November 23, 2018

10kt. hollow hoop earrings 1.5gr. $77.00 CAD. e11781

For way less than the cost of a good dinner out, you could surprise your lady with a small token of affection like these fun little hoop earrings. The bright cut rhodium finish twinkles like little diamonds. While only $77.00 don’t assume these are not made of quality stuff. 1.5 grams of sturdy 10 karat gold and properly riveted hinge backs clip snugly into the corresponding snaps. We only have one pair like this and they’re only $77.00 CAD. Stock #e11781.


November 16, 2018

0.25ct. tw. I1-IJ 1.9gr. 10kt. diamond hoop earrings $252.00 CAD. e11754

Another great pair of white gold hoop earrings; these are even better with a little bling. White gold estate earrings don’t come in nearly as often as we get requests for them. This pair is in excellent condition still displaying the bright white polished rhodium finish from the factory. The lever backs with locking trigger offer excellent security and are still very easy to put on and take off. I sure it took longer to get these little guys balanced for their picture than it’s going to take to tell you about them. They measure 17.5mm x 12.5mm and weigh 1.9 grams. Each earring contain 9 fully faceted round brilliant cut diamonds estimated to weight approximately 0.014 carat. They total a nice tidy 1/4 carat and are of nice I1-IJ quality. Popular style and great value means expect to see them marked SOLD really soon. Estate priced at just $252.00 (that’s only $14.00 per diamond and the gold is free). Ready to go. You’re going to get a giant smile when she opens Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers little blue and white box and sees what’s inside. Stock #e11754.


November 14, 2018

10kt. white gold hoop earrings 1.5gr. $84.00 CAD. e11755

While we don’t spend much time showcasing smaller items like these great pair of earrings online, they still make up an important part of our inventory. Perfect condition Italian made hollow hoop earrings measuring 23mm x 19mm. These will not linger around here very long. Every woman loves a pair of hoop earrings as a stocking stuffer. Beat the crowds and save your self the stress of last minute Christmas shopping. The bright white pair are priced at $84.00 and we’ll even gift wrap the Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers box for no charge while you wait. Estate priced at only $84.00 CAD. Stock #e11755.


1.00ct. tw. I1-J princess cut hoop earrings 14kt. 5.9gr. $1295.00 CAD. e11544

Hoops or studs, this pair of diamond earrings combines the best of both. With a 22mm diameter they are a little large for continuous wear unlike hinged huggie styles meant for comfort during sleeping. The stud posts with extra strong friction backs are an equally if not more secure alternative to hinged hoops. As the hoop backs serve only a decorative function they taper gracefully to keep the focus on the diamond encrusted fronts. A perfect 1.00 carat of combined and extremely well matched I1-J princess cuts are set girdle to girdle in protective channels. In almost unworn condition the 5.9 gram pair retain their original rhodium plating on top of their 14 karat white gold. This pair of earrings at one time were a matching set of diamond anniversary rings. Our clever and ingenious onsite gold smiths thought it would be a fun exercise to convert them into a killer pair of earrings. I guarantee you’ll never find a better built pair of earrings than these. The solid construction makes them practically impervious to damage. Estate price $1295.00 CAD. Stock #e11544.

November 11, 2018

0.67ct. tw. ruby & diamond stud earrings high quality 1.8gr. 14kt. $560.00 CAD. e11542

We’re jewellers not photographers. Although a bit washed out in pictures, the rubies that grace each of these studs are much more vibrant and crystal clear in person. At 0.25 carat each the princess cut pair are eye catching for their brilliance and intense colour. Each is accented with four very well cut, high quality round brilliant cut diamonds. Creating a kaleidoscope pattern of layered diamond shapes. The 1.8 gram 14 karat white gold studs retain their original rhodium finish and each is equipped with strong posts and heavy friction backs. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11542.


November 4, 2018

18kt/22kt. Indian yellow gold 1.00ct. tw. necklace/earring set $2,040.00 CAD. e9759

e9759 18-22kt. diamond earrings and necklace IndianI don’t think there is another country with jewellery so deeply ingrained in its culture as India. Their jewellers have been developing their craft for almost 5000 years, passing knowledge down through the family lines. Because they pass from generation to generation certain styles, motifs, and techniques have developed in specific regions allowing a skilled eye to tell where a piece of jewellery comes from based on how it looks and how it was made. So it is no surprise that India is now one of the largest jewellery manufacturing countries in the world and the largest hub for diamond cutting and polishing. A lot of the focus of jewellery culture in India is to show status and affluence so brides are heavily gifted with elaborate pieces made from the finest materials. These gifts are also a way to give the young couple some contingency for their future as gold and diamonds will always carry value. That is how we happened on this intricate set, the young couple kept their favorite pieces and traded in those they didn’t need. Very well made from a total of 15.4 grams of18 karat and 22 karat gold, the set is a beautiful addition to our estate department. The millgrained necklace and earrings feature 1.00 carat total weight of SI-J round brilliant cut diamonds that stand out nicely against the warm yellow of the high quality gold. The necklace is 16 inches long but wears a little longer due to the curved pendant section. The earrings feature heavy hand made screw on backs for extra peace of mind. We’ve had other pieces of Indian jewellery in the past but these are by far the most universal thanks to their smaller size and exquisite motifs. Being sold as a matched set only only for the estate price of $2,040.00 CAD. Stock #e9759.e9759 18-22kt. diamond necklace and earrings

October 24, 2018

0.33ct. tw. SI-H huggie diamond hoop earrings 2.6gr. 14kt. $560.00 CAD. e11404

The huggiest of the huggie hoops is the oval profile variety, wrapping snugly around the ear lobe. Because of their less common shape they give the impression during wear that the diamonds travel all the way around their circumference. The 0.33 carats of diamonds that make up that illusion are a very nice SI-H quality, much higher than you normally encounter in earrings of this size. As is always the case the huggies snap securely closed for peace of mind during wear. The 2.6 gram, 14 karat white gold are in unworn condition maintaining their original bright white rhodium. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11404


October 23, 2018

0.66ct. tw. SI1-I1-G radiant cut diamond studs (one Canadian) $893.00 CAD. e11271

Radiant cut diamonds are rarely encountered in pairs, so the two clarity grade difference between these two is not surprising. Side by side the difference between the I1 and SI1 is noticeable if your looking for it, during wear when the pair are separated by a pretty face the difference isn’t seen. Both 0.32 carat and 0.34 carat are a nice G colour and the former is Canadian in origin. Originally from the Diavik mine the diamonds girdle is laser inscribed with a microscopic maple leaf and unique serial number. It is also accompanied by an IGI Certificate of Evaluation and an appraisal from Yellowknife’s Arctic Jewellers Ltd. The pair are set into brand new antique inspired 14 karat white gold studs with heavy friction backs for optimum security during wear. Estate price $893.00 CAD. Stock #e11271.


October 20, 2018

NEVER WORN! 18kt. hoop earrings 1.8gr. 3.9gr. $140.00 & $315.00 CAD. e11669

Every once in a while we’ll receive something never been worn before that comes through our estate department. These 18 karat yellow and white gold hoop earrings were recently traded in for something the previous owner preferred. They are in absolutely perfect condition, not a scuff of scratch to be seen anywhere. The smaller yellow gold set measure 35mm diameter, 2mm wide and weigh 1.8 grams. The larger 45mm pair weigh 3.9 grams and measure 2.8mm wide. Made from premium quality 18 karat gold using solderless posts they should be safe for even the most sensitive ears. Estate earrings are customer favorites so don’t expect these to be on display too long. Estate priced at $140.00 and $315.00. Stock #e11669.

White gold sold. Yellow available.

18kt. lady bug bracelet & earrings from Italy $245.00 & $192.00 CAD. e8451

e8451 e8450 lady bug bracelet and earringsDo you know a little princess who would love a really cute earring and bracelet set? Sensitive little ears will appreciate the high quality 18 karat yellow gold this set was crafted from and the strong spring loaded hinge back is simple to put on. Weighing 2.0 grams the earrings are estate priced at $192.00. Stock #e8450.e8450 lady bug earringsMatching the earrings is an 18 karat yellow gold bracelet measuring 5.75 inches in length and weighing 3.0 grams. The bracelet is secured by a good sized lobster catch with a strong spring. Both pieces are in perfect condition and are brand new in appearance. The bracelet is estate priced at $245.00 CAD and is available separately. Stock #e8451.


October 19, 2018

14kt. French back diamond hoop earrings 1.4gr. 0.05ct. tw. $140.00 CAD. e11281

I think the only way to properly describe these hoops is “cute”. Not only are they an earlobe hugging 12.5mm in diameter their fronts only span 1.15mm in width. All you can see during wear is a dainty line of diamonds, with each holding 12 surprisingly bright and lively I1-H round single cut diamonds. All together they only amount to 0.05 carats but man do they throw a lot of light. Made from 1.4 grams of brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold. Despite their size the hoops have been equipped with top quality hinged french backs that snap smartly into place around the curved posts. The adorable pair are in brand new condition and are listed for the petite estate price of $140.00. Stock #e11281.


October 16, 2018

14kt. hollow hoop earrings 3.4gr. $224.00 CAD. e11658

At 29mm x 24mm and 6mm wide these earrings are large but not so large that they can’t be worn all the time. Hollow construction allows them to be a manageable 3.4 grams in total weight. Perfect like new condition. The 14 karat wire hinged posts have no solder joints that could contact sensitive ears causing irritation. Hoop earrings at great prices are always some of our most popular estate offerings. These earrings were just polished and look like they just came out of the factory. Estate priced at $224.00 CAD. Stock #e11658.

October 14, 2018

Diamond hoop earrings 0.16ct. tw. I2-IJ 3.1gr. 10kt. $245.00 CAD. e11443

A delicately tapered set of diamond hoop earrings is an elegant accent to any occasion. The well made pair bring a subtle touch of sparkle with their 0.16 carats of I2-IJ round brilliant cut diamonds. Made from 3.1 grams of 10 karat white gold which still retains its untouched chrome white rhodium finish as proof of their like new condition. The dropping ovals are fastened in place with sturdy locking posts. Estate price for the like new pair $245.00 CAD. Stock #e11443.


October 7, 2018

14kt. 1.50ct. tw. SI2-H diamond earrings 4.3gr. $2030.00 CAD. e10498


The most robust invisible set studs you’ll encounter, and we can say that because we made them! The pair were meant to replace an older pair purchased from our estate department that were then unfortunately lost. As is the case with any custom piece that contains invisible set diamonds each of the 50 square brilliant cut diamonds were custom cut. A mandatory step that has the added benefit of ensuring the diamonds are perfectly matched SI2-H quality for seamless brilliance. Measuring 10.85mm x 10.85mm with strong protective 14 karat yellow gold edges and sturdy supportive undergallery. The 4.3 gram studs are equipped with threaded posts and backs for added security. Estate price $2030.00 CAD. Stock #e10498.

