December 6, 2018

Roberto Coin diamond pendant & chain 18kt. gold $1,182.00 CAD. e10337

No one does the diamond circle pendant like Roberto Coin, it is absolutely their signature piece. Made solid and strong from high quality 18 karat white gold the circle features 0.42 carats of bright SI-HI round brilliant cut diamonds. Measuring 21mm in diameter the signed piece also features a hidden created ruby, as Roberto Coin’s Egyptian inspired secret gift meant to provide health, happiness and a long life. The sparkling halo hangs lightly from an Italian made 18 karat white gold 18 inch long rolo link chain, equipped with a 17 inch adjustment loop. Estate price $1,182.00 CAD. Stock #e10337.

December 5, 2018

0.32ct. I1-J princess cut diamond pendant on chain 1.0gr. 14kt. $420.00 CAD. e11801

Less is more has always been a successful look when it comes to diamonds. There is something very special about a simple solitaire setting, be it a round brilliant cut engagement ring, a stud earring or a basic square princess cut diamond pendant like this. The 90 degree twist from square to “diamond shape” adds to the sophistication of the look. Secured in a simple 4 prong double gallery setting this 0.32 carat diamond twinkles as the centre of attention. Bright and lively with a better than it looks I1-J quality. Included with the pendant is a light 18 inch twisted rope chain. Perfect condition with original factory rhodium finish completely intact. Constructed in all 14 karat white gold with a finished weight of just over 1 gram. Estate priced at $420.00 CAD. Stock #e11801.


December 1, 2018

18kt. diamond set baby shoe 0.44ct. VS-H 7.2gr. $900.00 CAD. e11674

Talk about a cute item. Not only is it adorable but this is a gift with a super high tear coefficient. Just imagine her reaction when you present her with this tiny diamond set baby shoe. The tears will start flowing and you’ll be a hero. This little shoe measures 18.7mm long (not including the bail) and weighs 7.2 grams. Made from premium 18 karat white gold. If that wasn’t enough there are 19 little brilliant cut diamonds bead set in the bow and throughout the toe area. The diamonds are of high VS-H quality (one chipped) and total 0.44 carat in weight. It can be worn on a necklace or added to her charm bracelet. Estate priced at $900.00 CAD. Stock #e11674.

November 30, 2018

18kt. St-Onge Lantern diamond/sapphire pendant ST-P1160 $1,770.00 CAD. e9586

e9586 St. Onge Lantern pendant ST-P1160 with diamonds and sapphireMade to the highest of standards proudly in Quebec by St-Onge jewellers. St-Onge is a small boutique jewellery chain offering unique creations made exclusively in Quebec. From what I’ve seen online they have a very successful business manufacturing premium jewellery with operations in some of the provinces most trend setting fashionable locations. The lantern pendant reminds me of Celtic knot patterns. Cast from nickel free 18 karat palladium alloy white gold with yellow gold end caps. It’s a good sized piece measuring almost 2 inches long. Discretely set throughout the woven pattern are 10 small round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.03 carats each of very good VS-GH quality. A bezel set 4.75mm cabochon blue sapphire goes almost unnoticed on the bottom but provides the appropriate finishing touch on this piece of wearable art. Lantern pendant ST-P1160 is currently available from St-Onge and can be seen on the St-Onge website. The pendant is priced at $2,450.00 (without a chain). Our estate example is in perfect condition looking unworn and comes with a high quality 18 karat white gold cable link chain measuring 20 inches long. The chain and pendant have a combined weight of 13.5 grams. Included with purchase is the original St-Onge fitted padded box. Even the packaging is a high quality item and has been made specifically to hold the lantern pendant. Estate priced at $1,770.00 CAD. Stock #e9586.e9586.1 St. Onge Lantern pendant ST-P1160 with diamonds and sapphires


November 28, 2018

1 ounce fine gold maple leaf coin & 14kt. pendant 34.9gr. Spot plus 4%.

You’re not going to find a more efficient way to buy a great piece of jewellery plus make a sound investment as with this pendant. At the heart of the pendant is a fine gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin consisting of 1 ounce of 99.9% pure gold. This particular example is from the introductory year of 1979. Canada was the first country in the world to produce a pure gold coin. Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are one of the most trusted and sought after bullion coins. Collectors, gold investors and people who just love gold keep these coins as beautiful objects and investments alike. The coin and frame are both being sold for just their gold content plus 4% and HST on the frame value only. The coin weighs exactly 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams), the 14 karat gold frame weighs 3.8 grams. At the current gold price ($1,613.00 CAD per ounce) the complete pendant is only going to cost you $1,813.00 CAD (tax included for Ontario delivery). It’s the perfect gift for the gold bug, jewellery lover and bullion investor. Although we usually have other Canadian gold maple leaf coins available this is the only one currently set in a pendant frame. Get is while you can. The price will fluctuate with the price of gold. Replacement value with new would be significantly more. Stock #e11785.


November 22, 2018

0.32ct. I2-J 14kt diamond pendant & 10kt. necklace 1.5gr. $348.00 CAD. e11603

We’d like to think our diamonds look better but the truth is, we just grade them accurately. I2 diamonds can and often look pretty good assuming they’re properly graded and not actually I3 quality. J colour diamonds too look really nice, when they’re actually J and not MN colour. Our latest estate diamond pendant looks fantastic, especially when you consider it’s only priced at $348.00. The diamond measures a full 4.4mm diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.32 carats. It is secured in a sturdy 14 karat yellow gold double gallery setting with a large bail that will accommodate almost any chain. We are including a 10 karat yellow gold 18 inch necklace that contributes 1.0 grams to the 1.5 gram total weight. The pendant and chain are estate priced as a set for $348.00 CAD. Diamond pendant available separately for $308.00. Stock #e11603.


November 13, 2018

9kt. antique garnet necklace pendant 5.8gr. $490.00 CAD. e11635

The Art Nouveau era of the late 1800s early 1900s is probably the easiest to identify at a glance, easier even than Art Deco which is often reproduced. Compared to the hand engraved, millgrain edged, and intricate pave stone setting of Art Deco, Art Nouveau would seem relatively simple; on inspection you’ll find it’s anything but. Each curling scroll is hand rolled; hollow formed leaves individually punched, pressed, and assembled; decorative settings hand pierced and cut; curving gold sheet, cut and bent across steel forms, all then assembled joint by joint. Take this 15 inch long neck piece for example, it’s made of 66 individual parts that had to be assembled section by section in careful stages. That doesn’t include the 8 hand set, well matched natural oval garnets that dominate the focus of the necklace. Announcing its commonwealth origins the whole piece is made from 9 karat yellow/rose gold. Together the antique necklace weighs 5.8 grams and is fastened with an original plunger style clasp. At over 100 years this heirloom piece is in remarkable all original condition. Estate priced at $490.00 CAD. Stock #e11535.

November 10, 2018

Spessartite garnet & diamond pendants your choice $1,610.00 each. e9611 e9612

e9611 e9612 spessartite garnet pendantsAnyone ever heard of Spessartite before? I didn’t think so. This gem is a rare form of the quite common garnet. When most people think of garnet a dark slightly reddish brown gem comes to mind. Typical good quality garnet is usually the colour of red wine. As with most gems there are anomalous colours that sometimes occur. With garnet the rare hues can literally be any colour of the spectrum except blue. Each of these oval faceted garnets weigh an average of 3.25 carats and each contain a nice quality 0.25 carat SI1-H square princess cut diamond. We’ve priced both of these custom made 3.4 gram 14 karat white gold pendants exactly the same. One stone is slightly bigger and one is a slightly better quality. It’s going to be a difficult decision which one to pick. Common garnet can sell for around $50.00 per carat while some very rare exceptional green garnets can sell for ten times as much. Orange to slightly brownish orange Spessartite garnets like these sell for somewhere in between.e9611 e9612 spessartite and diamond pendant 14kt. All garnets have a very high refractive index (the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium). What this means to the casual observer is these things sparkle much more than almost any other coloured stone. As light slows down travelling through these stones it is bent and bounced back to your eye as visible colour and sparkle. There are very few gems that do this as well as garnets. Diamonds are one of the only gem minerals that have a higher refractive index than garnets, but good luck finding one in this colour and don’t even ask about the cost of such diamonds. You’ll not likely encounter another Spessartite again. I can only remember one other example that has passed through Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers before. We’re going to let you decide which one to buy and what style of chain best flatters the pendants. Each pendant excluding chain is estate priced at $1,610.00. Stock #e9612 and #e9611.

November 4, 2018

18kt/22kt. Indian yellow gold 1.00ct. tw. necklace/earring set $2,040.00 CAD. e9759

e9759 18-22kt. diamond earrings and necklace IndianI don’t think there is another country with jewellery so deeply ingrained in its culture as India. Their jewellers have been developing their craft for almost 5000 years, passing knowledge down through the family lines. Because they pass from generation to generation certain styles, motifs, and techniques have developed in specific regions allowing a skilled eye to tell where a piece of jewellery comes from based on how it looks and how it was made. So it is no surprise that India is now one of the largest jewellery manufacturing countries in the world and the largest hub for diamond cutting and polishing. A lot of the focus of jewellery culture in India is to show status and affluence so brides are heavily gifted with elaborate pieces made from the finest materials. These gifts are also a way to give the young couple some contingency for their future as gold and diamonds will always carry value. That is how we happened on this intricate set, the young couple kept their favorite pieces and traded in those they didn’t need. Very well made from a total of 15.4 grams of18 karat and 22 karat gold, the set is a beautiful addition to our estate department. The millgrained necklace and earrings feature 1.00 carat total weight of SI-J round brilliant cut diamonds that stand out nicely against the warm yellow of the high quality gold. The necklace is 16 inches long but wears a little longer due to the curved pendant section. The earrings feature heavy hand made screw on backs for extra peace of mind. We’ve had other pieces of Indian jewellery in the past but these are by far the most universal thanks to their smaller size and exquisite motifs. Being sold as a matched set only only for the estate price of $2,040.00 CAD. Stock #e9759.e9759 18-22kt. diamond necklace and earrings

10kt. gold discs 7.54gr. total weight. $47.50 per gr. Sold separately. e10084

e10083-disc-pendants-x-3-10-karat-yellow-gold-001Name plate jewellery has been popular since the ancient Egyptians, when golden cartouche amulets were used to protect dead Pharaohs from evil spirits. We’re not sure if these three 10 karat yellow gold engravable discs carry any protective powers but they look great and are a great buy. Like new condition, scratch and scuff free. We can engrave a simple initial or a short secret message to someone special. Available separately. Estate priced at just $47.50 per gram. Stock #e10084.

November 2, 2018

18kt. Smoky Quartz pendant 29ct. 10.1gr. $490.00 CAD. e11565

Some artisan goldsmith must have loved this smokey quartz a great deal, to have taken so much time creating a hand made pendant for it. The pierced trellis work and asymmetrical bail were all hand cut with a jewelers saw. Assembled from 11 individual parts the 18 karat yellow gold pendant is not made of robotic accuracy. It speaks to the hours of labor with tiny imperfections that give it charm. The earthy brown 29 carat smokey quartz has a whisper of forest green at its depths. Its facets flash a colour almost matching the unique gold tone of the metalwork that carries it. All told the pendant measures a statement making 25mm x 18mm and weighs 10.1 grams. We’ve strung it from an 18 inch 10 karat rope chain available for an additional $130.00 CAD. The pendant itself $490.00 CAD. Stock #e11565.

