case. Just the necessary information for clear time interpretation. A few Arabic numbers just like the originals and stick markers plot out the hours with a subtle minute track on the outer edge. The markers and hands are treated with some of the most luminous stuff on the market, turning night into day when the lights go out. A domed sapphire crystal looks like the original plastic but is hundreds of times harder while offering superior optics. The solid link bracelet showcases a fliplock buckle with 5 micro adjustments cleverly concealed under the buckle. You can adjust the fit on the go without the need of any tools. The headline is correct, this watch is only 4 days old as of this post. It was worn for less than two days before the owner decided it wasn’t for him. We are now offering it for $1,000.00 discount under its replacement price. It comes complete with the original box, documents, tags, and endorsed 5-year international warranty. The warranty is valid for the next owner until March 9th, 2029. The watch is in excellent condition. The only blemish we found was a tiny scratch on the brushed finish bezel at the 22-23 minute position. This is the first of the new Rangers we’ve had. The watch is estate priced at $3,120.00 CAD. Please add 2% for credit card payment. Stock #505-00491.



February 2, 2023

2016 Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BM 43mm $3,600.00 CAD. 505-00344

Whenever we purchase previously owned watches or jewellery we go over all the details with a great degree of scrutiny; our reputation depends on it. The quality of counterfeit fakes out there has become very sophisticated, down to the point that parts (internal and external) have become interchangeable. This watch came in from a long time Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers customer. We gave it our regular once over and realized there wasn’t a visible serial number or model number in the usual position under the 11:00 and 1:00 o’clock lugs. We normally don’t pay a lot of attention to a serial number because honestly, a serial number is about the easiest thing to duplicate on a fake. The presence of a serial number is possibly the least reliable way to authenticate a watch, while the absence of any serial number or model number on a genuine product is very curious indeed. Is it possible Rolex/Tudor somehow missed this one? Could it have been removed? Is the fact that bronze oxidizes in unique and unusual ways, perhaps obscuring or “healing” the factory’s numbers? The truth is we just don’t know. We’ve spent hours looking at this watch over the last 6 months and can’t find any evidence of severe oxidation, tampering, or engraving removal. We contacted Tudor with the numbers from the paperwork and sent many high resolution pictures. Their response was appropriate and expected; “Kindly we ask if the watch could be sent to us for further review, we will be able to advise better once the Technicians can review the watch.” Everything about this watch is as it should be, right down to the 25-jewel MT5601 Tudor automatic movement. After much deliberation, we’ve decided not to send it to Tudor. If this is a factory omission, we’re sure they would insist on engraving the appropriate model/serial numbers to the underside of the lugs. Rolex keeps meticulous records, they know exactly where their watches are delivered and what authorized agent sold them. The number engraved on the movement alone could likely connect this watch to the serial number found on the endorsed October 2016 paperwork and paper product tags included with the watch, but Rolex isn’t talking, and I don’t really blame them. They are not exactly the most transparent company when it comes to internal policy. We are 100% confident this watch is genuine and authentic, right down to the white cardboard sleeve that accompanies this watch. It also comes with an OEM golden brown nylon NATO strap, inner/outer boxes, instructions, booklet, warranty card, foam box liner, and even a pair of large size Tudor black handling gloves. The watch is in very good condition, showing signs of typical use for being 6 years old. The automatic movement is keeping excellent time with an autonomy of over 70 hours, yes we checked that too. It actually ran 72 hours before stopping. The factory warranty has expired, but we are happy to provide the next owner with a complimentary 1-year guarantee, under the same terms as Tudor. The question remains, how/why this watch is lacking its serial and model number? If the next owner wishes, we will assume all costs that Tudor charge (if any) to provide authentication. This curious Tudor is estate priced at $3,600.00 CAD. Stock #505-00344.



February 1, 2023

1990 Rolex Day-Date President 18238 ultra rare glossular garnet & diamond dial $55,555.00 CAD 505-00104. e14302

Since 1956 the Rolex Day-Date has been the flagship of the prestigious brand from Geneva Switzerland. The basic form and perfect proportions have changed little in more than 65 years. While Rolex briefly offered a 41mm version of the watch, and now you can buy a basic 40mm model for $43,050.00 CAD, it’s the traditional 36mm that is the Goldilocks size; not too big and not too small, it’s juuuust right. At 36mm diameter and only available in weighty 18 karat gold or platinum, it has more wrist presence than you might expect. The current 40mm Day-Date weighs close to 1/2 a pound, making it a bit of a commitment to wear every day. Our latest Day-Date still weighs in at a substantial 142.5 grams, so you know you’re wearing it but it isn’t a task or cumbersome. Model 18238 was produced from 1988 until 2000 and was the first version to feature a double quickset calendar, both the day and date can be adjusted without affecting the time. A visit to a Rolex boutique will often showcase a champagne dial, Day-Date in a beautifully lit museum display case or window. We even have a sidewalk sign displaying a vintage Day-Date from the 1960s. There is no other model that defines the Rolex experience better than a Day-Date. Our latest Day-Date with classic President bracelet is by far the most significant example to ever have passed through these doors, and this is its second go around. We sold this watch for the first time in 2005 for $20,000.00. After 16 years of special occasion use, the previous owner decided it was time for someone else to take over stewardship duties. When selecting a Day-Date, most people choose the iconic fluted bezel, president bracelet, and champagne dial. Occasionally we see them with a white, silver, or black dial. For those who want a little more bling, diamond markers and an iridescent pearl dial can be had. For someone looking for a more bespoke look in the 1980s and 90s, Rolex offered dials crafted from wood and exotic stones. Black onyx, lapis lazuli, tigers eye, turquoise, malachite, jasper, coral, and other mineral dials were available to make your Day-Date a little more unique. For a truly out-of-this-world look, you can even get a dial cut from a section of meteorite. Those dials are uncommon and downright rare, but our grossular garnet dial with diamond hour markers is virtually unique.