October 2, 2018

0.50ct. tw. I1-I2-I diamond earring pendant set 14kt. 2.9gr. $543.00 CAD. e11085

There’s nothing our service team likes more than when a piece of estate jewellery comes in that requires no work before going on the sales floor. Just a thorough high temperature ultrasonic cleaning and it’s ready to go. That goes double with  this necklace and earring set that came to us in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Even the original bright rhodium finish was 100% intact. Each piece contains three well cut, bright, graduated round brilliant diamonds of conservatively graded I1-I2-I quality, weighing an estimated 0.50 carat total weight. The diamonds are set in single shared claw settings leaving a maximum amount of uncovered diamond to sparkle without interruption. The trio is well made from 2.9 grams of 14 karat white gold. They come complete with tight friction backs and a 16 inch long delicate cable link chain. Packaged up with complimentary gift wrapping in our traditional blue and white satin gift box. The set is estate priced at only 543.00 CAD.  $60.00 per diamond including the gold never looked to good. You just can’t beat the value of our estate jewellery. Stock #e11085.

September 29, 2018

Birks 18kt. Italian Huggie style hoop earrings 3.4gr. $420.00 CAD. e11505

Yellow or white? The choice is yours with these reversible two tone Huggie style earrings. Made in Italy for Birks jewellers using premium quality 18 gold. The hinges are super tight showing zero wear. A while you wait quick polish to the yellow gold sections will have them looking practically new. To make them perfect would simply require a light polish to both yellow and white sections followed by a fresh bright white rhodium electroplating. This process would cost about $50.00 and take around a week to complete. The Huggie style has been a customer favorite for many years. The small hoop design can be worn 24/7 even while sleeping. Its smooth integrated design keeps the post completely concealed with the hoop. Although Birks are not currently showing this pair of earrings on their website, a basic hoop (slightly lighter in weight) is shown for $795.00 CAD. This 14.5mm set is estate priced at $420.00 CAD. Stock #e11505.

September 26, 2018

Sterling Silver THOMAS SABO tigers eye drop earrings $140.00 CAD. e9631

e9631 Tomas Sabo tiger's eye earrings sterling silverThese well-made earrings are an excellent example of the upside to working with silver. Being a relatively inexpensive material jewellery items can be made more substantial and long lasting without raising prices to subsidize the added cost of making items that last. With thick posts, heavy earring backs, and strong connection rings these earrings will easily survive a life time of wear. Each earring contains 27 deep set round brilliant cut crystals and two pieces of natural tigers eye with beautiful natural golden brown graining. If you like a good sized earring these will do the trick at 2 inches in length. Thomas Sabo has become a big name in sterling silver fashion jewellery and for good reason if these earrings are an example of the general quality of the brand. Steffans of Northampton had a similar pair listed on their website on sale 1/2 price for 74.50 pounds sterling item number H14553-1-759. Our estate price of $140.00 CAD makes these the perfect entry point into this high end fashion brand. Stock #e9631.

September 25, 2018

18 karat yellow gold hollow curl earrings $294.00 CAD. e9658


e9658 18 karat yellow gold hoop earringsThe fun and modern pig tail curl earrings are a playful take on hoops turned sideways. The pair come equipped with very secure lever style catches making them safe for daily wear. Measuring 19mm in diameter and weighing a comfortable 3.0 grams these 18 karat yellow gold earrings will make a unique addition to anyone’s collection. Estate price $294.00 CAD. Stock #e9658. e9658 18 karat hoop earrings


September 22, 2018

0.69ct. TW I1-KL diamond earring pendant set 4.3gr. 14kt. $910.00 CAD. e11483

Casual or dressy, this set has you covered. Thick bezel settings enhance the apparent size of these diamonds making them look far larger than the estimated total weight of 0.69 carats. The set has been well made from over 4.3 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. Reflective white rhodium plating encircles the diamonds further enhancing their appearance. Each diamond is a bright and lively well matched brilliant cut of I1 clarity with an estimated KL colour. Snug fitting friction butterfly backs secure the earrings in place. An 18 inch curb link chain slides through the large hinged bail adding an extra element of movement to the simple setting. If you’d like a longer or shorter chain we have many in stock that will have the pendant positioned exactly where you’d like it. Comes complete gift wrapped in our traditional dark blue presentation box. Like new condition and estate priced at only $910.00 CAD. Stock #e11483.

September 15, 2018

30mm 14kt. hoop earrings 3.4gr. Italian made $280.00 CAD. e11159

As with almost everything in life it’s all about the details. The ubiquitous gold hoop earring is a jewellery wardrobe essential. Details in quality make the deference between a pair that gets lost or quickly damaged and a pair that you keep forever. You can pick them up in super light 10 karat versions with light flimsy attachments to something like these that were built with quality and longevity in mind. You wouldn’t want something like this made solid as the weight would soon become unbearable. You also wouldn’t want them made so light that they easily dent. This pair weight a moderate 3.45 grams in 14 karat yellow gold and are made from seamless square section tubing for extra strength. The ear wires and corresponding hardware are made from 14 karat white gold. The white gold sections are not there for colour contrast but for added durability. White gold costs a bit more but it is a little harder and has better spring characteristics. The hinged wire has been properly riveted in place, not just pinched closed. Each of these earrings are assembled from 5 different pieces. While these details add cost they also add value. You’re less likely to loose one or damage them. You’ll never regret buying quality. This pair is estate priced at $280.00 CAD. Stock #e11159.

September 3, 2018

Thomas Alt retro custom onyx & diamond earrings 1284 0.36ct. tw. VS-GH $1190.00 CAD. e11338

Montreal based designer goldsmith Thomas Alt’s German heritage is certainly apparent in these hand made earrings. The custom cut onyx that decorate each section are the epitome of Idar-Oberstein design of the 1980s. Their mix of matte and high polished faces with step cut geometry allow these unique stones to be surprisingly on point with today’s fashion. Especially the yellow gold hexagon tops with their low profile and earlobe covering 11.6mm width. Being that we have such a soft spot for 80s fashion we couldn’t bring ourselves to fully modernize the earrings. The 14 karat yellow gold studs are in their original non-pierced form and we’ve added french backs to the 14 karat white gold drops. Those trendy triangles measure 18.4mm long and 20.1mm wide. The triangles are topped with 18 hand set round brilliant cut diamonds of a very nice VS-GH quality. The 0.36 carats are a very good to excellent cut grade. They throw a ton of sparkle and contrast to the mostly matte finish of the black onyx. If you too are an 80s enthusiast we can quickly convert them back to a two tone dangling pair. If however you don’t appreciate retro glam than you can take them as is with a two-for-the-price-of-one value. For an additional $150.oo including heavyweight friction backs either pair can be converted to conventional studs; upping the modern motif by raising the earrings to the center of the earlobe. The pair in their original form are accompanied by a 1992 Certificate of Appraisal with a Retail value listed at $2050.00 CAD. Our estate price for the two pair are $1190.00 CAD. Stock #e11338.

August 31, 2018

Thomas Alt earrings 0.57ct. TW VS1-I 11.7gr. 14kt. gold Ltd. Ed. 9044 $2800.00 CAD. e11335

Thomas Alt was a Montreal based jeweller from a long line of German goldsmiths. Both of his parents were raised in Idar-Oberstien, once the world center for gem trade, the cradle of Art Deco design, and the modern home to many master stone cutters. His family’s roots in the jewellery trade date back 200 years. You can tell from his expressive and confident work that he was raised into this trade. Our limited edition Thomas Alt screw back earrings measure a statement making 19.6mm diameter. The high dome 14 karat yellow gold bases have been decorated with subtly white gold wire work. The gestural framework creates an artistic nest around the asymmetrical diamond focal points. Both diamonds are of a high VS1 clarity, I colour and together weigh an estimated 0.57 carats. The diamonds throw an eye-catching spray of spectral colour and bright white flashes. The 11.79 gram pair are accompanied by a Thomas Alt signed certificate stating their limited edition along with a 27 year old Certificate of Appraisal stating a retail value of $3300.00 CAD. Our estate price $2800.00 CAD. For an additional $150.00 the pair can be converted to pierced studs with heavyweight friction backs. Stock #e11335.

August 29, 2018

1.70ct. tw. VVS2-E, VS2-F European cut diamond studs GIA certified $10640.00 CAD. e11557

When was the last time you saw a matching pair of 100 year old GIA certified antique European cut diamond earrings? I’m thinking likely never! Finding a single good sized European cut diamond is an uncommon occurrence, finding a matched set almost never happens. This beautiful pair arrived in a much loved but also worn out ring. The antique platinum ring had experienced several generations of everyday wear and it showed. The setting was beyond feasible restoration so we did the next best thing. We recycled the platinum setting and made an amazing set of diamond studs. While the diamonds were loose we decided to have them fully certified at The Gemological institute of America in New York. They came back with outstanding results of VVS2-E and VS2-F. The fully plotted GIA grading reports can be seen online here 0.83ct. VVS2-E and 0.87ct. VS2-F. At the time of certification we also decided to spend a little more money and had each diamond microscopically laser engraved with the GIA certificate number.  The permanent engraving is very useful if the original hard copy report should ever be lost or misplaced. While we’re confident this pair represent a unique opportunity and excellent value, we’re also quite sure there aren’t another pair of GIA certified antique diamonds similar to this for sale anywhere. The brand new 14 karat white gold settings are our most popular double gallery designs, equipped with heavy upgraded 6mm friction backs. These diamonds have been together for 100 years, we’d like to sell them as a set only. If you’d like a different style of earring we will change the style for no charge. If you want to use them in a completely different type of jewellery we will deduct $175.00 from the price. Colourless and excellent clarity with distinctive optical characteristics that only antique European cut diamonds display. Seen in person the small table and chunky facets of these old diamonds sparkle like nothing else. Estate priced at $10640.00 CAD. Stock #e11557.

July 23, 2018

1.20ct. total weight earrings VS-SI-EF white gold $2870.00 CAD. e7946

A little more sophisticated than the typical basic stud we regularly offer. Each of the main diamonds weighs an estimated 0.35 carats of excellent VS2/SI1-EF quality. A further 10 round brilliant cut diamonds of  VS/SI-F quality decorate the gentle “S” shaped bottom sections. The earrings weigh 3.0 grams, measure 16mm long and are secured by  snug fitting upgraded 2 piece butterfly friction backs on posts. Included with the pair is an April 2013 appraisal by respected Toronto jewellery appraisal service Harold Weinstein Ltd. Estate priced at $2870.00 CAD. Stock #e7946.e7946 appraisal

June 29, 2018

14kt. gold 6.7gr. amethyst & diamond earrings 5.90ct. tw. $1050.00 CAD. e10849

Few gemstones exhibit the type of colour saturation like a fine amethyst does. This most regal hue of purple is one of the jewellery world’s greatest bargains. Fine amethyst of this size can be found for as little as $40.00 per carat! A purple sapphire of similar colour will run you over $3000.00 per carat. Even a really nice tanzanite is going to cost around $1000.00 per carat. These are good sized earrings measuring 15.0mm x 12.5mm. The high quality emerald cut amethysts are surrounded by 36 small round brilliant cut diamonds of SI-KL quality. Together the diamonds contribute 0.90 carats of sparkling diamond weight. Constructed from over 6 grams of yellow and white gold and secured by brand new snug fitting upgraded 6mm friction backs. Estate priced at $1050.00 CAD. Stock #e10849.