October 28, 2018

18kt. diamond set baby shoe charm $350.00 CAD. e8126

e8126 diamond set baby shoeWhat a cute item. Not only is it cute but this is a gift with a really high high tear coefficient. Just imagine her reaction when you present her this tiny diamond set baby shoe. The tears will start flowing and you’ll be a hero. This little shoe measures 15.7mm long not including the bail and weighs 3.6 grams of 18 karat white gold. If that wasn’t enough there are 16 little brilliant cut diamonds channel and Gypsy set throughout the shoe. It can be worn on a necklace or added to her charm bracelet. Estate priced at $350.00. Stock #e8126.e8126.1 baby shoe with diamonds

October 27, 2018

Antique seed pearl necklace pendant 7.6gr. 14kt. gold $700.00 CAD. e11027

These antique Art Nouveau necklaces have got to be some of the prettiest jewellery items we have. There are few pieces that are more attractive on the feminine neckline. Delicate Art Nouveau creations were often inspired by organic forms; flowers, plants and nature in general are often at the centre of the intricate patterns typical of the style. Leaves and vines intertwining in perfect symmetry is another common theme. It’s so nice to see an item like this necklace/pendant well over 100 years old yet in completely original condition. 16 inches in total length should have it fall to the perfect spot on a slender neck. We could always add an inch or two to drop in a bit lower if you wish. 64 tiny seed pearls decorate the blossoming floral spray design. We usually have at least one or two other examples of this type of necklace in stock that are not showcased online. This example is made from 7.4 grams of 14 karat yellow gold and is estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #e11027.


October 26, 2018

10 karat Barrie Colts Charlie Horse pendant 4.2 grams $245.00 CAD. e10103

e10103-barie-colts-charlie-horse-10-karat-pendant-002The perfect gift for the die hard Barrie Colts fan. Charlie Horse pendant made from 4.2 grams of 10 karat yellow gold. The well made piece will (hopefully) act as a good luck charm for you and the Colts thanks to the lucky horseshoe built into their logo. The pendant itself measures an impressive 24mm long by 20mm wide and is equipped with a heavy bail large enough to accommodate almost any chain. “GO COLTS GO!”. Estate price $245.00 CAD. Stock #e10103.e10103-barie-colts-charlie-horse-10-karat-pendant-001

October 21, 2018

14 karat custom made cross 7.3 grams $542.50 CAD. e10041

e10041-14-karat-custom-cross-pendantMany people only consider custom making a piece of jewellery when shopping for a unique engagement ring or wedding band, but custom work can be any number of pieces. Some of the most rewarding pieces we make start with a customer’s simple sketch on a scrap of paper. As our customers are not professionally trained jewellery illustrators the sketch rarely reflects the image they see in their heads. Our goldsmiths and designers work with them to flush out their design and the results are just as thrilling for us as they are for our customer. This 60.0mm long by 38.6mm wide Celtic inspired cross was a spare in a series we made and was subsequently traded back making it a brand new, never worn addition to our estate department. A welcome addition as the 7.3 gram 14 karat yellow gold cross is very well made (if we do say so ourselves), equipped with a substantial bale strong enough to last a lifetime of constant wear. Estate price $542.50 CAD. Stock #e10041.

October 20, 2018

1.04ct. heart shaped diamond VVS1-I GIA certified $6055.00 CAD. e7916

1.04ct. VVS1-I GIA certified heart shaped diamondWithout question of all the possible shapes brilliant cut diamonds can come in the heart shape has to be the most unique. Round, square, marquise, and pear seem just a little ordinary compared to a well proportioned heart shape. The Gemological Institute of American certified diamond weighs in at 1.04 carats and is one clarity grade from flawless. The I colour faces up quite white with no fluorescence. The diamond is framed in a white gold setting containing 17 small round brilliant cut diamonds weighing a combined 0.25 carats of very good VS-GH quality. A brand new 16 inch 14 karat white gold square fox tail Italian chain completes the necklace with a total weight of 3.3 grams. The diamond has been microscopically engraved with the GIA report number of 12229540. The report can also been seen at the GIA website  Estate priced at $6050.00. The loose diamond can be taken out and used in a different application is you wish for $5650.00. Stock #e7916.e7916.1 1.04ct VVS1-I gia certe7916 cert 1.04 VVS1-I cert


October 16, 2018

Diamond circle pendant 0.25ct. tw. I1-J 10/14kt. 2.6gr. $420.00 CAD. e11444

A past, present, future trinity of diamonds wrapped in an unending vortex of shinning white gold. The meaningful trio are made up of 0.25 carats of I1-J quality round brilliant cut diamonds in the slightest graduation. The understated slider pendant measures an occasion neutral 15.6mm in diameter; allowing the wearer to carry that secret promise of two lives entwined with them wherever they go. The meaningful pendant has been strung on an upgraded 16 inch long 14 karat white gold box chain which still retains its original bright rhodium finish. Estate price $420.00 CAD. Stock #e11444.

Tiffany 2 1/2″ silver diamond key with chain $550.00 CAD. e10944

The Queen of all Tiffany Key pendants is (in our opinion) The Daisy. Measuring 2 1/2 inches long and 23mm in diameter the Daisy’s size is head turning enough. Add to that the contrasting sandblasted/high polished finish building to a vibrant round brilliant cut diamond and you’ve got what Tiffany’s describes as “a beautiful beacon of optimism and hope”. The hefty silver pendant is currently listed without a chain on Tiffany & Co.’s website for $765.00 Canadian. Tiffany sells the 16 inch sterling silver chain separately for $80.00. A September 2017 service receipt from the Bloor Street Toronto location is included along with that iconic blue travel pouch. Estate price for the chain and pendant is $550.00 CAD. Stock #e10944.

October 4, 2018

Tiffany inspired 1.16ct. tw. station necklace $2044.00 CAD. e9200

Custom made, perfect condition looking unworn. Not a scratch or scuff to be found. Original rhodium plating completely intact. Italian made 16 inch rolo style necklace connects the 7 different diamond set “stations”. 6 bezel set 0.10 carat diamonds of SI-GH quality line both sides with a larger halo diamond cluster in the middle. The centre halo contains a 0.40 carat I1-HI brilliant cut diamond surrounded by 15 high quality (VS-GH) single cut diamonds. Single cut diamonds don’t really have just a “single cut” but actually have 17 individual facets compared to 57 on a brilliant cut diamond. Single cut diamonds are seldom seen in modern jewellery designs, which is too bad. Side by side many people actually prefer the look of them in diamonds weighing under 0.02 carats. Their simple facet pattern allows bigger more distinct flashes of brilliance. Modern technology allows cutting factories to manufacture brilliant cut (57 facet) diamonds as small as 0.0033 carat. These tiny sand grain sized brilliant cut diamonds sell for more than single cuts would so factories just don’t produce many nice single cut stones. Rolex still use single cut diamonds for hour markers on their watches, and I’m pretty sure they know what looks best. Single cut diamonds also give the pendant a more convincing antique look. 1.16 carats of bright sparkle, 4.6 grams finished weight, estate priced at $2044.00. Stock #e9200.

October 3, 2018

10kt. Canadian diamond pendant & chain 0.08ct. I1-I 1.4gr. $158.00 CAD. e11448

A graceful piece from Charm Diamond Centres’ Glacier Fire collection. The draping ribbon of brightly rhodium enhanced 10 karat white gold flows elegantly down and around the Canadian diamond at its heart. The 0.08 carat I1-I quality round brilliant cut has been laser inscribed with a tiny maple leaf and unique serial number to state its glacial origins. The like new piece is accompanied by an 18 inch chain and luxurious inner and outer box. Listed on Charm’s website for $499.99, our estate price is $158.00 CAD. Stock number e11448.


10kt. brown & white diamond pendant/chain 0.25ct. tw. $368.00 CAD. e10562

Far from the traditional circle pendant this graceful interpretation turns the circle 45 degrees to the left. That asymmetrical O further exaggerates its shape with a contrast of chocolate diamonds on the outside and bright white diamonds on the inside. Those 0.25 carats of round brilliant cuts enhance the optical illusion of three dimensions while also moving the eye around the 19.6mm long by 13mm wide pendant. The 3.2 gram 10 karat yellow gold pendant is another example of yellow gold making a stylish come back. It flows easily across its 18 inch long box link chain, equipped with a sturdy spring ring clasp. Estate price $368.00 CAD. Stock #e10562

0.23ct. SI2-H diamond pendant with chain 1.5gr. 14kt. $455.00 CAD. e10594

With jewellery, more than anything else, the devil’s in the details. Working in the small scale of a diamond solitaire pendant great thought and creativity are required to distinguish such a pendant from its fellows. With a floral filigree undergallery, gracefully curved split bail, and double prong setting this pendant is quite distinguished. The 0.23 carat round brilliant cut diamond it carries is a strong SI2-H quality. The diamond is made more brilliant by the untouched rhodium that covers the 14 karat white gold. The pendant is accompanied by a delicate 16 inch long box chain. Estate price $455.00 CAD. Stock #e10594.

October 2, 2018

0.50ct. tw. I1-I2-I diamond earring pendant set 14kt. 2.9gr. $543.00 CAD. e11085

There’s nothing our service team likes more than when a piece of estate jewellery comes in that requires no work before going on the sales floor. Just a thorough high temperature ultrasonic cleaning and it’s ready to go. That goes double with  this necklace and earring set that came to us in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Even the original bright rhodium finish was 100% intact. Each piece contains three well cut, bright, graduated round brilliant diamonds of conservatively graded I1-I2-I quality, weighing an estimated 0.50 carat total weight. The diamonds are set in single shared claw settings leaving a maximum amount of uncovered diamond to sparkle without interruption. The trio is well made from 2.9 grams of 14 karat white gold. They come complete with tight friction backs and a 16 inch long delicate cable link chain. Packaged up with complimentary gift wrapping in our traditional blue and white satin gift box. The set is estate priced at only 543.00 CAD.  $60.00 per diamond including the gold never looked to good. You just can’t beat the value of our estate jewellery. Stock #e11085.

September 22, 2018

0.69ct. TW I1-KL diamond earring pendant set 4.3gr. 14kt. $910.00 CAD. e11483

Casual or dressy, this set has you covered. Thick bezel settings enhance the apparent size of these diamonds making them look far larger than the estimated total weight of 0.69 carats. The set has been well made from over 4.3 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. Reflective white rhodium plating encircles the diamonds further enhancing their appearance. Each diamond is a bright and lively well matched brilliant cut of I1 clarity with an estimated KL colour. Snug fitting friction butterfly backs secure the earrings in place. An 18 inch curb link chain slides through the large hinged bail adding an extra element of movement to the simple setting. If you’d like a longer or shorter chain we have many in stock that will have the pendant positioned exactly where you’d like it. Comes complete gift wrapped in our traditional dark blue presentation box. Like new condition and estate priced at only $910.00 CAD. Stock #e11483.

September 19, 2018

4.3gr. 14kt princess cut diamond pendant/chain 0.30ct. VS2-I $770.00 CAD. e10734

Clean and tailored design square bezel setting with princess cut diamond. A little more thought and effort was given when this pendant was put together. Instead of a simple one piece casting with rhodium enhanced areas, the pendant has been assembled from 2 sections. One part made in white gold and the other made from yellow gold. It’s a little more difficult and definitely more expensive making jewellery from multiple sections but the results are more flattering, longer lasting, more sophisticated and generally just better looking. The square, flat edged pendant contains a very good quality VS2-I princess cut diamond. Only a thin bezel covers the diamond edges allowing as much sparkle as possible while making it look much larger than the estimated 0.30 carat weight would suggest. The pendant is suspended from a square section 14 karat yellow gold foxtail chain measuring 17 inches in length. Freshly polished and looking like new the pendant/necklace are estate priced as a set for $770.00 CAD. Stock #e10734.

