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A collection of interesting, memorable or significant estate pieces sold over the last few years. This is a sampling showing the variety and quality of jewellery that Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is looking for. We are paying top dollar for similar items.

May 24, 2019

Gents 18kt. gold Omega Constellation circa 1969 $6,500.00 CAD. e11796

When this watch was made in 1969 Omega had produced close to 30 million watches since there inception in 1848. They were producing around 4 million watches annually. Rolex by comparison had produced only around 3 million watch since their founding in 1905 and had annual sales of around 200,000 watches per year. Omega dominated the Swiss made market for the majority of the 20th century. This was the heyday of Swiss watch production. The Swiss had absolutely control of the watch industry. Their luxury mechanical watches were eagerly purchased by coming of age baby boomers and their parents. There were lots of great paying jobs and the world economy was booming. As a nod to complete luxury not only is the case and bracelet made entirely of premium 18 karat gold, so is the dial as indicated by the OM text at the bottom. OM stands for “Or Massif” which translates to solid gold in French. A solid gold gents Omega on bracelet is a very rare find for us. This is the first example that I can remember showcasing for our estate department. The condition looks completely original. The 18 karat gold dial is perfect, showing no stains or blemishes of any kind. A integrated link bracelet graduates in width to the fold over snap buckle. An embossed Omega logo on the buckle shows very little wear, even the subtle striped pattern is still visible. Tight joints in every link show no wear, allowing no stretch and little sag in the heavy bracelet. It’s hard to say with 100% certainty but we think this watch is completely original. The signed gold cap crown exhibit the expected degree of wear. There aren’t too many service records etched in the case back and the plastic crystal displays the corporate logo that is stamped in the center. A beautiful Omega 20 jewel in house calibre 1001 is running well and keeping good time. Rose gold plates and wheels still display the type of finish that helped earn Omega great respect among those who serviced them. My father was a watch maker who learned his craft in the late 1940s. I remember him saying how Omega watches were a pleasure not only to look at but to work on too. This slender movement was independently certified to chronometer status making it one of the most accurate wrist watches of its day. To earn certified chronometer status the watch must maintain accurate time keeping of better than 99.99%. We don’t see many solid gold vintage watches come through our estate department. Even looking for similar watches online lines reveals very few to compare. The case back numbers of 166.055 168.046 D21.744 doesn’t really help finding too many similar. This watch has a weight similar to that of a solid gold Rolex Day-Date of the era at just shy of 140 grams. We’d assume there is a net 18 karat gold weight of at least 120 grams worth over $5,000.00 CAD at today’s gold price. This is a good sized watch that wears a little larger than its 36mm x 40mm suggests. A link section or two may have been removed over the years, if you have a wrist larger than 7 3/4 inches you may need an extra link.Including a one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty this cool vintage Omega is estate priced at $6,500.00 CAD. Stock #e11796.


May 20, 2019

Heuer Autavia GMT 1163 automatic ***RARE*** $17,000.00 CAD. e10877

If you followed motor sports in the 60s or 70s you know Heuer chronographs. They dominated the market for high end sports chronographs, timing equipment and event/racer sponsorship. The red/white Heuer logo is hard to miss on the banners and cars of almost any motorsports event from 40-50 years ago. Some of Heuer’s early models were named after some of the world’s most famous race tracks and races. Vintage Carrera and Monaco watches have seen amazing increases in value lately with prices well into 5 figures. When the Autavia 1163 GMT was introduced in 1970 it was about the most complicated production sports watch around. Not only was it one of the first automatic winding chronographs it also incorporated a date feature plus a 2nd hour hand with a rotating bezel to indicate a 2nd time zone. This was the watch to have for the professional racer or bench racer fan. Selling for around $275.00 USD this was a watch for the serious aficionado, especially considering the standard Heuer Carreras were selling for only around $100.00. The name Autavia is a blend of the words automotive and aviation. The chronograph feature is very useful in both pursuits while the 2nd time (Greenwich Mean Time) function is useful for the pilot or world traveler. Heuer’s competition at the time seemed rather old fashioned relying on mostly using hand wind chronographs. Even the mighty Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was using technology based on decades old designs. Autavia 1163 was only produced with this rare dial configuration for a couple of years. Our example still retains the uber rare original red chronograph registers. Here is a great story detailing why this feature is almost never encountered. Seemingly trivial facts like this are what make us watch geeks so excited to see these rare watches and learn as much as we can about their history. A vintage Autavia GMT is among the most unusual and rare watches produced by a major manufacturer. Considering the incredible 6 figure values similar vintage Rolex Daytona chronographs trade for, this Heuer is a relative bargain plus it’s far more rare too. The automatic calibre 14 movement is running well with all the functions working as designed. This is a two owner watch showing only a couple service records etched inside the screw down case back. The original owner enjoyed wearing it for many years and never stopped appreciating it and taking great care of it. The second owner purchased it from us about a year ago and only occasionally worn it until trading it back in to us. A faded blue/red “Pepsi” bezel with appropriate patina are evidence of use without abuse. The radial finish on the steel 42mm x 47mm case along with the sharp beveled edges are proof that the watch has never been polished or refinished. A signed Heuer crown and fluted pushers are also original to the watch. This is the only Heuer 1163 we’ve ever had. You’ll not find many examples for sale anywhere as serious collectors continue to squirrel these rare watches away when they occasionally surface for sale. It’s a really cool watch with a great vintage look. Including a 1 year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at $17,000.00 CAD. Stock #e10877.



December 20, 2018

Rolex GMT Master II 16713T late model “Root Beer” $15,800.00 CAD. e9708

e9708 Rolex GMT Master II root beerEvery Rolex is collectible to a degree, some more so than others. What distinguishes the most collectible are not only the uncommon and rare models but also their story and history. The history of the GMT is a notable one that goes back to the 1950s. High speed long distance air travel was becoming the norm and pilots travelling across multiple time zones in a single trip was common place. They needed a watch that could keep track of a worldwide standardized time plus the local time of where they currently were. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was adopted as the constant. This “universal” time is displayed by the long thin arrow style 2nd hour hand on the watch and displays hours on the outer bezel in a 24 hour format. Daylight hours (6:00 am to 6:00 pm) are displayed on a lovely light champagne colour while the nighttime hours (6:00 pm to 6:00 am) are shown on the iridescent brown bezel section. The regular hour hand can quickly and easily be adjusted independent of the long 24 hour hand. It may sound a little confusing but in practice it’s quite clever and easy to use. Overall condition is very good. The original oyster bracelet shows almost no stretch or sag with a full compliment of adjusting links.e9708.1 Rolex GMT MASTER II root beer dial You don’t need to be a pilot to love the GMT Master. Anyone who needs to keep track of local time in a 12 and 24 hour format (nurses, police, military etc.) will appreciate how easy the watch is to read and interpret. Our GMT II Master 16713 has a good story too. This rare “root beer” version was purchased brand new  in May 2006 at Bucherer in Geneva Switzerland, just down the road from the Rolex factory in the same Swiss city. The first owner purchased the watch as a reward to himself for successfully landing a business deal. The watch comes with everything from that spring day 12 years ago. The original box is in blemish free condition (even still smells like a brand new Rolex box), with endorsed punched paper warranty certificate, instruction booklet, card holder wallet and the original bill of sale with American Express receipt still attached.e9708.3 Rolex GMT Master II root beer Also included are period correct catalogs with price lists in Canadian dollars and Swiss francs plus a Rolex Canada watch registration receipt dated May 25 2006. You just don’t see many Rolex watches as thoroughly documented as this one. Its D08XXXX serial number places production around 2005 making this a late model root beer. In fact, after much investigation I couldn’t find more than a couple newer serial numbers than this example for sale. There are not many 16713 “T” models around. At 13 years old it can hardly be considered vintage, but down the road this is the root beer you want to own. Rare dial along with more than complete history and paperwork will guarantee it is one most desirable GMT-Master II. We have decided to leave the watch in 100% original condition. It has never been polished or refinished in any way, still retaining the original factory finished beveled lug edges. Solid end links and no lug holes in the features seen on only the latest versions of this watch. The vast majority have flimsy stamped  bracelet end links with the old school lug holes in the case. The watch is worn but hasn’t been abused; its most significant blemish is this impact mark on the gold bezel We will refinish the case and bracelet to look like new if you want, but please remember they’re only original once. Including a one year complimentary Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at $15,800.00 CAD. Stock #e9708.e9708.2 Rolex GMT MASTER II root beer





December 1, 2018

Rolex Daytona 116520 skinny hands, early P series $22,500.00 CAD. e12000

Stainless steel Daytona watches are impossible to find new at Rolex authorized agents. If you can even get on a waiting list don’t expect to receive a call until nicely into the next decade. Looking for a good deal on a used current model 116500, expect to pay in excess of $25,000.00. It’s been over a year since our last steel estate Daytona made an appearance. Our newest estate watch is a one owner box and papers P serial number 116520. This watch is an early 116520 example and one of the first to use the fully in house developed Rolex calibre 4130. This movement made its debut in the Rolex Daytona in 2000. In well over 100 years of Rolex history this is Rolex’s first chronograph mechanism developed within the corporation. Rolex have pretty much always offered chronographs with stopwatch features but the mechanical components have always been supplied by other manufacturers. With the release of calibre 4130 Rolex finally freed themselves from production limitations imposed by other companies. You’d think with the vast manufacturing capabilities of Rolex there shouldn’t be any problem meeting Daytona demand. Such is not the case; in fact it’s become even more difficult finding a steel Daytona at your local Rolex boutique. Although the serial number on our watch (P529150) should date from 2000, the previous and only owner says it was presented to him as a sales award around 2003. This makes sense given the long waiting lists that the Daytona has had for decades now. We know it’s a very early in house movement model due to its low production serial number and previous generation wood lined box and very rare paper warranty/chronometer sheet. The vintage looking box, original “paper” paperwork, debossed stainless steel tachymeter bezel are features that connect this watch to the original Daytona dating back to the mid 1960s. Many people still haven’t totally warmed up to the modern look of the new ceramic bezel versions. The final characteristic linking this Daytona to all the classics preceding it are the use of “skinny” hour and minute hands. Sometime around 2004 Rolex started installing slightly wider hands with a little more luminous material in the centre. Thankfully ours still sports the original skinny hands. The watch comes complete with absolutely perfect condition inner/outer boxes, folded paperwork and Cosmograph Daytona booklet showing USA print date of 2001. The watch is running perfectly with all functions operating as designed. Overall condition of the watch is very good although it does display scratches on the case, bracelet and bezel. We are confident this watch has never been polished or refinished in any way. We are including a complimentary one year warranty covering all aspects of mechanical defect or failure except those caused by moisture. Estate priced at $22,500.00 CAD. Stock #e12000.


November 1, 2018

14kt. white gold eyeglasses 11.5gr. (without lenses) $600.00 CAD. e11702

It’s been over 60 years since my father purchased this business from the original jeweller who occupied the space at 52 Dunlop Street West from 1940 to 1958. Herbert A. Sparham left behind some optical inventory and tools in addition to jewellery plus watchmaking equipment. It was common practice in the early part of the 20th century for jewellers to also supply basic optician services too. While Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers never did any work in the optical field I bet I could still find some old glasses and parts in our basement if I looked. These solid 14 karat white gold frames with non-prescription lenses are a fitting tribute to this stores history before it became Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers on November 1st 1958.  They are solid 14 karat white gold and weigh 11.5 grams, not including the currently fitted lenses. While we don’t know much about luxury eyewear, the construction technique of these are very similar to a fine piece of jewellery. A jewellery item made to the high standard of the frames with a similar weight could easily cost $2,000.00, especially if it came from a high-end designer. From the design and beautifully hand engraved details we’d estimate the pair was made sometime in the 1930s. The exact history of the pair is unknown as they came in on trade a few months ago. Their condition is basically perfect. They’ve likely been sitting undisturbed in what looks like the original velvet lined hinged case for more than half a century. The glass lenses are also in perfect, scratch-free condition. Whether these were a salesman’s sample or they were only occasionally used by someone as a fashion statement, we’ll never know. They’re really cool and deserve to be used by someone who appreciates luxury eye ware and high-quality construction. Unlike modern glasses, if something breaks on these, a skilled jeweller can always repair them. Obviously, these are a one of a kind item for us and come along only every 60 years. Get them while you can because priced at $600.00 CAD they offer amazing estate value. Stock #e11702.



October 9, 2018

Rolex Submariner tropical dial 16803 (1 owner) $16,803.00 CAD. e11555

Not exactly a 5 star rarity, but certainly uncommon to say the least. This is only the 3rd transition model Submariner that we remember and this one is by far the most desirable. Externally it looks exactly like the very common 20 year model run 16613 but its equipped with the older calibre 3035 movement from the previous generation plastic crystal 200 meter Submariners. The transition model 16803 was only made for 3 or 4 years making them far less common and ultimately more collectible. The 8.4 million serial number places a production date on this example to 1984 making it an early transition model. 16803 Submariners were the first to be made from 18 karat yellow gold and stainless steel. They were also the first to feature a synthetic sapphire crystal compared to the previous plastic. For a 34 year old watch this one looks fantastic, showing very little wear. I really love these old anodized aluminum bezel Subs but the tropical dial is what makes this specific example so interesting. The navy blue hue is a colour I’ve never seen on any Submariner before. The original royal blue colour dial has somehow shifted to this less saturated more grayed out navy. Colour shifting dials are an anomaly that isn’t fully understood but it definitely occurs with some vintage Rolex. Black dials can turn a chocolate brown colour, royal blue can shift more to the violet end of  the spectrum. The violet Submariners are fairly common but this navy colour is a first for us and I love it. There are even sections of the dial where some gold is beginning to appear. This is a rare one owner example complete with the original bill of sale from Hong Kong (January 1985). It was carefully worn by the 1 mature owner for 20 years until requiring service in the spring of 2005. Local area Rolex authorized agents D.C. Taylor in Collingwood sent it to Rolex Canada for routine maintenance. The automatic movement was fully cleaned, lubricated, regulated and the case was lightly refinished and polished to look new. After its first and only service the watch was put away in the box and left for the next 13 years until it was traded in to Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. I’m temped to keep this one for myself as it could easily be the first and last transition tropical blue we ever see. The original dial is showing some tan patina on the luminous tritium hour markers and hands appropriate given the age. Perfect raised gold text on that beautiful blue dial is worth a closeup picture. The stainless steel/18 karat yellow gold case still shows excellent detail with thick lugs and perfect sharp beveled edges. The factory bezel and insert still display the correct finish and details that are often overlooked.The 93153/493 bracelet is original to the watch as the date coded buckle places production to mid 1984. There is very little stretch or sag especially considering the age. Even the frog toes Rolex logo on the buckle shows little evidence of flattening.The old 27 jewel 3035 is running great easily conforming to the certified chronometer dial designation for accuracy. The watch will be delivered with a full one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. A traditional size 40mm Submariner is very comfortable for most men. It’s considered the Goldilocks size for a sport watch; not too big and not too small, it’s juuuuust right. Comes complete with original Hong Kong bill of sale, endorsed factory paperwork, service papers from Rolex Canada 2005, service box, polishing cloth and miscellaneous documents. Estate priced at $16,803.00 CAD. Stock #e11555.