June 21, 2018

Roberto Coin bezel set diamond stud earrings 0.90ct. SI2-I1-H $3430.00 CAD. e9870

e9870 Roberto Coin diamond stud earrings 18kt white gold

The timeless diamond solitaire stud with that modern twist you’d expect from Roberto Coin. Set into softly rounded, brightly rhodium plated 18 karat white gold bezels the SI2-I1-H round brilliant cut diamonds end up looking much larger than their 0.90 carat total weight suggests. The diamonds are of a nicer quality than their grade suggests, showing no inclusions visible with the naked eye. In matching miniature bezel settings behind each diamond is one natural ruby, Roberto Coin’s signature on all his jewellery.e9870 Roberto Coin diamond stud earrings bezel set 18kt The unique, brightly shining set comes equipped with heavy friction backs and original Roberto Coin box. Estate price $3430.00 CAD. Stock #e9870.e9870 Roberto Coin bezel set diamond stud earrings 18kt.

June 19, 2018

0.70ct. tw. I1-I diamond earring/pendant set 5.1gr. 14kt. $1050.00 CAD. e10968

Casual or dressy, this set has you covered. Thick bezel settings enhance the apparent size of these diamonds making them look far larger than the estimated total weight of 0.70 carats. The set has been well made from over 5 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. A reflective white rhodium plating circles the diamonds further enhancing their appearance. Each diamond is a bright and lively well matched brilliant cut of solid I1 clarity with an I colour. The earrings have been upgraded with threaded posts and backs for added security. An 18 inch cable link chain slides through a hidden bail on the pendant that keep the focus on the simple setting. If you’d like a longer or shorter chain we have many in stock to have the pendant positioned exactly where you’d like it. Comes complete gift wrapped in our traditional blue and white satin presentation box. Like new condition and estate priced at $1050.00 CAD. Stock #e10968.

June 9, 2018

Italian made 18kt. earrings 5.9gr. 24mm long $480.00 CAD. e10495

These Italian made hollow hoops boast an inventive cradle-like catch that hold each hoop high on the lobe, nearly disguising the catch entirely. That cradle style catch plays to the elegant drooping nature of each high polished earring. The luxurious hue 18 karat yellow gold appears to drip like honey, pulled slowly by gravity. The 5.9 gram pair are in unworn condition and measure a statement making 24.7mm long by 10.0mm wide at their bottoms. Estate price $480.00 CAD. Stock #e10495.

June 8, 2018

14kt. 6.4gr. huggie diamond earrings 0.33ct.tw. I1-I $770.00 CAD. e10497

If huggies are the most secure hoop earring available on the market, then these are the best of the best. The back of each earring is designed with an extra hole for the post go through. The post snaps tightly into the first, with the second protecting against accidental opening. The secure duo are each made from a robust 3.2 grams of 14 karat white and yellow gold. The white gold fronts are protectively channel set with a combined 0.33 carats of twinkling I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds. Measuring an all occasion 16.5mm long the hoops are perfect for daily wear. Estate price $770.00 CAD. Stock #e10497.

June 4, 2018

14kt. hoop earrings 4.6 grams 31mm $350.00 CAD. e11238

These aren’t those shoulder brushing statement earrings that decorate runways and festival stages but they’ll certainly make a statement at the office or an evening out. The 31mm demi hoops lay gracefully across each other adding volume with their doubled up dome profiles. The 4.6 gram 14 karat yellow gold hollow hoops are equipped with sturdy posts and strong friction backs for added security during wear. Perfect condition, no dents or dings and freshly polished. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e11238.

May 22, 2018

Mother of pearl & diamond pendant earring set 0.33ct. tw. 28.6gr. 18kt. $3150.00 CAD. e10772

This has got to be the most elegant “dog tag” style pendant we’ve ever had come through our estate department. We see them pretty often in silver and occasionally in 10 or 14 karat gold, but never have we had one made from rich premium 18 karat Italian gold. The pendant measures 30mm x 19mm, containing 10 iridescent hand cut mother of pearl inlaid sections along with 14 bead set single cut diamonds of high VS-GH quality. The pendant is integrated into an 18 inch flexible bar link necklace. Every joint and pivot point throughout the necklace look like new showing no wear of any kind. Accompanying the necklace is a pair of matching clip on earrings. The earrings are equipped with strong spring loaded backs. If you have pierced ears we can easily convert them using the original hinged spring backs and welding on new 18 karat gold posts. Much thought has been given to the design and manufacture of this set. The earring backs have used 18 karat white gold to form the friction sections because of its superior spring quality compared to yellow gold. This set was made as exercise in high quality design as nice as any jewellery available. Between the earrings and pendant there are 50 small single cut diamonds that total an estimated 0.33 carats. The earrings and pendant weigh close to 1 full troy ounce at 28.6 grams. They are being sold as a set only for the estate price of $3150.00 CAD. Stock #e10772.

May 18, 2018

14kt. white gold 1.00ct. tw. earring & necklace set $1190.00 CAD. e9694

e9694 diamond earrings and pendantThere’s nothing our repair staff like more than a piece of estate jewellery that requires no work before going out to the sales floor. That goes double with for this necklace and earring set that came to us in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Even the original bright rhodium finish was 100% intact. Each piece contains three well cut, bright, graduated round brilliant diamonds of I1-I quality weighing an estimated 1.00 carat total weight. The diamonds are bezel set at three levels so their girdles overlap, leaving no empty space to break up the sparkle. The trio is well made from 3.6 grams of 14 karat white gold. They come complete with tight friction backs and a 16 inch long delicate curb link chain. Packaged up with complimentary gift wrapping the set is estate priced at $1190.00 CAD. Stock #e9694.e9694 snowman diamond earrings and pendant

May 17, 2018

18kt. Italian made hoop earrings 4.7gr. $483.00 CAD. e10801

Bright cutting is a simple technique of engraving short angular lines in jewellery items using an extremely sharp tool. The resulting crisp details reflect light making the piece sparkle and twinkle like hundreds of tiny mirrors. This pair of 18 karat white gold Italian made earrings measure 23mm x 19mm and weigh in at a substantial 4.7 grams. The bright cut finish has been applied around the entire circumference and edges resulting in a fantastic look from any direction. The strong hinged wire posts are secured by a proper rivet ensuring a long life of trouble free operation. These earrings are in perfect condition still retaining the original factory rhodium plating. A side benefit of a bright cut texture is: should you accidentally incur a small dent or ding you’d never even notice it. The earrings are estate priced at $483.00 CAD. Stock #e10801.

May 9, 2018

14/18 karat yellow gold hoop earrings 8.3 grams $560.00 CAD. e9984


The knowledge that these hoops are hollow may make some people worry about their quality, thinking them fragile and soon to be dented. That’s a fair mind set where many hollow hoops are concerned but not with this 8.3 gram pair. The 24mm diameter 14 karat yellow gold earrings, though made hollow, are much heavier than most and quite durable. The earrings are equipped with strong posts and very heavy 18K yellow gold friction backs for extra security. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e9984.e9984-14-18-karat-hoop-earrings-002

May 5, 2018

18kt. sapphire earrings & pendant 8.00ct. tw. 10.0gr. $840.00 CAD. e11070

Sapphires have a distinct kind of inclusion called fingerprints. As you can imagine, under magnification these inclusions look like fingerprints. They’re caused when the sapphire is forming, fractures, and then heals, forming this radial pattern. You’ll run into minor fingerprints in faceted sapphires but when sapphires contain many inclusions they’re often cut into smooth cabochons. This trio of well matched cabochons contain many layers of fingerprints which do something quite unique. As the light is bent through the surface of each gem it hits those fingerprints and flashes back, creating areas of rolling blue brilliance reminiscent of moonstones adularescence. Those flashes stand out sharply from the darker blue depths of the combined 8 carats of sapphire. The three natural sapphires are a little suspicious to us. We feel their deep blue colour has been artificially enhanced by a  some sort of diffusion dye treatment. As suspected treated stones, we’ve assigned no value as a factor in pricing the set. Each sapphire has been bezel set in hand made top quality 18 karat white gold bezels. Each equipped with either a sturdy bail or strong posts with large friction backs. The pendant is suspended from a 16 inch long Italian made square wheat chain maintaining its sparkling white rhodium finish. Being sold as a set only for the estate price of $840.00 CAD. Stock #e11070.


May 2, 2018

BIRKS muse huggie earrings 450005771472 $1977.00 CAD. e10480

The Muse line is Birks’ homage to their roots with the intricate lattice pattern taken directly from the decorative grill work of the original St. James Street store in Old Montreal, opened in 1879. That delicate pattern is the perfect motif for this pair of 14.5mm long by 9.8mm wide huggie hoops. Transforming an every-day-wear piece of jewellery into a pair of head turning hoops versatile enough to dress up a pair of jeans or finish off a cocktail dress. The top quality hoops are made from 6.9 grams of 18 karat white gold finished in bright chromy rhodium. The filigree pattern is bracketed by two rows of VS-FG round brilliant cut diamonds that come together for a total weight of 0.31 carats. The hoops are equipped with very strong, expertly integrated posts and hinges for added peace of mind. The pair are listed on Birks website for $3295.00 CAD. Our estate price for the brand new pair and their Birks travel pouch $1977.00 CAD. Stock #e10480.


April 25, 2018

Never worn 10kt. leaf earrings 1.0gr. $56.00 CAD. e11272

BUYER BEWARE, know what you’re buying. This is an interesting pair of earrings from a large department store. Interesting because I’m puzzled by the price tag that came with them. With a weight of 1.0 gram, the 10 karat yellow gold pair of earrings contains roughly $22.75 worth of gold (with gold trading $1700.00 per oz. CAD.). It is of my opinion that brand new earrings of similar style and quality would have a retail price range of around $80.00 to $100.00 in a typical jewellery store. Once all the manufacturing costs, several levels of distribution, wholesale and retail markups are considered it is not uncommon for earrings to sell for 4 times the intrinsic value of the gold they contain. With a price of $249.00, the ratio of gold value to retail price on these earrings is almost 11 times. It would be interesting to know if this store typically sells these earrings for $249.00 or do they confuse the consumer with a huge discount. Be an informed shopper, find out how heavy the item is and what value of gold the piece contains. Learn the factors that  determine the value of jewellery. Most jewellery is not sold by just the weight, but if you know what it costs per gram it is much easier to gauge the value of similar items at different stores. All that being said these earrings are brand new and very attractive. They have only been taken out of the original box to be weighed and photgraphed. The satin and bright cut finish sparkles and twinkles. Including the original box or a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers box (without the original price sticker) they are estate priced at $56.00. Stock #e11272.