September 15, 2018

14kt. gold stone set cross pendant & chain 6.3gr. $420.00 CAD. e7175

Whether you look at this as a religious symbol or just an attractive pendant with an interesting shape it’s hard to deny it looks pretty cool. The modified cross pendant measures just over 2cm x 2cm (excluding bail) and is suspended from a good weight 16 inch fox tail chain with lobster catch. The 8 bead set cubic zirconia show great contrast with the sky blue imitation turquoise. Pendant and chain weigh a combined 6.3 grams and are estate priced at $420.00. From the condition of this piece I don’t think it was worn any more than a few times. Stock #e7175.


18kt. white gold heart shaped pendant $350.00 3.9gr. e9002

 e9002 Cubic zirconia pendant 18kt.The time involved in assembling an item like this can significantly affect the price. There are close to 200 tiny cubic zirconia stones (imitation diamonds) used in the construction. Each and every one of the 1.3mm diameter faceted stones have been set by hand. Assuming each stone takes a couple minutes to set, that’s about a full work day of assembly time alone. Luckily this is an estate item and the original labor cost has already been paid for by someone else. Despite not using genuine diamonds, this is a high quality piece made from 18 karat gold with a finished weight of 3.9 grams. The pendant measures almost 1.5 inches from bail to point. Made from 4 separate sections with 3 joints that allow the inner hearts to move around sparkling just like high quality diamonds. In fact cubic zirconia actually have a bit more dispersion than a genuine diamond making big ones fairly easy to spot as imitations. Tiny ones like this are actually quite hard to tell apart from diamonds and in most cases actually look better and brighter than most average quality diamonds. Estate priced at $350.00 (chain not included). Stock #e9002.

September 11, 2018

0.20ct. I1-J diamond pendant with new Italian chain 1.7gr. $347.00 CAD. e11342

This puffed up diamond slider pendant has had a bit of an identity crisis. The rim around the diamond and the inside of the pendant are rhodium plated. I’d hazard a guess someone felt they’d like it to be white instead of yellow and rhodium plated it to achieve that look. That technique isn’t effective for changing the colour of a yellow gold ring as the plating wears off quickly with regular wear. But as a pendant it would be a pretty long lasting change, and if you ever changed your mind you could polish it off. That was the case with this pendant as it came in with its rhodium removed. We’ve left it with that warm colour as we feel it makes the 0.20 carat I1-J round brilliant cut center pop. The hefty 1.7 gram slider is accompanied by a new cable link Italian made 14 karat white gold chain. Estate price $347.00 CAD. Stock #e11342

September 10, 2018

14kt. 0.20ct. diamond pendant & chain $238.00 CAD. e8520

e8520 3 stone diamond pendantThey’re not the biggest diamonds and they’re not flawless quality but for $238.00 it makes a nice presentation. At over 2.3 grams in weight this 14 karat yellow gold “snowman” style pendant/necklace is well made and in perfect condition. The I1 to I2 clarity diamonds have an average colour grade of J that looks just fine in the double gallery yellow gold setting. The ball style chain measures 16 inches long secured by a surprisingly strong spring ring clasp. Yellow gold is coming back in style and this would make a very stylish pendant for the young lady in your life. Estate priced at $238.00. Stock #e8520.e8520.1 snowman diamond pendant

September 8, 2018

0.24ct. I1-F (0.35ct. tw.) Canadian diamond pendant with chain 1.7gr. 14kt. $553.00 CAD. e11339

A little piece of the Northwest Territories encased in a timeless slider pendant. The 0.24 carat princess cut Canadian is a nice I1-F quality with a grade setting inclusion that fits perfectly into the brilliant facet pattern. The cushion shaped halo of diamonds are separated from the center with a high polish white gold inner frame, adding distinction to the crowning center. Those additional 16 round brilliant cuts bump the total carat weight up to a nice 0.35 carats. The slider and its 16 inch chain weigh together 1.7 grams and are in brand new condition maintaining their chromy rhodium finish. The diamond is laser inscribed to declare its origin and comes with a Canadian Diamond Birth Certificate. Estate price $553.00 CAD. Stock #e11339.


September 7, 2018

14kt. 0.15ct. tw. diamond heart pendant/necklace 4.3gr. $350.00 CAD. e9961

e9961-diamond-heart-pendant-necklaceEstate jewellery isn’t necessarily old and in some cases it’s never even been worn before. This piece falls somewhere in between. The heart theme is quite traditional but the design is very modern and the chain style looks like new. A double, bright cut rolo necklace measures 16 inches in length is secured by a heavy lobster catch you’d expect to see on a much heavier link. This clasp supplies way more security than this pendant requires and likely was upgraded. All the loops and connecting rings on the pendant are very robust contributing to a chunky look, it’s something similar to a creation you’d see from Tiffany. The small 11mm heart is pave set with 32 tiny single cut diamonds weighing an estimated 0.15 carats in total weight.e9961-diamond-heart-necklace-pendant-14-karat It may be small, but this is a piece of high quality construction. Made entirely in 14 karat white gold, it still retains the original factory rhodium finish. A total weight of 4.3 grams will help assure you that the $350.00 estate price is great value. Stock #e9961.

September 1, 2018

Pearl & diamond pendant 3.2gr. 0.045ct. $238.00 CAD. e10692

Sometimes we overlook the traditional little jewellery items that come in as we often showcase bigger, more expensive estate diamonds and watches. It’s easy to forget just how pretty and effective a simple design like this can be. A subtle pearl and diamond pendant is every bit as attractive compared to pieces costing many times more. You’ll see this style at pretty much every jewellery store you go to. Most try to manufacture it for the absolute lowest price resulting in a reasonable looking finished product but lacking any real value. These $99.00 10 karat gold creations have thread thin necklaces, dull pearls with a tiny opaque diamond accent. Our example almost didn’t make it to the estate pages of our website, but it deserves a few seconds of internet glory. Made to last and made to a higher standard but most of all, priced to showcase amazing value. The 6.8mm round Akoya cultured pearls has a deep, high quality soft creamy silver luster lacking any significant blemishes. A nice bright 0.045 carat round diamond of decent I1-J quality crowns the top adding a touch of twinkle. A more than adequate box link chain of 0.9mm width, 18 inches in length suspends the pendant in just the right spot. The total weight of the finished pendant/necklace is a substantial 3.2 grams. Yes it costs a lot more than $99.00 but comes with sooooo much more value. In like new condition and estate priced at $238.00 CAD. Stock #e10692.

August 26, 2018

14 karat yellow gold 3D box/pendant 2.00gr. $158.00 CAD. e11282

Who remembers what this shape is called? Having a hard time recalling all of those important things your middle school math teacher said you “needed to know”. This is a parallelogram and probably the only one you’ll ever encounter in 14 karat yellow gold! Weighing in at an exactly 2.00 grams the hand made pendant measures 20.7mm long, 17.15mm wide, and 10.1mm deep. The open wire-work box can be worn any way you imagine or threaded through the middle, allowing it to roll into different positions during wear. Use it as a pendant or keep as just an unusual object of modern art. The one of a kind quadrilateral is estate priced for $158.00 CAD. Stock #e11282.

August 16, 2018

1.00ct. tw. diamond pendant I1-HI on 20 inch chain $1260.00 CAD. e9423

e9423 1.00ct. total weight diamond pendantHow can you go wrong with a little bling on a plunging neckline. These three diamond clusters are all hinged providing a little extra movement when worn. 21 diamonds total an estimated 1.00 carat in weight and are set in a very clever method. The 6 outside smaller diamonds overlap the larger centre diamond allowing it to be secured without any prongs that would otherwise limit some of the brilliance. This setting style will have onlookers convinced you’re wearing 3 large single stones rather than 3 clusters.e9423 diamond pendant It’s safe, secure, and a much cleaner look than the typical clusters you’ve seen before. The round brilliant diamonds are very well matched. They’re bright, white little sparklers with I1 clarity and HI colour grades. Pendant section is constructed from 14 karat white gold and measures a little over an inch in length. A 20 inch 10 karat white gold curb link necklace is included. If you wish, a different style or length could be exchanged if 20 inches is a little long for your taste. Total weight of chain and pendant is 4.0 grams. Set is estate priced at $1260.00 CAD. Stock #e9423.

August 12, 2018

BIRKS Muse tear pendant 450005766027 $1797.00 CAD. e10479

Birks Muse line is inspired by the patterned grill work of their original store on St. James Street in Old Montreal in 1879. Far from the grills that decorated that ceiling this teardrop pendant is made from the very best ingredients, but what else would you expect from Birks? The 39mm long by 16.25mm wide pendant retains a delicate feel with a subtly graduated pattern. As proof of Birks’ thoughtful designs the 0.28 carats of VVS-FG round brilliant cut diamonds that circle the tear drops waist don’t actually disturb that filigree pattern; instead they create the largest point in the graduation by visually combining the two pattern halves it runs through. For a modern twist the pendant is hung from a double strand cable link chain that can be worn at 24 or 28 inches long. Even the hardware has been carefully designed with the solid rectangular bail allowing the teardrop to roll wildly during wear. The strong lobster clasp has been elegantly elongated and equipped with a swiveling end to help prevent the chain from twisting. All together the necklace consists of 10.7 grams of 18 karat white gold that still retains its untouched bright white rhodium. The like new necklace is accompanied by a luxurious Birks presentation box and is currently listed on their website for $2995.00 CAD. Our estate price $1797.00 CAD. Stock #e10479.

August 10, 2018

Diamond cross pendant & chain 0.66ct. tw. 14kt. gold $910.00 CAD. e9087

e9087 diamond set cross pendantThere’s not a single square millimeter of surface area you could possibly squeeze another diamond onto this pendant. In fact every single one of these diamonds are much smaller than 1 millimeter in size. The 187 round and square single cut diamonds are estimated to weigh 0.66 carat in total weight. They may be small in size but they’re pretty nice quality at SI clarity with an I-J colour. The square diamonds in the centre are all invisibly set with a border of claw set round stones forming the outside edges. This clever setting technique allows an unobstructed display of bling. Despite containing close to 200 diamonds the 14 karat yellow gold pendant measures just less than 1.25 inches in height (complete with large triangular chain bail). Included with purchase is a 14 karat yellow gold twisted double curb link necklace measuring 18 inches in length. Total weight of chain and pendant is 5.3 grams. To give an idea of the great value this item offers consider this. $910.00 divided by 187 diamonds makes each one cost less than $5.00 including the gold setting and chain. The necklace and pendant are in perfect condition looking unworn. No visible wear of any kind can be seen even on the chain bail where the necklace runs through. This area always shows wear over time. Have a close look at your own pendants. Chances are you’ll see a slight groove where the chain continuously slides in the connecting bail. Estate priced at just $910.00 CAD. Stock #e9087.e9087 diamond cross pendant 14 karat gold


August 7, 2018

2.70 carat total weight European cut custom pendant $3990.00 CAD. e9795


e9795-2.70ct.-total-weight-European-cut-diamond-pendantThis 1.47 carat old European cut diamond has been in our stock of loose diamonds for so long I no longer remember where it originally came from. Our goldsmiths stumbled upon it one day while looking for some antique diamonds for another custom project they were working on. Being diamond graders they were taken by how shallow the 8.18mm diameter by 3.12mm deep diamond was, almost resembling a flying saucer. Like many I2 diamonds this antique is full of small inclusions that are focused around the edge of the stone, leaving the area under the table facet relatively clean. What makes these particular inclusions unique is the way they sparkle like glitter when the diamond moves, adding life and a silver tone to the diamond that actually enhances the antique appearance. Together they decided it was too interesting to stay locked away and designed this 6.7 gram 14 karat pendant showcasing its unique characteristics. To stay true to the antique theme they hand selected four more old European cut diamonds, 12 antique Swiss cut and a single rose cut in the bail to make up the one of a kind halo. Together the diamonds make for 2.70 carats of brilliant history. The brand new custom made pendant is accompanied by a brand new 16 inch 14 karat white gold box link chain. Estate price $3990.00 CAD. Stock #e9795.e9795 2.70ct. total weight European cut diamond pendant 14 karat