October 1, 2018

Links of London dome ring 18kt. gold 19.6gr. $1,600.00 CAD. e9866

e9867 Links of London 18 karat yellow gold dome ring

The dome ring just happens to be the first ring that most jewellery students learn to carve. It trains their eye for symmetry as the ring is curved across all of its sides. Each student must achieve an even curve from every angle while also keeping both halves of the ring in exact mirror proportions to each other. As the human eye can notice differences of 1/10th of a millimeter there can’t be even the slightest bulging anywhere on the rings surface. This ring from Links of London’s Dome line represents thousands of hours of combined work among budding jewellers. Being Links of London the ring goes beyond the classic dome adding a fun pierced undergallery as a hidden detail for the wearer’s eye’s only. Weighing in at a hefty 19.6 grams of high quality rich 18 karat yellow gold the ring measures a finger size 7 3/4. In link new condition showing only minor signs of occasional wear. Estate price $1,600.00 CAD. Stock #e9866.e9866 Links of London heavy 18 karat yellow gold dome ring


September 3, 2018

18kt. Louis Vuitton Empreinte ring 7.7gr. $998.00 CAD. e11809

It’s hard to believe that one of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands got it’s start back in the mid 1800s making travel trunks that were durable, secure and easy to stack. The name Louis Vuitton is most commonly associated with their ever popular hand bags, shoulder bags, purses and leather goods. As part or our ever expanding estate department we have a few great examples of the hand bags, but this is the first ring we’ve had. Tiffany and Cartier jewellery items make regular appearances but a Vuitton ring is rare for us indeed. I love the simplicity of design in this Empreinte ring. Nothing but a rich 18 karat yellow gold 4.9mm wide band style ring with 6 perfect hemispherical depressions carved out. It’s immediately apparent from the moment you hold it, this ring is of high quality. The tall wall height of 2mm is not often seen even in 10 or 14 karat gold rings. It’s pretty hard to find a nice Louis Vuitton hand bag for under $1,000.00 but you can have this perfect condition ring for a little less than that. The size 7 1/3 ring can be adjusted a bit smaller if we solder or laser weld a couple sizing pucks inside the shank. In a perfect world this ring would be better suited for someone who has a size 7 to 7 1/2 finger size. All the original Louis Vuitton trademarks, serial numbers, purity markings are all fully intact. Included with purchase is original pull out box with its never used travel pouch, a sales transaction copy with envelope from 2010 when the ring was purchased new at the Louis Vuitton store in Toronto. Even the original silk handled Louis Vuitton shopping bag comes with a package. The ring looks like new still retaining its crisp sharp edges and exceptional finish. Estate priced at $998.00 CAD. Stock #e11809.


August 25, 2018

Rolex GMT-Master 16750 full set & then some! $17,385.00 CAD. e11597

Rolex is an immense company with a powerful influence on the watch and jewellery industry. Much like a glacier that slowly changes the environment to conform to it, Rolex does what it likes whether or not it makes sense to anyone else. The power of the Rolex brand has defined how the world experiences time keeping in wristwatch form. Love them or love to hate them you have to admire them. In this world of atomic clocks and electronic timing with accuracy levels measured in millionths of a second, why would anyone be interested in a mechanical wrist watch only guaranteed accurate to about plus or minus a few seconds a day. Why; because it’s a Rolex. The GMT-Master is one of their most iconic models that was designed over 60 years ago but still looks and functions just as it did in 1954. Originally built as a professional tool for pilots travelling through multiple time zones. The GMT Master has an extra hour hand plus a rotating bezel indexed for 24 hours to display a second time zone. The popular “Pepsi” bezel goes a bit further showing the daylight hours in red and the night hours in blue. Our GMT Master 16750 is in excellent condition showing little signs of use, especially for a model 32 years old. A beautiful glossy black service dial is perfect showing no stains or scratches of any kind. It was replaced on the recommendation of Rolex when the watch was serviced for it’s first and only time February 2010. At the same time the hands were updated with luminova examples, a new bezel insert, waterproof tube, crown and crystal were all changed with factory replacements. The full service cost for the previous and only owner $1437.50 plus sales tax (receipt included). The iconic red/blue “Pepsi” bezel is in perfect condition showing no fade. In the summer of 2010 a brand new Jubilee style bracelet was ordered (date code May 2009) and installed at Rolex Canada for $710.00 plus tax (invoice included). While most people assume the GMT-Master only came on the more sporty Oyster bracelet, the dressier Jubilee style was an option until the late 1980s. It definitely gives the watch a unique look. After close to a 30 year absence Rolex is once again is offering a GMT-Master with a red/blue bezel on a Jubilee bracelet, the new GMT is the only sporty Rolex to be offered with a Jubilee bracelet. The GMT-Master was retired in the late 1990s and replaced with the GMT-Master II still in production today. The new “Pepsi” red/blue model 126710BLRO retails for $10,600.00 CAD but apparently the waiting list to buy one is over a year. You could always get the entirely 18 karat white gold version for $42,150.00 CAD if you don’t want to wait that long. Vintage GMT Masters have seen considerable appreciation in value over the past few years. If you’ve been chasing them for a while maybe it’s time to bite the bullet. All plastic crystal professional Rolex watches are turning up less and less. Collectors are buying everything that comes on the market and tucking them away. This example comes as complete as you could possibly ask. When was the last time you saw a 1 owner GMT Master with paperwork/bill of sale (photo copied), inner/outer box, brochures, plastic wallet, red chronometer hang tag, period correct calendar, fitted box pillow and blanket from the 80s?   A few service parts are not original but it would be almost impossible to find a GMT in this condition with so many different documents all in the 1st and only owners name. The watch was lightly worn, always used with care in mind and the condition is testament to that treatment. The fine finish details are present, there is little to no sag in either bracelet and the case still displays a nice bevel on the lugs. Rolex sport models never seem inexpensive except in hindsight. Red/blue Pepsi GMTs do not come by very often. This very desirable watch is estate priced at $17,385.00 CAD. Stock #e11597.


February 20, 2018

David Yurman blue topaz & diamond bracelet sterling silver $900.00 CAD. e11533

I would imagine by now David Yurman and his line of distinct jewellery needs no introduction or explanation. His twisted wire, bezel set, pave encrusted signature is all over this high quality sterling silver bangle. Not to mention of course his copy write and trademark. Weighing 43.6 grams the bangle is hinged on either side of the topaz and diamond focal point. The unique and secure locking clasp is  intuitive and easy to use one handed. That cushion shaped 16.85 x 16.85mm center contains one extra brilliant checker cut natural blue topaz and 0.20 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds. No longer a current model the bangle is comparable to others listed for a minimum of $1800.00 CAD. Our estate price $900.00 CAD Stock #e11533.


January 12, 2018

Carrera y Carrera 18kt. cherub diamond cuff bracelet. e8864

e8864 Carrera y Carrera cherub diamond braceletI’ll admit it, I’d never heard of Carrera y Carrera when this amazing piece of jewellery came in. I knew it was something very special because of the quality and quantity of material used in the construction. Manufacturing a cuff bangle bracelet using 26 effectively flawless round brilliant cut diamonds in a piece of jewellery that weighs 50 grams is going to be really really expensive. The details of shadow that the bracelet shows was accomplished by the best use of texture, finish and relief I’ve ever seen in this business. Designs like this are what Carrera y Carrera are known for. I discovered a long and storied history dating back to the 1800s while exploring the Spanish jewellery designer’s website. Jewellery produced by the esteemed firm is more like wearable art or jewellery sculpture.e8864.1 Carrera y Carrera cuff bracelet angel cherub Ten little cherubs decorate the domed surface, each one has a different pose and position. It’s hard to capture the spirit of this item with only a few still photos. 26 top quality VVS-EF round diamonds are arranged in a chevron format on the front that are estimated to weigh 0.67 carats. You’re not likely to come across a higher quality or more exotic piece jewellery. Every once in a while we are fortunate to be able to offer an item like this. Overall condition is almost perfect. Original finish is in excellent condition, only a light ultrasonic cleaning was required to prepare it for sale.e8864.2 Carrera y Carrera cherub bracelet diamond


December 31, 2017

18kt. ammolite & diamond pendant 4.7gr. $560.00 CAD. e11176

We seldom get these spectacular Canadian gems and it’s always fun to show them off when we do. Ammolite is a rare opal like gem found along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains mostly in Alberta Canada. They formed from the fossilized shells of the long extinct Ammonite. They were a swimming shellfish similar to the modern day Nautilus. Some of these tentacle equipped creatures reached sizes of over 4 feet diameter.Ammonite fossil e9265 Although they went extinct with the dinosaurs millions of years ago they left behind some of the most colourful gems around. Available in almost every colour of the spectrum they are most often seen in an iridescent dark green colour with orange, red and yellow highlights. Quite often they show a crocodile type pattern and our example is no different. The 14.5mm x 5.5mm tablet cut is bezel set in a simple rectangular frame. The yellow and white gold frame setting has been bead and bezel set with 16 small diamonds totaling 0.10 carats of I1-I quality. The large hinged bail will fit almost any chain or even a small pearl necklace. We’ve hung the pendant from a simple rubber cord giving the piece an even more edgy modern look. Perfect like new condition not showing a single scuff or scratch on the stone. Ammolite are soft delicate gems best used in pendant applications. Only clean ammonite jewelry with a soft, dampened cloth to gently wipe the surface. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning, detergents or chemicals. Necklace and pendant are estate priced at $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11176.


December 30, 2017

Art Deco diamond ring 0.16ct. SI1-HI 1.6gr. 14kt. $490.00 CAD. e11148

For thousands of years people have been creating beautiful items of jewellery. As skill and technology improved, designs took advantage and became more detailed and intricate. Many styles have come and gone leaving little impact on the overall craft. Most are just a footnote in an obscure reference book. Art Deco designs are admired and have often been drawn upon for inspiration since the movement exploded on the scene in the 1920s. Art Deco style can been seen in everything from jewellery, cars, architecture, furniture, clothing and even household appliances of the era were given the Art Deco treatment. Our latest estate piece is a time capsule from the 1920s. It’s been remarkably preserved in its original condition. No evidence of any repair work or sizing adjustments could be found. The delicate saw pierced filigree gallery is perfect. The tiny milgrain details look flawless despite being around 90 years old. This basic style of ring was extremely popular and hundreds of thousands were sold. We get them in every once in a while but usually they’ve been loved to death, often completely worn out or damaged beyond repair. It’s a real treat when we get to showcase one in such good condition. The bright 0.16 carat diamond is also an original old European cut diamond correct for the ring. This diamond is likely from South Africa as that was the primary source of diamonds early in the 20th century. SI1 clarity with a H colour give this diamond excellent sparkle. Being delicately bead set in a 14 karat white gold hexagonal frame helps make it look much bigger than it really is. People are always asking for this style of ring and when we get one they don’t last long. If you’re a fan of beautifully designed antique jewellery this is a must have for your collection. The 1.6 gram, size 6 1/2 ring can be adjusted up or down a size but we’d love it to remain untouched for someone with the perfect sized finger to enjoy. Estate priced at only $490.00 CAD. Stock #e11148.


April 25, 2017

Gents 14kt. jade ring 26 carats 17.3 grams $1080.00 CAD. e10785

Precious jade (jadeite) might just be the best gem for a gents ring, maybe even better than diamond. Everyone knows that diamond is the hardest gem in the world by a wide margin, and while jade is not quite as hard as diamond it is actually tougher. Its resistance to getting damaged due to impacts is better than even a diamond. We all know sometimes men can be a little clumsy when it comes to their jewellery items. Men tend to wear their jewellery 24/7 doing everything from washing the family car to building a deck in the back yard. Precious jade is the perfect stone for such abuse. Being non transparent it doesn’t look any different if the back gets dirty. The simple domed cabochon bezel setting is basic and classic. It lacks sharp edges and claws that can wear or get in the way. Jade has been used as a decorative ornamental gem since the stone age. It has been revered much more than even diamonds for thousands of years by many eastern cultures. The jade in this heavy weight gents ring is estimated to weigh 26 carats. It measures 22.0mm x 16.5mm and is securely bezel set in the very large size 12 1/2 gents 14 karat yellow gold ring that weighs 17.3 grams. This variety of jade can be incredibly expensive. While the specimen in our gents ring is nowhere near the finest available, it does approach some of the classic soft apple green hues of the most coveted pieces. A jadeite necklace made by Cartier set a world record at auction in 2014 selling for $27.4 million USD and the largest bead was just 19.2mm diameter. Jadeite is a gem that just doesn’t show up very often around here. We’ve only had a few gents rings over the years sell through but none have been anywhere near this size. If you’ve got a large finger and are interested in an alternative to a gent’s diamond ring come in and have a look at this one. Estate priced at $1080.00 CAD. Stock #e10785.


March 1, 2017

0.33ct. tw. diamond anniversary ring 3.1gr. 14kt gold $200.00 CAD. e10688

Jewellery by its very nature can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great value if you know where and how to purchase it. Buying a super light, 10 karat ring with terrible opaque diamonds at inflated prices truly has little value. There are plenty of stores offering such merchandise. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we offer amazing value, at all price points, on our entire inventory. From our unique diamond sourcing strategies to the 1000s of estate items lining our showcases, our business model guarantees the best value no matter the price. This 14 karat anniversary ring is a perfect example. The 14 karat yellow gold ring weighs 3.19 grams and contains 10 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.33 carats in total with a conservative quality grade of I2-K. While certainly not perfect clarity and colour, the diamonds sparkle admirably in the low profile channel setting. When you consider the gold content alone is worth close to $100.00 you quickly realize what type of value this ring offers when priced at just $200.00 CAD. The ring measures a finger size 6 1/4 but can be adjusted up or down as required by one of our on site goldsmiths. We have many more similar anniversary rings in stock that are not shown on our estate website pages. Come in or give us a call if you’re looking for great value in any jewellery or diamond item. Stock #10688.