April 23, 2018

1.34ct. TW VS-GH & natural yellow diamond earrings 2.0gr. platinum $3920.00 (tax included). e11245

Being so petite these unique diamond drops are perfect for daily wear. Despite their size they make a powerful and luxurious statement with their impressive ingredients. Rarely encountered tear drop briolette diamonds each weigh an estimated 0.50 carat. In our 60 year history we have have never had a single example of this unique faceted bead style cut before. The custom cut drops, swing freely reflecting and refracting light like vibrant prisms. They are suspended from delicate floral clusters like no others with 0.24 carats of high quality VS-GH diamond petals plus 0.10 carats of natural colour fancy vivid yellow diamond centers. The earrings each weigh 1 gram and are made from premium quality platinum. They’ve been equipped with threaded posts and backs, which with regular tightening are a very secure closure. We’re confident you’ll never see a pair like this again. Estate price $3920.00 CAD (taxes included). Stock #e11245.

April 14, 2018

1.35ct. tw. EFFY diamond earrings 14kt. 7.5gr. $1500.00 CAD. e9293

EFFY’s Classique line plays on the contrasting optical effects of baguette cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds for a modern, iced all over appearance. The D’Oro earrings are a fun take on the traditional diamond drop stud with their bottoms swooping in accenting the jaw line during wear. Together the pair carry 1.33 carats of I1-IJ diamonds set into 7.5 grams of brightly rhodium finished 14 karat white gold. The earrings are secured with strong omega backs for added security and are currently listed on Macy’s website for $1630.00 (on sale from $5703.00). Our estate price for the like new pair $1500.00 CAD. Stock #e9293.


April 11, 2018

0.14ct. tw. I1-IJ diamond studs 14 karat yellow gold $129.50 CAD. e10442

There is just no way we’d have the time to post every single estate item in stock, let alone just posting every pair of diamond studs that come in. We have literally 1000s of loose and mounted diamonds in simple 4 prong settings like these. We have diamond studs for under $100.00 to into 5 figures. No matter what you’re looking for I’m sure we can accommodate your request for a price that lets you get more than you expected. This small pair would make a great set for someone who recently had their ears pierced or for the person with several piercings on their ears going for a graduated look. They are secured in a traditional 14 karat yellow gold crown style setting. The SI2-I1-KL quality grade keeps the price very reasonable while at the same time sparkling as a diamond should. For less than $65.00 each the value is easy to see. The pair is estate priced at just $129.50 CAD. Stock #e10442.

April 10, 2018

18kt. two tone Italian drop hoop earrings 4.0gr. $350.00 CAD. e11475

Once again the Italians show us why they’re the best when it comes to high end hollow jewellery construction. This seemingly simple earring set was manufactured from no less than 10 individual components. Assembling the mirror image yellow and white gold set takes incredible skill. Keeping every piece in perfect alignment and soldering it all together without melting the tubing or freezing up the hinged wire is a task only a talented goldsmith of foolish one would undertake. The 28mm x 20mm earrings are very good condition showing an excellent polish only premium 18 karat can. Just over 4 grams finished weight and estate priced at just $350.00 offers excellent value. Stock e11475.


April 5, 2018

18kt./plat. antique pearl & diamond earrings $2590.00 CAD. e10974

Jewellery detective is one of the many hats we get to wear at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers and personally it’s my favorite role. This dazzling little puzzle came in its original box, which never happens with pieces this old. The box gave us a starting place for determining age, first there was a business name Edward & Sons, Ltd. Diamond Merchants of 92 Buchanan St. Glasgow. The business opened originally in 1838 under the name George Edward & Sons but dropped the George in 1925. Meaning this piece was made some time after that. The royal Coat of Arms with “To His Majesty The King” is a Royal Warrant and means that Edward & Sons provided a member of the British Royal Family with jewellery for at least five years. Beyond the box we can date the earrings by their ingredients. The 40 round diamonds that decorate the pair are a mix of old single cuts, single cuts, and transition cut diamonds. These cutting styles are indicative of the 1910s to the 1930s. The two baguette cut diamonds add to the 1920s timeline as the cut wasn’t used until the beginning of that decade. With their geometric hall of mirrors optical effects they quickly became a favorite of Art Deco goldsmiths. All told the historic diamonds add up to an estimated 1.31 carats total weight. The diamonds range in quality from VS2-I1 clarity and G-J colour. The central 8.2mm Japanese demi pearls could be natural but are believed to be cultured. If that is the case pearl culturing wasn’t invented until 1916 and by the 20s cultured pearls were everywhere. It doesn’t take that much digging to determine that the handmade platinum and 18 karat white gold pair are late Art Deco. The 30mm long drops are all millgrain with delicate geometrics, that ornamental, opulent quality defined the decade. Currently the earrings are equipped with non-pierced threaded backs but can be converted to posts. The pair not only come with their original box but also a December 2011 appraisal from Harold Weinstein Ltd. stating an estimated replacement value of $6100.00. Our estate price $2590.00 CAD represents fantastic value for this one of a kind antique earring set. Stock #e10974.


March 25, 2018

Vintage diamond studs 0.30ct. I1-H 14kt. white gold 1.2gr. $343.00 CAD. e10770

Earrings remain one of our most popular estate items. Hoops and studs are the most often requested style. This pair of vintage studs was a admired form 50-60 years ago and is still occasionally seen today as new production. The raised floral buttercup design frames the diamonds in 6 sturdy claws of white gold. Each earring contains a bright I1+ clarity diamond with a very nice H colour. These earrings weigh a combined 1.2 grams and are secured by strong friction butterfly backs. Each diamond measures 3.45mm diameter and are estimated to weigh a combined 0.30 carats. Estate priced at $343.00 CAD. Stock #e10770.


March 17, 2018

10kt. Huggie style diamond earrings 3.0gr. 0.25ct. tw. SI-HI $413.00 CAD. e11285

The lesser known of the diamond earring staples is the huggie hoop. A well built pair in a petite diameter can be worn constantly. The clean lines of the channel setting style balance the brilliance of the diamonds for a subtle and sophisticated look. Our pair measure 13.4mm diameter and are made of a comfortable 3 grams of 10 karat white gold. Together they carry 0.25 carats of nice SI-HI round brilliant cut diamonds. Estate price $413.00 CAD. Stock #e11285.


March 10, 2018

0.25ct. I2-GH 14kt. white gold diamond studs $280.00 CAD. e11308

Diamond studs are some of our favorite estate items. Usually all that is required to prepare them for our estate department is to thoroughly clean them and perhaps upgrading the backs to something a little more secure. Our customers love them too as the simple style of most studs makes them very versatile. Although the diamonds in this pair weigh just 0.25 carats they look much larger. The interesting triangular cup setting does a fantastic job of fooling your eyes into thinking they are close to twice this size. Despite just two points of contact with the setting the diamonds are very secure leaving the the majority of diamond to brightly sparkle. The parabolic polished rhodium inside surface acts as a little mirror focusing light toward the diamonds further enhancing the illusion of a larger stone. The 14 karat white gold earrings weigh a combined 0.8 grams, each containing a well matched I2-GH round brilliant cut diamond of surprising brilliance. Good quality friction backs secure the pair without the need of clumsy screw backs. They’re an interesting alternative to traditional 4 prong settings. Estate priced at $280.00 CAD. Stock #e11308.



February 27, 2018

14kt. two tone Italian omega back earrings 5.6gr. $438.00 CAD. e10501

A modern take on two tone is rose gold paired with chromy rhodium finished white gold. The soft blushing tone works well against neutral white, allowing both to stand out boldly during wear. The unadorned high polished surface of the 20mm long by 7.2mm wide set adds to that modern feel. Though hollow the Italian made pair still ends up weighing an impressive 5.6 grams of 14 karat white and rose gold. Finished with strong omega backs and sturdy posts the set is in like new condition for the estate price $438.00 CAD. Stock #e10501.


February 26, 2018

1.25ct. tw. SI1-I princess cut diamond studs $2695.00 CAD. e9948

e9948-1-25ct-tw-diamond-studs-princess-cutIf you’ve been lurking our website waiting for that elusive pair of princess cut stud earrings to show up, here’s your chance. They’re big but no so big that the price becomes out of reach. Each diamond is extremely well matched in every respect. They are almost perfectly square measuring close to 4.5mm x 4.5mm, both are the same SI1 clarity and both are of nice “I” colour as compared to our GIA master stones. e9948-princess-cut-diamond-studs-1-25-carat We’ve just finished assembling the matching diamonds into brand new American made 14 karat white gold, heavy gauge double gallery settings. Super strong oversized friction backs keep the studs in place and add extra security. The small claws holding the diamonds in place do not cover the corners resulting in a very clean modern look. A finished weight of 1.4 grams may not sound like much, but with sky high gold prices you’re not likely to find heavier or better quality than these. The best part about the pair is the great value offered because the diamonds are estate items. Don’t wait long, this pair won’t last. Estate priced at $2695.00 CAD. Stock #e9948. We ship duty free to the USA and elsewhere.e9948-princess-cut-diamond-studs-1-25ct-tw



February 24, 2018

18kt. gold 2.10ct. tw. diamond 1.50ct. tw. sapphire earrings $6125.00 CAD. e9437

E9437No expense was spared when these stunning one of a kind earrings were created. Each contains one 0.75 carat natural blue pear shaped sapphire of excellent quality. They are each surrounded by graduated, sparkling, VS-H quality round brilliant diamonds with an additional diamond set into a millgrained bezel just below the ear wire. Total diamond weight is estimated at 2.10 carats. These things are so bright they would almost sparkle in the dark. Well made from 7.5 grams of brightly rhodium finished white gold and equipped with super secure locking lever backs that have to be released by hand. These earrings are heirloom quality. The kind of quality you seldom encounter today. Two words; “absolutely beautiful”. Estate price $6125.00 CAD. Stock #e9437.


February 1, 2018

14kt. diamond & synthetic emerald earrings 2.9gr. $350.00 CAD. e10972

Synthetics are often confused with imitations or simulants. The latter is something else trying to look like a certain gemstone, but synthetics are that gemstone. A synthetic gemstone and a natural gemstone are physically and chemically the same, the only difference is that one formed over thousands of years in nature, the other over months in a laboratory. The advantage of the synthetics are numerous, first they can be made on demand so they are not rare and are much less expensive. Second, because they are made in a controlled environment synthetics almost always form in a much higher quality than their natural counterparts. Take these synthetic emeralds for example, emeralds naturally formed are heavily included with colours ranging from washy light green to inky dark green. The 12 synthetic emeralds at the center of these heart drops are eye clean, brilliant, and the perfect colour of candy green. Setting off that bright green is a halo of petite accent diamonds set into rhodium enhanced white gold. The 0.10 carats of diamond are accented by millgrained yellow gold and a heart patterned undergallery. Each heart measures an all occasion appropriate 9.9mm x 11.1mm and are equipped with fixed curved posts and hinged backs. Estate price for the 14 karat 2.9 gram pair $350.00 CAD. Stock #e10972.