August 3, 2018

14 karat diamond eternity circle pendant 0.75ct. total weight $980.00 CAD. e9802


e9802 diamond circle pendant 0.75 carat total weight 14 karat white goldMany wedding ceremonies refer to the unbroken circle that a wedding band represents, using the symbolism of a whole with no end or beginning as a parallel for the commitment made to one another. The same depth of meaning carries into the timeless diamond circle pendant. It’s always been marketed as a symbol of devotion, commitment, and oneness. Our circle pendant measures 16.3mm in diameter and contains 16 2.30mm diameter I1-I round brilliant cut diamonds. The pendant is made from 4.4 grams of brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold that virtually disappears under the 0.75 carat total weight of diamonds when viewed from the front. To not detract from the statement the circle makes, the pendant was designed with a hidden bail allowing it to slide across the 18 inch 14karat white gold Singapore style chain that accompanies it. Estate price $980.00 CAD. Stock #e9802.e9802 diamond circle pendant 14 karat 0.75ct. total weight

August 2, 2018

10-14kt. diamond heart pendant 0.20ct. tw. $266.00 CAD. e10282

e10282 10-14kt. diamond heart pendant necklace 001

Unlike the delicate, filigree covered Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspired pieces we feature as often as possible, this pendant owes its design to a technique called pavé. The heart shaped outline is literally paved with tiny diamonds, all microscopically bead set as close and tight together as possible. Electroplated over the 14 karat gold with bright white rhodium and 0.20 carats of bead set diamonds, the only yellow gold left visible makes a big statement. The yellow gold edges of the bail gently curve into scrolled arches complimenting the chain. The 14mm heart is hung from a 10 karat, yellow gold, 16 inch long, Italian made wheat link chain. Total weight for the chain and pendant are 2.5 grams. Estate price for the set is $266.00 CAD. Stock #e10282.

July 24, 2018

14kt. pearl enhancer diamond pendant 1/10th oz. 9999 fine gold 6.9gr. $525.00 CAD. e11236

The 1998 $5 fine gold coin isn’t really worth a whole lot more than its gold content making it a safe place to start for those not versed in the art of numismatics. This kind of non-collectible coin is merely a monetary place holder. Its 1/10th ounce fine gold content is worth around $160.00 CAD at the moment. That uncomplicated coin is a perfect center piece for this 14 karat yellow gold pendant. With its detailed depiction of lady liberty carrying her iconic torch of enlightenment and an olive branch of peace. The simple but well made frame has a petite round brilliant cut diamond set into each of its four corners. The hand made bail is more than suitable for any chain size but is also a hinged pearl clasp, allowing it to snap onto any bead necklace. All together the well made pendant weighs 6.9 grams, measures a total length of 33mm and is estate priced for $525.00 CAD. Stock #e11236.

July 23, 2018

1.00ct. tw. I1-IJ invisibly set princess cut pendant 14kt. 8.3gr. $1225.00 CAD. e11235

Invisible set diamonds bring a luxurious modern feel to everything they touch. The specialty cutting style allows the 27 princess cut diamonds to sit tightly against one another, creating an edge-less surface of brilliance. Those diamonds come together totaling an estimated 1.00 carat of I1-IJ sparkle. The 24.3mm long piece has been gracefully equipped with two fixed bails, which accentuate the subtle curves. Choosing to make the pendant from 8.3 grams of warm hue 14 karat yellow gold allows the diamonds to have an even bolder presence. The pendant is accompanied by a 15 inch long super sleek snake chain. Estate price $1225.00 CAD. Stock #e11235.

July 18, 2018

Morganite & diamond pendant 4.54ct. total gem weight 18kt. 5.0gr. $1820.00 CAD e10397

 The artistic principle of asymmetry is often interpreted to mean inbalance but many highly skilled artists use asymmetry to create a more interesting form of balance. Often this kind of balance pulls the eye along a predicted pathway telling a story as it goes. Ancient Japanese painters were masters of this technique using many smaller points of interest to balance the larger focal point of the work. Such is the case with this unique pendant who’s focus is obviously the brilliant oval 4.14 carat peach morganite at its heart. But to get to that morganite your eye can’t help but start at the textured diamond studded bail. It quickly follows the graceful line of high quality VS-HI round brilliant cut diamonds finally ending in a playful swirl. That 0.40 carat total weight curving trail of diamonds is set into sturdy 18 karat rose gold that perfectly matches the tone of the sparkling morganite. All told this artistic piece of jewellery weighs 5 grams and hangs freely from a delicate 18 inch chain. Estate price $1820.00 CAD. Stock #e10397.

July 13, 2018

14 karat white gold necklace with diamond ball pendant $560.00 CAD. e8756

e8756 diamond ball pendant necklaceIt’s a mini disco ball for your neck. 18 tiny little diamonds sparkle as the 10mm round pendant rolls on your neck. A round foxtail chain 16 inches long should place the ball just under the collar bones. This is a very contemporary design in new condition. A combined weight of 8.4 grams should give you some idea of the value this piece offers. A basic Italian made chain of this weight could easily sell for $800.00 or more. When you add a separate hand set diamond pendant the value really becomes apparent. Even though the diamond weight is only around 0.07 carat in total, they are big enough to be noticed and add the finishing touch to the pendant. A sturdy and secure lobster catch is easy to use and much stronger than a basic spring ring. Estate priced at $560.00 CAD. Stock #e8756.e8756.1 diamond ball pendant and chain

July 8, 2018

0.25ct. tw. I1-J diamond pendant/necklace 3.6gr. 14kt. 18″ $511.00 CAD. e11065

When it comes to pendants there are certain shapes and designs that are just perfect for the feminine form. This wishbone design is very flattering on an open neck when positioned just below the collar bones. The smooth organic shape looks like fluid in motion. A bezel set 0.20 carat round brilliant diamond of I1-J quality is the focal point, while a crescent shaped arrangement of 11 tiny round diamonds look as if they are keeping the whole assembly from opening up. Sometimes jewellery designers just nail it with a style and in my opinion this one has it. The rest of the necklace is pretty standard stuff. 3.6 grams in total weight including the 16 inch cable link white gold necklace with spring ring clasp. Brand new condition, ready to be presented in our blue with white satin presentation gift box. Estate priced at $511.00 CAD. Stock #e11065.


July 7, 2018

14kt. 0.50ct. tw. diamond pendant & chain I1-HI 3.0gr. $473.00 CAD. e10509

People’s Jewellers Past, Present, Future series has been a staple line for them for decades. With this graduated quad diamond cluster pendant they’ve up the symbolism. The smallest four princess cut cluster represents the past, with the medium sized cluster for the present, and the largest representing the future; a symbol of the bright future ahead of you both. All together, including the accent diamonds in the bail and between each cluster, the pendant is set with 0.50 carats of sparkling I1-HI diamonds. The 30mm long symbolic statement piece is made from 3 grams of 14 karat white gold still retaining its original chrome white rhodium finish. Accompanying the pendant is an 18 inch long petite box link chain with spring ring catch. As with every estate piece it comes in our blue and white satin presentation box with complimentary gift wrapping if you wish. Estate price $473.00 CAD. Stock #e10509.

July 4, 2018

Diamond pendant/ring set 0.45ct. tw. 14kt. 9.4gr. $980.00 CAD (sold separately). e11163 e11162

Despite the turning tides of fashion a lot of people still view yellow gold as old fashion; the yellow in this set is anything but. That David Yurman inspired rolling yellow gold rope edge frame winds around both cushion tops and down the rings shoulders. Bisecting and bracketing the brilliance of a combined 0.45 carats of I1-HI single cut diamonds and adding interest by contrast. The striking set is made from 9.4 grams of 14 karat rhodium enhanced white gold and warm yellow gold. The ring is currently a finger size 6 3/4 with some room to adjust. The pendant hangs from an 18 inch long 14 karat yellow gold chain with a sturdy spring ring catch. Both are in unworn condition. Sold separately for the estate prices of $420.00 for the pendant and $560.00 CAD for the ring. Stock #e11162 (pendant) and #e11163 (ring).

Pendant has been sold.

July 1, 2018

14 karat gold diamond cross $1000.00 CAD. e7850

e7850 diamond crossThis is a large and heavy pendant measuring just under 6cm in height weighing 17.7 grams. The yellow and white gold design appears hand made and tests approximately 14 karat gold. The large hinged bail is big enough to hold all but the heaviest chain you may have. 36 round brilliant cut diamonds decorate the centre and have an estimated total weight of 0.50 carats with a average quality of I1-J. Estate priced at $1000.00 CAD. Stock #e7850.

0.66ct. total weight diamond heart pendant $470.00 CAD. e6267

Simple and classic heart shaped diamond set pendant. The 22 round brilliant cut diamonds weigh 0.66 carats (total weight). The 10 karat yellow gold pendant is suspended by a 16 inch light rope chain. The total weight is 3.3 grams. The diamond quality is average at I1-K but look quite nice for the estate price of $470.00. That’s less than $22.00 per diamond. Stock #e6267.

June 28, 2018

18kt/plat. German made jewellery $2000.00 CAD (set only). e10217

When you hear ‘German made’ the first thing that pops into mind is efficiency and quality, and for good reason. Many German designers and goldsmiths have a dislike for white and rose gold as it is not a true form of gold, which only occurs yellow naturally. They prefer to use materials in their true forms, so it comes as no surprise that this set be made from 20 grams of top quality 18 karat yellow gold and grey white platinum. The uber modern three piece set is unlike anything we’ve showcased, allowing for a nearly endless combination of parts, creating a nearly endless variety of looks; limited only by the imagination of the wearer. The innovation of each piece is hidden in the details of closures and precision finishes, the more time you spend with the set the more you’ll marvel at the inventiveness of German engineering. The designer has used rubber cord and synthetic geometric coloured gems accents to bring colour, texture, and variety to each piece. For a finishing touch the tip of the pin bar has been flush set with sparkling round brilliant cut diamond. Estate price for the set $2000.00 CAD. Stock #e10217.

June 26, 2018

0.37ct. VS2-I bezel set diamond pendant & chain 3.3gr. $963.00 CAD. e10308

The basic bezel setting is perfect for the person who likes a simple design that can be worn with 24/7 comfort. The sleek, protective rim of 14 karat yellow gold eliminates the possibility of catching on hair and clothing that can arise from a claw setting. This particular bezel also happens to be permanently attached to the 16 inch long curb link chain that accompanies it. For lighter chains this can be a problem as the chain can wear out where it is attached to the pendant. Not an issue for this combo as the curb link is quite strong and robust. The benefit to this style is the integrated look blends perfectly with the bezel setting. The 16 inch total length should showcase  the 0.37 carat VS2-I round brilliant cut diamond just below the collar bones. Estate price $963.00 CAD. Stock #e10308.