February 25, 2017

Canadian made 10 karat gold 4.75ct. moonstone ring $399.00 CAD. e10677

e9720 10 karat moonstone ring SiffariMoonstone is one of the birthstones for June, alongside pearl and Alexandrite. All three of these precious gem stones exhibit some of the most interesting and unique optical effects. Moonstones effect is called adularescence, which is inner light that appears to billow across the gems surface. The signature adularescence for moonstone is the shinning sky blue that shows so well on this translucent 4.75 carat oval cabochon. The ring itself is Canadian made by Siffari Jewellery, recently re-branded Crescendo Jewellery. They were originally founded in 1941 in North York Toronto and have been a steadfast supplier to scores of independent Canadian Jewellers for many decades. The 5.5 gram 10 karat yellow gold ring has a blend of organic and geometric motifs which work together to compliment this ethereal gemstone. The ring is newly refinished and measures a finger size 7 with plenty of room to size up or down. Estate price $406.00 CAD. Stock #e10677.e9720 Moonstone ring 10 karat yellow gold Siffari



November 27, 2016

10.63 carat VS2-M GIA certified, Asscher cut diamond ring. e10208

e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-asscher-cut-platinum-003First let me clarify; you are reading this correctly, it’s not a decimal point error, the centre diamond actually weighs well over 10 carats. Now in our 59th year of operation in beautiful downtown Barrie, this is the largest diamond ever to be offered for sale at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. For those of you who have already seen this one in person you know what a privilege it is to have it on hand, and how exciting it is for everyone here at BLJ. Our experienced and passionate staff get a little spoiled by the fantastic estate jewellery items that come in. We’re so proud to showcase some of it for you on our estate website pages. Diamonds of this size rarely trade hands anywhere, let alone in Barrie Ontario.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-asscher-cut-platinum-ring-003 Relatively speaking diamonds are not rare. Special diamonds of 2 or 3 carats come and go with some degree of regularity with us. They’re really exciting to display and we enjoy connecting with clients who appreciate the beauty and great value these larger estate diamonds offer. But a 10 carat diamond is in a completely different universe when it comes to rarity. Not many people or even other jewellers ever see a diamond of this size in person. Just how big is a 10 carat diamond anyway? For some comparison; a Canadian dime has a diameter of 18mm. This diamond measures 15.65mm diagonally. If this diamond was cut with its 90 degree corners intact like a square baguette, it would measure diagonally nicely over 18mm. This is a really really big diamond.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-asscher-cut-platinum-004 Asscher cut diamonds like this one have had their right angle corners truncated. This allows the securing claws to be much more discreet and subtle. Discreet and subtle aren’t words I’d use to describe this size 7 dazzler. Every time I look at it I just have to giggle, it’s a party on your finger.10-63ct-diamond-ring-katie-001 It’s hard to imagine something so beautiful is 100% natural and 3 to 4 billion years old. Our online database currently shows close to 400000 diamonds but less than 40 are of this size and quality or larger. An October 2016 Gemological Institute of American certificate is included with purchase. This report cost $1029.00 USD to obtain, but for a diamond of this importance it’s well worth it for the peace of mind that goes along with it. The full report can be seen here at GIAs website.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-gia-cert-6177995916    Peace of mind is paramount when making a large purchase, but much more so when considering making an investment in a large diamond like this. The diamond also comes with a June 2006 European Gemological Laboratory certificate. The EGL report states that the colour is a slightly more white JK colour.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-egl-certificate-june-12-20016 While an error of two and a half grades may not sound like much, according to our pricing information this optimistic opinion of colour would lead to over valuing this diamond by close to 100% as compared to the accurate GIA report of M colour. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a qualified and unbiased opinion on any diamond you are considering. A full money back guarantee never hurts either. The ring itself has been expertly constructed to the highest standards possible. Fully hand fabricated in platinum. Over 9 grams of the rare and exotic precious white metal were used in the construction. Two custom cut, perfectly matched, step cut trapezoid shaped shoulder diamonds flank each side of the large Assher cut. The shoulder diamonds add an estimated 1.25 carats of additional VS-GH sparkle, bringing the total diamond weight up to almost 12 carats.10-63ct-vs2-m-radiant-cut-gia-cert-003 If ever there was a case to be made for the saying “pictures just don’t do it justice” this is it. The rainbow of brilliance and dispersion coming off this remarkable diamond are incredible. For those of you who think a slightly warm M colour isn’t that great, the opinion will change the first second it’s on your finger. Wearing this diamond is guaranteed to put you in a frame of mind that few other objects can.e10208-10-63ct-vs2-m-asscher-cut-platinum-ring-006 Who knows if we’ll ever have another opportunity to showcase such a significant and important diamond ring. It’s exceptional in so many ways, not just size, beauty and rarity, it also comes with some amazing Canadian history and pedigree. We feel very honored to be able to showcase a ring of this importance. Stock number e10208.


October 17, 2016

Trinity de Cartier rolling rings 18kt tri-colour gold $990.00 CAD. e9199

e9199 Trinity de Cartier ringIf you’re a fan of all things jewellery you’ll recognize this style of ring. Most that are seen are copies of this original Cartier design that goes back almost a century. Cartier describe their often imitated design like this (taken from the official Cartier website) “Three bands. Three colors. Pink gold, yellow gold and white gold, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony. The visionary mind of Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924. Jean Cocteau promptly made the piece his own. Encircled in the glow of the literary world inhabited by the poet, the ring quickly earned iconic status. Three types of gold. Three symbolic colors: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. Trinity, a timeless design now available in a collection devoted to life’s most memorable loves. Trinity, all about you forever.” Our example is the medium width version with each section measuring 3.5mm. The European size 56 (North American size 7 1/4) ring is very comfortable, each section slides over the next. The rolling effect allows the ring to fit a finger almost a full size bigger than designed. This example weighs just over 9 grams and is in very good condition showing some light patina from gentle use. A full no charge refinishing can be done if you prefer things perfect. The Trinity de Cartier design comes in many different forms but the original style like this is still the most popular. On the Cartier website this version is priced at $1580.00 USD. Ours is estate priced at $990.00 CAD. Stock number #e9199.


October 12, 2016

VAHAN 14kt. gold and silver diamond ring 12436D $420.00 CAD. e10421

As any Sex In The City fan can tell you New York city is a fashion mecca and their jewellery designers are just as important pushing the envelope as any major fashion house. Vahan Jewelry is no exception; driven by French designer Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdia to over adorn every piece they make. Working exclusively in sterling silver with 14 karat rose and yellow gold accented with high quality diamonds. Their collections are all statement makers and this 12.15mm wide baroque inspired ring is no exception. The 0.11 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are more than lively enough to stand out against the heavy pattern of the 10.8 grams of lustrous silver and warm 14 karat rose gold. Style 12436D is part of Vahan’s current collection and is listed on their website for $1340.00 USD. Finger size of 6 1/2 can be adjusted up or down a size or two. Our estate price is just $420.00 CAD. Stock #e10421.



September 21, 2016

0.88ct. total weight I1-G emerald cut diamond pendant $2226.00 CAD. e9604

e9604 0.78ct. I1-G emerald cut pendant Stuller setting 85656Being the largest buyer/seller of estate jewellery in the area affords us the luxury of experimenting with various jewellery designs using components from different pieces that come in. This allows us to offer incredible items for remarkable prices. This 14 karat white gold setting for instance is brand new, never worn, but ALL the diamonds are previously owned. From the twenty eight tiny 1.0mm halo frame diamonds to the centre 0.78 carat emerald cut centre diamond, all are from estate sources. Combining new with estate saves big $$$$$$. The centre 0.78 carat diamond is a very strong I1 clarity, G colour emerald cut measuring 5.6mm x 4.6mm x 3.3mm. Many would call this diamond a SI2. A white feather type inclusion located in the top right corner of the stone is parallel with the crown and pavilion facets making it a little more challenging to see. The diamond alone would be a excellent value at only $2226.00 CAD. We’re offering the complete pendant for the same price. We’ll let you decide what style and length of necklace you think looks best. Chains are available separately from around $100.00. Remember one of our favorite sayings “price is simply what you pay, VALUE is what get”. The value here simply can’t be beat. EVERYTHING on our website is priced in Canadian dollars. Stock #e9604.e9604 0.78ct. I1-G Stuller emerald cut setting 95656



September 12, 2016

Antique demantoid andradite garnet/diamond brooch $2100.00. e7525

In the many decades Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has bought and sold antique jewellery we have never had an example of this exotic variety of garnet. A green garnet is a fairly rare gem in it’s own right but when is shows dispersion (the break up of white light into the spectral colours) it becomes something exceptional. These little green gems sparkle just like a diamond with an estimated total weight of 0.50 carats. It is something that needs to be seen in person in some good light. The 12 early European cut diamonds measure over 3.0mm diameter each and weigh to a total of 1.35 carats of  good SI-FG quality. The simple circular design measures 23mm diameter and weighs 4.7 grams. Secured by a pin hinge with safety lock the piece can also be worn as a pendant by means of a hidden bail. The one of a kind brooch/pendant is estate priced at $2100.00. Stock #e7525.


August 28, 2016

14 karat white gold diamond anniversary/wedding ring $490.00 CAD. e9553

e9553 contoured diamond anniversary ringI almost didn’t post this little diamond wedding/anniversary ring but I’m sure someone will really appreciate that they’ve finally found a ring that suits their solitaire. Many people have a hard time finding a wedding or anniversary ring the fits their solitaire without any gaps between the two rings. This is especially true with the many custom made engagement rings we’re asked to make wedding rings for. The simple gentle contoured wave in this style allows the claws and gallery on the engagement ring to fit perfectly flush. A flat edged wedding or anniversary band leaves a noticeable space that some people don’t like the look of. You can easily see the difference with a flat ring compared to the curved style.e9553.1 diamond anniversary ringe9553 diamond anniversary ring I’ve tried it on a few different solitaire styles and it’s surprising how well it works with a variety of solitaires. Big diamonds, small diamonds and even fancy shape solitaires all work great with this ring. The 14 karat white gold ring weighs 2.2 grams and contains 17 small channel set diamonds estimated to weigh 0.17 carats in total, each of SI-GH quality. A ring like this can save many hundreds of dollars compared to having a special custom made ring made. Condition is like new in a finger size 7. Our onsite goldsmiths can easily adjust it up or down as required in just a day or two if necessary. Estate priced at just $490.00 CAD. Stock #e9553.


August 13, 2016

Eaton’s 14 karat yellow gold signet ring 3 grams $228.00 CAD. e10415

Normally we don’t post simple rings like this. This one is just a little more special for a couple of reasons and deserved a few words. If you appreciate the look and feel of traditional yellow gold you’ll love this one. It is made from 3.0 grams of upgraded 14 karat and is in like new condition. The flat oval signet section measures 11mm x 8mm; we’d be happy to personalize the ring with an engraved initial. The size 7 can easily be made smaller if required by one of our onsite goldsmiths. What is most interesting about the ring is the fact that it was made for and originally sold at Eaton’s department store. Eaton’s was once Canada’s largest retailer. At one point the esteemed firm employed 70,000 and commanded 60% of all department store sales in Canada. They were a store that sold high quality products for excellent no haggle prices. You could buy everything from farm equipment to high end jewellery from their very successful mail order catalogue. You could even order small prefabricated houses from them; they would ship all the required components and plans right to your building site. Many of these homes are still standing 100 years later. For more than a century Eaton’s defined the Canadian retail experience. Changing times and a changing economic environment led to the eventual bankruptcy of the iconic Canadian brand in 1999. Fond memories and the occasional consumer product are mostly all that’s left. As soon as we saw the crisp, sharp, capital E in a diamond shape trademark we knew we had a little piece of Canadiana. We only wish we could tell you more about the rings history. The style is so timeless it’s difficult to place an accurate production date on it. Estate priced at $228.00 CAD. Own a little piece of Canadian history. Stock #e10415.


August 4, 2016

6.50ct. peridot & diamond ring 14kt. 6.8gr. $1400.00 CAD. e10625

After such a wet summer August is our last hope, and with any luck the month will take its cue from its Peridot birthstone. The best of the gem (seldom seen in birthstone jewellery) displays a green so vibrant it seems lit from within. This high quality 14.0mm x 11.5mm 6.50 carat oval Peridot rolls between deep shadowy and flashing sun bleached greens during wear. Most accurately likened to a blinding summer day seen through the veil of a big leafed maple as a breeze tosses the boughs. To set that spell binding display on fire the Peridot has been shouldered by chevrons of petite round brilliant cut diamonds in 14 karat white gold. The 6.8 gram cocktail ring measures a finger size 7 1/2 with room to adjust as needed. This specimen, besides being just about as good as they come also exhibits the classic “lily pad” inclusion that only occurs in natural peridot. The epitome of summer for the estate price of $1400.00 CAD. Stock #e10625.


18kt. Art Deco antique diamond ring 0.20ct. 2.0gr. Eatons $490.00 CAD. e10367

Fans of the late 1800s department store dramas The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge might find it surprising to learn that Canada’s Eatons followed a similar rise to success. Timothy Eaton started on very humble ground with a small dry goods store in 1869 and grew in just 14 years to a bustling three story department store with the first electric store lights in Canada. He became bitter rivals with Robert Simpson, who’s department store Simpson’s was directly across the street. Customers took advantage of the convenient proximity of both stores, crossing back and forth to compare prices. Eatons was a pioneer of North American retailing and their catalog was a mainstay of Canadian living. The Globe wrote in 1905 “There is hardly a name in Canada, with the possible exception of the Prime Minister, so well known to the people at large as that of Mr. Timothy Eaton.” This 1920s Art Deco Eatons ring is truly a piece of Canadian history and possibly one of the best preserved Deco rings we’ve had. The 2 gram 18 karat white gold ring shows only the slightest signs of wear, with large areas of millgrain in their original condition. The delicate geometric ring top measures 18.5mm long by 9.5mm wide and holds 0.20 carat old European cut diamond of nice I1-I quality. The ring currently measures a finger size 5 with room to adjust up or down. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e10367.


July 28, 2016

0.95ct. SI1-H diamond stud earrings 14kt. white gold $2107.00 CAD. e10085

e10085-0-95ct-tw-si1-h-diamonds-studs-14kt-003 By far, this is the best way to buy a great pair of diamond studs and save a pile of money at the same time; estate diamonds in brand new settings. When we received these diamonds they were already in stud settings. They were okay but not great. The original crown settings looked a little high, the posts couldn’t be centred in this style and the standard butterfly backs worked but weren’t very secure.e10085-0-95ct-tw-si1-h-diamonds-studs-14kt-001 Our solution was to take them apart and reset them into brand new 14 karat gold/palladium double gallery settings with heavy upgraded friction backs. This style is waaaaaay more flattering, easier to clean, lower profile and far more secure. The estate nature of the diamonds allows us to upgrade the settings and still provide much better value than anything else available. e10085-0-95ct-tw-si1-h-diamonds-studs-14kt-005The palladium/gold alloy we use costs a little more than traditional white gold but it’s much more “white” looking. We don’t need to rhodium plate them making them artificially brighter. These diamonds are very well matched 5.0mm x 3.0mm round brilliant cut diamonds both of SI1 clarity, H colour and very good cut. There are only a couple of tiny crystal inclusions that are invisible without magnification. The crystals look like tiny white ice cubes just to the right and below the claw. e10085-0-95ct-tw-si1-h-diamonds-studs-14kt-004 With a total weight of just under 1.00 carat these earrings are significant in size and are sure to get noticed. The estate price of just $2107.00 is fantastic value. Don’t just take our word for it though, shop the specifications around, we’re sure you’ll agree the value is outstanding. There is always a large inventory of loose estate diamonds if you want to do something a little bigger or smaller. We can custom make you a new/estate set in only a couple of hours. e10085-0-95ct-tw-si1-h-diamonds-studs-14kt-002 This set is estate priced at $2107.00 CAD. Stock #e10085.


June 27, 2016

18kt. 0.35ct. VS-F antique engagement ring $1120.00 CAD. e10363

In this throw away society we at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers are proudly pro salvage! In fact we have been for over 50 years as estate jewellery and watches have consistently been our niche. We feel history adds value and nothing could make us happier than saving a piece of jewellery that’s nearly 100 years old. This beautiful, intricate 1920s solitaire engagement ring came to us with a badly damaged center stone that couldn’t be repaired. Most would simply abandon the ring to the refinery for less than $100.00 of gold recovery and the ring would be gone forever. There’s always been a special place in our hearts for Art Deco jewellery pieces. Thanks to our long history as estate jewellery buyers we have a large stock of antique diamonds. After some hunting we found this 0.35 carat early European cut diamond that fit perfectly into the six bead setting, bonus for all that it was a very high quality VS clarity F colour. The ring itself is in great condition, showing only slight softening of the delicate filigree and hand engraving that cover its top half. The 1.9 gram 18 karat white gold ring has been adjusted to a size 8 with lots of room to size up or down. Estate price for this antique ring $1120.00 CAD. Stock #e10363.