January 30, 2018

0.40ct. tw. I-J 10kt. diamond hoops 4.4gr. 19mm $520.00 CAD. e11319

They don’t come in nearly often enough and you keep asking for Huggie style hoop earrings, so here’s our latest pair. At 19mm diameter they’re just slightly bigger than a Canadian dime. The simple design each contain a channel set row of small round brilliant cut diamonds estimated to weigh 0.40 carats in total. With an average quality of I1-J they sparkle well enough and keep the price from getting out of hand. The substantial weight of 4.4 grams is quite a bit more than a regular tubular hoop of hollow construction. The curved wire locking posts are just the right length to completely disappear when securely snapped shut. There here today but who knows how long they’ll be around priced at just $520.00 CAD. Stock #e11319.


January 23, 2018

14kt. hoop earrings 4.7gr. $350.00 CAD. e11025

Our customers really love hoop earrings. Plain, patterned, with or without diamonds. Hoops usually disappear not long after they been put on display or posted on our website. The pair is a little larger than most measuring a bit bigger than a quarter. They weigh more than a quarter at 4.7 grams. Perfect condition looking unworn, they show great contrast between the highly polished and sand blasted sections. Properly riveted hinged wires securely lock into a tight spring tensioned receiving clip. Made from higher quality 14 karat gold the earrings should be safe to wear for those with more sensitive ears. The colour of 14 karat is a little richer than the 10 karat industry standard. Estate priced at $350.00 CAD. Stock #e11025.


January 20, 2018

BIRKS 14kt. gold drop earrings 2.0 grams $203.00 CAD. e11080

No dents, no dings, classic drop design with French backs made by BIRKS, what’s not to love? High quality earrings are among the most requested estate items we have. We never have enough of this type of thing, so if you like them don’t wait. Light weight and very comfortable. At first glance they may appear to have a simple random fluid pattern but upon closer inspection they are exact mirror images of each other around the entire circumference. Proper riveted spring loaded backs ensure once they’re on they stay on. Traditional 14 karat yellow gold with a finished weight of just over 2 grams. Estate priced at just $203.00 and only at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Stock #e11080.



January 5, 2018

10kt. hollow hoop earrings 2.1gr. 22mm $105.00 CAD. e11287

There are so many great little estate items that never make it to the pages of our website. Photographing and describing everything takes quite a bit of time. There are simply not enough hours in a day to possibly show you everything we have. These earrings looked so nice we had to quickly show them to you. 22mm in diameter and in perfect condition. Square tube construction is highlighted on the sides with rhodium plated bright cutting resulting in twinkle and bling without the expense of diamonds. The effect is quite attractive and can’t be captured with our poor photography skills. No dents or dings and freshly polished. Estate priced at only $105.00 CAD. Stock #e11287.


December 27, 2017

Tiffany silver heart earrings by Elsa Peretti $100.00 CAD. e11183

 Tiffany website describes these sterling silver earrings as, “An exciting interpretation of Peretti’s famous heart design. Earrings in sterling silver, for pierced ears. 10 mm wide. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.”

A current offering from Tiffany Jewellers where they sell for $340.00 CAD. The pair is in very good condition displaying all the original T&Co. hallmarks on posts and backs (one of the original butterfly friction backs has been substituted with a generic replacement). The earrings are freshly polished and ready to go in their original travel pouch. They pair is estate priced at $100.00 CAD. Stock #e11183.


December 24, 2017

0.70ct. tw. I1-HI diamond studs with 14kt. clutch backs $1120.00 CAD. e11181

Good sized diamond stud earrings are nothing new for us. We’re continuously taking earrings in on trade for upgrades and making up new examples for our inventory all the time. Usually they show up with weak flimsy friction backs. Those cheap light flimsy butterfly backs immediately go into our recycling and get upgraded to brand new heavy weight examples. Our newest estate diamond earrings needed no upgraded hardware. They came to us with top of the line spring loaded clutch backs. The patented design have 2 precisely machined grooves on the posts that work with the spring loaded disc backs providing an extremely secure locking fit. The only way to escape their bite on the post is to push both buttons on the disc with your fingers. It’s a low profile sophisticated design that really works great. The setting portion is pretty standard; popular four prong double gallery design is both flattering and easy to clean. The diamonds are a nicely matched set of I1-HI quality diamonds with a total estimated weight of 0.70 carats. The set are estate priced at $1120.00 CAD. Stock #e11181.


December 20, 2017

1.35ct. tw. diamond earrings I1-G 14kt. gold $3101.00 CAD. e10368

“Cut” is the forgotten C for many consumers but it is easily as important as the other 3Cs (colour, clarity and carat weight). If you have any doubts of just how important cut is, come in and have a look at these solitaire studs. They each measure 5.63mm diameter; perfect for a matching set weighing 1.35 carats. As you can see, the picture reveals both are a strong I1 clarity (according to our strick GIA trained standards) with a very good G colour. What you can’t see in the picture is how brilliant the pair are, so much so the just barely eye visible inclusions are nearly lost in brilliant flashes of white and every other coloured spectral flash. The slightest movement sets the 1.35 carat pair on fire. They’re secured into high quality, four prong, double gallery, rhodium enhanced, 14 karat white gold settings. For added security the studs are equipped with threaded backs and posts. Just make sure to check the backs once in a while to see they haven’t loosened off. Way more bling than $3101.00 CAD should buy. Super nice, amazing value, I really like these ones. Stock #e10368.


December 15, 2017

0.50ct. tw. I1-IJ Huggie style 14kt hoop earrings 5.4gr. $700.00 CAD. e11239

Though we don’t recommend wearing many pieces of jewellery (especially earrings) 24/7 these huggies are more than up to the task. Each weighs 2.7 grams, a testament to their quality considering they only measure 17mm long. The 14 karat yellow gold hoops are set with specially cut baguette and princess cut diamonds. Each earring holds an estimated 0.50 carat total diamond weight. The I1-IJ quality diamonds play perfectly off of each others contrasting facet patterns. The hefty hoops have been equipped with thick hinges, strong fixed posts, and catches that bite and hold the earrings securely closed. Estate price $700.00 CAD. Stock #e11239.


December 8, 2017

0.46ct. tw. SI2-I1-I diamonds studs 14kt. $595.00 CAD. e10499

 This pair of diamond studs was purchased at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers many years ago. The original owner decided it was time for a more substantial pair so she traded them back to us. Set in a traditional 14 karat yellow gold four prong crown setting the earrings contain 2 very well matched SI2-I1-I diamonds. Both diamonds have minor white feathers positioned close to the edges making them appear much higher in clarity. Very good cut with lots of sparkle they’re ready to be enjoyed by someone new. We’re always interested in high quality jewellery for our estate department. If you’re not wearing something anymore bring it in, we can buy it outright or trade it in for a premium and possible save some tax too. This pretty pair of diamond studs is estate priced at $595.00 CAD. Stock #e10499.


December 1, 2017

10kt. Florentine finish hoop earrings 1.7gr. $91.00 CAD. e11051

Yellow gold is back and estate earrings continue to be just about the most popular items among our estate offerings. If most of your jewellery is silver or white gold you should test the waters with this pretty pair of oval hoop earrings. The Florentine textured finish does a great job of showing off the unique colour of traditional yellow gold in a subtle manner. Well constructed using 1.7 grams of seamless gold tubing capped with solid ends. The ear posts are hinged square section wire for added strength. No dents, no dings in like new condition. Estate prided at only $91.00 CAD. Stock #e11051.


November 23, 2017

Love knot earrings 5.0gr. 18kt. $490.00 & 1.6gr. 10kt. $91.00. e 10526 e10527

An interesting study of subtle variety often found in popular jewellery motifs, as each retailer struggles against the competition to find some way to make their version stand out. The more desirable between the two is more a matter of taste really, as both have merits over the other. The larger pair consists of a four section knot measuring an impressive 14.5mm wide. They boast a weight of 5 grams and are manufactured from top quality 18 karat yellow gold. They are surprisingly sturdy considering they are still of hollow construction. They’ve been equipped with crispy springing hinged backs to seat them just below the ear lobe during wear. To accompany their robust nature these love knots are estate priced at $490.00 CAD. Their competition is of a totally different strain, understated at a comparatively petite 8mm wide. The three piece knot consists of a lighter 1.6 grams of 10 karat yellow gold. This pair however has been gifted with very secure french backs that need to be pinched to release their strong bite. The estate price on this pair is an appropriately less, just $91.00 CAD. Both make a sweet statement in their own right. Stock numbers e10526 and e10527.


November 21, 2017

14kt. huggie diamond earrings 0.06ct. SI-I 3.5gr. $333.00 CAD. e10986

Super casual with just a bit of sparkle. The Huggie style earring has been a huge success since its introduction many years ago. The simple style does exactly what you’d expect, they hug your earlobe with just a small 5mm gap between the tightly hinged sides. The 14mm earrings snap securely closed without any fuss. No need to line up a threaded back or butterfly. This style of earring can be worn all the time. Many people wear them 24/7 with no sharp exposed post to stab you in the head if you wear them to sleep. Each earring contains a small 0.03 carat round diamond of SI-I quality providing just enough sparkle. The earrings show some shallow scratches from previous use on the rhodium enhanced front surface. We can easily polish these scratches away in a minute or two if you wish. The sides of the earrings are textured with a brushed flat finish resulting in a more casual look. Made from 3.5 grams of 14 karat white gold and estate priced at $333.00 CAD. Stock #e10986.


November 18, 2017

0.46ct. tw. I1-GH diamond studs 14kt. white gold $560.00 CAD. e10985

We’ve got em and we’ve got a lot of them. Diamond studs are a jewellery staple that our customers are continually upgrading and trading in. We have so many that it would be almost impossible for us to showcase all of them. Not only do we have plenty of ready to go estate earrings we also have lots of loose estate diamonds that we can make up into a pair of earrings in just a few hours. This pair is especially attractive with their very nice GH colour and extra strong I1 clarity. We challenge you to find a better looking pair of I1-GH diamonds than these. Our extremely aggressive grading standards means you’ll never be disappointed buying a diamond from us. Our two GIA certified diamond graders are very strict when it comes to placing a grade on our diamonds. 60 years of hard earned reputation and respect for our customers is our motivation. The pair of excellent cut diamonds are set in three prong white gold double gallery settings with snug fitting and secure friction back and are estate priced at only $560.00 CAD. Stock #e10985.


