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September 13, 2016

0.62ct. I1-I excellent cut $1400.00 CAD.

e9302 0.62ct. I1-I excellent cut diamondOnce upon a time this diamond weighed the magic weight of 1.00 carat. It was sold to a person who didn’t understand how important an excellent cut is. The cut determines just how much brilliance and dispersion is produced. Originally it measured an average diameter of just 5.85mm and 4.10mm deep. It was perhaps the poorest example of cutting I has ever seen. It was waaaaay too deep, the girdle was much too thick, it had a giant extra facet on the lower half completely distorting the pavilion. Have a look at these before and after pictures. Even if you’re not a gemologist it’s easy to see what’s wrong with the original cut.e9302.1 1.00ct. I1-J We asked our master cutter to transform this ugly duckling into the beautiful brilliant cut that was locked inside the ugly exterior. The resulting diamond lost 38% of the original weight but now it explodes with sparkle compliments of the new found ideal cutting geometry. Every element from table percentage to pavilion angle is perfect as this cut report shows.e9302 0.62ct. I1-I cut report Compared to the old lumpy, thick diamond the new one appears much thinner and symmetrical. The new cut displays total internal reflection that limits light leaking out the bottom and sides. It’s now a little ball of fire.e9302.1 0.62ct. I1-I excellent cut diamond The reasonable clarity of I1 with a nice colour grade of “I” contribute to an affordable, great looking diamond suitable in an engagement ring, pendant or any other jewellery application you can think of. Cut matters more than any other characteristic. Even though the diamond is much smaller than the original it’s actually worth more. Please consider and learn about cut quality before buying a diamond. Estate price $1400.00 CAD. Stock #e9302.


September 10, 2016

0.62ct. SI1-H excellent cut round diamond $1875.00 CAD.

e10259 0.62ct. SI1-H excellent cut diamond 001 Beautiful diamond, just needs a new home. If you’ve got an idea for an engagement ring come on down. Our team of designer goldsmiths have helped create 1000s of rings and other jewellery items over the years. Use their experience to help build something extraordinary. This diamond has got a great balance of carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. The “4Cs” are well represented here and the 5th “C” of a really affordable cost is an added bonus. Although not absolutely ideal, the excellent overall cut grade is evident when the hearts & arrows test is deployed. These images clearly reveal the sought after hearts and arrows pattern.e10259 0.62ct. SI1-H excellent cut diamond 002 e10259 0.62ct. SI1-H excellent cut diamond 003 The details of the exact cutting geometry can be further reviewed by the cut report that comes included with purchase.e10259 0.62ct. SI1-H cut cert If you’re not sure what to do with this diamond, I have an idea. How about using it matched up with another estate diamond to create a fantastic pair of earrings. Our stock number e9302 is an almost perfect match. We can have them ready to go in brand new earring settings in as little as an hour or so. What ever you decide to do with it we guarantee you fantastic value for the estate price of just $1875.00 CAD. Stock #e10259.