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November 9, 2023

2.11ct. VS1-F GIA certified marquise & baguette diamond ring 3.9gr. platinum $31,450.00 CAD. e12943 101-00284

Every once in a while a ring arrives in our estate/vintage department that makes our entire team stop dead in their tracks and just stare. This is that once in a while ring. Pretty much the definition of less is more luxury. Just a simple double gallery platinum setting with 2 slender baguette cut diamonds. The shoulder diamonds draw your attention to the beautiful marquise brilliant cut secured in a six claw head. When this ring arrived we immediately sent the diamond to the Gemological Institute of America in New York City for a quality report. Unfortunately, Canada has no grading service that is internationally accepted like a GIA report. It costs a lot of money for this certificate ($205.00 USD plus 2-way shipping and insurance) but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading has examined your diamond. While we are fortunate to have a GIA trained Graduate Gemologist and diamond graders on staff, there is no substitute for an actual GIA laboratories report. Every important diamond should come with a Gemological Institute of America report. If you’re considering a significant diamond purchase, insist on a GIA report, there is no substitute. The full December 5 2019 report can be seen online here. In addition to a very high F colour, VS1 clarity and no fluorescence, it’s the lovely outline of this particular marquise with its length to width ratio of 1.73:1.00 plus a tiny table percentage of just 58 that makes it so pretty. These characteristics may seem trivial but collectively they make a huge visual impact that needs to be seen in person. I can’t imagine a better setting than the pure luxury of platinum with the two accent baguettes running down the shoulders. The ring is in excellent condition and ready to wear in a finger size 5 1/2. If you’d like to use this diamond in a different setting we’d love to custom make whatever you have in mind. The diamond alone is available for $30,250.00 CAD. Complete ring is priced at $31,450.00 CAD. Stock #e12943 101-00284.

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November 2, 2023

2.11ct. VS1-F GIA certified marquise brilliant cut diamond $30,250.00 CAD. e12943 101-00284

Freshly certified December 5 2019 at The Gemological Institute of America with very nice results of VS1 clarity, F colour, no fluorescence, good polish, and good symmetry. The full report can be seen online here. The diamond is currently set in a simple, elegant, platinum setting with 2 slender baguette shoulder diamonds. Diamond only is priced at $30,250.00.00 CAD. The complete ring is priced at $31,450.00 CAD. A more thorough description of the finished ring and diamond can be seen on our website here. Stock #e12943 101-00284

Viewing by appointment only.