0.17ct. I1-H diamond pendant & necklace 14kt. 1.6gr. $187.50 CAD. e11260

This petite powerhouse of a diamond pendant definitely deserves today’s spotlight. Not because it carries any particularly exceptional diamond, although the very good cut 0.17 carat round brilliant cut is a super looking I1-H quality. It is almost completely clean except for 2 inclusions close to the edge at 12:00 and 8:00. The rest of the diamond sparkles brilliantly. Some I1 diamonds look waaaaaay better than others. I don’t think you’ll find a more attractive I1 than this example. The grade setting inclusion is mostly visible only when looking up from the bottom as seen in this photomicrograph. At this price point you simply can’t go wrong. When quality and price overlap like this the value is exceptional. Though we have a passion for big diamonds and take great pride in being a part of those major diamond milestones like graduations, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. We also want to be your first diamond, that special piece from a parent, grandparent or partner that you treasure forever. This delicate 1.6 gram 14 karat 16 inch yellow gold necklace is ready to be the beginning of a lifetime of milestones for the estate price of only $187.50 CAD. Stock #e11260.

June 21, 2018

0.50ct. tw. I1-H diamond pendant & necklace 14kt 3.8gr. $700.00 CAD. e10922

Forget that this pendant is one of the prettiest in the store right now; look at it like an objective appraiser would. Just the facts: 34 round brilliant cut diamonds that equal an estimated 0.50 carat total weight (2 diamonds are 0.15 carat each) all of nice looking bright I1-H quality. Weight of 3.8 grams, 14 karat white gold construction including the Italian made 18 inch box link necklace with sturdy lobster clasp. From this information it’s pretty easy for us to come up with an idea of what a competitive replacement value would be. From there apply a nice discount given the estate nature of the pendant and voila, you have the type of pricing that frustrates other jewellers and keeps our clients coming back. The navette shaped pendant measures 12.1mm x 7.3mm and looks like a single diamond of around 2.50 carats. The small diamonds are set so closely together you’d swear it was just a single stone. The pendant is suspended from a fluted bail that allows for some extra movement. Great looking design with that super popular halo look. Excellent condition and estate priced at only $700.00 CAD. Stock #e10922.

June 20, 2018

Harley owners group 10 karat yellow gold pendant $175.00 CAD. e8737

e8738 Harley owners group 10kt gold pendantWell over 1 million members located in over 100 countries around the world make up the Harley owners group. The membership organizes many ride related rallies that often raise money for various charities including their official cause of Muscular Dystrophy. Almost every community that has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealership also has a H.O.G. chapter sponsored by the dealership. I’m sure some of our customers wouldn’t mind having a little pendant like this one. It could be added to a charm bracelet or perhaps to the key ring of your favorite ride. The pendant looks like new, cast from over 2.4 grams of 10 karat gold, measuring 19.2mm x 13.5mm. The back of the pendant has a flat finish that could be engraved with your motorcycles serial number or a special message. The high quality pendant shows great detail. A Sandblasted background with polished highlights and frame provide excellent contrast. Estate price $175.00 CAD. Stock #e8737.



June 19, 2018

0.70ct. tw. I1-I diamond earring/pendant set 5.1gr. 14kt. $1050.00 CAD. e10968

Casual or dressy, this set has you covered. Thick bezel settings enhance the apparent size of these diamonds making them look far larger than the estimated total weight of 0.70 carats. The set has been well made from over 5 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. A reflective white rhodium plating circles the diamonds further enhancing their appearance. Each diamond is a bright and lively well matched brilliant cut of solid I1 clarity with an I colour. The earrings have been upgraded with threaded posts and backs for added security. An 18 inch cable link chain slides through a hidden bail on the pendant that keep the focus on the simple setting. If you’d like a longer or shorter chain we have many in stock to have the pendant positioned exactly where you’d like it. Comes complete gift wrapped in our traditional blue and white satin presentation box. Like new condition and estate priced at $1050.00 CAD. Stock #e10968.

June 18, 2018

Oval diamond pendant 0.66ct. tw. VS-H 5.7gr. 14kt. $1120.00 CAD. e10576

With quality ingredients and thoughtful design this pendant takes the circle necklace to a luxurious new level. Opting for a more oval shape with a curved, undulating surface the piece immediately draws the eye for its uniqueness. Then the curved surface was completely covered with petite pave set diamonds of high VS-H quality. Those 136 hand set single cut diamonds come together for a 0.66 carats of total weight that sparkle from every direction. Made from 5.7 grams of brightly rhodium finished 14 karat white gold the pendant measures 22mm long by 21mm wide. Even it’s reverse side has been decorated with an oval themed lattice work. Thanks to a hidden bail the pendant slides freely across the sturdy 18 inch white gold chain that accompanies it. Estate price $1120.00 CAD. Stock #e10576.

18kt. gold 2.00ct sapphire & diamond heart necklace $3500.00 CAD. e9439


e9439 18 karat sapphire and diamond heart pendantCheckerboard is a pattern that has been used for every application imaginable including jewellery, but I’ve never seen it done this well. Imagine the time it took to custom cut 1.00 carat of VS-G or better diamonds plus 1.00 carat of top quality corn flower blue sapphires to fit into this heart shaped invisible set pendant. It would have been a meticulous task but well worth the effort considering the finished result. The sparkling white and blue pattern is made even more eye catching being set in warm 18 karat yellow gold. This is a very high quality item with the kind of colour you rarely see. Words can hardly describe the quality of these sapphires. You NEED to come in and see it in person. Suspended from from an 18 inch long fancy bar link chain the set weighs 7.50 grams in total. Estate price $3500.00 CAD. Stock #e9439.e9439 diamond and sapphire pendant


June 7, 2018

Custom made 8.86ct. white topaz & diamond pendant $1540.00 CAD. e9304


Believe it or not this is actually the same stone. What used to be a soft reddish brown imperial topaz has turned into a very pale ever so slightly blue topaz. Exposure to sunlight through our triple pane laminated showcase/window glass caused the natural brown colour to permanently fade to the new pale blue hue you now see. A couple of pictures just doesn’t do this piece of jewellery justice. The large 8.86 carat imperial topaz sparkles and glitters so much more than still photographs can possibly show. Measurements of 14.3mm x 12.3mm should ensure this exotic stone won’t be overlooked. The big brilliant gem made the floral design setting a logical choice. Our goldsmiths came up with this fantastic lighthearted idea to showcase the large estate topaz. Soft scalloped edges and a string of tiny brilliant cut diamonds confirm the organic natural inspired design. Even the large hinged bail has been given the diamond treatment. 39 small brilliant cut diamonds weighing an estimated 0.33 carat of SI-HI quality form the frame and bail. The low double gallery setting was crafted using 14 karat white gold and weighs 7.0 grams. We love producing this type of jewellery. It’s always fun and refreshing for our team, as it pushes their creative ideas in a different direction from the often requested custom ring. If you have an interesting gem that just isn’t being worn often enough, bring it in and let’s be inspired together to create something exceptional. By the way, as the reddish brown imperial topaz this pendant was worth well over $3000.00. As the new pale blue common topaz the price is now about half (oops). Don’t leave your imperial topaz in direct sunlight as they can sometime fade. The pendant is estate priced not including chain at $1540.00. Stock #e9304.e9304.1 imperial topaz and diamond pendant


June 6, 2018

1881 & 1906 U.S. $5.00 coin pendants your choice $700.00 CAD each. e10438 e10439

 This is one very cool jewellery item. Each of these 90% pure gold coins are well over 100 years old, dating from 1881 and 1906. They’ve been expertly modified for use as jewellery. An attractive 4 petal, floral design bail was delicately soldered to each of the 21.6mm diameter coins. The craftsman who attached the 22 karat yellow gold bails did so with great care, making sure the gold solder didn’t bleed into the fine surface details. The large sturdy bail enables the coins to be worn on a variety of large chain or cord style necklaces. Don’t worry too much about the diminished numismatic coin collector value because of the modification. These are both relatively common coins with close to 8 million examples being struck. Each coin pendant weighs an average of 9.69 grams and contains approximately $475.00 CAD worth of gold (at current market price). As a suggestion we are showing the pendants on a black rubber and leather cord necklace with sterling silver clasps. The cord necklaces are available in a variety of lengths,colours and gauges. We are including one of these necklace options with the purchase of either coin for no extra charge. Each coin pendant and necklace is estate priced at $700.00 CAD. Stock #s e10438 and e10439.


June 3, 2018

Two tone 18kt. gold dog tag pendant 7.2gr. $560.00 CAD. e10937

Considering the purely functional origins of the dog tag pendant it’s delightful to see how high it can be elevated in the hands of the right designer. The 21.4mm x 17.4mm soft edged rectangular tag has been skillfully inlayed with three strips of white gold. The results of which are a subtle contrast to the warm 18 karat yellow gold that makes up the rest of the tag. The oversized fluted bail measures 9.85mm x 5.30mm inside, with clearance for most any chain. Leave it to the Italian masters to turn function into fashion with a white gold ball ended bar hinge. What could have been a simple connection joint is now a main feature of the pendant’s aesthetic. High polished and ready for a personalized engraving the 7.2 gram pendant would make a thoughtful, one of a kind gift. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e10937

May 28, 2018

10-14kt. LeVian chocolate/white diamond pendant 0.50ct. tw. $700.00 CAD. e11314

I’m sure you’ve heard of Chocolate diamonds but did you know that term actually belongs to LeVian? They trademarked the term and built their brand around it, expanding the flavor based theme to create a language for their jewellery they call Levianese. Their description for this particular pendant would be Vanilla and Chocolate diamonds set into Strawberry gold. It’s a unique approach to brand building and it seems to be working for them. Their X pendant is meant to “seal your style with a kiss”. It’s listed with a more delicate chain on Macy’s website for $2200.00 USD on sale for Memorial Day at $780.79 USD. The initial price of $2200.00 seams extremely high in my opinion given the value of the individual components and costs to manufacture the finished item. Unrealistic discounts are one way of promoting value but our policy is offering our best value all the time. The pendant measures 23.45mm long and 10.5mm wide. The statement making pendant is set with 0.50 carats of flavorful round brilliant cut diamonds. Well made from 3.2 grams of 14 karat Strawberry gold (4.6 grams total weight) the pendant slides freely along an 18 inch, 10 karat rose gold chain. Our estate price for the pendant with necklace is $700.00 CAD. Stock #e11314.

May 22, 2018

Mother of pearl & diamond pendant earring set 0.33ct. tw. 28.6gr. 18kt. $3150.00 CAD. e10772

This has got to be the most elegant “dog tag” style pendant we’ve ever had come through our estate department. We see them pretty often in silver and occasionally in 10 or 14 karat gold, but never have we had one made from rich premium 18 karat Italian gold. The pendant measures 30mm x 19mm, containing 10 iridescent hand cut mother of pearl inlaid sections along with 14 bead set single cut diamonds of high VS-GH quality. The pendant is integrated into an 18 inch flexible bar link necklace. Every joint and pivot point throughout the necklace look like new showing no wear of any kind. Accompanying the necklace is a pair of matching clip on earrings. The earrings are equipped with strong spring loaded backs. If you have pierced ears we can easily convert them using the original hinged spring backs and welding on new 18 karat gold posts. Much thought has been given to the design and manufacture of this set. The earring backs have used 18 karat white gold to form the friction sections because of its superior spring quality compared to yellow gold. This set was made as exercise in high quality design as nice as any jewellery available. Between the earrings and pendant there are 50 small single cut diamonds that total an estimated 0.33 carats. The earrings and pendant weigh close to 1 full troy ounce at 28.6 grams. They are being sold as a set only for the estate price of $3150.00 CAD. Stock #e10772.