November 6, 2017

0.55ct. tw. SI1-H oval diamond cluster studs 14kt. white gold $840.00 CAD. e10821

Hoops, drops and stud earrings are continuously showing up in our estate department. Earrings are some of our most popular jewellery items. Our estate diamonds in new stud settings program has been a customer favorite for as long as we’ve offered this service. It’s a great way to get a new pair of diamond studs for amazing prices. Sometimes a pair of ready to go studs come in that deserve a specific posting. In the 30 plus years I’ve been a part of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers this is only the second pair of oval cluster studs that I can remember. Matching a pair of round diamonds is a pretty straight forward task because round diamonds are so plentiful and a single diameter is really the only critical dimension to consider. Oval diamonds are far more difficult to pair up as they only represent around 5% of all diamonds and each one has a different length to width ratio. This pair features a nicely matched duo of oval brilliant cut diamonds estimated to weigh by mathematical formula 0.20 carats each. Each one is surrounded by 10 small single cut diamonds weighing 0.0075 carat each. All the diamonds are of a minimum SI1-H quality. The 14 karat white gold settings are in like new condition still retaining their original bright rhodium finish. The 0.55 carat total diamond weight earrings are right on point to match today’s popular halo style rings. The complete set weigh 1.6 grams and are secured by brand new super snug fitting butterfly friction backs. Estate priced at $840.00 CAD. Stock #e10821.


November 3, 2017

0.50ct.tw. SI2-G princess cut diamond studs 14kt. 1.1gr. $840.00 CAD. e10832

Princess cut estate diamond studs appear far less frequently than round studs do. When a popular size, good quality pair come in at a great price don’t wait too long. In fact don’t wait at all. Don’t walk, run down here right now and pick them up. The popular style four prong double gallery design is safe, durable, easy to wear for any occasion and very flattering for square stones. The flat edged, wire box design matches the right angle geometry of these square modified brilliant cut aka princess cut diamonds perfectly. By the measurements of approximately 3.6mm x 3.6mm and mathematical formula we’ve calculated the diamonds to each weigh 0.25 carats. Microscopic examination reveals small included crystals that qualify the diamonds for a conservative SI2 clarity grade (many would call them SI1). Compared to our GIA master diamonds we feel they colour grade to a G. The 14 karat white gold settings are secured by snug fitting friction backs and weigh 1.1 grams in total. As mentioned, if you’re looking for a nice pair of square diamond studs for everyday wear you can’t go wrong with these ones for the estate price of only $840.00 CAD. Stock #10832.


October 30, 2017

14kt. 2.66ct. tw citrine & diamond earrings 3.3gr. $560.00 CAD. e10470

Citrine are one of those gems that flies under the radar. It’s the traditional birthstone for November, plentiful and inexpensive yet you don’t see too much of it in modern jewellery design. The octagon halo frames do a great job flattering these rich brownish yellow quartz gems. A contrasting row of bright, high quality VS-H round brilliant cut diamonds elevate the citrine to the luxury position this stone deserves. Each 7.0mm x 7.0mm citrine is estimated to weigh 1.25 carats. A delicate lattice gallery adds to the quality look and feel of these earrings. 3.3 grams finished weight in 14 karat yellow with generous snug fitting butterfly backs finishes the pair. Excellent overall condition. We’ll gift wrap them in our blue and white satin gift box for the November birthday girl in your life, or for the person who appreciates the rich earth tone of these stones. Estate priced at $560.00 CAD. Stock #e10470.


October 18, 2017

10-14kt. huggie style earrings 2.5gr. 14mm $140.00 CAD. e10803

For people with multiple piercings in their ears huggie style earrings always work. You can wear them on the bottom of your ear like a traditional small hoop or wear them anywhere up your ear looking link a small cuff. This pair was made from 10 karat white gold with upgraded 14 karat wires for those with sensitive ears. They weigh over 2.5 grams and measure 14mm diameter. The machine cut and engraved surface pattern gives the earrings an interesting wave optical effect with even the slightest movement. Excellent condition with no wear in the hinges and still retaining the original factory rhodium finish. Estate priced at $140.00 CAD. Stock #e10803.


October 1, 2017

14kt. pearl drop huggie earrings 3.7gr. $280.00 CAD. e10987

I wish this sort of earring would come in more often. Almost as soon as a pair of white gold huggie earrings comes they’re sold. The huggie style has become one of the most popular and for good reason. They’re super comfy, very secure and are quite versatile. They can be worn every day or dressed up with diamonds or pearls in this case. The small 12.5mm diameter hoop is enhanced with a good quality 6.3mm pearl drop that ads some motion with a hinged bail. The snug huggie design does just that. They hug you’re earlobe with just a 5mm gap between the sides. This style of earring means no protruding post is going to poke you in head if you happen to wear them to sleep. The earring are made from brilliant white rhodium enhanced 14 karat gold with a finished weight of 3.7 grams. Don’t wait too long or these will disappear just like the last nice pair that came through our estate department. This pair is estate priced at only $280.00 CAD. Stock #e10987.


September 25, 2017

14/18kt. emerald & diamond earrings 0.80ct. total gem weight $910.00 CAD. e10971

Good things do come in small packages. These very high quality 18 karat white gold stud earrings measure just 8.6mm x 7.6mm but contain some pretty impressive stones. Nice diamonds are a rare treat to see in stud earrings (especially clusters). The 16 round brilliant cut diamonds that circle the emerald are of an easy SI clarity with an estimated FG colour. All together the brilliant white halo of bling are estimated to weigh half of a carat. The soothing green natural emeralds at the centre are estimated to weigh 0.15 carats each. They are of excellent deep green colour with great transparency seldom seen in emerald. The earrings are secured by brand new, palladium alloyed 14 karat white gold friction backs. Extra heavy backs like this provide far more security and the 6mm pad help keep the earrings facing straight. Perfect like new condition and estate priced at $910.00 CAD. Stock #e10971.


September 22, 2017

14kt. gold hoop earrings 25mm 2.77gr. $180.00 CAD. e10713

They’re a jewellery box necessity, the classic hoop earring. Casual or dressy the soft rounded profile always look great. Goldilocks earrings; they’re not too big and they’re not too small; at 25mm diameter they’re juuuuuust right. No dents, no dings, no scratches, not even a scuff, perfect in every way. Beautifully finished with soldered end caps and strong, proper riveted ear wires.These earrings may be light with a finished weight of 2.77 grams but they are big on simple elegant style. This pair could easily turn into your favourites. Made from seamless oval tubing they are strong but light; you won’t even notice your wearing them. Each earring was manufactured from 7 different 14 karat yellow gold components all meticulously assembled with perfect finish. Easy to use and very secure. Yellow gold is back looking as beautiful as ever. The pair is estate priced at just $180.00 CAD. Stock #e10713.


September 20, 2017

Tiffany Mini Mesh diamond earrings 0.06ct. tw. 18kt. gold $810.00 CAD. e10650

Tiffany & Co. describe Elsa Peretti’s body of work as organic and sensual, her jewellery designs seducing the world. It’s hard to contest that description looking at her Mini Mesh earrings. The two inch long textiles are woven from the most delicate threads of 18 karat yellow gold. Interlocking links curl and drape gracefully during wear, drawing the eye in and up to top quality 0.03 carat round brilliant cut diamonds that crown each earring. The elegant pair are accompanied by its original Tiffany & Co. box, travel pouch, and U.S. sales receipt. Currently listed on Tiffany’s website for $1350.00 CAD, our estate price $810.00 CAD. Stock #e10650.


August 25, 2017

1.01ct. tw. VS1-H princess cut diamond studs $2681.00 CAD. e10454

 If you are a fan of symmetry, straight lines and geometric precisions, perhaps a set of square modified brilliant cut diamonds are your preference when it comes to diamond studs. Princess cut diamonds like these are encountered far less often than traditional round brilliant cut studs that come and go frequently in our estate department. These nicely matched diamonds are of unusually high quality when it comes to earrings. With a VS1 clarity and a H colour they sparkle as well as any. The fishtail claw double gallery 14 karat white gold settings are brand new. We’ve added high quality 2 piece 6.0mm friction backs to secure the studs with a constant and strong grip. The large disc also provides some extra support that keeps the diamonds from drooping forward. We feel high quality diamonds deserve high quality settings. High quality doesn’t mean high price when your shopping our vast inventory of estate jewellery at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. This 1.6 gram set of diamond studs are estate priced at just $2681.00 CAD. Stock #e10454.


August 23, 2017

0.20ct. tw. diamond cluster stud earrings I2-I $123.00 CAD. e10756

Don’t forget about some of the smaller items in our estate department. We can’t possibly profile every single item that comes in, but from time to time we like to remind you about some of them. A great example is this cheap and cheerful pair of diamond stud earrings. The clever method in which the diamonds are set will make you swear the pair are close to 1 carat in weight with the 5.0mm overall diameter. The overlapping setting technique means there is very little gold covering the diamonds. This allows the modest I2-IJ quality to sparkle and reflect more than you’d expect for so little money. The 10 karat yellow gold stud settings have been rhodium enhanced on the front further promoting the high end look. The 0.9 gram set contain 14 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing a conservative 0.20 carats total weight. It might just be the most bling you get for just $8.75 per diamond. The pair is in excellent condition and is estate priced at just $123.00 CAD. Stock #10756.


August 12, 2017

14 karat gold hoop earrings 2.5 grams $193.00 CAD. e10577

Yet another example of estate not equaling used. These 16.6mm diameter, 2.5 grams, two tone 14 karat gold hoops are in untouched, unworn condition. The bright chromy white rhodium plating across the domed majority of each hoop doesn’t show a single scuff; leaving the earrings to reflect the world in fun-house proportions. Accenting that mirror finish are two petite yellow gold decorative ropes. Estate price for the brand new hoops $193.00 CAD. Stock #e10577


August 6, 2017

14 karat gold love knot earrings 1.7 grams $126.00 CAD. e10874

Christmas is coming; you’ve got the frying pan and shiny new mixer for her but don’t forget at least a little bling for the stocking. You’ll be surprised how well a small jewellery item like this will go over. Even the name is appropriate, how could you not appreciate a pretty pair of “Love Knot” earrings. This pair of well made gold earrings weigh over 1.7 grams and are made from  14 karat yellow gold. They’re in perfect condition showing not a single scuff or scratch. To ensure they stay put we’ve supplied brand new upgraded heavy gauge friction butterfly backs. Earrings quite often sell faster than any other of our amazing estate offerings. It’s Christmas time and things like this don’t hang around too long. We’ll even do a fantastic no charge gift wrapping job for you. Estate priced at only $126.00 CAD. Stock #e10874.



July 25, 2017

14kt. two tone Italian omega back earrings 6.7gr. $525.00 CAD. e10502

Simple and elegant the interlocking white and yellow gold drops will make an understated finishing touch to any outfit. High quality and expertly manufactured in Italy where they just seem to have a level fit and finish few can compete with. The heavy gauge hollow constructed set weigh in at 6.7 grams in 14 karat gold. Each earring measures 20.6mm long by 15.25mm wide and retain their original high polish with rhodium plating. Equipped with  spring omega backs for added security and comfort. Estate price $525.00 CAD. Stock #e10502.