June 19, 2016

Antique diamond solitaire 14kt. 0.67ct. SI1-JK $1680.00 CAD. e10492

 Diamonds are forever but seldom do the rings they’re set into last more than a couple of generations. Most engagement rings are worn through thick and thin, 24/7/365. They are cherished items with incredible sentimental value that are often loved to death. Rarely does such an original condition diamond engagement ring show up in our estate department at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. The beautiful example of a hand engraved solitaire is among the best we’ve seen, in both condition and execution. The hand engraved floral pattern is fresh and crisp, looking like it was just completed by the artist. We say artist because hand engraving of this calibre is without question an art. It takes many years of practice to acquire the skill t0 engrave the intricate and delicate details on such a small scale. This ring appears to be completely original. We didn’t even need to polish it, just an ultrasonic cleaning and ready to go. The 14 karat yellow gold 2.2 gram ring contains an original old European cut diamond measuring 5.7mm x 3.4mm that is estimated to weigh 0.67 carats of bright SI1-JK quality. It’s too bad these antiques can’t talk because I’m sure they’d have an interesting story to tell. Perhaps the original owner  never got married, as even the gallery area is free from the wear associated with a wedding ring rubbing against the side. Possibly for several generations it was handed down, passing time in a jewellery box but never worn. Now is the time to celebrate a new engagement with that rare original antique ring in virtually new old stock condition. The current size of 6 1/2 should fit the average finger. This ring can be adjusted  up or down a couple sizes by one of our onsite goldsmiths. Estate priced at just $1680.00 CAD. Stock #e10492.


June 11, 2016

14 Karat Bjorn Weckstrom Cuff Links $840.00. e7488

Jewellery is often described as art. Wearable art doesn’t get more artistic that this pair of Bjorn Weckstrom gold cuff links made for the Finnish jeweller Lapponia. They really have a 60s 70s modernist Scandinavian look and feel to them. Substantial is size they measure 20mm x 18mm and weigh almost 1/2 an ounce at 14.6 grams. Bjorn Weckstrom is an “artist’s artist” working with many different materials from precious metals to plastic, marble and even old sails from ships. One of his more famous jewellery pieces, Planetaariset Loaksot (Planetary Valleys) was worn by Princess Leia in the 1977 motion picture  Star Wars. These are really cool and make a great conversation piece. Excellent original condition never polished or refinished. Estate priced at $840.00. Stock #e7488.


June 1, 2016

14kt. gold Eastern Star 0.20ct. tw. diamond ring $350.00 CAD. e9620

e9620 Eastern Star diamond ring 14 karat gold 001The Order of the Eastern Star is a Freemasonic appendant body established in 1850 that is open to both men and women. The order is based on teachings from the Bible and each point of the star contains an emblem of a different heroine from the Bible: Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa. Each woman representing the quality of her story: fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith, and love. This particular Eastern Star ring is embellished with an estimated 0.20 carats of really big (by single cut standards) nice quality SI-HI diamonds. The ring currently measures a finger size 6 1/4 but can easily be adjusted up or down. Freemason or not the ring is a lovely piece of symbolism and a reminder of the often overlooked contributions of women in the Bible. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e9620.



May 20, 2016

14 karat white gold diamond & Jadeite ring $1750.00 CAD. e10068


e10068-jadeite-and-diamond-ring-14ktJadeite is probably the least appreciated and least understood gem in the Western world. This is mostly due to the limited and polarizing experiences we have with the gem. Most Canadians are only familiar with Nephrite jade from BC. Nepherite jade is easily found in giant specimens weighing many pounds. The inexpensive lower quality ‘jade’ is usually carved into Haida inspired tourist gifts and low price jewellery. True jade is Jadeite, the most spiritual gem for Chinese culture; Confucius wrote that jade is like virtue and its brightness represents heaven. In its most valuable form jadeite is semitransparent and a vibrant emerald green known as Imperial Jade and is one of the most expensive and rare gems in the world. There are other coveted forms of jadeite one of which is ‘moss-in-snow jade’, this 11.5mm x 8.1mm oval cabachon falls under that umbrella. The approximately 3.65 carat jadeite has been lovingly surrounded by 16 (a lucky number in China) bright SI-I-FGH quality round brilliant cut diamonds for a total weight of 0.50 carats. The 14 karat white gold ring is very well made and measures a finger size 7 with lots of room to adjust. The ring is accompanied by two appraisals; the most recent of which by was supplied by respected appraisal service Harold Weinstein Ltd. in November 2016. Harold Weinstein suggests a replacement value at $3500.00 CAD. Our estate price $1750.00 CAD. Stock #e10068.e10068-jadeite-and-diamond-earrings-14-karat-white-gold



February 12, 2016

£5 pound note under glass charm 9 karat gold $99.00 CAD. e9957


One £5 pound note may seem like a rather silly thing to preserve in 9 karat yellow gold for “emergency use only” by today’s standards. What emergency could you possibly buy yourself out of with just £5 today? Run out of gas on a deserted road well £5 will buy you a whopping 3 to 4 liters of gas in the United Kingdom or roughly 30 minutes of drive time depending on your vehicle; let’s hope you’re not far from home. This particular £5 pound note is from the 1960s and at that time it had over 10 times the buying power of today. Meaning in the 1960’s this little pendant had the buying power to drive you from London England all the way to Glasgow Scotland; not a bad road trip for only £5. The little pendant/charm weighs 2.8 grams including the glass cover and currency. Estate priced at $99.00 CAD. Stock #e9957.e9957-5-pound-note-under-glass-charm-9-karat-002


February 11, 2016

Platinum Art Deco diamond bracelet 3.28ct. total weight $9030.00 CAD.

e9901 platinum Art Deco diamond bracelet 003Items like this are one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable to be a part of this business. The opportunity to see small works of art such as this antique Art Deco diamond bracelet only come around once in a while. Wearable art like this simply isn’t seen anymore, even in high quality modern jewellery. The design is unmistakable Art Deco from the 1920s. Some fashion trends come and go, but Art Deco is always in style and in demand. The robust economy of the roaring 20s enabled the well off to be really well off. As such, generous amounts of precious platinum with lots of high quality diamond sparkle throughout the geometric patterned jewellery of the era was the norm. Our bracelet is constructed with over 20 grams of premium quality platinum set with 75 high quality (VS-SI-GH) diamonds. Expertly assembled with beautiful bright cut, hand engraved details that encircle the entire piece.e9901 Art Deco platinum diamond bracelet 001 Single cut, full cut round and three bezel set marquise shaped brilliant cut diamonds form an endless string of bling around the wrist. Even the diamond set concealed clasp seamlessly disappears in the uninterrupted pattern of two small, one large link. Each of the three large links is hinged into three sections allowing the bracelet to follow every subtle contour of your wrist. Being made from super resilient platinum has enabled the bracelet to survive close to 100 years still looking like new. Every joint and hinge is tight showing no wear. The clasp shuts with a reassuring click, a thin white gold safety chain was added sometime after the bracelet was originally manufactured for that extra level of security. Included with purchase is a 32 year old BIRKS Vancouver appraisal assigning a value of $14950.00 CAD at the time. Bracelets are one of our most popular estate categories along with anything Art Deco. If this is something you think you may enjoy please don’t wait too long. It’s just a matter of time before someone else sees it who instantly recognizes the value and opportunity. It will be some time before another comes along as nice. Estate priced at $9030.00 CAD. Stock #e9901.e9901 platinum Art Deco diamond bracelet 005


February 10, 2016

Antique 14kt. peridot & pearl pendant with 9kt. chain $420.00 CAD. e9921

e9921 Antique peridot and seed pearl pendant 001Art Nouveau is by far the easiest era to identify in vintage jewellery. It is characterized by “the freeflowing line” or “whiplash line” meant to embody the movement of plants or women’s hair in the breeze, and the curves of the female form. It always has an organic, nature inspired motif and is often delicate and airy. The period spanned the late 1800s and the very early 1900s, this piece definitely belongs to the 1890s. Art Nouveau jewellers favored alternative gem stones like this 0.80 carat emerald cut peridot. With its summer green colour it’s the perfect gem for a style wrapped up in nature. The graduated demi seed pearls that adorn the 14 karat yellow gold pendant were another favorite of Art Nouveau jewellers and appear regularly throughout the movement. This antique piece hangs delicately from the 9 karat Italian made yellow gold 17 inch long chain that accompanies it. Another piece that’s earned its place in the Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers museum of jewellery. Estate price $420.00 CAD. Stock #e9921.e9921 Antique peridot and seed pearl pendant 002


February 7, 2016

3.11ct. total weight custom halo diamond ring VS1-F GIA certified $53,325.00 CAD. e9138

e9138.1 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA certSome will say diamonds are relatively common when compared to high quality coloured stones like sapphire, emerald and ruby. However, in the grand scheme of things diamonds are still extremely difficult to find in larger sizes. If you also factor in excellent colour, excellent clarity and excellent cut; that makes for a very rare diamond indeed. From our in store diamond data base of almost 400000 stones only about 1 in 1000 are of this size and quality or larger. The prices for these rare, large, high quality diamonds are ALL well over $50,000.00. We genuinely believe this is the most competitively priced diamond in the world of this size/quality that is GIA graded.e9138 2.32ct. VS1-F ex vg vg none GIA 5172274901 The August 2015 Gemological Institute of America certificate can be seen on line here. If you’re considering an important diamond for a special peace of jewellery this year keep this one in mind. Please shop the specifications around to confirm the amazing value of this one. VS1 clarity is well above the threshold where inclusions can be seen without magnification and this VS1 is particularly nice because the table is completely clean. The minor grade setting inclusions can be covered up with a strategically placed claw. F colour grade is excellent exhibiting no yellow, brown or grey tint. Very good symmetry, very good polish and no fluorescence are the other characteristics that play an important role in valuing this diamond. Please remember how important the certificate issuer is. There are many diamond certificates and appraisers who use the GIA’s terminology and language but don’t grade to the same strict standards. A GIA certificate costs a little more and doesn’t even assign a value but the piece of mind is priceless. If you’re going to spend well into 5 figures for a diamond take some time and watch this video by Martin Rapaport where he discusses over graded diamonds with inaccurate certificates. Mr. Rapaport produces a wholesale diamond price list that is widely followed in the industry. This guy knows his stuff.e9138 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA cert The custom halo ring weighs 5.2 grams and contains 48 small round brilliant cut diamonds and two tapered baguette cut diamonds all of very good VS clarity and FG colour. This setting exhibits the classic details of milgrain and filigree that gives it an antique dimension of design so popular today.e9139 filigree milgrain 2.32ct. VS1-F diamond ring Estate price for the diamond by itself is $49,725.00 CAD. Stock #e9138.e9138.3 2.32ct. VS1-F GIA cert


January 20, 2016

RARE Omega 21 jewel pocket watch 14 karat gold case $3000.00 CAD.

e8495.1 Omega 21 jewel adjusted 5 position pocket watch 14kt caseThe early 1900s was a time of great advancements in technology and the efficiencies of mass production was helping drive the North American economy. The precision assembly line process allowed Henry Ford to drop the pricing of his model T automobile from over $800.00 to well under $300.00 in the years following its introduction. The American watch industry was also a beneficiary of this process. High quality, reliable, and affordable watches were becoming important as the traditional rural lifestyle became more urbanized. Changing lifestyles plus requirements by the expanding North American railroad system allowed several American watch manufacturers to dominate the domestic market. Omega was one of the few traditional European brands efficient enough to compete with the high quality American made watches.e8495 Omega 21 jewel 5 adjustment 14kt pocket watch This very rare Omega 21 jewel pocket watch was likely sold at P.W. Ellis & Co. in Toronto who later merged with Montreal Jeweller Birks. Ellis’ 1915-1916 catalogue shows the movement on page 26 priced at $37.50. The coin edge 47.5mm 14 karat gold Regal case likely cost around $75.00 when new 100 years ago. This high precision movement has been adjusted in 5 different positions for accuracy. A double case back provides an extra level of protection from dust. At 100 years old this watch appears to have only been serviced twice. It is quite dry but running well and keeping great time. We will complete a full service if the new purchaser wishes. A classic porcelain double sunk white dial with easy to read Arabic numbers is in great condition. Overall condition is excellent showing little wear on the gold case or bow. Including Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers one year warranty the watch is estate priced at $3000.00. Stock #e8495.e8495.2 Omega 21 jewel 5 adjustment pocket watch


December 31, 2015

18 karat white gold Cartier diamond stud earrings $1550.00.

e8914 Cartier B8041400 Diamants Légers The name Cartier has few rivals when it comes to luxury jewellery. Cartier watches make regular appearances in our estate department but Cartier jewellery items are a very rare find. Basic diamond studs like this are a first. A simple thin 2.0 gram 18 karat white gold bezel setting secures each one of the beautiful round brilliant cut diamonds in place that are estimated to weigh 0.33 carats in total. The precise weight of the diamonds is a bit of a mystery because I am unable to measure the exact diameter and the back of the setting prevents me from measuring the depth. What I can say for sure is these diamonds are the best you buy. Cartier only will accept the finest colour, clarity and cut diamonds. Cartier’s website shows the exact same “Diamants Légers” pair selling for $2590.00 USD.e8914.2 Cartier diamond studs B8041400 Perfect condition showing no evidence of any wear and tear. Not a scratch or even a scuff on the original factory highly polished finish. A generous 1.0mm  thick post has been machined so the large clutch backs lock securely in place. These spring loaded clutch backs measure 7.0mm in diameter and can be pushed tight against ear so the earrings do not flop forward.e8914.3 Cartier diamond stud earrings B8041400 If you have a taste for finest quality in the world and don’t mind spending less than half of the original price to get it, this pair is for you. Estate priced at $1550.00. Stock #e8914.


December 19, 2015

0.58ct. SI1-GH excellent cut diamond studs 14kt white gold $1155.00 CAD.

e9108 0.58ct. tw diamond studsOur customers know a great opportunity when it presents itself. Our estate diamond/new setting program has been a runaway success and for good reason. It offers better value than anything anyone else can produce using new diamonds. Many times estate jewellery comes in that’s not suitable for resale; it might be worn out or maybe damaged. When this is the case and we match up a couple nice diamonds and make a great pair of new/estate studs. Since the estate diamonds cost less than a new pair, we’re able to upgrade the settings to a heavy gauge double gallery style with super heavy duty large two piece friction backs and still offer a better value than anyone else.e9108.1 0.58ct. tw diamond studsThis 0.58 carat pair for instance contains two fantastic well matched SI1-GH diamonds each with an excellent cut. Even better is the fact both diamonds have tiny feather type inclusions that were completely covered up by the prongs making them look like VVS quality. A finished weight of 1.25 grams may not sound like a lot but it is about twice what most diamond earrings of this size would weigh because of the upgraded heavier settings and backs. Buy them now and think about it later, you can’t go wrong this this pair. Have a look around at what others can offer then come see us. Each diamond measures an average of 4.25mm diameter. If we don’t have size you’re looking for, we can likely have a set made up the same day from our large selection of loose estate diamonds. This set is estate priced at $1155.00 CAD. Stock #e9108.