May 18, 2018

14kt. white gold 1.00ct. tw. earring & necklace set $1190.00 CAD. e9694

e9694 diamond earrings and pendantThere’s nothing our repair staff like more than a piece of estate jewellery that requires no work before going out to the sales floor. That goes double with for this necklace and earring set that came to us in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Even the original bright rhodium finish was 100% intact. Each piece contains three well cut, bright, graduated round brilliant diamonds of I1-I quality weighing an estimated 1.00 carat total weight. The diamonds are bezel set at three levels so their girdles overlap, leaving no empty space to break up the sparkle. The trio is well made from 3.6 grams of 14 karat white gold. They come complete with tight friction backs and a 16 inch long delicate curb link chain. Packaged up with complimentary gift wrapping the set is estate priced at $1190.00 CAD. Stock #e9694.e9694 snowman diamond earrings and pendant

May 12, 2018

0.40ct. tw. I1-I diamond circle pendant 3.7gr. 14kt. $525.00 CAD. e10588

Circle pendants are designated from one another by quality and subtlety of design, this 22.5mm diameter circle has a subtle but useful design feature. Its gallery has been made to graduate as it travels up toward the chain making the ring of diamonds angle on a slight downward slope. That slope balances the opposing slope of the collar bone so the circle sits perfectly level during wear. The feature also allows for a variety of different chain sizes. The 0.40 carats of round brilliant cut I1-I diamonds are set off by thin rhodium enhanced 14 karat white gold rails. The pendant slides freely across a strong cable link 16 inch chain which also retains an untouched chromy rhodium plating. Necklace and pendant weigh a combined 3.7 grams. Estate price $525.00 CAD. Stock #e10588

May 10, 2018

2.00ct. tw. diamond circle pendant 14kt. gold $2030.00 CAD. e9025

e9025 diamond circle pendantAt 2.00 carats total weight this could be the biggest estate diamond circle pendant that we have ever had. The circle pendant is no longer just a trend, it has become a mainstay item for many people and is still one of the better selling designs. Measuring 33mm diameter this one will be hard not to notice. It’s just a little bigger than a Canadian $1.00 coin.e9025 circle diamond pendant Made from 4.8 grams of upgraded 14 karat white gold and hand set with 3 dozen well matched round brilliant cut diamonds of a pleasing I1-I quality. Not flawless but bright, white and full of sparkle. The circle pendant is suspended from a 16 inch 14 karat white gold Italian made cable link necklace. Both the pendant and necklace are in perfect condition showing no wear of any kind. Estate price $2030.00 CAD. Stock #e9025.

May 9, 2018

18kt. diamond cross & chain 16″ 2.9gr. 0.40ct. tw. VS-G $840.00 CAD. e11114

Is it possible to be flashy and understated?  This diamond studded, brightly rhodium plated, 18 karat white gold cross somehow manages to pull off both. Its 18.0mm long by 13.5mm wide span is covered in 0.40 carats of high quality VS-G baguette cut diamonds. As is the case with baguettes the 10 bar set stones throw vibrant slivers of geometric white and spectral light. Their light show is comparatively calm compared to the blinding brilliance of round brilliant cut diamonds. Couple that with a hidden bail, low-key setting style, and clean design lines gives you a diamond studded cross that’s elegantly understated. The cross is well paired with a geometric 16 inch long box chain with over-sized lobster clasp for easy fastening. Estate price for this high quality, never worn piece $840.00 CAD. Stock #e11114.

May 7, 2018

0.50 carat SI1-OP 14 karat diamond necklace $973.00 CAD. e8224

Remarkably bright and lively diamond despite the OP colour grade if fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was lower than a OP colour. At that grade level it makes little difference in overall value. It really does look nice and the warm pale brown colour is actually very attractive. The diamond is very well cut with excellent proportions measuring 5.2mm x 3.2mm. Set in a traditional 14 karat white gold crown setting suspended from a 20 inch 14 karat white gold necklace. The pendant and chain weigh a combined 2.4 grams. Estate priced at $973.00 CAD. Stock #e8224.

May 6, 2018

0.30ct. I1-I Canadian diamond pendant 2.9gr. 10/14kt. $560.00 CAD. e11666

It’s possible to get a significant sized Canadian diamond pendant and chain you can be proud of for only $560.00 if you know where to shop. The minimalist 3 prong 14 karat setting does a great job flattering the 4.35mm diameter diamond. Pendents don’t see a lot of wear and tear, it comes as no surprise that this one is in like new condition. Comes complete with a 10 karat yellow gold 16 inch twisted serpentine necklace. The bright and lively diamond is estimated to weigh 0.30 carat and is of I1 clarity with an I colour. Pendant and chain weigh a total of 2.9 grams. Like all Canadian diamonds this one has a unique registration number microscopically laser engraved along the girdle edge. Estate priced at just $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11666.


May 5, 2018

18kt. sapphire earrings & pendant 8.00ct. tw. 10.0gr. $840.00 CAD. e11070

Sapphires have a distinct kind of inclusion called fingerprints. As you can imagine, under magnification these inclusions look like fingerprints. They’re caused when the sapphire is forming, fractures, and then heals, forming this radial pattern. You’ll run into minor fingerprints in faceted sapphires but when sapphires contain many inclusions they’re often cut into smooth cabochons. This trio of well matched cabochons contain many layers of fingerprints which do something quite unique. As the light is bent through the surface of each gem it hits those fingerprints and flashes back, creating areas of rolling blue brilliance reminiscent of moonstones adularescence. Those flashes stand out sharply from the darker blue depths of the combined 8 carats of sapphire. The three natural sapphires are a little suspicious to us. We feel their deep blue colour has been artificially enhanced by a  some sort of diffusion dye treatment. As suspected treated stones, we’ve assigned no value as a factor in pricing the set. Each sapphire has been bezel set in hand made top quality 18 karat white gold bezels. Each equipped with either a sturdy bail or strong posts with large friction backs. The pendant is suspended from a 16 inch long Italian made square wheat chain maintaining its sparkling white rhodium finish. Being sold as a set only for the estate price of $840.00 CAD. Stock #e11070.


May 4, 2018

4.00ct. tw. SI1-H diamond heart pendant 13.4gr. $5,250.00 CAD. e10461

Hand made and certainly one of a kind this angel wing inspired heart doubles up on symbolism. The 61 hand set baguette cut diamonds act as iridescent white feathers, throwing slivers of every coloured light. The addition of the diamond set hinged bail brings the total carat weight of the pendant up to a nice tidy estimated 4.00 carats of very nice SI1-HI baguette cuts. That unique bail also allows the pendant to be worn on a strand of pearls or precious beads. Measuring a statement making 37mm long the free swinging 14 karat yellow gold piece will be a meaningful addition to any collection. Estate price $5,250.00 CAD. Stock #e10461


April 5, 2018

10kt. amethyst & diamond necklace/pendant 3.8gr. $175.00 CAD. e11222

Despite the weather in southern Ontario the calendar says spring arrived more than 2 weeks ago. Even if it’s well below freezing today, maybe this little butterfly amethyst and diamond pendant will help get you into a springtime frame of mind. The warmer months never seem to last long enough. If there is anyway of extending the feeling, even if only in a psychological manner we’ll give it a shot. 20 plus inches in length, 10 karat yellow gold, 3.8 grams in total weight, one tiny diamond bead set in the butterfly and of course those 2 rich purple amethyst drops. The amethysts measure 8mm diameter and each weigh around 4 carats. The amethyst and butterfly are suspended from a popular style cable link chain that is very sturdy yet infinitely flexible. A slight diamond cut bevel has been machined into the oval links giving the entire necklace length a subtle little twinkle when the chain rolls on the neck. It’s a fun little piece in great condition and estate priced at only $175.00 CAD. Stock #e11222.


April 4, 2018

Tiffany Snowflake pendant & chain sterling silver $150.00 CAD. e11537

Are you trying to cultivate an optimistic outlook on our harsh and heavy winters? Perhaps a reminder of the intricate and impermanent little crystals that make up those magical winter nights will help. Staring at this over sized silver representation you can almost imagine yourself, enclosed in a heavy down coat, listening to the whisper quite impact of snowflakes falling lazily from the clouds. Measuring 25mm wide this solid silver snowflake is still smaller than the largest single crystal flake ever recorded (76.2mm from tip to tip). The Tiffany and Co. staple pendant has been retired and replaced by this years model but the impression is still the same. The pendant is strung from Tiffany’s signature cable link chain measuring 18 inches long. Estate price $150.00 CAD. Stock #e11537.


March 27, 2018

14kt. Mickey Mouse pendant on Birks chain 3.9gr. $333.00 CAD. e11453

Here’s hoping we don’t shortly get a cease and desist letter from the all powerful Walt Disney Company as this miniature Mickey is a licensed representation. He proudly displays his copyright across his back and from his quality its not surprising he was produced in house! Including the chain he weighs in at an impressive 3.9 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. He is quite heavy considering his mere 18mm stature. Mr. Mouse is coincidentally celebrating his 90th birthday this year! To do this nonagenarian the justice he deserves we’ve attached him to a high quality 14 karat yellow gold Birks chain with a sturdy lobster clasp for easy fastening. Estate price for Mickey and chain $333.00 CAD. Stock #e11453.


March 11, 2018

14kt. white gold “V” diamond necklace 0.15 carats $1,200.00 CAD. e8303

e8303 14kt white gold "V" diamond necklaceThe “V” necklace is a very flattering design that looks great with any low neckline outfit. The hinged joints allow the piece to follow every contour and also keep the links from rolling. The 14 karat white gold necklace weighs over 20 grams.  A 0.15 carat diamond centre piece I1-J quality secured in a simple bezel setting completes the look. Measuring 17 inches long and secured by a tight fitting and secure plunger clasp with side safety catch. This item is in like new condition still retaining the original manufactures rhodium plating. Estate price $1,200.00 CAD. Stock #e8303.e8303.1 diamond "V" necklace


March 5, 2018

10kt. Canadian made locket & chain 8.6gr. $480.00 CAD. e10508

Robust is hardly a word you’d associate with a locket as they are often made extremely light and delicate. In the case of this 40.5mm long by 18.5mm wide locket robust is a very appropriate description. Weighing a substantial 6.9 grams the 10 karat yellow gold piece is still hollow, as it needs to be a practical weight but it has been very well made. It’s no surprise that it was made in Canada. Most pendants of this size would weight only around 3 grams or so. The tear drop shaped locket is in brand new condition and comes accompanied by a 20 inch long box link chain. Chain and pendant weigh a combined 8.6 grams. A beautiful keepsake for the estate price of $480.00 CAD. Stock #e10508.


March 1, 2018

Tiffany diamond mini cross & chain 18kt. $980.00 CAD. e10927

 Typical of Tiffany to pour so much thought, effort and quality into something this petite and delicate. Something most manufacturers would build from lower quality ingredients because at this size “no one will notice quality”. But you really can tell. Even though the pendant contains only 0.03 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds they’re of such high quality and cut your eye is instantly drawn in by their brilliance. The petite powerhouse is of course made solidly from top quality 18 karat white gold with its original chromy rhodium plating completely intact. The pendant hangs from a 16 inch Tiffany rolo chain, their signature, with a medium spring ring clasp for easy fastening. Also accompanying the pendant is a Tiffany & Co. travel pouch. Listed on Tiffany’s website for $1400.00. Our estate price for this like new condition necklace is $980.00 Canadian. Stock #e10927


February 21, 2018

10 karat yellow gold Cameo brooch/pendant $420.00 CAD. e8212

e8212 Cameo 10ktWhen I think of estate jewellery this is an item that immediately comes to mind. Hand carved shell cameos like this really showcase the art of jewellery and the skill of the craftsman in one piece. Each shell has different levels of colour that can be used to shade or highlight areas of the image. The example in this 10 karat yellow gold version is a more traditional theme of a woman’s profile. This piece was selected for today’s post not only for the quality of the carving but the quality of the bezel setting and frame. The frame itself has a nice example of hand engraving around the entire circumference. The rope work edging with mill grain detail are time consuming elements not always seen in antique jewellery. The Canadian department store Eatons sold this item originally at a time when they were known for some high end products. The brooch can also be worn as a pendant by using the hidden fold out bail. Weighing 11.3 grams in total and measuring 40.0mm x 31.5mm the cameo is estate priced at $420.00 CAD. Stock #e8212.