July 17, 2017

14kt. white gold Italian made hoop earrings 2.5gr. $168.00 CAD. e10742

You need to be quick with the speed dial or email sometimes if you’re considering a purchase from our ever changing inventory of unique estate items. Earrings seem to be one of the most quickly snapped up items around here. We only sell examples that are in excellent condition and this oval pair is no exception. Made from hollow triangular tubing makes them super strong relative to their weight and less prone to dents compared to round tubing. Measuring 35mm x 20mm they drop nicely below the earlobe yet are not difficult to wear. Made to the highest standards in Italy they come equipped with properly riveted hinges and joints (no pinch closed hardware) for extra security. The original factory applied bright rhodium finish is still completely intact. If earrings are your thing this 2.3 gram set makes a great, slightly dressier alternative to a traditional round hoop. If you like em buy em cause they don’t come in everyday. Send us an email to info@billleboeufjewellers.com. We also ship throughout North America all the time. Estate priced at $168.00 CAD. Stock #e10742.


July 6, 2017

14kt. tri-colour pear shaped drop earrings $129.00. e8574

e8574 tri-colour drop earringsBEWARE OF BLACK FRIDAY BARGAINS. This is an interesting pair of earrings from a large Canadian department store. Interesting because I’m puzzled by the price tag that came with the earrings. With a weight of 1.8 grams, this 14 karat tri-colour gold pair of earrings contains roughly $55.00 worth of gold (with gold costing $1600.00 per oz. CAD.).  It is of my opinion that brand new earrings of similar style would have a retail price range of around $225.00  in a typical jewellery store. Once all the manufacturing costs and several levels of distribution, wholesale and retail markups are considered it is not uncommon for earrings to sell for 4 to 5 times the basic intrinsic value of the gold they contain. At $550.00 as the price shows, the ratio of gold value to retail price is 10 times. It would be interesting to know if this store typically sells these earrings for $550.00.e8574.1 tri-colour drop earrings Be an informed consumer. Find out how heavy the item is and what value of gold the piece of jewellery contains. Learn the factors that  determine the value of jewellery. Most jewellery is not sold by just the weight but if you know what it costs per gram it is much easier to gauge the value of similar items at different stores. All that said the earrings are brand new. They have only been taken out of the original box to be weighed. The hammered texture sparkles and twinkles as the jointed sections move about. Including the original box or a Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers box they are estate priced at $129.00. Stock #e8574.e8574.2 tri-colour hudson's bay earrings


June 25, 2017

14kt. gold 0.50ct. tw. diamond drop heart earrings $525.00 CAD. e9642

e9642 diamond heart drop earrings 0.50ct. total weightWe have a varied collection of estate heart inspired jewellery but we don’t have any other dangling heart earrings that flash like this pair. The white gold bright rhodium enhanced domed hearts are bead set with 0.50 carats of I1-HI diamonds that throw light every time they move on the hinged drop.e9642 diamond heart drop earrings 14 karat gold Weighing 2.8 grams and measuring 9mm tall by 10mm wide the hearts are guaranteed to get attention while hanging securely from their yellow gold lever back hooks. Estate price $525.00 CAD. Stock #e9642.


June 8, 2017

0.30ct. tw. SI1-H princess cut diamond studs $420.00 CAD. e9502

e9502 princess cut diamond studs 0.30ct.Always a favorite, diamond stud earrings. High quality and set extremely low at a great price should guarantee these don’t last long. These are high quality diamonds that you don’t see too often in stud earrings. One is an easy VS clarity while the other is a very good SI1 and both are a well matched H colour. The simple bracket setting gives them a very low profile that many customers ask for.e9502 princess cut dimond studs 0.30ct. tw. Another case of a client upgrade for something bigger gives you the opportunity to get a great set at a fantastic price. The 14 karat white gold set are secured by snug butterfly backs. Finished weight of 0.7 grams. Estate priced at $420.00 CAD. Stock #e9502.


June 2, 2017

0.58ct. SI2-H bezel set diamond studs 14kt. 1.5gr. $966.00 CAD. e10319

There are many ways to display and showcase the basic stud earring. A thick bezel setting is one method that really displays a brilliant cut well. The highly polished 14 karat white gold frame setting almost doubles the perceived diameter of the diamonds they hold. Not that the diamonds need much help making an impression with their bright SI2-H quality and combined weight of 0.58 carats, they’d stand out easily on their own. That decorative frame of white gold does make the diamonds look brighter and uber modern too. For added peace of mind the 1.5 gram studs are secured with strong threaded backs and posts. Estate price $966.00 CAD. Stock #e10319.


May 31, 2017

0.40ct. tw. SI1-G diamond stud earrings 18kt. gold $630.00 CAD. e10728

Sometimes diamond stud earrings aren’t given too much thought from both manufactures and consumers alike. We see mismatched diamonds, haphazardly assembled, super lightweight settings all the time. Once in a while we see a set that are excellent in every way. This pair is just one such set. The 0.9 gram 18 karat white gold double gallery settings are both very flattering and easy to clean. Both diamonds are a perfectly matched SI1 clarity with a very good G colour. They both measure 3.8mm diameter and are estimated to weigh 0.40 carats in total weight. The earring posts have been threaded to accept snug fitting screw on backs offering an extra level of security. Quality, condition and price are the factors coming together with this set to equal outstanding value. Like new condition with the original scratch free rhodium finish completely intact. Estate priced at $630.00 CAD. Stock #e10728.


May 29, 2017

0.25ct. tw. I2-J diamond stud earrings 1.2gr. 14kt. $147.00 CAD. e10697

 Another one of the smaller estate items that almost didn’t make it onto the pages of our website. There are many items in our displays that deserve some internet exposure but we just don’t have the time to showcase everything online. This pair of stud earrings while certainly not expensive, have a great show packed into their diminutive 5.25mm x 5.25mm outline. They contain 8 small invisibly set princess cut diamonds of modest I2-J quality. The bezel set 14 karat yellow gold mounting helps the multiple diamonds look like a single much more expensive solitaire. Under close inspection we found a  tiny chip on one of the corners of one diamond (right side earring bottom right corner of the bottom left stone). Without lots of magnification this tiny blemish is invisible. We’ve made a price adjustment to reflect this invisible defect. The safety and integrity of the other components is not compromised in any way by the minor chip and it’s likely been there since the pair were new. Yellow gold is making a comeback, these are an inexpensive way to try out yellow gold or get back into the traditional colour of fine jewellery. Weighing 1.2 grams in total weight they are estate priced at only $147.00 CAD. Stock #e10697.


May 28, 2017

Emerald and diamond antique style drop earrings. e6339

e6339-emerald-and-diamond-reproduction-antique-earringsSomeone put a lot of time and effort into recreating this pair of emerald and diamond drop earrings. They are made of 18 karat yellow gold and sterling silver as would have been the practice from the 1800’s as white gold had not yet been developed. Each earring contains 8 bezel set emeralds of good colour and quality along with 44 bead set round brilliant cut diamonds. The total gem weight is approximately 3.50 carats. The pair weigh 10 grams and are secured by stud backs. The estate price of $2800.00 includes two previous appraisals from 2003 and 2008. Stock #e6339.


May 26, 2017

1.00ct. total weight diamond drops I1-HI 2.7gr. 14kt. $1050.00 CAD. e9930

e9930 diamond drop earrings 1.00ct tw

Yellow gold is coming back in fashion and we’re big fans of the traditional colour. White gold is great and super popular right now but yellow gold blends with any skin tone allowing the diamonds to be the focus. Yellow gold also doesn’t require a plating to intensify the natural attractive colour. With these inch long graduated drop earrings the diamonds appear at a glance to be floating while being worn. The 1.00 carat total weight of sparkling I1-HI round brilliant cut diamonds are made even more enchanting by their ability to move independently from one another as they are jointed in two places. The hinged link sections keep the 14 karat yellow gold drops in constant, scintillating motion. For peace of mind each earring is equipped with heavy friction backs. Estate price $1050.00 CAD. Stock #e9930.e9930 1.00ct total weight diamond earrings 14kt


May 24, 2017

0.68ct. tw. I1-I Canadian diamond earrings $980.00 CAD. e10229


There is no interpretation of the diamond solitaire stud more elegant than these, draped in a swirling ribbon of bright white 14 karat gold. That freeform curve is a surprisingly versatile wear that looks equally interesting worn in any direction, especially when the diamonds they house show so beautifully from all angles. The two I1-HI round brilliant cuts come together to make an impressive 0.68 carats of showy Canadian excellence. As with all Canadian pedigreed diamonds the girdles have been laser inscribed with a unique serial number and microscopic maple leaf as proof of origin. The 2.6 gram studs are each equipped with the strongest friction backs available, ensuring stress free wear. Estate price $980.00 CAD. Stock #e10229.e10229-0-68ct-tw-canadian-diamond-stud-earrings-14kt-002


May 19, 2017

14 karat white gold diamond hoop earrings 0.66ct. total weight $1400.00 CAD. e9613

e9613 14 karat diamond hoop earringsDiamond earrings are one of the most popular items with our clients looking in our estate jewellery department. Some reasons for the popularity are obvious; estate jewellery often costs half of what you’d pay compared to new. Another reason is earrings don’t suffer the type of wear and tear something like a ring would, so they’re almost always in perfect condition. A basic stud or hoop design like this never goes out of style and they always look great. Each white gold earring measures 23.5mm diameter (a little bigger than a Canadian nickel).e9613 white gold diamond hoop earrings The earrings contain 4 rows of tiny bead set diamonds each measuring just 1mm diameter. Despite the small size the 184 diamonds are fully faceted round brilliants. It’s hard to imagine but each diamond has 57 individual facets producing a ton of sparkle on the front of each hoop. There are over 10000 flat diamond surfaces that light can potentially reflect off. High quality VS-SI-HI diamonds and high quality construction are obvious. Generous finished weight of 7.5 grams, precise stone setting and the secure tight click of the posts reinforce the high quality look and feel. At only $7.61 per diamond the excellent value is easy to spot. Estate priced at $1400.00. Stock #e9613.