December 12, 2015

2.30ct. total weight VS-G diamond eternity ring 18 karat gold $3333.00 CAD.

e9539 2.34ct. tw. diamond eternity ring 18 karatThere’s not much we can’t do at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers when it comes to custom made jewellery (especially rings) but sometimes it’s the most basic designs that produce the best results. Our 58 years in business has taught us that reinventing the wheel isn’t something we need to do. Rings like this stunning eternity design are nothing new but they cover all the bases when it comes to successful, flattering and versatile design. Every one of the matching 19 round brilliant cut diamonds in this ring are sourced from trade in or recycled estate jewellery. The 18 karat white gold used in the construction is freshly refined. It was supplied from our estate gold jewellery that wasn’t suitable for resale. This formula for reusing and “upcycling” materials benefits our clients with the undisputed best value in jewellery hands down. This example gives you 2.30 carats of beautiful matching VS clarity, G colour diamonds. Each 0.12ct. diamond is secured in heavy robust shared claw settings around the entire circumference. The 4.1 gram 18 karat white gold ring measures the average lady’s finger size 6. If you think this style of ring is a little tricky to size, you’d be right. We can bore these examples out a little due to the heavy construction up a full size; but most times we’d prefer to make you a new one. We have hundreds of carats in small estate diamonds so we can make these up in any total diamond weight you have in mind. We can do yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, even platinum and we can do it for less than you’d expect. Priced separately each diamond only costs $175.00 including the setting. Go all the way with a full circle of diamonds, it’s so much more fun than half way and isn’t that what luxury is all about? We can make one up for you in a just a couple weeks. This version ready to go is estate priced at $3333.00 CAD. Stock #e9539.e9539 2.34ct. tw. 18 karat diamond eternity ring


November 2, 2015

13ct. antique aquamarine & diamond pendant 18kt. gold $2520.00 CAD. e9596

e9596 antique aquamarine and diamond pendant hand made 18 karatDiamonds make the jewellery business go around and without them this industry wouldn’t be the same, but coloured stones available in larger sizes can make quite a unique statement. This is one of the largest natural aquamarines we’ve ever had at an estimated 13 plus carats, it measures a whopping 14.50mm x 14.65mm x 9.80mm. The square antique cushion cut stone appears to date from the 1800s and sits in a handmade 18 karat yellow gold double gallery setting. A white gold hinged bail contains one very old mine cut pear shaped diamond estimated to weigh 0.17 carat of VS-J quality. The pendant weighs 6.9 grams in total. Modern aquamarine is almost always heat treated to intensify the pale blue and remove naturally occurring green and sometimes yellow components of the colour. It’s very hard to find an aquamarine today that hasn’t undergone some type of heat treatment. That’s what makes antique example so interesting to me. It still has that subtle very slightly greenish blue colour that is almost impossible to find these days.e9596.1 antique aquamarine pendant The antique shape, the patina in the form of very minor nicks and tiny scratches are compelling evidence of its antiquity. Expand your horizons and try something like this. You’ll never see another quite the same. We’ll leave chain selection up to you, but I think a black leather cord type necklace makes a beautiful simple contrasting statement mixing ultra modern with classic antique. Estate priced at $2520.00 CAD. Stock #e9596.e9596 antique aquamarine pendant


August 27, 2015

1.02 carat I1-H emerald cut diamond pendant $4500.00 CAD.

e9018 1.02ct. I1-H emerald cut diamond pendantBeing the largest buyer/seller of estate jewellery in the area affords us the luxury of experimenting with various jewellery designs using components from the different pieces that come in. Doing this allows us the ability to offer incredible items for remarkable prices. This setting for instance is brand new, never worn, but ALL the diamonds are previously owned. Twenty eight 1.0mm single cuts to the centre 1.02 carat emerald cut centre diamond, all are from estate sources. Combining new with estate saves big $$$$$$. The centre diamond is a very strong I1 clarity, H colour emerald cut measuring 6.9mm x 4.5mm x 3.6mm. I would think many would call this diamond a SI2. A white feather type inclusion located in the top right corner of the stone and is parallel with the crown/pavilion facets making it difficult to see.e9018 1.02ct. I1-H emerald cut diamond pendant The diamond alone would be a great value for only $4500.00 CAD. We’re offering the complete pendant with brand new Italian cable link 16 inch white gold chain for the same price. Remember one of our favorite sayings “price is simply what you pay, VALUE is what get”. The value here simple can’t be beat. EVERYTHING on our website is priced in Canadian dollars. Stock #e9018.


August 20, 2015

4.20ct. blue zircon and diamond pendant custom made $2100.00 CAD.

e8730 blue zircon and diamond pendantThe name zircon for many people means an inexpensive diamond substitute. Historically speaking colourless zircon was used in good quality lower priced jewellery because it has optical properties that make it sparkle like a diamond. Zircon is usually colourless by occasionally nice examples of blue turn up in our estate department. Nice quality blue zircon of this size can sell for $300.00 to $400.00 per carat. This excellent 4.20 carat antique example is set in a brand new custom made 14 karat white gold pendant setting. We do mostly custom rings at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers but for a softer stone like zircon we thought a pendant made more sense. Half a carat in single cut diamonds of VS-GH quality frame the centre and highlight the decorative gallery with more than enough sparkle. The handmade one of a kind pendant weighs 5.5 grams and measures approximately 15mm x 15mm (not including the large bail). The pendant is estate priced without chain at $2100.00. Stock #e8730.e8730.1 blue zircon and diamond pendant


July 12, 2015

9.3mm black Tahitian cultured pearl studs $630.00 CAD. e9260

e9260 black tahitian pearls south seaPerfectly matched black pearls almost never appear in our estate department. Earrings are probably the most looked at and purchased estate item. I don’t expect that this pair will last too long. They are quite large measuring an average of 9.3mm diameter. This pair is not artificially enhanced or dyed. The deep dark grey black luster comes by its colour naturally from the black lipped pinctada margaritifera oyster. This species is responsible for almost all of the coveted darker shades of pearls. In addition to the grey black body colour, various overtones of green, pinkish purple, violet and other hues are often seen. This pair show a fantastic spectrum of hues that stay in the same position as the pearl is moved. It’s an mysterious phenomena that can’t be seen with just a still picture. The larger size and weight of these earrings makes them more prone to droop forward. We have fitted an oversized pair of 14 karat white gold friction backs that not only keep them from flopping, but also provide a much stronger and safer fit.e9260.1 black Tahitian pearls south seaVery high quality, perfectly round, excellent condition and virtually blemish free make for a very attractive pair of pearl earrings. This pair WILL NOT LAST FOR LONG. Estate priced at $630.00. Stock #e9260.


June 9, 2015

3.26 carat I1-K heart shaped brilliant cut diamond $21500.00 CAD.

e8911 3.26ct. heart shaped diamond I1-KOur in store diamond database is currently showing well over 300000 diamonds from all over the world. There are less than 100 this size or bigger heart shaped diamonds that are also GIA certified making this example quite rare and unusual. We always have a couple heart shaped diamonds in the store up to the 1.00 carat size but never one this big. Just back from the GIA graded as an I1 clarity with a K colour. I was hoping for a SI2-J but thought a I1-K was a possibility. The fancy shape controls the K colour nicely and the mostly scattered inclusions are very difficult to see without magnification. Measuring 9.82mm x 10.79mm this diamond makes a really big footprint. Just looking at it you would think it’s at least 4.00 carats in weight. A Gemological Institute of America report can be seen here. This showstopper diamond is currently set in an 10 gram 18 karat white gold ring containing marquise and baguette cut diamonds (3 showing minor chips) adding 1.50 carats of high quality VS-H diamond weight. Setting available separately for $2500.00.e8911.1 3.26ct heart shaped diamond ring GIA certified A Gem review report (January 2009) suggests a replacement value of over $46000.000 is appropriate. This value seems a little optimistic in our opinion. As an estate item the diamond alone is available for $21500.00. Stock #e8911.e8911.2 3.26ct. heart shaped diamond ring


May 5, 2015

Custom made 2.89 carat andalusite & diamond pendant $1470.00 CAD.

e9305 andalucite and diamond pendantAnda… what? Don’t worry, even experienced jewellers have likely never heard of this rare gem let alone had the pleasure of seeing one. Mostly found in Brazil this scarce gem displays an interesting phenomenon known as pleochroism. This feature is the ability to display several colours at the same time. It’s easily seen on the diagonally opposite corners. From yellowish green to reddish brown the colour rolls around the stone as it moves. We custom made the simple 14 karat white gold pendant with light claws and frame to highlight the pleochroic effect. The custom cut estate stone was purchased from an avid gem collector who traded us for something else that caught his eye. Weighing 2.89 carats the custom cut South American gem has enough size that it doesn’t need a halo of small diamonds. Just a couple of nice VS-GH princess cut diamonds (0.25ct. total weight) prong set with a hidden bail that can fit a light chain through. We’ve decided to price the pendant without a chain so you can customize the length and style of necklace to suit your taste. One of a kind and not replaceable, estate priced at $1470.00 CAD. Stock #e9305.


April 15, 2015

4.18 carat VS2-J very good cut $50000.00 CAD.

e8524.2 4.18ct VS2-JOnce in a while a very important diamond comes in. A diamond that takes your breath away. It’s not just big it has the qualities that even make people not interested in diamonds say “WOW that’s beautiful, now I get it”. To find a 2 or 3 carat diamond in most stores is a rare event. When you do see a significant size diamond it’s usually very poor clarity, very brown or yellow and poorly cut. Not this one. With measurements of 9.92mm – 10.01mm x 6.44mm, a table percentage of 66 and a medium to thick girdle it should be squarely in the very good cut range. When compared to our GIA master diamonds the colour appeared to be a J. Any diamond accurately graded at SI1 or better should have no visible inclusions and I feel this one is better with a VS2 clarity call. As an added bonus it exhibits no fluorescence. This diamond has never been certified by GIA or AGS but we would submit it for certification if you wish. The very good cut could easily be improved to excellent with a minor re-cut. The diameter would not change at all, just the depth would be thinned out slightly resulting a more typical 63 percentage. The only dilemma with re-cutting this diamond is I don’t think the resulting weight would be over 4.00 carats. It would be close but not quite and there is quite a psychological advantage to keeping the weight at 4.18 carat. I’ll let you decide it’s destiny. Estate priced at $50,000.00 CDN. Stock #e8524. Currently set in a 14 karat yellow and white gold solitaire.e8524.1 4.18ct VS2-J solitaire


March 25, 2015

Toronto Coat of Arms 14kt. gold BIRKS cuff links $500.00 CAD. e8525

e8525 Toronto Coat of Arms BIRKS cufflinksI wasn’t sure what I had when these cufflinks came in. I knew they were a high quality pair of cuff links made by BIRKS, but the crest on the front was a mystery. The scroll banner at the bottom reads INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE INTEGRITY. A quick Google search revealed the mystery as the city of Toronto Coat of Arms. The history of the cufflinks unfortunately is going to remain a mystery. One can only guess they were a presentation gift for a much respected civic official in Toronto’s boom years. To replace an item like this today at BIRKS would cost well over $1000.00. Constructed from over 10.6 grams of 14 karat yellow gold each cufflink measures just shy of 1.5cm x 1.5cm and are secured by spring loaded “T” backs. I’m sure we have a few website visitors who live and work in Canada’s largest city. What a tribute to the city it would be to wear this piece of jewellery to an official municipal function. If anyone knows Toronto’s new mayor John Tory maybe you could do us a favor and email them a link to this posting. They are in lightly worn but excellent overall condition. Estate priced at $500.00 CAD. Stock #e8525.e8525.1 Toronto Coat of Arms cuff links


March 20, 2015

Cat’s eye chrysoberyl & blue sapphire set 6.00ct. tw. $2520.00 CAD. e8710

e8710 Cat's eye chrysoberyl and sapphire ring bracelet necklaceCat’s eye chrysoberyl is definitely one of the more exotic mineral specimens to come through our estate department. This phenomenal gem is one of the very rare true Cat’s eye stones. The name comes from the chatoyancy that literally looks like the eye of a cat. When the stones are tilted the cat eye effect rolls across the domed surface.e8710.1 cat's eye chrysoberyl and sapphire ring 17 of the greenish yellow cabochon cut chrysoberyls are set throughout the ring, bracelet and matching pendant totalling an estimated 3.00 carats. Hand made from 12 karat rose gold around the turn of the 20th century. The three pieces weigh a combined 20 grams in total. 59 high quality medium tone blue sapphires weigh an estimated 3.00 carats and provide an interesting contrasting attracive colour. It would be extremely difficult to reproduce these hand made items as finding matching high quality gems could prove almost impossible. When we received the set it was lacking a chain for the pendant. Included for no extra charge is a 1.1 gram 10 karat rose gold Italian made 18 inch necklace. Sold only as a 3 piece set only for the estate price of $2520.00. Stock #e8710.e8710.2 antique cat's eye chrysoberyl sapphire bracelet


January 30, 2015

Movado Datron HS360 (Zenith El Primero movement) $2350.00

e8612 Movado Datron HS 360 El PrimeroMovado company like many Swiss watch manufacturers was established in the late 1800s producing high quality watches in the town of La Chaux-de-faunds Switzerland the birthplace of many high quality watch brands. Also like many other Swiss brands, mergers and alliances formed over the years. In the late 1960s Movado collaborated with renowned watch maker Zenith to produce one of the worlds first automatic winding chronographs called the El Primero. Not only was this new movement one of the first automatic chronographs, it also was quite thin at 6.5mm including calendar mechanism. The biggest advantage the new movement had was a super fast 36000 per hour frequency. This new high speed mechanism enabled the chronograph 1/10 accuracy when measuring elapsed times. The 50 hour power reserve was longer than anything else produced at the time. Even today 45 years after its introduction there is not a series produced watch with a faster beat than the El Primero.e8612.2 Movado Datron HS 360 El Primero When Rolex decided to change movements in their Daytona from the hand wind 17 jewel Valjoux movement, the  31 jewel El Primero was chosen. Although Rolex “detuned” the frequency to only 28800 in keeping with the rest of their models. Our El Primero equipped watch is the very rare “Panda” silver/black dial.e8612.3 Movado Datron HS 360 El Primero Movado Datron HS360 is quite a rare watch seldom encountered in this condition. The original dial is in perfect condition showing no stains or discolouration of any kind. The watch is running great keeping very good time. An original signed crown controls rapid date change and time changes.e8612.1 Movado Datron HS 360 El Primero The case appears to have been lightly polished but still shows some of the original circular brushed finish. A generic black leather strap is fitted with a steel buckle. Including a 1 year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at $2350.00. Stock #e8612.