February 19, 2018

Hand made 0.45ct. I1-H diamond pendant & chain 4.3gr. $980.00 CAD. e8926

High quality construction in 14 karat white gold with a beautiful hand engraved wheat pattern and milgrain edges. The wishbone design resembles two crossed feathers. Looking almost spiritual in nature the pendant was most certainly a commissioned custom piece. The highlight of the pendant is of course the twinkling round brilliant cut diamond nestled gently between the feathers. Weighing just a little less than half of a carat its size throws an ample display of brilliance and dispersion. Perhaps by chance but I prefer to think it was done more by design; the I1 clarity designation was determined because of a white “feather” type inclusion. The feather inclusion is difficult to see without magnification but it is there paying homage to the overall theme. Included with purchase is a brand new 16 inch rolo style necklace made by UnoAerre Italy. Necklace and pendant weigh a combined 4.3 grams. The pendant looks like new showing little evidence of any use. The bail doesn’t show even the slightest groove from where the chain runs through. If the supplied 16 inch chain is a little short we’d gladly exchange it for something a little longer. Pendant and necklace are estate priced as a set for $980.00 CAD. Stock #e8926.


February 15, 2018

0.24ct. I1-H diamond pendant & chain 10/14kt. 1.2gr. $225.00 CAD. e11454

This isn’t one of those diamond pendants you see at the local discount jeweller that looks more like frozen spit than a sparkling diamond. Truth is it’s a pleasant looking round brilliant cut diamond measuring a very visible 4.0mm diameter. We’ve estimated the weight at just under 1/4 carat. The vertical white feather on the right hand side sets the I1 clarity grade and we’ve estimated the colour at a very nice H. It dazzles and twinkles better than any $225.00 diamond solitaire pendant ought to. For only $225.00 it comes set in a robust 14 karat white gold double gallery setting suspended from a 16 inch 10 karat white gold chain. The finished weight of the pendant and chain is 1.2 grams. This estate pendant is priced under its new replacement wholesale cost. Come in and have a look at the sort of value our estate jewellery offers. Estate priced at only $225.00 CAD. Stock #e11454.


February 10, 2018

14kt. gold heart shaped locket & chain 6.8gr. $490.00 CAD. e10775

Lockets have been a popular keepsake jewellery item for hundreds of years. Hand painted or engraved portraits decorated these sentimental trinkets long before the advent of photography. This yellow gold hinged example is made from upgraded 14 karat yellow gold. If you open the heart there is ample room to fit a couple of your favorite pictures on a miniature scale. With the digital scanning technology available today it’s easy to do over and over again with any picture. You don’t need risk hurting an original priceless family photograph anymore. Lockets can really bring out the emotions, especially a heart shaped one with the right pictures inside. This is one gift item with a really high tear coefficient. That’s what jewellery is all about, connecting a special occasion with a powerful emotion connection. The locket is suspended from a brand new 14 karat yellow gold Italian made 18 inch box link necklace weighing 1.45 grams. The highly polished backside is able to be engraved with a special message. Excellent overall condition showing no evidence of wear. The total weight of chain and pendant is 6.8 grams. Estate priced at $490.00 CAD. Stock #e10775.


February 2, 2018

10gr. 20gr. 999 fine gold spot+4%. 14kt. frames $137.00 & $207.00 CAD. e11590 e11589

Sometimes you can make a pretty convincing argument that jewellery can be an investment. In this case there is no doubt these pendants are a wearable investment. Most of the value in the two pendants comes in the form of pure gold wafers that are sold tax free. The only sales tax we need to collect is on the portion of value the 14 karat yellow gold frames represent ($137.00 and $207.00). Each wafer is made by Credit Suisse. This giant Swiss multinational investment banking company has been around since the mid 1800s and had revenues approaching 30 billion dollars last year. If you ever want to sell a wafer the threaded bale can simply be unwound to release the bar. This method of securing the fine gold ensures it doesn’t get contaminated with solder. It also allows us to sell you the individual parts so the sales tax only needs to be collected on the frame section. At current gold levels ($1560.00 CAD) the wafers are worth $520.00 and $1040.00 including our 4% markup. If your a gold bug buy them both as a his and hers set. They are also available for purchase separately. Stock #e11589 and #e11590. Please add 2% for credit card purchase.



January 16, 2018

Tiffany Heart pendant on 34 inch ball chain sterling silver $204.00 CAD. e11452

Tiffany has very recently started to reinvent their iconic Return to Tiffany heart charm, embellishing it with graffiti like accents, zodiac symbols, and splashes of bright colour. But there’s nothing like the original and the over sized pendant makes a classic statement all its own. Measuring 30mm  length the heavy heart shaped tag is accompanied by an extra long 34 inch Tiffany ball chain with lobster clasp. The sterling silver set is listed on Tiffany’s website for $350.00 Canadian. Our estate price including its little pouch $204.00 CAD. Stock #e11452.



January 11, 2018

Art Nouveau seed pearl & blue glass pendant/brooch 14kt. 5.7gr. $560.00 CAD. e11226

It is becoming a fairly common occurrence for items well over a century old to pass through our estate department and it’s such a treat to showcase them. Not only do we get to handle pieces that belong in museum cases but we get to explore first hand the techniques used by goldsmiths of the 1800s. Artistic masters who were creating highly technical works without half of the equipment available to modern jewellers. Pieces made in this time period don’t carry the price points of most diamond encrusted platinum Art Deco items. Often featuring brightly coloured glass as their center pieces and decorated with petite seed pearls. Considering their age they sometimes need some refurbishing but for us it is a labor of love. To give something so beautiful a second chance at life with someone who appreciates its history as much as we do is well worth the work. This medallion brooch/pendant is a radial and intricate flower, hand made from 5.7 grams of rich 14 karat yellow gold. The 27mm diameter statement pendant will make a stunning conversation piece. Estate price $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11226.


January 5, 2018

Genuine amethyst purse charm/pendant with diamond 14kt. $210.00 CAD. e11262

Every major fashion house has shown some version of a quilted purse or clutch. The timeless textile has been done in a range of colours and materials over multiple fashion eras. I’m sure you’ve never encountered one made from, genuine amethyst. The hand carved gemstone rolls from a soft pastel purple to the more traditional royal tone during wear. Accented with a warm 14 karat yellow gold frame and handle. It is finished with a petite diamond buckle, bezel set in white gold. It could be worn as a charm on a bracelet or pendant. A purse that’ll make Barbie green with envy for the estate price of $210.00 CAD. Stock #e11262.


December 31, 2017

10kt. cross pendant 41mm x 28mm 4.6gr. $228.00 CAD. e10685

The cross is the most recognized symbol of Christianity. This interpretation is just about as basic as possible. The only subtle design detail is the polished 45 degree bevel along every edge. The polished edges contrast nicely against the brushed finish flat surface. The 10 karat yellow gold pendant measures 41mm x 28mm (not including the jump ring bail). Comes with a 3.0mm black rubber 18 inch long cord necklace with sterling silver lobster clasp. The pendant alone weighs 4.65 grams and is in like new condition showing no wear in the connecting ring and oval bail. Estate priced at $228.00 CAD. Stock #e10685.


December 20, 2017

18kt. diamond & coloured pearl necklace 0.25ct. tw. SI-H 4.9gr. $693.00 CAD. e11246

A study of the soft pastel colour palette of pearls. The Neapolitan trio start with a soft blush tone, move to bold golden cream, and finish on classic pure white. The cultured pearls graduate from 7.6mm down to 6.1mm as they balance precariously along a winding diamond center stripe. That graceful line also graduates delicately along its 37mm length. 0.15 carats of SI-H round brilliant cuts are individually set into top quality 18 karat white gold which still retains its untouched chromy white rhodium plating. The like new pendant slides freely along its 18 inch long cable link chain. Equipped with an easy to fasten lobster clasp and two length adjustments. This versatile piece will dress up any outfit. Estate price $693.00 CAD. Stock #e11246.


December 11, 2017

10kt. gold cross 39mm x 25mm 5.7gr. $350.00 CAD. e10914

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best choice especially for religious pieces which are often meant for a lifetime of daily wear. Many crosses on the market in this 39mm x 25mm size range are not actually built to stand up to that wear. Most are so hollow and light they’ll dent from looking at them the wrong way. Their bails are equally flimsy, meaning if the pendant happens to survive daily wear the bail will need replacing on a fairly regular basis. This is not one of those crosses. Its bail is extremely robust, but really it has to be considering the 5.7 gram heft of this cross. Built to last and designed to be timeless this 10 karat yellow gold cross is the only one you’ll ever need to buy. Estate price $350.00 CAD. Stock #e10914.



December 8, 2017

Retro Nouveau diamond pendant & necklace 0.24ct. tw. VS-H 14.9gr. 10kt. $1190.00 CAD. e11265

Its hard to deny that fashion is cyclical, look around any big city and you’ll see that the 90s are back. These revivals are not a new thing and Art Nouveau experienced a major one in the 60s and early 70s. Dig into the theories behind Art Nouveau and you’ll find it was a perfect match for the Hippie Era. The celebration of the female form, an obsession with the colours and lines of nature, a rebellion against traditional jewellery forms and principles. Art Nouveau lines and motifs slipped into album covers, modern art, textiles, interior design, and of course jewellery. The Whiplash Line that defined the Art Nouveau movement has been boxed into this hefty pendant, used to suggest flowers of the four brilliant diamonds. The bulk of this 14.9 gram 10 karat yellow gold piece is actually a very interesting juxtaposition considering the airy manufacturing of most Art Nouveau pieces. It keeps its size disguised with a high polished outer rim and matte interior. That rim reflects the world around it diminishing its impact and the matte finish keeps the focus on the subject matter of the piece. The 0.24 carats of very well cut, blindingly brilliant, VS-H quality diamonds certainly steal the show. They crown the pendant and finish off the somehow delicate motif. The fixed bail slides over the appropriately heavy 18 inch long box chain that accompanies the piece. Secured with strong end caps and an easy to fasten lobster clasp the retro Nouveau throwback is estate priced for $1190.00 CAD. Stock #e11265.


December 4, 2017

10kt. 4.0gr. diamond key pendant & chain $245.00 CAD. e10507

Keys have been common subject matter for jewellery over the past decade or so but their history as pieces of adornment dates to the ancient Romans. Many wealthier Romans had small safes within their houses and the keys to those safes were worn proudly around the neck or forged into rings. Eventually the wearing of keys became a status symbol as the wearer obviously owned items worth locking away. Key pendants now are used purely for their antique aesthetic. This 39.5mm long key is made from 4.0 grams of 10 karat yellow gold and is decorated by 0.05 carats of petite single cut diamonds backed by rhodium for extra sparkle. The key is in like new condition and comes hung from a 20 inch long curb link chain. Estate price $245.00 CAD. Stock #e10507.


December 3, 2017

14kt. Art Nouveau seed pearl & glass pendant 4.4gr. $403.00 CAD. e11206

Swifts and swallows were common subject matter for the late 1800s Art Nouveau movement. Known for lightning fast aerial pursuits, it’s hard to see the outline of one without picturing those hair pin turns. Goldsmiths and artists of the period were forever trying to capture movement in their work, these birds were a perfect solution. In this 4.4 gram, 14 karat yellow gold necklace the loving pair are coming together to capture the purple glass gem at the hearts center. For more literal movement the elongated royal purple glass drop swings freely from the hearts point. Decorated with period correct petite seed pearls, equipped with a 17 inch long chain and modern sturdy lobster clasp. Antique and ready to wear for the estate price of $403.00 CAD. Stock #e11206.