May 12, 2017

1.62ct. tw. I1-I stud earrings 14kt white gold $4760.00 CAD. e9331

e9331 1.62ct. total weight diamond stud earringsWe’re at it again. Turning the old into new. This nicely matched set of round brilliant cut diamonds weigh a combined 1.62 carats. Their bright, well cut of I1 clarity and IJ colour. Each diamond measures an average of 5.85mm diameter. The double gallery 14 karat white gold settings are brand new made in USA with heavy duty strong and secure friction backs.e9331 1.62ct. diamond stud earrings Originally these diamonds were set in a couple of solitaire rings. We have so many rings with different size diamonds in stock it’s not hard to match a pair up for a great set of studs like this. In the unlikely event that we don’t have the size/quality of diamond stud earrings made up ready to go. We have all the parts in stock to make them up in just a couple of hours. Buying an estate pair of diamonds for earrings saves $$$ big time compared to new and you still get the satisfaction of brand new upgraded hardware in perfect condition. Stock #e9331e9331.2 1.62ct. diamond stud earrings



April 25, 2017

1.00ct. SI2-I1-J diamond studs in platinum settings $3150.00 CAD. e8998

e8999 1.00ct tw diamond studs platinumIt must have taken forever to match this pair of diamonds. From the headline they certainly don’t look that tricky to match up. SI2-I1-J quality is a pretty typical combination for good quality diamond studs earrings. The really difficult part is finding a pair exhibiting strong fluorescence when exposed to invisible long wave ultraviolet light. This type of “black light” can be found in glow in the dark mini putt and places like that. Only a couple diamonds in a hundred glow as strongly as this pair does.e8999 1.00ct tw fluorescent diamond studs Invisible ultraviolet light is a common component in most light sources from regular office light to bright sunshine. So these diamonds are glowing all the time even if you don’t notice it. The eerie blue glow actually helps the J colour look a little more like an G or H.  Platinum is a far more white colour metal than white gold. It is also much less reactive to sensitive ears. A typical gold stud earring set would weigh around 1 gram, this platinum set comes in a over 4.5 grams. High quality settings with very talented diamonds that glow in the dark at the flick of a switch. Estate priced at $3150.00 CAD. Stock #e8998.e8999 1.00ct tw diamond stud earrings


April 15, 2017

Emerald & diamond hoop earrings 3.9 grams 14kt. $350.00 CAD. e9988


Playful emerald earrings are a wonderful way to bring some colour and warmth into your day. Measuring 16.0mm by 7.5mm the 3.9 gram 14 karat yellow gold set is perfect for comfortable, regular wear. The diagonally set natural emeralds with their offset accent diamond only span the top half of the half hoops. This asymmetry adds a touch of visual tension to the set and really makes you look twice. The sweet little pair is accompanied by tight butterfly backs for added security. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e9988.


March 23, 2017

18kt. hoop earring UnoAerre Italy 2.7gr. $228.00 CAD. e10658

This pair of high quality Italian made earrings is literally just a twist (pun intended) on the standard hollow hoop earring. While basic in design the quality and thought that’s gone into the manufacture is anything but basic. UnoAerre Italy are well known throughout the world as manufacturers of high quality gold jewellery. This pair demonstrates what sets the quality apart. Each hinge is hand riveted rather than just pinched closed over a knuckle. This means the post isn’t just going to separate if the ear wire is bent. The post and hinge are permanently soldered to white gold tube caps. It’s easier just to use yellow gold but white gold has superior hardness, spring characteristics, durability and security. Finally the finished weight of over 2.7 grams of upgraded luxury 18 karat gold is significantly heavier than you’ll encounter on budget priced 10 karat versions. Each earring measures just over 1 inch diameter. They’re in perfect condition showing no dents or dings. Why settle for 10 karat gold when you can purchase Italian made 18 karat versions for the same price. Estate priced at just $228.00 CAD. Stock #e10658.


February 28, 2017

Amethyst & diamond earrings 14kt. white gold $2100.00 CAD. e9387

e9387 diamond and amethyst earrings 14kt.Amethyst has the most striking colour when top quality material is used. The perfectly matched stones in these earrings are just such examples. Amethyst is typically seen in small sizes for simple birthstone type jewellery, but seldom is it used in high end creations like this. Each earring measures close to 20mm in length and appear much bigger in person. An inner frame containing one carat of top grade VS-G quality round brilliant cut white diamonds make the most regal of colours pop with amazing contrast. I’m sure this pair was a commissioned item for someone as a special gift. I’ve never seen a pair of production amethyst earrings even close to this quality before. 6.9 grams finished weight in 14 karat white gold with upgraded spring loaded omega backs that provide an added level of security. Not only is this style of back more secure, the spring back helps keep the earrings from flopping forward.e9387 diamond and amethyst earrings 14kt. white gold High quality amethyst is a rarity seldom seen. I’m sure if this gem was a lot more rare and more expensive it would be far more popular. There is really no substitute for the rich shade a fine quality amethyst provides. No wonder it is the colour most used for kings and royalty for hundreds of years. Excellent condition and ready wow even people who may not otherwise notice just a simple pair of stud diamond earrings. Estate priced at $2100.00 CAD. Stock #e9387.

February 25, 2017

2 1/8 inch 14kt. yellow gold hoop earrings 6.1gr. $345.00 CAD. e9391

e9391 large 14kt. hoop earringsTraditional yellow gold is becoming more popular again and large hoop earrings have always been a favorite for those who aren’t timid when it comes to their jewellery. The 14 karat pair are in perfect condition showing no dents, dings or even any scratches. They are secured by hinged posts that securely snap into place. At 55mm outside diameter (over 2 inches) they are pretty big but not uncomfortable with a reasonable weight of 6.1 grams. The 3.0mm seamless tubing has been designed with a cable style twist. This finish not only adds significant strength but also conceals surface scratches. If you haven’t pushed your earring size comfort zone, give this pair a try. I think you’ll find you can pull off the look easily. Estate priced at $345.00 CAD. Stock #e9391.e9391.1 large 14kt. gold hoop earrings



February 18, 2017

100 facet 0.36ct. tw. VS2-F Canadian studs Peoples Jewellers $980.00 CAD. e8887

e8887.1 Peoples 0.36ct. diamond studsPretty hard to ask for a more complete or more desirable pair of diamond studs earrings. The diamonds are certified Canadian origin, they come with a Gem Scan report/appraisal, Peoples Jewellers portfolio and a Canadian government certificate of authenticity.e8887.2 100 facet diamond stud earrings peoples If that wasn’t enough they are Peoples top of the line quality averaging VS2 clarity, F colour. Each diamond has been cut with a 100 cut facet pattern compared to the standard 57 facet brilliant cut. The theory of the extra facet count is to promote more brilliance and dispersion. Securely set in a popular double gallery four prong design that is both flattering and easy to keep clean. Made using upgraded 18 karat white gold with threaded posts and back. The finished set weigh 1.2 grams in total. Gem Scan’s idea of replacement value according to the appraisal supplied is a lofty $2250.00. It’s pretty hard to say exactly what this item is worth due the added value of the complicated 100 facet design. I just know at the estate price of $980.00 CAD these will make one fantastic gift for someone. Stock #e8887.e8887 Peoples 0.37ct. diamond studs



February 14, 2017

10kt. Huggie style diamond earrings 0.20ct. tw. $294.00 CAD. e10589

Three twinkling rows of petite round single cut diamonds create a larger impression than you’d expect. The 0.20 combined carats in the pair flash brightly, more so thanks to two rows of petite millgrain highlights that divide the rows. Measuring 16mm long by 4.8mm wide the pair are perfect for daily wear. They’ve been equipped with strongly biting posts and hinged huggie style saw pierced backs. Estate price $294.00 CAD. Stock #e10589


February 6, 2017

0.75ct. tw. SI2-HI princess cut diamond studs 14kt. $1085.00 CAD. e10323

It’s hard to make a square feminine which is probably the reason square cut diamonds were re-branded as princess cuts. That being said these particular square studs are surprisingly feminine. Designed with curving and swooping, open ended prongs instead of the usual boxy style. The brilliant SI2-HI princess cut diamonds housed in these feminine studs come together to make a perfect 0.75 carats. Equipped with threaded backs and posts for added security the 14 karat yellow gold pair is estate priced at $1085.00 CAD. Stock #e10323.


January 19, 2017

0.43ct. tw. I1-J diamond studs 2.1gr. platinum $770.00 CAD. e10243

e10243 platinum diamond studs 0.43ct

The buttercup setting was an absolute favorite for consumers in the early 1900s. Its floral inspired gallery peeks out from all around the diamond it holds, creating a larger and more interesting impression. These particular buttercups are very well made from 950 platinum, ensuring a bright ever white finish. Housed in each of these studs are 0.21 carat I1-IJ round brilliant cut diamonds coming together for a total weight of 0.42 carats. The strong posts are secured with heavy friction backs ensuring that level of wear-them-and-forget-about-them security that’s so hard to find with diamond studs. Estate price $770.00 CAD. Stock #e10243.



January 16, 2017

35mm 10 karat yellow gold hoop earrings 2.89 grams $193.00 CAD. e10447

Don’t forget Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers when you’re looking for a basic piece to compliment your jewellery wardrobe. Sure, we’d love to help you buy an amazing 2 or 3 carat diamond in a one of a kind custom made ring, but we also do the basic stuff better than anyone else. These 35mm diamond hoop earrings may be “basic” but don’t confuse that with low quality. The 2.9mm, heavy gauge, hollow tube seamless earrings are very well made. They have closed ends, heavy riveted hinges with strong square wire posts that snap into place with a secure audible click. Not a single of the major jewellery chains I looked at online mentioned the weight of any of their gold earrings or chain necklaces. How is a consumer to compare value? Weight is a very important characteristic to determine the value of jewellery items made from gold. I’m happy and proud to inform you this pair weigh in at 2.89 grams of flawless 14 karat yellow gold, that’s only $66.78 per gram. Perfect condition showing not even the slightest scuff or ding. Shop around, make a few phone calls and compare the value this estate pair of hoop earrings offer. Estate priced at $193.00 CAD. Stock #e10447.


January 12, 2017

8mm x 6mm opal & diamond earrings 14kt. 2.3 grams $350.00 CAD. e10317

Opals have one of the most varied colour patterns of any gemstone, with specific categories and quality standards within each of those categories. The pattern of these 8mm X 6mm oval opals is called pin fire pattern and is the most well known of all opal pattern types. In most cases the most desirable colour for an opal to flash is red, orange and pink. Difficult to tell from these pictures, pink is the predominant colour flash for this well matched pair. The opals are framed with 0.33 carats of sparkling I1-J quality round brilliant cut diamonds setting off the fire within the opals. The 2.3 gram 14 karat white gold pair comes equipped with secure spring friction backs. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e10317.


December 9, 2016

Chimento 18 karat gold hoop earrings 11.3 grams $950.00 CAD. e9873

e9873 Chimento 18kt. huggie style earrings

The luxury Italian jewellery brand Chimento is known for it’s bold European designs made from high quality components. These brightly rhodium plated, barley worn hoops are from Chimento’s Double Classic collection. With the lines twisted brickwork look constantly reflecting light from all angles the earrings end up being a very lively pair. Measuring 19mm in diameter and made from 11.3 solid grams of high quality 18 karat white gold with super secure omega backs the hoops are an eye catching Italian statement. Estate price $950.00 CAD. Stock #e9873.e9873 18kt. white gold Chimento huggie earrings