January 7, 2015

Rolex GMT Master 1675 $5,550.00 CAD. e8055

e8055 Rolex 1675 GMT Master2014 is the 60th anniversary of the Rolex GMT Master. In the 1940s and 50s international travel was catching on and pilots required an easy way to keep track of local time and Greenwich mean time. GMT is a constant time that doesn’t change with the seasons and is the international reference point to which local time is calculated. The simple rotating bezel can be rotated to show GMT using the second long red hour hand in a 24 hour format with the daylight hours in the red zone and dark night time hours shown in blue. This model dates from 1972 and is good condition. Sometime during its life the original movement calibre 1575 was replaced by the higher frequency, hacking movement calibre 3075. The dressier Jubilee style bracelet appears to be original to this watch with a buckle stamp of 4/71. Jubilee bracelets made their first appearance on a sport Rolex with the GMT as all the other sports models came only with the Oyster style making the GMT a little different. In the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger the character Pussy Galore worn an early example of a Rolex GMT Master. A 40mm watch in the 60’s was very unusual for a woman, but looking at it today I think it looks great.Pussy Galore e8055 A one year warranty is included with the estate price of $5,550.00. Stock #e8055.e8055.1 Rolex 1675 GMT Master


November 1, 2014

1.35ct. total weight SI2-H custom made engagement ring $6755.00 CAD.

e8284.1 1.35ct tw SI2-H eng ringReuse, recycle, improve and reset. No one does it better than Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. It’s what we love doing more than anything else. When you’ve been in business as long as we have you learn a little about being efficient. Every component in this ring has been “upcycled”. The diamonds all had former lives in other rings that were traded in, the gold too has been recycled and refined. What we end up with is a new never worn ring made from estate components. With that approach comes incredible value. A 1.04 carat SI2-H good to very good cut (graded to GIA standards) diamond measuring 6.50mm – 6.60mm x 3.92mm sparkles in the centre. Two emerald cut diamonds weigh a combined 0.31 carats of VS-SI-I quality are set on each shoulder, no common baguette cuts here. The three diamonds are perched on a traditional flat shank 2.25mm wide with a finished weight of 3.5 grams. With all this information we hope you shop around and see what kind of value a ring like this represents. Estate priced at $6755.00. If you have another project in mind for this diamond it is available separately for $5700.00. Stock #e8284.e8284.2 1.35ct. tw eng ring


October 31, 2014

Antique platinum morganite/diamond pendant $2590.00 CAD. e8463

This rare and exotic slightly purplish pink mineral is a variety of beryl called morganite. It was first discovered in the early 20th century not too long before this pendant was made. The most familiar type of beryl is emerald. When pure beryl is exposed to trace amount of manganese beautiful pink stones like these can result. The name morganite comes from, you guessed it wealthy American financier J. P. Morgan. Items like this are truly one of a kind. The classic example of fine Art Deco design measures 52mm long and contains 13 small European and single cut diamonds weighing 0.25 carats of total. The two morganites are estimated to weigh 1.45 carats and 1.75 carats each. A thin platinum seam is soldered on a 14 karat yellow gold frame making up the pendant that is suspended from the original 17 inch thin platinum cable link chain. Total weight 6.3 grams. An expert opinion was consulted before this item was offered for sale from noted Toronto appraisal service Harold Weinstein Ltd. They confirmed our thoughts on the rare pinkish purple gems identity and value. The September 2014 Weinstein appraisal is available for viewing and is included with the pendant.e8463 appraisal morganite pendant Pricing a value on an item like this is a very difficult thing to do as the talent and materials of this quality are difficult to find not to mention the value associated with the antique nature. This irreplaceable item is estate priced at $2590.00. Stock #e8463.e8463 morganite diamond pendant 


October 24, 2014

2.31ct. total weight SI2-I GIA certified diamond pendant $15330.00. e8863

e8863 GIA certified 2.01ct pear shaped diamond pendantYou’ve got a nice diamond engagement ring and maybe a nice pair of stud earrings but there is nothing more attractive than a large diamond pendant. A pear shaped drop style is an especially flattering look on a lady. Arriving recently with a Gem Review Inc. certificate of appraisal proclaiming a SI1 clarity with an exception colour of F and an equally impressive retail value of $45,560.00 plus tax. WOW if you want to spend that kind of money you should see what we can do. Seeing the diamond in person I knew it wasn’t an F colour and the SI1 clarity grade seemed a little optimistic too. We sent the diamond off to the Gemological Institute of America for an unbiased review of the quality characteristics. The March 2015 GIA grading document can be seen here. A SI2-I was determined by GIA to be the appropriate grade. This is one great looking SI2, no inclusions can be seen without magnification and the “I” colour appears a bit better due to slight fluorescence. I mention this every time a significant diamond such as this is being considered. Please compare “like” certificates. Every appraisal/certification service use GIA’s internationally accepted grading language but many do not grade to the same high standards making it impossible to honestly compare diamonds. If you have some time look at this video by Martin Rapaport. Mr. Rapaport produces a wholesale diamond price list widely followed in the industry. This guy knows his stuff.e8863 pear shaped 2.01ct SI2-I GIA certified diamond The 18 karat halo style pendant contains 37 high quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds bead set throughout. Even the large hinged bail has been set with twinkling diamonds. Light thin chain or heavy rope style, the pendant’s large bail makes chain selection easy. GIA report and the slightly conflicting Gem Review appraisal are included for the estate price of $15330.00. Centre diamond is available separately for $14300.00. Stock #e8863.


October 21, 2014

4.95 carat I1-JK diamond studs $19500.00

4.95ct tw studsSomeone has taken a page from our play book. A very savvy customer came in the other day looking for a gift, but wanted something really special. Something that you don’t see every day but could be enjoyed every day. Looking through some of our inventory they saw a nice 2.47 carat loose diamond of bright I1-J quality. Looking a bit more they saw a 2.48 carat of similar I1-K quality that was set in a ring. “Wouldn’t that make a killer pair of stud earrings”.  Two days later we had them assembled into the largest pair of diamond stud earrings we ever have made. The diamonds each measure an average of 8.71mm x 5.24mm and look incredible. If this idea of remounting old to new sounds interesting come on in and see what we can do for you. An older new to you diamond is just a nice as one cut yesterday, maybe even nicer considering the money you will save. The brand new 14 karat white gold settings only cost a couple of hundred dollars including installation. Now that’s great value.4.95ct tw I1-JK


September 25, 2014

***RARE*** Omega Marine Standard CK3635 $3000.00

e8291.2 omega marine standard ck3635This watch could be considered the Grandfather of all Seamasters. Omega Marine Standard CK3635 dates from the early 1940s. It was factory warrantied waterproof to a depth of 2 atmospheres despite the fact it had a rectangular case and non threaded crown. The Rolex Oyster case had several international patents that made it impossible for other manufactures to sell a watch with a threaded case back or crown. This watch is held together with two mechanical spring clamps that pressed gaskets tight against the crystal and case back.e8291.3 Omega Marine Standard CK3635 The crystal itself is made from synthetic sapphire a first of its kind for use in a watch. These features would have made this watch quite expensive for the time. Estimates of close to $150.00 have been reported, a princely sum that would equal close to $2000.00 in todays  dollars. The desirable hand wind 15 jewel calibre T17 movement is running well. This robust little movement is renowned for reliability and accuracy with an extra long power reserve of 60 hours.  This was longer than any other Omega watch until early in the 21 century.e8291.4 Omega Mariner Standard CK3635 T17 movement With a rectangular stepped case size of 38mm tip to tip X 23mm the watch has a great vintage Art Deco look. The watch has been fitted with a brand new dark brown Hirsh strap. Including a one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at $3000.00. Stock #e8291. e8291.8 Omega Marine Standard CK3635


September 23, 2014

Custom made 2.64 ct. fuchsia sapphire & diamond ring $6790.00. e8379

e8379 Fuschia sapphire and diamond ringEveryone knows sapphire is blue, right? Well most of the time anyway. Occasionally the mineral corundum is exposed to various trace amounts of exotic elements like chromium, iron, vanadium etc. causing the mineral to turn many different beautiful colours. The most common colouring agents are iron and titanium making sapphires various shades of blue. Very rarely vanadium and chromium come together in various ratios to produce some of the most amazing shades of violet, pink and even fuchsia. This ring looks much more pink than these images show.e8379.3 Fushia sapphire ring In over 25 years as a professional gemologist I have never seen one like this. The 2.64 carat sapphire has been cut in a cushion shape measuring 7.9mm x 7.1mm. The 14 karat white gold setting weighs over 8 grams and was custom made by high quality custom trade jeweller Almer Jewellery in Toronto. The setting is only a few years old and in excellent condition. The popular halo design contains 112 round brilliant cut diamonds bead set in the gallery and down shoulders weighing a combined 1.00 carat all of excellent VS-FG quality.e8379.2 Fuchsia sapphire ring The size 6.5 can be adjusted up or down to fit as required. Included with purchase is a Gemtech appraisal dated December 2010. This one a kind custom made ring is estate priced at $6790.00. Stock number #e8379.e8379 appraisal fuchsia sapphire ring


July 12, 2014

1.50ct. tw. antique reproduction diamond ring $3360.00 CAD. e8398

e8398.1 1.50ct tw antique replica ringThe diamonds are period correct for the look of the setting making a very convincing authentic look, but the setting is brand new. Modeled after the original 18 karat yellow gold version loved for many generations until there was almost nothing left. We contemplated making the repairs but realized the time had come to recycle the original and start fresh. Keeping true to the original made brand new, ready for the next 100 years or so. The 5 old European cut diamonds from the late 1800s are complimented by 8 tiny round diamonds bead set in the claw tops. All the diamonds are of a minimum SI clarity with a nice H to I colour and weigh a combined 1.50 carats.e8398 1.50ct tw ring Measuring a finger size 6 with a finished weight of 4.3 grams in 14 karat gold. This brand new antique recreation can be enjoyed by anyone who prefers the popular look of white gold without worrying about damaging an original antique. The spirit of the original setting has been preserved with the original antique estate diamonds in the new ring. Estate priced at $3360.00 including complimentary sizing if needed. Stock #e8398.e8398.2 worn out antique ring



April 15, 2014

18 karat Breitling chronomat (like new) K13352 $9000.00

e8432 Breitling Chronomat K13352It’s too bad nobody had the pleasure of using this watch for the last 14 years. It looks like it was stored in the box since it was made around the year 2000. A Breitling watch is a special thing made to be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. Life is too short to save this type of thing for high days and holidays. Especially a solid 18 karat yellow gold example like this. The luxury look and feel of 18 karat gold is unlike anything else available. The rich yellow gold colour of the case is very striking with the contrasting black two tone dial and black crocodile strap. The slight blue tint of the non reflective crystal coating adds an additional element of colour. This is perhaps the most handsome Breitling watch to pass through these doors in some time. Although the Chronomat model K 13352 is a luxury offering, it still possesses all the features that have made Breitling watches a top choice among professional pilots and sportsmen for decades. Features like a threaded crown with threaded case back insure water resistance to 300 feet. A curved optically perfect sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, luminous hands and markers make interpreting the time a quick glance task.e8432.1 Breitling Chronomat K 13352 The chronometer rated modified Valjoux 7750 movement is running well with chronograph and calendar functions working as designed. A 60 minute one way bezel allows additional timing capabilities and a tachymetre scale track around the outside of the dial can prove useful for measuring units per hour. Everything about this watch looks like new, not even a scratch of the original 18 karat yellow gold signed buckle. Original box, instructions, warranty card and chronometer certificate come included for the estate price of $9000.00. Stock #e8432.e8432.2 Breitling Chronomat K 13352


January 15, 2014

Vintage Rolex Submariner 5512. e7896

e7896 Rolex 5512Once in a long while a watch comes along that almost defies its age. With a quick look at this Rolex Submariner you might think it’s only a few years old when in fact over 50 years have past since  it was new. Model 5512 was built in 1962 and sold new in 1964 for the princely sum $179.50 plus 3% Ontario Provincial sales tax.e7896 rolex 5512 receipt Other documents that come with watch include, retail agent warranty, Rolex warranty card (not filled out), Rolex factory service receipt from September 1983 with guarantee and the Rolex Skin Diver Handbooke7896 Rolex ad. All this original documentation alone would make for a rare and desirable combination but the watch itself is one of the most interesting and unusual Submariners. This is where Rolex collectors are about to get excited. This is a NON chronometer rated 5512. The dial, hands and dial markers  are original and perfect showing completely even patina. The glossy dial has the rare exclamation point 6 o:clock marker and connected minute track. The pointed crown guard case appears unpolished still retaining original non triplock crown. The bezel insert is only slightly faded with an intact pearl. The original riveted style Rolex bracelet has been replaced by a more contemporary genuine Rolex oyster bracelet with flip lock buckle. This watch is for the serious Rolex collector who recognizes how unusual a find this watch is. As always interesting trades are welcomed. The watch comes with Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers 1 year warranty. Stock #e7896.e7896.3 rolex 5512


November 16, 2013

1930s Rolex chronometer 18 jewel $4,800.00 CAD. e6325

I’ll admit not knowing much about this watch but I think it is something rather special. It dates from the 1930s as it’s style and serial number (32029) would suggest. What makes this one special is inside. It is a hand wind chronometre grade 18 jewel calibre 360 timed in 6 positions. I have seen this movement executed with 15, 16 and 17 jewels but never 18. This movement is the highest grade version of this calibre as the winding wheel is marked ULTRA PRIMA. I believe this watch has been in Canada it’s entire life because the rose gold on the case edge tests 9 karat as was the practice in common wealth countries.  The dial is not original and was refinished to a silver colour with arabic markers. The reference number of the watch is 2417. I have never seen this reference number before. Those of you that would like more photos of this watch please contact us .  The estate price of this one of a kind Rolex is $4,800.00. Stock #e6325.e6325.2 rolex 1930s ulta prima 18 jewel


July 25, 2013

Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL PowerControl 158457-3002 $6250.00 CAD. e8258

8253 Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL power control xl 158457-3002If you’re into anything racing particularly the automotive variety this is a great watch to consider. Made by luxury jeweller/watchmaker Chopard this watch is from their Mille Miglia collection. Named after the famous Italian 1000 mile automobile race held during the mid-1900s. The race was a wild open road event in which literally millions of spectators lined the road to watch the competitors speed by at an average speed of almost 100 miles per hour. 56 people lost their lives in this event from 1927 to 1957. Nine spectators were killed in a single crash in 1957 that led to banning the race. The open road race lives on today only in grainy vintage footage. A tribute parade takes place every year over several days open to pre-1957 cars that participated in the original 1000 Miglia.e8258.2 Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL model 158457-3002 measures 44mm diameter and has one of the most legible dials available. A beautiful silver/white face with a unique “fuel gauge” display shows the power reserve remaining in the chronometer-grade automatic movement. Luminous hands/hour markers and a large magnified date display add to the functionality. A threaded display back and crown ensure water-resistance to 330 feet. Comes complete with the original box, instructions, chronometer certificate, and even a functional air pressure tire gauge.e8258.3 Chopard tire pressure gauge The watch is in excellent condition and was only worn occasionally by the previous collector owner who traded it in because he felt it was a little large for his smaller arm. When current this watch had a list price of $8,780.00 USD. Including a one-year warranty, the watch is estate priced at $6250.00 CDN. Stock #e8258.


June 15, 2013

1920s Art Deco Platinum Diamond & Emerald Watch $5000.00

Don’t think of this as a watch but a piece of jewellery that also tells time. This is much more like an antique diamond and emerald bracelet than a watch. The beautiful hand engraved case contains top quality natural emeralds and diamonds along with an attached diamond set bracelet. There are 212 diamonds set in this piece weighing over 2.00 carats of VS-SI-FG quality. There is over 25 grams of platinum alone in this watch. The timepiece is a high quality Swiss made Robert Cart movement marked 11332, serviced recently and running well. The watch and bracelet measure 7.25 inches long and should fit most ladies wrists. This watch comes with a one year warranty and estate priced at $5000.00.