December 1, 2017

0.26ct. VS2-IJ diamond pendant & 18″ necklace 2.4gr. $490.00 CAD. e10306

Rich yellow gold is the best place to house a beautiful diamond with a sightly warmer colour, as that warmth makes the diamond brighter by contrast. The untrained eye would never tell that this lively 0.26ct VS2 round brilliant cut diamond carries a colour grade of IJ. That effect is finished off with a 14 karat yellow gold 18 inch chain secured by a strong lobster clasp. Estate price $490.00 CAD. Stock #e10306.


November 24, 2017

14kt. 1.10ct. tw. blue-white sapphire & diamond pendant 18″ 4.3gr. $700.00 CAD. e11299

This puffed heart pendant is very frustrating. We can tell by the thoughtful design and the high quality craftsmanship that this is the work of a skilled designer. The back is inscribed with a flowing trademark in the decorative gallery showing an obvious W. We wish we could identify the manufacturer and give credit where credit is due. Regardless of its mystery maker the 20.5mm long by 16mm wide heart is a unique find. The heart itself is pave set with ombre sapphires, starting at a brilliant blue and slowly fading to clear white. That estimate 1.00 carat of rolling colour enhances the voluminous heart, making it look larger than its 8.5mm depth. The rolling bail is set with 0.10 carat of sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds and is large enough to accommodate almost any chain. The 18 inch long rolo link that accompanies it features an upgraded lobster clasp and catch tag for easier fastening. Together they’re made from 4.3 grams of brightly rhodium plated 14 karat white gold in like new condition. Estate price for the striking pendant $700.00 CAD. Stock #e11299.


November 21, 2017

14kt. soccer ball 1.5 grams Italian made $133.00 CAD. e10472

The world cup of soccer is under way. Catch the spirit with this cute little soccer ball charm/pendant. Believe it or not Canada, hockey is NOT the world’s most popular sport. In fact it’s not even in the top 10. It came as a bit of a surprise that sports such as ping pong and volleyball are waaaaaaay more popular than Canada’s 2 officially recognized sports of lacrosse and hockey. Soccer has a world wide audience approaching 4 billion. When I was a kid all that was needed to play soccer was any type of ball, a few rocks for goal posts and it was game on! Small wonder this simple but elegant game is enjoyed internationally by billions. Our little 12.5mm diameter ball was manufactured in Italy where they know a thing or two about soccer and making jewellery. When it comes to soccer and jewellery I doubt there’s a more passionate nation than Italy. Pendant, bracelet charm or even on a key ring, this cute little ball would make a great gift. Made from 14 karat yellow gold, weighing 1.5 grams and patterned with a white black resin enamel pattern that defines the look of a soccer ball. With billions of world wide fans I don’t think this estate soccer ball will last very long. Estate priced at $133.00 CAD. Stock #e10472.


November 20, 2017

Custom 3.55ct. yellow sapphire & diamond pendant $3430.00 CAD. e9832

e9832 3.55ct. yellow sapphire and diamond custom made pendant 001

This rich orangy yellow sapphire came to us in a large, awkward looking gents ring. The sapphire was scratched, chipped and ready for a makeover. Natural yellow sapphires of this colour saturation are seldom seen (especially in this size) so we decided to improve the cut and create something new with it. Refashioned with a much improved cut and we gained a perfect stone that shows zero signs of wear. We refurbish and remake so much jewelry in our repair center that we often forget to inform our customers of repolishing options. It’s not inexpensive but it completely rejuvenates scratched and worn down gemstones and chipped diamonds. Re-polishing costs less than replacing a large worn stone and it allows you to retain the sentimental value. After the intense orangy yellow sapphire was re-cut it finished weighing an impressive 3.55 carats and needed to be set into something very special. We custom made this vintage inspired two tone, diamond pendant to set that orangy yellow colour on fire. The 14 karat white gold pendant was set with 0.40 carat total weight of top quality VS-GH round brilliant cut diamonds that sparkle every time the drop pendant moves. The four prong gallery holding the sapphire was made in 14 karat yellow gold to help bring out the intensity of the orange colour.  The finished piece weighs 2.7 grams and is estate priced at $3430.00 CAD. Stock #e9832. New jewellery created from estate components gives you the most bang for the buck anywhere. A brand new 14 karat white gold 18 inch long rollo chain is available for an additional $257.00 CAD. Stock #e9832.e9832 3.55ct. yellow sapphire and diamond custom made pendant 002


Tiffany Victoria key pendant platinum marquise diamonds $5454.00 CAD. e10956

This Tiffany & Co. key is not for the fair weather fan; the Victoria line is made from the best ingredients, fit for royalty. “Inspired by the fire of our superlative diamonds” as Tiffany’s puts it. These diamonds are something we’ve fawned over for years; no matter the size Tiffany’s diamonds are of such excellent cut and quality they set any piece on fire with brilliance. And if the Victoria line is the top tier of all Tiffany Keys the Round in platinum is the crown jewel. Measuring 38.11mm long by 15.28mm wide the key has been expertly hand set with 83 petite round brilliant cut diamonds, leaving only the bail and two decorative accents of top quality platinum exposed for contrast. The key’s tooth and twisting center piece have been set with romantic marquise cut diamonds which offer larger flashes of white and every coloured light. Together the 88 diamonds equal 0.49 carats, a tongue-in-cheek poke at the industries’ obsession with ‘magic number’ total weights of 0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct. The key on its own is listed on Tiffany’s website (and the accompanying original receipt) for $7850.00 CAD. The platinum 16 inch long rolo chain that carries the key is sold separately at Tiffanys for $540.00 CAD. Our estate price for the pendant with necklace and the robin’s egg blue travel pouch is $5454.00 CAD. Stock #e10956


November 19, 2017

14kt. diamond heart pendant on 10kt. necklace 9.4gr. total $630.00 CAD. e10059

e10059-14-karat-gold-puffed-pierced-heart-diamond-pendantAfter all the hearts we’ve seen over the years it’s always surprising to find something new. This 21.5mm long 23.5mm wide pierced heart has a delicate, antique air to it. Decorated with 10 tiny single cut diamonds (0.005ct. total weight), finely bead set in pierced milgrain fashion, the 14 karat heart is a unique take on well visited subject matter. To add to its intrigue the inside of the heart has been rhodium plated, adding a subtle bright white contrast. The pendant is accompanied by a strong 18 inch long 10 karat yellow gold box link chain equipped with an easy to fasten lobster clasp. Estate price $630.00 CAD. Stock #e10059.


November 18, 2017

0.15ct. I1-I Canadian diamond pendant 10kt. 1.3gr. $186.00 CAD. e11021

It is possible to get a nice Canadian diamond pendant and chain you can be proud of for less than $200.00. The minimalist 3 prong setting does a great job flattering the diamond. The diamond is hinged at the tapered bail adding some extra motion. It’s in perfect condition showing no evidence of use. Comes complete with “Fire and Ice” certificate of authenticity and grading card. The bright and lively 0.15 carat diamond is graded an I1 clarity with an I colour. Included with purchase is a light 10 karat white gold 16 inch curb link chain secured with a spring ring clasp. Pendant and chain weigh 1.3 grams. We guarantee you’ll get a smile as big as the model in the brochure when you present this pretty Canadian diamond pendant. Estate priced at just $186.00 CAD. Stock #e11021.


November 16, 2017

1.00ct. tw. I2-LM diamond heart pendant & necklace 9-14kt. 9.1gr. $720.00 CAD. e10783

Heart shaped jewellery continues to be popular in our estate department. Add 1.00 carat of diamonds to the design, make it from over 9 grams of 9 and 14 karat gold, price it at just $720.00 and watch the reactions. There’s a lot of value when you add up all the components. The 9 karat gold, 4 gram pendant section measures a generous 23mm and contains 28 round brilliant cut diamonds of I2-LM quality. By no means are these diamonds the best available but they still reflect and refract light pretty well, providing plenty of sparkle. The 14 karat yellow gold rope necklace that comes included weighs over 5 grams and measures 18 inches in length. Solid link construction ensures the 1.8mm wide chain has far better durability than the majority of rope styles that are hollow. This chain is also secured by a plunger type clasp with a side safety (just in case). Pendant and chain are sold as a set only for just $720.00 CAD. Stock #10783.


November 15, 2017

18kt. diamond pendant 1.90ct. total weight SI-IJ 6.1 grams $2065.00 CAD. e9905

e9905-diamond-pendant-on-black-rubber-cordInvisible set diamonds lend themselves perfectly to modern jewellery designs. Specially cut to fit without any gaps against each other they make an uninterrupted, gently curving, drapery of diamonds. The traditionally busier facet pattern of princess cut diamonds is made all the more striking surrounded on all sides by brightly rhodium plated 18 karat white gold. Considering the pendant carries an impressive 1.90 carats total weight of SI-IJ princess cuts it comes as no surprise that it should be so well made. Measuring 20.4mm by 15.3mm, the 6.1 gram pendant is very sturdy and obviously was made with longevity in mind. In like new condition, hung from a heavy black rubber 16 inch cord the super modern statement piece is estate priced at $2065.00 CAD. Stock #e9905.e9905-14-karat-diamond-pendant-princess-cut


November 12, 2017

0.51ct. I1-I diamond pendant & chain 14-18kt. 1.7gr. $665.00 CAD. e11180

From the less is more department comes this simple four prong diamond pendant. It features an attractive 0.51 carat I1-I round brilliant cut diamond. This one is cut on the shallow side of perfect resulting in a 5.4mm diameter making it look more like a diamond weighing 20% more (not a bad thing). It’s bright and lively with an abundance of brilliance due to a slightly large table and shallow crown angle. The setting is a tradition double gallery design with a rabbit ears bail large enough to accommodate many different chain sizes. We are showing the 14 karat white gold pendant with an 18 karat white gold cable link necklace. This is our most popular style for pendant use and this example measures 16 inches long and weighs 1.1 grams. The pendant and chain are in excellent condition showing no wear. You won’t believe how large and sparkly a diamond pendant can look for just $665.00 CAD. If you’d like a longer chain or different style we would happily exchange it for a one. Stock #e11180.


November 6, 2017

18kt. ammolite & diamond pendant 4.7gr. $560.00 CAD. e11176

We seldom get these spectacular Canadian gems and it’s always fun to show them off when we do. Ammolite is a rare opal like gem found along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains mostly in Alberta Canada. They formed from the fossilized shells of the long extinct Ammonite. They were a swimming shellfish similar to the modern day Nautilus. Some of these tentacle equipped creatures reached sizes of over 4 feet diameter.Ammonite fossil e9265 Although they went extinct with the dinosaurs millions of years ago they left behind some of the most colourful gems around. Available in almost every colour of the spectrum they are most often seen in an iridescent dark green colour with orange, red and yellow highlights. Quite often they show a crocodile type pattern and our example is no different. The 14.5mm x 5.5mm tablet cut is bezel set in a simple rectangular frame. The yellow and white gold frame setting has been bead and bezel set with 16 small diamonds totaling 0.10 carats of I1-I quality. The large hinged bail will fit almost any chain or even a small pearl necklace. We’ve hung the pendant from a simple rubber cord giving the piece an even more edgy modern look. Perfect like new condition not showing a single scuff or scratch on the stone. Ammolite are soft delicate gems best used in pendant applications. Only clean ammonite jewelry with a soft, dampened cloth to gently wipe the surface. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning, detergents or chemicals. Necklace and pendant are estate priced at $560.00 CAD. Stock #e11176.