April 5, 2013

Heuer Carrera Chronograph 2447N $6000.00

The word iconic is used far too often to describe some of the most mundane items. This is one of the most respected and important chronographs ever designed. The Heuer Carrera was named after the Carrera Panamericana boarder to boarder sports car racing event held in Mexico on open roads in the 1950s. It was reported to be the most dangerous race in the world and was only held for 5 years. Heuer model number 2447N dates from the late 1960s and has it’s original very rare black dial. The Valjoux 72 hand wind movement was just serviced for the reported first time in over forty years by Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. When this watch came in for service the owner could tell how excited I was to see such a rare watch but he had no interest is selling it at that point. A few months later he had a change of heart. So now is your chance to own a classic. Measuring 36mm diameter and fitted with a brand new Hirsch strap it’s ready to go complete with warranty. If you doubt the capabilities of this watch consider the fact that Rolex from the same period used the same Valjoux movement in their Daytona chronograph until the 1980s. You can still buy a Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph today almost 50 years since their introduction in 1964. Now that’s iconic. Estate priced at $6000.00. Stock #e7280. 


March 21, 2013

Emerald & Diamond Ring $13900.00 CAD. d15902

This emerald ring started off as a much loved but worn out dinner ring. The emerald was chipped and scratched. The yellow gold setting had worn thin and the claws were virtually gone. The ring was practically loved to death. The stones were removed, the original gold setting recycled. The emerald was repaired and polished to new condition. This is the result. Perhaps the nicest example of a Columbian emerald Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has ever offered. Not the most expensive and not the biggest, but the best quality. The pure green excellent clarity emerald weighs 1.50 carats, two triangular trillion cut diamonds on the shoulders weigh 0.34 carats each along with 20 round diamonds bead set on shank all of great quality. The antique art deco inspired custom made ring is a one of a kind. The 5.0 gram 14 karat white gold setting has been made to the highest standard. Beautiful examples of hand engraving and mill grain on galleries and shank edges complete this antique look. Stock #d15902.


March 20, 2013

1940s Canadian Military Pocket Watch Hamilton $2000.00 CAD. e7248

We don’t see too many pocket watches around here but when this one turned up we had to have it. Besides being an incredible piece of mechanical art this is one of the finest American made watches ever produced. The watch is called a deck watch because it was allowed to be taken out on the ship’s deck for use with a sextant for celestial navigation. A very accurate timepiece was required to figure out your global position. The watch is a 22 jewel calibre 3992B adjusted in six positions and for temperature. The case is made from 80% pure silver and is dent free showing only original patina. Information I can find shows only around 200 of these watches exist making it probably the most rare watch we have ever had. Even the original wooden box is included complete with it’s shock protected inner casing. This is a very very rare piece of military and watch making history. Amazing original condition working great and no prior service marks of any kind. Estate price including our 1 year in house warranty at $2000.00. Stock #e7248


February 20, 2013

Cartier Pasha GMT Automatic $3300.00

Nice sized watch that could be worn by a man or a woman given its reasonable size of 35.5mm case diameter. This is a good one; one owner, lightly worn, complete with inner/outer box and all warranty instructions booklets. The watch was originally purchased at Chateau  d’Ivoire in August 2004. All original packaging is in perfect condition. The GMT model is an upgrade over the regular Pasha and is able to display a second time zone in a 24 hour format with its extra hour hand. The case and bracelet have been refinished and polished and show only minor blemishes. The full complement of adjusting links are present allowing the watch to be sized up to 8 inches in length. Currently be treated to a full technical revision. This watch is estate priced at $3300.00 including one year warranty.


February 13, 2013

18 karat Omega chronograph pocket watch circa 1920 $3000.00

e8101 Omega pocket watch chronograph 18ktBill Le Boeuf Jewellers were Omega agents for almost 50 years during that time thousands of Omega watches came through our store for sale or service. This is the first solid 18 karat gold Omega chronograph pocket watch that we have ever had to offer. We just had our master watchmaker perform a full technical revision on this marvelous piece bringing it back to life after sitting idle for around 30 years. The watch is in fantastic condition, the only minor detail is approximately one third of the gold cap on winding crown has come off. This is only cosmetic in nature. It can be turned to the back going unnoticed. In addition to the regular time keeping function this watch comes with a single button action 30 minute chronograph. The long blued steel second register and a small 12 o:clock minute register can measure elapsed times with 1/5 of a second accuracy . The solid 18 karat yellow gold case is dent free showing only minor wear despite being almost 100 years old. The inner dust cover proudly displays the lovely Art Nouveau logo Omega used during the 1800s and early part of the 1900s.e8101.2 Omega 18kt gold pocket watch chronograph This is a rare and collectable watch from one of best Swiss manufactures. Including our 1 year warranty the watch is estate priced at $3000.00. Stock #e8101.e8101.1 Omega 18kt pocket watch chronograph


February 12, 2013

Cartier Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 $7500.00

e8157 Cartier Ballon Bleu W69009Z3When I think of Cartier I think of a more refined gentleman’s watch rather than the big bulky sports models that are so popular with the other luxury brands. This watch nicely bridges the two looks. At 42mm diameter it’s a pretty big watch and the highly polished stainless steel with 18 karat yellow gold give it a do anything look. This is what Cartier themselves say about this watch. “Reference number W69009Z3, is valued $10,000.00 USD. This large model timepiece is crafted with a steel case and a fluted 18KT yellow gold crown. The crown is expertly adorned with a blue synthetic spinel cabochon.e8157.1 Cartier Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 A sapphire crystal envelopes the silvered opaline dial, which contrasts perfectly with the black Roman numerals and sword-shaped blued-steel hands. An 18KT yellow gold and steel metal bracelet is attached to the case. The case houses a mechanical movement with automatic winding, Cartier caliber 049 and is water resistant to 30 meters/100 feet. This creation measures 42.1 millimeters in diameter, and is 13 millimeters in thick”. That pretty much sums it up. It looks like new showing little to no signs of wear. Comes with it’s original box and Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers 1 year warranty. Estate priced at $7500.00. Stock #e8157.e8157.2 Cartier Ballon Bleu W69009Z3


January 30, 2013

Pocket Watch for the Blind $300.00

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, In fact I have never seen one before. A pocket watch for the blind. The watch has no crystal protecting the hands or dial. Your sense of touch moving over the raised hour markers and the large thick hands allow the user to interpret the  time of day. The timepiece is actually a high quality hand wind movement with adjustments made in four different  positions by the Tavannes/Cyma company (TACY). The Canadian made EMPRESS gold plated hunting case is also a little unusual as it hinges on the right side for a left handed person. The movement is running great and keeping time. This one of a kind watch dates from the 20s or 30s. Estate priced at $300.00  


January 27, 2013

Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen chronograph $6499.00

Very rare and ultra cool Heuer. This is the “Steve McQueen” Monaco  chronograph circa 1976. It has been freshly serviced and is fitted with a new old stock steel bracelet that sets it off perfectly. Okay, the purists out there will recognize that this is a model 1533 and not the true McQueen model 1133. The case is exactly the same, in fact it is marked 1133 but the movement is a calibre 15 and not the calibre 11 with the 12 hours chronograph register at 9:00. The calibre 15 made due with a single 30 minute register plus a constant second hand at the 9:00 position. With our in house warranty it is estate priced at $6499.00. Some say that the 1533 is even more rare than the 1133.


January 19, 2013

1.16 carat total weight mine cut diamond ring $2995.00

e8163 mine cut diamond ringAt Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we receive hundreds of estate rings every year. When possible we make necessary repairs, refinish to like new condition then offer them for sale to people who appreciate the style and value these vintage rings offer. Sometimes after generations of wear and tear there is just not enough left to repair so it makes more sense to recycle the remaining gold and create something new using the original gems. After all, diamonds are forever. This ring is the product of just such an exercise. The 3 mine cut diamonds in the one of a kind ring likely date from the early 1800s. The centre diamond weighs 0.65 carats and is of SI1 clarity with a G colour. High grade diamonds of G or better colour grade are unusual for the time as the main source for diamonds back then was South Africa which produced mostly slightly tinted colours. The square mine cut shoulder diamonds weigh a combined 0.51 carats of SI1 clarity with an I colour. The one off design ring was made from 3 grams of 14 karat white gold with some antique inspired details keeping with the spirit of the 200 hundred year old diamonds. The ring measures a finger size 6.5 and is ready for the next generation of use. Estate priced at $2995.00. Stock #8163.e8163.1 mine cut diamond ring


January 14, 2013

Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronometer 263-33 $5300.00

A serious watch for the exotic watch aficionado. Ulysee Nardin is a brand that very few people will recognize but as soon as they see it they will know this is something special. The Maxi Marine Chronometer model 263-33 is a pretty big watch measuring 43mm diameter and 13.5mm thick. Water resistant to over 1000 feet and equipped with a threaded crown, screwed  down case back, anti reflective sapphire crystal, one way ratcheting bezel, heavy stainless steel bracelet with diver extension and locking buckle. The automatic chronometer grade movement comes with a calendar feature and power reserve dial (located at 12:00). The watch is in like new condition showing no signs of wear and tear. The replacement value of this model is $8600.00. Comes with inner, outer box, all of its original paper work and instructions. This watch dates from 2008. Estate priced at $5300.00 including 1 year warranty. Stock #e6707.


January 11, 2013

Antique platinum, diamond & cubic zirconia ring $1680.00

e7980 plat cz/dia deco ringNo question about it. A beautiful ring is a beautiful ring even if a couple of the components are not original or even genuine. This is a great example of an Art Deco design ring from the 1920s. The unmistakable geometric symmetry are hallmarks of the Deco design period. The ring contains 4 rather large high quality bezel set baguette cut diamonds weighing 0.64 carat all of VS-GH clarity and colour. The two large round brilliant cut stones are cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia are inexpensive diamond simulates that are very convincing to look at. It takes a very sharp eye to distinguish them from natural diamonds. They each measure 7.5mm diameter and cost around $10.00. Two diamonds of good quality and similar size could easily cost $10000.00 each.  The ring is very tiny measuring a size 3.5 suitable for a small pinky finger. The 3.4 gram platinum setting could be sized bigger as required. Estate priced at $1680.00. Stock #7980.e7980.1 art deco dia/cz plat ring


January 2, 2013

7.68 carat VVS2-L diamond ring

7.68ct VVS2-L rbcdPerhaps only once or twice in a career does the average jeweller even see a diamond of this size. Talk about rare. From our diamond data base of some 340000 plus diamonds only around 50 are of this size and quality or better. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is very fortunate to have an opportunity to offer this almost one of a kind diamond. It’s big, really big. The shoulder baguette cut diamonds are partially eclipsed by the diameter of the centre diamond. The diamond grades VVS2 with a L colour. It faces up with a slightly warm colour as the grade would suggest but flashes and twinkles like only something of this size can. The clarity is a VVS2 which is just shy of flawless. Only one tiny microscopic white pin point inclusion is keeping it from a flawless clarity grade. Measuring 13.0mm x 7.5mm the diamond has been graded with a good cut. This diamond has a 57.6 % depth, most modern excellent cut diamonds have a depth of around 62-63%. The small difference in depth makes this diamond look more like an 8.50 carat. It’s a breath taking example likely never to be offered again. Currently mounted in an 18 karat yellow gold setting with 4 tapered baguette cut diamonds of 0.10 carats each VS-GH. 7.68ct VVS2-M rbcd ring


December 15, 2012

Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II 4990 $3200.00

e7817 Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II 4990All though the name Girard Perregaux may not be familiar with many, among watch collectors and connoisseurs it is recognised as one of the more important manufactures. With a history that goes back over 2 centuries Girard Perregaux remains today one of the few companies to produce and develop their own movements in house rather than buying basic ETA, Valjoux, Lemania calibres and sticking their name and logo on. The GP website has a great page that outlines the brands history The Sea Hawk II is perhaps their most sporty creation to date featuring a large case of 43mm. This is a comfortable watch despite the big case, the 4:00 crown position does not dig into the wrist and is protected by the smooth sculpted case. The regular sport watch features are all here. Water resistant to 1000 feet, sapphire crystal, threaded crown, screwed on case back, luminous hands, calendar, one way bezel indexed for 60 minutes. One slightly unusual feature is the power reserve indicator located at 6:00. With a quick glance the gauge displays how many hours of  run time has been stored in the mainspring. The in house 26 jewel calibre 330c is running as designed and keeping great time. This watch comes with is original box and Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers 1 year warranty. When new this watch had a retail price of around $8000.00. Estate priced at $3200.00. Stock #e7817.e7817.1 Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II 4990


December 1, 2012

Antique 4.83ct. Total Weight Diamond Ring $29000.00

I am having a hard time deciding what to say about this ring. Maybe the silence in my head says it all.  It’s overwhelming. All I can do is stare at it hypnotized by the brilliance of these amazing 100 year old diamonds. Any diamond of one carat is significant but how about three side by side each averaging well over 1.50 carats in the same ring. The three European cut diamonds are all very well matched of a strong SI2 clarity with the centre diamond of GH colour and the side diamonds of IJ colour. Bead set along the top of the shoulders for some added detail are  6 small diamonds weighing 0.08 carats in total. The hand made platinum setting is in very good condition and weighs approximately 5 grams. This style of diamond has not been cut for over 80 years and was replaced to the modern round brilliant cut. Estate priced at $29000.00.


November 15, 2012

1959 Rolex perpetual chronometer 14Kt. $6450.00

It took Rolex around 50 years to manufacture 1 million watches. Today the company makes over a million watches per year. That alone makes this 1957 model uncommon. The case and original oyster bracelet are solid 14 karat yellow gold. The white dial looks to have been refinished some time ago and is in good condition. The 25 jewel automatic winding movement was just serviced, is chronometer rated and is working well. Total weight of the watch is over 66 grams. Estate price including warranty is $6450.00. Stock #e3312.




September 20, 2012

Omega Seamaster 1st. Year 1948 $800.00

Omega turned 100 years old in 1948. The Omega Seamaster was originally designed to commemorate this milestone but the design was determined too large and cumbersome as Omega had an elegant dress model in mind. The design proved useful though as Omega’s product designer at the time requested a water resistant watch powered by a self winding movement to compete with the very successful Rolex Oyster. The Seamaster was born. This model 2577  measures a little over 34mm diameter and is equipped with the 17 jewel calibre 351 bumper movement. The  watch has just undergone a full technical revision including refinished dial, stem, Omega crown, mainspring, crystal and case gaskets. Estate priced including one year warranty $800.00. Stock #e6886.


August 29, 2012

Giant 8.50 carat green tourmaline $2940.00

e2374 green tourmalineRare and exotic green tourmalines are seldom seen which is a shame because few gems come in the rainbow of colours that this Brazilian mineral comes in. This particular specimen is well over 8.00 carats and exhibits one of the more coveted shades of deep “bottle” green. The stone measures approximately 14.5mm x 12.0mm x 6.4mm and has been set in a custom made 18 karat white gold four prong simple setting showcasing the clean lines of the step cut tourmaline. 3 small 0.02 carat single cut diamonds finish the pendant. A new 18 inch 14 karat rolo style Italian made chain comes included. This is perhaps the largest example of an inclusion free tourmaline that has come through Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers in over half a century. Estate priced at $2940.00. Stock #e2374.e2374.1 green tourmaline


August 10, 2012

Glashutte Evolution Diver 39-42-44-04-14 $6100.00

Talk about rare and exotic. There is a first for everything and this is the first Glashutte ever to be offered by Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Not quite a house hold name in Canada but this luxury brand has been around for over 150 years. If you’re looking for a rugged high end chronometer but do not want the typical “flashy” brands. If you appreciate amazing little details that to the casual observer go unnoticed take a closer look at this one. The Glashutte measures 42mm diameter, 2mm larger than a Rolex Submariner. An amazingly comfortable bracelet and clasp with a discreet glide lock easily adjust for length without removing a link. The extra large date display visible at all angles is very handy. A curved sapphire display back reveals the extremely intricate 44 jewel in house chronometer grade movement with pierced weight rotor outlined in 22 karat yellow gold. Model number 39-42-44-04-14 has a retail price of around $10,000.00. This model was purchased in 2009  at a Toronto authorized agent and is in excellent condition complete with all original packaging, instructions, warranty card, plastic tags etc. Even a Glashutte wooden eye loupe is included so you can admire the fine detail of the watch in extra close up detail. Estate priced at $6100.00 including our 1 year warranty. Stock #e7356


August 5, 2012

Zenith Agate Case Pocket Watch $950.00

This would be a very difficult item to manufacture today with modern cutting tools, but I can’t imagine how hard it would be to make 80 years ago. The entire 50mm diameter case has been made from one piece of agate. This very hard stone similar to onyx or jasper is very tough and can be polished to a very glossy finish. The Zenith watch company produces some of the worlds best mechanical movements that have been used in many of the finest brands including Rolex. The serial number 2559034 dates this watch to the 1930s. This watch is in like new condition showing no scratches on the gem stone case or crystal. The basic Arabic black font on white dial is classic. The blued steel hands are shiny and perfect. This is an item we didn’t even know existed and are not likely to encounter another. Estate priced including our one year warranty at $950.00. Stock #e7395.


August 2, 2012

14 Karat Solid Gold Doxa $600.00

Where can you find a high quality automatic Swiss made solid gold watch for only $600.00? The Doxa brand has been around for well over 100 years. It has always been a niche brand that developed some interesting watches and clocks used in aircraft and high end automobiles in the earlier part of the 20th century. These high end time keepers had to keep excellent time in some very harsh conditions. Exposed to dramatic temperature changes, vibrations and high gravitational forces. These clocks would work for over a week before needing wound. This example dates from the 1960s and contains an automatic movement cased in a 14 karat rose gold case measuring 34.5mm diameter. A new crystal and chocolate brown Hirsch leather strap have just been fitted. The movement was freshly treated to a full technical revision in April of 2013. Estate priced including one year warranty $600.00. Stock #e7303.


May 28, 2012

Chopard 1000 Miglia Chronometer 15-8955 $4000.00 CAD. e6705

Not exactly a household name Chopard watches are among the finest on the market and one of the very few truly independent watch manufacturing companies around anymore. This watch is named after the famous Italian car race “The 1000 Miglia” that was run from the 1920s until the 1950s. You couldn’t ask for a more basic and functional design than this. Very large luminous markers, hands, and a big date display. The watch also comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The model 15-8955 usually comes with a rubber strap but this one comes with a much more durable steel bracelet. Bought in February 2012 this one is in like-new condition and comes with everything as newly delivered from the factory including a cool tire pressure gauge. This model has a retail price of over $6000.00. Estate priced including balance of factory $4000.00 CAD. Stock #e6705.


May 25, 2012

Antique 1.10ct.TW Diamond Cluster $2795.00

Rings like this do not come along very often but when they do sometimes they don’t make it to the sales floor. Our staff and even a family member came close to purchasing this one. Dating from around 1915 displaying classic early art deco features of geometric design and balance. The ring contains 17 round diamonds. The  European cut in the center weighs approximately 0.59 carat of very good VS-H quality. The 16 other diamonds weigh approximately 0.51 carats and are also of good quality. The filigree platinum setting weighs 3.3 grams and is in great shape considering it’s close to 100 years old. Estate priced at $2795.00


April 18, 2012

10.00 Carat Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring $3625.00

I used to think opals were the most difficult piece of jewellery to photograph, but this star sapphire was way harder. After about 50 shots this is the best I could do. So I will have to describe it. The 10.00 carat oval cabochon cut star sapphire has a very pale blue colour, a perfectly a centred 6 pointed star that rolls across the stone as the ring is moved. The platinum setting weighs approximately 7 grams. Surrounding the sapphire are 10 baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.25 carats all of VVS-FG quality. The ring was made by Birks jewellers likely in the 1940s. Estate priced at $3625.00. I apologize the quality of the photograph. Please come in to see this remarkable sapphire.



April 4, 2012

3.50ct. Total Weight SI-K Diamond Ring $10,000.00 CAD. e6623

It’s been a week or so since my last post so I thought I would show you something nice. This classic 3 stone trinity design ring dates from the later 1800s and contains 3 mine cut diamonds. The shoulder diamonds each weigh approximately 0.95 carats with the larger centre mine cut coming in at around 1.60 carats. That’s a total of 3.50 carats in diamonds! The quality is SI with approximately a K colour. These diamonds almost certainly came from South Africa as this was the primary source of diamonds over 100 years ago. This type of diamond is known as a “Cape” colour in reference to the typical colour range found from the Cape area in South Africa. The antique platinum setting is approximately a size seven but can be made smaller if required. This beautiful piece of jewellery history is estate priced at $10,000.00 CAD. Stock #6623



March 22, 2012

18 Karat Antique Cameo $1400.00

One of the most intricately hand carved cameos I have ever seen. The detail is amazing. This is a large brooch/pendant measuring 58.5mm x 48.3mm and weighs 22.0 grams. I do not know much about the unusual subject matter depicted, perhaps it stems from an aspect of Greek mythology. The 18 karat yellow gold frame is equally well made with great attention to fine detail. This piece likely dates from the latter 1800s. Estate priced at $1400.00. Stock #e6607.


March 7, 2012

3.85ct. VS1-LM Emerald cut $22,400.00 CAD. e6486

It’s pretty safe to say you will have the only one of these on your block. We just had this setting custom made to showcase this large emerald cut diamond. The 14 karat white gold setting weighs 7.9 grams and contains 6 channel set princess cut diamonds of good quality SI1-HI weighing 0.77 carats in total. The centre emerald cut weighs 3.85 carats and measures 9.50mm x 7.50mm x 5.60mm of excellent VS1 clarity and LM colour with moderate blue fluorescence. A full description of the centre diamond can be found on the estate diamond section of website. See December 24th 2011 post. The ring is offered at $22,400.00. Stock #e6486


February 17, 2012

1970 Rolex Red Submariner 1680 $5000.00 CAD. e6574

The classics keep coming in. The Rolex Submariner has to be considered the grand father of all modern sport watches. I have no idea what sport watches of today would look like if Rolex had never introduced the Submariner. This one in particular is somewhat special because of one little feature on the dial. The word SUBMARINER was written in red making this one of the famous “RED SUBS”. The watch has even patina on the hands and dial markers. The folded link bracelet number 9315/280 appears to be original and has a date stamp of  1970. The original non trip lock crown is also fitted and requires 1 full turn to open. Model 1680 is also an in demand model because it was the first submariner to feature a date. The date ring is still the original black on silver combination. Serial number 2500XXX places the date of manufacture around 1970. The only obvious flaw I know of with this watch is the little pearl dot on the bezel insert is missing, this is a common issue and replacements are available. Comes with our 1 year warranty at the estate price of $5,000.00. Stock #e6574.


February 7, 2012

18 Karat Sapphire and Diamond Ring $3,490.00 CAD. e6561

When it comes to evaluating coloured stones there is one thing to keep in mind, colour. Colour is everything and this sapphire has it. The 1.12 carat (7.5mm x 4.8mm) blue sapphire is one of the best we have ever seen. It has the most vivid shade of blue with non of that inky dark colour that is so common today. A nice quality diamond is uncommon but an exceptional coloured stone is far more rare. The deco inspired design looks like the ring was made in the 1920’s but we feel this ring is only a few years old. Surrounding the sapphire are 10 baguettes cut diamonds and 8 round brilliant cut diamonds all of very good quality VS-F. The 18 karat white gold ring weighs 4.2 grams and is also made to a very high standard with a filigree gallery and under-mount. This ring needs to be seen in person. Estate priced at $3,490.00 CAD. Stock #e6561


December 7, 2011

Cartier Roadster chronograph $6000.00

One owner, huge box with extra black leather strap, warranty card, instruction booklet and extra links all in untouched condition. This 2004 model W62006X6 large size 47mm x 42mm was only worn occasionally and is in very good condition. The replacement value of this full size chronograph is over $10000.00. This one is estate priced at $6000.00 including a 1 year warranty. The sapphire crystal is without a scratch and the stainless steel case is polished to a mirror finish. The unique barrel shaped case is unlike almost anything out there. This is the full size model and wears very large due to the case shape.


November 8, 2011

18 karat hand made antique cameo $1,400.00 CAD. e5940

Items like this really define the term “estate jewellery”. This hand made hand carved cameo dates from the late 1800s and is of the finest quality I have seen. It sits in it’s original velvet box. The jewellers name is still just visible on the inside lid and reads MURRAY   GLASGOW. This is a rather large piece at 48mm x 41mm. It can be worn as a brooch or a pendant, the small safety chain can be removed when worn on a necklace. The shell cameo has amazing detail not often seen in today’s cameos. The artist has signed the back of the cameo, the name appears to be Johnny Scori. The subject depicted on the cameo is perfectly suited to the design of the frame with the interlocking Greek key pattern and several layers of rope edging. The piece weighs 15 grams in total and is most certainly a one of a kind item. Estate priced at $1,400.00 CAD. Stock #e5940.


October 7, 2011

Art Deco Antique Platinum Diamond Ring $2625.00

Examples of classic Art Deco design don’t come much prettier than this. The 4.2 gram platinum setting contains one  bezel set 0.63 carat I1-F old European cut diamond surrounded by 32 small bead set diamonds totalling an additional 0.67 carats. All the small diamonds are of excellent quality although a few have been chipped. After all this ring has been worn for almost a century and a few chipped diamonds are to be expected. We should all hope to be this attractive after 100 years. The gallery of the setting has been decorated with delicate filigree wire work set with a few small diamonds. The “kite” shaped synthetic sapphires are showing a few chips and scratches along edges. The ring measures a size 8 which is a little unusual for a ring this old as most we see are smaller. This beautiful piece is estate priced at $2624.00. Stock #e7140. 


August 10, 2011

Omega Seamaster 300 1960s $1500.00 CAD.

This is only the second time we have had one of these offered to us. This watch is the inspiration for the flag ship of the current Omega Seamaster line the Planet Ocean. If you compare the two side by side the similarities are unmistakable. This watch has been freshly serviced and comes with a one year warranty. Due to the age of this watch we are unable to warranty it’s water resistance however. The bracelet attached is non original but is quite complimentary. The estate price for this very collectible Omega is $1500.00



July 29, 2011

Natural orangy yellow diamond ring 0.97ct. $12500.00

You just never know what may show up in our estate section. When this ring came in it had certification from the well known Toronto lab Harold Weinstein Ltd. I was confident in their report but I wanted to make double sure this was a natural unenhanced diamond so I sent it to New York to the GIA to get an origin of colour report. The GIA report #5121011306 confirmed stone to be a natural fancy intense orangey yellow with even colour distribution can be viewed at (verify a report). Natural round yellow diamonds are quite rare, but a natural round orangey yellow diamond is exceedingly rare. This diamond is not replaceable. The 18K white gold setting also contains 14 small round diamonds 0.40 carats in total. The estate price for the ring is $13500.00. The loose diamond can be seen in our estate diamond section priced at $12500.00 alone.


July 15, 2011

2.98 carat SI2-E solitaire 18 karat gold.

You can hardly see the mark where the Titanic bumped into this one.  The picture is not out of proportion, the diamond is that big. Measuring 13.06mm x 8.45mm x 4.78mm and weighing 2.98 carats. The diamond has graded at SI2-E according to our GIA standards. The setting is a simple 18 karat white gold solitaire design weighing 5.5 grams. Stock #e6312.






June 24, 2011

1960 Omega Seamaster chronograph $2650.00

This is another time I have say to myself “don’t fall in love with your inventory, you have bills to pay”. This beautiful Omega Seamaster chronograph dates from the late 50s early 60s. The case measures 35mm diameter and is gold cap on stainless steel. All the functions work well and it keeps good time. The silver dial is in great condition and has likely been refinished. It has a great retro look with thin pointed hands and “casket” shaped hour markers that are polished with a knife edge peaked centre. The manual wind movement is the 17 jewel calibre 321 made famous by the 1960s Omega Speedmaster Professional, selected by NASA as standard issue for all manned space missions. This is a great piece of history and these are rarely offered. The watch comes complete with our one year in house warranty. Estate priced at $2650.00


May 17, 2011

27.36 carat natural aquamarine fine quality. e6211

Once again our customers bring in the unbelievable. Large natural aquamarines are not that uncommon but to find a very large 27.36 carat stone is unheard of. This aquamarine is as good as I have ever seen regardless of size. The emerald cut style has also been done to a very high standard. The stone measures 21.33mm x 16.20mm x 10.50mm. We will never likely see another aquamarine of this quality again. I can’t see this kind of gem selling for anything less than $350.00 to $400.00 per carat at a wholesale level.


March 21, 2011

Patek Phillipe 18K gold $6000.00

This is something for someone who wants the finest in understated quality. If you are reading this post you already know what you are looking at. This watch does not have it’s original strap or signed buckle but it does have its’ original bill of sale from 1962. It is a model #2454 with 18 jewel hand wind movement in good running condition. We have intentionally left the watch in it’s original condition which is quite good. Estate priced with warranty at $6000.00


March 20, 2011

0.97ct. Natural Orangy/Yellow Diamond $12500.00

Rare hardly describes this diamond. We had it certified at GIA in New York report #5121011306 as fancy intense orangy yellow natural colour.  The full certificate can be viewed at (verify a report).The colour grade alone is very rare but you almost never see round fancy yellow, they are usually square. The clarity grade is I1 but looks like a SI. This one is most certainly not replaceable. The diamond comes with several appraisals and the GIA report. It is estate priced at $12500.00


Swarovski Dragon Ltd Ed. 127/300 $16,500.00

This is for the serious collector. You likely didn’t even know this figurine existed since it appeared in no Swarovski catalogues. The limited edition Jinlong-The Golden Dragon. You had to put your name into a draw to even have the opportunity to purchase this piece along with being a member of the Swarovski collectors society. It measures over half a meter in length and is hand set with 63100 Swarovski coloured crystals. It takes the crystal artisans 355 hours to complete this masterpiece which is presented on a cloud shaped marble base. It has only been taken out of its lockable presentation box once for this photo. It comes complete with the certificates, a pair of white gloves  and 2 keys for the box. There are only 300 of these in the entire world perhaps only a couple in Canada. The original price of the figurine was $20,000.00 if you could find one. Number 127 of 300 is offered for $16,500.00